Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do You Want to Stop Terrorism? Fight the Real Terrorists!

Do you want to fight the war on terror? Then you must fight the real war on terror and that is being waged by the present American administration and all the lackey states abroad that they have blackmailed, bribed and arm-twisted into submission.

We are led to believe that there is some vast shadowy international network called Al Qaeda. We’ve got Al Qaeda in Iraq. Soon we’ll have Al Qaeda in Iran and Syria and The Cayman Islands. It’s a franchise like McDonalds. There is NO Al Qaeda as such. Al Qaeda is a construction, a boogeyman created to spread fear. Bin Laden is long gone. Al Zawqawi? Yeah right. The only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered (and that was in Palestine) proved to be staffed by Mossad members.

Here are the real and present dangers at work today: neo-con fascism, political correctness, Zionism, fundamentalist religions, i.e. right wing Christianity and Wahabi Islam, materialism and the pervasive ignorance of a dumbed down population. Here are some of the villains: PNAC, the present American administration, the Israeli Likud party, the large corporations and world media. This is not comprehensive but it is enough to go on.

At the root of the problem is the pervasive greed of the corporations who control the governments and the media and the reflected greed and fear of the general population. Terrorism is not a problem. It is similar to having cockroaches in your kitchen. Remove the food source. Clean the kitchen. Terrorism has its roots in conditions that are based on injustice and oppression. If the Israelis did not treat the Palestinians as they do much of the trouble in the Middle East would go away. If first world nations did not enslave and burden third world nations with debt, terrorism would find no soil to root in. If global corporations did not shove decadent culture down the throats of older cultures who resent this invasion there would be nothing to react against. If greedy cultures did not demand the resources of countries with oil and other raw materials for their wasteful lifestyles there would be no need for the manufactured wars and invasions based on lies that stir up a ‘hornets nest’ of righteous opposition. What is taking place now is no different than what was taking place when the conquistadors were plundering Central and South America. The same forces are at work. The corporations and governments have changed their names and personnel and the churches are the same or newer versions but otherwise there is no difference.

The attack on the WTC was orchestrated by the people who control the machinery and policy of the Bush administration with the assistance of Mossad and elements of British intelligence. It was designed to portray Arabs as the perpetrators and to turn world opinion against the Arabs and Palestinian statehood. Nearly half of the so-called hi-jackers were later found to be alive and well in various parts of the Middle East. I’m not going to address the enormous inconsistencies in the administrations story about what took place. Go to and read the extensive library on the 9/11 attacks. The people behind this effort, this New Pearl Harbor, are your terrorists. The entire schematic is designed to control diminishing world resources for the benefit of the few, to reduce basic freedoms in the name of freedom and to create a permanent privileged overclass.

These are your terrorists. But what are you going to do? You don’t have enough guns and political influence is reserved for those who have agreed to the terms. Why do you think the so-called Democratic opposition is so silent? Bribery, blackmail, threats and actual murder are the currency of the day. What were Mohammed Atta and his men doing on Israeli bagman Abramoff’s boat? WHAT WERE MOHAMMED ATTA AND HIS MEN DOING ON JACK ABRAMOFF’S BOAT!

It’s a simple thing and it has proven effective in the past against forces equally as great as the one we face now. Mahatma Gandhi did it against The Raj in India. Martin Luther King accomplished much in America, though that work remains unfinished. That work is always unfinished perhaps. Non-violence is the answer. The American nation must go on a sit-down strike. The peoples of America must refuse to go to work, refuse to participate and refuse to fight. When the corporations feel the sting they will adjust accordingly. People must unify under a common cause. You must boycott any product that sponsors network newscasts. Everyone should wear an armband that says “Enough is Enough!” The machine requires your presence to run. If you do not show up the machine cannot operate. It comes to a halt.

Yes this is simplistic. This is an idea. It requires the efforts of others to flesh it out. As long as there is canon fodder dumb enough to go to war there will be war. All able bodied men must refuse. No matter what the media will say they must refuse. They cannot lock you all up. People must gather in the squares of their towns and cities all over the country and stand silently in protest of fascism. There should be no resistance, just an intransigent silence.

The Bush administration and the corporations that run them are criminals. The whore media is a criminal. We at the blogs and elsewhere are having an effect. Criminal Rumsfield was at pains to point this out recently. We must sound the clarion call and we must act. Are you afraid? It is frightening. But what is more frightening? Facing the truth in yourself and answering the call of the times, or bowing down and bending over and being herded through the gates of Hell? Have some dignity! Have some courage! Have some self respect! This is a clear and present danger and we know who they are. We know the faces at the front; the Bushies and their lackeys and those abroad as well as the organizations that set their tone and the corporations that run the show. We know the faces in the back; Mellon-Sciafe, David Rockefeller, Kissinger and the like.

Let us give these men and women a new common first name; Criminal Bush, Criminal Rice, Criminal Cheney, Criminal Murdoch, Criminal Limbaugh... all of them Criminal. Let Criminal be a title and a first name. All the participants, whether chiefs, or lackeys or cheerleaders or disinfo specialists... all with the new first name of Criminal. Let it come into the common parlance. Let it be the accepted term. Seize the language. Recognize your power and affirm your right to be here.

No generation wants the trouble in their time. None of us want to be at the battlements, apart from our families and our pursuits. Yet the very fabric of the world is in danger. So many of you are afraid or attached to your meager possessions. Many of you are privileged and don’t care. Many of you have your place in the machine and you know it is wrong but you fear what may come if you stand up for what is right. You don’t really have a choice. The alternative is too dreadful to consider. We must collectively expose these jackals and hyenas and we must cease to contribute. We must cease to fear.

