Monday, March 30, 2015

Mr. Apocalypse; the Hardest Working Archetype in Show Business.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.”

The countdown continues... to what? That remains to be seen. Everywhere on the planet, Mr. Apocalypse is at work. He's the hardest working archetype in show business. He's the James Brown of The End Times. He can't be stopped. He can't be bribed. He can't be bought. Once... a few years ago, I was told that Mr. Apocalypse intended to show up right in the middle of the high and mighty and catch them with their pants down. He's doing that. Over in Banker Central, the exposures are an every day affair. He's nailing them at the hoi poloi level and he's nailing them up at the top of the totem pole. Let's not forget Cyril Smith either.

Hillary Clinton is now watching her presidential aspirations expire. Ted Cruz is playing kissy face with the Lords of Darkness. He's cruzing for a bruising. It's just a matter of time. The Bushligula consortium is working its fat faced, Republican ass bandit scam on the usual idiots who buy into it every time. All over the world, the darkness is running into the breaking dawn of a transforming age. The vampires are getting that old time spontaneous combustion; Nosferatu goes to Hell.

Do you feel me? Do you feel me?!!! (grin) The long pending backlash to Political Correctness is in full swing. The full court press is working both ends of the court. Who is going to win? There are no winners in this zero sum game. We are constantly reminded of Tim Cook and Bill Gates and all of the rest of the Barbary Coast Pirates who tell us they are going to give all of their money away. This puts a righteous sheen on their lying, hypocritical asses. When are they going to give their money away? When they die. Hmmm. Doesn't it get given away at that point anyway? They want us to think they are good guys. They are not good guys and the level of harm they are all up to is considerable but the light is breaking.

I want to make an important point here. Perhaps in the minds of many readers, there is the perception that I think there is such a thing as good guys and bad guys. In a relative sense, maybe this is true. In the field of competing opposites, in the realm of appearances, maybe this is true but I don't really think there are good guys and bad guys. I think there are simply a lot of people playing roles. How they came to play those roles is a matter of some obscurity but they are as helpless as anyone and trapped in the illusion of who they think they are, as completely as anyone is. In a cosmic sense. I don't think they know any better. Even when they do know better and do evil for the sheer joy of it, they don't know any better.

Do we have free will? Can we change? Is that within our power? These are the kinds of questions that one might ask. Will you get an answer? Will the answer you get be true in an absolute sense or will it only be the answer you need to keep going in the direction you want to go? Is it possible that every answer is tailored to the needs of the person asking it? Think about it. Don't we all accept what works for us according to whatever rationale we employ to have life make the sense we want it to make? Otherwise, how come everyone comes up with their own answers that serve to make their desired sense out of it all?

Besides the obvious web of the global dream that presses down upon nearly every one of us, there is the personal web of personal business and personal karma that synchronizes us up with the big network and it does it to the degree that we are susceptible to being immersed in it. Some of us are automatic that way and some of us, only a few of us, are immune to the whole affair. This doesn't mean we are free of it. We're not. We have to walk that programmed route that is designed for us, regardless of whether we know it's all an illusion or not. The good news for us is that eventually all of the chains and restraints fall away.

"There ain't no good guy. There ain't no bad guy. There's only you and me and we just disagree.” Cue Dave Mason:

I need it understood here that I don't hate any of these people. I don't consider myself in a position to judge anyone. I don't know how they got to where they are. I don't know how I got to where I am and though I know my course has not been an easy one and very often their course seems to be a walk in the park, I wouldn't trade my situation with any of them. Things are not what they appear. This we can be absolutely sure of. Things are not what they appear to be. This is why self inquiry is the only sane route because only by taking this route can we come to see things as they are, beyond the veil of appearances.

If I did not allow for the polarity of good and bad there would be nothing for me to write about. It is in writing about the appearance of good and evil that one is able to expose and reveal things that can indicate a state of awareness beyond good and evil. Any truly objective observer of life will surely come to see that good and evil change places on a regular basis. If good and evil were static then all kinds of people wouldn't get into the trouble they get into. Very often it is a matter of being swept up in the tide.

