Monday, April 11, 2022

"You Die to The Personality so that The Singularity Can Shine Through; “Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me.”"

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Started watching the Latest Billions series last night. I see now how they are building The New Jacobins for the Orwellian nightmare they are planning. Social reformers are among the greatest mass murderers of history. They are also using social media and CAUSES, as means by which to indict whoever gets in their way, through the forced equity and diversity, cancel-culture racket; basically running reeducation camps for offenders of The Party Line. It is NOT POSSIBLE to make life fair; make everyone equally rich, or everyone elite. This is Earth, where the elemental battles never end. It is not about being victorious over The World but being victorious over yourself. That is why you are here.

When you succeed in vanquishing the false self, all The World is at your command because no other false self can stand against you. You only see one self at that point.

There are other planes of existence where a certain equality (commonality) is a given. They are not planes of warring personalities. They are impersonal zones that... magically, include a personal vehicle. You want to render yourself untouchable? Be a mirror to everyone you meet, while reflecting the better parts of them. Material Culture has a way of canceling that out, so those higher states in all of us (for the most part) are starved. When trapped in Material Culture you starve your higher self. You travel afar from The Inner Light. You wind up in a wasteland of your own confusions.

The World is a marketplace and a carnival, It is an amusement park where you are rich and then poor. You can afford to go on certain rides but not others. It is where you love and lose or win, in temporary fashion because... personal love has its limits. It is tied to mortality. I wish I could tell you how critically important Impersonal Love is and what sort of a world it creates for you. Words cannot come anywhere near.

I give indications of watching films, and series; I watch football. I read books. I travel all over the internet, but I am not actually doing any of those things in an involved way because I am experiencing all of it with an invisible friend that I am already completely involved with. Sometimes the commentary between us runs through the whole day and sometimes it is quiet, but... The Presence of God is PRESENT. It is an actual state of awareness and it is shared across time and distance by kindred souls who are all hosting that presence, which is how they recognize each other. Even when the other person has no sense of this presence... that is still the presence that is being communicated with.

There is a fellowship of kindred spirits that has existed for aeons. The requirements for membership are few. The cost, the entry fee, the sacrifice... may seem great until you experience the wonder and joy of it being gone, like a heavy chain around your neck. You die to the personality so that The Singularity can shine through; “pick up your cross and follow me.”

So... though I may be watching a movie or series; football game(s), or the wide world displayed before me; I am in a classroom and I am being schooled by my elders. I am at the foot of the favored uncle, my real father, and mother, my wise friend, who has been around and around the block since only he knew when, and remembers every circuit, and I remember little. The little I remember is still considerable compared to some.

There are certain disgruntled and curmudgeonly types that persist in coming to the various sites where this work is posted, and haranguing all and sundry with their nihilistic doomsday tales, which are like the final evidence of that bad foreign dinner that Kafka had for his last meal. Apparently... from what I can see, they do not know the difference between Religion and Reality.

As we have said here, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, we are ALL God unrealized, except for those few of us who are realized (very few) or partly realized. (considerably more). God IS NOT O-N-L-Y something outside of us. God is us, though we have not realized this and so... for the most part, we behave badly.

Those who are so angry and venomous are (in actuality) frightened of The Unknown because they have not realized what penetrates EVERYTHING, and which would not exist without that penetration, even Space... the aether... the sounding board for all vibrating forms. Be STILL, and The Stillness will speak to you. Upon this, you have my word. I have accomplished this, and if I... I... the perpetual fuck-up, can gain this, you should be a shoo-in.

Everything is composed of degrees of light. This has been known for ages. It is not something anyone just discovered. We inhabit what we resonate with. Some prefer The Darkness because they imagine it conceals their behavior.. Some are drawn to planes of more rarefied light. We all arrive at what we are.

You have to put in THE WORK. This is a basic reality of The Contract. It's right there in the big print AND the small print. You get what you put into it. Read the parable about The Talents again. Keep in mind that what you seek is ALREADY PRESENT and watching you. IT KNOWS what you get up to and what you slip and slither around. ♫ It knows when you've been good or bad ♫. Some actions get its/his/her attention and most do not. You have to think about God as being like your parents and you are a little child. Your parents keep giving you things to distract you, BECAUSE... He/She/It KNOWS you are not serious. They know that immediately after, you are distracted by something else, and this goes on, and on, and on; all day, all night in your dreams. All-day in your dreams. When you show the UNMISTAKEABLE SIGNS... God shows up.

