Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Star-Spangled Double Wide White Trash Heaven

When I hear about the bad things happening to American competitors in the Olympics it makes me glad. Any time I hear bad news about America it makes me feel better. I routinely without thinking root against them no matter what is taking place and I support the opposition, almost regardless of their intentions whenever it comes down to America and anybody else. And I am, or I was born, an American.

I want America broken and humbled. I want America to taste what they’ve been dishing out for so many years. I don’t need to hear about World War One and World War Two and what heroes we were. I’ve got my own take on those conflicts as well. I’m one of those people that study events; I don’t just swallow the common line. I don’t wave flags and I hate marching bands; any marching bands... but most especially those playing Onward Christian Soldiers. Christian soldiers are demons in self righteous permanent press. Of course they are hypocrites and murderers too but I haven’t the space at the moment to list all the fine qualities of the Christian soldiers.

When I think of America I think of the Native Americans and the railroad labor and slavery and the fat cats with the cigars that were always popping up on Marxist posters. I’m no Marxist though. I suppose I’m a Libertarian Socialist if such a thing could exist. Mostly I’m for the fulfillment of the power of cosmic justice and I include myself among the recipients for better or for worse- all things (actually) being equal as regards their irrelevance and impermanence.

When I hear the war is going badly for America it lifts my spirits. Any time I hear bad news about the economy, or some new political scandal, or anything that reflects badly on that nation of whores, alcoholics and international arm-twisting pederasts I think to myself, ‘it’s going to be a good day.’

I’m not into fooling myself that America is going to do a turn around. I can’t imagine who would be in charge of that. There’s that nation of “I fucking want it now and I don’t care what it takes.” And some imply that it’s going to turn into the P.R. version we keep hearing about that country; openhearted, generous, competent, brave and whatever else they like to say about themselves as opposed to fat and lazy, greedy and selfish, wasteful and wasted and the like.

America is a department store with a parking lot and housing attached. That’s all it is. It’s a megaphone of sanctimonious religious types with bad hairdo’s running the Elmer Gantry con with one hand in your pocket and the other on your thigh. I don’t ever expect to run into the Jesus they keep screeching about and it’s a sure bet they aren’t going to run into any version of the real Jesus should that be an option.

America is a nation of child-molesters on the make for their children’s school chums. It’s an amusement park of pornography where the most explicit features are associated with things besides sex and where the fucking they are giving is nowhere near as good as the fucking they are getting.

When I think of America I think of United Fruit and all the good little efforts made by America in the hot-lands to the South. I think of Vietnam and napalm and I think of Falujah and napalm too. I think of the scientists at Proctor and Gamble working on new ‘and improved’ Napalmolive Soap. I think of all the weapons industrialists and their cluster fucks with the Defense Department. I think about Iraq and Iran and whomever else is in the crosshairs so that a nation of fat, stupid, willful little (not so little actually) pigs can drive their SUV’s two blocks to the 7/11 for the Big Gulp in the fifty gallon drum.

I think of rapid deterioration and epidemic diabetes. I think about what it’s going to be like when the fabric breaks and bands of rampaging lunatics move through the urban jungles of inbred decadence and luxury junkies in high rises. I think about the complete loss of manners and spatial awareness. I think about how glad I am that I don’t live there any more.

It’s not like America was ever very nice to me when I was there. Every time I opened my mouth and spoke the truth they threw me in jail, or prison or somewhere. If you don’t play the game you need to move under the radar. I was none too bright about those things, then.

I know there are a lot of good people in America. At least, I assume it must be so. Some of my friends live there and they are good people and I’ve observed and heard enough to indicate to me that there is some percentage of decent folk there in the Land of Snakes. Of course there are also a lot of people who are walking backwards into the process of de-evolution and there are a lot of people moving like predators through the metaphorical jungles and the oceans of that land and of course, control of the country is in the hands of some vicious characters who are half-pig, half crocodile and half STD. These characters work for another group of aliens who own corporations and are half-shark, half vampire bat and half shit-eating slug. I’m supposing that this group works for another group whose characteristics I cannot define because you never see them. You just see the wreckage left in their passage.

I’m being truthful here. I’m not sure the truth has been any more helpful or gracious to me than America has and these two things have nothing in common with each other. I guess if you love the truth then you got to take your licks in respect of it. These things don’t need to be said I suppose. I’m not sure why I say them. Maybe it makes me feel good to say them. I’m proud not to be an American. I did leave it because I didn’t love it. I’d rather be a traitor to my country than a traitor to humanity.

Katrina sums up America as it is today. America is a department store with membership privileges that are determined by the quality of one’s membership package. America is the land of “me first, you later, maybe.” America is a land of blood spilling like waterfalls in many parts of the world that aren’t America. America is a nation of gangsters; little gangsters and big gangsters with a gangsta-rap soundtrack. America is a fast food franchise with sick lumpy animals waiting in line for some more hair of the dog that possessed them. America is a bankrupt that sold a non-existent product to a once human population; “oh beautiful for wasted skies for ample waves of pain, for purple mountain travesties above the looted plain.”

I don’t have a country any more and if I did it wouldn’t be America. Guantanamo is an outreach program and it’s going to outreach until it contains the entire continental stretch. I just want you to know that when I hear about something bad happening to America I get as misty eyed as a flag-waving redneck with a frosty Bud in one hand and the other hand on his dick. When I think of America rushing toward judgment and all the fat-faced fat-cats cheering her on and laughing about collateral damage I start to cheer a little myself. Of course I can see what’s happening so I’m cheering for something different than those who assume they are making it happen. But life isn’t something you happen to. Life is something that happens to you.

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Anonymous said...

Americans are so near-sighted that they don't even realize what "America" has become to the rest of the world. They think that everyone admires them for their wealth and ingenuity when, in fact, they've become a veritable clone of the WWII Nazis that sought to dominate the world.....just as *they* do now. I often think of young American soldiers, the lifeblood draining out of them, thinking about "the flag" in their last moments. How tragic it all is, them, imagining that they're giving their lives in some noble cause to free the world from oppression and to protect their nation from terror. Does it occur to them, in those last seconds, that they have been a cog in the largest "oppression" machine on the planet? Do they ever realize that their fear and cultural ignorance made them the epitome of "terror" to innocent victims of the American war machine, a mechanism that trained him/her to despise the people he/she was ostensibly "freeing", that the war cheerleaders (who are "too busy" to ever join up) had filled his/her head with such racist horseshit that the country being ransacked was peopled by what he/she was taught to regard as nothing more than "ragheads"? Before that it was "gooks", remember? This is done intentionally, to make it easier to splatter the skulls of entire families, so that one could walk away from a bisected five year old, muttering "insurgent...". Soon, the world will fight to destroy America in the same way that it fought to destroy the Nazis. The parallels are identical. They are the same type of menacing force that is devoid of good intention. The same self-righteousness, the same belligerent nationalism, the same theocratic racist motivations. American citizens are the virtual twin of pre-WWII Germans, ignorant and angry, looking for someone to pin the failure of their lives on.

