Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Madness of Kings and Fools.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you are a dog)

You might think the news is just more of the same old same old, unless you look a little more closely. Then you find very important news. I'm not going to link anything here today because if you have been interested, you have seen these news articles and if you are incurious or indifferent, then you haven't. First up is the reaction, finally, to Monsanto. Oh, it's been coming for awhile but now we see some more serious efforts. There are multiple stories out today about the links between Roundup and cancer. The press is hedging on the matter by saying that there is not conclusive proof but... it looks like it. On the other hand, the demons in human flesh who drive Monsanto, or, 'My Satan', if you prefer, have been accused by the city of San Diego for dumping PCBs into the San Diego Bay. Apparently they are 99% responsible for ALL PCB dumps. Then, from a 3rd front, farmers are turning away in droves from GMOs because the public is doing the same.

It's going to be getting a lot hotter for these plundering psychopaths all around. By now, no one who isn't brain dead can dispute the presence of Mr. Apocalypse in every area of human consciousness. It appears that a wide sweeping awakening is about to, very soon become highly visible. It's been around for awhile and it has been coming for awhile. It's sort of like Spring. It may come later than we might like or earlier than we expect but come it will. The Spring of a raised consciousness it going to come about the same way The Huns visited Rome, or The Moors swept across so much of the eastern world; changing the arts, science, architecture and human thought of the time and leaving a lasting impact right up to this day. In the modern day, Shit has been happening from the top down for some time. Now it's going to start happening from the bottom up and being amplified by the force of the planets and whatever mysterious power guides their movements.

Many humorous events are going to be running along in tandem with this, for instance, a gay, Latino fashion consultant was on The View and made the observation that Michele Obama looked like one of the cast from The Planet of the Apes. There's a train wreck of political correctness happening here, one in which the more powerful will emerges victorious. That would be Michele, Hell's Belle (presently annoying The Cambodians). The humor comes about because of the presence of a gay Latino. The articles say nothing about this, lest they awaken some slumbering beast, roaring in outrage at the deliberate misinterpretation placed on the now fired fashion consultant, who actually said that the makeup made her look that way. She does look like she is from the Planet of Something; perhaps a long underground Morlock but one would expect her to be more of an albino from the lack of Vitamin D and other hormonal and vitaminal substances. Perhaps she is from that side of Mercury that is turned to the sun all the time; if that is a real thing. Some might argue she must come from the next closer planet because an industry shill said that women are from Venus but... others would argue that she is not a woman and could not then be from Venus. I am not going to lose my job over this because I do not have one that relies on playing kiss ass with powerful corporate and banking houses.

Other things might happen though, as did this previous week when something in my system went haywire and I suffered some kind of a breakdown. Was it caused by low level microwave pulses? Was it caused by some other intrusive influence, perhaps simply some sort of cosmic anomaly? I don't know.

There are a whole host of interacting conditions that might not be all that effective (or destructive if you prefer) but they are out there, with everything from horrific mosque bombings to a slate of holocaust denial articles and governmental bodies coming out in reaction to the present day holocaust of the Israelis upon the Palestinians.. Articles on The Holomodor and impossible gas chamber tales abound. It's a critical mass thing; the straw that breaks the camel's back. One day it's a crazy theory that goes counter to the world view, created by bankers for the purpose of world plunder and then, one day, everyone knows what the truth was and who the biggest mass murders of some long while were and are.

I've come to believe it is a genetic thing, not something behavioral that got implanted at an early age. Some people are just bad, or they play such a character on TV; metaphorically speaking. They are just all a part of the cosmic central casting that comes down the ranks of death and rebirth, born into their roles. It could be that they are all just players who imagine they have some influence over the script but who are, in fact, mere doomed automatons. It's a march of the damned and though we often do not see real justice here, it is possible that we do, simply by what happens to the victims of any age. Someone once said that this eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth construct simply leaves a lot of blind men gumming each other to death. That seems to be so, at least from where I stand, which is not a generally shared view because I don't see that many people standing on the hill at this particular angle with me.

Some of us do not see the world in terms of conventional wisdom; a possibly relevant associative event is the recent predictions of the scientists at that large monstrosity called Bosun Higgs or something like that. They say they are about to prove the existence of an alternative universe. You can expect all kinds of similar mind boggling verities or lacks of verity to come about shortly that will stand on its head all that we thought we knew of what is true and what is not. The fact is that we live in a dark age and that is best exemplified by the corporate and military industrial complexes financial driving of the scientific community; or one might look at the medical realm of the age. This is one of the more loathsome evidences going. Most areas of endeavor, especially the arts, are at their most tawdry state ever and yet these things are celebrated far and wide. Contemporary film soundtracks are most telling, as is the drive and direction of plotting mechanisms.

I suspect this summer and the rest of the year to be massively transformative. Negativists will see it as a world's end scenario. Positivists, like myself, will see it as something else entirely.

I think I've said all I want to say at the moment. At least I showed up to say something. That whole possibility seemed problematic only a short while ago. Well... there it is.

End Transmission.......

Unfortunately there will be no radio show again as the large computer went down for reasons inexplicable to me. Part of the trouble too is being now 12 hours removed from my previous digs which gave me a greater time latitude. All things in time.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Cleanup is gonna be painful for most, but cleanup seems on its way. Now if people can only understand on a great scale that global economic collapse is the best thing that can happen to people! The economy is all an illusion anyway. For the most part, the u.s. monetary system is just electronic numbers that come and go. There is actually very little hard currency, when you consider the 'VIRTUAL' monetary exchanges going on. The mints in the country would take forever to print all that crap. . .which is backed by absolutely NOTHING!

Tons of us are gonna be 'transitioned' to the next realm in ways I'm sure they'd rather not be transitioned, but hey! The pain won't last forever. Personally I can't wait to get there, but I have to. After all, those decisions were made by me before I got here, and I can't defy the self that knew what was going on, as opposed to the gimp 'tard idiot version of me that the thing that is typing this who doesn't know it's arse from a hole in the ground, generally speaking; considering I had an Akashic Library Card then, and now I may as well have blinders on, AND GODS ABOVE AND BELOW; I RESENT THAT TO THE FURTHEST REACHES OF MY NOSTRILS THAT LEGEND HAS, WHERE THE RIGHT ONE CONTAINS THE UNIVERSE! (Yeah, riiiiight!)

Soooo, will absolute nadir hit in 2017 some time (If my sources are correct. Rev. Douglas James Cottrell being the easiest to find.), or will it come sooner? I don't think I was stupid enough to ask to see the absolute nadir from this front row perspective. I most certainly don't wanna hang around to rebuild. I'm too old for that shite! I've been here longer than I want already. If I'm lucky, the fates won't have me seeing another Lughnasadh. But of course, I will have to wait to find out.

Seems like the wrong side of history (Source's cancer cells.) is pretty much shittin' in its britches. I mean, now they're talking about poisoning everyone with forced vaccinations for the sake of employment even. (Google it. I don't feel like hunting down links myself.) Yes, everything is coming out of the woodwork, and it's accelerating.

Gods, I am enjoying it to the hilt. Looks like not only a schadenfreude moment, but a schadenfreude year.

