Wednesday, April 27, 2022

"These are Very Tense Moments on The World Stage. May God Be Merciful to Fools Who Know Not what They Do."

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Mr. Apocalypse has moved The Dial to a whole other level now, as you will see from the first two links below. Holy Batshit, Robin! He is getting a Byzantine subtlety. He told me he was going to be ingenious... and boy! Is he ever. Look around you at the new wave of energies coming in on The Gulf Stream Aquarius. So much is happening!!! Here at the inception, manifest life is filled with unresolved implications, soon to be resolved in psychedelic dominoes, tumbling through the human mind. A whole lotta nothing good is about to get fed into the shredder. That beats the Hell out of redaction.

All of the world's leaders are possessed or influenced by invisible intelligences. Depending on the degree of material focus... depending on the level of carnality, on that depends the amount of duplicity in motive and in mind. The whole world is in a state of possession... if you consider The Dream Web. The Dream Web acts on you through your desires and appetites. To the extent that these have a Controlling Interest in what you think and say and do, to that extent they are controlling you.

You've heard the term, Dreamweaver? Did you know there is such a character who orchestrates the whole affair? It couldn't happen otherwise. What continues to control people, and makes them the prey of priests and religions, is their belief that God is all good and that there is another force that opposes God and we live in the war zone of their conflict, and that is supposed to explain everything going on down here; notice that I said, down here?

That's not how it is. There is ONLY ONE (“there can be only one!!!” grin) ruling power. It diversifies as everything else. Think of white light. Now, think of it hitting a prism. Now think of the seven colors (rays) that appear from the prism. Then think of all the following colors that are born from the interplay of the first colors. Voila! I give you The World; The World of color and sound.

God is the ruling authority in Heaven and in Hell, and in the worlds between. He portions out good and evil for those attracted by them, and so that he can be entertained by the spectacle. Hey! That's not me speaking from a personal perspective. This has been the view in The Higher Mind throughout the ages. Yes, God takes all those permutations of form that represent the King of Hell and the King of Heaven and acts through them; performs as them. He, himself, is eternally still. There are others who live in that awareness with him.

I imagine that there are some who are confused by my referring to The Divine in the masculine tense (grin). God is neither male nor female and... certainly both. He is engaging in a timeless and eternal romance with himself. He becomes those roles and is not lonely. It is I that refer to him in the masculine because I am that. However... come evening, God transits to the female side and the dynamic changes. I am neither male nor female myself, but I do play one on TV.

A part of our nature is one, and a part of our nature is the other. The Key... the key is to have them in their proper relationship within you, AND... with each other; not in the way that is presently being acted out in the greater mental institutions of the moment.

The Divine Feminine is being ushered back in to rule from her specific place in the pantheon. It is a delicate matter to understand, because... people want to understand it on THEIR TERMS... not as it is, but as they want it to be. Herein is the basic deception people practice on themselves and on others. It is what brings them suffering and sorrow. It is all a matter of mislabeling something in the mind for the purpose of possessing it. NOTHING is worth having. You are already the priceless object of your relentless quest.

No... people don't want to hear that. They are certain that Truth will finally be proven to conform to their specifications. It's like those who are presently impairing and killing millions of people with vaccines. They are doing it for our own good. This they have convinced themselves of.

It's a science really, and it will come more and more into public awareness, as this new age presses the grapes, and makes the intoxicating wine of your love affair with The World around you, for the next couple of thousand years. Color and Sound are very important features of life. They color your world, and they provide the soundtrack.

You can see why they are ruthlessly engaged in perverting human sexuality. It assists in their perversions of the colors and tones of your existence. This is why we have the present noise that is said to be music. It is a celebration of The Darkness of the human mind, and it cannot end well for those caught up in its spell or possessed by its presence.

You don't have to listen to me. I will probably never come across your breakfast table. It is not me that is responsible for the resolution of your destiny. That is on you, and whoever you put your faith in. It could be that you backed the right horse. Then you will have something to ride. How about that! (grin) Seriously... you want to be at the source. If you're stuck out on some tributary off of the Amazon of swallowing material culture; how are you going to get to The Shining City?

Someone called me a Jew recently, and a few other things, all of them wildly off base, so as to make me smile in a sort of, “As if” way. After saying, “As if” now... heh heh... now he can call me a fag too. Anyway... it brought to mind this thing about Jews. You can't argue about whether or not they caused problems here and there across the wide tableau of history. I don't hate them, however. I know that some do... intensely. The thing is, I've met both kinds of Jews. I've also met both kinds of blacks. I can't be motivated to hate an entire people based on a few bad eggs. Yes... there are more than a few.

They run the spectrum of human possibility, from very good to very bad. I have seen this. I have been around this, and I've had time to think about it. My problem with The Usual Suspects is that they are neck-deep in all the variations of perversity. I am not pleased with the Holocaust Scam, nor the attack on New York City. I'm not a fan of Georgie Soros and the rest of the playas in his field of enterprise. I am not pleased with The Vaccine Genocide. There are all sorts of other dark and depraved things that some number of these killer clowns get up to... BUT... like I said, I have met MANY exceptions from every race and creed.