One can understand why you feel the way you do, les Visible, you'd clearly be a patriot of America if it was the country it imagines itself to be. Unfortunately, for all of us, it isn't. "America" is a fraud, an imagined thing that cloaks it's horrors in a dream of idealism. The whole world wanted the dream to be real but the dream, apparently, is one that can only be lived by angels...humans are poorly equipped to adhere to a noble life. It's time that we all realize that Americans are like little children playing with a loaded handgun. They have to be disarmed for the sake of all.

Anonymous said...

USA, in the past, has done a very good job at selling itself to the rest of the gullible world.
Don't forget Visible, we are one, but we are many, that applies to the world as well ... any one of us is capable, given the circumstances.
My take on all of this, for a very long time, and not all agree but each of us has in us the capacity to be a Pol Pot or a Mao ... pick a tyrant. Any one of us also has the capacity to NOT be one of those tyrants as well. All part of the human condition - whatever that may be.
It's up to the ordinary world citizen to put a stop to this nonsense. And we'll find a way; it's just that not enough of us have woken up yet. You are doing your bit to help that awakening. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't belong to any country. And I feel the same. amj

Anonymous said...

fucking brilliant! Huzzah!!! Huzzah! I'm going to dance in the ruins when the thing comes down.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I completely agree. I spent my childhood in 'America', and I always felt a little of what I hear you are saying now, that I was in an alien place detached from the rest of the world.

No one else seemed to notice then, times were generally good, and the cocoon of eagerly believed lies kept the reality of the world away. Now that times are not so good the rest of the world increasingly matters, and the lies are getting tattered. Soon you will know how your victims felt and what it means to be devoured alive.

The slugs that sit atop you and have guided you to this place (with the full knowledge and acceptance of the American people no doubt) are ready to ditch the decaying colossus. Who will give them refuge this time? There is always the divinely promised, eternal home.

Anonymous said...

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between."
Oscar Wilde

Justoffal said...

Oh my God! Now you have gone and done it. This is a landmark Article do you realize that?

It could easily sell to Newsweek or Time.

Your focus has taken off, my premonitions of something big for you have come to did the right thing leaving Beelzebub's little net hotel and concentrating on your own writing
because you are now putting out cutting edge literary art!!!

How did I put it now??..ahh yes

Quasar-pulsar level of functionality! Yes that was it!

Graffitus Maximus Impaticus!!!



Anonymous said...

I can't believe what you wrote. You must be my twin brother because we think exactly alike. I thought I was the only person in the world that thought exactly the way you just described it. It makes me feel good to know that at least one person in this world thinks as I do. Bill

Anonymous said...

"Les Visible" is too pessimistic, by a little ("Star-Spangled Double..."). I think the basic cultural reference, New Testament (NT), should merely be applied more seriously for its ingenious CONSPIRACY THEORY.

NT should be taken as literature and history, and be applied in simplest reason and analysis. So there's the banking oligarchic conspiracy in form of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam. Is this counterfeiting fraud-conspiracy a problem to the cultural cycle?--I submit it is slightly, certainly a manifestation.

For not only did US become mammon empire; a bunch of outright and absolute murdering, traitorous criminals now run it like a Criminal enterprise--which was actual substance of a famous lawsuit filed against Pres. Clinton.

For after all, we've known about Orwell's 1984 and "perpetual war for perp. peace"? And how about Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West"?--are there such things as historical cycles? So if there's a problem we must heed to cause. Thus we must suspect the culture is degenerate in form of rule-of-law or not. We currently have the "not," the Spenglerian "decline" which Greeks would have noted as truly Tragic, deterministically, hence CYCLICALLY, according to Spengler (also Hegelian "dialectic" can be applied). For the (Present) Orwellian empire is built upon a basic fraud, the Fed counterfeiting conspiracy. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) then is what serves this fraud. (Ck

The CFR people then control the "Jews-media" which is the opium for the mammon-addiction of such as the "elders" and "Judeo-Christians" who serve MAMMON so well, so much, even to extent of breathing in poisonous uranium dust.

I offer u then the vision of the great emperor and saint, Constantine the Great, who transformed things in early 4th century AD: THESE FRAUDULENT BANKERS WERE THEN DECISIVELY DEFEATED AND FLED IN TERROR. And that's why, for example, the CFR is so terrified of real Christianity, attempting to mislead the people by means of subsidizing the "Judeo Christians" led nominally by such as Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, et al., highly "produced," hyped, bally-hooed, publicized, etc. by the Jews-media. "Terror-events," like 9-11, are then staged like the old Roman Circus spectacles to further intimidate the people. See David Ray Griffin's "Why the Official Accounts CANNOT Be True." (googlesearch.)

CONCLUSION: Perhaps then after these "fractional-reserve" frauds and conspirators are removed, necessarily by force, the real Western objectivity and rule-of-law might be replaced at the beginning of a new historical style, the West's resurgence, emulating the success of Saint Constantine. Then Pres. Bush, the fascist, traitor, and criminal, will learn he's subject to rule of Law as Spengler predicts. There will need to be practical measures taken, like for example, reversion of US Senate elections to state legislatures as in original Constitution. Honest elections and Death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Visible ........ Now stop that!
Or we'll send you to bed without your tea.

Anonymous said...

Were you reading my mind?

Anonymous said...

Bzzzssslaaap! Zzzzwwwaaap! Damn!
Now someone is using their tin foil hat again .... aren't they?

Anonymous said...


I agree with almost everything you have written.

But I have something for you to consider.

Has it ever occurred to you that many individuals who share your sentiments, who cannot afford speculative housing, choose to live in DoubleWides?

My wife and I just bought a "doublewide" in Oregon because it is situated upon a piece of exquisite land. Sure, we would like to build a framed home when we can afford it.

The point of this reply is obvious.

Keep up the good work

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I just finish telling my son about your article.....because i feel just the same way......DOWN AMERICA...

Anonymous said...

