Thursday, March 26, 2015

It Furthers to have Eyes in the Front of your Head.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May you be the person your dog thinks you are.

Every now and then, I have to depart from the usual topics of the day but... not right away. I've been doing these blogs for ten years. In that time I have encountered predictions and prognostications, as well as wildassed flights of mind boggling fantasy from the likes of Fulford, Wilcock, SOTT and sundry. They've made a lot of money from this kind of enterprise. It should also come as no surprise that the second most popular and successful alternative news gathering site, celebrates Halloween as its main holiday. I should add that the most popular alternative site of all, which used to employ the Halloween guy, is hosted by a Rothschild financed cartoon character, who is possibly one of the most overblown caricatures that I have ever seen. Meanwhile I catch shit for being me, way out of proportion with what is deserved by those already mentioned. This is how it all goes in the environs in which we do our day to day. This is not some kind of 'poor me' soliloquy. It's a matter of fact appraisal of how it is and... I will tell you why; perhaps it isn't exactly why but it is how it looks to me sometimes and... like I said, I'll tell you why.

Meanwhile, let me say that of all the predictions and prognostications that I have heard about in the last ten years, almost none of them have come true.

Every now and then I put my name in quotes, like this; “les visible” and pop it into Zio-Google. I did this today and I noticed something I had never seen before. Ordinarily the only negative commentary I run into is that put together by Dublin Mick, who... ostensibly... ostensibly went out of his way to assault me because he felt that I did not attack The Vatican aggressively enough. He didn't feel it was important enough to approach me first before he launched into his hatchet job, which included seeking out everyone he knew who disliked me for one reason or another and letting them have at me while he performed as modifier, which made him not only look good but also accomplished his real intention. It was a good example of Machiavelli being channeled to a particular end but... I digress.

Today I found that every negative commentary ever made about me had been pushed to the top of the list in terms of the pages that list me and all the positive commentary had been relegated to, 'my back pages', or removed altogether because... now, most of them are missing. At first I was shocked, especially when I saw that the Cassiopeia hit team efforts had not only been sent front row center but now was present in multiples as it had never been before. Nothing much happened at the Gormenghast mansion in France when I visited, with every good intention The vipers who later came after me for this nothing at all, hadn't ever even been there. Like the good robots that they are, they allowed themselves to be whipped into a frenzy by the back of the scenes maestress, who orchestrated the whole affair. As ugly as it was... a few years later I went out of my way to come to their defense when they were under attack by the French authorities. Boy! Did I catch it for that!!! Chief among those screaming at me was Halloween Boy, whose defense I came to when he got embroiled with Henry Makow who annoyed him by posting Jim Stone's work on his own site. I caught all kinds of shit for this too but... it has always been my nature to come to the aid of a friend (even when I only think they are my friend) and even to the aid of those who are not my friends. It's my nature. I got that Don Quixote, knight on a white charger foolishness; or at least I used to have it. That fever is now in remission.

Some while ago a blogger named, Nobody jumped on my case in a vicious manner when I thought we were long time friends and associates (albeit virtual ones). He jumped on my case because he said I was not hard enough on The Satanists. Once again, even with our long history, he decided to publicly scourge me without ever coming to me first. The thing is that I mentioned The Satanists all the time, just as I do these days. It made no sense. Dublin Mick's comments made no sense. Right there on the page in question (easily found), he goes on and on about how the Rothschild Bankers control The Vatican finances. None of this makes any sense. I know the real reasons that all of these people have seen fit to come after me and on some occasions the scenarios were arranged precisely for the effect obtained, like the lady from God-Like Productions, who came around to harass me about the Kundalini hand postures displayed by me on the site and wouldn't let up, hoping to provoke a particular reaction from me and... she (if she she was) finally got it and this granted her the justification to attack me. She pointed out how much she always liked me, even though I had never encountered her before. Here's a listing about Godlike Productions. Everything else you can find by doing what I did.

Various things have happened to me that I never would have expected, because I am an ingenue; a Pollyanna, or I used to be. These things happened to me because I have carried a cavalier attitude far too long in my life; not anymore.

There is one complaint that is made about me that is legitimate. I don't suffer fools gladly and I am sometimes short with people. People far more famous and wiser than me have the same shortcoming. It comes with the territory. I could have been nicer, I admit. All the rest of the unsubstantiated howling and gnashing of teeth are not a part of my repertoire. They are things made up about me for the purpose of slander. Slander is a curious tactic. If you throw shit at people, some of it will stick and there is nothing you can do about it. Other claims made against me are about having invisible friends and who I talk to and hear from. I accept those as virtues and my critics can howl about that as long as they wish. On those accounts, time will tell and we shall see.

Why am I writing about this today? Many of you know about these things and don't care. That's the thing about these critics. They make up a very small minority of the people who come around. They are proportionate to the occasional negative comments that show up about once a month or so. It's like a party. Everyone is having a good time but then there are a couple of troublemakers and their presence can be loud, out of all proportion to the others. It seems like there are more of them than there are. They can do damage though, because many people will believe something just because they read it somewhere. Still... you can't let this get you down. You can't let it affect what you do. Sure, I've made mistakes, but most of the time, it was not so much a mistake as the fear of what might happen that I put into people, even though NOTHING really happened. In the course of what I do, I come across people with high expectations of me. Sometimes they are people who want to use me for their own elevation. I lack the initiative to allow this. I don't take myself seriously. They do and... I got a problem with vanity. I don't like it and near all of the people I have mentioned have far too much of it.

