Monday, August 22, 2022

"Until Then... Until Every Last Drop of Desire has Been Milked From Your Being, You'll be The Devil's Wet Nurse."

(Blogger shut me down over the links. How I know this is because I took the links out and went to Petri Dish and there was no problem. They said I violated their community standards BUT... the links they are objecting to are I THINK The Libs of Tik Tok links WHICH ARE POSTED IN THEIR COMMUNITY OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Makes you wonder... right? Anyway... keep in mind. All of this is day-to-day. I might be here today and gone tomorrow. Quite a birthday present for me to get today. Coincidence?)

Facebook did the same thing and I stopped posting there. I have no problem moving on.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World is awash in a form of viral de Clerambault Syndrome. It's seriously contagious and is transmitted through Social Media and cellphone resonance. The Dark Conning Towers are broadcasting it night and day... to set the stage for The Anti-Christ, The False Prophet(s), and Beavis and Butthead as The Gemini Twins. In this case, it's not a matter of Good And Bad; more like Dumb and Dumber and subterranean Limbo bars. Leeeembo!!!

It is a peculiar trick of The Mind. I KNOW that Everything is Under Control, BUT... The Mind keeps working to confuse my certitude and create doubt about that for which there can be no doubt. The rollercoaster is not going to go off the rails coming down from the high point of The Twist, BUT... the thrill of The Possibility... adds the edge to the excitement. Why should that excite anyone? There... there is a mystery that deserves inquiry.

The endless panoramas of The Undiscovered Self are a replicating wonderland of revelation, yet... The Mind is tuned to the externals. That is the hypnotic pull of Material Culture; “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” The Senses are so very much like horses, and... easily as powerful. They pull the chariot of your being, and... without a triumph in The Mind; without a stilling of The Reactive Mind, you'll not control them with the reins for long. The reins are an extension of The Mind.

The Mind is an extension of The Spirit, just as The Heart is an extension of The Soul. You might say The Spirit and Soul resonate at a higher density of vibration, for residence in a greater concentration of light. At the same time... The Soul is a vehicle for The Spirit, just as The Personality is a vehicle for The Individuality.

A reader made reference to my use of The Singularity, saying it has something to do with the merger of humanity and AI. I know nothing about that. I use the language for my own purposes in the expression of meaning as it rises in me. I also do not permit the hijackers of The Chaldean Mysteries (and other times) to abuse the meaning of The Six Pointed Star made of interlaced triangles What I see is The Star of Vishnu. They did something like this with the Swastika too. Symbols are often hijacked for nefarious purpose.

Symbols occupy a place beyond words. It is wise to remember that beyond symbols there is yet another plane of even greater refinement... and beyond thought? There is yet more. LOVE is the one force that exists on every one of these planes AND... IT is what harmonizes all of the planes of your being, with each other... and with all life. If you had ONLY Love and nothing else, you would not need anything more. All else would be added unto it on the way.

Here is where the real and enduring problem manifests in its worst possibilities. It seems like no matter how long you work at the effort to control The Mind, it... keeps... going... out... of... your... control. The Masters say it can be done but it takes a concerted, and continuous effort to accomplish it. VERY FEW of us are up to the challenge. The rewards are past telling, BUT... the distractions and entertainments are many, and... relentless. Oh my!

If I just had the time. If it wasn't for this. If it wasn't for that. If it wasn't for me, I'd be where it's at. It's that separated (reaching and grabbing monkey) mind that gives no peace. Everything you think you wanted turns out to be something other than what you thought you were getting. Once your heart has been irreparably broken, you understand. You understand, neti-neti. In the meantime... until every last drop of desire has been milked from your being, you'll be The Devil's Wet Nurse.

You'll be his squeezy toy, and every time he squeezes you... you cry out, and the ears of every predator in The Darkness perk up. You can hear the leaves crumple beneath the pads of their feet. The Imagination is a cruel mistress if... you... are... not... in... control of it. Either you are wearing the gimp mask or... she is. It's one of the tricks to shutting down The Reactive Mind. You put blinders on The Imagination, and... you can actually see what you are looking at, and... more importantly... where it wants to take you.