It is not my department to seek their extermination or censure. Another department handles that, AND... it WILL get handled when the time comes. Evil... as we understand it, which in many cases means, not at all... is to be found in every color, sex, creed, and nation on Earth. It is ALWAYS around in these times. There must be a reason, eh? Sure... you can lay a lot of blame at their door, BUT... it is a cooperative venture. They would get nowhere without others like them from the same areas of carnality... Pride, and Ambition.

I'm telling you, and I'm not telling you. We each have to make up our own minds, and the consequences will follow along, as they ALWAYS do. This is not my drama to get caught up in. I have some idea of what is going on and I... DEFINITELY... know who handles the direction and outcome. Honestly... these miscreants of all shapes and sizes are more to be pitied than anything else, BECAUSE... they are storing up lifetimes of suffering by their acts. I know a lot of you don't believe in God, but I have a unique perspective on the matter because I have met the headman and some of his representatives. I happen to KNOW that everything is under control.

The CRITICAL demarcation line everywhere on Earth... is either a belief in The Unseen Kingdom or ONLY on Sex as the single moving factor, and point of it all... here is no God otherwise for them. This is what some believe. It is how you get Material Culture. For some... that is all there is, and so, for them... that is all there is. Subsequently, you see these two philosophies replicating all around. Yes... there are many subdivisions around the central inexplicable of either point of view, here... in The Cloud of Unknowing.

So... I don't really care what people call me, especially when there is no there-there, whatsoever. What I don't get is... WHY they don't come after me for real sins and errors of judgment on my part? Why do people insist on being publicly demonstrab liars, when they could just as well use the truth? This is more evidence of it being under control. People only do and say what they are permitted to do and say. Invisible force holds the entire universe together in a conscious projection, so... nothing can harm you if you bring no harm. Suddenly... they find themselves incapable of mischief to you.

The single biggest error of the snake oil saleswhatevers of The New Age is telling people who are not yet even fully human that they are gods. God DOES NOT come down to your level. You MUST come up to his, and you can get NOTHING... NOTHING but delusion, concerning your fantasy of being God BEFORE you surrender completely to God. Otherwise, you are only one more, slick... used car, salesman, with time, gravity, and karma weighing you down in your mind.

Yes! God is resident in us, BUT... he doesn't ride around in The Clown Car, proclaiming it to the sidewalks and sewers. God is modest and unassuming in human form. He doesn't parade around in white robes, with eunuchs and catamites, waving censers and thuribles in his train or... even in front of him. God can look like ANYBODY else, and often does. He sits on the sidewalk, with his cap in front of him, and he watches. Watching is something he does in ceaseless fashion. I might add that you can watch with him. You can hang around with him all day long, and every day. Some people do.

God doesn't make millions and millions of dollars, talking about himself to an audience of pole-axed steers. He does not fly around in private jets, so he can sit for Hunger Porn photo-ops in The Congo, dressed in Banana Safari couture, with swollen-bellied children on his lap, who have sugar water painted under their eyes to attract the flies. “Ah, Mr. Visible, they wouldn't do that?” Yeah, they would and have done... God already owns and controls it all. Our dramas amuse him, much the same way as we are amused by moving-picture shows.

These are very tense moments on The World Stage. May God be merciful to fools who know not what they do.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

"This is What We Learn Through Pain and Suffering, and There is No Pain and Suffering Without Attachment!"

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I went around to those places this morning that I go around to every morning, and... I notice, day by day, that I am more aware of The Levels at which our wide world of information is generated. It seems to only go so far up above the crotch area of anatomical focus. There is also the place where Prana is made from food, but... it seems most people don't care about knowing this sort of thing. They eat what's on their plate and they don't think much about where it came from... or what it had to go through to get there or... even what it is, most of the time.

By now... it should be exceedingly apparent that some particular, small group of conscienceless psychopaths, are energetically involved in trying to kill and enslave the rest of us. Some of us can see who it is that gets PUT INTO POWER, and are then manipulated from the sidelines and shadows to-our-detriment.

I can't see the whole thing at the same time. I don't have that 360 degree thing, unless I am looking inward. So... sometimes it seems like it is all based on a cabal of merciless killers, and sometimes it seems more like global degeneration, where people are going backwards, into the animal nature. Sometimes it seems that there is an observable trend toward ever more and more crazy, and that material excess is the source of it, and... sometimes... it looks like two kingdoms, at war with each other, from different planes of existence.

The armies of the lower nature, resort to emotional triggers to manipulate the combat. Fear, and Hunger are very powerful inducements in Times of Material Darkness. A large portion of the population is susceptible to these influences, and... they extract a heavy toll on Humanity, since this war, though it is inspired by invisible sources, takes place in our being. It divides us against ourselves, and then... against each other, and... that is the nature of the times in which we live.

