Monday, July 11, 2022

"The Essential Drive of Life is The Urge to Freedom, and Love is The Force that Gives it The Wings of Transport."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... this should have, more accurately, been posted as an Origami, BUT... whaddya gonna do?

I want to talk about the many shades and hues of those emotions confused with Love. When you see someone and you get hit by the lightning bolt, that IS NOT Love. That is fascination and enchantment; Karma magnetics. When you feel stirrings in the nether regions, that is not Love, that is Lust. I need not list the vast array of deceptions that account for the population's maintenance and replacement of their numbers, and all the broken hearts to follow.

Love... is something that g-r-o-w-s; like the tree we mentioned a couple of postings ago. It must be fed and nurtured. As love grows it e-v-o-l-v-e-s. It rises to a high and keening pitch above the winds of suffering and distraction that howl below it. Love... in its finer expressions, is beyond the experience and understanding of most. The Rapture of the Saints cannot be interpreted into common understanding or parlance. In the last age, it expressed as Sacrifice. In this age, it will demonstrate as Brotherhood.

All of the higher expressions of Love are Impersonal. The Personal... limits. The Personal is a thing apart. The Personal still has, even in its highest regions, a sense of separateness, short of union. Of course... you will ALWAYS have a persona because the light needs something to shine through, BUT... it is held in absolute control by The Higher Mind when illumination comes to call. This is in your future. You should cherish it.

Love is NOT attachment, and... the routines of engagement that we use- as our vehicles of affection- run on the invisible rails of Samskara. HOWEVER... it is The Attractive Force and that can, AND DOES (heh heh) cause problems be-cause ♫ breaking up is hard to do ♫ Up we come... in the green sprouts of youth, filled with vigor (or so it was before these times of excess and lassitude.) We feel like we can do anything. Routine sets in. We develop inflexible patterns. The Walking Dead is a truism when we lose our spontaneity; where zombies roam. Where the creative fires have been put out.

Love is that which grants the spontaneity and is what feeds the creative fire. One should have a higher passion. One should strive toward the light. When you turn your love to pedestrian enterprises, it ceases to be love. Love liberates. It does not confine. It does not possess. It is The Possession. I can talk about it all day and never hit it because it is the bouncing ball above the lyrics of The Song of Songs. It is what gives us life, and what makes it meaningful, and worth living.

We disappoint ourselves and each other because the love is not genuine. It comes with strings attached. It does not liberate. It confines. The very nature of life is the urge to freedom. Love is the force that grants it wings of transport. One day you will be ♫ up above The World so high, like a diamond in the sky ♫ That is Impersonal Love. That is the great love that shines in the suns that light the universe. “Let there be light!”

Personal love is hard. It is a difficult place to operate from. It ALWAYS, and INEVITABLY involves the loss of The Beloved in this world of temporary things. Everything is fading before your eyes, including you, BUT... there is another world. It is The Real World. This is a poor reflection of that world, due to the veils and coverings which hide The True Light. Sure... as above so below, BUT... not exactly the way it is commonly understood, given that it IS NOT commonly understood.

We are in a painful period of human history... on the verge of great changes, BUT... at the moment, The Profane is in the ascendant. Perversity is riding roughshod over us in the pursuit of the final outrage of the murder of childhood and the despoliation of all innocence. Those at the head of The Parade through the Gates of Perdition will get their just rewards. EVERYONE is going to get what is coming to them, and those who have profaned existence will find that it is their own existence that they have profaned.

God IS NOT MOCKED! You do it at your peril. It may seem that they are flying free and easy at the moment. As others scramble for food and shelter, they are safe in their locked and gated citadels. This will not continue. How can you shut the invisible out of the visible? How can you deny entrance to what you cannot see? How can you keep the demons out of your head when you behave like one? Why would you behave like one if they were... not... already... in... your... head?

Look at what has happened in Sri Lanka. It is coming to delusional states of theater near you... soon.

This is the sad magic of The Dream World, AND it is how retribution finds us every one. Our payback and comeuppance are already written into the script. The Dream follows the script accordingly. Every impression you make in the fabric of existence IMMEDIATELY sets the reaction in motion. You will find... if you cultivate and employ it that... Impersonal Love will handle EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE!!! So long as you let it do so... so long will it continue.

I am speaking of Ageless Wisdom here. It doesn't matter what religions are extant during any particular age. There is a wisdom that exists beyond them, and it stays present long, l-o-n-g after they are gone, AND before they were. It is ALWAYS present, and you can tune into it. You can catch a ride on the slipstream of Ageless Wisdom to The Blessed Shores. The real Bible is written upon the secret chambers of the heart in flaming letters. Should you go within, you will find... through persistence... that an entire universe awaits you.

The Gods ride upon the magic carpet of this Divine Luminous Wisdom. It holds them up and supports them so long as they are in resonance with it.

