Thursday, March 24, 2022

"It Was A Cosmic Mystery to be Solved by Him, …and The Golden Screw in His Navel Was a Sign of Favor from Heaven."

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I try to be mindful of the early writings of... now forgotten cultures, in those times when life was very different than now. I aspire to learn the lesson BEFORE I need to learn the lesson. Life has taught me... harshly and gently. I have learned far more in vicarious fashion than directly... thank God for that. One story I have never forgotten was The Dream of the Golden Screw-Turner. This took place in Ancient Egypt. You are perhaps familiar with the dreams of Joseph... back in The Day? This happened to a man named Ramset; not as well known as Joseph, but he cut quite a figure in his time.

He was a minor royal in the court of Userkaf, at the beginning of The Fifth Dynasty, and much was made of the fact that he was born with a golden screw in his navel, instead of the navel that most of us wind up with. It wouldn't be like the screws we have now. Let's just say it was out of the ordinary for anything else to be there unless it was some kind of a cosmetic stud. It seemed a matter of great portent at the time. 

They were a superstitious lot back then, so soothsayers, astrologers, real navel-gazers, and magicians were called in to confer and to comment on the matter. No one knew much of anything; nothing like that had ever happened before, so... the matter was put to rest for some years, given that no one had anything useful to say about it in the time of Userkaf.

You can check the historical record of everyone mentioned here and the dynasties. I make an effort to be correct and precise unless it gets in the way (grin).

Then, Ramset grew into manhood and began to have prophetic dreams. Dreams were a big deal back then. They were thought to be portents from The Gods, and much to-do was made out of them if you happened to be 'connected' in any way. Nobody gave a shit about it if you were a member of the hoi poloi, lumpen proles. These we have always with us.

In these dreams, Ramset would hear a voice speaking to him. It was in a musical language that for reasons which remain unclear, even to this day, he was able to understand. The language of angels is not the same as that of human tongues, but they use our minds to translate it so that we might understand in our own terms. Such is the way with dreams, much can happen that does not happen in ordinary life (which to me is an indication that one should not live an ordinary life). Ramset was told that a profound cosmic mystery was to be solved by him, and The Golden Screw in his navel was a sign of favor from Heaven.

He was told many other things but that history did not survive to these times. Even the book, in which the story of Ramset and the Golden Screw first was recorded “Aegyptiaca”; written by Manetho, did not survive, but... somehow there were tales, like those old wives tales we hear about... apocryphal and anecdotal evidence that found its way in stories and fables through other mediums... and it has caused Ramset to be remembered to this day.

After some preliminary exchanges occurred in Ramset's dreams, all went quiet for a time... and life seemed, more or less... normal for Ramset. Then... inexplicably... some years later, the dreams returned, and in the dreams, a beautiful white, fluffy cloud appeared. Out of that cloud there extended an arm, holding an implement... that had to be a precursor to the modern screwdriver. The voice in the cloud exhorted Ramset to take the device and use it to right a great wrong that has taken place in the 2nd Dynasty, during the reign of Khasekhem. There was much discord during the latter part of the 2nd Dynasty and Khasekhem was the last ruler of that period. Details are very fuzzy about what composed this great wrong. A lot that would be considered wrong was taking place in these times.

For some reason, Ramset was frightened by the voice in the clouds and he would not take the device. It took many dreams and a great deal of urging for him to comply. Finally... the time came, and Ramset, still with many misgivings in the dream space he was in, reached out and took the tool. A great peace came over him... or so it is told, in what little remains of the tale in these times. Imagine his surprise when he awakened and found that device that had existed only in the dream was to be found resting in his hand.

News of this went far and wide in no time, on the fig or date telegraph. I don't know that they had coconuts during that period. Many wise men came to study the device and reflect on its meaning, with respect to the screw in his navel. The whole matter was made even more meaningful by the fact that the tool was, like the screw, made of the purest gold, a sure sign that it was something from the heavens. Ramset was apprehensive about it all, with no clear reason for feeling so. He went away to be by himself and to think about it. He traveled to a far oasis that was often visited by caravans traveling across the sands. He was weary when finally he arrived and he fell asleep under a palm tree.

