Friday, July 1, 2022

"The Skies are Lit with Enchanting Lights. They Glitter and Gleam for a Moment and Then... The Lights Go Out."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've heard it said that still waters run deep. I take it that a part of the meaning is that they are not troubled or disturbed by the action on the surface. This... then leads me to consider that those who are troubled are the ones who live on the surface.

That would include all the performers and surface personalities that bring us the reconstituted news of the day; tell us what their associates are up to, pretend to be acting on our behalf in governing bodies, and wave their symbols of power over our heads... and lose their minds. Surely... you can see this happening?

In Times of Material Darkness, many more of us live on the surface, where all the distractions are... in the Disneyland of The Mind. The attractions of The Desire Body... and the appetites that ran away with The Dish and The Spoon, and... certain other instruments of engagement. It is at times like these that one is inspired to perform random acts of stupidity and senseless acts of self-interest. Time to “visualize whirled peas.”

Now we are come to the end of We Have no Pride Month. These celebrants also live on the surface... tossed about on the tempestuous waters of unrestrained and peculiar passions that grow into obsessions. Babylon can rise swiftly. Its fall is also sudden. It is like a firework display. The skies are lit with enchanting lights. They gleam and glitter for a moment and then... the lights go out... and the ash travels on the wind, and lands somewhere.

I used to be fascinated by the moths and other flying insects that were drawn to the lights in a kind of trance possession. Closer and closer they flew... until they were crisped and dead. If it was a candle... well... you know the story. They were a continuing analogy in my mind for that 'bright lights, big city' thing; ♫ New York... just like I pictured it ♫ When you're ♫ living just enough for the city ♫

Those who live on the surface have little interest in The Deeps. They might have an aversion to them or a fear of them, but... little interest otherwise, their dance card is already full. They find their identity and validation there. “This is what I am,” they say. Of course, though you do not only live once... they are not entirely wrong. Most of the permutations of the person they appear as, in any particular life, do not survive that life.

Some parts of us just don't make the cut. They are not continued in the next reel. The Lesson will remain. It is The Lesson that forms certain predispositions and apprehensions that are... just... there... now.

People who become monks and nuns are not always... or even often... spiritually inspired souls. They have been put on suspension for that particular life... to balance out the excesses of the preceding visit. Just because you did this and that, there and then... does not mean you will encounter the very same on your return back again. It will be facilitated by The Purpose of Demonstration for the best possibility of learning The Lesson.

A multitude... a great many motivations... can account for the thing you did. A smack upside the head might be caused by any one (or several) reason(s). They are not all the same.

You can ALSO... learn The Lesson BEFORE it comes round on you. Then you are stepped off the line of impact and it whistles right by. “Success is speedy for the energetic.” You can catch up to all kinds of things before they round on you, AND... there is ALWAYS Grace... Grace that is born of... a change of heart... a change of direction... forms of devotion... epiphany and revelation. It comes in many colors... and so does The Lesson.

You can tell people about The Deeps. They might even be intrigued by your descriptions, BUT... it will leave their minds quickly, without having connected to anything familiar in them. Whoosh... nothing but net, AND... if there is no net? Well then... just the whoosh. People who live on the surface are like butterflies and flowers. They flit about and bloom for a day... and then they go away. I like butterflies and flowers, but they are of a different order than mountains and seas. They are different than tortoises, elephants, and whales. It is all a matter of degrees.

Some love lasts forever, and some love is a passing fancy mistaken for love.

♫ love never wanted to win
never thought about losing
if there's a chance of a lesser evil
love isn't choosing.

Love never worried a day
for no one or nothing
down to the last shell game in life
cause love isn't bluffing ♫

Some live in The Deeps and some live on The Surface. That is just the way of it; The Circular Mind and The Spiral Mind... and never the twain shall... so to speak. People look for permanence here, but there is none. It is based upon and comes out of The Permanence, but none of it is permanent. Now... I am certain of a few things. One of them is that people have been coming and going here for millions of years... millions AND millions of years, AND... shall continue to do so in perpetuity. For me... this is axiomatic... for many others... not so much.

What could possibly be the purpose of all... all this, if none of it is permanent? Barely a trace of this will remain at some point. It will be reduced to the same basic particulate of every other forgotten history. Only the echoes remain because the echoes never die... not entirely. So... what could be the point? “Do you mean to say, Visible, that... none of this matters?”

It matters as a rite of passage. Life is forever. Consciousness is forever. The Stage is not. The Stage gets built. The performance takes place, and... the stage is torn down and packed away... for next time. It might be tens of thousands of years, but... eventually... something very similar will get acted out. “There is nothing new under The Sun. It has already been of old.”