About that milked desire... you could also weave all of your desires together, and direct them to a single objective, and thence... avoid all the milking, as well as the lips of The Devil, though... it is true... for reasons beyond my capacity to explicate, (grin) there are those who seek after the milking and the lips. If you only desire God's Presence... God's Presence you... will... have.

Besides... in today's playgrounds, none... of... them... are... clean. The pressure of body heat in the crowded cities, trends toward the nether points of demonic romance in The Land where The Monkey Poxes dance.

It gets hotter and hotter... the deeper you go, till you set yourself on fire with your own perversities and bodily afflictions, chasing after the painkillers of nihilism, and escapes into bondage (what?). It hurts more and more... you might, temporarily, forget the pain in the absence ways of the heart... gone fishing for succor in Saturn's Playground, while despair holds your hand... something... something.

"Ten ineffable sephiroth; their appearance is like that of a flash of lightning, their goal is infinite. His word is in them... when they emanate, and when they return at his bidding... do... they... hasten... like... a... whirlwind."

Dr. Case said that a lightning flash is a whirling spiral motion that is doubled by outgoing and incoming currents. That sound like anything familiar?

There is a solid connection between what causes speech and the electronic energy that is the basis for ALL physical form. Let it penetrate your thoughts about the meaning of The Word of God, and how... in the beginning was The Word... and it's giving birth to all things. I know you can put it together, it is a simple association. Like The Emerald Tablet says; “And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by ADAPTATION.”

Electromagnetism Is consciousness. Consciousness exists by the process of electromagnetism. Flying Saucers use this too. It is possible to travel at The Speed of Thought, AND... some do. Meanwhile... most people are concerned about shopping online and m-a-y-b-e going to The Mall OR... increasingly... the dreadful specter of a world going sideways.

Everything... all energy... all movement... is CONSCIOUSNESS. It is The Word of God continuously repeating on itself. Is that an echo I hear? Mind, force, and matter are triune aspects of The Life Power in expression. Either you care about such things or you do not. God is Eternally Present. The question is... are you?

This is a critical time for humanity. A quantum leap awaits. So does a fall into the next cycling of dramas for The Coming Age. People are pushing and shoving to get to the head of the line that... runs... in... circles... going... nowhere... looking for ♫ paradise beneath the dashboard light ♫ It's all part of the process of false-self-replication playing musical chairs.

These dramas are pointless fantasies like your dreams from the previous night, fading... all of it fading.

HOWEVER... there is something... something that is eternally new... something that is exquisitely singular. Something unchanging, that yet... appears to change. It's something like a character in a robe of flowing white light, that... with even the slightest movement... breaks into color. See there? Ah... now it's gone again. It is a shining unqualified light that expresses its qualities in color AND sound.

It's hiding in plain sight, folks.

Ah... my friends, The World as we knew it is soon to change in remarkable ways. A new age is aborning. Childbirth does not come without travail... suffering is the wages of The Material Plane. At any moment, cataclysm may come or... it might be averted at this last minute. What I suspect is that BOTH will happen in the locations appointed to them.

God is merciful. God will hear you if you call out with a sincere and contrite heart. I KNOW this to be true, BUT... we all THINK we have to make our way in this world. This is not so. There is one who will go before you if you rely on him. There is one that will walk beside you while also being within.

It does not have to be so hard, and even in the greatest difficulties of The Spiritual Path, there is Joy to hearten you. Faith, Certitude, and Determination are your boon companions as you go. Then there is no difficulty because there... is... NO... INTERIOR... CONFLICT.

It's hiding in plain sight.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vis


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vis


Visible said...

Ah... okay... it was the links. Well then... I'll find a workaround. God is very helpful with that.

Thank you! Mandocello. When are you coming West?

Visible said...

Links will now be at GAB=

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Happy other orbit around the sun, and may you have as many more as you want.

Looking back on it, I don't think I wanted even one, but that's not what my higher self wanted, so I'm stuck with what I'm stuck with; but hey!

