Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do You Want to Stop Terrorism? Fight the Real Terrorists!

Do you want to fight the war on terror? Then you must fight the real war on terror and that is being waged by the present American administration and all the lackey states abroad that they have blackmailed, bribed and arm-twisted into submission.

We are led to believe that there is some vast shadowy international network called Al Qaeda. We’ve got Al Qaeda in Iraq. Soon we’ll have Al Qaeda in Iran and Syria and The Cayman Islands. It’s a franchise like McDonalds. There is NO Al Qaeda as such. Al Qaeda is a construction, a boogeyman created to spread fear. Bin Laden is long gone. Al Zawqawi? Yeah right. The only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered (and that was in Palestine) proved to be staffed by Mossad members.

Here are the real and present dangers at work today: neo-con fascism, political correctness, Zionism, fundamentalist religions, i.e. right wing Christianity and Wahabi Islam, materialism and the pervasive ignorance of a dumbed down population. Here are some of the villains: PNAC, the present American administration, the Israeli Likud party, the large corporations and world media. This is not comprehensive but it is enough to go on.

At the root of the problem is the pervasive greed of the corporations who control the governments and the media and the reflected greed and fear of the general population. Terrorism is not a problem. It is similar to having cockroaches in your kitchen. Remove the food source. Clean the kitchen. Terrorism has its roots in conditions that are based on injustice and oppression. If the Israelis did not treat the Palestinians as they do much of the trouble in the Middle East would go away. If first world nations did not enslave and burden third world nations with debt, terrorism would find no soil to root in. If global corporations did not shove decadent culture down the throats of older cultures who resent this invasion there would be nothing to react against. If greedy cultures did not demand the resources of countries with oil and other raw materials for their wasteful lifestyles there would be no need for the manufactured wars and invasions based on lies that stir up a ‘hornets nest’ of righteous opposition. What is taking place now is no different than what was taking place when the conquistadors were plundering Central and South America. The same forces are at work. The corporations and governments have changed their names and personnel and the churches are the same or newer versions but otherwise there is no difference.

The attack on the WTC was orchestrated by the people who control the machinery and policy of the Bush administration with the assistance of Mossad and elements of British intelligence. It was designed to portray Arabs as the perpetrators and to turn world opinion against the Arabs and Palestinian statehood. Nearly half of the so-called hi-jackers were later found to be alive and well in various parts of the Middle East. I’m not going to address the enormous inconsistencies in the administrations story about what took place. Go to and read the extensive library on the 9/11 attacks. The people behind this effort, this New Pearl Harbor, are your terrorists. The entire schematic is designed to control diminishing world resources for the benefit of the few, to reduce basic freedoms in the name of freedom and to create a permanent privileged overclass.

These are your terrorists. But what are you going to do? You don’t have enough guns and political influence is reserved for those who have agreed to the terms. Why do you think the so-called Democratic opposition is so silent? Bribery, blackmail, threats and actual murder are the currency of the day. What were Mohammed Atta and his men doing on Israeli bagman Abramoff’s boat? WHAT WERE MOHAMMED ATTA AND HIS MEN DOING ON JACK ABRAMOFF’S BOAT!

It’s a simple thing and it has proven effective in the past against forces equally as great as the one we face now. Mahatma Gandhi did it against The Raj in India. Martin Luther King accomplished much in America, though that work remains unfinished. That work is always unfinished perhaps. Non-violence is the answer. The American nation must go on a sit-down strike. The peoples of America must refuse to go to work, refuse to participate and refuse to fight. When the corporations feel the sting they will adjust accordingly. People must unify under a common cause. You must boycott any product that sponsors network newscasts. Everyone should wear an armband that says “Enough is Enough!” The machine requires your presence to run. If you do not show up the machine cannot operate. It comes to a halt.

Yes this is simplistic. This is an idea. It requires the efforts of others to flesh it out. As long as there is canon fodder dumb enough to go to war there will be war. All able bodied men must refuse. No matter what the media will say they must refuse. They cannot lock you all up. People must gather in the squares of their towns and cities all over the country and stand silently in protest of fascism. There should be no resistance, just an intransigent silence.

