Wednesday, April 27, 2022

"These are Very Tense Moments on The World Stage. May God Be Merciful to Fools Who Know Not what They Do."

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Mr. Apocalypse has moved The Dial to a whole other level now, as you will see from the first two links below. Holy Batshit, Robin! He is getting a Byzantine subtlety. He told me he was going to be ingenious... and boy! Is he ever. Look around you at the new wave of energies coming in on The Gulf Stream Aquarius. So much is happening!!! Here at the inception, manifest life is filled with unresolved implications, soon to be resolved in psychedelic dominoes, tumbling through the human mind. A whole lotta nothing good is about to get fed into the shredder. That beats the Hell out of redaction.

All of the world's leaders are possessed or influenced by invisible intelligences. Depending on the degree of material focus... depending on the level of carnality, on that depends the amount of duplicity in motive and in mind. The whole world is in a state of possession... if you consider The Dream Web. The Dream Web acts on you through your desires and appetites. To the extent that these have a Controlling Interest in what you think and say and do, to that extent they are controlling you.

You've heard the term, Dreamweaver? Did you know there is such a character who orchestrates the whole affair? It couldn't happen otherwise. What continues to control people, and makes them the prey of priests and religions, is their belief that God is all good and that there is another force that opposes God and we live in the war zone of their conflict, and that is supposed to explain everything going on down here; notice that I said, down here?

That's not how it is. There is ONLY ONE (“there can be only one!!!” grin) ruling power. It diversifies as everything else. Think of white light. Now, think of it hitting a prism. Now think of the seven colors (rays) that appear from the prism. Then think of all the following colors that are born from the interplay of the first colors. Voila! I give you The World; The World of color and sound.

God is the ruling authority in Heaven and in Hell, and in the worlds between. He portions out good and evil for those attracted by them, and so that he can be entertained by the spectacle. Hey! That's not me speaking from a personal perspective. This has been the view in The Higher Mind throughout the ages. Yes, God takes all those permutations of form that represent the King of Hell and the King of Heaven and acts through them; performs as them. He, himself, is eternally still. There are others who live in that awareness with him.

I imagine that there are some who are confused by my referring to The Divine in the masculine tense (grin). God is neither male nor female and... certainly both. He is engaging in a timeless and eternal romance with himself. He becomes those roles and is not lonely. It is I that refer to him in the masculine because I am that. However... come evening, God transits to the female side and the dynamic changes. I am neither male nor female myself, but I do play one on TV.

A part of our nature is one, and a part of our nature is the other. The Key... the key is to have them in their proper relationship within you, AND... with each other; not in the way that is presently being acted out in the greater mental institutions of the moment.

The Divine Feminine is being ushered back in to rule from her specific place in the pantheon. It is a delicate matter to understand, because... people want to understand it on THEIR TERMS... not as it is, but as they want it to be. Herein is the basic deception people practice on themselves and on others. It is what brings them suffering and sorrow. It is all a matter of mislabeling something in the mind for the purpose of possessing it. NOTHING is worth having. You are already the priceless object of your relentless quest.

No... people don't want to hear that. They are certain that Truth will finally be proven to conform to their specifications. It's like those who are presently impairing and killing millions of people with vaccines. They are doing it for our own good. This they have convinced themselves of.

It's a science really, and it will come more and more into public awareness, as this new age presses the grapes, and makes the intoxicating wine of your love affair with The World around you, for the next couple of thousand years. Color and Sound are very important features of life. They color your world, and they provide the soundtrack.

You can see why they are ruthlessly engaged in perverting human sexuality. It assists in their perversions of the colors and tones of your existence. This is why we have the present noise that is said to be music. It is a celebration of The Darkness of the human mind, and it cannot end well for those caught up in its spell or possessed by its presence.

You don't have to listen to me. I will probably never come across your breakfast table. It is not me that is responsible for the resolution of your destiny. That is on you, and whoever you put your faith in. It could be that you backed the right horse. Then you will have something to ride. How about that! (grin) Seriously... you want to be at the source. If you're stuck out on some tributary off of the Amazon of swallowing material culture; how are you going to get to The Shining City?

Someone called me a Jew recently, and a few other things, all of them wildly off base, so as to make me smile in a sort of, “As if” way. After saying, “As if” now... heh heh... now he can call me a fag too. Anyway... it brought to mind this thing about Jews. You can't argue about whether or not they caused problems here and there across the wide tableau of history. I don't hate them, however. I know that some do... intensely. The thing is, I've met both kinds of Jews. I've also met both kinds of blacks. I can't be motivated to hate an entire people based on a few bad eggs. Yes... there are more than a few.