People say all kinds of nice things about me. I almost NEVER respond to them. I also do not kiss other people's asses and play to their vanity. This upsets a lot of people. Some of them think if they pump me up, I should pump them up in return. This kind of thing never crosses my mind. It's just not what I do and you can't expect this from me. I'd be much further up the ladder of manifest success if I just played the game. I don't and I can't. That's how it is. Surely you can figure out the reasons for that so... why am I writing about this... really?

A lot of you have started blogs over recent times. You want to do some good in the world and I understand that. That is what motivates me too but... remember everything I said here today and remember that these things could well happen to you too. If you are going to play in this arena and if you are going to say these kinds of things... it comes with a price. People have tried to destroy me for a long time. I did two stints locked up, in bad places, for that very reason BEFORE I ever started here. I have been the target of bad people and that includes both the seen and unseen. Given the odds, I should have been destroyed a long time ago. Later... on the internet... enough things happened that my credibility could have been shot long ago. I am still here.

You need to be sure about all of this as you go. This is not a situation comedy (even though it is). It is a drama. Sometimes it is a horror movie and sometimes it is a thriller. It is very seldom a musical. It is almost never an animated kiddie flick. Bad shit can happen and you have to pay attention. I wish I had paid more attention and I assure you I wish I had done certain things differently. Learn from what has happened to me. Let the unfortunate moments of my existence guide you around the holes I fell into. Not all of us are gifted enough or aided enough to climb back out again. I offer you all of this as a caution on your own way. You have to have steel in your spine and you have to be able to not look back. Never look back. It was that great baseball pitcher, Satchel Paige who said, “Don't look back. Someone might be gaining on you.”

Everyone is not your friend and if you have the misfortune to feel compelled to tell the truth, you WILL have enemies. This is serious business. I know what I'm talking about, at least as far as this goes. I cannot caution you enough on this and if you have any ambitions of a particular career, you can kiss that goodbye. You are unlikely to ever fit into or even be invited into polite society as it is euphemistically called. Perhaps there is some kind of a reward that attends to the completion of your either chosen or appointed rounds. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......


BCii said...

Great title!

I find self-importance to be hurdle number one. It's the wide-open weakness of so many. The results are never pretty. That's why I try to pay close attention and do what I can to check it. Taking oneself too seriously is a burden that I've not yet had great success with shucking off. Little steps...

Better to be attacked for telling the truth and having integrity than to be rewarded for compromising those things. God knows many have stumbled and fallen. May the guidance, grace, and protection of the Lord follow you, and may your heart remain ever faithful to his calling.

Unknown said...

First two pages of zio "g" didn't show anything negative. All the blog sites are listed top of first page. Didn't look any further but two good
Pages can't be all bad.

Alan Jong said...

Your intellect and uncompromised perspective is probably what makes you the target of those criticisms, and attacks. Love reading your blogs. One of the ways I want to honor your dedication is by making you a figure, like a portrait. And giving you all the proceeds not a percentage, but all of it from the sale to you. If your up for that let me know, I think that very picture that was criticized would be a good portrait, with the blue beany and Visible's Litmus test T-Shirt, I'll be making this about 1/6 scale. I'm going to start it this week if you're up for that kind of thing. I should ask you if that's okay, and since it's something I've been wanting to do, you can decide how best to sculpt your image by maybe sending me a picture if that one is not your favorite. While I don't mind selling it for you on ebay, I can also send you the figure and you can decide how best to do that.
I can determine your facial features from those video blogs you did before you had the accident and left Germany. I'll take at least 20 years off your face don't worry. Let me know if that's alright?


Visible said...

Wrong. Look again. On first four pages are 3 negative commentaries and zero positive; was reversed last time I was there. There were never that many negative to begin with but they used to be scattered across 20 pages or so. Now they are all moved well up and the positive well back. I wasn't implying that there was a welter of negative, simply that the rating and placement had changed.

Onyx Gage; I would never presume to tell an artist how to go about a project. Feel free (grin).

Unknown said...

Page 1:

Search Results
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Oct 26, 2013 - This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged apologist for the empire, Les Visible, Les Visible as even more lesvisible, Mr. Apocalypse

This is what I'm seeing. Maybe overlooking something. Only looked at first two pages as I said.

Unknown said...

Page 2:

Feet to the Fire: A Conversation with Les Visible - YouTube
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Jun 30, 2013 - Uploaded by BLKnight2012
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Murphy151 said...

Hi Visible,

Actors go to Hollywood and are given Orcars, pretend symbolism in regognition of their efforts. You, on the other hand seek to inf9rm and assist, therefore your reward (in this plane of existence), is vitriol and abuse. As a matter of fact, the more effective you are, the stronger the abuse so really in 'material terms', you have won many many statues already.

Be well my friend, I and many silent people like me are watching and looking out for you as best we can, not because you are a 'guru' but a valued and much loved friend.



Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I too did a search on google, my results were impressive, dang if I could get my web site that good I would be stoked. My guess is that the negative comments are also good for you. Thinking people read them then look.

I appreciate all your blogs, I also dig all the comments and feel a part of a community. At the very least I know I am not alone in my thoughts.


Alan Jong said...


Coolness, Sometime in May I'll have this piece done, I'm starting the project now. It's going to be a fun project to work on.

You do a great job of standing your ground as far as the critics go I'm sure that is one of the keys of success in universal terms.

