Monday, March 21, 2022

"I Can Hear the Fundies of All the Rigid and Materialized Religions, Howling Like a Banshee Tranny on PCP."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Who is it that has been pushing specific themes on The World? Who is it that owns the media which promotes them? Who are the bankers who profit from the wars? Really! Think about it. It sounds like The Usual Suspects doesn't it? This includes the ENFORCED race-mixing... gay and transgender pushing, illegal immigrant agenda... digital chipping, courtesy of the WEF (ah! Yet more of The Usual Suspects.) Who is back to sport-killing Palestinians (under the distraction of Ukraine) like it was a shooting gallery at the local carnival?

Who is it that is pushing Atheism and making war on Christianity? Who owns the vaccine manufacturing companies? Who is the main beneficiary from Usury Lending?

Have you noticed them going after the Russian Oligarchs? What is the genetic background of nearly all of The Oligarchs... they come right out of that Khazar gene... nay? Who is making war against Putin? Do you see a conundrum-disconnect here? A Sticky Wicket? A little something going on behind appearances? By the way... where is the Rule of Law (with precedence, of course) that states you go after the richest men (or women) from a particular country that YOU ARE NOT EVEN AT WAR WITH... And it is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, to begin with? Isn't that where diplomacy applies, given that war is diplomacy by other means?

It almost makes you think that the mythical White Hats really are on the field... or, at least, up in the coach's box. Of course, there are White Hats, if there are Black Hats (racist!!! racist!!!) (Fear of a Black Hat). These White Hats are The Initiates.

Why is the judge from The Pizzagate Trial being nominated to the highest court in the land? If she is actually competent then she is proof that appearances are a lie because... she looks like a deer in the headlights. I am NOT being mean. I am speaking as a Physiognomist. I'm definitely not being racist. A casual study of my life would put the lie to that; just like that other twisted trope; anti-Semitic. Someone tried to run that game on me and OTHERS showed up to put the lie to it. You CANNOT get very far on The Spiritual Path by being... racist or anti-anything but Stupidity and Ignorance, and that you SHOULD begin with yourself, and keep to yourself. This I do not always do, so... I am not that wise yet.

Some of us are not given the luxury of being a Brahmin, and EVERY CULTURE has a caste system, if you can't see this, you are... yes, you are Stupid, or ignorant, as you prefer. Those who have been in The Outlaw Class know more of what takes place in terms of Justice than do the self-righteous... or those who haven't been caught yet. Like Marlon said in “One-Eyed-Jacks"... “You may think you're a one-eyed-jack but I've seen the other side of your face.” (Yes, I know, I've used that example before, but... I am in a Time of Material Darkness for The Purpose of Demonstration. so... that's going to happen).

Sorry about the digression, we can't all be Brahmins, but... we all get to be Brahmin in the scheme of things. Some of us are of the Kshatriya Caste and nothing is better for us than a righteous war; so says Lord Krishna in The Gita. I must point out that when I am speaking of Krishna, I am also speaking of Christ. If it was a 'K' used in Christ, instead of a 'C'... you would c what I mean. There's ONLY one God, so until you stop the religious wars in your head... you won't get this. Of course, all sorts of other things can hold you back as well. Until you cut them loose you will be treading water.

Yes... there are all kinds of occult references that appear in these postings that are not identified as such; just as there are many things in this life that are mislabeled and you will have to live with them under that auspice until you cut them loose. Adam means, “namer of things.” Now... there are people who will run to their sources... not keeping in mind how many translations of The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, and The Way of Life there are. I was exposed to this in a story I was being told by someone far more informed than me.

What you name things... so they become to you. The same happens when you identify people, places, or things in a certain light. Of course, any reasonable and rational person will agree that there are places that are shitholes in this world, and it is best to avoid going to them unless that is something you go (the old) in and out of so frequently that you are either locked into it... or you find it attractive. Look at how people go to the seedy sides of town in order to do sleazy things. How often do you think anyone finds romance at a public toilet?

We are not in reasonable and rational times at the moment and The Dung Also Rises. It is not the cream that is coming to the top in this dreadful hour. This is simply people and collectives, outing themselves before the eyes of The World. You can use the word... Apocalypse, all day long... perhaps it is not only contempt that familiarity can bring, but also indifference, and cluelessness... because you no longer see it. You just go right on by. What is happening here... in the wider world, and in ourselves, is what happens in an Apocalypse, and that is one of the reasons that it is always accompanied by an Awakening; by the revealing of truths, by the exposure of what had been hidden, by the transforming of culture, minds, hearts... whatever there is to be changed, with the exclusion of that which does not change.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez must be going nuts these days. The Kim, Kanye, and Pete opera is going full blast and they are no longer the main darlings of The Gutter Press. Just so the reader knows, I don't pay any great attention to these things, but I do pay attention to that which keeps coming to my attention. I would notice if a brass band went marching by my house. I would notice the newsboy calling out (if they still had them), and my window was open at that place on St. Mark's. If I were a tourist, I would hear the jackhammers on Amsterdam Ave, HOWEVER... due to Accommodation, even that would fade. It all does... put that in your pipe of dreams why don't you.