"Adnihilo" at 8:46PM: u overlook (to say the least) my analysis, though I forgot to include a good source-reference,, which analyzes the phony "Christian" nature of Bush's backers, the "Judeo-Christians" (an oxymoron, actually). U also overlook the glaring and overwhelming Judaic presence, exploiting Orwellian "perpetual war..." esp. in "banking," which operates behind mammon and its heresies: (a) Pelagian, (b)that Christianity is not properly anti-semitic; (c) that racism is bad (it's actually virtue). The Jew mentality of subjectivism dominates--like the Judaic, the overwhelmingly zionist "neo-cons," and Israel. Bush comes fm "Skull and Bones at Yale U., and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Again see

Your "fictional" "faith" mentality, quite incisive, is actually foreign to the real Christian objectivity (Aristotle) of Saint Constantine, much more native to Judaic (Platonic), unquestionably, surely. Thanks for ur comments. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with you. Why? Because to me, the US government and the American people are two very different entities. True, we are taught that they are one and the same but this is just the first spoonful of all the rest of the bullshit they feed us all our lives.

They tell us we are FREE but the truth is that the only "freedom" we have left is the so-called "freedom to vote." Unfortunately, we no longer have the freedom to count the votes. That is done for us by a machine built by, purchased by and programmed by the people who are currently in power.

When an American soldier is killed in Iraq I do not find it a cause to rejoice. Neither do I rejoice when I hear of some innocent person being killed at a roadblock by a US soldier. I grieve for both and I sorrow for their families. Forty per cent of US soldiers in Iraq are reservists or National Guardsmen who were trained to deal with floods and other natural disasters - not kill people. They are just guys who thought of being in the Guard as a weekend job. They had no idea we would get a maniac for a "commander in chief" who would declare war on a tactic (terrorism.)

In any case, I'll shut up. I can see most of you guys have your minds made up anyway. Just remember, the gang of thugs who run this country should not be confused with the people who have to live here and have little or no choice about it.

-- gar

Anonymous said...

"Anon at 10:04 PM," I much see with u eye to eye, good comrade. By golly, but that "adnihilo" is sure ruthless isn't she?--so quick to condemn Christians. She has good analysis psychologically, But Christianity is Hegelian antithesis to Judaic Talmudic, no? "Adnihilo" hence needs merely adjust analysis to objective/Christian versus subjective/Talmudic, I say. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Les, if the people of the world had your insight and ability to see things clearly we wouldn't need to worry about a biblical joyous afterlife. Thinking of all the Southern accents that have come and gone in the WhiteHouse , I can't help but compare the smiling, back slapping good'ol boy's, like those portrayed in the movie Mississippi burning and those in office doing the exact same thing with the Government of today. And if most of the nerds running the show in Washington ever found themselves in a prison cell and starring down a dog's throat, they'd probably curl up in a fetal postion and rock faster then Bill Clinton could sort through his sex discount charge cards.

litbadass said...

Excellent article. You hit it right on the nose. Of course, "Homeland Security" might as well be honing in and listening to this crap but who cares? Let them hear what needs to be said about their country.

As a writer and intellectual, I have made(like other Americans with brains)the cardinal mistake of thinking that whatever it is that I write is somehow going to change the way Americans think about the world. But deep down I realize that that's bullshit. This article(ideally) should be read by everyone in Yankistan, but I'm afraid that Yankistanis are simply too self-absorbed, too caught up in their old-timey God-fearing nigger-hating Arab-bating fag-bashing spic-trashing attitudes. Yankistanis are the last lingering vestige of European Teutonic barbarism, filtered through a twenty-first century sensibility, no doubt. Give them half the chance, and they would immediately revert back to the days of the Antebellm South, forcing blacks to pick cotton again(if they can't fry them in death camps), and using Hispanics and Asians, most likely, as the overseers. The Arabs (and intellectuals) they would simply kill outright. If anyone thinks this is an exaggeration, some assholes in the States have already started doing this within the penal system(and of course, what happens in the penal system is what will happen on the streets two decades or less down the road). Look at America's history, both past and present. It speaks for itself. The American fuckers have never been serious about implementing democratic ideals except to cover their own asses, as a smokescreen they can hide behind so the world won't see all those black men they flung into the Mississippi or all those Indians they massacred and plowed under, all those Vietnamese they bombed up or all those Iraqis or Somalis or Haitians or Dominicans or Mexicans or Chinese or God knows who else they've slaughtered in the name of their Five-and-Dime store Jesus. And let's not even look at their popular culture, both past and present, and the loathsome vulgarity, puritanism(mixed with overthetop Nazieqsue sexuality), and abysmal racism and jingoism. Where else, but in the good old USA, would anyone compose a hit tune like "If the Man in the Moon were a Coon" or "Just Wait Till You See My Dick"??

They are irredeemably disgusting, and yes, they are absolutely no better than the Nazi Germans. The same rottenness is found nowadays in every race in that country. Our main goal as humans right now should be to end this "Globalist" dark age that the Yanks have imposed on the planet and regain our collective sanity as humans--by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

Les, if the people of the world had your insight and ability to see things clearly we wouldn't need to worry about a biblical joyous afterlife. Thinking of all the Southern accents that have come and gone in the WhiteHouse , I can't help but compare the smiling, back slapping good'ol boy's, like those portrayed in the movie Mississippi burning and those in office doing the exact same thing with the Government of today. And if most of the nerds running the show in Washington ever found themselves in a prison cell and starring down a dog's throat, they'd probably curl up in a fetal postion and rock faster then Bill Clinton could sort through his sex discount charge cards.

Anonymous said...

wild and fucking brilliant! you speak for so many of us that have left America. I'm in Australia now and I hope far enough out when the bombs rain down. those dirty, dirty bastards in power. May they burn in Hell.

Anthony G.

Anonymous said...

"litbadass" at 10:19PM, what happened to ur brains?--ever hrd of "Judeo-Christianity" (ck by which Jews get Christian suckers to go breath that uranium dust enforcing the empire in Iraq? White Christians are dying simply for Israel and associated conspiracy, as Cindy Sheehan pointed out. Of course there's larger conspiracy, and it involves Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). See

U just emphasize the problem, sucking along with Israel, Jews, and that Judeo-"Sadducean" conspiracy as pointed out in our great literature: New Testament (NT, and its conspiracy theory-analytic-template), ever heard of it, u calling urself "intellectual"? Ck for more of my essays at and Thanks, Apollonian

Anonymous said...