The peoples of the world are all one family. In this time thousands are dying for excess of appetite on the one hand and lies on the other. Collectively we can smash the state with the power of love and a conviction for the truth. In the name of the family and friends that you love, stand forth and be counted. In the name of Pat Tillman and so many others who died for nothing, stand forth and be counted. Step away from the organized church and the demagogues in the pulpit. Step away from Wal-Mart. Don’t buy Coca Cola. Refuse all junk and put off everything else. Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need. Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need. Organize!!! Stop contributing. Just sit down. Just stand still.

Just like a brush fire can sweep the plains we can cleanse the land. Do you like living under the whip hand of fear? Should others be killed in your name because you would not speak up? Each of us can reach others and they will reach others in their turn and the hearts of the majority of the Earth’s people will beat in one accord. It takes a common theme upon which we all agree to unite us. Let those with their various talents come forward now. We need you. Take what you know to be true and let it be heard.


Anonymous said...

A great statement of faith and a fine call to arms (metaphorically speaking). I wish this could be heard all over the world. It is true. I know it is true and it is time for us to stop being patsies for parasites.

Dr. George Ryan

Anonymous said...

So well done, Visible. Beautiful.
Like above I wish the world would read and take note!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's not too late.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent Les, more like how you really are in real life. I think the shit HAS TO hit the fan and lots of people HAVE TO go down but it is good to be upbeat and urging and optimistic. Sorry about the other thing but it has to be done and it's fun for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

"Let us give these men and women a new common first name; Criminal Bush, Criminal Rice, Criminal Cheney, Criminal Murdoch, Criminal Limbaugh... all of them Criminal. Let Criminal be a title and a first name. All the participants, whether chiefs, or lackeys or cheerleaders or disinfo specialists... all with the new first name of Criminal. Let it come into the common parlance. Let it be the accepted term. Seize the language. Recognize your power and affirm your right to be here."

Awesome Les Visible, just awesome. Let it be heard.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. But sadly, too late.

The plans are already in place. They will go into effect regardless of what else happens, regardless of what we do. Stop buying? On the contrary brother, buy like you've never bought before. The dollar is about to be proven worthless, so exchange as many as you have for bullets and ax-heads, beans and gold. A great die-off is in the works, a horrible season that will live in our stories to our grandchildren for ten thousand generations. The starving victims of this will (before they cast off this mortal shell) hang the criminals you've named from lamp posts, like so many Mussolini (yes, that's the plural of the word).

I remember listening to the corporate media hypnotists on 9/11 chanting "Radical Muslims........bin Laden......Arab terrorists........" over and over again and watched transfixed as those around me transmuted into flag zombies with vengeance in what was left of their minds. How did I escape this indoctrination? How did you? Why were we immune to this hogshit when those around us lapped it up like a plateful of succulent truffles?

Whatever the difference in our mental/emotional DNA, we withstood it and began putting together the bits of the 9/11 puzzle. What dry wits the inventors of this fantasy were: Radical, devout Muslims who were willing to die for their faith spending the night before drinking several hangovers worth of forbidden alcohol in a stripper bar? That's a hellova way to go to Allah, no? But Allah must have loved them so, after all, he rendered them invisible to every security camera in the airports they supposedly flew out of. Then he took them straight to paradise (in all of the flesh gobbets the Army boneguys identified, not a speck was of "Arab" origin!). If one were to believe the story we were told, one would convert to Islam on the face of it...clearly God sides with them!

In a month's time, the world will begin to come loose of it's moorings. Try to grasp what "reality" is in these last moments of the Western Civilization. When you hear the criminals call for war....give them war. They want it. They plead for it. They need it. Let if fall on them with all of its force.

Visible said...

You are an articulate soul my friend, hopefully we will meet in the ashes of Mordor and the eagles will come. Yes, next month may herald the beginning of the end of our times but I suspect there is a surprise or two ahead. Thank you for a thought provoking commentary.

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely delighted! and uplifted that SOMEONE finally set out an idea!! But Les, let's get a specific start on it and we'll build on the idea. I had dreams and symbols of this coming...... a PIG does not care if it's dinner is quiet or screaming..... it will still eat it as planned. However, we've got the most if it done, the proof, their own written plan, so we have to fortify quietly and be organized underground....... remember they are taking lists of GROUPS most particularly. Thanks for speaking so from-the-Real. And then we need to start being out there individually wherever we are stirring up others the way you stirred us up with one!

Write me......

Anonymous said...

Yeah keep your rotated survival supplies from y2k and post 911, water ammo MREs and iodine tablets, get out of the cities, big things is blowin in the wind, rumbling in the earth.... another 'readymade' event is being planned...
live under the radar... leave few paper trails.... assume youre on camera whenever in public....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm......a total solar eclipse on March 29th, eh?

Justoffal said...

WOW! OH man are you on fire!
The mystic seers all got together and forged a special pair of contact lenses for you to enlighten the masses with!

It's a good thing you live outside the country. They're looking at you for sure now!


qrswave said...

I agree that the most powerful weapon we have is inaction, that is, passive resistence.

Someone somewhere suggested we descend on DC this fourth of July.

If the world doesn't fall apart before then, I strongly recommend that we do.

Many thanks, for your passion and your efforts.

Beth said...

"The only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered (and that was in Palestine) proved to be staffed by Mossad members."

Do you know where I can find more about this? Oh, and beautiful post as always!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that ends with:


Visible said...

Wow! Now that is fast! Do people just hang out here waiting for comments or what? Thank you for giving here the link. In the time it took me to click on the email from her and come over here you had already given her the address. Now that is fucking incredible. Thanks eh?

Anonymous said...

Just keep cool and don't panic. Above all, don't do anything stupid -- like trying to be a hero. It's going to be hard enough just surviving.



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