Wednesday, July 6, 2022

"The Mid-Terms are Not Just Half Your Grade. It's Pass-Fail... Learning to Carry Starlight in a Bottomless Pail."

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It's probably safe to say that billionaires (by their very nature) are materialists. It is also safe to say that controlling The World is the objective of every one of them; within the narrow bandwidth of The Sensory Realm. It is also a good bet that they are mostly Satanists because their fortunes come by arrangement with The Purpose of Demonstration for those in love with matter. They might be conscious Satanists, and... they might be unconscious Satanists. It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of things.

They say that everything is equal; to what? How could it possibly take so long for people to figure it out? You know that Greatest Commandment? “You shall love The Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind?” It does not exist as the greatest commandment because the deity is a narcissistic psychopath. It exists because of THE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

You see... it's all done with mirrors. What happens when you look into The Mirror of Self? What happens if you fall in love? What does your reflection tell you happens? Well? I'm waiting (sound of foot-tapping at a great distance... echoing through a vast cathedral-like structure). Oh well. I guess if you don't get it, it can take forever.

What happens when you look into the mirror of The World? Carnal and Spiritual are p-e-r-s-p-e-c-t-i-v-e-s, yes? Do you see what you hunger for... or... do you see what you desire... or... Do you have answers or questions? Do you have answers AND questions? Well... you are here to figure that out and pay the freight for your lessons.

This is why Love is The Skeleton Key to existence. It gets you in everywhere, AND... it gets you out of everywhere, AND... everything. Here's the deal- NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Everything is the acting out of your relationship with God. You have a self and God has a self and they are the same self, except for the magnitude of the one in comparison with the other. Your portion is considerably smaller. That's okay because God does not relate to size. That makes no sense to him, BUT THEN... he doesn't measure himself against everything and everyone else like we do.

He is everything and everyone else. He's simply not recognizing what does not recognize him, though his love is impersonal and eternal toward all. THAT... is why you look into The Mirror of the Self.

No! God is not a demented egotist, BUT... he looks like one to a demented egotist. The animals come to The Watering Hole (another mirror) and they each see themselves in the reflection. A deer sees a deer. A lion sees a lion. A snake sees a snake. A heron sees a heron. Is there some kind of arrangement where the usual predator-prey thing is suspended until both sides are watered? Perhaps. The only one who does not honor it... is the crocodile.

God is not some vainglorious character; some invisible dictator... whom you must appease and cower before. God is your very self, as it knows itself in Truth. We project our interpretations on everything into The World and anthropomorphism comes about. Two of my favorite words are anthropomorphism and ambivalence. Why not combine the two, and... you tell me what we get. Okay?

You remember that line about casting your bread upon The Waters and it returning to you tenfold? Consider this in the light of The Greatest Commandment. Keep on shining, my friends. Do you bring light or darkness... Love or Fear... Comfort or discomfort... as your gift to everyone else? Well... you should know what to expect in your Christmas stocking. Your fate is defined by your actions.

All that has been said here is simple. Borderline intellects can grasp it. God has a predisposition to choosing the simple and the mad as his greatest and most enduring spokesmen. Sometimes you get both. Why is it that you seldom see a realized teacher who talks like a fag? (taken from the courtroom scene in Idiocracy)

The Greatest Commandment is a PRACTICAL guide to a perfected existence. What did Christ say following the Greatest Commandment? “and the second is like unto it; you should love your brother as yourself.” Well... I mean... that's simple, right? Do you get the connection between the two commandments? It seems like he is saying God is in everyone. Well... I should hope that clears it up.

You will see from today's links that they are getting crazier at a higher rate of speed now, AND that most of it has to do with sexual perversities. This is all getting very exciting, isn't it? Of course... it could be scary for some too. It's like a rollercoaster ride where one person is screaming from excitement, and another is screaming from Fear. It's just a perspective, right?