About your column, all I can say is... "Amen, Amen, Amen". Couldn't have said it any better. Gravitas.

Anonymous said...

the American problem stated on an individual level is that there are not good people and bad people, but that good and bad is mixed in everyone. The same can be said about countries. Since you've gotten out -- tell us where is the good place??
I agree with the poster who said not to confuse the American people with America. The country is dysfunctional because of the greed of the people in power and their ability to bring out the worst in some of the rank and file.

Anonymous said...

great article

Anonymous said...

You know, I normally like your articles, since they're normally cogent and reasonable.

But if you really get warm fuzzies in your heart when you hear about human beings getting blown to shit in a war they may hate themselves, you are part of the problem. Humanity is all one, and the problems with this country are problems with the entire world.

There are people who haven't had the opportunity to leave this country, or haven't given up on making some kind of difference yet. When you individuals say that "Americans" are this or that or the other, your eyes are closed too.

Pray for redemption, prepare for reality.

Visible said...

Listen up folks. I hear you all and I thank you that understood the real intentions of what I was trying to say here. Anyone who wants to know what I really feel about things should go to my Visible Origami blog; that's what I believe and that is how I live my life.

This is a place for rants, for anger, for defiance in the face of fascism. This is my middle finger raised to all the vampire overlords and they will silence me when they pry my freedom from the hands of the divine; in other words, NEVER.

Of course I am not happy when any man dies on the battlefield of an evil war. But for all the good men there there are just as many if not more who came out of the movie Jarhead. I was in the military. I grew up on Army bases. I've been in prisons and jails and on the run from the FBI and thrown into the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane where they planned on keeping me forever.

But despite all of that, as John Donne said, "every man's death diminishes me." but I'm angry and I say things and these are some of the things I say. What I say should not always be taken literally. I fucking weep for my country and that is why I write these things. I may not do it very well, nor capture the heart of my true intent. I'm just speaking from my heart when my heart speaks to me.

I wish I could be put in a room with Bush and Cheney, hand to hand I would fight them for the fate of the world. A hideous scum has taken over the mind of the world and is rushing toward a horrifying madness.

Zionism is one of the chief orchestrators of this. Just to say that is to brand me an anti-semite and that's a lie. I'm a touring Singer/Songwriter and a novelist. Does my telling the truth the way I do here help my career? I don't think so. Where is the profit for me in saying these things which I feel must be said? It can only be in some esoteric sense because otherwise it is poison upon my name and my efforts.

Just as I don't hate everyone in Israel or wish it harm the same, in truth, the same applies to America... but when I hear about the IDF gunning down Palestinian girls on rooftops or filling them with bullets to confirm the kill. When I see all the false flag operations. When I see the Mossad dancing on the rooftops in New Jersey when the towers come down and the timed explosions and all the fucking lies I have to speak out or I don't deserve to live. I hold all the voiceless cowards in full contempt. It's the sheep and the willing drones that make it possible for the vampires to manipulate this world. It is time for them to go. Whatever it takes it is time for them to go.

Does my writing something like this make me welcome in America again? Am I pissing my career down the drain just to play Richard Lovelace in my mind? I'm just doing what my heart tells me to do. It's all I can do. I am learning on the way. But I do apologize to those who expected more of me. No doubt you'll get it in some esssay down the road.

Here's a poem for the IDF soldier that murdered the young Palestinian girl who was gathering her laundry on the rooftop. Then he shot her 9 year old brother too.

the cross-hairs fix
across the rooftops
wind from the south-
....five knots
and leading
across the space where birds
have flown
but now
in the eye
the young girls form
moves in laughing dance
arms gathering the laundry
she dreams
and surely she must hope

as finger tightens
upon trigger...

when it came
the explosion was
of such a force that
he came too

like Romeo's ghost upon
the imaginations palanquin of night

the bearers of the darkness
they toiled
underneath the thrust
of bullet and finger touching
the silenced heart
blood like a fountain
sprayed upon the sheets...
....some secret code
...that she read as
she fell dying to the roof

his Rachel Corrie moment come
round at last.

Anonymous said...

I am from french speaking Quebec, Canada, and I have to disagree with your argument. I can walk around here, and find as many idiots making the line for a healthy dose of sugar-salt-grease at the local McDonalds, talking about professional sports events as if they are the pinnacle of society, drink themselves stupid and express colorful racist statements borne of ignorance and hubris.
Luckily, there's America the symbolic, worst of the worst, to help us feel as better people.
I don't admire the current american situation, but do you believe for a second that any other country in the world would be better as an empire? And would the US retire, are you certain a benevolent country like China would come around and treat humanity decently, ushering the new golden age of civilization?
When you travel a bit, you realize America is hated, as an metaphor, not as a reality, and that we can find that humanity at large has been really lacking of late. So I say, let's pack up and go to venus.

Anonymous said...

Thanks "visible" at 11:30PM: So what then about New Testament Conspiracy theory-analytic-template (as in my previous, above, post)? U seem to tend to being a little . . . emotional--but isn't this time for opposite of Talmudic hysterical? I just use a literary analysis, then historical (cyclic). Thanks, Apollonian

Anonymous said...

All of you might want to keep your eyes open for something I've spotted recently. It's a peculiar American flag lapel pin, one that has a big red star superimposed on the "stripe" field. When you spot it, note who's wearing it (big politico types) and ask youself..."what's going on here"?

Anonymous said...

The disclaimer is good les and the poem is just another example of why you are one of the most inspired writers on the planet today. I don't know how much of your other blogs these people have read or even how much of this one. I don't think many of them have heard your music or read your book. I've checked out every single one of them. So I don't think you have to apologize for anything. You speak the truth and no more can be asked of you.

I didn't see anywhere in your article where you said anything about cheering the deaths of American soldiers. This is the typical shit people make up because they know by now that a lot of people just believe everything they read or assume that they missed it but it must have been there because why would the person say it otherwise?

Only a fool doesn't get the real intent of what you meant to say here and it's proof positive that nearly everyone commenting here did get it.

For my money you are the very best there is and the first place I come every day. It's no surprise that you aren't well known, no surprise at all.

My very best to you and the buddhic light you bring to bear through your words. It's pretty ironic that I say this given this particular article.

Anonymous said...