Let it be known that, regardless of the heinous nature of far too many people captured in the thrall of material darkness, I do not hate them. My propensity for hate is canceled out a thousand times by my immeasurable gratitude. My gratitude is so great that it is impossible to hate. This is not to say that I do not have some level of hatred. I hate my own ignorance. I hate my measures of weakness. I hate the blindness under which I labor and which accounts for my not being one hundred percent all the time and which accounts for my occasional departures from what I know to be my own highest potential and which I fall short of in a routine manner but... it won't always be that way.

Nigeria just had an election and all kinds of people died. That's how it is there. The air in many parts of China is so bad that people are wearing masks and breathing apparatuses and chronic pathologies are the fruit of that particular system. In Mexico, violent death is a common event. In Syria, western forces have caused the deaths of 200,000 people and they've blamed that on the leader of the country. In Iraq the death toll is even higher and increases by the day. The same cabals are responsible for this as they are in most parts of the world where these things take place. People are dying in droves in The Ukraine and the same people are responsible once again. As war manifests in more and more locales, the infrastructure in the countries responsible crumbles. The war making nations are falling apart, while zippity doo dah blares out of the in house speaker system. It ain't Mr. Bluebird that is sitting on all these peoples shoulders, it's a raven quoting, “evermore”.

It is fascinating to watch. I don't want to watch but I have no choice. I don't want to see car after car speeding toward the bridge when the bridge is out. I and others like me are racing in the rain and mud by the side of the road, waving at the people passing in the cars. The traffic is backing up, so it is possible to actually bang on the windows as we scream that the bridge is out ...but all we get is the finger. The bridge is out. The bridge has always been out on that stretch of highway. You cannot get to the other side on that road. It does not go there. Somehow all these people have convinced themselves that it does. They have convinced themselves that their leaders know what they are doing, or they have convinced themselves that once the bad leaders have hit the end of their term that some good leader will emerge but that hasn't happened so far and it is doubtful it will happen this time but... hope, like stupidity, springs eternal. You cannot tell people what they do not want to hear. Yeah, you can tell them but it won't do no good. It's just the way it is - cue Bruce Hornsby:

It's not always going to be the way is is and you are not always going to be the way you are, unless you are truly what you are and it's a rare exception among us who has attained to that rarefied air but... so long as that is your single objective and for so long as you do not depart from the uniform consistency of continuance to that end, you'll get there.

I don't concern myself with all the sad and desperate circumstances that make up the tattered tapestry of this present state of the world in which we live. For whatever the reasons may be, this is what it appears that we got. It's different for everyone. How can I or any of you feel too depressed and downhearted, given what is happening to so many of your fellows in far away places and places nearer than you might think? You got a lot to be grateful for and for all we know, that's just a small taste of what is yet to come. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

It Furthers to have Eyes in the Front of your Head.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May you be the person your dog thinks you are.

Every now and then, I have to depart from the usual topics of the day but... not right away. I've been doing these blogs for ten years. In that time I have encountered predictions and prognostications, as well as wildassed flights of mind boggling fantasy from the likes of Fulford, Wilcock, SOTT and sundry. They've made a lot of money from this kind of enterprise. It should also come as no surprise that the second most popular and successful alternative news gathering site, celebrates Halloween as its main holiday. I should add that the most popular alternative site of all, which used to employ the Halloween guy, is hosted by a Rothschild financed cartoon character, who is possibly one of the most overblown caricatures that I have ever seen. Meanwhile I catch shit for being me, way out of proportion with what is deserved by those already mentioned. This is how it all goes in the environs in which we do our day to day. This is not some kind of 'poor me' soliloquy. It's a matter of fact appraisal of how it is and... I will tell you why; perhaps it isn't exactly why but it is how it looks to me sometimes and... like I said, I'll tell you why.

Meanwhile, let me say that of all the predictions and prognostications that I have heard about in the last ten years, almost none of them have come true.