Guru Bawa said that certain behaviors take you off of God's TV screen

The Living Divine is right there, all the time. When the distractions it throws at you (lead us not into temptation) no longer serve that purpose, well... there you jolly well are, aren't you?

I have ZERO use for religions... rituals... genuflecting, flamingo-on-the-drinking-glass, bobble-headed, Nodwell propitiations to Globobabbleon, Cthulhu, The Great Swordfish in the Sea. This is all nonsense to me. God dwells within and expresses through... ME, insofar as I do not hinder this, AND... most all of us hinder; some much more than others. We hinder ourselves and we hinder others as we wander blind in dreams of appetite.

No one hinders God. God is like running water that finds its way around, into, and through... everything.

I want to get this point made. It is not what we do that defines us as much as WHY we do it. Sporting events, media of all sorts, amusement parks, like The World or the inside of your head, are fine from a certain perspective, and not fine from most others. Guru Bawa used to have the TV on all day long. People would sit in the room. Some would be watching the TV. Some would be watching each other. Some would be chasing unrealized dreams in their minds, and some would be watching Bawa. Bawa was inside their heads as all of this took place. We are ALL in the one mind because there is nowhere outside of it, BUT... we are in a separated awareness that makes us a face in the crowd where there is no crowd.

His followers killed him or drove him to another plane of being. They were so needy and demanding inside that personal separation... seeking union, that... in reality, terrified them more than anything else. Imagine what it is like for a realized being who is surrounded by blind, groping lifeforms that want, and WANT, and whose desire bodies are flaming before his eyes. He watched TV. He looked out the window. He went for rides in cars and talked to people, BUT... he was not swept up in the spectacle of anything, except the shining radiance of the everlasting light within, while his followers schemed all around him, and jostled for a better place in the pecking order. What can I get out of this operation here?

I believe I told the story before about The Fellowship after Bawa went up. There had been a beautiful lawn in front of the place. People used to sit there in the good weather. It was a cheerful place. As soon as he went away, they paved the lawn and put in DESIGNATED parking spaces for themselves; that would be the leaders of the junta.

I do not want to give the impression that I was stable and well-behaved. I was not. Neither was I a rampaging force of chaos there. I simply am not moldable by a pedestrian, terrestrial society. I do not follow orders given by temporal entities and forces. Neither do I make parking lots with my name in lights. Ashrams were a disappointment to me. Everywhere you went there were big frogs jumping around in the small ponds. There is a considerable population of people who enjoy telling other people what to do. They like authority. They get drunk on it, though... to me... it looks like someone huffing exhaust fumes.

I move through The World and I engage in similar actions that are common to us all. It is the mindset that accompanies these acts that make all the difference. When you watch the creations of The World closely, you can see what is going on behind the creation itself, just as you can see beyond this world if you are capable of being detached from it, and possess a focused concentration.

If you make The Indwelling the be-all and end-all of EVERYTHING you get up to, you are going to get a wonderful surprise. The source of ANYTHING you could possibly wish for... is right there with you, and within asking distance. You have to develop the requisite faith, BUT... once you do, you're right back on God's Houseboat, lounging in a deck chair, and having a cold one. I assure you it is like that, only much, much better.

So... The World is getting very crazy. Powerful impulses are coming down upon us as the dance of the planets around and within us. It's like surfing, but... sometimes the waves are really high. It is said that a wise man rules the stars. He surfs the planetary forces. That is the plane of the personalities, which result in the cultures that come and go. If you are not chained to the blind and impulsive creature that is the personality, you... are... free...

End Transmission.......