Wonder when the stock market is gonna tank, not that it's an indicator of anything?

Wonder lining your walls with aluminium foil would help, Vis?

They're also starting up CERN again on Monday. Wonder if anything will happen. Doubt it. And as far as I'm concerned, Higgs Boson is about as important as a flea. After all, what did it do to change anyone's life, as far as the hoi polloi go?

End of rant.

Thomas said...

"...train wreck of political correctness...". Oh man that was funny. The rest of the post seems to be made in a joking mood, too, which is speaking of encouraging things. I am glad to see you feel better, my friend :)

Hey Homer, did you see this? (Lasha Darkmoon linked to it in her latest article):

It's good stuff.

McCob. Well, you do sometimes come across as a little too sure in your spit, so to speak. I don't mind, I have done it myself, many times, and might still be doing it at times. The fact that you recognize it is essential, and will help you clear it up. I like the way you present yourself: bitterly swinging, pragmatic and practical, and obviously driven by a strong and healthy conscience, and it is a lesson for us all to learn to communicate. Here, we don't have anything but our words, which are mind-based. No intonation of sound, timing, true-to-time measure of reaction to our words, eye contact, smiles, body-language or anything, so, we must learn to weigh our words carefully, which is a very good practice.

Thank you all for participating in this shared teaching experience, my friends :)

Regarding the marginalization of conspiracy theorists, I am beginning to understand that it can be rectified precisely by not sounding sure in the spit when speaking to the uninformed. If we can respect their closed minds, open them with questions, and simply present the facts that people doubt the official lines, and present their arguments, while standing neutral ourselves, then people are far more likely to listen. That has been my experience over the last couple of weeks, and I am currently experimenting on mixing it with outright statements and such. It's interesting, and it seems to be an effective strategy.

Be well, all.

Doug Pearson said...

Speaking of Monsanto...

Anonymous said...


You're back! Yea!

Kings are mad for sure, but you are the Prince of the Internet and decidedly not mad in my book. I was freaked to imagine that though I had finally gotten it together to buy one of your books, some evil entity may have ripped you off (Paypal or somesuch). I hope it is not so and that you are OK.

Death to My Satan. I've been fighting them for years. They're right behind plutonium et cetera and agent orange in toxicity. Hideous monsters, stupid farmers and the dumbed down. God help us all.

Michele, a metaphor for the ridiculous. I am implanting an instruction in her MK Ultra'd brain: MICHELE, YOU WILL GET THEM TO SHUT DOWN GUANTANAMO, RIGHT NOW. BARAKY PROMISED and you will only wear camo fashions from now on.

Science is a whore in this age. Luckily some of us can figure out that margarine is NOT in fact better for you than butter, the whole cholesterol thing was bullshit, the suggested high-carb diet is poisonous, cows should not eat soybeans (probably no one should, well maybe a little tamari), tea is loaded with fluoride (sigh), and we want videos of all the rulies standing in between the particles when they collide. May they be transported to a really far away universe that has no slaves to serve them. Bwahahahaha.



Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Nice read!


wiggins said...

Les is the canis testis..........

Anonymous said...

Thomas, in spite of my know-it- allness I do know that there are lots of smarter and stronger people than me out there...maybe everybody else in the world.

Like probably everyone else that gets into Les, I am just trying to make sense of a confusing and often appalling world.

I have never seen you be anything but polite and unassuming.

Be well!


Anonymous said...

Buttons, the economy is backed up by productivity. Otherwise there would be nothing in the stores nor nothing in the trucks going down the road.

By the way I am getting into being a honky gringo cracker.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Don't be surprised if your breakdown was directed by an outside source/force. May God wrap you in his loving arms and protect you with his energy of pure love.

Nice to have you back brother :o).

Dear McCob,

Re: Your post from VO.

Thank you for your love friend. I get where you are coming from. I am blessed to have beloved friends around me, they are priceless :o).

God is so loving that God allows us to choose whatever we wish to believe, but as we all know we live in a universe where every action has a reaction. Christ said, 'According to your faith let it be done to you' (Matthew 9:29).'

It is my belief that we are in God's sorting bowl. Our choices decide which energy we belong to. My belief is that I am mistress of my own universe and I am a child of God, so there is no authority above me other than my Divine Creator. In my universe I choose to live by the natural laws of my creator of do no harm so I can flourish within harmony and love. When that balance is disturbed I perceive it as an opportunity to evolve my consciousness and expand my horizons, because it is an education into the true nature of the universes surrounding me. God opens my eyes when my heart is ready :o).

It is my understanding that anyone who takes rights and liberties away from others will have their rights and liberties removed, because as we do unto others we do unto ourselves. As I see it my only real job is to resonate as well as I can with the energy I most wish to be with. The energy that most attracts me is the energy of love, humanity, compassion, and forgiveness, because these are the energies that have best served me on my journey. Each must choose for their self, which is as it should be. I just hope people make their choice wisely, because I believe a lot is at stake.

Blessing upon you all,
Luv Kazz

Alan Jong said...

I was given some enlightenment on the issue of changes on a global scale, and your feelings about transitions are true; they are always happening. It's not really a transition in terms of something like,`Oh you got to pack up and move, because the earth is moving through and within the boundaries of heaven, as all plants, stars, and galaxies are. The true magnificence of heaven is revealed to Humankind by degrees, it's like a curtain being raised slowly. The further into the revealing we go the later in the game it is for people to reform themselves. The greatest contributor to building the bridge between heaven and earth was Thomas Paine.

God revealed to me, that no matter what the religious dogma or doctrine is that one believes, the content of one's character is all that will matter in the end. Some of the measures by which that character will assessed have nothing to do with religious doctrines or dogma. It was also expressed to me clearly by the deity, Thomas Paine's work is of more importance to the deity than those of all the religions' of the world combined. I was told that the standard of judgement will be akin to this quote, at all levels of societies, governments, and institutions. “When it can be said by any country in the world, my poor are happy, neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive, the rational world is my friend because I am the friend of happiness. When these things can be said, then may that country boast its constitution and government. Independence is my happiness, the world is my country and my religion is to do good.” — Thomas Paine

missingarib said...

Vis, the negativists are busy starting ww3. They having no faith except in their own will really have no place to go ,so figuring that , they may as well make the best of it and take everyone with them which they must assume is either here or not here.
The fukushima vapors created by the negativists are potent ghosts of the "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." gang
J. Robert Oppenheimer

The poster boy for the negativists says that "The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true."
J. Robert Oppenheimer

The funky currents of wind, water, magnetics,or what have you had my Etheric Fields in flux before I could tack out of the wacky vibes. -I didn't sense your presence in the force if you will -I mean things seemed blank,like soft white noise -

At times it feels like sitting on the edge of the grand canyon with a bad case of Acrophobia .

The sound of the "march of the damned" echoes in the canyon streets of the high rise gods.

"and though we often do not see real justice here, it is possible that we do, simply by what happens to the victims of any age." the numbers of which become hard to fathom .

And yes "It appears that a wide sweeping awakening is about to, very soon become highly visible " The chess pieces are in position and Big blue is about to get medieval.