The Bush administration and the corporations that run them are criminals. The whore media is a criminal. We at the blogs and elsewhere are having an effect. Criminal Rumsfield was at pains to point this out recently. We must sound the clarion call and we must act. Are you afraid? It is frightening. But what is more frightening? Facing the truth in yourself and answering the call of the times, or bowing down and bending over and being herded through the gates of Hell? Have some dignity! Have some courage! Have some self respect! This is a clear and present danger and we know who they are. We know the faces at the front; the Bushies and their lackeys and those abroad as well as the organizations that set their tone and the corporations that run the show. We know the faces in the back; Mellon-Sciafe, David Rockefeller, Kissinger and the like.

Let us give these men and women a new common first name; Criminal Bush, Criminal Rice, Criminal Cheney, Criminal Murdoch, Criminal Limbaugh... all of them Criminal. Let Criminal be a title and a first name. All the participants, whether chiefs, or lackeys or cheerleaders or disinfo specialists... all with the new first name of Criminal. Let it come into the common parlance. Let it be the accepted term. Seize the language. Recognize your power and affirm your right to be here.

No generation wants the trouble in their time. None of us want to be at the battlements, apart from our families and our pursuits. Yet the very fabric of the world is in danger. So many of you are afraid or attached to your meager possessions. Many of you are privileged and don’t care. Many of you have your place in the machine and you know it is wrong but you fear what may come if you stand up for what is right. You don’t really have a choice. The alternative is too dreadful to consider. We must collectively expose these jackals and hyenas and we must cease to contribute. We must cease to fear.

The peoples of the world are all one family. In this time thousands are dying for excess of appetite on the one hand and lies on the other. Collectively we can smash the state with the power of love and a conviction for the truth. In the name of the family and friends that you love, stand forth and be counted. In the name of Pat Tillman and so many others who died for nothing, stand forth and be counted. Step away from the organized church and the demagogues in the pulpit. Step away from Wal-Mart. Don’t buy Coca Cola. Refuse all junk and put off everything else. Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need. Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need. Organize!!! Stop contributing. Just sit down. Just stand still.

Just like a brush fire can sweep the plains we can cleanse the land. Do you like living under the whip hand of fear? Should others be killed in your name because you would not speak up? Each of us can reach others and they will reach others in their turn and the hearts of the majority of the Earth’s people will beat in one accord. It takes a common theme upon which we all agree to unite us. Let those with their various talents come forward now. We need you. Take what you know to be true and let it be heard.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Star-Spangled Double Wide White Trash Heaven

When I hear about the bad things happening to American competitors in the Olympics it makes me glad. Any time I hear bad news about America it makes me feel better. I routinely without thinking root against them no matter what is taking place and I support the opposition, almost regardless of their intentions whenever it comes down to America and anybody else. And I am, or I was born, an American.

I want America broken and humbled. I want America to taste what they’ve been dishing out for so many years. I don’t need to hear about World War One and World War Two and what heroes we were. I’ve got my own take on those conflicts as well. I’m one of those people that study events; I don’t just swallow the common line. I don’t wave flags and I hate marching bands; any marching bands... but most especially those playing Onward Christian Soldiers. Christian soldiers are demons in self righteous permanent press. Of course they are hypocrites and murderers too but I haven’t the space at the moment to list all the fine qualities of the Christian soldiers.

When I think of America I think of the Native Americans and the railroad labor and slavery and the fat cats with the cigars that were always popping up on Marxist posters. I’m no Marxist though. I suppose I’m a Libertarian Socialist if such a thing could exist. Mostly I’m for the fulfillment of the power of cosmic justice and I include myself among the recipients for better or for worse- all things (actually) being equal as regards their irrelevance and impermanence.

When I hear the war is going badly for America it lifts my spirits. Any time I hear bad news about the economy, or some new political scandal, or anything that reflects badly on that nation of whores, alcoholics and international arm-twisting pederasts I think to myself, ‘it’s going to be a good day.’