Thomas Paine the uncredited found father of these United States, he even was the first to use that term to describe America, suffered as a result of not compromising his values so much so that only 6 people attended his funeral when he passed 2 of which were freed slaves he was the first person in the united states to publish pamphlets advocating freedom for all including slaves, and his feelings on debt slavery were no less controversial. His advocacy of a guaranteed minimum income for all Americans was part of the reason he became an outcast in elite and merchant circles, they would have buried his legacy if they could, but they couldn't.

You've got to keep blazing that trail.

Unknown said...

Im not sure why you're responding to me like this. Didn't leave out anything that I'm aware of and have no reason to something like that to you or anyone else. Went to google and typed in "Les visible" Looked at the first two pages and thought maybe we were seeing different results. I did post the second page results also. Have been reading your blogs for years and emailed you a couple times. Whatever I've done to offend you please forgive me. Will email you screen shots to verify.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a great title! I was away a couple years, but when I see one of yr 'titles' on WRH I immediately know it's yours, Les has another new one out!
Yes, there are zio-trolls on all the blogs, was reading Orlov's latest essay on Club Orlov and some commenter mentioned Dr. MacDonald's works on the Chosen, and in no time flat 'one of them' was chiming in about that.... never fails, wherever you go.... who knows who pays these sanyahim.... splc? maybe they just do it gratis for the tribe, having nothing else to do?

Anonymous said...

Put Fred in the search engine and see how many times he appears. Then put in the name of a regular comment maker.

Anonymous said...

old adage: It doesn't matter what people say about you as long as they get the name right.


Thomas said...

Thank you for the warning, dear Visible. I think there might also be a lot of jealousy involved in the attacks on you, but I guess you'd know that. The so-called Truther Community seems to me to consist to a large extent of a wound-up bunch of hysterical mad-caps, all champing at the bit to be The King of The Heretics, even to the point of sacrificing the Truth for their egotistical ambitions. It doesn't smell right. And although I do not always agree with everything you say, I can recognize consistent quality of intention when I see it, and in that regards, I'd be hard pressed to find any who are on par with you. Your credibility is guaranteed in that you continually own up to what you consider mistakes, taking all the air of out of the balloon. "Blessed are the meek" - Bless up!

as for speaking the Truth, and weathering the consequences, even unto painful & torturous death...

I say: BRING IT ON! Better one day of righteousness than 30 years of cravenness! Down with the Naked Kings and their army of Shit Goblins!

but... lets be smart about it.

as the wise man sayeth:
wary as a traveler on thin ice...

Time will tell if I am just full of youngish bravado, or if my integrity will live up to my words. One thing I have learned: one must be smart about this whole thing. "be ye wise as serpents, harmless as doves" - one of The Real Masters said so, so WE better believe it.

May the Light of the Holy Blessed Creator Lord shine upon, and in, us All, consciously and brightly and soothingly. Amen!

Thomas said...


I did also try to google "les visible". There was only the DublinMick one on the first two pages, otherwise it was links to your stuff, or people sympathetic to you. I think it might be different in different countries, but I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Good job Vis. If you have gotten Google after you then you must be doing it right. I have read that Google is going to list the sites that contain the most truth first versus the sites that gets the most hits, or pays them. Isn't that nice of them, finding the truth for me. :). I have heard that the truth is like a lion, just set it free and it will defend itself. I hope that's true.

Alan Jong said...


Dublin Mick use to comment here a lot, his blog is forgettable, one of his most recent blogs is something to the effect that
"The US Constitution Gave Legal Ownership And Control Of The United States To The London Crown Temple And It Is Not Taught In Public Schools Nor Institutes Of Higher Learning"

A fool might fall for that, and believe thy are property of the British Crown.

Visible has always lead by truth in that he clearly States God is in control. And that is truth God determines our rights and if we seek God we find that a spark of God dwells in each one of us. Our rights don't emanate from the British Crown or Constitution, they emanate from God, documents like the constitution are adjustments that Governments have had to make to acknowledge those rights.

Because Visible does not relinquish his God given rights and a writes from that perspective he becomes a target of some people who have subjugated their rights. Our rights com from God not government. That is how I view this matter.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"a spark of God dwells in each one of us. Our rights don't emanate from the British Crown or Constitution, they emanate from God"

this applies to the animals too..

Kazz said...

Those who bow only to their loving creator live, those who bow down to their governments, churches, corporations and other manmade institutions are nothing but titles and titles are all corpses, so they are the dead.

The 'chosen people' were chosen as a 'DEMONstration' (stole that from you Vis :o)). I KNOW this because one of the tests that Satan gave Jesus was the test of hubris. Hubris is pride and Proverbs 16:18 informs us that 'pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall'.

Vis, I learned a long time ago not to give a shit about what anybody thinks about me. I live according to the truth that resonates within my heart, and I honestly believe that I am guided by something a lot wiser than my self. This is most probably my higher self (HS), but who is to say that the HS is not that aspect of us which is God? Quantum physics refers to God as 'the field' which is unlimited potential. Each of us is capable of this unlimited potential but many of us become so wrapped up and weighed down with the gratification of the 5 physical senses that we lose track of why we are really here, which I believe is to integrate spirit into matter and walk the middle harmonious path of 'do no harm'.

Until one acquires the inner balance that comes with walking the middle path it is more than likely whatever we turn our hand to in the physical world will only bring us heartache, because we are wandering blindly through a landscape which is mostly invisible to us and little understood.