“Men had sought beauty in many forms—in sequences of sound, in lines upon paper, in surfaces of stone, in the movements of the human body, in colours ranged through space. All these media still survived in Diaspar and down the ages others had been added to them. No one was yet certain if all the possibilities of art had been discovered, or if it had any meaning outside the mind of Man. And the same was true of love.”
― Arthur C. Clarke, The City and the Stars

live long

Anonymous said...

Yeah, time for the 7 year itch or crunch time..... 9/11 2001; crash
of 2008, all the weirdness so far, what does 2015 hold in store...
So Poppy Bush vomits on the Japanese emperor; Michelle nearly knocks him over, what else is new?

Anonymous said...

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Sunday, 22 March 2015 13:43 AEST
Part 1 of Many .......

DATE: Tuesday, 17 March 2015 AEST

I was listening (on the YouTube) to a song from an old movie (non English)
Then I did an English Translation of that song (On the following day)

Sweeping Blue Sky

Sweeping Blue Sky
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PS: This post needs reading in conjunction with contemporaneous writings in and Les Visible comments forum and some writings of THOSE who do not have what it takes (Presumed and Proven)
Sunday 22 March 2015 15:43 AEST

Visible said...

I've let this one comment pass because there is the chance, however small that you are not who I think you are but as soon as it turns out that you are, you will be history here. Lasha is a friend of mine and I won't put up with anymore horseshit concerning her or myself. It's not entertaining and there's no profit that I am aware of that can be found in this kind of thing.

Dodgy One said...

Mc Cob
If God were to prove his existence to his creation, doing so would destroy the freedom to choose.
Thing is though, for all the followers of the satanic dark side they too can not prove the existence of satan as that would also destroy the gift of free choice.
The reason free choice is so important is that no entity knowing love wants to force their lovers to be so.
I have purged my bowels now, thanks for the diagnosis.

For others this is from a VO exchange.

Anonymous said...

My Prayer: Lord, may I rise above my petty resentments and emotional problems. May I always know the difference between my opinions and what I can show to be true.

Reading Jeremiah when I found this:

"And they have built in the high places of Topeth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and daughters in the fire, which I did not command and it did not come into My mind."

From what I read: Human sacrifice was not uncommon in the Goddess fertility cults of the middle east of that period. The Israelites followed Moses. Moses was a despot. What the Israelites received from following Moses was war and apostate kings. They never did fully subdue the Canaanites. It is clear that a lot of the Israelites preferred Ashteroth to God. And in the end the Israelites were conquered and dispersed from the area. Now we call their remnants Jews. That is "God's people" for you.

I don't think Jesus ended human sacrifice but He did seem to drive it underground. If his sacrifice did anything else it is lost on me.

If one wants to make it big in this world is hard work and talent enough? Or, does big success count on us fucking over somebody else or murdering children? How often does the Agememnon's Daughter scenario play out these days? Do I really want to know? Is it better to hide my head in a cloud of reefer?

I could write everything I know on a postage stamp.


Anonymous said...

A note on food and health. 3 yrs ago I thought I was getting diabetes. I was fatigued all the time. I felt like I had to piss all the time. I couldn't make it through the night without going to the bathroom 5 or 6 times. I had high blood pressure. I was always hungry; I could eat a 7 course meal and I would still feel hungry. I gave up eating grains. Within weeks the symptoms abated. Grains are grasses and the human digestive system was not meant to eat grass. Now at 60 I am in pretty good health-knock on wood! (google wheatbelly blog)

Is our food supply tainted? Are we being poisoned? I think yes.


Marilyn said...

Spring is sprung! New beginnings! Love to all...isn't that what life is all about?
Glad you are ok..I've missed your writings, les.

Anonymous said...

"We are living in dark ages." 'Appen ya right lad.

nina said...

You lost your connecting geodesic domes, Honeyboy? NO! I must be reading that incorrectly.

Katy said...

You can hold something in your hand it
is a tiny little thing and
it sits there and sits there for years if you would like
and if you bury it
It dies and then from it can come something hundreds or even thousands or millions times bigger than it was
the grain of wheat an apricot pit
An oak seed an acorn it's
the strangest thing it's a miracle everyone takes for granted and it cycles through over the centuries
A constant stream of continuous life..
At the base of a massive oak is a dried out acorn shell.
At the base of a human, a pair of cells..
An ever present miracle singing
What is creation
Through the ages.

Let go, let go...

A demonstration

Anonymous said...

"I am not going to lose my job over this because I do not have one that relies on playing kiss ass with powerful corporate and banking houses."
Oh to be free of those things would be sweet. And its a great gig if you can afford to live completely outside of such entities. For some of us, with mouths to feed and roofs to keep it is not possible.
Here is the thing. One fact is certain. We all die. And there is a higher power though it isn't like following your favourite football team or American Idol contestant.
If you have sold yourself for petty comforts in this world then no complaining about the next.
If you think the lizard guy, or the wig man or the loud mouth with the blow horn is going to save you, forget it. Talk about "playing kiss ass with powerful corporate and banking houses."
Do you shop at local independent places? Have you turned off your TV for good? Have you put yourself out there with out hiding behind a pseudonym or clever handle? Fear is the opposite of Love... No risk, no reward.

Bad-Clown said...

Peoples has to learns to relax, or they's gonna goes mental! Take a extraterrestrial vacation...

Anonymous said...

Dodgy One: I do not doubt God exists. I doubt what men write and I doubt what people say. I doubt the Bible as well as any other religious text.

Free Choice? Is there such a thing? Tolstoy and Nietzsche as well as many others didn't seem to think so. But, then you are much smarter than them, aren't you?

You are entitled to your opinion but that is all that it is: an opinion no better than what anyone else might come up with.

I am glad you feel better. Next time try some ex lax.


Ehecatl said...

Ehecatl (the Wind and Spirit), on behalf of The Great Mother Spirit, has been keeping an eye on our beloved Visible, and of course we approve. Ehecatl relocated on the exact same days as Visible and has therefore been a silent observer to a near continous synchronicity of events (albiet with a sometimes inverted interpretation).

The oppressed have reason to be vocal and the free have reason to remain silent.

"I believe in God, I just don't believe he lives in a church." Mark Thomas

Visible said...

I don't know if you were talking to me but the name I use is on all my documentation.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old.

Mr. Visible, I am truly glad to see you have shaken off whatever assailed you. You are back in fine form, thank you.

McCob, I looked for your (almost in it) band on both the Soaring Eagle and Rubbles websites and did not find them. I prefer smaller venues, so the latter would be more appealing for me. Glad to hear you are still studying the Math, it's good for the brain. I would still like to get your email so we can communicate in private.

About the Bible: Seeing as it is such a monumental influence on Western culture and history, I think everybody should read it at their own pace at their own place. In it, the J-dude says pretty clearly not to get involved in your neighbors' quarrels. So I am going to try to tread lightly. There seem to be some commentors lately that seem to fancy themselves part of some sort of Political(/Theological) Correctness Enforcement Unit. Please spare us. Of course, I am the only one who has the correct answers and I'm not talking. I wouldn't be understood anyway. Take that as you wish.

However, I would recommend that everybody read I Samuel Chapter 8.