Some number of us know some of the details of the whole affair. Some more and some less. Some of us are more informed about what is going on... out there. None of us seem to know what to do about it. It could be that we are not supposed to do anything about it, because this is what the specific players want, in terms of outcome. They may not see the outcome. They may not be clear on what the outcome is, but... they damn well want an outcome. They want some kind of reward for calling attention to themselves, as embarrassing as that sounds. Enough about all that! Where's my end?

I can clearly see that The World is devolving into chaos. I can also see that it is being orchestrated to certain ends that do not have our welfare in mind. I can further see that they are screwing up on a grand scale. They get so far and then they lose the plot. They forget what they knew with such certainty only a little while ago, and now, no longer even know what it was. Evil destroys itself, my friends, and Heaven helps the Heaven-bent.

A big change is sweeping in this year. It is surfacing. It had been swimming in the under-garments of the sea. You see it in the changes that Governor DeSantis is bringing to Florida. He just hammered Disney where their money lives, as payback for buying into the lie of the small child protection law, and then lying about what it is.

Netflix just lost more than a quarter of its stock value. Billions went bye bye. CNN+ just got canceled, not even a month out. Hissy-fit Mathews is burned up about it, throwing petulance tantrums and stamping his feet. He climbed out from under the toilet seat that is Fox-News, traveled across the tiles to the men's room in the next park over, and then got flushed by CNN before lunch was even over. Goodbye cruel world!

Twitter is no longer coming in on a wing and a prayer, having taken a serious burst across the fuselage. Elon Musk is about to clip their wings. It seems that whatever Elon wants, Elon gets. There is a big story going on here.

Across the country, the Democratic machine has seized up. Rhino Republicans are being outed and sent to the elephant's graveyard. Dinesh D'Souza is about to release “2000 Mules,” which is an expose of the stolen presidential election. I've see the trailer. It looks impossible to argue against. “Rigged” can now be seen, which is the expose on Facebook.

Everywhere you look, ♫ the walls come a tumbling down ♫

From the other side of the DMZ, the COVID hysteria is being pumped out of the sidewalk speakers; makes you feel like you're in Santa Barbara. The Pervert Assault on The Family Unit, The Transgender Family Eunuch, and The Attack of the Mind Parasites, are all continuing apace, through their ports of proliferation. It is difficult indeed to be capable of taking an objective stance in search of a clear perspective, because the gale-force winds of madness beset us on all sides.

Hollywood is in the midst of a cannibal holocaust. The whole industry is going down. Remember there was a Blood Moon eclipse a couple of years ago, and I mentioned how the chart of The United States was near exactly that of France during the time of revolution? Now you see The New Jacobins seething in their hatred of all things normal, and quite capable of building Madame La Guillotine into something more than a meme. There are some very angry people out there. You always get into trouble, down at the corner of Heart Attack and Stroke, when you start lying to yourself. Then... pressure just builds, and builds, and builds.

Wokeness is death at the box office, whether that box office be at theaters or the halls of Congress. Without a financial drive, without a market, woke cannot stay alive. It's all about The Money down here. If it doesn't generate, it will constipate, and no one gets paid. If no one gets paid, no one gets fed, and those living in the high shoulders of The Hog, can ill-afford a reduction in life style. Oh! It is going to be brutal for them. The more Mr. Apocalypse tears back the curtains, the more Woke becomes indefensible. It is simply a part of the pincher movement of Communism in its pursuit of Hell on Earth.

Once again... what demographic did Communism come out of? Was it not the same demographic that killed tens of millions of Russians? Are they not the same demographic pushing it today? What is the operating political philosophy of a Kibbutz? Who owns the vaccine manufacturers? Who owns The Media? This is ALL easily established and presented in clear and inarguable fashion. It is not Brain Science.

Here's the good news. No one gets away with their deceptions forever. The whole point and purpose of all that happens is The Demonstration of its destiny, writ large. A story is told. A lesson is given. An outcome is realized. Is it what you wanted? That is a big question. Did you get what you wanted? This is not likely because the main real and legitimate drive of life is FREEDOM... Liberation... Jivanmukti. The mechanisms of desire bind us... unless that desire is DIRECTED otherwise. This is what we learn through pain and suffering, and there is no pain and suffering without attachment! There is a REASON for everything. We simply close our eyes to it.

People don't want to believe in Karma, yet they see it EVERYWHERE. They just don't recognize it for what it is. AND... if you're up to no good, you certainly do not want to hear about Karma. People do not want to believe what is inconvenient to them. This is facing fate with your eyes closed. That seems to me to be a kind of closed-door stupid.

Long ago... the Rishi, or the Elohim, or The Archetypes; whatever terms you use that work for you, they constructed, and also explained, ANYTHING there was to know about. It's all from some department of Ageless Wisdom. This very wisdom is concealed in every one of us, but the outside world have proven far more fascinating.

Periodically, and like clockwork, Humanity gets a wake-up call. Some make the cut, and some do not. Then Life proceeds into the next phase. That is the long, and slow, and windy way that we head toward en masse, regardless of whether you like it or not, and regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. There is a MUCH MORE expedient route that can be taken. You have only to come to the attention of the ones who facilitate it; who know the doorman, the ferryman, and who have all your papers together for the customs stations on the way; metaphorically speaking.