Humanity has before it a wonderful opportunity to evolve consciously and flourish in a world that is currently unimaginable to most, but if we choose fear and judgement we will end up being trodden under as grapes of God's wrath.

I am far too aware of my transgressions to believe I have a right to judge anyone, but what I do have is a responsibility to tell my truth and if necessary scream it from the rooftops, even if under fire.

Jesus was bad mouthed, flogged, spat on and crucified Vis, by the same type of people who challenge you. That puts you in pretty good standing from where I am coming from. Keep up the good work brother :o).

Luv Kazz

Alan Jong said...


I agree with you, but there is a distinction between Animals and Human beings, all animals are animated by the Planetary Atman or soul(for lack of a better word), but as engineer creatures, their minds and function are programmed, they are sharing the planets soul. We Human beings may have begun that way, but are on our way to universality, and that is quite a degree different, while you may chose ignorance your soul has a destiny like all other human beings to become a Universal creature. To come to this understanding as a planet would change the entire paradigm quickly of not suddenly. If you as an individual can reach this understanding and sincerely exist in this attitude that is your guarantee some greater reality awaits you beyond this world. No one can or should force you to feel this, but a Litmus Test towards moving forward is measured by the enlightenment found in this quote. “The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” — Thomas Paine Rights of Man

Regarding Organized religion, even Atheism.

“But with respect to religion itself, without regard to names, and as directing itself from the universal family of mankind to the divine object of adoration, it is man bringing to his maker the fruits of his heart; and though these fruits may differ from each other like the fruits of the earth, the grateful tribute of everyone is accepted.”
― Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

Kind Regards

Visible said...

Okay... I've waited long enough. On the first four pages you find one of these

None of the positive comments are around. As you go deeper the negative continues and way down the line (grin), the positive comes in. This may not be as clear to everyone as it is to me because I have been doing this about twice a year and it has a way it looks and new things come in. Suddenly there is this big shift in presentation and perception. Now, I know that is neither here nor there because we all see through this but I called attention to it for the purpose of what is explained st the end of the post. I know several people going into this and some number who recently have. I just wanted to throw a little heads up out there. You'd better really want to do it cause, like anything, it comes at a price.

Anonymous said...


Your take-down of Nobody here is specious. Just as it was last time you mentioned him. In the piece Les I'm Asking You directly, he did not take you to task for being insufficiently 'hard on the satanists'. Nor did he, as you stated in your previous railing at him, attack you for your drug use. Both of these things copped single word mentions in a series of givens (ie. facts you had told us about yourself) all of which led to a single inevitable question:

How do you know you're not an MKULTRA subject?

As one of his commenters said - fair question.

And yet on the two occasions that you've responded to his piece - in spite of you also saying you hadn't even read it - you've misrepresented it both times.

It's a simple question Les and not one you ought to be afraid of. One more time now:

How do you know you're not an MKULTRA subject?

Is it possible you fear this question?

Visible said...

I was being kind when I gave the reason as what i did. I didn't see the need to get into how grievous the slander really was. What I learned about motivation came later in the aftermath exchanges.

How do I know I am not something? That can only be answered to the the degree that I know what I am. In any case, it's both a pompous and vicious assault on someone who had been a long time associate with no real reason; just out of the blue he reads someone and this happens. Of course this is probably you sending this in.

Knew I would catch some of this sort of thing as the result of writing what I did today but sometimes things need to be said and this was one of them. I don't actually care about that post and it has no affect on me simply because it isn't either true or relevant. It was just an out of the blue unprovoked hatchet job that says a lot more about the person who wrote it than it does me. But I needed examples and that was handy.

I knew the kind of temporary problems that would emerge when I wrote and posted this. I knew what I was doing. I had and have my reasons.

I'll let the reader judge by assessing what comes about because of my having written this. Some of you people are serious paranoids who project their fears on the one hand and their ambitions on the other so it's more like paranoid schizophrenia accompanied by what I call kneeknocking narcissism.

The bottom line is that it doesn't matter what I say to people who have fashioned certain perspectives. What I can say is what i always do say; time will tell and we shall see.

I love where he says my music has a resemblance to those people. I greatly admire the work of many of the, and to be compared to them is nice. It's got to be weird to live in that kind of headspace with all those creeping shadows around all the time.

Time will tell and we shall see.

Alan Jong said...

I read all the links with exception of GLP because I didn't want to sign up on their site.
Dublin Mick is an interesting blogger, it's like he discredited you, but then went on with his work of exposing the Church, and I'm sure he did that as well as any researcher could do. He didn't have to throw you under the bus in the process. What he does might be important, people are eventually inclined to find balance in a spiritual understanding like the work you do in origami which sets a lot of that other work aside.

Zoner was just experiencing a bit of hurt feelings for whatever reason. What I've realize is Your kettle is black at times, and sometimes sparkling it's a take it as is, or leave it scenario, and you can't understand the light until you understand the darkness, that is the truth most people are blind too.
They pedestalized you too much when they first start reading your blogs, or they just don't get it whatsoever.

For those that do, it's easy to do because your commentary is brilliant, but as you say yourself eventually peoples minds adjust to the frame of reference and everyone has moments that outshine other moments in their own lives. Some of your blogs are better than others because a lot of that has to do with your mood at the moment in which you're writing.