Still not Spring around here. Maybe next week.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, I have never posted before, but have enjoyed your work for a very long time. Thank you for being there, I feel much gratitude for all I have learned here along with all the sharing from others.

I too felt extraordinarily to the breaking point of late. The influx perhaps of solar waves, the outrageous assaults on the mind of the public along with personal growth required to surrender to the ineffable evermore have caused "beyond the beyonds" at times. Please know your work has helped and is helping get many of us through the rough patches.

Love Always and Peace to you, Liz in St. Louis.

Thomas said...

Dear Bob Rylett.

Perhaps you are right, perhaps you are wrong. Is the messenger more important than the message? No? Then you might not be right. In ancient times, the Hindu sages didn't bother writing their names on their holy writings, knowing that their temporary personality was of no importance whatsoever. I have put my name behind: "the Holocaust was a Lie! Hitler was a man with good intentions!" numerous times, both here and in other places, and in real life - I do believe it is true, but I don't know, since I don't remember being alive back then, and you know what? ONLY the people who already agree with the statement (not many) will not consider me to be an absolute loon when I say that. Everyone else will look at me like I have not only leprosy, but the plague as well, AND an utterly deadly and contagious mental disease. That is a fact. Try it yourself. The fact of the matter is that circumspection, strategy and respect for the fact that you are working with wound-up-too-too-tight and completely brainwashed minds is CRUCIAL if you want to reach beyond the choir with your message. That is what my experience tells me, at least. Maybe you can enlighten us on the matter?

All the best.

Anonymous said...

if rap sucks then what is this? hip hop?

Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography


Evidence - Weatherman


Alan Jong said...

Mc Cob
"If God were to prove his existence to his creation, doing so would destroy the freedom to choose.
Thing is though, for all the followers of the satanic dark side they too can not prove the existence of satan as that would also destroy the gift of free choice."

What of your choices are free?
"It has been the scheme of the Christian church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of Government to hold man in ignorance of his rights. The systems of the one are as false as those of the other, and are calculated for mutual support. The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion. Not any thing can be studied as a science, without our being in possession of the principles upon which it is founded; and as this is not the case with Christian theology, it is therefore the study of nothing." Thomas Paine Age of Reason Section 21 part 2

Mc Cob Wrote "The reason free choice is so important is that no entity knowing love wants to force their lovers to be so.
I have purged my bowels now, thanks for the diagnosis."

Love prevails at all points of creation. In the same way an octopus can rest completely undetected at the bottom of the ocean in perfect camouflage, so are the curtains that maintain the illusion of our separateness from the kingdom God, but I'll say right here and now when God decides the moment those curtains should cease, it will be so. The situation is win-win, the worse offenders will be accommodated in a distant plant as perfect as the earlier earth was, and there, live life, with some degree of reincarnation in that system. This earth becomes restored and in perfect harmony with greater creation.

"It has been by wandering from the immutable laws of science, and the right use of reason, and setting up an invented thing called revealed religion, that so many wild and blasphemous conceits have been formed of the Almighty. The Jews have made him the assassin of the human species to make room for the religion of the Jews. The Christians have made him the murderer of himself and the founder of a new religion, to supersede and expel the Jewish religion. And to find pretense and admission for these things, they must have supposed his power or his wisdom imperfect, or his will changeable; and the changeableness of the will is imperfection of the judgement. The philosopher knows that the laws of the Creator have never changed with respect either to the principles of science, or the properties of matter. Why, then, is it supposed they have changed with respect to man?" Thomas Paine
Anyway Thomas Paine is part of God's A-Team if you will, and I recommend his written works, there are myths that he was privately an Atheist, but that is untrue he was a Deist, in the same way Ralph Waldo Emerson was a Deist, I'm a Deist too.
Here is The Age of Reason, Why the age of reason? because God is the Reason we're here, and will always be here, the here is the universe of which the earth is no less a part of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
hope you are feeling better. Things are shifting to our advantage here in Europe, especially behind the scenes. One example: they can't keep the lid on how happy Crimeans are with their new state of affairs. The Nuland Narrative is dying - even in the MSM.
Love to all at this site,
The German Farmer

Thomas said...

Mr. Nah! Please, please, please my friend, do speak straight. Precisely WHO are you accusing of being part of a political/theological correctness enforcement unit?

My view is that Truth is Absolute and One. However, it is obvious that people speak about it in different ways, and experience it to differing degrees. This is natural and good, as true and organic diversity is a source of joy and inspiration. I agree with you that there should not be a political/theological correctness enforcement unit, especially not here, one of the last bastions of free thought and discussion, but please don't be so mealy-mouthed about this important thing, and then state that only you know the right answers (perhaps I am the fool here, and you were being ironic? - I am open to the possibility, and would consider it an elegant and harmless, even fruitful, deception). I might seem to be guilty of the charge of enforcing my view on this place. Perhaps it is more than seeming. My loyalty is to Truth, as I perceive It, and that I will freely admit. Others are doing the same, and I consider it healthy and right. In disagreement and discussion lies a greater shared understanding, if it is carried (non-violently) to its logical conclusion. However, no-one here can force others to do anything, and I am not interested in forcing the issue upon anyone. Besides, I know it will not work, and I thank the Holy Creator that we are all blessed with a free will to choose what we will believe, and how we will express it, or not express it. Do you think that the regulars here are weaklings who are swayed by mere internet-based coercion? Is it your experience that they cannot fend for themselves? My dear, they would not be here if that was the case. Is it your experience that much deliberately foul and useless chatter and noise makes it past the well-trained nose of our gracious host? Please, let us be honest here. It seems we have only the words here. Without honesty, words are useless at best, misleading and destructive at worst.

Be well, my friend. Sincerely.

Alan Jong said...

I guess I was reply to Dodgy One, and Not McCob. The example I gave about the Almighty's power is as described. The creator that made the Universe also made the octopus, and that is a very dynamic creature that can mask its entire form according to its environment. The magnetic fields that surround the earth do some level of that, whatever is revealed is intended to be revealed, eventually everything will be revealed in a very physical way, not through religious myths necessarily.

I'm not trying to convince or coerce anyone into believing anything, I just find this forum a comfortable place to express my enlightenment, and likewise it's also a place I come to for enlightenment.

“To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.” — Thomas Paine

galen said...

Well Thomas, I for one was relieved when Mr. Nah wrote:

'There seem to be some commentators lately that seem to fancy themselves part of some sort of Political/Theological Correctness Enforcement Unit. Please spare us.'

I have felt this for some time, questioning my own continued participation here. In that regard, time will tell, as spirit directs. But Mr. Nah (and anyone, for that matter) has a right to express in whatever way, be it covert or glaringly transparent. Sometimes the circumspect allows for an intuitive reading-between-the-lines. Sometimes to call one out, to name names, if you will, is to invite all manner of attack and invalidation. Yes, that has its place, where one might have to say, 'Okay,, let's duke it out,' but it's not the only way. Think of all the great writers who have given us allegory, mystery, implication. This allows the reader to check within and see what pops up, what resonates, without being steered into the writer's mind-set. I see its place. It's okay for one to say, 'This is what I notice,' and not have to step into the fray. Yes, we may be called on to defend what we throw out there, but a perfectly acceptable response is, 'Hey, just sayin' what I'm noticing.' Some may call this avoidance; I call it smart. Perhaps the 'noticing without naming' affords an opportunity to check one's output.