A single luminescence shines behind every face of deity. That is the Impersonal Sun which illumines all that is real. It is the light that shines from every star. The Deities are the personalized expressions of The Impersonal One. From what I understand, Ho Ti was one of the incarnations of Maitreya= The Avatar to come. God dances in and out of existence... as a myriad of personalities expressing in the selfless service of their archetypal duties. He dances to end it all too, as Shiva Nataraja.

My experience of Reincarnation is DIRECT. I KNOW it is real. I have had it made clear to me in an indisputable fashion, and many more times than once. Without the fact of reincarnation, life would LITERALLY make no sense. What can you do with The Flat Earth relatives of the Flat Headed Fundies? NOTHING. Nothing is all you can do. These are the people at whose hands tens of millions have died because of their insistence on their interpretation of something somebody wrote in a book. Learn to read The Living Book of Nature. There you will find all you need to know about The World, and about yourself.

You see... there are people who heard about something from someone else, and people who read something in a book. They have heard about Fire through second-hand mediums. Maybe they saw its reflection in a mirror. They have not built this fire that I am speaking of, and they most certainly have not cooked on this fire. You are at an impasse in speaking with these people. It is best (sadly) to let them go their way because they WILL FIND OUT further up or down the road. They WILL find out. Why do people engage in such pointless arguments when they don't know what they are talking about? It gives them something to do? (grin)

It gives meaning to what they can find no meaning in. Thinking you know, and insisting that you know is how people shield themselves from The Truth. It is also called Denial.

I bear no ill will to anyone. I am also not a doormat. It does not matter one wit what others think of me or say about me. It matters ONLY what God thinks about me, and here I will point out an enduring truth... God is in everyone to a specific degree, BUT... as the same essential self. THEREFORE... God controls the impact and outcome of what others think and say about us. It is ALL under control. Let us rest upon and rely on that and let the chips fall where they may. They will prove useful when they try to build that fire.

The first link (after GAB) is a simple rendering of the truth about existence from the perspective of The Buddha. All over The World in many climes and times, a few people find the enduring truth within them. Often they had no contact with other systems. All of these systems seem to agree on basic principles. All of these systems came about through Ageless Wisdom.

I am only aware of Buddhism at a basic level. The minutiae loses me quickly. The Essence I get. The bloatware that follows, steers me away and back to The Essence. ALWAYS, it is The Essence that is important... not the endless commentaries, nor the arguments that reflexively arise as if they had a mind of their own.

Fundies can argue about how ONLY Christianity is true and everything else is false. Fundie Muslims do the same. All Fundies... all letter of the law types do this. Almost everyone thinks that they are right and all others are wrong. If strife is your objective, you will find enough to fill your days here forever; coming and going... coming and going, round and round in circles. If your objective is otherwise, you must travel to the sanctuary of The Indwelling Self, where The Essence abides. It's your call; get caught up in the exterior wrangling or... be stilled and serene in the knowledge... of the presence... of God.

End Transmission.......

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When certain sexual practices are taboo in every major religion there is often more than one reason depending on the plane you are referencing it on. There are spiritual reasons not to do these things AND there are physical reasons because the spiritual reasons precipitate down into the physical. Eventually certain lifestyles destroy themselves... the way evil always does=

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Mr. Apocalypse is the fox among the chickens;
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm perceiving all that is as a sort of Cosmic Cleanup. I'd say it's a few thousand years too late, but what do I know?

Nostrils up!

Leesa said...

We are sailing at a great clip now..
I had a dream/vision last week...AEther spoke to me and said 'being as I am the 5th element, I encompass all...I am in everyone, everything and orchestrate the other 4 elements... Go with the FLOW, I will show you how easy life can be'
You are so spot on Les, The Divine Essence is here.. Well, I know it's always been here, but it could not get a look in!!
I also was astounded about your discussion a few posts back about the FU Dogs.. Dream 3 months ago, showed these mystical deities are prevalent in these times.. I did some research on Japanese Buddhist temple on Mt Koyasan (which I frequented in 2002/03..
Then I researched Fudogs at 'Daju' Temple- 'Daju' translates into English as 'The Great Awakening'
This lifetime we are all bearing witness to is miraculous indeed.. I agree wholeheartedly with the reincarnation train we've all been riding brother... I salute you Les, I thank you!
Love Leesa

Leesa said...

One more addition about AEther:
InTarot- represents all Major Arcana cards/lessons to spiral into eternity
Animals: the spider (the weaver) the Chameleon (the changer)
Numerology: Number 1
Crystals: Clear Quartz
Plants: Celtic trees.. Apple trees (anything to do with creation myth) Adam & Eve
Other creation deity buddy- Vishnu- great cleanser- cleaner of filth

I think these attributes are very telling NOW!!
Stay vigilant everyone and laugh deeply- the cureall needed
Love Leesa

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"No One in Separated Mind is Able to Withstand It, So... Snap! There Goes The Weakest Link in The Chain."

Anonymous said...

The bulls can't run because of covid. It's just too dangerous. Ha ha ha ha ha ha................

Anonymous said...

Man spreads monkey pox etc.Now all you quares,listen up!The chocolate channel is not a sex organ.



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