Tuesday, August 9, 2022

"A Cabal of Tamasic Retrogressive Orcs has Taken Over The School Cafeteria, and... We have A Hostage Situation."

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Hmm... Ahem... (hand extended into invisible space is pulled back, holding the nothing it reached out with.) Oh well... hurry up and wait, as someone once said. Though the context escapes me, I close my eyes and see a series of images of people, racing to get somewhere for nothing to happen. It's... what I call, Playing Tag with The Gunas. An elder stands in a schoolmarmish posture and wags her fingers at two little boys. One of them is hardly moving and the other is standing still. She says, “Now you listen up here, Sattva and Tamas, you stop this nonsense and go back to your rooms or I am going to tell Rajas.”

Yeah, I realize that hardly anyone is going to get that, much less the humor of it, BUT... what has that got to do with anything? Tell you what, I'm going to explain how it seems to me; Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas are the names for the three modes of action that are involved, singly or in combination, with all action ever taking place... period. It is a tenet(s) of the Hindu Perspective.

Sattva is effulgent and resplendent awareness. It is luminous intelligence... positive awareness, though... much more can be said. This is a Cliff Notes summation of a Cliff Notes summation. Bear... that... in... mind. Rajas is full-on energy, defined by intention as good or bad. It is also passion. Tamas is sluggish, sleepwalking, dull zombie mind. Go look them up for yet another explanation, s-u-r-r-o-u-n-d-e-d by yet more explanations, with new ones coming every day.

They interact forever. The idea; an idea I share with a long tradition of others... is, to get free of them.

They've been described as string-like and woven through manifest existence. Does this have anything to do with String Theory? (good question) I have no idea, it's not... my... department.

Keep all this in mind as we proceed, though... it doesn't matter if you do... as long as you remember the ceaseless interplay of 3 variations of force is going on at all times.

Donald Trump's Florida residence was raided yesterday by officials from The Marxist Revolutionary Command, presently operating in lieu of a governing agency. We're in a bit of a hiatus, You see... there was a coup. A cabal of Tamasic retrogressive life forms has taken over the school cafeteria and... we have a hostage situation.

This could seem alarming to many people who simply cannot understand how the most successful country in The World has devolved, seemingly overnight, into a banana republic. You have to understand, there... is... ONLY... one... source... of... force. No matter how Evil or Good ANYTHING can seem to be here, The Divine is in complete control of it, and weaving ALL OF IT together into a magic carpet ride of The World going through changes, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The hand is often quicker than the eye, by way of misdirection. The Mind is quicker than the hand or the eye. Both hand and eye are extensions of The Mind. So... even if you can't see the origins or intentions of something, you can get a really good idea of what's going on through dispassionate observation. When you have no investment in the outcome, it is very much easier to see what is REALLY going on.

I don't concern myself with predictive methodologies. What is the point of reading the future when you are in a position to change the future? Predicting the future is only useful when the future is unpredictable, meaning... out-of-your-control. Neither the past, present nor the future are out of control. They... and EVERYTHING else... exists for one purpose... which is to celebrate and glorify God.

If you can't see this, that's not my problem. If you can't see this, you are presently engaged in a dream of The Purpose of Demonstration, for yourself... and everything, and everyone that the demonstration applies to.

He created this, that, and the other thing and... said it was good. HE SAID IT WAS GOOD! Ponder that at your leisure. It is not that all these things and conditions are right or wrong... or good or evil. It is that you have defined and cataloged them as such (in... your... singular... fashion), thereby... thereby... placing you in a world of your own creation; a prisoner of your own design, in the... penitentiary... of... your... own... separated... mind.

The Marxist-Satanists that took over the government cannot... afford... to... be... put... out... of... power. This is just another step in a series of steps they are taking to stay in power. They are victims of an unfortunate mindset. This is the mindset that reinforces the idea that they are in control of The Big Machine. They ARE NOT IN CONTROL. They are not even in control of themselves, which... is... soon... to.... be... demonstrated.

You are presently witnessing (if you are even paying attention) the denouement phase of an agenda that has been in the works for a long time. A lot of time, money, and lives have been invested in this agenda. It is... all-of-it, just theater. That is all-it-is, theater. It is God enjoying himself with the spectacle, while also PLAYING CRITICAL PARTS!

I have said this on a number of occasions; the Greatest Commandment is not the whim of a narcissistic deity, swooning over his own importance, and demanding fealty and adoration from you. I know it looks that way to... the... people... playing... God, BUT... that is not how it is. It is a guide to how to REALLY live your most authentic life; how to live your best life, AND be... your... authentic... self, which is not by celebrating the miserable lack of all you claim to possess.

God IS... your... very... self. When you are FINALLY empowered to look into the mirror of existence and not through a glass darkly, (which is what happens when your self-interest blocks the light) you will see that this is true. So... when you are advised, yes... advised to... love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength... and with all your mind, you are being given a SIMPLE directive that WILL result in Liberation and Self-Realization. This will be made especially clear when The Qualities of God begin to emerge in you.