Just my take, Thomas, likely from an embattled perspective.


Erik said...

..."Some people will use a symbolism of the relationship of God to the universe, wherein God is a brilliant light, only somehow veiled, hiding underneath all these forms as you look around you. So far so good. But the truth is funnier than that, it is that you are looking right at the brilliant light now, that the experience you are having that you call ordinary everyday consciousness--pretending you're not it--that experience is exactly the same thing as 'IT'! There's no difference at all, and when you find that out, you laugh yourself silly. That's the great discovery." ~Alan Watts...

Katy said...

I have seen students struggle because their math, trig, or calculus teachers are not native speakers, and thick accents and a lack of helpful metaphors can impede understanding.
Nonetheless, the laws of mathematics remain correct. Even if some students despise the teacher and loathe math, the mathematical principles still hold. It just doesn't matter who says what about math...

Did Jesus Christ expose God? Could God love his little souls enough to manifeste in flesh?Not a hard trick ifn you're Almighty. Study the life of Christ (and some others too -- listen to steely Dan's bodhisattva while you study...)
And if you with an open mind look at the words and acts of this Jesus, you may be shocked. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he was just what you wished this "God" to be? Here is a simple list of words Christ said,

And surely everyone here has read at least an hour or two of the Upanishads or Bhagavad Gita?

Philosophy is fun or exhilarating or strenuous or excruciating and core training for the brain, but Experiential Love -like the gita, is transcendent and ineffable, if I may dare to lay out my limited glimpse of light so far.
That is,
Thinking one's way
to the Encounter with THE CREATOR
seems a little ...professorial?counterintuitve?

Just a little summer savory to add to this big crockpot y'all are cookin

galen said...

McCob, a few more: residue from the music musings a few days back:

"Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the State always change with them."
-- Plato, 'The Republic'

"There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless."
-- Plato, 'The Republic'


Erik said...

Heh Katy,

"A tasty smackerel" as Pooh would say ...
or maybe ... "Bangerang!" ;)

The 3rd Elf said...

When you're least expecting it: a radio show!

Alan Jong said...

"Did Jesus Christ expose God? Could God love his little souls enough to manifeste in flesh?Not a hard trick ifn you're Almighty. Study the life of Christ (and some others too -- listen to steely Dan's bodhisattva while you study...)
And if you with an open mind look at the words and acts of this Jesus, you may be shocked. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he was just what you wished this "God" to be? Here is a simple list of words Christ said,"

My feelings about any of these beliefs are that our imaginations are powerful tools, so powerful in fact that we can imagine God in many ways, and find comfort, peace, wisdom, and meaning in an imagined God. I'm not here to break those illusions. But I value truth to much to adopt any of them for myself. Searching for truth is why I initially came to these blogs. I found more than truth here, I found inspiration at times.

Anonymous said...


Long time no talk. I have been reading your blogs just have not really had the time to reply. The boss has been keeping me busy. Mr Apoc said to say hello and your gonna like what hes got coming up for the next act.

Locally here in the tip of the mit of the depressed and over tyrannized state of MI those that think they are in power are finding out they are not and even their best laid plans are failing left and right. Some might wonder why I hang around this location when I could go elsewhere but we each have our task.

Meanwhile I can say that the movement towards Liberty and Enlightenment is growing by leaps and bounds all over the globe even though most can not or refuse to see it. For some whats around the corner will be a shock for others it will just all be part of the cycle.

Hope things are well with you and the readers where each of you are and just remember were on the home strech now.

Oh and my puppy says hello.

Katy said...

The awesome Alan watts quote above made me think of ~Dance with Life~
Such a beautiful song
from Phenomenon (whole soundtrack is worth listening to)
And a deep love song if anyone needs it...
[ thanks erik]

Anonymous said...

Mr Nah...the reservation gig is in the big room and there will be several cover type bands that day. Rubbles is the kind of place where Iggy Pop might have played. It is a little unorganized and they are always bumping bands. The guy starting Beatles project has an in there.

In the next month I will be doing a Sunday evening set or 2 in Alma (or is it St Louis?) at a place called the Crossroads. It will be a shakedown gig for a band I started this last Winter. I am working with a very talented young female singer and she is worth the price of admission.

I did send Les my email but I fear Mr Visible has been distracted. I do want to meet you. I can get a handle on the undergrad stuff but I am going to want to learn to pass the actuarial exam. Could you help me with something like that?

Peace be with you!


Anonymous said...

Galen: Know that I am always happy to hear from you! At this point in time if I could choose anyone in the world to have a conversation with, I would choose you.

Music and Art (by Art I mean exemplary sculpture, architecture and painting) are the only things in civilized society that are more powerful than money. Money itself is Art; usually very good art.

Look at the Catholic church with all of that Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini,..., the list goes on. If you took all of those Cardinals out of that environment all you would have are well educated men that know a few languages. Very few would listen to them. Their power comes from art!

Washington DC architecture is what gives the Yankee such great power.

"Music is like a fire in your belly so you have to stick a horn in your mouth to keep it from burning your lips." I don't know who said that? Maybe Lisa Simpson?

Always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you!

Love, McCob

Anonymous said...

Since 2004 I have been somewhat obsessed with the 911 events. I don't like it! Obsession is often if not always symptomatic of mental disturbance. Obsession is not healthy. The 911 event is what led me to Visible's blogs.

What I have observed: The internet is probably the most powerful tool for communication since the advent of movable type. But, it is rare that I can have a decent conversation where there is contention because any train of thought can easily be derailed by personal attacks. The internet is a de facto tower of Babel.

I know I am but a speck of dust in the universal scheme of things. But, I think I have the right to attack ideas and express my point of view. I don't take it personally when someone criticizes or puts down my beliefs. And, to be honest, I am not exactly sure of what I believe at this point.

There is more to being human than what one believes. Criticizing political or religious stances is not the same thing as insulting one's mother.

We have Mother Earth and we have each other...."Where two or more are gathered in my name....blah blah blah...." If we have anything else I can not be sure of what it is.

I do believe in a Divine Creator. But, I can't pretend I have any idea that I know what It wants.


Anonymous said...

Onyx at 4:41,

Perhaps we' re each a fragment of god's illusion.


Katy said...

McCob, i need to get off of the net for a few days And get in my gardening frame of mind however I had to at least log on and give you two thumbs up on your last comment
I figured by the time I was my age which is Way over 39 I would have plenty of friends that liked to debate ideas. Contentiously, considerately, passionately, intelligently....without getting in a permanent snit.


Maybe it's time; one is to finish disengaging...
((A bird, a thread even of gold,
the earth...

I complain about my blessings constantly. (Smile. It's better to be alone than to wish you were.) But i have gotten as far as not to whine about but to be grateful for a flat tire...

< She heads for the strawberry and asparagus patch... >

galen said...

Thanks, McCob, it would be good conversation (and by good I mean odd, original, unusual and organic, with tinges of insanity - grin). But..... I may be left in the dust when my left brain shuts down and I can't keep up with the math (good as I was at algebra). Sigh. . .

