Tuesday, March 29, 2022

"What's Really Happening is That You are Headed to The Scrap-Heap Where All the Broken Toys Go to Die."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What if that Oscar's slap was staged? Now Jussie Smollett is saying that Smith attacked him too. It really looks like Smith has externalized his privilege. One thing for sure... Mr. Apocalypse was present and accounted for. Reflect on how this slap will reverberate through the culture, especially in light of Smith's verbose, megalomaniac... god-complex acceptance speech in the aftermath. I did not see it, but I did get the soundbites.

Oddly... this is just one of many examples of celebrities losing it. The Flash was at a Hilo bar (the low rent side of The Big Island) where he went off on people who were singing Karaoke there. He had to be restrained, etc; etc. Here's the thing. When The Avatar comes... he appears within human consciousness and becomes a motivator in us all. Some are driven in pursuit of excellence, and some are driven mad. The aspect of The Avatar that handles this, is Mr. Apocalypse. He's about to get a lot busier.

We are in uncharted waters now. Never has the human race had such a capacity to destroy themselves, and never before have the villains had such comprehensive control over what does and does not happen. On the surface... it appears that it is all over for the rest of us. Fortunately, that is not the case. Every time Babylon Rising comes upon the horizon, history has shown that catastrophe(s) of some sort is certain to occur. None of these conditions of excess and depravity last for that long. USUALLY, it happens when a culture goes into decline. Invariably, it turns into a steaming mass of diseased flesh, consumed in the dark fires of corruption. Mortal illness is so-called because it kills you. These lifestyles constitute moral crimes against yourself and the divinity within.

When humanity turns away from God, Hell awaits. God does not turn away from Humanity. The Sun shines on all and ever shall. The Sun is the face of God. Turn to it so that you might be renewed. I read an interesting article recently. I did not save it (not like me), and I can't remember where I saw it. It said something to the effect that when you put commercial sunscreen on your body something very important, spiritually, is blocked. Maybe that is why they call it a sunblock?

It is critical to understand that The Sun is a conscious being. You can talk to him and he will hear you... unless it is the usual pedestrian tripe. Angels filter what comes before The Throne. This is the case whether The Sun is the focus or some other icon of divinity is. Herein is a point, often made at these locations, you are CONSTANTLY being watched. You are constantly heard. Your thoughts and feelings are actual things on the planes relevant to them, AND... here is the most important feature of the process. Whatever... whatever is fed and watered (by you) on other planes, WILL find their way down here. This is what makes The Imagination so important.

Whatever you hold uppermost in your thoughts, WILL out-picture in your life. You are a Creator. You are like God in miniature, and your fortunes are determined by which aspect of The Cosmos has your attention and fidelity. If your physical appetites are preeminent to you, you will be filtered in specific directions. If your spiritual aspirations predominate, you will be filtered in that direction. There is ONE GOD and he expresses according to the culture he appears in. You MUST make friends in High Places, IF...that... is... what... you... aspire... to.

Imagine that you are in a foreign country and that you do not speak the language, nor are you informed about the customs. In some places that can lead to real problems. Imagine now that you have a guide. This guide is familiar with the culture... and speaks the language like a native because that guide IS a native. Now imagine that this foreign country happens to be that country of which The Bard says, “The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns.” Well... that is not true. We return again, and again, and again until we are perfected. After that, we return in service for those who struggle in the darkness of this world; IF WE ARE SO INCLINED. If we are not inclined... there are wheels within wheels, within wheels, within wheels, from too big to see, to too small to see.

Some of those wheels grind slow and exceedingly small, as someone once said somewhere. They turn precisely. The whole affair is surgically precise, down to “the last jot and tittle” as someone else once said somewhere. Your every thought, word, and deed are turning on those wheels. Some of those wheels you can see... because they are on the bandwidth of our sight. Some you cannot see unless your spiritual sight is open. The heavens are The Refined Aspect. The hells are the gross aspect. Hell is for The Carnal mind, and so on, and so on, and so on. It is ALL on The Dial, turn it as it pleases you.

If you are going to have a guide you had better make arrangements AHEAD OF TIME!

Will Smith's slap heard round The World has set in motion the building blocks of future events born of it, associated with it, or... in all or any ways connected to it. There will be copycat events that will now take place that... otherwise, would not have happened. This could be called collateral damage.

Your every thought, word, and deed turn on these wheels that turn... inexorably through sun and rain, through wind and storm. The World of the moment is the playing out of everything that was programmed for its due date today. Tomorrow, and tomorrows ever after, we shall see the outcomes of present and past events still waiting for those optimum conditions.

In a time of cultural decline (such as ours), The World begins to resemble a kitchen that no one bothers to clean. Teeming through the mix of garbage is an entire army of scavenger life forms who feed there. Crime runs rampant because Materialism has made the population crazy. They have lost their minds. Meanwhile, a smaller group of organized AND disorganized psychopaths, employ a persistent strategy of making humanity even more crazy than they already are.

