Wednesday, August 17, 2022

"God Proves his Existence to an Unbelieving World, Lost in Transit. This is Why He Comes When Things go Astray."

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The World has progressions that it passes through. War is one of them. So is Fat City, and... every different kind of Famine, by turns. It comes and goes, and... whaddya know? So... do... you. If you look at the perishability of all forms that rise out of the constancy of The Ineffable, via the Aether... if you are any kind of a student of history or... even if you learn as you go... you should soon see that The Circus Existence is not for you. I'm like that.

I'm not into high wire acts or the public taming of beasts with no love lost. At a certain level of perception, Fame and Fortune are a tremendous allurement. They come with mesmerizing vapors. Then you see. They are not what they make out to be. It... is... all... a... sham. It's also a party house with metered parking. I don't like my odds when I see what they have done to everyone else. Sometimes recognition is forced on you from birth, but... there are very few like King Janaka or The Lord Buddha.

Some prefer the course of less recognition. Remember when we brought up Shakespeare and they still don't know who he was, and how Jesus Christ was the same? A very high initiate stepped in to play this cosmic role of Avatar. It could have been Apollonius of Tyana. Obviously, the Initiatic Brotherhood was deeply involved in that, BUT... there CERTAINLY was such a character. Look at the architecture and the art. Some kind of POWERFUL faith and love propelled all of that.

It's not possible to explain these things to The Prisoners of Duality. They live in a world where thoughts of God and The Devil occupy them by turns. They may not call them God and The Devil. Let us call them... Restraint and Temptation. They might call it Good and Evil; could be a candy... like Good and Plenty. However, you divide and complicate it, you... live... in... a... world... of.... confusion. You live in a world of argument. You live in a world of contention, and deception.

Surely... you have wondered why it is that more laws do not make fewer criminals. The more pervasive government becomes... the more grasping and controlling it will be. The Bolshevik experience tells us much of this sort of thing. It was invented by the most mercantile among us. What a strange combination that is. Governing policies go through stages. It is not unlikely for the celebration of Liberty to turn into Tyranny.

Governments are seized all the time in slow motion. If you don't have the eyes for it you won't even see it happen. One day... you'll just be there. These conditions are just the routine products of a culture going through changes. We'd be doomed if this were not an apocalypse. In an apocalypse, all... bets....are... off. In an apocalypse, people do not get away with it... as has been customary for so long. Justice can become quick indeed, and the set-ups... ho... ho... ho, ah... yeah; ingenious.

Something happens to the entire world when The Avatar materializes. For some... it will be like living in The Springtime of The World. The opportunity and possibility of this exists for all living things. The regents of the different kingdoms come before him; mineral... flora and fauna, and human too, come and pay their respects. This is true theater; God proves his existence to an unbelieving world. This is why he comes when things go astray. He comes to put them back into order.

He sets the stage for the next 2.200 years (or so). Now is coming The Age of Brotherhood. It will most certainly have its challenges. Every age has them. In any case... if you get with the program, things... will... go... well... for... you. See if you can develop on the theme of Brotherhood. Go with it or go against it, that is the prevailing theme of the times.

Imagine now that there are those who have been conscious since the making of The World. The Rishis... AKA Elohim are some. The Lord of the Sun and the many Devas... The rulers of The Directions... The Logos. You could be among them. To what do you aspire? That is what you will attain, like... it... or... not. This is why you should make it high indeed. You might aspire to be like The Sun. To some that would seem impossible, BUT... the countless stars in The Heavens dispute that by their presence. Every star is a conscious entity that shines its own music into The Celestial Orchestra, playing in The Music of the Spheres.

Be in unity with all that. Become an impersonal vehicle for The Divine. Hertz has a fleet. Avis has a Fleet. Lots of concerns have fleets. God's got a fleet too. Are you driving or driven? God taking over is not the same as pushing you out of the way. God is you at your personal best, which is your Impersonal Self that reflects God's Light in every whichaway you go.

