Tuesday, February 7, 2006

How Bad is it Going to Get?

You’ve heard the phrases; “There’s one born every minute.” “You’ll never go broke underestimating the taste of the American Middle Class.” “You can fool some of the people some of the time.” and so on. It’s painful for me to watch it but I’m going to have to get over that because there isn’t anything I can do about it. Maybe bad shit happening is a natural condition of life. If so, that’s not the real tragedy. The real tragedy is that the general population never seems to learn anything from it. The even greater tragedy is that they keep getting fooled by the same things they saw last time.

I have a condition of mind that is apparently not shared by most of the rest of the people on the planet. Since it is at such a sharp variance with the way most people view existence it might well be considered a mental illness; after all, it diverges from the norm and... that’s how we define mental illness isn’t it? Of course, this is simplistic but trust me, we are dealing with some simple minds and techniques here. I have this annoying habit of questioning appearances and events.

As I have pointed out many times at my other site, Visible Origami, there are two forces constantly at work in the phenomenal universe. One of these forces seeks to enslave the human mind and profit from the confusion of its actions. The other force seeks to liberate the human mind from the first force. The interplay between these forces determines our circumstances in the moment. How we respond to them is evidence of which one we support. Of course, the first force always presents itself as the second force. It is an unfortunate condition of the ordinary mind to believe what it is told. Perhaps later, when they are hung on the hooks like butchered sheep they have some moments to reflect. We’ve all heard the phrase, “too little, too late.” also.

Most people have never heard of Prince Bernhard. He founded The Bilderberger organization

Who's in Bildergerger?


Just a little more

I’m not going to go into what this organization stands for. You can find this out on your own. Donald Rumsfield is a member, as is David Rockefeller and a number of other beautiful human beings who think you, yeah, ‘you’, are a beast of the field. Prince Bernhard has moved on. He left this vale of tears just last year. He came from the Netherlands; right up there near Denmark. It’s also called Holland.

Bilderberger is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. It’s basically a group of industrialists, politicians and elite movers and shakers who want to run the world. You might say it’s a group of the same who ‘do’ run the world. They use a lot of different methods to do this. They use economic and political force and sometimes just plain force but it’s always wrapped in a definition that presents itself as something else and it’s always for your own good. Like The Netherlands being Holland, it can call itself something else for the purpose of its agenda.

What’s that got to do with Denmark and these Islamic cartoons? Well, as you’ve heard, “the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone and the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone.”

The thing that always fascinates me is how people never draw the connection between something that happens at a distance on their television and the conditions of their own life. I’m even more fascinated that people can’t see what’s actually going on and instead are content to accept what they are told.

I’m just going to say some things here because I’ve got as much right to declare something to be true as the next man has. Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black and Rees-Mogg and the rest of the fat flies in the toilet bowl at the end of the world can say just about anything they want. They can lie and pander and present anything they like and you will swallow it. These men and the men they work for are all part of the club and unless you are really stupid; and in most cases that can be assumed, you know that they manufacture events and then they report on the meaning of the events and presto! That’s the way it is.

It’s no accident that those cartoons showed up in the newspapers and it is no mystery why. It’s also pretty much a given that the outrage that has been sparked by these cartoons is a brush fire set by these men in order to give a particular urgency to the manufactured perception of imminent danger from Iran.

IRAN IS NOT BUILDING A NUCLEAR WEAPON. That’s understood. Might they? That’s not the point. I might stab you with my butter knife at the breakfast table. Does that mean I should never be allowed to use anything but a spoon?

The real danger from Iran is the oil bourse that they are putting into play in March. They are leaving the bankrupt dollar and moving to the Euro. This will crash the American market. There is no more to say about it than that. That’s it.

Is it possible that Iran provides some assistance to the Iraqi insurgents? Yeah, so what? It’s a fact that the American fascists invaded a sovereign nation with no justification; a nation that borders Iran. It’s a fact that the Zionist interests which control America engineered this. It’s also a fact that Israel hates Iran no less than Iran hates Israel. It’s a fact that all of this hate and violence come out of the treatment of the Palestinian people at the hands of their oppressors. Could Israel and its puppet end the problems of the Middle East in a heartbeat? Absolutely. But that runs contrary to their hegemonic interests and it fucks with their control of the world and it fucks with the interests of Bilderberger which controls them. Somewhere in a small exclusive back room are a few men who control Bilderberger but I’m not going to visit that right now.

They intend to bomb Iran and visit some grief upon Lebanon and Syria while they are at it. They hope to change the geo-political face of the world in a very short period of time, maintain the status quo and gain control of the world’s oil. This is going to happen in March or early summer. Will it work out that way? There’s Russia and China to consider and so it’s going to be interesting to say the least. Of course, the men behind the men are in Russia and China too, so; who knows?

This cartoon issue is a manufactured event to present the face of Islam as a band of rampaging savages. That is the purpose of that. Rumsfield’s saber-rattling in Germany with Thatcher-clone Smirkel is syncopation to it; a pas de deux. All over the place events are bobbing up and down like rotten apples for the sole purpose of presenting a tableau. Rupert’s News Corp has been busy keeping the cartoons in the public eye while agitators flog the crowds into scary photo-ops.