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing Munich said...

Alle Gute zum Geburtstag!!!

Visible said...

Danke mein Freund!

M - said...

Aaaah, a Leo. A fellow fire sign.

Felicitations on your Name Day.

Brian Crossland said...

Happy birthday Vis
I tend not to comment much now,as I can usually find nothing more to add.
Much appreciated as always.

robert said...

Happy Natal Renewal Visible!

Leo/Virgo? Another wind around the axle! (grin)

The rollercoaster is not going to go off the rails coming down from the high point of The Twist, BUT... the thrill of The Possibility... adds the edge to the excitement. Why should that excite anyone? There... there is a mystery that deserves inquiry.

Taking a swipe at this:
You have mentioned Thanatos, Greek god of death, who personifies the strange bedfellow in the separated mind.

It is a shock to most people who have fear of heights to finally realize that their fear is NOT of heights per se but of their own suppressed impulses to throw themselves into a fatal plunge! To discover the other polarity of their hedonistic, sense-gratifying side, the mask of tragedy

It is a puzzler until the day when we face our true rebellion against Life squarely.

Our spirit container, our soul, is without time boundaries, yet communicates more or less with a time obsessed mortal mindset turning the other way...

In sober moments on the threshold of transcendent perception, we know we are inherently created to be UNLIMITED.

Yet as self-identified separate finite beings we prefer definition, beginnings and especially endings! We can stand as long as there is a foreseeable end..

But, (we protest), we fear the end and do everything to avoid it and delay the inevitable!

Precisely! Because that defined end is used to try to control the ocean from our little ship of fool.

If only to sleep or to die really meant a black screen, a blank nihilistic period, a complete end to awareness! But deep down, we know the Unlimited One is calling the tune and us to the dance.

To refuse, we crave the illusion of oblivion.
The personality covets the delusion that it can die and be done with eternal responsibilities.

Use fear of death as a control mechanism
Remain ego-centric at all costs, even death, because the drama will be over (not!)

The neurotic need for death as release from life is existential for a consciousness which is confortable within limiting beliefs.

The nature of the mind of the beast is to swing back and forth between life and death, straining to avoid death of embracing life's extremes.

There is nervous system thrill that all prey animals experience at their consumption.
It is a simulacra of union, albeit a limited link in the chain of life.

When nothing fulfills the soul's desires, an exit to nowhere appeals to the self who fails to get out of the way of the timeless, sustainable way

Once your heart has been irreparably broken, you understand. You understand, neti-neti. In the meantime... until every last drop of desire has been milked from your being, you'll be The Devil's Wet Nurse.

Empty of desire may appear as totally depressed to the outside observer, whose projected story of the day is dampened by proximity.

All expectations evaporate in the indicator light of "out of lamp oil"
No longer can we operate on doing what we feel
Only doing what we are illumined to do from time out of mind is given the impetus on a "need to go" basis
No more planning to live, only being here now

What fruit may come forth is out of our purview and serene from our interfering confusion

Like the Greek myth of Orpheus informs us: no turning back, no turning back

It's something like a character in a robe of flowing white light, that... with even the slightest movement... breaks into color. See there? Ah... now it's gone again. It is a shining unqualified light that expresses its qualities in color AND sound.
It's hiding in plain sight, folks.

Symbol-> Reality -> Presence

Anonymous said...

"The theory of becoming desireless is untenable because the mind cannot be made desireless. When it is recommended that one be desireless, it is understood that one should not desire things which are destructive to spiritual values. [ie material desires] A devotee of the Lord always has the Lord in his mind, and thus he does not need to be desireless because all his desires are in relationship with the service of the Lord. (SB 3.12.26)

Spiritual Desire Will Take Us To The Spiritual World

Visible said...

I don't think it's ever been different here. Today's Petri Dish even deals with that. We've never said anything about killing out desire, but rather focusing it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Welcome to The Twin Highways of Attraction... Which Lead to The Kingdoms of The Sacred and The Profane."



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