Every now and then I put my name in quotes, like this; “les visible” and pop it into Zio-Google. I did this today and I noticed something I had never seen before. Ordinarily the only negative commentary I run into is that put together by Dublin Mick, who... ostensibly... ostensibly went out of his way to assault me because he felt that I did not attack The Vatican aggressively enough. He didn't feel it was important enough to approach me first before he launched into his hatchet job, which included seeking out everyone he knew who disliked me for one reason or another and letting them have at me while he performed as modifier, which made him not only look good but also accomplished his real intention. It was a good example of Machiavelli being channeled to a particular end but... I digress.

Today I found that every negative commentary ever made about me had been pushed to the top of the list in terms of the pages that list me and all the positive commentary had been relegated to, 'my back pages', or removed altogether because... now, most of them are missing. At first I was shocked, especially when I saw that the Cassiopeia hit team efforts had not only been sent front row center but now was present in multiples as it had never been before. Nothing much happened at the Gormenghast mansion in France when I visited, with every good intention The vipers who later came after me for this nothing at all, hadn't ever even been there. Like the good robots that they are, they allowed themselves to be whipped into a frenzy by the back of the scenes maestress, who orchestrated the whole affair. As ugly as it was... a few years later I went out of my way to come to their defense when they were under attack by the French authorities. Boy! Did I catch it for that!!! Chief among those screaming at me was Halloween Boy, whose defense I came to when he got embroiled with Henry Makow who annoyed him by posting Jim Stone's work on his own site. I caught all kinds of shit for this too but... it has always been my nature to come to the aid of a friend (even when I only think they are my friend) and even to the aid of those who are not my friends. It's my nature. I got that Don Quixote, knight on a white charger foolishness; or at least I used to have it. That fever is now in remission.

Some while ago a blogger named, Nobody jumped on my case in a vicious manner when I thought we were long time friends and associates (albeit virtual ones). He jumped on my case because he said I was not hard enough on The Satanists. Once again, even with our long history, he decided to publicly scourge me without ever coming to me first. The thing is that I mentioned The Satanists all the time, just as I do these days. It made no sense. Dublin Mick's comments made no sense. Right there on the page in question (easily found), he goes on and on about how the Rothschild Bankers control The Vatican finances. None of this makes any sense. I know the real reasons that all of these people have seen fit to come after me and on some occasions the scenarios were arranged precisely for the effect obtained, like the lady from God-Like Productions, who came around to harass me about the Kundalini hand postures displayed by me on the site and wouldn't let up, hoping to provoke a particular reaction from me and... she (if she she was) finally got it and this granted her the justification to attack me. She pointed out how much she always liked me, even though I had never encountered her before. Here's a listing about Godlike Productions. Everything else you can find by doing what I did.

Various things have happened to me that I never would have expected, because I am an ingenue; a Pollyanna, or I used to be. These things happened to me because I have carried a cavalier attitude far too long in my life; not anymore.

There is one complaint that is made about me that is legitimate. I don't suffer fools gladly and I am sometimes short with people. People far more famous and wiser than me have the same shortcoming. It comes with the territory. I could have been nicer, I admit. All the rest of the unsubstantiated howling and gnashing of teeth are not a part of my repertoire. They are things made up about me for the purpose of slander. Slander is a curious tactic. If you throw shit at people, some of it will stick and there is nothing you can do about it. Other claims made against me are about having invisible friends and who I talk to and hear from. I accept those as virtues and my critics can howl about that as long as they wish. On those accounts, time will tell and we shall see.

Why am I writing about this today? Many of you know about these things and don't care. That's the thing about these critics. They make up a very small minority of the people who come around. They are proportionate to the occasional negative comments that show up about once a month or so. It's like a party. Everyone is having a good time but then there are a couple of troublemakers and their presence can be loud, out of all proportion to the others. It seems like there are more of them than there are. They can do damage though, because many people will believe something just because they read it somewhere. Still... you can't let this get you down. You can't let it affect what you do. Sure, I've made mistakes, but most of the time, it was not so much a mistake as the fear of what might happen that I put into people, even though NOTHING really happened. In the course of what I do, I come across people with high expectations of me. Sometimes they are people who want to use me for their own elevation. I lack the initiative to allow this. I don't take myself seriously. They do and... I got a problem with vanity. I don't like it and near all of the people I have mentioned have far too much of it.

