Thursday, July 14, 2022

"A Great Light Shines Through The Veils of The Darkness of This World for Those Who have Opened Their Inner Eye."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Okay... I'll be coming out a lot this year. I'm looking to live my authentic self which is... wait for it; impersonal. What kind of a self is that? You may well ask that question because... impersonal implies the absence of a persona. That's kind of a conundrum, BUT... as many people have gotten rich from... two opposite and conflicting arguments. Apparently, they can... both... be--- right. Politicians demonstrate this ability all day from either side of the perspective. It's called Hypocrisy.

Wait! Either side of a perspective? That sounds like schizophrenia. You see people walking down the street, and talking to themselves in all urban areas these days. If you talk to yourself in the forest you are a mystic. If you talk to yourself in a crowd... you are not corpus mentis; location... location... location.

Getting back to my initial thought, and... to begin with, I identify as a lawyer for international affairs, so let's hear no more about credentials. I IDENTIFY... that is my credentials!! As my first action... inspired by Alejandra Caraballo; tranny-law-professor at Hahvaad... I am filing an international suit against the South African B'nai B'rith, on behalf of the monkeys whose pox has been cross-species-culturally appropriated by trans-kids with Monkeypox.

I intend to trace the genesis of this precious... reversed evolutionary virus to gay sex orgies held at a BDSM club in Johannesburg, where the participants were all members of the local Chabad House. As you know...Chabad Houses have long been sanctuaries for Mossad terrorists who agitate in the communities where they were placed for this purpose. To help bleed the stress out of the trying work they do each day they regularly attend these gay sex sessions at The Green Monkey Lounge.

I was approached by a delegation of green monkeys, who appeared in my head during a psychotropic experience in April of this year, and pleaded with me to defend their interests. They have already been living with a previous stigma for decades. They were originally named green monkeys due to their propensity for getting sucked into situations where they shoulda known better, and... didn't. In other words, they are what a veteran would call, “green.” Monkeys aren't known for their self-restraint.

Now, why... why would I... a person whose entire life (as much as he can remember to make it so) is based on God... be talking in such a provocative way about The World's Greatest Victims? Look at what they are doing! The COVID Scam... The Killer Vaccines... The War in Ukraine... The rising inflation... The pervasive sexual perversity and THE PUSH to indoctrinate children into slaves of Babylon... AND... so much more, is... ALL... due... to... their... efforts, their designs, and intentions. This is VISIBLY TRUE.

So... I thought I'd rock the boat just a tad in honor of The One who is coming to make the oceans tremble and rise... the mountains and shorelines shake... He is coming to awaken the human heart and clarify the human mind. He is come to restore the tenets of Ageless Wisdom, as they are celebrated in the temporary religions that appear here following every visit ♫ rock the boat, don't tip the boat over ♫

Are you curious about where all these crazy people came from? Who are now teaching in schools... working in government and the arts... pretty much anywhere THEY need them to be? It is BECAUSE The Avatar has been coming down from the higher planes, for... some... time... into every level of existence, and sweeping the long resident, twisted entities off their perches, and further down into the captivated human mind, and into unattended human forms, where they now have their residence. The Avatar will ALSO continue down into materialization where he will FINISH... THE... JOB.

So... let not your heart be troubled by what you see in The World, as evidenced in the links below. It is all according to a timeless process. The Avatar is simply cleaning up the messes we left over the centuries. This is a condition that comes about over... and over... and over... and over again. It's the powers and principalities of evil... the rulers of the darkness of this world...and that spiritual wickedness in high places thing.

This IS how it IS, so... let not your heart be troubled. Go in peace and keep your own counsel. The closer you come into resonance with The Divine, the more you are guided... informed... and maintained by The Divine. DO NOT put your trust in Temporal Things. Put your trust in The Shining Invisible that WILL make your spirit soar like it has never... done... before. Those who chase after shining garbage are making their own perdition, and The Purpose of Demonstration is... and will be... immediately informed of it.

The whole of manifest existence trembles on a golden web, every motion alerts The DREAM Weaver. A great light shines through the veils of the darkness of this world for those who have opened their eyes by opening their hearts... which is a reflex action with cosmic implications. Everything you do comes back on you. Why not... then... sow transcendent beauty that your selfless service has transformed into Grace... which flows endlessly from an eternal fountain in the heart, and which waters the gardens of Heaven that you carry within you, everywhere you go? WHY!?! (would anyone do otherwise?) It is a mystery... is it not?

Look at the countless numbers of those trapped on the glueboards of Materialism, when they could be bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This IS coming, my friends. This is one of The Avatar's gifts to those who... would... avail... themselves... of... it.

Everyone is blaming someone else... for their collective AND individual misfortune. “It was those guys over there. They did it!!!” Someone is AGITATING people. Yes... it is the same collective mentioned earlier. ALL is about to be exposed, AND stranger than fiction is about to be made a reality. God is coming... in human form. God is coming... in human form. He brings the power for the God in you to resonate with the God in him. Some will bolt for the shadows when he comes, BUT ALL... will... be... revealed... exposed... and brought to the courtroom inside their heads where... The Devil is The Prosecuting Attorney.

