Monday, August 1, 2022

"Either We Get Our Real Priorities in Order... or We Die Trying to Save What has No Real or Lasting Value."

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I know how it looks to me. It does not all look the same to each of us. We have similarities in perspective, and variations as well. The way it is measured is A MATTER OF DEGREE... mostly. We might see all kinds of similarities in common and uncommon conditions, BUT the degree can vary widely. Some are running about in a panic; The Russians are coming! We're running out of food! Crazy people are driving the country through The Gates of Hell! Then... there are those who see the same conditions and say to themselves, This-too-shall-pass. It's a matter of degree, at the twist of The Dial.

There are those who see little of any of it because they are focused on issues of self-interest or... could care less anyway or... are members in the ranks of The Great Army of Stupids or... are responsible for much of it, and delighted by their success, for... the... moment. For these last, I should add, ♫ the wheel's still in spin -and there's no telling who they'll be naming-♫

Look... people... wild tear-ass horrors have come down on the few, and the many... as a matter of routine throughout the length of our most recently recorded history, which doesn't reach much past 7,000 years (if that), and... that alone should tell you something.

Both Hell and Heaven are represented ON EARTH at all times- live and... at... a... distance, AND... when conditions become dire around The World... so that it would seem darkness is everywhere, and there appears no exit or... respite. ALL... THAT... MEANS is that The Light is more concentrated in the locations where... it... is... present. The key is to know where those places are. You find that out by locating the oasis within. From that point, you are guided to the external counterpart.

The majority of us tell ourselves that we HAVE... TO... BE... in a particular place because of our employment, our families... or whatever the reasons are, and there are always reasons... contained in what we tell ourselves... to reinforce the decisions we have made... which account for why we are wherever we are, BUT... it's Karma is what it is.

When the tanks and the infantry come over the hill... with The Four Horsemen, a man will grab his son and put him on his shoulders, and flee (so said, Chuang Tzu). This is somewhat similar to what Samuel Johnson said, “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

Calamity makes sure that we get our IMMEDIATE priorities in order, or we die trying to save what has no lasting value. This is the fate of those gone mad. A large portion of the public is suffering from some permutation of that, AND they are getting crazier, AND crazier... AND crazier.

Entire segments of the culture have lost their minds. The Monkeypox, Gay-Sex Flesh Rodeo is a classic example. The degree of denial is u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e!!! The sense of entitlement literally sucks the oxygen out of the room. The pup-play, fecal matter fascination of anal fixation, ever more and more degenerating... into an amusement park ride... that is a burbling cesspool... filled with creatures out of Hellraiser that... they like to take their adopted children on a ride-through... well... what do you expect?

Look at these Pride marches!!! Is that the best that life has to offer? Usually marginalized communities are... marginalized... for... a... reason! You can be sure that a good number of them were doing the marginalizing last time around. What goes around comes around... at the level it was operating on.

What did you think was going to happen when real-life monsters took over The Conversation? LOOK... AT... THE... CITIES!!! Look at what has been wrought by reverse kundalini siddhis (the similarities in rhyme by association is intentional).

Materialism has caused people to go haywire over sexual license. It is some form of Satanic Baptism, which opens the door to The Fires of Hell. People who SHOULD have the good sense to know that sex is mostly relevant ONLY to certain age groups, now want to continue to have sex until they perish in the pursuit of it. They now want sex at 60-70-80-90, AND... they want it with the prepubescent as well as animals or whatever else is at hand!

This fluid is what maintains youth and vitality. If you don't know this, you... will... find... out. Hey! Who tuned out the lights? You did.

Now there are pharmaceuticals that will render you sexually capable, despite Nature, compassionately, shutting you down for your own good... in lieu of Wisdom providing you with The Insight to do so on your own. I'm guessing they didn't get the meaning of the parable of The Foolish Virgins.

Now... the young are being made sexually impotent, due to the pervasiveness of Porn scrambling their libido, AND making hash out of their brains. It sounds a little like what they had for breakfast. Meanwhile... they eat shit; whatever is convenient and has been constructed for the taste buds. AND... the vaccines... and all the rest of today's black... magic... medicine.

The World today is filled with people who demand the freedom to have thousands of sex partners (not exaggerating at all), eat until they can't walk, babble-on about nonsense, and demand you hear them... and insist on filling positions they have... no... experience... or... ability... for. Okay...let's appear to digress.

I have had a small inguinal hernia for a number of years. I had one on the other side repaired and it's been fine, but then... this one came along. It had nothing to do with being out of shape, as I have been very physically active, off and on over the years... more on than off, AND... NO! That's not what caused it. Age caused it and it was directly caused by a colonic cleansing program that I was in the middle of. So... I wanted to fix this hernia, BUT... they won't let me do it without a PCR test.

Why should that matter to me? It turns out there are nasty compounds in these tests, and... you can go and find that information for yourself in no time at all. ALSO... this is a medium they are using to harvest your DNA. They also are KNOWN for false positives, and... in some cases, they use this medium TO... GIVE... YOU... COVID.

I WILL NOT COMPLY... EVER. I WILL NOT KNEEL DOWN AND KNUCKLE UNDER... EVER!!! EVER!!! My life is a testimony to that. I kneel for GOD... ALONE... PERIOD.

I mentioned to them that a blood test would be just as effective. NOPE! Has to be PCR. So... I went looking and I found Comfrey Poultices (in the links). This... IS... healing... my... hernia. I have palpable proof and visible evidence of it. How... about... that? HOW ABOUT THAT? This I combine with Marshmallow Root, Solomon's Seal, and Probiotics. It's a process.