I’m not into fooling myself that America is going to do a turn around. I can’t imagine who would be in charge of that. There’s that nation of “I fucking want it now and I don’t care what it takes.” And some imply that it’s going to turn into the P.R. version we keep hearing about that country; openhearted, generous, competent, brave and whatever else they like to say about themselves as opposed to fat and lazy, greedy and selfish, wasteful and wasted and the like.

America is a department store with a parking lot and housing attached. That’s all it is. It’s a megaphone of sanctimonious religious types with bad hairdo’s running the Elmer Gantry con with one hand in your pocket and the other on your thigh. I don’t ever expect to run into the Jesus they keep screeching about and it’s a sure bet they aren’t going to run into any version of the real Jesus should that be an option.

America is a nation of child-molesters on the make for their children’s school chums. It’s an amusement park of pornography where the most explicit features are associated with things besides sex and where the fucking they are giving is nowhere near as good as the fucking they are getting.

When I think of America I think of United Fruit and all the good little efforts made by America in the hot-lands to the South. I think of Vietnam and napalm and I think of Falujah and napalm too. I think of the scientists at Proctor and Gamble working on new ‘and improved’ Napalmolive Soap. I think of all the weapons industrialists and their cluster fucks with the Defense Department. I think about Iraq and Iran and whomever else is in the crosshairs so that a nation of fat, stupid, willful little (not so little actually) pigs can drive their SUV’s two blocks to the 7/11 for the Big Gulp in the fifty gallon drum.

I think of rapid deterioration and epidemic diabetes. I think about what it’s going to be like when the fabric breaks and bands of rampaging lunatics move through the urban jungles of inbred decadence and luxury junkies in high rises. I think about the complete loss of manners and spatial awareness. I think about how glad I am that I don’t live there any more.

It’s not like America was ever very nice to me when I was there. Every time I opened my mouth and spoke the truth they threw me in jail, or prison or somewhere. If you don’t play the game you need to move under the radar. I was none too bright about those things, then.

I know there are a lot of good people in America. At least, I assume it must be so. Some of my friends live there and they are good people and I’ve observed and heard enough to indicate to me that there is some percentage of decent folk there in the Land of Snakes. Of course there are also a lot of people who are walking backwards into the process of de-evolution and there are a lot of people moving like predators through the metaphorical jungles and the oceans of that land and of course, control of the country is in the hands of some vicious characters who are half-pig, half crocodile and half STD. These characters work for another group of aliens who own corporations and are half-shark, half vampire bat and half shit-eating slug. I’m supposing that this group works for another group whose characteristics I cannot define because you never see them. You just see the wreckage left in their passage.

I’m being truthful here. I’m not sure the truth has been any more helpful or gracious to me than America has and these two things have nothing in common with each other. I guess if you love the truth then you got to take your licks in respect of it. These things don’t need to be said I suppose. I’m not sure why I say them. Maybe it makes me feel good to say them. I’m proud not to be an American. I did leave it because I didn’t love it. I’d rather be a traitor to my country than a traitor to humanity.

Katrina sums up America as it is today. America is a department store with membership privileges that are determined by the quality of one’s membership package. America is the land of “me first, you later, maybe.” America is a land of blood spilling like waterfalls in many parts of the world that aren’t America. America is a nation of gangsters; little gangsters and big gangsters with a gangsta-rap soundtrack. America is a fast food franchise with sick lumpy animals waiting in line for some more hair of the dog that possessed them. America is a bankrupt that sold a non-existent product to a once human population; “oh beautiful for wasted skies for ample waves of pain, for purple mountain travesties above the looted plain.”

I don’t have a country any more and if I did it wouldn’t be America. Guantanamo is an outreach program and it’s going to outreach until it contains the entire continental stretch. I just want you to know that when I hear about something bad happening to America I get as misty eyed as a flag-waving redneck with a frosty Bud in one hand and the other hand on his dick. When I think of America rushing toward judgment and all the fat-faced fat-cats cheering her on and laughing about collateral damage I start to cheer a little myself. Of course I can see what’s happening so I’m cheering for something different than those who assume they are making it happen. But life isn’t something you happen to. Life is something that happens to you.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Big Dogs in the Yard

We are taught when we are children that we should respect authority. We are taught to obey policemen, to listen to religious counsel and to accept the proclamations of government because they are wiser and more informed than we in respect of the needs and necessities of our country. We are taught that in a democracy every citizen has a vote and every vote is counted. We are taught a common morality to insure that a majority will color inside the lines and that the stability of the family unit will remain sacrosanct.

