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"When One is Seriously, in A Determined Fashion, Walking The Path of Love, Angels Become Your Steady Companions."

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It is fascinating to watch The World go through its changes. Of course... you'd have to be around for longer than the span of an ordinary human life to get the real feel of it. Some of us... a very few of us... are around for extended lengths of time. Anyone identified- in a more complete sense- with the source of all life, does expand the range of their existence by becoming more and more unified with The Ageless One. I suspect that dispassion would be one of the enduring characteristics of such an entity.

If you have a deathless consciousness, then... you are able to transit from life to life with no interruption of awareness, AND also appear and disappear AT WILL. I will put the link to Chapter 43 of Yogananda's autobiography in the links below, in case you haven't read it yet or... forgotten that you have.

Such events are far more common than you might imagine. They just aren't done for public viewing. Just because you can do something does not mean you should or... even that you will be allowed to for any length of time. There are invisible cops just as there are visible cops; as above, so below.

Egypt is an occult metaphor for the realm of Magic. You sort of have to go DOWN there for a time, BUT... you are advised not to stay or... allow yourself to be drawn into The Dark Splendor. All these abilities can turn into confinements, and... can result in the loss of all that is precious to you.

There is a reason that members of The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order are noted for only one ability. That is the ability to heal. Most of everything else can get you into trouble. Heck! Healing can get you into trouble... if you wind up going sideways to The Lords of Karma. You must be, more than anything else... Aware of the possible consequences BEFORE you act.

Patanjali, in his aphorisms, explains the siddhis (powers) that come from the practice of SPECIFIC austerities and disciplines. I have read it several times, BUT... it never proved relevant to me. I am not after magical powers and the ones I have... are... for the most part, in a blind trust. I am reminded of something I read somewhere, and have NEVER forgotten;

There are two paths one can walk; The Path of Knowledge, and The Path of Love. Those who walk the path of knowledge, no matter how accomplished they become, MUST return again to walk The Path of Love. Those who walk The Path of Love first, have all that is a part of The Path of Knowledge added automatically to them on the completion of their route.

Kind of sounds like working at The Post Office.

The Path of Love comes with an abundance of powers and magic. One discovers them to be actual associates at a certain point. ALL of the various powers of Light and Love are represented by angels. When one is seriously... and in a determined fashion walking The Path of Love... these angels become your steady companions. They are never far off.

The entirety of the roles played in manifest existence are contained in two separate modalities. One is demonstrated by self-interest. The other is demonstrated in selfless service. Love is given away without thought. This is precisely what The Sun does. It is radiating Love. It does not think about who gets the love. It doesn't withhold it in any case. It just loves through... the... shining... of... love.

That love travels on invisible currents to all living things, even those that reside within The Earth are reached by this love. This love gives... abundant life. Love is the blood that travels through the circulation system, to every area of existence in The Grand Body of the Ineffable.

It sustains all life... even the most wretched life, trapped in the prisons of its own design.

It is a relentless ambition in life to gain power over the lives of others. You see this demonstrated in every field of human endeavor. You see it in sporting contests. You see it in the political arena. You see it in the marketplaces of The World. You see it everywhere, BUT... where it is seldom seen is in the mirror when you look at yourself.

Far too few of us seek the power of Self Control. This confers... absolutely... power over others. Those seeking only power are going in the wrong direction. It has ALWAYS been available, just not in the areas where most people look for it. When your motives are wrong, you are tricked into the wrong directions for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

You are seen coming from a long way off, regardless of the direction you are headed in. You can think of the various realms of existence, both visible and invisible as suburbs of The City of God. Wherever you land, the land is ruled according to the nature of the inhabitants it contains. There are hot and steamy regions. There are cold and forbidding heights. This is true... visibly and invisibly. You gravitate to the land of your appetites. You are d-r-a-w-n there via the electromagnetics that order life according to where you are.

When your nature is carnal you will find yourself in the hot and steamy regions, even... if... it... is... only... in... your... mind. Sooner or later... via the divine principle of Precipitation, The World in your mind WILL form around you... one way or the other. People aspiring to The Heights should consistently remind themselves of the possibility of a great fall. It happens. Many are called, few are chosen. This brings us back to The Dynamics of Power. How many people make the NFL, and even when they do... how long do they remain?

The same can be said for success in politics and the marketplace, and everywhere else. It is a feeding frenzy of ambition and hunger; how bad do you want it? This you WILL find out.