Now, what do you mean when you say, 'Money itself is Art; usually very good art'? Do you mean the images on coin and paper? And, of course, 'good art' is a subjective conclusion, unless one is to embrace the determinations of the so-called 'art experts.' Much like music (eh?) we like what we like. But that is perhaps a trap, and there really is some intrinsic way to gage which art is 'good' and which simply sucks. We could arrange a tour through 50 randomly-chosen homes just to see that one person's 'art' is another's nightmare.

There's a funny thing that happens to me when I see something that my mind interprets as profoundly beautiful or profoundly stirring: I feel a little twinge in my third chakra, just above the navel (Ray, I see your ears have just extended their height). It lasts about 11 seconds, kind of a gestalt where all components of my being come into a (for lack of a better word) balance, if only for a short while. I've wondered if that phenomenon was/is a Creator-given gage to register when one is in harmony with what one is observing. I also wondered if others experienced it. It is quite physical. Albeit fleeting. If I can get conscious enough I might one day see if I can hang on to it.

Art and music bless us today (even the jerks in Washington and Tel Aviv).



Thomas said...

Hey Galen,

thank you for your insight. I have been known to be insolent throughout my life. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not. I am trying to find a good balance, hehe. I agree with McCob that we must be able to attack ideas, and that is what I was trying to defend, our freedom to express. Perhaps I was too much. I am happy that Mr. Nah said what he did, I have no authority over this place, and if I did I would allow anything sincere through, and I think, without knowing it, that he doesn't mind disagreement. I will not stay in a place where there are muzzles on the snouts, unless there is a really good other reason.

Anyways, thank you Galen. You're such a sweetie :)

galen said...

Thomas, McCob, I also agree that "we must be able to attack ideas." Seems vital and essential to any real conversation about the state of our lives. Through my eyes, that is a perch that needs be perpetually occupied; how else to sniff out (hi Buttons) what might be aiding the enemy? How else to stretch the mind, educate the heart? These:

"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."
-- Joseph Joubert

"For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate."
-- Margaret Heffernan

"A good idea will keep you awake during the morning, but a great idea will keep you awake during the night."
-- Marilyn vos Savant

"Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Calm, open debate, and logical thought drive strength to its maximum effectiveness."
-- Billy Corgan

"My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation."
-- Kirsty Gallacher


Anonymous said...

galen: Yes, I mean the images. By good art I mean it has a lot of depth,definition and detail. (I can only speak about american money) Does it speak to the soul? Not mine but maybe others.

One thing I have learned from playing music is that there is more to being an artist than skill. But, I couldn't tell you what that 'more' would be.

math is only a good topic of conversation for people who study the subject. I would like to hear about your favorite books and movies. Maybe some childhood experiences; events that shaped your world view. You would be doing all the talking because I am not very interesting. And I would listen.

Katy: thank you for reading my remarks. You are beautiful where it counts.


Anonymous said...

galen: I contend Ray has 8 chakras.


Ray B. said...

Galen: "There's a funny thing that happens to me when I see something that my mind interprets as profoundly beautiful or profoundly stirring: I feel a little twinge in my third chakra, just above the navel (Ray, I see your ears have just extended their height)."

Galen, you got me (grin). Here is my 'list' of chakra meanings, and here is how I came to know about them.

I am curious about "a little twinge in my third chakra ... when I see something that my mind interprets as profoundly beautiful or profoundly stirring." The third chakra is known for Empowerment and (when cleared) 'I Am Here, Too'. Perhaps, your experience originates in your mind (third-eye region, see below) and somehow gets reflected or redirected 'down' to the navel region. Interesting!

For example, I had an unexpected response when I first saw (in person) the Taj Mahal. I had just passed-through an entrance building, and there it was. Immediately, I had a third-eye 'ache' because it was so beautiful. Somehow, it 'hit' me on that level. ("We Are One")

Also, the first time I took a former-ladyfriend to view Crater Lake, OR, she spontaneously burst into tears; it was so beautiful. Energetically, it came from an area between her throat chakra and the third-eye chakra ("We Are Important" and "We Are One", respectively.)

We work in strange ways... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

I just ran across a very impressive interview between 'The Saker' and Paul Craig Roberts. 'The Saker' is very direct, and Paul Craig Roberts states a lot of truth (though bobbing and weaving some).

(Note that what Vis calls 'The Tribe', Roberts calls the 'Israeli Lobby' - probably to keep from being killed.)

Worth looking over and reflecting on...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Some amount of you would be better in a forum set up where you can play that awful kissy face shit. It gets tiresome here. You know who you are.

galen said...

I'm sorry if I'm among the awful 'kissy-face,' but I do like kisses.


Ray, had similar 3rd chakra twinge at Crater Lake and Grand Canyon. Well, not sure why it shows up in different areas of the body for different people. Maybe it's connected to what needs to be awakened. And thanks for you info. Will read it soon.

McCob, I think that "more" you refer to would be the soul and how it shows itself. Big difference 'tween entertainers and artists.

As for my favorite books, movies, etc, well, I don't know, McCob, maybe one day. That's an overwhelming request. Ize Scorpio rising. We keep much in, not out of selfishness, but rather to secretly luxuriate in what we find sacred. I'll just say this: Tolkien, Henry Miller, Rimbaud. I hope that's enough of an indication. To these three there are no close seconds. Favorite movie: The original "King Kong," 1933. Man's inhumanity to beast. Man's greed slimes the natural world. Made me a vegetarian at a very young age. I go along in life okay, looking like I'm managing day-to-day affairs, but always within is a silent scream knowing what is happening to our animal friends. I believe that when that is corrected it could end wars and we will soar


Anaughty Mouser said...

Great post Les Visible.

Until the khazarian bankers get their hands off the money supply; poverty and war will continue to be germain to the society we live in.
Hang the bankers, cancel israel, feed the world.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Hey McCob, have you ever thought about starting your own blog? If you actually did so, it would give people the ability to go to your blog and read your posts. Or not. Something to consider...

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I have never aspired to be a writer. People have the choice of reading my posts or not as it is.

Your comment was very encouraging! Thanks, McCob

Anonymous said...

galen: King Kong is wonderful! Fay Wray is an immortal.

I was wondering: If someone gets vermin in their house is it morally okay to you that they trap and kill the little beasts? Is the life of a rat as precious as that of a white tail deer?


Anonymous said...

"Some amount of you would be better in a forum set up where you can play that awful kissy face shit. It gets tiresome here. You know who you are."

I have to wonder of the intelligence of someone who would take the time to read things they consider 'tiresome'. Someone needs an enema.


Anonymous said...

I love all good hearted seekers! Especially the women.


Anonymous said...

"If 2 people always agree it means that 1 of them isn't necessary." My Mom


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:18 and 10:31,

Do you have anything to add besides snark and buzzkill?


Thomas said...

I have bitten the hand that has fed me.