I'm guessing this sounds fantastic to a lot of people. “Try joining The Real World, visible!” Ahem... I am in The Real World. God IS The Real World... everything else is The False World. Impersonality is your true self, everything else is The False Self. Not every false self is bad. Not all art is kitsch; just most of it... rata... tat... tat... and... l'dat. Heh heh.

It's simple for me but... then... I'm not complicating it. I don't want anything from it except for its Presence. The Presence contains all the best of everything within it. Now... I know there are those who doubt this, because... they... have... not... experienced... it.

Of course, they would already have it, if... it... were... to... be... had... like... everything... else. It doesn't work like that. God knows what you are up to every blessed, and... cursed minute. You make it the way it is for you. God simply facilitates your progress, BUT... you are the one who told him where you wanted to go to begin with.

The Subconscious FAITHFULLY replicates what is present in every seed idea. God is The Sun of Life that shines on it, AND... waters it with Love. You... are... the... beneficiary. You, being... all three. Oh right! You might not have read yesterday's Origami where this was mentioned. That's in the blog-list at the masthead above. Sorry about that... moving right along.

Now... where were we?

The difference between those who listen to God, and those who listen to The World is that one of you is being lied to, AND... if you are listening to God, you also have the honor and the joy of seeing it come true. It happens for those who aspire to The World as well. It just never turns out like they thought it would. Quite the opposite is true with God. Although... in a way, it is the same. It doesn't turn out the way you thought it would either. It turns out much, much better than that.

Let God do the heavy lifting. That's his job. What happens when you carry The World on your shoulders like so many do or... are whipped in all directions by the storms of carnal passion? Well... you can see the fruits of that in The World around you every day. You can read about it in the newspaper or online. There are books that tell you what happens to so-and-so when he does this-and-that. There are movies and plays about it. It's The Human Conditions, and... for the carnally minded it goes South or... Down, into what is no longer Private(s) if you prefer.

Let God carry you. Toss all of your concerns to The Wind, and live in the moment of constant expectation about what God will do next. I'm looking to God, not just for guidance and sanctuary. I am looking to him for every single need I have; for entertainment, fellowship, and companionship, and for color commentary along the way. “The way where, viz?” Back home.

Even though... in a sense... you are already there, it takes all the drama and enjoyment out of it to already be at your destination, just... like... that. Yes... angels could fly you there this very minute. You could take a plane, (metaphorically speaking) BUT... the countryside is marvelous, and you meet people on the way. Things happen. There's good food and company. Why not take that Slowboat to China? (metaphorically speaking)

I've never been a fan of barking dogs and I don't like acting like one. I don't know what all the fuss is about, not really; I suspect it is caused by people taking themselves too seriously. Some people seem to like combat and contention. I do not. I like, serene-in-a-cabin-in-the-forest-by-the-side-of-a-running-stream. I like Peace of Mind (cue Boston), and ANYONE can have it who ceases to fight with themselves, by proxy or... in their minds.

It is a very simple thing if you keep it so.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yeshua/Emmanuel/Isa. . .what ever, what kills me is they used Cesare Borgia as a model to paint what represented him. I don't know whether to laugh or bang my head 'gainst de wall.

To what do I aspire? Omniscience, perpetual nose-iversal tourism, and artistry. Build it check it out a bit, and leave it for whoever wants to experience it as I slowly go back to being resorbed with Source along with my main 'consort' and 'entourage' if they be willin'.

Long ago I have come to the conclusion of those being focussed on the world are NOT my cup o' tay. I have no long term tolerance for them. Couldn't live with one.

This is one of the best times to be 'dead to the world', me thinks. Observe and watch it explode as you do as little as possible in it. Do the best you can to starve what's left of the era.

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost pity those who don't read or understand you if they do read you.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice complement and continuation of yesterday's Origami.
The last link of that Cusack fellow, I don't know why but he's always given me the creeps.


Anonymous said...

That Cusack fellow can't spell either: ".......comprimised..."!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"A Candle in The Window, and God is The Welcoming Hearth Within. God IS The Dynamic Fire of Eternal Life in You."



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