On the Cassiopaeaa forum, it's the snowball effect of group mentality, some of those comments are harsh. Someone who can dish it out as well as you can is going to at times be undermined in that way. It comes with the territory. One thing that does comes through in your writing is immense feeling. That's all I have to say.

Correcting a typo on my last comment to Homer in regards to Animals they are engineered, every kalpa host different varieties of creatures. Animals have a degree of autonomy, but not so much as you would think, because all creatures are underwritten by purpose that serve nature in some capacity.

Visible said...

You're accurate on much of that. I've done my damndest to avoid titles I don't deserve. The cost of making that point has been considerable. I wish it hadn't been necessary here and there but... the alternative was just not going to happen, period.

Visible said...

Part of writing this today was a form of that.

flyingcossack said...

a dog will love a murderer just as it will a saint ... that is why you dont give what is holy to the dogs ... truth does not matter to dogs ... but jesus wasnt talking about dogs, he was talking about souls that wanted to be dogs

souls in humans are not necessarily more advanced than souls in animals ... humans are given greater freedom to express their consciousness ... lower level consciousness souls are given opportunity in higher level forms ... higher level consciousness are given experience in lower level forms

our scope of accountability is our measure of consciousness ... certainly, humans have greater opportunity for expression than animals ... but this world is a temporary opportunity/experience, not necessarily a scorecard for our eternal state of consciousness

thomas paine writes from man's perspective ... homer writes from god's perspective ... everything is my country, all things are my brethren, and to do good is my religion

Anonymous said...

The various search engines had different results for 'les visible' and they will vary over time.... during the Israeli election campaign you could joogle Netanyahu or others and obviously whoever it was they hired would 'slam' the search engines to get the correct result for can even hire such firms to 'repair' your joogle image, saw it on some program or news article...

Visible said...

Yeah, I've seen that but... only God can repair my image, should that become necessary.

galen said...

Flyingcossack, I don't think this is true: "A dog will love a murderer just as it will a saint." The dogs I know are very intuitive to character. They sniff out danger and untrustworthiness, and they growl or bark. Perhaps if the murderer was repentant and reformed the dog would then accept him or her.

Onxy, I do not see myself as different from the animals and I do not see the animals as "programmed" or "engineered." I have seen them in spontaneity and originality. I have seen them in crises, aiding and creating solution. I have explored with them and noticed unique creative/interactive play. Each has his or her own personality capable of experiencing and displaying the gamut of emotions. And we humans are as much "nature and planet" as the animals; we are human animals. Okay, so there's things we can do that they can't, but there's also much they can do that we can't. I do not see any hierarchy of species. I look into the eyes of my dog and my cat; they are not programmed; they are themselves, in the present. They ARE part of what you say they are not: "universality." How could they not be? They are of the universe. Yes, they may be more in tune with planetary rhythms and balance, more telepathic, but as the indigenous ones tell us, that was also once ours and we are here to reclaim it. I don't want to go on to anywhere without them; that would be like leaving behind my best friends, my guides. You speak very certain about such things. I accept the mystery and can only go with what resonates as true, and anything that would put animals apart from humans does not seem true to me.


galen said...

I always suspected that none here in the U.S. has been untainted by MK-ULTRA. Just the nature of the beast, its seminal ooze toward the mind through the culture. And then there's that t.v. thing. Few were not exposed/affected. Can any accusers affirm: I fully escaped programming? I doubt it. Okay, so there were targeted individuals/subjects, who, behind closed doors endured a focused dose of the game, but still, the programming came through to all extant. Perhaps that's why the wars continue, the poisoning escalates, passion is suspect; the programming, to some degree, disempowers. Yet, I know the accused; I know myself; I know many others, and that programming did not obliterate noble hearts. Wounds and scars, but not obliteration. Could even be it made some stronger, more determined. Hey, maybe we're witnessing a backfiring of the plan and we'll see more and more of the opposite effect of what was intended. Can you say healthy, free minds?


Visible said...

Hmmmm... I've seen some pretty bad dogs with some pretty bad people and those dogs love their masters. There's no question of that. Nor do I agree that they are all that smart and they are certainly not intuitive. I think that's called instinct. What I mean is... there is a classic definition to that word and I don't see how that applies to dogs but that's just me. I don't see dogs operating like that. Sure... if they are someone else's dog their take on others is one thing but if they happen to BELONG to the murderer or saint, all bets are off.

Much as I would love to imbue the animal kingdom with human qualities that even a lot of humans don't have, the mind (my mind) just doesn't go there. My experiences say otherwise. Like I said, that's just me.

Of course, there are powerful exceptions to this depending on what the Lord of the Devic Realm is up to.

galen said...

Well, we each have our own experiences, perceptions. Years ago it was hip to go on dolphin quests. We heard that to swim with them was to get a healing. I always thought folks should go on dog quests, that they were missing what's right in front of them. Well, that's just my take.


Visible said...

I've seen some amazing things with dogs and I can't pretend to know comprehensively anything. I just think that dogs tend to love their masters no matter what. Everyone else... hmmmm. The cardinal thing I always notice is that fear and anger smell the same to a dog but, no matter what, they are love sponges.

BCii said...

I like that you have the balls and integrity to let your readers discern for themselves. Getting past the need to pedestalize individuals and invest emotionally in a projected ideal of who I want them to be has been a gradual process.