It’s a nice idea. It’s an ideal. We aren’t usually taught the difference between the ideal and the real but that’s something we observe as we go about our lives.

A wise general once said that “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.” What he meant was that in the process of doing business and protecting its citizens a government sometimes has to do certain things to secure the success of these efforts. It can certainly be said that a country is only as good as its leaders; that’s what the rest of the world sees. It can also be said that a country’s leaders are a reflection of its people; “where there is no vision, the people perish” Somebody else said that.

The thing is, in government and in business, the big dogs run the yard. That’s how it is. What that means is that the big dogs take what they want and you get whatever is left. When I was in prison a cagy con once said to me, “Gypsy, there’s three kinds of men in prison. There are the bulls and the foxes and the sheep. The bulls run the joint. The foxes know how to get around the bulls and the sheep... wind up on the hooks.”

There are rules that when followed lead to a smooth operation of government and fair dealing in business. In the larger prison of the world’s parameters one might say that the heads of government and business are the bulls, the lawyers and bureaucrats are the foxes and that the sheep are the people.

I’d like to further expand upon that. Bulls and sheep have very different grazing methods. We know from history that the ranchers responsible for these two types of livestock did not get along. Maybe the livestock didn’t either; if they had the capacity to think about it. I imagine that bulls and pigs might get along better since their mutual interests don’t conflict. I note that in America today there are a great many pigs and a great many sheep. These pigs, which you can see in tight stretch spandex pants, are great admirers of the bulls. There’s something that happens in the way the bulls move that benefit the pigs. Pigs, being pigs, are quick in defense of the bulls because, for a pig, there’s only one important thing; getting as much swill and offal as the belly can contain. Pigs are smarter than sheep. Sheep just want to graze and sheep are often and easily frightened. Pigs don’t frighten.

One thing for sure though, both of them wind up on the hooks.

But we were talking about big dogs and how they run the yard. Most people who were trained to respect authority believe that the big dogs have a right to run the yard. If the yard is well run they might be right. There’s this thing about respecting authority that causes one to see some things and not others. Maybe you see the uniform and not the man. Maybe you hear the words but don’t understand their meaning. It’s quite possible that the power of certain impressions on the human mind has made it very difficult for the little dogs to see that the big dogs are not really dogs and that the yard is no longer a yard but a sty.

For some reason, in America, a great many things appear to be different than they actually are. In a few short years the job market has disappeared. War has become a commonplace. Strife is ubiquitous and one’s former freedom of movement and expression has become tightly circumscribed. It’s getting worse all the time. Somehow the big dogs are now herding the sheep at the behest of the pigs and the bulls are off somewhere out of sight working through proxy’s that appear to be bulls but are actually pigs masquerading as big dogs. It’s confusing isn’t it?

What I wonder is what the sheep are thinking. As the sheep are being herded ever closer together on smaller patches of land; as the pressure grows and the fear increases, what will the sheep do?

Pigs have a reputation and this reputation has come about due to observing their behavior. When you call a person a pig it is because they are exhibiting certain qualities of behavior. Pigs never get enough. One might say that the ruling instinct of a pig’s behavior is appetite. They even look like that.

Just as there are rules of behavior that determine whether a society is successful there are also laws of nature that come into play depending on whether the behavior of the society moves too far toward either extreme. If you shit where you eat certain health conditions come into play. If business ignores the laws of the environment in which they produce their goods then something happens in that environment. If the conditions of life for the people are reduced to a point where pressure impacts on the valves then something has to give.

It’s hard to determine what truth is. A lie is not as hard to spot but a lie seldom remains static. You might say that the truth, whatever it is, doesn’t change but that a lie changes all the time, adapting to the needs of the intentions of the lie. If you keep modifying the lie the conditions of life continue to adapt to it until life itself is nothing but a lie adjusted to the imperatives of the lie.