Donald Trump and all of his enemies... are cartoon characters playing Frisbee with subconscious playing card icons that picture what they believe everything else looks like, in... their... dreaming... stupor. All these main players, and a cast of thousands... are performing for the entertainment of a vast, unseen audience, which includes themselves, despite their not even paying attention. They'll have time to reflect on that up (or down) The Road, later on.

This is a very significant turning of The Age. The forces of apocalypse and awakening (which I have personalized in these postings) are empowered to bring the human consciousness... by stages... to a fuller awareness of what is... and what is not. It is happening like a stadium wave in slow motion. Some of the patrons have already left the stadium. Everyone else is watching their hopes and fears... personified in the players... catching and dropping, falling and rising, living and dying, while being replaced by endless new versions of themselves, going round and round on a wheel of fire.

By... the... day... celebrities and power players are losing their minds. In the corridors of power, and the side alleys of the disenfranchised, EVERYONE who is not already possessed of a higher calling, is being swept up in nets of entanglement. As they struggle to free themselves, they become ever more tightly bound. Meanwhile... The Liberator is coming to sort it all out.

Look at how certifiably crazy an ever-increasing number of people... twisted up in illusion and dark appetites... have become! They are the walking... talking... nutjobs from Batshit Central. Soon now, all of those slathering, impotent chihuahuas... screeching, and howling for the head of Donald Trump, are going to discover their own heads were not attached at all. They're going to turn into Robin Williams in Baron Munchhausen; lunacy cards from Luna.

Their heads are going to explode. Step by step... the mass of them... get closer and closer to Crazy Town by... the... day. You can see it happening from moment to moment. Sabers are rattling. Spears are hammering on shields. Orcs are headbutting each other... and screaming for flesh. The thin veneer of civilization is being worn away to reveal the beast behind the mask.

None of these things should concern you... if your attention is directed to The Indwelling. The rudders of the separated minds have broken apart on unruly seas. They are going more and more haywire as their masters become distracted. This is ALL by design. Soon enough... the most self-important among us will no longer even know who they are; not... that... they... ever... did.

Glory to God... who comes closer by the hour. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'He said it was good.', prison of my own design. My nose-poo used that said it was good statement earlier (Maybe when you were actually keying it in.), and that I posted that prison thang on a comment earlier. We tripped over that. Happens all the time. You write something, and we either said it or thought it. Do we have a three way brain share or sumthin'?

Nah. Just synchronicity.

I am having so much fun watching all this garbage fall apart. Glad I'm aligned with the Cathars, glad I'm already dead and waiting for the body to catch up, glad I have nothing more vested in this cesspit, and I wonder if I'm enjoying the entropy more than I should?

Well, what ever. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!! And I send you a thousand nose pets and ten snorfles for your lovely honker in spirit.

Visible said...

You are too kind (grin). Anyway, I assume you do not want the other comment to be posted since I had already inserted that? I'm guessing I wasn't quick enough about it.

Anonymous said...

"Sabers are rattling. Spears are hammering on shields. Orcs are headbutting each other... and screaming for flesh."

Noticing this too. People on all sides, left or right or east or west are just becoming increasingly angry, and ready to explode. A massive world war and/or total social anarchy and chaos is pretty much guaranteed at this point. Just a matter of time...

Probably false flag events incoming very soon, like within a week or so.

Visible said...

And it will be no small thing when it happens. I too expect it to occur before the usual October surprises that are the Hallmark of Hegelian ping pong. It's going to be a big one too. I also feel that it could turn into a spectacular failure of going to the well once too often. Everything they do now... turns against them. They are not permitted to see this. They are being set up by The Cosmos. Other than that. I have not a clue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, I was surprised to here you say Trump lost you with the vaccine business. Simple research will explain his necessary moves to limit damage, which would have been MUCH higher without this play.
Now you call Trump a cartoon character?! can you not see the unfolding of a truly brilliant plan which has been 30+ years in the making?
Have a look at Mike's latest. I believe it is spot on.
All the Best,

Visible said...

No... I am unconvinced of that. I am NOT saying it is not true. I just don't know and I don't deal in speculation. I want to believe as much as anyone else, and I am SURE he is being used by The Almighty, as... all... of... us... are, BUT... some of us are working WITH The Cosmos, and some of us are pursuing our own ends. God is still using us either way.

As for the cartoon reference, I suggest you look carefully at how I phrased that. I will say he lacks gravitas and often acts as his own worst enemy by getting into pissing contests with skunks. All that said... I've been a supporter of his and I've written EXTENSIVELY about why that is so and lost acquaintances over it; they wouldn't have been friends. You don't lose real friends that way.

I'll be glad to see it come to, BUT... I find a lot of this Q-plan prediction of events matching some particular template to be a real reach here and there. I'll wait and see. I'm still out about the vaccines. I'll need to see more before I change my mind about that.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Impersonal Light Hits The Prism of This World and Turns into Everything Temporary, and... Doomed to Pass."

Anonymous said...

"I'm still out about the vaccines. I'll need to see more before I change my mind about that."

Every day on 4chan/pol and godlikeproductions, people are posting more and more evidence about the amount of damage the vaccine has done. After reading all of that over the past 2 years, it seems that the mass die off already began months ago, but the media has completely ignored it and covered it up. The vaccine is literally the depopulation kill shot weapon.



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