Try doing this on your own and only disappointment and frustration will be your lot, along with Sisyphus and the other personifications of that methodology. Self-will accomplishes nothing but defeat. This is that timeless arrogance that goes before a fall. Heaven forever extends the helping hand. Not many take it. For some reason it makes them suspicious that such an offer would be there, given their own selfish nature. That is why there is so, so much time involved, it seems to take that long for many.

End Transmission.......

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World Almanac 1933

World Almanac  1933

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It is time we stop accepting the things we cannot change, and start changing the things we cannot accept.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

"The Hobgoblin Mind-Wash that is The Fundamentalist Record of Who Begat What and What Begat Who is Not For Me."

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Something came up this morning that indicates to me that I need to clarify what I do and how I do it... yet once again. There seems to be some confusion about what actually goes on here. Sometimes people just walk into the wrong store. What they are looking for is not there. You have to go down the street to get it. We are sorry. Our sign says we have the right to refuse service to anyone who doesn't know what is going on here. Well... that would be self-denial.

Some commenter that I have had ONE interaction with, sent me an excoriating email to let me know, in no uncertain terms that... if I don't understand academic, traditional Biblical history, I have no right PREACHING about it. Heh heh. I don't preach. I muse. I reflect. I talk about God. All that you see about me here is just as I am in real life. These same conversations go on around here all the rest of the day, otherwise... I wouldn't be here, or there either.

I have nothing to do with Biblical history according to whatever version you buy into. I have read, my entire life... and other lives, about God. God is all that interests me. I have seen and done it all I am sure, and... I didn't like it. Nothing has been able to curtail or bend my love for God. Although I have read a good amount of literature about all religions, I have no use for religion. I am not a Christian. I am not an anything other than a friend of God. That's it. We walk and talk together. We spend all day of every day together. I don't need anything else in my life. So... I write about it. If it is useful to you, that is wonderful. If not... there are other virtual watering holes up and down the way.

The person in concern has a screen name that is a variant of weisenheimer, which is someone who is a wise-ass, arrogant and intrusive, along with other things. The email was of the same tenor. This person was complaining because I was profoundly rude and dismissive of him. He might be right because I can't remember the exchange at all, except for the screen name. It's a German word and I lived for 15 years in Germany, so it would interest me.

People come and go here. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Some people have the illusion that I am some sort of scholar or fancy myself to be. I am no scholar. That is more for people who don't enjoy life. I am a friend of God and a lover of God, nothing more. So... to all and sundry, one further time, in an endless and recurrent turn of the wheel, I am not your projection of what you would be if you were me. This is what we all do. We project ourselves on others. The thief sees a thief. The liar sees a liar. The proud and haughty see the proud and haughty. The secret is to be in harmony with all life. I am not yet there, but I am there in my aspirations, and my focus, and my intentions.

The most important lesson a person can learn is not to project themselves on others. This is how we created The World we are in. See God in everyone and allow God full sway within, IF... IF you want to get out of the hole you dug yourself in; spiritually, I mean. You attract what you put out. Maybe not right away, and this is what deceives the people who think they are evading the consequences of their acts. Sooner or later, I am telling you straight. Whatever it is, it is going to catch up with you. This is why I do what I do... BECAUSE I WANT IT TO CATCH UP WITH ME, so I am doing it with all my might. It works in both directions, he said... on his way to The Eternal Now. (grin)

So... I didn't know what I would write about today. I sat down and saw this email. I don't get many of those because I'm not baiting the forest for that sort of response, and it occurred to me that the conversations here reach a certain public that is resonant with loving God, and being a friend to God, which is DEMONSTRATED in the way one conducts themselves in life, because to be a friend of God, you must act like a friend of God. That's actually all that is required. It is understood that The Love is present, and that it needs to be actualized in life. I've heard it called “walking the talk”.

I've tried to do that. It came at great cost early on, and it stayed that way, off and on, for decades, BUT... all white-water streams will hit softer water eventually. It's not how you got there. It is where you wound up, and even that can pass in a twinkling if real faith is in the heart. What I mean is that any bad road can turn good if there is desire for it.

We have desires in this world and it is not hard to come up with the momentum to fulfill them. Well... desire is energy, so... if you direct that energy to the source of all energy, your desire will take you to a higher plane of energy, and that is where love comes in. Depending on how you direct this force, determines in what fashion it will express. False love will exhaust you. True love will energize you.

I saw another comment at another site where this work is hosted. Some fellow was in the depths of misery, telling me that love is a lie, and then he illustrated all the ways that love had gone and done him wrong. What he is talking about is not love. It is not the love we talk about here. We are not interested in Carnal Love. I felt really sorry for the guy. Look up! Look in! Stop looking down. You are not going to find anything useful there unless you are a farmer.