Mr.Nah, Bob Rylett, Visible, and others I might have hurt: I apologize. I do not mean to hurt, but in my zeal sometimes consider it necessary. Perhaps I am in the wrong. Always keep that in mind! ;)

By way of explanation:
I am afraid for the world, its people, animals and plants, and, to a lesser extent, the children of my friends, the children I see in my daily doings, my family, and myself. I do not condone the suffering that is going on, deliberately inflicted upon us. I am raging inside about the mean-spirited and power-intoxicated little cult of Jewish Banker Ghouls and their spineless minions who are at the moment holding the world in a tightening death-grip. I do not believe that Mr. Apocalypse is the only force in operation here, but that He is opposed by a slobbering and brutish beast of a man-entity. Call him Mr. Inertia if you will. I do not believe that Mr. Apocalypse, though He is Elegance Itself, bringer of real Truth and Light, is All-powerful. I might be mistaken, and I would be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. However, I know the damage that wishful thinking can cause when it is dissolved, having experienced it in an extremely severe degree myself. False hope is not a good thing to give people, and that is an absolute certainty, in my world. I do hope that I am wrong here, but I do not believe so. I DO NOT KNOW. Time will tell.

I AM certain that The Holy Creator has everything in Its hands, and that Life and Love are stronger than all that stands in opposition to it. But that does not mean that a new Dark Middle Ages-like situation cannot be imposed for an indefinite amount of time on a single planet, even to the extent that the whole planet is strangled. The Lord is the Source of All Power, and seems to me to have bestowed it on both the side of Light and the side of Darkness, for them to duke it out in the material realm. I DO NOT KNOW. Time will tell.

Until then, I will fight for what I perceive as Truth, with any and all means necessary, and I will try to do it in the way that is most effective and does it with the maximum ratio of Good-to-Bad. But you people are not my enemies. Please take me with a grain of salt if I become too unpleasant, and do tell me, if you care to, that I might correct my path.

Thank you all for being here. Thank you Vis, for your inspiration and your hard work. For your Light and Positive Vibrations, and Truthful and sincere ways.

ps. to Anon at 4:18, talking about kissy-face: You are free to stay away. No-one is forcing you to come here, except maybe your pay-masters. Do you have no idea what Love and Forgiveness are?

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old.

I was on the internet when it replaced the pony express. I was on the internet when Morse code was replaced by ASCII and EBCDIC. I was on the internet before the term "flame war" was coined. I was on the internet before HTTP became predominate. I am quite familiar with the ways of forums.

There are always some idiots that arise and try to control them. This tends to be the downfall of the forum. The control freaks battle it out and the contributors leave in disgust. May I gently suggest that if you don't like the content of a contribution, whether too cantankerous or lovey-dovey, you merely skip over it instead of braying your disapproval? After all, this is a moderated forum with a gracious host, let him decide what is appropriate. I find it extemely ironic that someone would try to stifle PDA comments on a blog where the importance of love is a central theme.

Sorry Thomas, I will not name the names of who I think are offenders, that would make me just as bad. Thank you, Galen, for your explanation why.

McCob, I will see you at your show. I'll be the old hippie drinking coffee, kicking ass on the pool table if there is one.

Insiam still seems to be missing, and I intuit we are due for another contribution from Mr. Coronal Mass Ejection, who has proudly defied requests to paragraph his prose.

Carry on, lots of hugs and kisses from this old fart.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old.

Dear Thomas,

Please don't be too hard on yourself. One thing you can be relatively sure of is that what you write won't be interpreted exactly as you intended, no matter how carefully you choose your words. This is because communication depends not only on the contextual environment of the transmitter, but also the contextual environment of the receiver. In human to human communication, these two will never be the same, they may be similar, but never the same. The more abstract the discourse the higher the contextual dependency. Only in simple mechanical, rigorously defined information system communication can you assume that the transmitter and receiver will interpret the data the same.

I, too, am extremely (no typo this time) concerned for the fate of the world. The evil power you are referring to as "Mr. Inertia" is more than just a "man-entity" as I understand things. It is man based, just as mob psychology is, but it is a spiritual entity with its own coherence. The Biblical term is "Prince of this World". I am optimistic it will be overcome and we will be entering a "Golden Age" as many have predicted and prophesied. People are "awakening" and it is thanks to the efforts of folks like Mr. Visible and yourself. The main point to understand is that money is symbolic and assets are real.

My main concern for the survival of civilization and the planet is the reckless experimentation being performed by CERN, soon to be joined by the FRIB. I am in the camp that believes that high energy collisions of this nature can precipitate a runaway black hole. It is like a group of kids trying to design and build the biggest bottle rocket they can right next to an oil refinery. Utterly reckless. They freely admit that their theory is incomplete, and likely incorrect. Rather than making them cautious, this seems to justify carrying out the experiments to see what happens so they can tune their theories. I ask, what's the damn hurry. Figure out the results you have gotten already before you try to get more.

Spring isn't here yet, despite what the calendar says. It looks like I'll be keeping my beard at least another week.

Mr. Nah

galen said...

Thomas, I share your rage regarding those "Ghouls," the ugly, toxic virus out to kill us. Rage is an appropriate reaction and perhaps a springboard to all forms of focused response. And thank you for introducing me to Mr. Inertia; he comes to my house a lot and it takes much to boot him out. Sometimes he appears cool like things are actually getting done, but all the time he's sucking chi, even secretly thinking of going backwards. I'm pretty sure he showed no reflection in my mirror. Yeah, lots of bad stuff about, but lots of good stuff too. And Resurrection on the horizon.

McCob your mom knew a thing or two about life and its need for spice. You are your mother's son.

You ask me: "If someone gets vermin in their house is it morally okay to you that they trap and kill the little beasts? Is the life of a rat as precious as that of a white tail deer?"

Well, I do like to embrace the Buddhist adage that "All Life Is Sacred," but I am in violation of living it. I have killed roaches or centipedes. With rodents, there are humane cages for catch and release, but if home is overrun and no other solution, I guess I'd go for the kill, but surely with deep regret and a full dose of remorse and an overly verbose apology to the ones I must somehow kill. Of course I'm embarrassed to say I haven't the courage to kill anything, hardly even a mosquito, so I call on the great cohabiter to come forth and do the dirty work. Shame on me. So maybe it all comes down to self-defense; to kill only when ABSOLUTELY necessary. I hope Homer's not mad at me.


Ray B. said...

Damn, I'm old / Mr. Nah: "I am in the camp that believes that high energy collisions of this nature can precipitate a runaway black hole."

I am also in this camp. I believe I read some time ago that the physicists even admitted that nano black holes would be produced in some collisions, but would 'evaporate' in the vacuum of the collider tunnel before reaching the wall. So, no problem. Move along, nothing to see here...

Personally, I would require that such experiments be conducted somewhere away from the home world. The consequences from a 'mistake' go way beyond a local Boom...

(The Mayans talked about a Fifth Age coming to an end. It would be ironic if it was by black hole.

On the other hand, might it 'force' ET or Otherworldly intervention and get us out of our 'stasis'?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Dear Mr. Nah.

Thank you for your erudite and sound contributions to the collective understanding. I for one have benefited already, and will be munching on your words for some days, at least. I feel sure that your words and understanding would be a valuable gift to any web-based forum where people are reasonable enough to listen, and in real life, too! ;)

Wisdom is a tricky one to catch, hehe. When to do one thing, when to do another. I can see that in the context of a forum like this, calling people out is generally unwise, unless the intention is positive or neutral. But surely not always? I will go with Galens assessment on that one, and try to feel my way.