Certain big dogs have morphed into pigs and this has caused a mutation in a segment of the population of little dogs that has morphed them into pigs. When the big pigs squeal then the little pigs squeal. There aren’t any big sheep. Once pigs take over it’s just a matter of time before everyone winds up on the hooks.

The evidence of corruption and venal intent is so great at the moment that only the truly blind cannot see it. Ordinarily there would be a hue and a cry; a general uproar, but somehow the information is constantly adjusted to give the impression that everything is just fine. This is because a very few pigs control everything that you hear. Everything is not fine. What’s going to happen?

Okay, let’s move away from all the allegory and metaphor and let’s look at what surrounds us. Let’s look at business and government. Let’s observe the pornographic interplay of these sweat hogs upon the bridal bed of life. Let’s observe the pimping of the youth. Let’s look at bloody war for gain and the unsettling of the entire world for the benefit of these wallowing swine. Let’s look at their plans for the future. No, it doesn’t look good for the sheep.

All across the world governments and their peoples are lining up at the entrance to the Judas Gate. They think the circus is in town. How did it get like this? Maybe while eternal vigilance was the price of liberty somebody fell asleep at the switch. It’s like the aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner; packed with heavy food and drink the nation fell asleep in their armchairs in front of the TV. Now the house is burning down. Perhaps the smell of mutton and pork will awaken them. Perhaps they will think it is time to eat again.

You have been warned. All too few Jeremiahs are crying from the hilltops but there are some. Either you think them mad or fear the association. Maybe you think you’ll wake up and the bad dream brought on by the bad food and too much drink will pass. I guess it was enough for you to get your little piece while the big dogs got their bigger piece. I guess you thought the system was good. Maybe you thought that authority was in place to ensure your future dinner table rights. You’ve turned into a nation of pigs and frightened sheep. Don’t be surprised when you wind up turning on a spit in the aftermath. This is probably just another way of bringing home the bacon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

How Bad is it Going to Get?

You’ve heard the phrases; “There’s one born every minute.” “You’ll never go broke underestimating the taste of the American Middle Class.” “You can fool some of the people some of the time.” and so on. It’s painful for me to watch it but I’m going to have to get over that because there isn’t anything I can do about it. Maybe bad shit happening is a natural condition of life. If so, that’s not the real tragedy. The real tragedy is that the general population never seems to learn anything from it. The even greater tragedy is that they keep getting fooled by the same things they saw last time.

I have a condition of mind that is apparently not shared by most of the rest of the people on the planet. Since it is at such a sharp variance with the way most people view existence it might well be considered a mental illness; after all, it diverges from the norm and... that’s how we define mental illness isn’t it? Of course, this is simplistic but trust me, we are dealing with some simple minds and techniques here. I have this annoying habit of questioning appearances and events.

As I have pointed out many times at my other site, Visible Origami, there are two forces constantly at work in the phenomenal universe. One of these forces seeks to enslave the human mind and profit from the confusion of its actions. The other force seeks to liberate the human mind from the first force. The interplay between these forces determines our circumstances in the moment. How we respond to them is evidence of which one we support. Of course, the first force always presents itself as the second force. It is an unfortunate condition of the ordinary mind to believe what it is told. Perhaps later, when they are hung on the hooks like butchered sheep they have some moments to reflect. We’ve all heard the phrase, “too little, too late.” also.

Most people have never heard of Prince Bernhard. He founded The Bilderberger organization

Who's in Bildergerger?


Just a little more

I’m not going to go into what this organization stands for. You can find this out on your own. Donald Rumsfield is a member, as is David Rockefeller and a number of other beautiful human beings who think you, yeah, ‘you’, are a beast of the field. Prince Bernhard has moved on. He left this vale of tears just last year. He came from the Netherlands; right up there near Denmark. It’s also called Holland.

Bilderberger is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. It’s basically a group of industrialists, politicians and elite movers and shakers who want to run the world. You might say it’s a group of the same who ‘do’ run the world. They use a lot of different methods to do this. They use economic and political force and sometimes just plain force but it’s always wrapped in a definition that presents itself as something else and it’s always for your own good. Like The Netherlands being Holland, it can call itself something else for the purpose of its agenda.