I do quote Jesus Christ often here because I am a follower of his in the direct sense, but that hobgoblin mind-wash that is the fundamentalist record of who begat what and what begat who is not for me. For anyone having a problem in this area... being bogged down by the literal, instead of being uplifted by the spiritual, I recommend psychedelics. Good... clean... strong psychedelics will DEFINITELY blow the carbon out of your jets, and take the murk of made-up double talk out of the conversation.

I don't promote psychedelics because not everyone can confront the truth within them or be comfortable with the truth confronting them, and that will happen. I took to it immediately because it was what I was after to begin with. If you are already searching for the truth, and you take something that brings the truth up right within you, well... yeah. But it's not for everyone. Some people seem to want to go down. Many more want to stay on the surface where the flashing lights are familiar; ♫ they say the neon lights are bright... on Broadway ♫ and some few... want to climb The Golden Stairs. There are different chemicals that will take you to all those places. I don't recommend any of them to everyone. One size does not fit all.

Few things would please me more than to take such a voyage now, after so much has happened internally, but... I put it aside until the ineffable brings it around... and quality is so important and The World of the moment is so polluted... I tried storming The Gates of Heaven. It didn't work. It was fine for a few hours, even more sometimes, but... always, I fell back into the convolutions of The Dream. I figure the only way to get permanent residency is to leave it in the hands of the administrators of that further land.

I could get around it and try yet again but... even though the path of discipline is not a fast track, it gets faster when love is fed into the engine, leading to success being speedy for the energetic. It's that turtle and hare thing. I've never been able to stick to one, which might have put me behind the turtle, but we learn as we go.

The World is getting increasingly strange. Those who are believers know that sex is not the be all and end all of life. However, those who do not believe are able to find nothing else but that. Since THAT is NEVER fulfilling, beyond a certain amount of time, it is to be expected that people get increasingly more kinky in search of an end result that CANNOT be found there, which leads to even more severe kink, which leads to depression and suicide, but most pervasively... it leads to insanity. That “increasingly strange” that I mentioned? It is the insanity that is at the core.

There is a war on for the human soul, even beyond the competition for the heart and mind. This is a timeless conflagration. It is one of the basic tenets of life here, and... where that life might flow to afterward. If your eyes are open, you can see it all around you. If your eyes are closed, you see nothing, but... that does not protect you from Fear. The partially blind are those wearing blinders. This causes them to see only what is right in front of them. Then... direction is all important.

We row all over the lake here. It is a big lake. We try to follow the primary rule of life, which is the dynamic between The Sun and The Moon. We love it when The Moon is reflected in the lake. We love The Sun, who... in some way, is behind everything; moon, lake, reflection, shoreline, and the one witnessing and experiencing them. We have found that Love is the universal passport and the universal solvent.

We have found that the key to High Magic, is Love. Life and the Al-Gore-Rhythms that operate and replicate the DNA, all need love to getter-done. For some people it is science. For some people it is religion, and for some people it is Truth. It is best not to confuse these with each other. There is only ONE true science, and there is only ONE true religion. It is our sincere prayer that you will find it. I can't make that discovery for you.

End Transmission.......

I want to add that I KNOW there are people who come and go here. They embed themselves in the conversation, and over time, they try to wind me up, after first establishing themselves as reasonable, they become something else entirely. I've been through this for years. It won't change anything here, and it will get nipped in the bud sooner or later. There are people who are malicious, and that is the way with them. Others bombard the site with questionable information. I have resources that tell me where visitors are coming from, so... it's good for you to know these things (grin).

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Murky, murky waters as the culture swrills around the toilet bowl.
New York City is going to go up in flames. Book it=

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visible what is this??

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Nina Skye

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When you're really evil, and committed to it because of the enjoyment it gives you, you get people like this=

And here is that "Equity Action Plan"

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Via Breitart
The deep state at work=

Thursday, April 14, 2022

"The Ukrainian Transsexual Army of Global Degenerates Meets The Sword of God on the Playing Fields of Karma."

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As you will see from one of the links below, Russia is not fighting Ukraine. Russia is fighting ZATO, and... as Russia consistently wins and The Globalists consistently lose, this becomes more and more obvious. The International Pedophilia Army of Gender-Fluid Nazis, with special appearances by The Usual Suspects, are getting hammered by the country they sucked into the conflict in the first place.

Perhaps you know, perhaps you don't. The Sexual Degenerate Armies of The West had intended to attack the Donbas Region in late February. Russia was informed of the matter and preempted the attack by counter-attacking The Butt-Hurt Tranny Battalions, who were driven to retreat. The Ukrainian forces, who were emulating their cross-dressing, Gender-Stupid leader, were left in a terrible disarray when put to flight because it is very difficult to run backwards in tight skirts and high heels, but... they made the best of it. The fields over which they fled were in Spring thaw, so the area was littered with Jimmy Ah-Choo shoes that were sucked into the hungry ground, which was thirsty for homoerotic discourse.

Meanwhile... the ghouls that haunt battlefields are very fashion curious. You see them sometimes, looking like Halloween character Indians after the Battle of Little Big Horn, wearing ensembles of cavalry jackets with earrings made from scalps, much like the people who now work at Starbucks. It's a sort of Micheal Jackson, Battlestar Galactica with a Baron Samedi profile, such as you would get when anyone comes out of a grave after a few months or years. That doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best!