People say all kinds of nice things about me. I almost NEVER respond to them. I also do not kiss other people's asses and play to their vanity. This upsets a lot of people. Some of them think if they pump me up, I should pump them up in return. This kind of thing never crosses my mind. It's just not what I do and you can't expect this from me. I'd be much further up the ladder of manifest success if I just played the game. I don't and I can't. That's how it is. Surely you can figure out the reasons for that so... why am I writing about this... really?

A lot of you have started blogs over recent times. You want to do some good in the world and I understand that. That is what motivates me too but... remember everything I said here today and remember that these things could well happen to you too. If you are going to play in this arena and if you are going to say these kinds of things... it comes with a price. People have tried to destroy me for a long time. I did two stints locked up, in bad places, for that very reason BEFORE I ever started here. I have been the target of bad people and that includes both the seen and unseen. Given the odds, I should have been destroyed a long time ago. Later... on the internet... enough things happened that my credibility could have been shot long ago. I am still here.

You need to be sure about all of this as you go. This is not a situation comedy (even though it is). It is a drama. Sometimes it is a horror movie and sometimes it is a thriller. It is very seldom a musical. It is almost never an animated kiddie flick. Bad shit can happen and you have to pay attention. I wish I had paid more attention and I assure you I wish I had done certain things differently. Learn from what has happened to me. Let the unfortunate moments of my existence guide you around the holes I fell into. Not all of us are gifted enough or aided enough to climb back out again. I offer you all of this as a caution on your own way. You have to have steel in your spine and you have to be able to not look back. Never look back. It was that great baseball pitcher, Satchel Paige who said, “Don't look back. Someone might be gaining on you.”

Everyone is not your friend and if you have the misfortune to feel compelled to tell the truth, you WILL have enemies. This is serious business. I know what I'm talking about, at least as far as this goes. I cannot caution you enough on this and if you have any ambitions of a particular career, you can kiss that goodbye. You are unlikely to ever fit into or even be invited into polite society as it is euphemistically called. Perhaps there is some kind of a reward that attends to the completion of your either chosen or appointed rounds. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Madness of Kings and Fools.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you are a dog)

You might think the news is just more of the same old same old, unless you look a little more closely. Then you find very important news. I'm not going to link anything here today because if you have been interested, you have seen these news articles and if you are incurious or indifferent, then you haven't. First up is the reaction, finally, to Monsanto. Oh, it's been coming for awhile but now we see some more serious efforts. There are multiple stories out today about the links between Roundup and cancer. The press is hedging on the matter by saying that there is not conclusive proof but... it looks like it. On the other hand, the demons in human flesh who drive Monsanto, or, 'My Satan', if you prefer, have been accused by the city of San Diego for dumping PCBs into the San Diego Bay. Apparently they are 99% responsible for ALL PCB dumps. Then, from a 3rd front, farmers are turning away in droves from GMOs because the public is doing the same.

It's going to be getting a lot hotter for these plundering psychopaths all around. By now, no one who isn't brain dead can dispute the presence of Mr. Apocalypse in every area of human consciousness. It appears that a wide sweeping awakening is about to, very soon become highly visible. It's been around for awhile and it has been coming for awhile. It's sort of like Spring. It may come later than we might like or earlier than we expect but come it will. The Spring of a raised consciousness it going to come about the same way The Huns visited Rome, or The Moors swept across so much of the eastern world; changing the arts, science, architecture and human thought of the time and leaving a lasting impact right up to this day. In the modern day, Shit has been happening from the top down for some time. Now it's going to start happening from the bottom up and being amplified by the force of the planets and whatever mysterious power guides their movements.