Thank you for your concern. I have always been told that I am extremely hard on myself. That is my way, apparently. I have always wanted Truth, even when I had to make an utter fool of myself, or engage in stupid, reckless and dangerous acts. I am learning a lot that way, although it is painful at times. I was ashamed this morning, for a reason that I don't need to get into here. It is known to the relevant parties. Suffice to say, I had said something in a way that, though it was and is my opinion, came out very disrespectfully. Anyways, I felt impelled to write what I did. "No pain, no gain", as they say. It's not always true, I know, but "desperate times require desperate measures", they also say.
I would much rather deface myself and apologize than let pride get the best of me. I have to keep my ego on a very short leash, I know from experience. Luckily, I have my Beautiful Mother Kali watching over me. She dispenses my punishment with a cool hand, and I try to correct myself accordingly. That way, I become a purpose-of-demonstration item, and I and others too, perhaps, can learn. All is well.

We can call Mr.Inertia "Satan" as well. It is just that I am of the opinion that, just as in Nature, there must be two forces opposing each other, always. I am here playing Visibles game, because I sincerely like Mr. Apocalypse, but in my optics, he must have an adversary. I imagine Mr. Inertia to be yellowish-grey and foul-smelling, lazy, ignorant and with small pointy eyes like a sick pig in the dark, with a huge flabby gut, and a hoarse, bellowing and screaming voice. Somehow mysteriously, though, he is extremely cunning. Lusty, perverted and greedy. Incredibly powerful, just like his adversary Mr. Apocalypse. Who says that we can't invent Godlike, archetypal entities? Where do we suppose that the "Old Gods" come from? All bear the mark of human imagination. That is not to say that they are not symbols of actual forces. A star is of its size and stability because of what is called hydrostatic equilibrium: Its gravitational force is in equilibrium with the radiant pressure (meaning light and all other electromagnetic radiation) pushing out from its fusion core. In my experience, we ourselves consist of an utterly humble side that allows everything to happen, and will accept any disgrace, insult and damage to itself and others; and a side that wants to rule all of creation and impose its will on everything that crosses its path. Somewhere in between those two extremes of the feminine and masculine, we find our balance, and I suppose the wisest among us are poised on the exact middle, moving only in relation to the world, but always ending back in the center.


Thomas said...


As for CERN and BH's, what follows is what I have gathered on the matter from my forays into science. Although I do not agree with Prof. Stephen Hawking on all matters, I do consider him to be quite adept in the realms of mathematics and physics. According to him, a black hole of a small diameter, as would come out of the CERN experiments, would evaporate at a quicker rate than it could gather mass. The evaporation is due to the fact that "quantum fluctuations in the fabric of space-time" constantly create pairs of particle/anti-particle, that under normal circumstances quickly merge back together so the total energy is unchanged. My understanding is that this is experimentally verified. However, in the case of a black hole, some of these particle/anti-particle pairs will be created just on the event horizon of the black hole, and one of the particles will go into the hole, the other will go away from the event horizon, and eventually escape its gravitational field. The energy required for this matter-creation of the pair will be taken from the black hole, and by that mechanism it will evaporate. E = mc2: energy-to-mass conversion. You can consider the fact that a black hole created of just a few particles will have far less gravitational attraction than even a small rock. My feeling is that we do not need to worry about that.

Be well, All.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

Howdy Gene,

Pretty good guess. Actually, by training I am a Mathematician from a Philosophy of Science College. By trade, I could be called a Software Engineer. As a hobby I am an Acoustics Engineer and a Signal Processing Engineer. I have recently become a blogger myself in that last category. Check out:

I was motivated to write it by McCob, and I intended it to be for him to understand. I am currently working on my second blog article for that site, I have a series of them planned. There is no way I can match the pace, or the word craftiness, of Mr. Visible.

I would like to refer you to a different writer concerning the interaction of the Earth's magnetic field with the Sun's. His name is Attila Grandpierre. Yes, that's his real name, so cool. He is a punk rocker that happens to be an Astrophysics Professor in Hungary. He is an expert on the subject, I'll let you search for the articles. He has written an earlier essay that is a complete mind blower and I highly recommend called "The Physics of Collective Consciousness". Here I will provide a link:

The current solar maximun is pretty tame compared to previous ones, but that is still an intriguing thought. The conductivity of the atmosphere is an interesting concept also. Your question about the arc reminds me of the fear when HAARP was started. The fear was that HAARP would form a conductive path for the Ionosphere (with its large negative charge) to connect to the earth (with its large positive charge) and form an unstoppable lightning bolt that wouldn't stop until the Ionosphere was completely discharged. Fortunately that didn't happen.

You can't bring up the Ionsphere without talking about its relationship to radio waves and the Schumann Resonances. This leads to the fascinating relationship between the SR and brain waves. Again, I'll let you do your own searching on that one.

I will address my concerns about CERN in a reply to Thomas.

Happy plodding.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for the flattery, I'm glad I didn't piss you off.

I understand what you are saying about Dr. Hawking's theory of black holes. This is contemporary theory and the fig leaf they are using to proceed so recklessly. I earnestly hope that he is correct and your feeling of comfort is justified. However, Dr. Hawking has revised his theories in major ways over the years, so there is no guarantee that the latest one is correct. This is not a fault of Science, but it's strength. Science claims to have the latest best answer, not necessarily the right one. If a new experiment, or set of observations, or theoretical advance, obviates a prevailing theory, Science strives to come up with a new theory. Consensus has nothing to do with it. This is in sharp contrast to Religious dogma, which claims to have the right answer from the get go and is extremely resistant to modification.

The black hole formation hypothesis you are referring to assumes that the black hole forms my the aggregation of surrounding matter. My concern, based on a different model than the standard model, is that mass formation will occur in a shockwave like manner, propagating faster than the shock can be dissipated. At least for as far as the material density of the surrounding space is above a threshold value. In other words, instead of a black hole forming where the Earth was, at the mass of the Earth but much smaller, a black hole will form the size of the Earth and many times more massive. This will, of course, suck in the rest of the Solar System and muck up this section of the Galaxy, but we won't really care at that point.

If my understanding is correct, I don't know if the energy levels are high enough to kick this off. I sure hope not. I wouldn't even mind if my understanding was wrong and we have nothing to worry about as the current accepted thinking suggests.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

Hawkings is an atheist studying a science that anyone paying attention would come to a particular conclusion he is incapable of arriving at.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas.
No reason for an apology. I can't be hurt by an anonymous internet commenter. How can one be injured by something that doesn't really exist?
There is no reason to be afraid.. Just what we are programmed to fear.
If people do not see the magic that is this world, and then with that doubt there is a next?
There is no helping them. They must drink the water on their own.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

That Great Opportunity to be One of the Luckiest Souls on Earth.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hawking doesn't look like that for no reason..

Visible said...

Not seeking to be cruel but I have often made the observation that it is the progressive degrees of his world view that has got him so bent out of shape.



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