It turned out that this was the best thing that could happen for Ukraine because it was much easier for them to run with their shoes gone, though their stockings did suck up a lot of mud. The Kim Kardashian Brigade of Moon-walking Pederasts managed to distract the Russians by attacking them from the rear, with the unified vision of hundred of Brazilian butt-lifted asses, twerking in sequence. This worked for about a minute until the Russians started peppering them with blasts of rock salt. One of their spokes-cartoons said that it would have worked if the disco balls hadn't taken so many rounds, which brought down the light show and left them looking like late-night sweat-hogs from a Kiev bondage club.

Further on, they launched what they were calling their Masked Singer ambush, which consisted of multiples of every Disney character in drag outfits. Once again, in the first few moments, the advantage seemed to be with the Uke's... that is until the Russian planes began to drop vibrating butt-plugs on them which had tiny, explosive charges.

At the same time, massive Voice of the Theater speakers were brought to the front and began to play “YMCA.” This was too much for the cabaret army, who began to insert the butt-plugs and dance like transitioning 3rd graders. Some of them thought they were ear-pods and treated them accordingly. It was only the space of a minute before the Russian commander hit the code numbers of the cell phone linked to the butt-plugs and that was all she/he/it wrote, and... they never even heard the rest of the song.

Members of GLADD and The Inhuman Rights Coalition, who were in the VIP bleachers erected on the DMZ 50 yard line were uncontrollably weeping while making incoherent animal sounds. Occasionally you would hear one of them say something like, “They were so fabulous! For a moment it seemed like a fashion runway might appear right in the middle of the conflict!! That is how inspiring it all was!!! Now... what are we going to do? All we have left are the pink-haired Rapinoe dancers with the exploding batons!”

I'm pretty sure that is what they would have said, so... I am filling in the blanks. No one likes dead air, whether it is on the radio or on the battlefield. Now, all we have to worry about is the threat of transsexual zombie armies coming out of the ground, with Ellen Degenerate as the guidon.

There is a rumor that has been appearing everywhere lately, about zombie armies coming out of a Tavistock manufacturing plant in Glasgow. That city used to be known for being the number one, international location for death from knife fights. Now it is the main source for trans-humanist zombie armies. The most feared among them are The Big Bird and Barney Corps of genetically altered 6 to 10-year olds that have been compared to the Gurkha regiments from Nepal; very frightening warriors indeed. They are literally without fear, that... having been bred out of them by the behavioral scientists at the Presidio. Operatives from the Mengele-Soros division of The Planetary Extinction Corporation have individually field-stripped and tested each of these child soldiers.

I don't know which fruit fly designed that Ukrainian flag. Blue and yellow? Blue and Yellow!!! Have you ever seen blue and yellow on a field of camo? Why could they not have just blended them? Don't you get Green out of that? Green does not clash with camo!!! “Oh! The Horror! The Horror!!!”

Spokes-orcs from the public relations sector of The Usual Suspects LTD says that in the next war, the combatants will have multiple arms and legs, just like the Hindu Gods, and they will come accessorized with attributes, just like the Gods. Apparently, they can do cartwheels like nobody's business, and you can imagine how hard it is to hit a moving cartwheel. It's not the same as a line of tin ducks at the shooting gallery, who... even when they are moving, still seem to be standing still.

The human cartwheels are being bred by third-world surrogate mothers, like the ones presently being used by reality TV actors. Sean Penn is personally handling this area of research and development. As you should know, surrogate mothers came into the mainstream because rich people don't like stretch marks and the painful ordeals of vaginal rejuvenation and tightening. This was the source of the original, “Tighten-Up” in the song of the same name. It gets hard to connect on date night at the nursing home when you are over 70, but still want to look your best. 

Many inventions that we wind up using in the day to day are the result of devices created in the desperation of warfare. Well... in that case, we are on the verge of a remarkable bounty of new products because warfare is now operating in every area of human engagement, I speak of The Culture Wars, The Sexual Wars, The Generational Wars, The Political and Religious Wars, and this is just the tip of the Iceberg. I believe that metaphor is a good indication that much of this is coming out of New York City.

Remember back when most of us were normal? We lived in normal families (I didn't, but exceptions have to be made). We went to normal schools where we learned normal things, like Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. We learned useful skills. There were no gender studies, except among the most twisted members of academia. Nobody wanted to know about any of that. Everyone knew where to put what. Children belonged in the classroom and on the playground, not on websites, where demented trolls swapped their images like we used to swap baseball cards.

Now... Normal is hunted down and killed or soon will be, probably by Disney characters conducting annual Purges. Loving families are a travesty upon the intentions of The Great Reset. This war in Ukraine is being fought over sexual identities, and the right to fuck anything that you can hold still for long enough to make it happen. If they get their way... in a few years there will be game shows and talent competitions on Nickelodeon and MTV to see just how young you can get children to engage in depraved acts. I am NOT exaggerating. The war in Ukraine is between those who want this; ZATO and The West, and those who do not want this; Russia, Hungary, and a few others.