Let me qualify the comment about personal powers and some of them being in a blind trust. ALL of us have many abilities that are unknown to us. We have the fruits of many previous lives, stored away. They are not accessible, USUALLY. You can fish for them in the depths of your submerged being. Will they be a blessing or a curse?

However... as one treads the path of The Spirit, more and more of ourselves is revealed to us, AND... if we are not pushed or do not fall from The Heights, the way comes... more and more... into densities of conscious light. Find a competent teacher. Do not even think of making your way on your own. Without guidance, you WILL get lost.

Neither the beginning nor the end of your journey can be seen from here, BUT... all that needs doing must get done here. Otherwise... you come back. Many are not even trying... and Times of Material Darkness bring grim opportunities to get stuck somewhere at every turn in The Road... and there... tormented... until someone frees you.

Death is most often used in these situations. MANY marvels are concealed beneath and above The Visible Spectrum. Heh heh... sometimes you have to feel your way.

If and when you walk The Path of Love, you will make powerful friends... invisible friends. In times of need, they appear. I can DEFINITELY attest to this. Let us say that one drinks all the time. The companions you have are very likely to do the same. Should you stop drinking, your companions change, and your former companions are often no longer even remembered. What you do defines what you are, AND... all of this is seen by the interested parties in The Invisible Realm.

Once again, let me quote Master Aivanhov; “If you could only see who is having lunch while you are having sex, you would become very careful about your practices.” Materialists scoff at this. People who know it all are filled with scorn because it doesn't meet their criteria for existence. Woe is them, further down the line.

Bad habits are cute when they are small. We feed our bad habits, and indulge the weak sides of our character, AND... what do you know? When you feed something it gets bigger. Eventually, it gets too big for you to control it, and that is when the monkey on your back turns into a gorilla.

Change is often tough; Difficulty at the Beginning is an I-Ching hexagram. It is a real thing in the tossing and turning, up and down conditions of life. It takes a lot of will to accomplish certain changes, AND... to... sustain... them. You have to go to the one who is The Repository of The Cosmic Will and ask for a loan. If you want it for the right reasons, authorization is guaranteed.

Walking The Path of Love may seem to be a diminishment of your personal powers. It can lower your profile when you cease to compete on The Playing Fields of Temporal Power. However... in reality, there is no power greater than love, PERIOD. You give it all away and it is all given back to you, like it or not, so... you give it all away again, and again, and again. Who is able to do this? God does it all the livelong day through The Sun. You could do the same. That is real power.

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Via The Reluctant Messenger

Paramhansa Yogananda

Via Fox Business
It just gets worse and worse.
I don't think I've ever heard a single song from this woman. I just figured she was Celine Dion's replacement. The same way that Lady Gagme replaced Madonna and Andrew Garfield will... eventually replace someone else I never listened to=

Hmm... The Darwin Awards are probably coming up soon. Some of us want a head start on the voting. This fellow is... at least... going to get honorable mention=

Via The Real History Channel
It's only a matter of time.
Guru Bawa said it was a sign of the end times, rampant cannibalism=

Via The Gateway Pundit
Stark raving nuts=

Via Fox News
We live in times of the strangest Karma.
It's a kind of fast-food karma=

Via The American Conservative
A fine and painful article=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Can't argue. Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

the point about cannibalism is interesting but it's suicide nowadays because if you eat the body of a vaxxed person, the mRNA spike protein will go into you as well. I've also heard the same about sex, that it can transmit the mRNA into unvaxxed people.

So yea, don't have sex with or eat the dead bodies of the vaxxed. If you wanna be a cannibal, wait until after the vaccine apocalypse is over and the vaxxed are all gone.

Unknown said...

I once watched the sun emerge from the horizon on a cold, misty morning with no colour around. As each minute passed the sun animated the world until all life around was dancing, and colour drenched the world. The sun does indeed radiate life and love, and all living things dance and sing in their own way in response. Rumi would agree. See Poem of the Atoms.

If this could be all we aspired to, we would be already be free and in the light.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Anonymous. hmmmmmmmm
And become like the Aztecs and others where the cannibalism is a part of the 'religous ritual' to appease the 'Gods' !!!!! especially when done to the most Innocent and pure adolescents in the community !!!! hmmmmm
time to reflect more profoundly ???
Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #2

You are soooooo pragmatic. So am I. Long term celibate vegetarian. Well, I'm under the impression a good percentage of the people these days ARE vegetables, but. . .

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Gay Voice of Monkeypox Consciousness Blames The Government for Not Being A Prophylactic for Their Sexcapades."



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