What’s that got to do with Denmark and these Islamic cartoons? Well, as you’ve heard, “the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone and the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone.”

The thing that always fascinates me is how people never draw the connection between something that happens at a distance on their television and the conditions of their own life. I’m even more fascinated that people can’t see what’s actually going on and instead are content to accept what they are told.

I’m just going to say some things here because I’ve got as much right to declare something to be true as the next man has. Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black and Rees-Mogg and the rest of the fat flies in the toilet bowl at the end of the world can say just about anything they want. They can lie and pander and present anything they like and you will swallow it. These men and the men they work for are all part of the club and unless you are really stupid; and in most cases that can be assumed, you know that they manufacture events and then they report on the meaning of the events and presto! That’s the way it is.

It’s no accident that those cartoons showed up in the newspapers and it is no mystery why. It’s also pretty much a given that the outrage that has been sparked by these cartoons is a brush fire set by these men in order to give a particular urgency to the manufactured perception of imminent danger from Iran.

IRAN IS NOT BUILDING A NUCLEAR WEAPON. That’s understood. Might they? That’s not the point. I might stab you with my butter knife at the breakfast table. Does that mean I should never be allowed to use anything but a spoon?

The real danger from Iran is the oil bourse that they are putting into play in March. They are leaving the bankrupt dollar and moving to the Euro. This will crash the American market. There is no more to say about it than that. That’s it.

Is it possible that Iran provides some assistance to the Iraqi insurgents? Yeah, so what? It’s a fact that the American fascists invaded a sovereign nation with no justification; a nation that borders Iran. It’s a fact that the Zionist interests which control America engineered this. It’s also a fact that Israel hates Iran no less than Iran hates Israel. It’s a fact that all of this hate and violence come out of the treatment of the Palestinian people at the hands of their oppressors. Could Israel and its puppet end the problems of the Middle East in a heartbeat? Absolutely. But that runs contrary to their hegemonic interests and it fucks with their control of the world and it fucks with the interests of Bilderberger which controls them. Somewhere in a small exclusive back room are a few men who control Bilderberger but I’m not going to visit that right now.

They intend to bomb Iran and visit some grief upon Lebanon and Syria while they are at it. They hope to change the geo-political face of the world in a very short period of time, maintain the status quo and gain control of the world’s oil. This is going to happen in March or early summer. Will it work out that way? There’s Russia and China to consider and so it’s going to be interesting to say the least. Of course, the men behind the men are in Russia and China too, so; who knows?

This cartoon issue is a manufactured event to present the face of Islam as a band of rampaging savages. That is the purpose of that. Rumsfield’s saber-rattling in Germany with Thatcher-clone Smirkel is syncopation to it; a pas de deux. All over the place events are bobbing up and down like rotten apples for the sole purpose of presenting a tableau. Rupert’s News Corp has been busy keeping the cartoons in the public eye while agitators flog the crowds into scary photo-ops.

Major kudos to Iran for holding a Holocaust cartoon contest; in spite of the grim aspect to coming events I had to laugh. “tit for tat” as the saying goes. Now, I’m not a Muslim and I’m not a Zionista. I’m not anything at all really. I’m just some guy who’s not fooled by the shell game. I believe in a higher destiny for the human race and a nobler purpose to life that we’ve seen far too little of for far too long.

The world is mass insanity; it’s always on the verge. A push here... a pull there... apply some pressure, whip up the fear. It certainly does seem like Europe would be the place for the next big terror attack. But wherever it hits it's pretty clear that they need one. Given the general capacity of people to believe appearances without looking past them, it sure would help the cause wouldn’t it? The American public is already in line and they’ve got the camps set up for those who disagree. Yeah, it’s just about time for one more nudge at the dominos.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The Anti-Semitic Club and the Dead Children

It really does appear that no one else has ever suffered or been put upon. It appears that what happened in Cambodia and Rwanda and Russia and Uganda and Armenia and and and wherever whatever didn't happen and people didn't suffer except for the only people who ever suffered well, I hope you know what I mean. If you criticize the only people who ever suffered you are turned into a pariah. If you question anything you can be thrown into jail. If your profession relies somewhat on reputation and the good will of those who may enjoy what you produce you can be destroyed. You can be destroyed not for actually having done anything and often not for having said anything. You can be destroyed just for asking why. When facts given don't match facts observable and you are puzzled you can be told, "Who are you going to believe? Me? ...or your lying eyes?" and furthermore you are told, "Shut the fuck up and watch your ass you filthy anti-semitic."