Why did I write this particular post today? With the extreme difficulty that words create, it is often questionable how much has been communicated. What I wanted to do was to present the idea that all of your life's activities are lit up like a Christmas tree when you offer them to your Higher Self. If you are feeding your Higher Self in EVERYTHING that you do, it will eventually have a VERY strong presence in your life. If all you do is a celebration of God in your life, good and bad no longer apply. There are two directions you can go in... self-interest or selfless service, in which all you do... no matter how pedestrian it might appear, is spiritualized as a result. Your life comes to reflect that which you are devoted to, and... exhibits the quality of the devotion. It is something to think about. Make God an intimate part of every thought, word, and deed and see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

An excerpt from my upcoming book...
...and now longs to return to her former Pleasant Home abode but can no longer do so because of her husband’s deep involvement with the ‘Masonic Lodge and Curling Club’ at 666 Indian Rd., where inductees to the Masonic Scottish Rites learn ‘the craft’ , play majong, Go, and curl every second Wednesday night. Thus, also discovering from Stacy, why the wooden snake from the Howard House porch was regularly being moved about in the dark of night. Finally solving that particular mystery for Olmo. “ occult Masonic ritual of ancient origin intended to confuse Orthodox Christian believers about their place in God’s creation, through doubt using vipers and serpents telling them lies on every subject imaginable, including, that the earth was a round sphere spinning in the vastness of an empty space ...etc.”

Anonymous said...

Archie Bell and the Drells, Tighten Up(1968)
Easy listening...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

. said...

Vis ~ 'As we have said here, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, we are ALL God unrealized, except for those few of us who are realized (very few) or partly realized. (considerably more). God IS NOT O-N-L-Y something outside of us. God is us, though we have not realized this and so... for the most part, we behave badly.’

Why did ‘Jesus categorically state that ‘[n]o one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the son, but only the Father’ (Mark 13:32) if Jesus, who became a realized being, was God?

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

If that is where your understanding is at and you know more than the masters as expressed in their teaching over the ages with their ageless wisdom, then I suggest you have this conversation with yourself as I am not going to get sucked into this. Nothing has changed with you and I'm not along for the ride. Consider the subject dead from this end and have fun with your conundrums as if such things ever applied to anything except the desire for argument.

Kazar M Roell said...

Greetings I have off and on seen your work and enjoy your perspectives. You are a good voice with an engaging style. The area that I am not quite aligned, at least not yet is the discussion about singularity and personality. I talk to Father all the time and I have never gotten the impression that the personality is bad. Quite the opposite, it is a reflection of your journey since we left the singularity. While we were all created "equal", our journey since then has been full of individual experiences, and responses to those experiences. The journey without Unique personality types, would be more like your god is the Borg. Personality does not have to equal bad, but in 3d that type of personality is prevalent. In my journey I have met many good souls with unique, loving, engaging and insightful expressions. Each in their own way can remind me of the expansiveness of the Creator and the unlimited manner in which that Beingness can express itself. For myself a well developed Soul will have a strong sense of self and radiate their Light. Yet there is always a Flavor they carry, Which is part and parcel of the Attraction. I dont really feel you lose your Personality at Zero Point. Its reset is slightly different. May the Creator of all that is Bless us

Visible said...

The idea is impossible to grasp when one is caught up in the personality. No one here EVER said The Personality was bad. What has been said here is that the personality must not be allowed to run your life. That should be immediately evident from observing Life. Sure there are nice personalities, and assuredly there are bad personalities. It is the ping pong game between them that is to be avoided. Duality for the one dancing in it is a recipe for suffering. It is not necessary for me to say any of this and it is unlikely to have any impact on the personalities reading it. We have explained, exhaustively, as well as we are able. Nothing more is to be said. Try to picture this... there is the temporary self (personality) and there is the eternal self which is the individuality in all. Given that, I have no idea what you are trying to say. Every realized master from recorded history has maintained the difference between the lower and higher mind.

M - said...

"Ashrams were a disappointment to me. Everywhere you went there were big frogs jumping around in the small ponds. There is a considerable population of people who enjoy telling other people what to do."

I've never been a joiner. Being a single child whose parents moved around so much I was never at the same school for more than a year (or two) may have something to do with this. Since I can remember I have always entertained myself.

Never wanted to be part of an association or organized group. Sure, I've been part of a "scene" (specifically during the heyday of 80s Hair Metal) but that was a whole different animal. Never been part of any demonstration, either, for the same reason. I like to "go my own way" (cue Fleetwood Mac).