Once again a dream came to him and the voice urged him to use the screw turner and to turn the golden screw in his navel. He awoke with a sense of great and pressing insistence, and without thinking any more about it, he inserted the device where he had been instructed to and found that he could easily turn the screw. Soon after that... the screw came free and he held it for a moment in his hand, no doubt gazing in wonderment upon it. An excitement thrilled him! He felt as if some great puzzle had suddenly come together in his head and a driving force filled him to return to the kingdom and tell the others what had been revealed to him. Then he leapt to his feet, and his ass fell off.

Now... I know there is a moral of some kind here, along the lines of, “if it ain't broke, don't fix it.” or... something of that order. It is here that the tale ends, and try as I might I have been able to garner no further details about Ramset and The Golden Screw... or the screw turner. Now... it probably wasn't a screw as we understand them now, nor a screwdriver either. It was something more rudimentary... or, it was of a higher order. I do not know. The story ends here. I hope it proves to be useful to those of you in search of your own answers; whatever the questions that you have may be. I imagine we do not all have the same questions. Therefore the answers would vary too. Wow! It's almost like religion.

On a completely unrelated matter... I am sure you recall my mentioning how The Crass Media is losing its mind? The lies they've been spinning seem to have unhinged them in some way and they are just getting more and more loony all the time. Now, comes Faux News with their latest commentary on that woman from Long Island that pushed an 87-year-old vocal coach to the ground, which caused her death. In the links below you will find the article. The intrepid folk over at Fox have discovered a fellow who was bullied by her... an indication that this was a part of her character; come to find out it was someone who knew her in 2nd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fellow remains anonymous. What kind of make-it-up-as-you-go bullshit is this? They are so desperate!!!

There HAS TO BE something going on behind the scenes that we have not heard about. The barrage of lies about Ukraine is beyond even the madness of the build-up to the Iraq War. Each day there are dozens of ridiculous lies concerning Putin and Russia's efforts to protect herself from the armies of Nazi-homolatensias who are looking to transgender the entirety of Mother Russia. This Great Awakening is reducing them all to ludicrous spectacles of a poisoned imagination, AND... Mr. Apocalypse is revealing it to us, AND to them. There is no bridge too far that they will not seek to cross over... or burn... before... during... or after their crossing of it.

Something new is in the winds, my friends, and it is driving them to hysteria. That's fine with me. I've been hoping for this, and... being told it was coming for some time. Have you studied the background of this creature they are trying to put on The Supreme Court? She's a Marxist. She can't define what a woman is. She serves and supports the pedophile agenda (I am not exaggerating here) She can't remember basic details from landmark legal rulings. She is an utter tool of George Soros. The Rothschilds are the organ grinder, and Soros is the monkey. He has placed such feckless and incompetent drones in legal power across the country. Consider LA and Chicago most especially. How about the Pacific Northwest!?!

Baring an intrusion from The Divine, Revolution is a near certainty. There are other options. We could have a catastrophic natural disaster (that would be an intrusion of The Divine). Ships MIGHT come out of the skies... or else they have that holographic tech down now, and you will soon see Jesus coming out of the clouds around The World. There are actually people expecting this already, so... they won't be hard to fool. Unfortunately, they are NOT expecting that it is meant to happen WITHIN them. 

I've felt like they have had things like this in mind for some time. Given the ironies that are possible in life, it would not surprise me if they staged an alien landing, WHILE... aliens... were... actually... showing up. Of course, in many cases, they are already here. People from ALL OVER incarnate here. It's a port of call.