"Bruce" at 12:02AM, Les isn't bad, but he's emotional and too general, too pessimistic about a Spenglerian cultural resurgence of the West, as with a Constantinian Christian cultural revolution. Les avoids specifics too much for a good integration of general-specific. I do much better, don'cha think? Thanks for ur comments, Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Appolonian, I'm getting the feeling you're making a play on one of his screen names which is 'apollonius' and sometimes 'appolonious'. To make the comments you make indicates you haven't read very much of his work. Calling someone too emotional is subjective. Too emotional for what? Too emotional compared to who? Furthermore, does this indicate that you are an unfeeling robot?

I haven't seen your work but I doubt you come close to his simply because I haven't seen anyone who does and I can see by scanning your contributions here that you are dropping a whole lot of names without much cohesion. If you have a style I can't figure out what it is. Reading what you have said here does not encourage me to go find you and using the comments section of another person's blog to advertise your own work doesn't show much in the way of the sort of integrity I find here.

I know Les. I've seen him perform and I've met him in person. I've read everything he's written here and at his other blog. For me he's one of the great writers of his time and can't be understood or judged by a single essay. None of this matters though. I was just pointing something out for the people who may have gotten the idea that he actually hates America or hates anyone. My impression of him is a man with an enormous heart and great courage with a divinely inspired passion to see justice done and the kingdom realized without any of the false mumbo jumbo of organized religions or flawed political systems. He's a Jeremiah of some sort and I've learned more from reading him than I have from everyone else I have ever read all put together. Some people just can't stand him because he makes their bullshit visible. I like him for the same reason because he makes my bullshit disappear. Maybe you should consider this.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Those 911 tunes are the bomb. So you're on the no fly list right? The tune on Kenny Lay made me fall out of my chair. is the greatest site on the internet. Michael Rivero has got a good eye.

harrington said...

China, Russia, India? Who would you rather have be the global hegemonic power? I'd bet my life that in the event of the American collapse most of y'all are waiting on pins and needles for, the people of the world aren't going to collectively decide to put away their guns and live in peace and harmony. Granted, America isn't always in the right, and sure, we've has come down on the wrong side of history on many occasions. But name me another dominant power that hasn't. And aren't the comparisons to Nazi Germany a little premature? The very fact that you can post your opinions on this blog refutes those comparisons (despite the fact that it may result in Dick Cheney hiding under your bed--but hey, that's just Dick being Dick). America may not always be in the right and the decisions of the leaders may be seriously fucked up, but that's no reason to demonize 250 million people. Have you bothered to read the polls? Most of the country doesn't even agree with our foreign policy--myself included. But why let the facts get in the way of a good argument? As an American, I take serious issue with y'all wishing for my country's demise. And what's the deal with Americans rooting against America? Don't you realize that it will fuck you in the ass just as much as the Bible-Belt redneck? We're no more fucked up than the rest of the world--we're just under the microscope. As an American, it's your duty to speak out when you feel that the government isn't doing right. But remember the words of Simon and Garfunkel--"I'd rather be a hammer than a nail."

Anonymous said...

Right before the Berlin wall came down the American press bragged how it was the folks of the US and their proud American values that brought the U.S.S.R. to it's knee's. But it was the Soviet Union's own that put an end to the in fighting. Russian soldiers who weren't paid in months and were tired of friends and family who had no food, no jobs and no life because they we're wasting their years away on very cheap vodka that government provided to keep the masses drunk. The soldiers decided they had enough and left their posts. If Bush can keep slapping you on the back of your heads and then point to some other sucker claiming he did it sending you off on a predictable vengeful rage there will come a day when you will turn around in time to catch him in the act and from what I can tell that's exactly what America's soldiers are witnessing. There comes a time when you get sick of killing other people just to fill some fat brats bank account.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "When I hear the war is going badly for America it lifts my spirits."

Bruce, It's true that this is not strictly identical to hearing that American soldiers were killed. But I was not making shit up to try to pull one over on people; most of the bad news out of warzones, being as they are warzones, involves people dieing. There is tragedy on all sides among the People.

I understand being angry; I am too. And you will never hear me say to bow down to the Masters. However,

"I want America to taste what they’ve been dishing out for so many years."

Maybe just because I am a southern Yankistani redneck from the bible belt, I felt the need to say that no crime deserves a punishment like US has been dishing out, and no one should demonize US because US demonizes others. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind, all that jazz.

"They", the international criminals, do need to go, and it's not going to happen spontaneously. Every murderer should be stopped by whatever means available.

My goal was not to be an enemy.

Anonymous said...

The primary change in western "Christian" capitalistic society came about with the Protestant Reformation. The break was about "Justification." Read Max Webber's (A Lutheran), The Spirit Of Capitalism And The Protestant Ethic. He has a lot to say about this issue. The Protestants (Protesters), with the help of the German princes, wanted to justify the accumulation of wealth by "grace." Luther began it and Calvin assured it. It's true intentions finally presented its "spiritual" front under the flag of the English East India Company along with the Dutch and called it "Free Enterprise." The apologist for the new God, Adam Smith, during "The Enlightenment," offered his "scientific" tome on capitalism without explaining its many paradoxes and contradictions. Like the Old Testament, all the new believers of the "new" religion simply needed to do was to literally interpret Smith's "Capital" as sound economic "justification"or science. See no evil, hear no evil.

The Old Testament, therefore, can even justify a global war on the infidel by the Old Testament Anglo-American Zionist faithful fundamental literalist.

My point in all this is that a twisted "justification", and not religion, is responsible for this primary aggressive policy of the "new and improved" literal justification of destruction of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. John Paul II came out right from the beginning against the Iraqi war during Clinton's administration and when Bush went to Rome to ask for his blessing on Iraq the Pope said he could not give it to him. John Paul II also called the capitalism of the West, "savage capitalism," because of the obsession with greed at the expense and abandonment of the basic human needs of lesser people who can barely care for their families. Pope Benedict XVI has written that Adam Smith's capitalism and Marxism are too deterministic and detrimental systems a posed to the teachings on Catholic social justice. Both fail upon close scientific empirical scrutiny.

Also there is no Judeo Christian tradition! I want to make this perfectly clear. For "Christians," the actual connection to the past is with the Judeo Hellenic Christian tradition. The Jews who were influence by Greek thought were impressed by the new spiritual dynamics brought back to Palestine by Alexander's troops returning from the area now known as India. Concepts like the soul, resurrection and incarnation, etc., would invigorate spiritual study and debate. This is why the "official" language of the Catholic Church is Greek. Latin is only the "traditional" universal language of the Roman Church only because it was the most common language at the time. Greek, today, is still the official language of Catholicism. The Tora Jews rejected Greek influence. So mystery cults began springing up in the deserts valley's of Palestine. The most notable was the Essenian's. The Catholic Church believes the Christ may have known of this cult and its teachings.