The biggest holocaust of the last milennium is 'slavery'. The numbers are the greatest. The length of time dwarfs all others so the extent of suffering does as well. Further, the conditions that it spawned remain with us today. Nothing that has happened is in the same league with this. Our duty as human beings is to work to prevent present and future events, not to wring every last bloody nickel from the past.

How did this term ever gain such a currency? How did this weapon, wielded at random and often upon whim; wielded the way those chosen for the inquistion were often chosen, for the same reasons that witches were often burned... because some one just didn't like them; something they said or did.... how did this become so much more dangerous that a bullet? When did the pursuit of truth become akin to the act of child molestation? And if you were to ask how is it that anyone could have this much power you are told that that is a lie and a slander on your part. It appears we must move through this life with our heads bowed before those who have no qualm about letting us know they are better and more important and more precious in the eyes of God than we will ever be. It appears that we might better spend our time less upon the concerns of material justice than upon something pedestrian and safe.

I'm not going to explore this because it isn't even the issue of this piece. Certainly it has a part in it but I wouldn't actually ever allude to or infer something that my lying eyes and filthy mind somehow constructed out of concrete evidence. And anyway... one could go on and on and on about it.

Any fool with the ability to read knows that the Iraqi War was initiated at the behest of pressure from Israel. The chief architects and promoters are all directly connected to her. Anyone reading today's papers knows that the biggest lobby for the coming assault on Iraq is Israel. And anyone anywhere near a TV knows that nearly all of the corruption affecting the American Congress is by provable trails connected to Israel or her bagmen or her agents abroad; whether it be Abramoff or AIPAC. Anyone who has even casually studied 9/11 can see the connection between Mossad and the attacks. The deeper you go the stronger the connections and don't get me started on Odigo or the thousands of inter-locking bits of data that all point in the same direction. But of course, none of this is true and I want to go on record as never having said any of it.

When Paul Wolfowitz was asked about the term 'neo-con' he said, "it's anti-semitic".

I need to point out at this juncture that I never wrote this piece and you are not reading it. Everything that you don't read after this is not actually written here. I don't exist and neither do any of the things that I didn't say.

Everyone knows that if the Palestinian Apartheid situation did not exist there would be no reason for 90% of the things that happen it the Mid-East and upon which all of the present madness is based by connection one way or another. Everyone knows that Israel was the biggest supporter and assistant to the South African Apartheid State... or maybe they don't. I don't know that and it can't be true even if it is. Once, not really knowing much about a lot of what I now don't know I was at a nasty little forum site on an internet far away and someone posted a list of all of the owners and operators of the MEDIA. He pointed out that it was largely run by Jews; meaning also controlled by. He set off a shitstorm. I didn't know if this was true and I didn't really care. But I was curious why he couldn't say this if it was true. So I asked this question, "Is there something wrong with someone asking a question? Is this true or isn't it? If it isn't, wouldn't it be useful to prove it out? And if it is, is there anything wrong with pointing it out? Well, my shitstorm was even bigger. I was stunned. But the good thing is that none of this ever happened and since I haven't written any of this I don't have anything to worry about.