Many humorous events are going to be running along in tandem with this, for instance, a gay, Latino fashion consultant was on The View and made the observation that Michele Obama looked like one of the cast from The Planet of the Apes. There's a train wreck of political correctness happening here, one in which the more powerful will emerges victorious. That would be Michele, Hell's Belle (presently annoying The Cambodians). The humor comes about because of the presence of a gay Latino. The articles say nothing about this, lest they awaken some slumbering beast, roaring in outrage at the deliberate misinterpretation placed on the now fired fashion consultant, who actually said that the makeup made her look that way. She does look like she is from the Planet of Something; perhaps a long underground Morlock but one would expect her to be more of an albino from the lack of Vitamin D and other hormonal and vitaminal substances. Perhaps she is from that side of Mercury that is turned to the sun all the time; if that is a real thing. Some might argue she must come from the next closer planet because an industry shill said that women are from Venus but... others would argue that she is not a woman and could not then be from Venus. I am not going to lose my job over this because I do not have one that relies on playing kiss ass with powerful corporate and banking houses.

Other things might happen though, as did this previous week when something in my system went haywire and I suffered some kind of a breakdown. Was it caused by low level microwave pulses? Was it caused by some other intrusive influence, perhaps simply some sort of cosmic anomaly? I don't know.

There are a whole host of interacting conditions that might not be all that effective (or destructive if you prefer) but they are out there, with everything from horrific mosque bombings to a slate of holocaust denial articles and governmental bodies coming out in reaction to the present day holocaust of the Israelis upon the Palestinians.. Articles on The Holomodor and impossible gas chamber tales abound. It's a critical mass thing; the straw that breaks the camel's back. One day it's a crazy theory that goes counter to the world view, created by bankers for the purpose of world plunder and then, one day, everyone knows what the truth was and who the biggest mass murders of some long while were and are.

I've come to believe it is a genetic thing, not something behavioral that got implanted at an early age. Some people are just bad, or they play such a character on TV; metaphorically speaking. They are just all a part of the cosmic central casting that comes down the ranks of death and rebirth, born into their roles. It could be that they are all just players who imagine they have some influence over the script but who are, in fact, mere doomed automatons. It's a march of the damned and though we often do not see real justice here, it is possible that we do, simply by what happens to the victims of any age. Someone once said that this eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth construct simply leaves a lot of blind men gumming each other to death. That seems to be so, at least from where I stand, which is not a generally shared view because I don't see that many people standing on the hill at this particular angle with me.

Some of us do not see the world in terms of conventional wisdom; a possibly relevant associative event is the recent predictions of the scientists at that large monstrosity called Bosun Higgs or something like that. They say they are about to prove the existence of an alternative universe. You can expect all kinds of similar mind boggling verities or lacks of verity to come about shortly that will stand on its head all that we thought we knew of what is true and what is not. The fact is that we live in a dark age and that is best exemplified by the corporate and military industrial complexes financial driving of the scientific community; or one might look at the medical realm of the age. This is one of the more loathsome evidences going. Most areas of endeavor, especially the arts, are at their most tawdry state ever and yet these things are celebrated far and wide. Contemporary film soundtracks are most telling, as is the drive and direction of plotting mechanisms.

I suspect this summer and the rest of the year to be massively transformative. Negativists will see it as a world's end scenario. Positivists, like myself, will see it as something else entirely.

I think I've said all I want to say at the moment. At least I showed up to say something. That whole possibility seemed problematic only a short while ago. Well... there it is.

End Transmission.......

Unfortunately there will be no radio show again as the large computer went down for reasons inexplicable to me. Part of the trouble too is being now 12 hours removed from my previous digs which gave me a greater time latitude. All things in time.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your paws hammer on the hard strata of this world and bring music to your passionate passing by, in all your ways coming and going. Let the joy of the music in your heart ignite the world around and make your animated dust a living example to everyone near you. Give it your best and you will get it back MANY times over. Oh yeah! Let it be said. It NEEDS to be said. Every moment is another golden opportunity to profoundly change the world by changing yourself.