ANYTHING is possible. There is one thing that is not in doubt and that is that another effort is being made to control The Whole World. What's this, number 14082100984108? They have ALL failed, some of them in spectacular fashion, as I suspect will be the case with this one coming. It will be an epic event not soon forgotten, though there will be far fewer of us here than there was; keeping in mind that a large portion of us here are not human. This is the sad result of the inner planes being cleansed by The Lord of Light, but... you can't make an omelet unless you are going to break the eggs.

Okay... this has not been the usual fare, but... these are not the usual times, and only some of that is due to The Usual Suspects.

End Transmission.......

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Correct as is often the case=

Fox News is REALLY losing their shit!!! Check this out; they have an anonymous accusor who said the woman bullied him. It turns out they were in 2nd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just the sort of thing Mr.Apocalypse told me he was going to get up to with all of those =

These people are just stark raving nuts!!!=

Just guess where all this money is coming from. Who are they who have so much money and are constantly investing in ways to lower the general quality of life? If you said, The Usual Suspects, well... Bingo!!!=

One of the militant footsoldiers for putting incompetent and easily manipulated people in the higher courts is having a meltdown. Hollywood is Porn Hub for pedophiles=

They have awakened a sleeping giant. Beware the mother bear if you mess with her cubs=

Oh man... when this all crashes and burns it will be something to see=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I just can't wait until all this garbage is over. Been sick of it for years. Lifetimes, even.

Anonymous said...

Userkaf lived circa 2500 BC and I'd bet my last euro the musical language he heard went something like this . . . Melodious indeed!
Ramset's name might even be a clue..

Anonymous said...

i also read a lot of stuff lately, about how vaxxed people's immune systems are destroyed, how vaxxed people are starting to emit an odor that is akin to rotting meat, and how the reproduction systems of vaxxed women have been ruined.

One thing is for sure. The earth is gonna be a lot quieter and more peaceful with a lot less people on it.

Anyway maybe the vaxxed aren't completely screwed. They'll just have to take Pfizer anti-AIDS drugs for the rest of their life. Hard to feel much pity for them when they literally want to force that vax on everyone else too. If the vaxxed had their way, they'd force us all at gunpoint to be vaxxed. So, forgive me for dreaming about how the world would be a better place without them.

robert said...

Good morning to be Visible One among Many for the One!

What mindset has revealed itself during this Revelation? As acting out for intolerant bullies and tantrum throwing narcissists?

Leftists who like to fantasize that calling themselves “progressive” is not just being regressive

Intellectual vacuums so full of themselves that they can ignore their own tyrannical behavior while shamelessly shaming and judging all others to be excluded from dialog

Egos so fragile that they demand censorship of ALL information contrary to their self-programmed, slavery-enabling narrative

Human forms so disconnected from their hearts that they can no longer detect when they are being lied to nor the massive self-deception required to pretend that all is normal during Armageddon!

The mindless inversion on display in Clownworld!

Dropping rotten fruit in the wake of their passing, narcissistic psychopaths and the ebbing zombie horde which idolizes them, have only the wekest of ammunition left.

Every epithet now thrown is only a mirror image projecting the state of THEIR souls and absent integrity upon the straw men they aim to burn!

"No, YOU are the traitor, insurrectionist, fascist, intolerant, rascist, sexist and the bad people!"

All while the perpetrators of the divide-and-conquer strategy of "feminism" cheer on the desecration and destruction of biological women to favor Baphomet-imitaters empowered by the medical mutilation society!

Yes, it is interesting to see the hypocrisy strut its last naked doo-doo dance on the stage.

The hook is even now reaching out from the curtain to drag the insistently deluded off the stage, already kicking and screaming out demonic mantras bounding their delusion.

Stay tuned or be smeared by unconssious association!

We are here to witness and remain detached from the flushing of separatist delusion from Lady Nature and our personal identities now long overdue for disrobing!

Cheers for the eternal flame as we love ourselves as the One loves us!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Unless that Personal Love can Awaken In You an Impersonal Love for All Life, It is Just a Transitory Thing."

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
never look a gift screw . Period./ slant to Jordan Maxwell, R.I.P.



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