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"If You Walk the Path of The Flesh, You Reap Corruption. Walk the Path of The Spirit and You Reap Eternal Life."

Duntoirab said...

This, this and this.

The perfect writing for western minds.

Simple and true.

I skipped the links and comments to say


Anonymous said...

Luv Kazz,

I speak by my understanding, not any authority.

You asked: "Why did ‘Jesus categorically state that ‘[n]o one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the son, but only the Father’ (Mark 13:32) if Jesus, who became a realized being, was God?"

This is a snare that you have to get by a little bit early on. Applying strict logic, something has to give, and that something is the last clause. The Deification of Jesus is strictly a Paulian concept. It is necessary in order for the "miracles of Jesus" to be interpreted, and taught, literally to the crowds, the common man.

Rulers read it as symbolic allegory. In the case of "walking on the waters, stilling the storm". The "waters" is commonly interpreted to mean the people. So what this is really saying is that Jesus was very popular and the crowd was very angry but he calmed them down. Which is consistent with other parts of the story.

Now you know.

Mr. Nah

. said...

Dear Mr Nah

Thank you so much for replying to my question.

What I see is that two paths arise from the teachings of Jesus Christ. One path leads to the capture of natural and carnal Man, which is the one you refer to, where the traditions of the Catholic Church are installed to create the lesser light of Maya. This path is the broad temporal path that the majority follow. The other less travelled path is the path of the Christ. I have been on the latter path most of my life, even though I did not know it until recent years. Please note that I have never belonged to a religion, and I had this inner guidance happening long before I ever picked up a Holy text or read any other spiritual material. My path has been strictly spiritual, simply because I could see through the other from a very young age. Even as a child I had the ability to discern that which is of God and that which is not. The path I travelled was one that led me from within. The Holy Spirit has saved my life on quite a few occasions, and on one specific occasion in Istanbul an angelic encounter saved me from being forcefully captured and heavens knows what. It took me over 25 years to conclude that I was saved by an angelic encounter even though today I still have trouble grasping this reality, so I forgive others if they think I am full of it.

The bottom line is I do agree with you in regard to the temporal path you describe, but what I wish to convey is that there is a higher path which sees one led by the Divine from within, which is the path Jesus Christ walked, but one which few have followed.

One really can become one with the Father through the anointment of the Holy Spirit. It is through this process one is actually born again into a higher consciousness, moving one from limited linear thinking to quantum thinking which takes in the all.

There are many things I do not trust in regard to the things that Man have written, but there are many things that I know are true through my own personal experience during my sojourn upon this plain. I believe the reason Masters don't usually convey this level of understanding to the common Man is because most people simply cannot wrap their heads around it, but that does not mean it is not real for those of us who are travelling this path.

That which guides me tells me things I do not know and protects me by directing me to go this way instead of that, so even though that which guides me is within it is still separate from what I refer to as 'me', and no I do not suffer from schizophrenia.

To better comprehend that this sojourn we are on is one of consciousness unfolding, not the physical path of misdirection you speak of, I have provided a link below to expand on my understanding of what water really means to a true follower of Christ.

God bless you.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Luv Kazz,

You are welcome. Test the message, not the messenger. I have said what I have said.

As Mr. Washington told Mr. Smith, "The Devil will get you when you are at your highest."

If I say nothing more, that door is closed. It is pretty bold of you to state you know the path of Christ.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Maybe I shall tempt a fiddle contest by saying a little bit more. Laying it out there a little more bare, so to speak.

In the movies, when you have a scene of a train entering a tunnel right after the hero and heroine have met, it means one thing to adults and another to kids (and yet another to film analysts). Now, does not the plot have to molded in some way in order for a train to make sense in the movie?

Now, can you see how I explained a principle without actually articulating the principle? I'm a rookie compared to some writers of old (and some around here).

There are "tells" in language that people use. People who craft wording, like Mr. Visible, have an easier time spotting tells. Others, like myself who have had a career in technical analysis, also have an easier time. IMO, you have some tells that I'm not going to tell you about.

These are meant to be encouraging words.

Mr. Nah

. said...

Thank you Mr Nah.

On a sojourn such as this an encouraging word is always welcome.

Each of us can only do our best to stay the course.

God Bless

Luv Kazz



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