This brings me to my point. During the Israeli-Palestinian romance, 200 children have been shot for throwing stones. They are killed because- so they say- Palestinian gunmen use them for shields but so far no international observers or reporters have spotted this. Asma al-Moghraia, age 14, went up on her roof to gather laundry and got a bullet from a sniper who must have been bored or pissed at his wife because there doesn't seem to be any other reason (and then he shot her little brother too). Iman al-Hams, a nine year old girl, was wandering around some 200 feet from an IDF outpost and, I guess she looked suspicious so they shot her and she ran and an Army Commander went after her and unloaded a clip into her young body. This is called, "confirming the kill.". There are many, many, many, many stories like this. The horrible things happening in Palestine beggar belief. In Gaza, half the people are under 16 years old. Just yesterday or the day before they blew away another little girl. They say her stomach was exploded from where the bullets hit. These IDF guys thought she might suddenly leap a hundred yards from where she was wandering around and blow them up. What I then wonder is... did the price of megaphones and sirens and warning shots and whatever other solutions there might have been... did the price of them go up so high that they can't use them? Are all the other options besides the outright slaughter of children just too unsafe or not cost effective? Because you see, here I am asking a question that my occasionally rational mind wonders about and I just don't get it. I know there has to be something I'm missing because otherwise I am anti-semitic. What's even more confusing is if you take all of this behavior and I'll give you just one link with links up the non-existant wazoo

About as clear as it gets

and you factor it in with every other thing that hasn't been mentioned in this piece that wasn't written that you aren't reading... well, that's scary and it's a good thing I'm not trying to put that together.

Oh, I know there's more to it. I know that both sides hate each other. But the thing is, it's like 9 year olds with rocks going up against fully armed SWAT teams and the 9 year olds have their reasons and the guys with the SWAT teams could very quickly do something about those reasons and ensure a lot more peace than you have but... for some reason they don't want to do this and that has something to do with the theme of Zionism which, correct me if I'm wrong; the founder, Theodor Herzl said that anti-semitism should be used as a club at any and all times to ensure that the needs of Zionism should be met. He said it didn't matter if it was true or not or relevant or not as long as it advanced the cause. If it were verbatim it would be in quotes; but what does it matter? I didn't say any of this and neither did he.

I don't know, maybe the whole thing is a lot more complicated than I get. The part that isn't complicated is the ongoing murder of children; not as a result of collateral damage or bad lighting but what seems to be target practice and a contempt for life. Well, it's hard to imagine having more contempt than what it takes to zone in on children who arent' even throwing rocks but who might be making dirty laundry bombs or something. I hope you'll read that link I didn't put here in this piece you aren't reading. Now, using kids for target practice is bad enough but when there is an ongoing systematic slaughter of people in various locations all based on the idea that some rag-tag bunch of former goatherding mountain dwellers is about to take over the world when, it appears, somebody already did that well... and further... when the trend of events seems determined to plunge the whole world into disorder and war and when most of what is taking place is based on False Flag operations and strangely appearing video tapes of people who are dead and passports that fall out of the sky while Air Traffic Controller tapes are chopped up and distributed into different waste containers then I just have to ask you... doesn't this all seem unnecessary and absurb? Doesn't it seem insane?

Well, we know by now in this piece I never wrote that I am not only a filthy anti-semitic but that I am delusional too and it's a good thing for you that this piece you aren't reading never got written because otherwise you would be more than a tad suspect for reading it and in this world that doesn't exist, that I fabricated, the next step is that you are going to be in a whole lot of trouble just for reading it, never mind about me. I don't exist.

"For Asma al-Moghraia"

the cross-hairs fix
across the rooftops
wind from the south-
....five knots
and leading
across the space where birds
have flown
but now
in the hunter's eye
the young girl's form
in laughing dance
arms gathering the laundry

she dreams
and surely she must hope

as finger tightens
upon trigger...

when it came
the explosion was
of such a force that
he came too

like Romeo's ghost upon
the imagination's palanquin of night

the bearers of the darkness
they toiled
underneath the thrust
of bullet and finger touching
the silenced heart
blood like a fountain
sprayed upon the sheets...
....some secret code
...that she read as
she fell dying to the roof

his Rachel Corrie moment come
round at last.

Thank you for not having read this. I forgot to forget to add that just about NEVER is any punitive action taken against these killers. They are routinely exonerated. Can you imagine any country in the world where you can use children for target practice... not once... but over and over and... nothing gets said about it? How come it never shows up in the news as a shocking event, condemned and deplored? See, I'm still scratching my head and I don't want to think what my logical mind might come up with. And since the link I gave was over a year old it always helps to update with recent observations. Here by the same blogger Lawrence_of_Cyberia

signed, Nobody from Nowhere.