There are wheels, within wheels, within wheels that are spinning, visibly AND invisibly. They are spinning outside of you, AND they are spinning inside of you. Very odd events are taking place. Why would Trump go after Elon Musk? Why would there be such a public falling out over nothing? Yes... it could be Mr. Apocalypse making a fool of the high and mighty or... and I am getting a feeling that is very hard to shake here, this feud between Elon and Trump is a staged event.

I think something none of us were anticipating is about to occur. I think more than a few events are going to be taking place that no one is expecting. There is no greater magician than God who simultaneously binds, and liberates us... who leads us out of temptation, and also into a desireless state.

He blinds AND he gives sight. He causes hearts to be hardened and softened according to his will. He is a mighty friend, AND... a mighty foe, and... he is responsible for this entire magic show.

In his aspect as The Divine Mother, he frees us from entanglement with Maya. She is that Nature whose dust was borrowed for our appearance here. Some... those she favors, are taught how to turn their body into light. She is the birth channel AND the death channel. You DEFINITELY need a guide.

So... those at the top of the pyramid of temporal power... think they're sitting pretty. They are killing millions, BUT... that is just one of the responsibilities that come with the job they appointed themselves to. They are also enslaving many... many millions. They take what they want, AND... they don't clean up after themselves. Who's going to make them?

God is just as much in their minds as he is in your mind. He can switch it on or off as it pleases him. His powers are limitless, theirs... are... not. He lets long periods of time go by, so that it seems he's not even involved. Plenty of people have convinced themselves of this. “Look what we get away with,” they tell themselves.

It's all a movie and you are in it. Sometimes... you are in a public role, and sometimes you are not. You get to play whoever you want... sooner or later. You just don't get to keep anything from it but the memories, AND... you don't even get those until you are some distance UP the road. Your talents go with you, and your karma arranges the circumstances to come... otherwise... it's a dream.

It is... in fact... a dream that wakes up into a dream, that wakes up into a dream, that wakes up into a dream UNTIL you finally wake up entirely. Be still, and know that I am God.

Now... you can take all or any of this as you please. It don't make no never-mind to me. The Avatar IS coming. He might already be here. There is Heaven to gain, and Hell to pay, coming in either hand. You WILL encounter the persona of God you have been serving. Then you will find there is only ONE and that everyone else WORKS... FOR... HIM... knowingly or unknowingly... willingly or unwillingly. It's something to think about.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

WARNING... WARNING... WARNING... some of these links are disturbing; mostly the Twitter links, and... they are mostly at the end.

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This is how you act when you have lost all reasoning ability and are running on the fumes of your own celebrity=

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Depraved... disgusting...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all you do. This week the posts were absolutely over the top in giving hope for a better tomorrow .
The Avatar can’t get here Soon enough .
Peace to all.

Eugene said...

Long time no comment. Sorry. Love this one, as ever .. "Lord Krishna said in truth I am all gods, in what way men fashion their god, I answer him thru their god" - Chapter 4 Gita. Jeremiah and Ezekiel "If you build an idol, I will answer you thru that idol in order to deceive you". Being but the same. And in times of distress QRST does indeed say "I incarnate" .. to dispel the cycle of Maya of being trapped in not seeing by the eye of heart. The Yuga of seeing approaches. "When they seem him whom they had pierced, it dawns on them" .. Thou Art That. Blessings to you. You shared once that you were a piker compared, not so. You are still the shining Les Visible then as now.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh man, it's gonna take me a couple of months to get over the nose abuse of that last link. I mean, bein' a member of The Holey Order of the Septum, and all.

From what I'm readin', the 'halcyon daze' for those who are still in it might end in a week or two if the news comes to pass. Especially in calipornia.

May the revolutions succeed!

Nostrils to the sky! (That sounds so much more poetic than 'nostrils up'.)

Anonymous said...

The depravity now is exponentially greater than anything seem in ancient Rome and it did for them.I rarely use the word but the fallout from this is going to be awesome.

robert said...

A Visible Hendrix riff!

Masterful writing with the ultimate purpose...

It is... in fact... a dream that wakes up into a dream, that wakes up into a dream, that wakes up into a dream UNTIL you finally wake up entirely. Be still, and know that I am God.

The gem, the pearl, the key, delivered in nested prose

What other response to life makes sense than gratitude?
To share in creation until we learn to create beauty along with the Creator.
Nature makes being created look easy, while our human lens makes it look dramatic and problematic

What we call genius is when human limitation yields completely to simple focused attention, calling in the angel construction brigade to manifest the details, resting in the vision so large than nothing and noone can hinder its growth into the Real

When the unhindered indwelling of the Spirit flows and makes it look easy, as the hard work of learning to be less visible has already been done, we utter: "sheer genius!"

There IS genius in everyone, only the state of the seed growth varies by experience

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Any REAL Tradition Will Take You as Far as Words can Go, Leaving You on The Doorstep to The Undiscovered Self."



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