Major kudos to Iran for holding a Holocaust cartoon contest; in spite of the grim aspect to coming events I had to laugh. “tit for tat” as the saying goes. Now, I’m not a Muslim and I’m not a Zionista. I’m not anything at all really. I’m just some guy who’s not fooled by the shell game. I believe in a higher destiny for the human race and a nobler purpose to life that we’ve seen far too little of for far too long.

The world is mass insanity; it’s always on the verge. A push here... a pull there... apply some pressure, whip up the fear. It certainly does seem like Europe would be the place for the next big terror attack. But wherever it hits it's pretty clear that they need one. Given the general capacity of people to believe appearances without looking past them, it sure would help the cause wouldn’t it? The American public is already in line and they’ve got the camps set up for those who disagree. Yeah, it’s just about time for one more nudge at the dominos.

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Anonymous said...

Rock on Visible!


Anonymous said...

Scary, Visible, really scary.


Anonymous said...

Good one Les. It's going to be very bad pretty soon. Maybe it will clear the air in the end.

George Ryan

Anonymous said...

It has to get worse, exponentially, until one or more issues personally affects members on the Steering Committee, in which case some events will be unceremoniously dumped and replaced with even more punative measures. The agenda is exploitation and protection of the security required to freely exploit. It is intended to continue and increase. No doubt you've heard it referred to as 'power from the grave'.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look what I just found at www.whatreallyhappened.com


It coroborates nearly everything you said. How do you do it? I'm impressed, more than impressed. I didn't exactly know what you were talking about in that peculiar style of yours. This is a a real trip.

George Ryan

Anonymous said...

I'd say they do it sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

You're good enough now to have a message board forum catering to members of the Hopeless Club.

Anonymous said...

Well lookee here Les, a rare slap from the anonymous zone. Could this be one of the flies from the Fray toilet? It's a testimony to your power the degree to which you got the insects running for cover.

Always love coming here or anywhere you are.


Anonymous said...

thanks les, i seem to belong to the 'mad' crew too. preferable to belonging to the bahhhh crowd, of sheeple ;) Tho'it's hard to say if that makes any practical difference on this (3-d) sojourn. still, it's a conscious choice i'm making.

yup, the build-err-burghers (provocative fokkers aren't they & never let up on the divide n conquer shite. why would they when it's been so damned effective thruout the ages) , "old" news to me, but important news nevertheless, esp. to those who haven't heard o' them, or haven't quite connected all the dastardly dots

all seems to be going to their nefarious plans. and the sheeple line up at every bellicose opportunity, not realizing (yet, or ever?) that they're obediently marching towards their own destruction. pitiful shame that.

bahhhhhhhd sheeple. but honestly i'm tired of feeling sorry for them.

keep the faith man, write on, right on, amj

Anonymous said...

Was so sick of hearing about those cartoons everywhere.. but glad you nailed it on the head. Nothing happens by chance..

I don't think an attack on Iran will come in March though. American GIs in Iraq are overstretched as they are. An aerial bombardment? Well that will break the ceasefire with the Shiites in Iraq. Muqtada al Sadr already said he will restart hostilities if Iran is attacked. I don't think the Zionist empire can afford another war at the moment. What's happening now is the conditioning of the sheeple for an attack that is planned for the future, how distant that future is nobody can tell until the Iraqi resistance is pacified.

*Crosses fingers* :/

Anonymous said...

I like the song. I kept laughing for no reason at work. Of course I couldn't tell anyone why, not where I work.

nolocontendere said...

You bet Iran will be smashed; they always telegraph their intentions. It must be part of the Osirus cult majik or something.

To me the interesting part of this drama is the reaction of the other players. What must be going on in those secret meetings? How many zionist agents are running things in Russia, China? Who exactly is on board for the next (nudge,nudge) 9/11 event?

Anonymous said...

No! I think it's the Osarusamas cult majorick or something. Irriot!

Anonymous said...

The men behind the men in Russia and China are not the men behind the men in US/UK/EU/Israel/(etc..).

Otherwise there wouldn't be a geopolitical struggle in central asia and middle east that we are observing. As well as most ex-Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Those regions are the battlegrounds for the above powers.

Iran in 2006 is not the Iraq that was in 2003. The catwalk to Baghdad for the western forces was only possible because of the decade long blockade (sanctions) and daily bombing raids that wiped out much of the Iraqi military-industrial complex.

It has been and is in Russian and Chinese (and now Indian) best interests to provide Iran with latest air-defense systems (Such as Tor, S-300V, S-300PMU etc..). So an aerial bombardment of Iran will not be as easy as most people think.

Plus as I said an attack on Iran will mean another Shiite uprising in Iraq and that is something the US military cannot afford at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I picked up you message: the parties controlling the partiless are partying. (When the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, everything falls into the middle hand.) Although I tend not to completely concur, i do know FOR SURE that Ronald Dummsfeld is behind this, or at least it all points to The Committee - you tree-digging me? Keep telling it straight Vizzy.



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