Yes.., this is a war over the right to do whatever you damn please to anyone you want to do it to. Planning divisions are already mocking up licenses similar to hunting licenses. You got buck season, doe season, and soon there will be a fawn season and a special day for hunting those who are pregnant. Already they are deliberately killing the people who were too stupid to refuse the vaccine or who felt they had to do this to put food on their families.

Soon they are going to make food out of those families. All of this is happening and no one does anything about it. Do you not find this strange??? We need another hunting season, and you don't have to worry about them being too rich and powerful to stop it, because... the ones doing the hunting will be from the invisible realm.

It's going to be open season on those who can't see them coming! They can't see them coming because they are invisible... unless they are so terrifying that they want to be seen. Yes, there will be harpies, furies, avenging angels, and hounds of Heaven. There will be creatures out of the worst nightmares of Clive Barker, coming to call. There will be a little bit of this and a whole lot of that, and... there will be peace in the valley... someday.

This is the first time I have written a post without mentioning God in years. Whoops! I mentioned him!!! Humor too... is a weapon. The one thing The Devil likes least is RIDICULE. Laugh at him and he will run for the exits. Fear him and he will sit on the couch, put his hand on your knee, and watch The Big Bang with you. Dear God!!! Come soon!!! We are no longer holding them at bay.

Thank God that Evil destroys itself!

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 11, 2022

"You Die to The Personality so that The Singularity Can Shine Through; “Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me.”"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Started watching the Latest Billions series last night. I see now how they are building The New Jacobins for the Orwellian nightmare they are planning. Social reformers are among the greatest mass murderers of history. They are also using social media and CAUSES, as means by which to indict whoever gets in their way, through the forced equity and diversity, cancel-culture racket; basically running reeducation camps for offenders of The Party Line. It is NOT POSSIBLE to make life fair; make everyone equally rich, or everyone elite. This is Earth, where the elemental battles never end. It is not about being victorious over The World but being victorious over yourself. That is why you are here.

When you succeed in vanquishing the false self, all The World is at your command because no other false self can stand against you. You only see one self at that point.

There are other planes of existence where a certain equality (commonality) is a given. They are not planes of warring personalities. They are impersonal zones that... magically, include a personal vehicle. You want to render yourself untouchable? Be a mirror to everyone you meet, while reflecting the better parts of them. Material Culture has a way of canceling that out, so those higher states in all of us (for the most part) are starved. When trapped in Material Culture you starve your higher self. You travel afar from The Inner Light. You wind up in a wasteland of your own confusions.

The World is a marketplace and a carnival, It is an amusement park where you are rich and then poor. You can afford to go on certain rides but not others. It is where you love and lose or win, in temporary fashion because... personal love has its limits. It is tied to mortality. I wish I could tell you how critically important Impersonal Love is and what sort of a world it creates for you. Words cannot come anywhere near.

I give indications of watching films, and series; I watch football. I read books. I travel all over the internet, but I am not actually doing any of those things in an involved way because I am experiencing all of it with an invisible friend that I am already completely involved with. Sometimes the commentary between us runs through the whole day and sometimes it is quiet, but... The Presence of God is PRESENT. It is an actual state of awareness and it is shared across time and distance by kindred souls who are all hosting that presence, which is how they recognize each other. Even when the other person has no sense of this presence... that is still the presence that is being communicated with.

There is a fellowship of kindred spirits that has existed for aeons. The requirements for membership are few. The cost, the entry fee, the sacrifice... may seem great until you experience the wonder and joy of it being gone, like a heavy chain around your neck. You die to the personality so that The Singularity can shine through; “pick up your cross and follow me.”

So... though I may be watching a movie or series; football game(s), or the wide world displayed before me; I am in a classroom and I am being schooled by my elders. I am at the foot of the favored uncle, my real father, and mother, my wise friend, who has been around and around the block since only he knew when, and remembers every circuit, and I remember little. The little I remember is still considerable compared to some.

There are certain disgruntled and curmudgeonly types that persist in coming to the various sites where this work is posted, and haranguing all and sundry with their nihilistic doomsday tales, which are like the final evidence of that bad foreign dinner that Kafka had for his last meal. Apparently... from what I can see, they do not know the difference between Religion and Reality.

As we have said here, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, we are ALL God unrealized, except for those few of us who are realized (very few) or partly realized. (considerably more). God IS NOT O-N-L-Y something outside of us. God is us, though we have not realized this and so... for the most part, we behave badly.

Those who are so angry and venomous are (in actuality) frightened of The Unknown because they have not realized what penetrates EVERYTHING, and which would not exist without that penetration, even Space... the aether... the sounding board for all vibrating forms. Be STILL, and The Stillness will speak to you. Upon this, you have my word. I have accomplished this, and if I... I... the perpetual fuck-up, can gain this, you should be a shoo-in.