What is making you crazy? Is it Sex or... is it God? Both will drive you mad. With God, it is a requirement. You have to go beyond Reason... sooner or later. Consider The Dervish... The Zen Buddhist... The Aghora Shaivite... The Rasputinarian... The Taoist Master as common laborer. You might want to write some of this down because it's all going to be on the test later. The mid-terms are not just half your grade. It's pass-fail... learning to carry starlight in a bottomless pail.

Either you are not there, and... God is or... you are there and God is not. That is not the complete thought. You are required to complete the thought. It doesn't happen without you. This is when life REALLY starts to take off and become meaningful; when you find out that The Lord of the Universe is in love with you. You are then permitted to dance on the mountaintops of The World in the Morning of creation... so to speak.

So... you see God in everyone, and everything, and... the magic begins. Love starts to flow and Love IS THAT MAGIC. Love is the magic wand of God. Love is the key to the understanding of the magic of light and conversation with angels. You can't really wield it unless you become as a little child. It's all laid out for you in the teachings of the masters. You may not want to DO IT THAT WAY... most people don't. They want to do it their way; ♫ I botched it my way ♫

You can do it your way. You see people doing exactly that all day long, and they can get pretty freakish about it... as is becoming more and more apparent. You can do it your way for as long as you can handle the pain. There is a timeless ringing harmony that coils through the heart of existence. I am more partial to that. Others, of course, are free to do as they like... you see the results of that all around you too. ALL mindless carnal activity inclines to suicide. No one has to die, BUT... we must all be changed. How about mortal sin, eh? I wonder what that's all about?

A large number of us are running about having vaxidents, BUT... that's just one way to top yourself. I'm not that concerned about mortality because I am immortal, and this I happen to KNOW. I can just suit up for any occasion, BUT... I don't find this place to be a whole lot of fun.

Not all of us come here as a consequence of sin. Some few of us come because of the sins of others. There are shepherds here and there. Anyone can be a shepherd but you have to earn The Staff, and... the loyalty of your dogs. That you cannot accomplish acting like a dog. The dogs will just follow suit. You want them sitting and listening to their master's voice, like Nipper.

Look in The Mirror! ♫ do you see what I see? ♫ You become a drag queen when Sex is all you know. They are The Sad Clowns... and... they live tragic lives. Honor your mother and father... your REAL mother and father! What does the rest of it say? “That your days might be long and it may go well for you.”

When you attain. When you are realized, you save your entire lineage of ancestors. This is something to think about, and... as HPB said... “For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity.” Not too shabby.

It's not that hard to understand. It is The Mind that makes it difficult. It must be restrained. It believes itself to be in charge, and... it... is... not. Still the Reactive Mind and Serenity will come.

End Transmission.......

I just heard that one of the Georgia Guidestones has crumbled to ruin away, BUT... I see no news of it anywhere.

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Missing Munich said...

Hi Les,

just wanted to say thank you for what you do each and every day. It keeps me and most likely others grounded in this sea of insanity. Had a long conversation with my best friend in Germany, and things are not looking too good over there, either. Just with a bit of delay....

A dear colleague of mine is currently ravaged by jab side effects. Perfectly healthy, in her 30's, now relying on heart stimulators bilaterally to keep the heart pumping. Myocarditis my ass. I hope she'll make it, but her life now has changed forever. Yet no-one will even as much as whisper the word "vaccine".

KY is melting at 111* heat indices, the grass in crunchy and half of my garden succumbed to the heat despite plenty of water. The Dutch are fighting, and German farmers are not far behind. I hope they'll find the guts to fight together. There is moments where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then it disappears again.

Anyhow, let not your heart be troubled, he got this!!

Missing Munich

P.S. Apparently one of the stones was blown apart to preliminary news I could find. I'm sure it'll be all over the news tonight...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The stones were brought down:

Nice world if it were so, but I don't agree with killing people to get there. Let the people themselves decide to get there. Education seems to help. Most educated chicks have better things to do than be breeding machines, though there are exceptions.

Nostrils up!

Thanks for the heads up, Sukh. I shoulda known, but I was so damn distracted.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Hijacked by The Dark Side, Through Fear Alley, and Sideswiped by Angels More Times than We Can Remember."



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