It has been amazing... mind-blowing, and... very similar to what (I was inspired to do) with a kidney stone in Germany. I had a stone over 6 millimeters in size; 6.7 I think it was. The doctor said it was too big to pass and I needed surgery. I looked into the possible complications of this. I was also on a ward where patients were rehabbing from kidney stone removal. They were going up and down the halls, pushing a metal pole-stand that had hideous drainage in bags. They were all roughly the same age as I. I got that little voice again and it said... No! (You shall pass! heh heh). I went and bought many liters of Pepsi Cola... bottles of preserved asparagus, and... I jumped up and down for 3 days, and... it passed.

After that, I found the stone-breaker, Ayurveda treatments, and... I never had another. Contemporary medical practitioners are NOTHING MORE than a pack of dim-witted sidewalk whores, with the pharmaceutical industry as their pimps. I've known they were woefully uninformed... AND misinformed for most of my life. I did... used to... think that at least they could fix broken bones. No... they suck at that too. My balance has never been the same since my shinbone broke, and the doctor poorly realigned it. There went my reverse back-kick.

I had a period of several years... where I just had to tough out a lot of injuries and problems. I was told (by the inner voice yet again) that was the end of it and so far... it has been. Now, I am my own doctor (advised by my invisible friends), and unlike most of the allopathic morons running around in white coats, I am much better informed. I am not as informed as true healers, BUT... I'm working on it. The greatest feature of the internet, at least for me, is that you can learn ANYTHING! Yet people mostly watch porn or... play video games or... whatever their particular distractions amount to.

I get to go to school full time, for free on the internet, which is all I ever really wanted... to learn... and to learn... and to learn. I fully intend... to attend... one of the great halls of learning on The Upper Planes when I am free to do so. I might be there for many, many thousands of years... who cares? It's not like I don't have the time.

Yes... this seemingly conflicts with my position that loving The Divine is ALL one needs to do or to know. Yes... that is so, BUT... one is GREATLY informed in the process of doing this. My ultimate objective is to Heal; close up and at a distance. One is effected by proximity, and the other by prayer. Of course, one can heal by the possession of Virtue and Purity alone, like The Christ and his disciples. I am pursuing that too. Talking about these things sometimes makes the whole thing go sideways for The Yeah-But Crowd.

The first point of the Rosicrucian agreement; "That none of them should profess any other thing than to cure the sick and that... gratis."

I am well aware of how threatening it looks in The Event Horizon. I am also even more aware of who is in control of it all. Of course... if you are not aligned or in resonance with The Controller, results... may... vary. Best case scenario? Get right with God. Option 2? Get right with God. First, you throw yourself on the mercy of The Ineffable... then you learn... and adapt. Everything comes about through Adaptation, just like it says in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

“And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.”

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Unknown said...

Healing is easy for being a long time vegetarian.
You can find the methods and the medicines you need.
There is no hates and regrets to stop you.

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine
The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic is divided into two parts, Lingshu and Suwen. It is the earliest medical classic in China and one of the four classic works of traditional medicine. "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" is a comprehensive medical book. Based on the theory of Huang-Lao Taoism, the "Yin-Yang and Five Elements Theory", "Pulse Theory", "Zangxiang Theory", "Meridian Theory" and "Etiology Theory" in traditional Chinese medicine were established. , "Pathogenesis Theory", "Disease", "Diagnosis", "Treatment" and "Health Science", "Luck Science" and other theories. Its basic materials come from the long-term observation of life phenomena by ancient Chinese, a large number of clinical practices and simple anatomical knowledge. The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic laid the foundation for understanding human physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment. It is a medical work with great influence in China and is known as the ancestor of medicine.

Anonymous said...

lately the number of people that NEED urgently to receive a stimulus for re-arranging the order of priority, has surprised me.
Synchronicity with the title and content inspires to send this as a comment.....
homoeopathically it is 'Platinum' that provides this signal , for readjustment of order of priorities on the list (bucket list ?), or people crossing over into 'retirement' whether due to age, firing, lay-offs, etc
As for kidney-stones being drained, well herbalists , depending on culture is how long ago, masseurs even, homeopaths, naturopaths etc, found the correct remedie, for their technique , a simple matter.....
Cheerful Love grizzly bear hug

Anonymous said...

7000 years seems enormous in the miasma of our egocentricity. This new space telescope photographed a field of view of space the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length. Hundreds of galaxies stretching back billions of years are visible in just that one speck of the night sky. Our little planet circling around the sun, one of hundreds of millions of suns in just this galaxy, seems not even a grain of sand in the eye of God, perhaps just an atom. Yet we are a part of God whether any one of us is aware or is unaware or cares to acknowledge or deny or accept it. ”… In my father’s house there a many mansions…”.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky as we wait for the insanity to die.

Unknown said...

I found colloidal silver is very helpful with many old age issues.
At my age, I am not worried about turning blue.
I use expensive stuff.

It can be applied outside to acupuncture points or joint pains. The pains at the points removed and hopefully the energy flow through smoothly. It can be used internally for inflammation, or tooth cavity.

Heavy metal can be removed by zeolite or NAC (i heard).

Visible said...

The kidney stone condition was healed years ago, and the hernia resolved in recent time. I have no other issues whatsoever. In any case, all's well that ends better, as the case has been and continues to be.

Anonymous said...

Please could the poster of this statement explain in more detail

"Synchronicity with the title and content inspires to send this as a comment.....
homoeopathically it is 'Platinum' that provides this signal , for readjustment of order of priorities on the list (bucket list ?), or people crossing over into 'retirement' whether due to age, firing, lay-offs, etc"
What does this mean, in plain language. Thanks

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"This Masquerade Ball... This Passing Caravanserai... This Temporary Dream State of Intoxication with Form."



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