While a young man my Protestant friends would say that Catholics were pagans because we based sacramental event's on the mysteries of natural phenomenon, such as the fazes of the moon and the location of the sun during the Liturgical Year. On our calendar we have Ordinary Time and that which is not. The early Church integrated many held pagan beliefs into our own cosmic mysteries. They were not stolen for they were easily accepted by converted pagans as justified metaphor for the mystery behind the event. They were no longer anthropomorphic in nature (i.e., Mithras, the sun god) but a manifestation of a God behind the phenomena. Besides it poetic to link an external event, the shortest darkest day of the year, with the internal "light" of the world. Hope and gratefulness? Ingenious!

I guess the reason for my explaining all this is that the American Christianity that blogers often refer to is not Catholic in nature but many Christian cults that are in anathema from Catholic teachings are really disguised synanarchic organizations, that is, syndicates (gangsters) calling themselves "Christian." Please don't misunderstand my meaning as there are many devout and wonderful Protestants Christians walking in the foot steps of Christ, and therefore, fellow sisters and brothers. I'm talking about the Oral Robert's, Jerry Falwell and company "born again" variety. Oral Robert's is a dimonds best friend. Falwell has access to the man in the White House. That is , Bush's House.

The Catholic Church has it's problems without a doubt, but it is, nonetheless, like all the rest of us, caught up in the event's of our time.

From a Catholic Worker on Bush's subversive list. Also a father, veteran and carpenter.

Anonymous said...

Very well written!!! You have summarized the beliefs of just about everyone in the unrepresented opposition here in America, including myself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting my feelings into words. Americans make me sick. Fat, lazy, spoiled brats that need their sleeping asses kicked but good. You speak for millions.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading in the archives. Excellent reading there. Now I see you have another blog with three times as much material as here. I'll comment as I go along. Thank you for all this fine work very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Boy, give a person a column and they are allow to write anything. It is funny if you hate America why not leave and just stay away.

Anonymous said...

You just summed up my view on America in a very eloquent way.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Boy, give a person a column and they are allow to write anything. It is funny if you hate America why not leave and just stay away."

If you had actually read the article then you would know that he did leave and is staying away. Congratulations on looking stupid and uninformed, it defines you as an example of the people he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

Visible's rant is destable, and if he read his history he would find the same abuses of power committed by other nations. The main problem is that the U.S. is a one-party state, and it's party, the "Republicrats" offers no alternatives. Americans are about the most decent people in the world; I know this for a fact because I have travelled a bit and spent half my life abroad where people absolutely hate us. Their attitude is irreconcilable no matter how hard you try to fit in, so I don't bother anymore.

My advice to those thinking of leaving is to settle in a Blue state and to be thankful that you have the privilege to live there.

Anonymous said...

I did leave it because I didn’t love it. I’d rather be a traitor to my country than a traitor to humanity.

EXACTLY what I always say!


and now... I myself am an immigrant to China! Care to discuss the VAST DIFFERENCE of being an immigrant to another country vs the history of immigrants to meriKKKa? well... thats the piece I am working on!


Anonymous said...

Despicable? What a load of crock! It's just that view that Americans are more decent and all the rest than anyone else that proves his point. I've traveled all over the world too and I did not run into people who hated me. People are people everywhere and Americans are certainly not the best of them. They are wasteful and consider themselves superior to others. I've found myself embarrassed more times than I can count by the behavior I witnessed by Americans in other countries. Americans act like pigs, they're hooked on cheap TV, they eat crap, they're getting fatter than everyone else and more diseases than the rest of the world put together with no health care. I'm in total agreement with the writer of this blog. America is the enemy of freedom and it won't be long before it is an armed camp with everyone who objects behind bars. I'm leaving too just as soon as I can sell my house and the rest of it. I'm going to Thailand where I can live on that for a long time.

Basil Weatherford from the once beautiful state of California

dingo said...

Your essay, sir, is an outrage and scandal. Have you no decency, sir? First, it is a grave stain on the honor of mathematics--a cruel assault on the memory of every wizard of numbers from Euclid through Godel. How under the watchful eye of every responsible numerator and denominator can you cast up the following gibberish?

“another group of aliens who own corporations and are half-shark, half vampire bat and half shit-eating slug.” My friend this sum does not compute. Only a Bush friendly economist or Alan Greenspan (but I repeat myself) could generate phantasmagoric additions of this sort where the parts are somehow greater than the sum. How can we end up with 1 and ½ of a singular and rather unpleasant entity which cannot logically total more than 1?

Second, your outrages to reputation know no civil bounds: “I’ve observed and heard enough to indicate to me that there is some percentage of decent folk there in the Land of Snakes.” This is sheer slander and calumny. I’ve known many an American in my time—and many, many snakes as well. Have you ever seen a snake fry its neighbors’ children in napalm? Have you ever heard a snake babbling about Jesus and Christian love while happily torturing and slaughtering the whole world wide? Have you ever seen a snake on a glazed and gluttonous shopping spree, or despoiling a whole continent, or turning other snakes into slaves, or paving over the planet while cheering on Fox news and jiggling from the sofa?

Perfidious scoundrel, take back this insult to the gentle serpents of the plains, forests, fields, and jungles!

I have my own personal credo encapsulated on a bumper sticker:

The more people I meet, the more I like rattlesnakes.

Other than this, I failed to detect any other obvious errors in your essay.

Anonymous said...

"Bruce" at 12:39AM: Thanks much for all ur comments; I appreciate greatly. My innovation is below (for this entry) and above posted New Testament (NT) Conspiracy theory-analytic-template. (Actually I just strive to bring it to folks' attention.) I think our only chance is a Constantinian Christian cultural revolution (as of 4th century AD) to turn things around. Les utterly misconstrues and misunderstands true Christianity--but hey, so do most people. I admit I'm much like the proverbial "voice fm the wilderness."

Consider the New Testament (NT) as simply literature, no different fm Illiad and Oddysey: it can teach and show us stuff, like about the CONSPIRACY (theory-analytic-template) against Christ and truth. "Players" are the same, "Sadduceans" only slightly different, corresponding nowadays to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, et al. ( does best expose' on CFR.)