They run the spectrum of human possibility, from very good to very bad. I have seen this. I have been around this, and I've had time to think about it. My problem with The Usual Suspects is that they are neck-deep in all the variations of perversity. I am not pleased with the Holocaust Scam, nor the attack on New York City. I'm not a fan of Georgie Soros and the rest of the playas in his field of enterprise. I am not pleased with The Vaccine Genocide. There are all sorts of other dark and depraved things that some number of these killer clowns get up to... BUT... like I said, I have met MANY exceptions from every race and creed.

It is not my department to seek their extermination or censure. Another department handles that, AND... it WILL get handled when the time comes. Evil... as we understand it, which in many cases means, not at all... is to be found in every color, sex, creed, and nation on Earth. It is ALWAYS around in these times. There must be a reason, eh? Sure... you can lay a lot of blame at their door, BUT... it is a cooperative venture. They would get nowhere without others like them from the same areas of carnality... Pride, and Ambition.

I'm telling you, and I'm not telling you. We each have to make up our own minds, and the consequences will follow along, as they ALWAYS do. This is not my drama to get caught up in. I have some idea of what is going on and I... DEFINITELY... know who handles the direction and outcome. Honestly... these miscreants of all shapes and sizes are more to be pitied than anything else, BECAUSE... they are storing up lifetimes of suffering by their acts. I know a lot of you don't believe in God, but I have a unique perspective on the matter because I have met the headman and some of his representatives. I happen to KNOW that everything is under control.

The CRITICAL demarcation line everywhere on Earth... is either a belief in The Unseen Kingdom or ONLY on Sex as the single moving factor, and point of it all... here is no God otherwise for them. This is what some believe. It is how you get Material Culture. For some... that is all there is, and so, for them... that is all there is. Subsequently, you see these two philosophies replicating all around. Yes... there are many subdivisions around the central inexplicable of either point of view, here... in The Cloud of Unknowing.

So... I don't really care what people call me, especially when there is no there-there, whatsoever. What I don't get is... WHY they don't come after me for real sins and errors of judgment on my part? Why do people insist on being publicly demonstrab liars, when they could just as well use the truth? This is more evidence of it being under control. People only do and say what they are permitted to do and say. Invisible force holds the entire universe together in a conscious projection, so... nothing can harm you if you bring no harm. Suddenly... they find themselves incapable of mischief to you.

The single biggest error of the snake oil saleswhatevers of The New Age is telling people who are not yet even fully human that they are gods. God DOES NOT come down to your level. You MUST come up to his, and you can get NOTHING... NOTHING but delusion, concerning your fantasy of being God BEFORE you surrender completely to God. Otherwise, you are only one more, slick... used car, salesman, with time, gravity, and karma weighing you down in your mind.

Yes! God is resident in us, BUT... he doesn't ride around in The Clown Car, proclaiming it to the sidewalks and sewers. God is modest and unassuming in human form. He doesn't parade around in white robes, with eunuchs and catamites, waving censers and thuribles in his train or... even in front of him. God can look like ANYBODY else, and often does. He sits on the sidewalk, with his cap in front of him, and he watches. Watching is something he does in ceaseless fashion. I might add that you can watch with him. You can hang around with him all day long, and every day. Some people do.

God doesn't make millions and millions of dollars, talking about himself to an audience of pole-axed steers. He does not fly around in private jets, so he can sit for Hunger Porn photo-ops in The Congo, dressed in Banana Safari couture, with swollen-bellied children on his lap, who have sugar water painted under their eyes to attract the flies. “Ah, Mr. Visible, they wouldn't do that?” Yeah, they would and have done... God already owns and controls it all. Our dramas amuse him, much the same way as we are amused by moving-picture shows.

These are very tense moments on The World Stage. May God be merciful to fools who know not what they do.

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Citizen Elle said...

This little 20 seconds of foolery sure is telling:

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, big time!!!!!

M - said...

(“there can be only one!!!” grin)

Fan of Highlander, are you?

Have a question: The beautiful gray cat with the orange eyes on the "cover" of From These she/he yours?

Anonymous said...

From The Bhumi-gita (Song of the Earth)

"Sukadeva Gosvami said: Seeing the kings of this Earth busy trying to conquer her, the Earth herself laughed. She said: "Just see how these kings, who are actually playthings in the hands of death, are desiring to conquer me."

"Great rulers of men, even those who are learned, meet frustration and failure because of material lust. Driven by lust, these kings place great hope and faith in the dead lump of flesh called the body, even though the material frame is as fleeting as bubbles of foam on water"

Visible said...

I don't have a cat. The Elf put that image up. I remember seeing Highlander a very long time ago. I haven't seen it since, but I did remember that comment. Things appear in my mind at the moment of application... and are generally not there at any other time.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"They are About to be Greeting a Real Feature of The Climate Con. Let Me Introduce You to The Boomslang Boomerang.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who gets even a single dose of the vaccination is EVIL and DOOMED! DOOOOMmmm!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Did anyone else notice the mirror image of the patch on the lead soldier in the Expel the Sodomites photo reads "HOMO"?

That's a tell.

Mr. Nah



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