Everything is composed of degrees of light. This has been known for ages. It is not something anyone just discovered. We inhabit what we resonate with. Some prefer The Darkness because they imagine it conceals their behavior.. Some are drawn to planes of more rarefied light. We all arrive at what we are.

You have to put in THE WORK. This is a basic reality of The Contract. It's right there in the big print AND the small print. You get what you put into it. Read the parable about The Talents again. Keep in mind that what you seek is ALREADY PRESENT and watching you. IT KNOWS what you get up to and what you slip and slither around. ♫ It knows when you've been good or bad ♫. Some actions get its/his/her attention and most do not. You have to think about God as being like your parents and you are a little child. Your parents keep giving you things to distract you, BECAUSE... He/She/It KNOWS you are not serious. They know that immediately after, you are distracted by something else, and this goes on, and on, and on; all day, all night in your dreams. All-day in your dreams. When you show the UNMISTAKEABLE SIGNS... God shows up.

Guru Bawa said that certain behaviors take you off of God's TV screen

The Living Divine is right there, all the time. When the distractions it throws at you (lead us not into temptation) no longer serve that purpose, well... there you jolly well are, aren't you?

I have ZERO use for religions... rituals... genuflecting, flamingo-on-the-drinking-glass, bobble-headed, Nodwell propitiations to Globobabbleon, Cthulhu, The Great Swordfish in the Sea. This is all nonsense to me. God dwells within and expresses through... ME, insofar as I do not hinder this, AND... most all of us hinder; some much more than others. We hinder ourselves and we hinder others as we wander blind in dreams of appetite.

No one hinders God. God is like running water that finds its way around, into, and through... everything.

I want to get this point made. It is not what we do that defines us as much as WHY we do it. Sporting events, media of all sorts, amusement parks, like The World or the inside of your head, are fine from a certain perspective, and not fine from most others. Guru Bawa used to have the TV on all day long. People would sit in the room. Some would be watching the TV. Some would be watching each other. Some would be chasing unrealized dreams in their minds, and some would be watching Bawa. Bawa was inside their heads as all of this took place. We are ALL in the one mind because there is nowhere outside of it, BUT... we are in a separated awareness that makes us a face in the crowd where there is no crowd.

His followers killed him or drove him to another plane of being. They were so needy and demanding inside that personal separation... seeking union, that... in reality, terrified them more than anything else. Imagine what it is like for a realized being who is surrounded by blind, groping lifeforms that want, and WANT, and whose desire bodies are flaming before his eyes. He watched TV. He looked out the window. He went for rides in cars and talked to people, BUT... he was not swept up in the spectacle of anything, except the shining radiance of the everlasting light within, while his followers schemed all around him, and jostled for a better place in the pecking order. What can I get out of this operation here?

I believe I told the story before about The Fellowship after Bawa went up. There had been a beautiful lawn in front of the place. People used to sit there in the good weather. It was a cheerful place. As soon as he went away, they paved the lawn and put in DESIGNATED parking spaces for themselves; that would be the leaders of the junta.

I do not want to give the impression that I was stable and well-behaved. I was not. Neither was I a rampaging force of chaos there. I simply am not moldable by a pedestrian, terrestrial society. I do not follow orders given by temporal entities and forces. Neither do I make parking lots with my name in lights. Ashrams were a disappointment to me. Everywhere you went there were big frogs jumping around in the small ponds. There is a considerable population of people who enjoy telling other people what to do. They like authority. They get drunk on it, though... to me... it looks like someone huffing exhaust fumes.

I move through The World and I engage in similar actions that are common to us all. It is the mindset that accompanies these acts that make all the difference. When you watch the creations of The World closely, you can see what is going on behind the creation itself, just as you can see beyond this world if you are capable of being detached from it, and possess a focused concentration.

If you make The Indwelling the be-all and end-all of EVERYTHING you get up to, you are going to get a wonderful surprise. The source of ANYTHING you could possibly wish for... is right there with you, and within asking distance. You have to develop the requisite faith, BUT... once you do, you're right back on God's Houseboat, lounging in a deck chair, and having a cold one. I assure you it is like that, only much, much better.

So... The World is getting very crazy. Powerful impulses are coming down upon us as the dance of the planets around and within us. It's like surfing, but... sometimes the waves are really high. It is said that a wise man rules the stars. He surfs the planetary forces. That is the plane of the personalities, which result in the cultures that come and go. If you are not chained to the blind and impulsive creature that is the personality, you... are... free...

End Transmission.......

Why did I write this particular post today? With the extreme difficulty that words create, it is often questionable how much has been communicated. What I wanted to do was to present the idea that all of your life's activities are lit up like a Christmas tree when you offer them to your Higher Self. If you are feeding your Higher Self in EVERYTHING that you do, it will eventually have a VERY strong presence in your life. If all you do is a celebration of God in your life, good and bad no longer apply. There are two directions you can go in... self-interest or selfless service, in which all you do... no matter how pedestrian it might appear, is spiritualized as a result. Your life comes to reflect that which you are devoted to, and... exhibits the quality of the devotion. It is something to think about. Make God an intimate part of every thought, word, and deed and see what happens.

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