Again, think of it (NT) as LITERATURE and simply apply a rational, historical (hence cyclic) analysis. We live in imperialistic times (as Orwell's 1984). The fine point is this: we must not be distracted exclusively upon Jews--for we must treat the "Sadducean" traitors and accomplices too. Getting distracted is what befell Unc' Adolf (Hitler). I like the Bircher's ( analysis best, though they too much de-emphasize the Jews, even endorsing holohoax. Crux to present master conspiracy is the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam. You and Les make it too mysterious, hence difficult.

Ck for more of my essays on (under "commentary") and Thanks, Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, it's bad for your heart to live in sourness and anger.

Anonymous said...

Man what a lot of buttons this article pushes. I'm with the majority here. Amerika and its Zionist masters are a plague on the face of the world. Whenever the merchants and bankers take over Hell on Earth is soon to follow. It's right there in front of you and you can't see it and when that is the case you are in big fucking trouble, big fucking trouble.

Anonymous said...

You have a distinct and unique voice. I hope you don't get into too much trouble.

Anonymous said...

I think people still misunderstand and underestimate "Les Visible's" failure to point out the specific problem(s) of Western culture. Les is too general, vague, emotional--and pessimistic, indulgently so.

Is History cyclic?--is it conspiratorial? I wish Les would be more forthcoming, and he's leaving the job incomplete by not addressing pertinent questions, like mine.

C'mon Les, u're not done yet, answer these questions. Apollonian

Anonymous said...


" I think our only chance is a Constantinian Christian cultural revolution (as of 4th century AD) to turn things around"

That's our *only* chance, is it? Well, they ripped off virtually every aspect of the Mithrian story the first time around....what lies should they be telling now, and why?

We've all lived with (and under) the lies for too long, based all birth, death and life in between on codes that were devised by bloodless, misogynistic, self hating bishops who wanted us all to suffer the way that they suffered, seeking to stamp out every delicious bliss with a greater inner pain. You sound like one who might've read a bit about the middle ages, perhaps a bit too much, perhaps you find the grimness of it clean and straightforward in contrast with the modern allegories you see on every side of you? Well, this screen before you is an illuminated manuscript of sorts, isn't it? Gawd wouldn't allow it to appear before your own sacred eye unless it was truth itself, isn't that right?

What you don't understand is that all of this, from the noises in the background, to your inner fear, to the words appearing before you now like the angel to Mary, all of this is your creation. Don't like it? Change it! Don't wait for Les Visible to deliver answers to you, create your own answers.

We don't need to turn to the 4th century for a remedy to our present ills, we need to slip sideways in time and stop the clock, there to spend an eternity, musing on things a trillion reflections beyond the Bircher's and the Jews. It's there that the dreaming stops and life *really* begins...

Anonymous said...

To "anon 3:26 AM": comrade, u fail miserably, merely venting ur treasonable anti-Christ ignorance. And u give no references for ur ignorance either, esp. regarding "Mithraism" which was actually merely another version of Zorastrian DUALISM, explicitly rejected by the Greeks, the West, and the Christian people.

Christianity, as fm New Testament (NT), first must be understood rationalistically as LITERATURE, this in the classic Greek tradition of Illiad and Oddysey, which NT rendered obsolete, but keeping the valuable parts and building thereon. Thus we can at least understand the present cultural problems for being informed, for making plans by which to take successful action, God willing.

Christianity then, understood according to proper rationalist analysis is Hegelian ANTITHESIS to the Judaic/Talmudic SUBJECTIVISM and "midrash," by which everything is subjectivistically twisted and "interpreted" for the benefit of topmost Judaic criminal masterminds and conspirators, featuring ultimately the fractional-reserve money and banking fraud, presently in form of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam. For ref. on Fed, see Murray Rothbard, "Mystery of Banking," also G.Edward Griffin, "Creature From Jekyll Island." For antithetical nature of NT to Talmud see Gosp. MARK 7:1-8, also Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

Besides "anon," u simply repeat the vague and abstract babbling of Les Visible, for if u're not antisemitic, u're nowhere and without a clue. In typical cowardly fashion u fail to state whether history is determined, cyclic, and/or conspiratorial--SO WHAT GOOD IS UR "ADVICE," comrade?

The whole pt. to this blog, dear comrade of vague and hazy abstractedness, lost in mindless fog of "imagination," is Les Visible's utterly misguided crying, whining, and complaining about "Judeo-Christianity" (JC) which actually is an oxymoron, for they are opposites and antitheses--which is why the Jews so much hate Christianity--did u ever notice? (Ck

But thanks for ur remarks as u demonstrate exactly the problem w. ur idiot, brainless ignorance and blithe ignoring of objective, determinist reality. For if history is to be changed/manipulated by humanity in humanity's favor, it must be understood properly in accord therefore w. (Spenglerian) cyclic nature, hence the CONSPIRATORIAL motif-theme--for which U HAVEN'T EVEN THE SLIGHTEST CLUE, eh?

If Les Visible is to be analyzed rationally he needs to address the points made in this entry of mine as well as earlier posts, this blog. If u can't discuss Les Visible's original piece--and my to-the-point criticisms--what then actually are u doing and/or thinking?--do u have the slightest idea?

CONCLUSION: Finally, the pt. is NT gives us a clear CONSPIRACY THEORY-ANALYTIC-TEMPLATE by which we can be informed to make a plan, and the key then is to strip away the elders and JCs fm the so-far invincible juggernaut of successful Judeo-"Sadducean" conspiratorial masterminds. For further refs., see my above posts this blog, also my essays on (under "commentary") and Thanks for ur attn. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your enlightenment Apollonian I've chucked all of my past knowledge and will now only listen to you. I hope the rest of the world does the same.
ps. I'm going to die tomorrow anyhow

Anonymous said...

R U 2 M-T 2 C? Whatever, Prince (dug U'r new album, by the way).

The NT as literature? No shite? I've seen it as just that for most of my life. *Pure fiction*. Want to face at the truth about u'r favorite archetype? Absorb "James the Brother of Jesus" by Robert Eisenman. You'll hit an inner wall when you see why anything that has "Christ" attached to it is a bold sham, which makes your CONSPIRACY THEORY-ANALYTIC-TEMPLATE a pathetic delusional fantasy (tell us again...who's lost in a fog of "imagination"?).

Perhaps you'll entertain us with a few pages on how Mithraism was >>decidedly rejected<< by those that nevertheless co-opted virtually every aspect of it because they were too lazy to write an original story? Oh, and "anti-Semitism" is a must eh? What have the Arabs ever done to you Slappy? If you'd said "anti-Zion", you'd have a point, but as it is already, you won't have enough time to assemble the truth out of the above before the bell rings (in the form of world-collapse). I'm sure that the proto-hustlers who'll be ransacking your abode for snack food and motor oil will be fascinated by your theories concerning the "invincible juggernaut of successful Judeo-"Sadducean" conspiratorial masterminds". Just remember that their safety's will be off and their irritation could well be expressed in the form of freshly molten rounds flung lightning quick towards your general vicinity, ok?