Mr. Apocalypse is just amazing. He blows my mind every day and I see him at work all over the place in the good the bad and the ugly. Mr. Apocalypse is making it possible for us to see things as they are, to the extent that we see ourselves as we truly are and conversely, everyone else in the best possible way. Mr. Apocalypse rocks and I can feel the positive joy of cosmic consciousness; affirming and unaffirming... nailing it... nailing it everywhere and listen up folks, he's bringing his A game every day now. He's intensifying and scary as he can be sometimes; especially when you falsely represent yourself as so many of these clumsy, drunken clowns do every day on the big stage. I want to tell you people... it's just going to get hotter, harder and and more precisely right on. I laugh out loud these days when I see some of the shit people are up to and the way they try to bring out the unique stupid in everyone they happen to. Numba One is Binnie the Rats sustained, in your face blowjob, by the American congress. I swear... the slavish whoring, totally free of any sense of self restraint, totally free of embarrassment is riveting entertainment. The difference between them, literally, if they were on their knees with their mouths open, so eager as to make the aware observer cringe, or doing what they actually did; what would the difference be? There wouldn't be any.

Let it not be said that I have anything against particular sexual acts, I don't. It's more a matter of who is doing them and WHY; measuring in the cost to everyone else at the same time. Then Binnie goes and waves Elie the Weasel around at everyone. Elie is one of the most persistent and outrageous liars ever to waltz about on the world's state in the last hundred years. He's been exposed over and over again, he's even been exposed by other frauds.

You're wondering why it is taking so long for all of this to get done; for the world to change or sink under the weight of collective crimes... it is, so it can all be seen and seen and seen, so that even the densest among us can finally have their eyes opened.

These same players, those named and unnamed and from every place in the international elite, are pushing for World War 3 and it is the international bankers who are beating the drums outside of the view of the lumpen proles who will die in this conflict. Only a very stupid or deluded person allows themselves to be seduced into waging war for bankers. There is no upside to that but GMO carrots get waved all over the place, counterpointed by the lash of fear being generated by banker games with the various economies.

The truth continues to appear by the day and what this particular item tells us is that the powerful behind the scenes Satanists have permeated nearly every seat of temporal power on the planet. You can't see them. For the most part their names are unknown to us but they are the movers and shakers making policy through their proxies world wide. In some cases we do know who they are but they are not so identified in their capacity as Satanist. They certainly qualify by their actions however.

What are you supposed to do about it? That is a serious question that people get, by turns, confused and intimidated over. My take is that you do what you are capable of; you do what you are trained for or possess the talent for. In many cases that means you work on yourself because the wider playing field is out of your reach. If you can manage to keep yourself outside the sway of this influence, you have achieved a great deal. I say this because those rubbing planets that we have spoken of here before are going to be changing their tune; are already changing their tune and you will be in a position to have the positive side of that tune play through you and you will have some protection against the negative side of these applied forces impacting on you.

We are all either warriors for the truth or soldiers of the dark side. We wage, or do not wage, our portion of the interplay, wherever we are, every moment of every day. A lot of us fall into that lukewarm category. I don't guess I have to explain what that amounts to.

If there is any one thing that comes across the wires here with any consistency, it is that people are troubled. They don't know what to do. Maybe there is nothing to do, in the wide angle, external way. Maybe we should only attend to our own business and if enough of us do that it will play into the greater scheme in the most effective way possible. Besides recognizing the extent of our, so far unused potential, we need to know what our limits are as well and operate accordingly.

We are in that 'any moment matrix'. We are caught up in the interaction between the vile activities of the corrupt elite and the collective hopes and aspirations of everyone else. In the meantime, there is the powerful effect of what we cannot see, which is operating through the corrupt elite and the collective of the rest of us. We are swayed or guided by whom and what we listen to. Accordingly we are led into whatever we arrive at. You can see the ins and outs of all of this as an intricate complexity, or you can see it as remarkably simple. It depends on how complex or simple you are and we do not mean simple as it more generally defines a lack of intellect and depth. Such is not the case... except when it is; I'm thinking that means, 'present company excepted'.

Sooner, probably than later my friends. Not much more to say on this end. Hang in there.

End Transmission.......

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