Like if an artist who was deeply spiritual and incisive, bold and original and funny in their lyrics before they made it big starts churning out bland, inoffensive radio music and says, "Oh, I'm just following my inspiration," I can see what happened there and accept that not everyone has what it takes to stick to their guns when faced with the prospect of sacrifice on the one hand versus fame and riches on the other.

I also know from my own experience that the face a person presents online is just a thin selection of what they are. When we can accept that we're all human beings with our own strengths and weaknesses, our own blind spots, and gain a working understanding of the golden rule, then the need to point the finger ad hominem drops off.

Sometimes, of course, it's helpful to point out where someone is missing the mark. How helpful it is depends on how well we know ourselves before we go telling other people about themselves. Empathy, sincerity, humility, and tact go a long way too.

Lest I come across as holier-than-thou, let me say that these are simply opinions and observations, not prescriptions or edicts. There are many things I have yet to master, and I am certainly far from perfect even in matters on which I can speak or write with eloquence and insight. This is good to keep in mind.

Now off I go to do some real work. Have a great day, everyone.

Thomas said...

I will eat my hat if Les Visible is an MK-ULTRA subject. As a matter of fact, I don't have a hat, but I will go and buy a good one, a top hat, and eat it raw if it turns out that way.

On another note, my biological mother has told me a thing a couple of times that is worth chewing on, that, though in my opinion not always true, contains some good vitamins: "If you want peace, you should not speak to your friend, you should speak to your enemy".

I notice many comments I find beautiful, and I enjoy. Thank you.

Be well, All.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of MKultra an social programming via the media:

Lately, I have been wondering how many of my mental/emotional problems are because of natural human flaws and the happenstance of my upbringing and how many of them developed because the powers that be fucked with my head?


Anonymous said...

Try a better search engine like 'DuckDuckGo'. Only saw 2 negatives there, one from Silenced Toasted and the other from GLP.

Anonymous said...

"Dublin Mick": thanks for the early morning laughs, Visible.

David Alan McBride said...

Man. You sure know how to shake a tree Mr. Visible. I love watching the strange fruit fall. As always, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Onyx, there ain't no buts about it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I certainly don't mean to imbue a dog or an elephant with human equality; bodywise or mindwise, rather the soul is the same.


'guru, sadhu, shastra'

"The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision the learned and gentle brāhmaṇa, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater (outcaste)."

Prabhupāda: Mm. Just read again.

Devotee: "The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision...

Prabhupāda: Equal vision.

Jesuit: Equal vision.

Prabhupāda: Equal vision.

Jesuit: What does that mean, equal vision?

Prabhupāda: Equal vision means that I don't make any distinction between you and a dog.

Jesuit: You make no distinction...

Prabhupāda: No, this is spiritual vision because a paṇḍita, paṇḍita means learned man, his equal vision means he does not make any difference between the souls. The dog has got also soul and the learned scholar has got also soul. But the soul is covered by the dog's body, and here the soul is covered by the learned scholar's body. Actually both of them are souls, part and parcel of God.

Jesuit: Would you think that their souls are of different value, the soul of the dog...?

Prabhupāda: No, soul is of the same value.

Jesuit: That I would find hard to accept.

Prabhupāda: Huh?

Thomas said...

Prabhupada cracks a mean joke there, and I had myself a hearty laugh.

Thanks Homer!

Anonymous said...

God I love you Les, and all the kind people hanging out here. As to what the search engine throws up, there's much skullduggery over the last few weeks with google and fb. When the EU and German gov't is telling its people to LEAVE fb if they value their private data, you know something is up. It has to do surely with the looming trans-atlantic split. Clearly Light Forces are at work here too.
Now, as to "caring about what people think of you", here's my tuppence :
we SHOULD care about how people perceive our professional side; I am sure Jesus wanted folks to know he was a good carpenter and no doubt cared very much that they viewed him as an expert tradesman. (I also think this was important for him getting his message out. How many will believe a man who's a failure in his trade talking about God? They'll think he'll be second rate there too. That's our "perception programming.") He did NOT care that people hated his words when he touched on the Ineffable and thought poorly of him in that regard as a result. When I reveal my thoughts on this dimension and the others what people then think of me is immaterial.
On the other hand I work very hard that my possible customers see me as a certain type of person: reliable, trustworthy, competent, dedicated. As much as I'm a non-conformist spirituo-politically, I'm very much a conformist in the market place to feed my family. So I think we need to differentiate when we talk about "not caring" about perceptions. Peace to all here.
The German Farmer

Unknown said...

It's Wilcock, not Wilcox. Who despite his shortcomings. mistakes, possible delusions and personal soul needs, seems, like yourself, to have a good heart with good will emanating and has certainly done some valuable work. Those who would refute that fact must be skimming. Which is okay in itself but doesn't endow one with the ability to make valid summations or judgements. Thank you Galen for passing on actual wisdom regarding animals.
Thank you dog poet for your writing which I enjoy. May your animal relationships be approached with an open mind and heart. I reckon about 60 to 80% of the dogs on the planet are boddhisatvas.

Alan Jong said...


Programmed was probably the wrong word to describe how the minds of Animals operate. With the exception of some microscopic organisms animals in the wild including birds are connected electromagnetically to the Planetary soul or atman, that is the source of all intelligence creatures exhibit. Behavior on the part of wild animals is instinctual, the size of their brains is not as important in that regard. Domesticated creatures are slightly different because we are the ones programing or teaching some of their behaviors. Any animal that has been domesticated can revert back to being a wild creature.