Just remember (in those last few seconds) that it's all *objective, determinist reality*!!!.

Then get back to me.

Anonymous said...

"Adnihilo," aside fm ignoring my argumentation, u're lacking a conclusion urself, aren't u? "Anon" at 10:21, well, u just "tawking," eh? And actually, u ought to ck my "Judaism Must Be Abolished" essay on (under "commentary"). "Anon" at 10:13, I thank u much, and can u pls send me all ur money?--I'd accept half. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

This blog has a great host, but the reasoning of some of the blogers is why we are as a nation in big shit trouble.

Literalism and narcissism will kill us all! Talk about dumbing down America!

Anonymous said...

Thanks "tiger-eye," just above, but we just gotta leave off with histrionics and be scientific, I'd say: hence things are determined, hence it's no use in getting too emotionally up or down. But inasmuch as we gotta plan to do stuff in accord w. human nature--WE ANTICIPATE SUCH DETERMINISTIC REALITY: hence the cycle theory of Oswald Spengler, "Decline of the West." Anaximander of Miletus (500 BC) also anticipated this Spenglerian-Hegelian system.

The other thing of course is Hegelian "dialectic" and we see what prevails in such Spenglerian "decline...," which is Talmudic subjectivity. (Ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44.)

Thus further, we see history as basically CONSPIRATORIAL, for next precept in our scientific logic applied to history and sociology.

Thus we must "ride out the storm," so to speak as Talmudic parasites eventually kill the host, the disease running its course through the herd of formerly healthy animals in this phase of Spenglerian-type cycle of history.

"Adnihilo" seems to try attempting to apply analysis, but it's too inept, prejudiced, abstract, and vague--she must simply make corrective adjustment. Basic principle is simple: objective (Western) vs. Talmudic subjective, hubristic, collectivistic, narcissist, hysteric, fascist. "Adnihilo" utterly misconstrues history and reality, otherwise. Reason necessarily concludes in determinism, cycles, conspiracy theory (described and analyzed so well in New Testament [NT] literature--not primarily religion).

For only Western moralistic hubris of Immanuel Kant, English Utilitarianism, and German Transcendental Idealism broached the suicidal tolerance-adoption of Judaic subjectivism, collectivism, hystericism, fascism, and insanity, esp. nowadays in form of Fed and consequent Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," "hate-crime," etc., which Jews and "Sadduceans" are trying to sell to American elders and "Judeo-Christian" monstrosities who are actual constituency backing Bush II and "neo-cons," the same Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) exposed so well by Birchers at Fractional-reserve money and banking counterfeiting scam (again, the "Fed") is the specific instrument-engine of fraud, the criminal subversion of the Western cultural achievement, rule-of-law, sanctity-of-contract, etc.

My NT conspiracy theory-analytic-template is invincible, according to pure literary rationalist analysis, not "religious," a demonstrated successful theory which points to the solution, Constantinian Christian cultural revolution for a resurgence in the Spenglerian historical cycle.

Destruction of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam is the necessary catharsis to Spenglerian (and Constantinian) resurgence of the hist. cycle. Hence the large ideal and movement must be "informed" and detailed by means of such nut-and-bolts items as reversion of election of US Senators by state legislatures, according to original Constitutional practice. Note also 16th (income tax) amendment was never ratified (see

The fine point is IT ISN'T ONLY JEWS, don't forget, for Jews couldn't operate without strategic allies, dupes, and lickspittles among the gentile host. "Adnihilo" mistaking these scummy traitors ("Sadduceans" of modern-day, CFR, Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, et al.) as the real essence of Western culture is what is grotesque, and most horribly misinformed.

Hence we can observe and conclude upon the cultural problem and the solution. The trick is to note we don't want to pursue just the Jews by themselves--as that would be diversion, exactly what topmost conspiratorial masterminds (and the Jews too, actually, as they crave the unwarranted attention) want us to do. Primary enemy is Judeo-"Sadduceans," once again, like the CFR; Jews are merely henchmen, for most part, sucking along, used as last resort for decoys while the masterminds make get-away.

CONCLUSION: NT conspiracy theory-analytic-template is thus demonstrated, proven, and informative, genuinely valuable, and substantial--and virtuous intellects as "Adnihilo" (and "Les Visible" for that matter) must come to so acknowledge in order for serious cultural progress to be hoped for in serious manner. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

u r for the most part "sucking along" , a bloated "decoy", blah, blah, blah....

Anonymous said...

Fine, "anon" 9:38AM, I might "suck along" but at least I can spell what is already written for view (which u find so difficult). U know what I care about?--that enough people will read what u and I wrote, and my partisans will be most successful. We've had good effective dialectic, and the trick is (a) rhetoric and (b) info. U give okay rhetoric, but zilch info, so I figure I got u beat fairly well, eh?

U demonstrate how the subjectivist enemy operates, thinks, and expresses--good rhetoric, style, but miserable info.

The Judaic-subjectivistic enemy must abolish the internet--that's how we, the people, anticipate strategically w. simplest logic.

For Jews hate truth, reality, and info--but/and never forget the "Sadducean" of modern-day component, the real "suck-alongs."

Observe how internet is so well-suited to debating Jews and Jew-mentality. Thanks for ur attn. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Apollonian, you can stop your dialectic now (Oh! Oh! Excuse me. I think I want to go to the toilet)
That’s better
As you know, I'm now dead and have plenty of tripe here in heaven - Thank you
By the way (btw) your dialectic works very well – Oh!! excuse me I have to go again.

Anonymous said...

To "t" at 6:50PM: shut up and pay, thou Jew. Internet is ur worst enemy, along w. truth and free expression. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

You are so right! So right!

NOw, guy, let's hear it for the faulking Communist China- we're doing business with. Mainland China that represses Free Sppech and Religion -and which said country whose imprisons dissenters - who are slave workers making cheap products for Targets and Walmarts. An Communist China who has opened 30 gulags - for young people - whose organs are harvested while they're alive.

ANd the Islamic country of Saudia Arabia - that represses and mutilates women's privates. And cut's off hands of "criminals" - and beheads runnaway Princesses.

Dare to denounce these countries also!



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