It appears that we can't handle success. Every time things get really nice, and comfy, and convenient, and on speed dial, we turn upon ourselves, like bored and spiteful children who ate too much candy and now want more. The Michelin Man and The Pillsbury Dough Boy are now a fashion statement, and an ever-increasingly larger segment of us go to Mr. Potato Head Land to have our organs relocated because it is fashionable. “Oh! You're transgender? So am I! What are your pronouns? Mine are It and That. I am so expressing my real self and living my truth.” What is really happening is that you are headed toward the scrap heap where all the broken toys go to die.

They are shape-shifting the language. People who have never seen the ghetto are talking ghetto; y'all. Even my correction software knows about, y'all. It also knows about that word that replaced Kiev. It has not been replaced here. My advice is to keep your head down and stay at home. When it happens it won't take long for them to wipe themselves and each other out. If it doesn't already include you, do not include yourself... because you feel inspired to make a fashion statement. Far bigger forces than you are presently engaged in The Transition. Only idiots go out in a thunderstorm to run around playing tag with the thunder and lightning. Only a fool runs into a war zone thinking they can make a difference in a conflict conceived by bankers for the profit of bankers.

There are two main streams of information coming and going. One of them is like white light through a prism where you get the read on how to be and what to do. The other comes from The World and is called, Legion, since that stream breaks into countless tributaries that end in an entropic swamp. You're going the wrong way!!! You cannot tell people this because they are determined. Why are they determined? Because they are being DRIVEN. Unless Krishna-Christ is your charioteer or co-pilot your passions are driving you, so... it is just a matter of time, AND... when so many other people are also doing this, you have a mad stampede for the cliff's edge. Relax... this always happens in times like these.

God is in control of EVERY SIDE of EVERY ISSUE. There is a statement made in The New Testament that has been twisted beyond recognition in recent decades, and painted to mean something other than what it means; “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. Be not deceived.” Look at the different ways they have of saying it now. It DID NOT say that previously. The Devil is God the way the wicked see God. He is the mirror of what you are after. He takes that shape and waits for you, while, at the same time, leading you there. No matter how it looks, GOD is in absolute control of EVERYTHING...PERIOD.

If you know this, you'll be fine. If you do not, you will find out, one of these days.

End Transmission.......

We're still over there at GETTR. God only knows why.

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Anonymous said...

Good one today as usual. I don't comment much because i tend to take a vey cynical negative view of what is happening in the world and the country. Gotta lighten up because it is sapping my energy .
God’s Peace to very one.

Anonymous said...

Brave Little Toaster says . . .

By any other name, any other time, any other place, twas a master striking a servant. A impudent jester dares jest with the Prince's horror, errrr I mean honor! Beyond the pale, innit.

Reminds me of the time(s) I'd wink at the seminary Dean after he arrived for the meeting late from his lunch with the lady Librarian. Pretty sure he wanted to strike me too, lol.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Awesome post, though as for other potential comments. . .I'll take the 5th today. ;O)

M - said...

Interesting item about sunscreen.

I've rarely used it ('cept on my nose), preferring coconut-based "tanning oil" - which is really difficult to find because it contains NO spf.

BTW, if that "slap heard 'round the world" was NOT staged, Smith is just one more who's developed a glitch in their Matrix.

Visible said...

The word I am getting, is that similar events are going to be spontaneously occurring at a distance, and... right next door. Formerly, pretend-heads... who gave the impression of having their act together, are going to be losing it and heading for Gerry Springer Land; acting out in the worst ways possible and astonishing themselves in the aftermath. Look at how Smith behaved at the afterparty! I have been told this was coming with a shaking-Kundalini-emphasis that curls the invisible hairs on my head. It came at me... several times, with a fury of certitude that left me giddy with expectation. I AM NOT lied to via the intuition.

Anonymous said...

not worried about Latinos "taking over the West". Most Latinos have taken the vax. The vaccine seems to be god's judgement upon humanity. And God gave intelligence to those he wants to save.

The vaccine is literally going to be the vehicle which removes the majority and the people who didn't take it will be the ones who create a better more spiritual or natural world after the vaxxed are gone.

brian boru said...

An interview conducted over twenty years ago which, if true, indicates that the US is even further down the road to Hell than most can imagine. The woman giving the interview apparently disappeared back in 2005. This is one of Devon Stack's 'Blackpilled' shows.

In the meantime, thanks for what you do Les. It helps to keep us anchored in what matters.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Don't Believe The Gloom and Doom Merchants from The Land of the Blind. Turn Your Face to The Sun."

Original said...

Greetings Sunstar LV! Read an interesting post yesterday about the Sun entering a new solar minimum that could cause an Ice Age and the "elites" know it which is why they are wiping everything out on purpose as part of the Great Reset Leap Forward.
Is this the 25,000 year thing that you spoke of before?



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