We humans are slightly different we are granted much autonomy from the same planetary atman animals absolutely depend on. Because we are entering universal existence.

I absolutely respect the Earth, and the creatures on it, I don't have any pets, but a few weeks ago I saved a pigeon that had one of its wings caught inside the handle of a plastic bag that was filled with rotting meat. First tried to feed it, but it wouldn't eat it was in distress, I took a stick held the bag down tugged on it slightly while the bird started flapping its wings until it escaped that bag's handle and flew away. Not my intent to come across as if putting down nature.

Kind Regards.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

I spit on troublemakers. They're so annoying and stupid and ugly and, well, troublesome. Off with their heads. A pox on them. Rant. Grrrr. I've always been looking for a really good bouncer.

Friends always let you down. Count on it. Expect it. Love them anyway. Thank God I still have me. And sometimes, I'm happy to say, there is the incomparable Les Visible. We owe him a lot. Unfortunately I don't have a lot. Rant.



A.Dundee said...

You know who you are, Les; and none of the ostensible impetus for this posting matters: not one iota, or yodh, does all the chattering BS in total sum. In gratitude, to paraphrase yourself; don't ever give up, ever, not ever, never ever ever quit, NEVER! Thank you, Vis!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vis is nothing if not an MK-INEFFABLE subject. If you've met him you'll know. Sure glad I did.


Visible said...

Making statements in a blog format, which is a limited format can be problematic. You don't have the chance to elaborate extensively and cross all your t's and dot all your i's.

The people I mentioned made a lot of predictions, specific predictions and very few of them have come about and that accounts for my brief mention of them. Fulford is often talking about multicolored ninjas that no one but he has ever seen. Wilcock claims to be a reincarnation of Edgar Caycee. Since I don't know one way or another about that I have nothing to say.

I probably should stay out of conversations and subjects that exist in fields I don't operate in, like UFO's, Crop Circles and etc. Mostly I do. I admit that I get a little tweaked at some of the things I hear, often ...and which are always outrageous and then get even more outrageous.

Given that I talk to invisible entities and that they talk back to me, maybe I should show complete restraint, which would make what I do impossible. It's one thing to have conversation with luminous entities, which many of us experience and another to go to Disneyworld on the extraterrestrial train.

I try to limit the extent to which I make specific statements about things to come and prefer to operate in general terms where I am on safer ground and where the evidence clearly indicates it.

We can't make omelets here without breaking eggs.

I just got a communication from Henry Makow, objecting to the way I portrayed a scenario. The scenario was only tangential to my point but Henry is probably more affected than I in the matter (grin). Apparently Rense booted him from his site for posting Jim Stone's work on his own site and not on Rense's. The problem here is that that is what I was told and it is how it was being bandied about on the wider stage, at least those parts of the stage that I briefly crossed.

Like I said, I knew problems would come about if I wrote what I wrote the way I wrote it but I was compelled to and it happened with less of my decision making than might seem on the surface.

The thing is that any of these people could have removed those postings, ESPECIALLY since the matters were cleared up, or I thought they were and they haven't been and that is the point that didn't get pointed out in my posting.

Anyway, it's done and what's next?

I am not alone in my, shall we say, curiosity, concerning Wilcock and he's got an exponentially larger group of detractors than do I. He's also much more high profile. In the end though, he's none of my business until he is.

galen said...

Loose ends:

And isn't all prayer a form of "talking to invisible entities?" Seems more than half the world could claim that. We hear much about prayer, but not that much about answered prayer (the dialogue). And then there's that "still, small voice." If anyone is crazy it's most of us.

Well, some dogs have been known to turn on their masters, especially if those dogs have been mistreated.

McCob, I think many share your dilemma. If it can't be fully known as to where one's issues emerged from, at least the present offers opportunity for addressing them.

Onyx, thank you for helping the pigeon.

Homer and Gena, Woof, woof!!

Jesuits, oh Jesuits, are any among you outside the obstacle?


Anonymous said...

heh, have you seen this new (european) movie about dogs?

Katy said...

Just 3 days ago (;-)
i read a book (concerning Divine Grace;) the point of which was if the Source of Everything-God- is holy, then [the created children, we, God’s company, designed to be connected as family] must also be holy, that is, live a divine life, which is made possible by the infusion of supernatural grace. This is how we become God/dish, one with the Creator.---and that in fact preparing for, and accepting such gifts is the very point of life.

The reason I bring it up is the chapter I ended on mentioned animal soul life in passing, thought I’d share this particular viewpoint here.

