Friday, April 1, 2022

"It WILL BE More Intense, More Common, and More Dramatic... Like O.J. Simpson in Groundhog Day."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Cosmic Clock is ticking... tick... tick... tick... kablooey! Day by day, the pieces fall into place or are creatively placed to the best advantage for... The Purpose of Demonstration. The plotters and architects of Evil, believe that they are the ones arranging it all. They believe they have the right to do IT because they have the power to do IT. That they CAN do IT... that is all they need for confirmation of their right to harm for the greater... something or other.

It never fails... when God wants something to take place, he drives the people who think they know what they are doing in a particular direction. Then he drives those other people who think they know where they are going in another direction. Then in Byzantine manner and by diver's ways, he brings them all into the place ordered to be the proving ground for the statement he wishes to be made.

In every case... he makes them crazy... incrementally... step by step, he spins them around to take them down, but... he must first make them mad, as that timeless, archetypal saying states; “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.” Consider the present insanity that percolates through the human mind. It is striking at every level, including the rich, powerful, and famous. Stupid comments and rash actions seem to define the moment for them. What happens when you go crazy (well... one of the things) is that at first, you try to get a handle on it. It's like maintenance drinking. You have to pace yourself through the day until you are free to get pasted into the unconscious.

But... the pressure builds and the pressure builds. There is no way to contain it. It must be released. If you are insightful, you discover particular channels to route it through. If you are driven... you will be driven to your doom.

The Will Smith episode, and most definitely his behavior at the party afterward is an example of what we are talking about. It's like the flu; it's going around. It is Jack-in-the-boxing everywhere. We are on the bare periphery of it now. It is going to get much, much more intense, more common, and more dramatic. It would be like O.J. Simpson in Groundhog Day.

People are not nearly as tightly tethered as they think themselves to be. Let the roof fall in on them and see where that leads. Take a really good and focused look at the state of America in this time. The country is being led by a clueless and criminal buffoon. They found someone even more ridiculous to be the vice-president. The southern border has been flung open. People from around The World are streaming over it. Not all of these people have good intentions. Criminals are being released back on the street, after a simple tagging, in a game of catch and release. Some of them are being arrested and released several times in a single day!

Mental illness is The New Cool. Sexual perversity is something to celebrate. Everyone is encouraged to live their own truth. This means one has to fabricate it to begin with. It is the personal will... the Separated-Mind directed toward the satiation of carnal desire (impossible). The music is pretend-hoodlum diatribes of inane and meaningless discourse, that resembles something hanging in the MOMA. The inspiration for this is to find someone with voices in their head and follow them around. The movies are mostly unwatchable and directed toward the shapeshifting of the culture.

Very bad things are happening with the approval of the crazy people who think they are in power. They are publicly losing it... yet they are permitted to continue. At any other time, they would have been locked up or disempowered. All Hell has broken loose but it is going in slo-mo. You see it. You can't believe it, and... it is coming right at you like a bullet in The Matrix being dodged by a man in sunglasses in a dark room with a spotlight on him. The World is moving through a minefield. You can hear the explosions but most everyone thinks they are caused by the drums and bass coming out of a boombox.

The temporarily EVIL souls who have seized the reins of power, through taking control of the money supply... and the presses who print it, are investing in all the worst aspects of humanity. If it is twisted, ludicrous and harmful to your health they intend to take it mainstream. They are CONVINCED that chaos and destruction will serve their ends, and this has often been a temporary fix... until the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there. They are LITERALLY killing hundreds of thousands of people (potentially millions) with toxic vaccines that are not vaccines. They have provoked war with Russia, and... they are going to make The World a better place!

Woke is how The Globo-Satanic Materialists try to counter The Awakening. Make no mistake here. They have advance warning about trends pending, so they create their own backwash to militate against them. They have convinced themselves that what they do is necessary BECAUSE... The Lord of Light is on the way. They KNOW that their comrades on The Invisible Planes have been driven out and down into the world of flesh. They have to manage the disorder created by this... as MANY people are being taken over, across a spectrum of hostile intelligences... with a deep understanding of human nature, to mind parasites that travel in swarms and nest in trees.

It is a cosmic truth... and an enduring phenomenon that whenever EVIL rises in the hearts and minds of certain people, their opposing numbers rise up against them. Often...neither side is good, but simply looking out for their own interests. This is what happened during the two Banker World Wars. It is ALL like a game here. It is a contest. It is a life drama just like what you see in the movies. Men contend against each other and to the victor go the spoils. I don't know why they call them, 'spoils'. Why would you want something that was spoiled?

The Holy Books lay it out, chapter and verse; how it is... and what to do about it. If you're not going in that direction then... there is no help for you in these books. Something more real and direct is needed. That is what God does... he adjusts conditions that MAKE you believe in him... even if it is only to fear The Dreadful Unknown, like seeing your own Face of Darkness in the mirror. One way or another, we are ALL brought to an epiphany; “Listen up, son. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Up to you.”