This is why people see but don't see, and hear but don't hear. When I note that someone is not paying attention to me, and this is not difficult for anyone to notice, who is less self-involved, I say something out of context... or that makes no sense. It still amazes me that after a pause of a few seconds, the person will always say, “What was that? What did you just say?” Or there will be some permutation. I don't care one way or the other. That is what I find becoming more and more continuous in my perspective... not this, not that... neti-neti. It is and it isn't. It is both at the same time and has Schrodinger's cat on its lap.

It is the wind in the willows and the river running by. It is the deer in the grass and the hunter in the tree stand. It is the totality of all that can be perceived and all that cannot. This is God as The Divine Mother. It is within her that we “live and breathe and have our being.” She is the elements, the aether, the mind, and its intellect, AND... your ego. How can that be? I can hear the fundies of all the stratified and materialized religions they follow, howling like a Banshee Tranny (the kind you find in a Dodge Viper) on PCP. Yeah... you did... you left The Divine Mother right out of the equation. In urban speak, you made her your bitch. Look at the cities and the perversities of life! The struggle to be righteous is so great in these times that nearly everyone gives up or allows themselves to be compromised, by Desire, Appetite, and Fear. The Avatar comes because... HE MUST.

Yes... most everyone seems unaware that it is SHE who is all around us. SHE is the whirling force of existence who writhes atop the prone figure of Shiva. She raises him from the dead... AFTER A FASHION, given that he is eternal. She is being returned now. She is in the ascendant. Coming in her train are the qualities of The Divine Feminine. It is materialism that has turned so many men into women and made so many women hard as stone. It's ALL out of wack. This is why The Avatar WILL appear, because... HE MUST.

Pervert and obliterate Lady Nature in her native form and you get wide-spread sexual dysfunction. Now they have redefined depravity as a virtue; IT IS NOT! This is how The Beast comes to ascendance... you exalt the animal nature. Liberty becomes license. Lie to yourself if you must. The future will prove out according to your investments. There is nothing to worry about, my friends... if it does not involve you. As precise as these new weapons of war show themselves to be, the surgical precision of The Lords of Karma is far past them.

Let me clarify; The Divine Mother is the whole of the energized interplay of everything you perceive and all that you perceive it with. Almighty God is The Power Source for the operation and he operates through Step-Down Transformers, like The Divine Mother, like the angels and Devas, which are interchangeable at a certain level, and through The Infernal Kingdom, based on your preferences. The World exists in The Ceaseless Meditation of God, OTHERWISE... it would not. Otherwise, it would not, AND... your meditation upon The One who holds it all in place defines your relationship to that force.

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Vito Corleone said...

Greets Sunny LV! It is beautiful out and the Sun is shining.
The usual suspects who funded the Bolsheviks and came up with the six million number before 1933, this is why we can't have nice things.
The judge hoopla was on the teevee while walking past and she is very light on the sentencing of pedo comrades of the Long March when it comes to sentencing.
Over the weekend saw some disturbing photos of Hunter with a five year old in lingerie by a stripping pole and he was shall we say excited.
I got up and walked out during the turn the other cheek sermon in the 1980's but God is real and the usual suspects are the children of his infernal majesty.
People like Derp State RAT Mikey Pence and his puppetmaster wife Karen want the apocalypse because they think that they will be whisked away to some material paradise.
It doesn't work that way for worldlings.

Anonymous said...

I get some comfort in reading your interesting point of view. Sometimes you make me laugh which is something that does not happen too often these days. Mostly I am exhausted with this ‘uncovering’’. The swamp is so deep in fact that God is only One who can clean it up.
The question is ? Will He? Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. How much worse is hard to say. I doubt the demons will blow up the entire world but the sheep will get so scared they will give up everything to make this WW3 which is not going to happen, not happen.Screw ‘em all.The Demons, the Sheep and every mother sucker who lets all this happen for whatever their reason. Aiding and abetting tyranny over the fear you can’t travel or eat in a restaurant or see a sports game is just as screwed up as being a media talking head.
Thanks for the light you let in.

Anonymous said...

St. George killing the dragon hand painted orthodox icon:

Blessed be St. George.

submitted without comment said...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Even The Well-Intentioned Want to be Secure, in an Insecure World, Where Death is an Inevitability. What!?!"



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