So... what is the point? WHAT IS THE POINT!?! It is a shaping... a fashioning from the gross to the fine. Unfortunately... in some cases... it's just a circle. How long will it remain so? I do not know. The World is God's playground. It is here that he entertains and discovers himself. He LOVES to discover himself. He plays hide and seek. He will purposely cause himself to forget himself just so he can discover himself. In some ways, he is like a child. He dreams. We are the result of that. The sad truth is that dreams end. The good news is that a new dream begins, AND... there is always the possibility that he might wake up in you. How wonderful that would be.

You are in that cosmic bus kiosk looking at the route map. There! There... you see it? There's a blue arrow that says, “You are here.” You see it? Okay. However... your here is not his or her here. It probably is not my here, BUT... there you are. It's here for you. That's not the important point. THE important point is that you can go ANYWHERE from here. Where would you like to go? Remember... you can go ANYWHERE... ANYWHERE at all. Some are annoyed that it might take too long; compared to what? Some want it (whatever it is) NOW. They don't like to wait. That is why we have this inconvenient world full of conveniences.

AND... I should mention that no matter where you go, you will still be here. It will just look different.

So... massive change is underway. The Surface Dwellers will find nothing to hold on to when the wind begins to blow; The Winds of Change that is. You've heard about the little piggies and The Big Bad Wolf, ♫ Hey there Little Red Riding Hood ♫ Probably the same wolf. The Wolf is important, no less than the piggies and Little Red Riding Hood.

Everything is important to the context of the story. Then the story ends and all you've got is The Lesson; not even that if you didn't get it. Oh well, maybe next time or... the time after that, or the time after that.

It seems to me... remember, this is just me, BUT... it seems that in a world of impermanence, the most important thing anyone can do is to make contact with The Permanent. Seems like that would be the apotheosis of any temporary residence... straw house... wood house... brick house... “a house not made with hands, eternal in The Heavens.”

Yet... people scurry about chasing whatever. Butterflies last longer than clouds. I am profoundly moved and in awe of The Mercy and Compassion of Heaven, toward the benighted buggers, routinely hacking each other into pieces here. Father forgive them and all that. I do not measure up well at all with The Luminous Ones, BUT... I am trying.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, and nighty-night.

one LARP to rule them all said...

Salutations Sunsource LV! They why not both meme comes to mind but we know it can't be both.
The surface brine of the steering wheel grabbers is just distractions with silly sound effects.
There is nothing new under the sun and man never learns so it will all repeat.
A predatory ruling class and WAR for profit or gain are as old as the hills.
Walking a lot more and they say it is so hot out but you don't notice if you are not 400 lbs. overweight.
The WEF-SPECTRE hydra will eat itself as EVIL always does and the Cosmic Guardrails are one of my favorite Visiblisms along with the Sack-N-Save and Purpose of Demonstration.
The local Sack-O-Rama is going 1984 with a subway gate and alarm as we gear up for the Hunger Games.
I only observe the distractions for recon/intel and certainly don't want on the hamster wheel of Marxist materialism.
Prayers are kept simple and they are for this nation and the world or loved ones of all forms.

Leesa said...

Hi Les, this post bought a tear.. The song playing in the background was Bob Seger 'The Famous Final Scene'...
It's nearly time...
Love Leesa

Anonymous said...

Vis I have been meditating (or trying to for years) I noticed a while ago my body would sway from side to side, It was not unpleasant and I kind of wondered why it does that. Then I finally looked it up and it says it is a beginning of Kundalini awakening. Is this true,? I never heard of kundalini until I started reading your posts. Just curious and trust your say over google. Thanks for all your support during these absurd times we are living in. As for Pride Month. Doesn’t it say somewhere that Pride goeth before the fall?
Happy 4th

Visible said...

It comes as a shaking and a trembling in the spine. It can be ticklish and shivery. It comes in so many variants it is not possible to isolate them all. The Quakers and The Shakers are Christian examples. It is The God Force and its objective is Godhead. It is a serpent force of a kind of fire. It proves to be a consuming fire that devours all false identities and uncovers the indwelling Self. It burns up The Dross in us. It is painful if one resists and exhilarating (though, much more than that) if you do not resist.

The Osho People had this false kundalini excitation that was expressed as twitching and moving from side to side, NOT because the force was active but in an attempt to emulate the awakening. Faking it. Like the TM people who get these cushions they bounce up and down on, to convince themselves they are levitating.

Sir John Woodroffe wrote the definitive book called The Serpent Power; too dense and intellectual for me, and my experience of the kundalini which has dominated my existence for decades is not dry or intellectual. It is beyond the reach of words.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Bewildering Complexity! Look at The Dancing Lures, Dangling Everywhere in This Ocean of Zombie Fish."



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