I mentioned before how I met Mr. Putin in Italy one night, standing off by himself, next to the cactus pear plant. He never said a word. He just stood there, looking like... and this is the strangest thing; looking like Frank Sinatra. Maybe it was the fedora, I don't know. I've never forgotten it. It comes to mind now and again. I get the feeling that he is the main human player in all of this, AND... I should add, not only is China on his side, but so is India... AND... so is Brazil and Mexico, even if they aren't saying so. That puts the big Risk board in a whole other light.

It really looks like this country is headed right for The Abyss. We've been here before... The Revolutionary War, ("We Must Hang Together Or Surely We Shall Hang Separately”) The Civil War; “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” And... so on. Time passed, Materialism intensified, and... people began to go crazy at an ever-accelerating rate. Now it is a full-on cartoon.

Rachel (Usual Suspects) Levine is Woman of the Year. Jeopardy (the fix is in!) tranny-matron is at The White House, AND... angry people are everywhere!!! They don't know why they are angry; not really. They think they know why they are angry because someone just handed around the talking points, BUT... the real reason they are angry is because they are going the wrong way. Something inside of them KNOWS this and it's making a beeping sound, like when The UPS or Amazon truck backs up, and it is making them even crazier and they can't get away from it. As long as they are going the wrong way they are going to hear it. The further down the wrong way road they head, the louder it will get. What they don't get is that it is A WARNING!!!

For those who have a conscience... it is there for a reason. For those who do not... there is a reason for that as well. Whatever is coming, it is BIG... BIG... BIG. It is going to change everything. It is going to be very good for some and very bad for others, ONLY... this time, it is going to be to the deep detriment of those who USUALLY profit from a crisis; given that they are the ones who created it for that purpose. This time... all you do is going to come right back on you with speed... and like it had eyes; very much like a hypersonic missile coming out of nowhere.

Some of us are going to see this up close and personal. Some of us are going to watch it go down, AND... all of us will see the video.

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Anonymous said...

greetings viz
woooooooooooooooooooooow are calling the game like or better than
Howard kosell!
THANK YOU--- (screams in all caps)
PS...I'm 1 of your biggest fans- I ck/read all your blog/posts thank you ; ]

Visible said...

I think the film is called Interstate 60 unless you are referring to another trope.

I recognize a remarkable precision in those 13 pages and all manner of alchemical and yogic constructs. As I am mostly all right brain, I do not have the facility to understand the mathematical complexity and symmetry of these sciences. Everything comes to me through The Intuition and The Voice of the Silence. I am not fated to be a magus and do not even consider it, but... a lover of God and his representations in his creation? I am capable of that.

Visible said...


I remember you here and there through the years. Mayhap we may meet up at some point. I don't know how much longer I will be visible; not to imply my being gone, merely out of sight in The Sanctuary.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

Are you on steroids? I mean, I've teared up at times and gotten goose bumps at times but today, damn, I've got palpitations.

You da man, goin the right way! Thank you..........and God bless you again and again and again.

Love, Priscilla

Anonymous said...

Hello. I haven't commented on the blogs for many years but today takes the cake on syncranistic things between Vis and I. Just about 2 or 3 weeks ago I was directed to download another Dr.Carey book called
God-man, the word made flesh'. It is more than 13 pages. I think it's around 120. It expands on the 13 page pamphlet.

All the best to all,
David Paul

Quadrilateral said...

Greetings GT500 LV! Almost 3million results for Smoking Mirrors in the non-evil browser.
The bitchslap heard round the world was for Pfizer to sale their anti-balding medicine and if society can't define what a woman is then who was he standing up for?
God is no deceiver but man will be allowed to deceive himself for the Purpose of Demonstration.
How about a porpoise of demonstration out in the ocean or is that a construct of the white male patriarchy?
Smoking mirrors aren't meant to last forever and all the banker's men can't put it all back together again as some table overturning is on the menu.

Anonymous said...

Looks like W. Smith put in a (hair) plug 4 pfizer…


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The Same Parts, Refurbished, and With a Fresh Coat of Paint, Glistening and New in the Early Morning Dew."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I mentioned before how I met Mr. Putin in Italy one night, standing off by himself, next to the cactus pear plant. He never said a word. He just stood there, looking like... and this is the strangest thing; looking like Frank Sinatra. Maybe it was the fedora, I don't know. I've never forgotten it. It comes to mind now and again. I get the feeling that he is the main human player in all of this, AND... I should add, not only is China on his side, but so is India... AND... so is Brazil and Mexico, even if they aren't saying so. That puts the big Risk board in a whole other light.'

I vividly remember that post of yours, Les - never stopped agreeing with it -

BlackBelt Yogi said...

That whole anti christ/christ much goodness in that book by Dr. Carey. Thank you for sharing. I will check out the one David Paul posted as well. We were just going over this with my scripture/primal power group....synchronistic!



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