In building up to the point of the purpose for which humans exist, the author mentions three levels of soul life—
animals, and men controlled by soul-sensuality,
men in touch with soul-spirituality and controlled by reason,
and the supernatural man infused with divine life and grace.
“The principle of sensuous life is the soul, with those powers and activities which it has in common with animal souls. In the sensuous nature of man there is a natural law, the law of flesh, that moves one to seek sensuous goods and to promote one’s bodily life. The light that directs one in following the law is the light of the five senses…the end of which is the preservation and propagation of bodily life. The proximate motive is the sensuous pleasure which it finds in material goods; …”
A man who gives himself to this life entirely renounces his noble spiritual nature and the natural likeness of God in his soul and [moves] below the level of the brute animal (animals being called to and qualified for this life).
The second type of man---
"...I do not speak of those who give themselves to the lust of the flesh and lower themselves to the level of the beast, nor of those who cling to the vanities if not to the filth of this earth, but to those who at least profess to practice natural reasonable virtue .....(yet what greater insult can they offer to God than to despise his noblest gifts?) ...
This spiritual life can be good and true, or the opposite; the good one would seek Love and God, the false (which the author says is the predominant state of most who have not ‘rushed headlong into the whirl of sensual lust’…) is that which is educated, honorable upright, scientific, cultured, humane. It does not satisfy completely;
“Even the truly natural spiritual life …would be far from satisfying to us…due to the higher destiny to which we have been elevated…
The third type--
“The Principles of this supernatural life are the spiritual faculties of the soul, as elevated by grace, the supernatural virtues infused by the holy spirit…a supernatural law, not naturally implanted in us but supernaturally written and impressed on ur soul …which we know neither by our senses nor by reason but by a supernatural faith in the light of the holy spirit. Its end is the possession and enjoyment of the highest and most sublime gifts which God himself possesses and enjoys…
He gives a story:

“It is natural for a worm to crawl upon the earth, and it would be unreasonable to demand that it fly. But if God’s omnipotence had changed it into a bird and had given it wings, this demand would no longer be unreasonable, and the worm would act contrary to its new nature if it would continue to crawl upon the earth. Likewise, it would be unreasonable to demand of the earthly man that he lead a divine and heavenly life. But after he has put off, by grace, the lowliness of his nature and has been clothed with a divine nature, he would belie himself if he continued his former way of life and refused to move in a higher sphere.”
He stresses that supernatural life is mysterious and hidden; the eyes of the world see it not, and it is not known in all its depths and sublimity even by us. We become partakers of the Divine nature. (Author m.j.scheeben)

By the way,
I use the word “He” as synecdoche, to mean all humankind…

and, I know is this embarrassingly long and will only post ” Bravo!” for my next three posts…

ps mk.ineffable -- heheh bravo.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I hope you never stop talking to and listening to 'invisible entities' and 'luminous entities'. When the bad guys can giggle-factor and suppress Otherwhere (ironically, much like they did to UFO reporting), they have won most of the 'battle'. Carry on... (grin)
Karen Norman / Kazz: "...I honestly believe that I am guided by something a lot wiser than my self. This is most probably my higher self (HS), but who is to say that the HS is not that aspect of us which is God?"

Kazz, what I call my Higher Self seems to be of some intermediate-level of Otherwhere. It does have 'contact' up to way-high, but seems 'individual' rather than some smeared-out Force. (Perhaps what the Hindus call 'Atman'?) It also has to 'reach down' to contact my Ego Self. Material Plane does not seem to interest it, although it can 'work' on it. Within Christian lingo, the closest I can pigeon-hole it would be the Holy Spirit. The iconography of the Dove going up and down an extension of the Chakra column seems apt. Perhaps that was their way of conceptualizing their experience. (grin)
On MK-Ultra: I suspect none of us would know if anyone was deep-programmed by those 'folks'. From what I have heard of the methods, a sub-personality is splintered off from the core personality. That 'personality' is then programmed with whatever behavior/action the 'doers' want. The sub-personality is then 'forgotten' until it is triggered in some way.

From my psychological counseling, I can confirm that sub-personalities exist, although usually 'inflicted' by parents or culture. (Reintegration is possible.) It is only a small step from there to 'weaponized' sub-personalities.

A strange world...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Fuck the Satanists. They are the walking dead and they just don't know it. Their fucked up arse hole of a God is a conjured evil that has been ALOUD, by the one and only creator God, so when he destroys their sorry arses the rest of us will cheer.



I am a living child of our creator and if you don't like it you can go and fuck your self, because as a free autonomous being I will do what I choose to do and that is the opposite of what these sick fucked up satanist pieces of shit want.

Now every one can be clear on one fact, I am not a victim of MK ULTRA, and since Vis reflects my understanding I suggest that neither is he.


Have a lovely day Vis.

To all those satanists who are reading this. GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU POOR EXCUSE FOR EXCRETION!!!!!!!

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

PS. that should have been ALLOWED. Damn dyslexia it gets worse when I get really pissed off :o).


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

In the District of Menace with the 3-headed Mad Dog in the Toilet Bowl.

Just for the record said...

Makow was clear in stating that he did not necessarily support Stone's claims. He simply agreed to publish them. Rense refused, however (although he has since published more than anyone else on the topic). That refusal sparked off a conflict over the principle of whether or not one and all should be free to speak/write as they wish, or not.

The actual event(s) centered around the explosions and meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred at 2:46 on 3/11 (2011).

There are really two issues at play:

1) what was Rense doing censoring Stone?


2) was Stone correct in his assertions about what had hit the reactors?

Visible said...

Henry and I are exchanging emails at this very moment.

I'm doubtful of Stone's story but he certainly has the right to be heard. He's only reinforced my skepticism of him by the ways he has gone since and how he handles his various subject matter; simply my opinion and definitely not any kind of a refutation.

I still don't know why Halloween Boy bumped me. He refuses to respond; probably because the truth is not something he wants to part with; in this matter.

Kazz said...

Thanks Ray B.

I concur with your analysis. The Holy spirit is truth and this is the rock upon which our future will be built.

The lies that the Satanists have forced down our throats are being regurgitated all around the world, which is as it should be, because what else do you do with vomit?

The dark is indeed a necessity, because without dark you cannot see the light. In these dark times the light is easily seen by those who have not sold out that part of them which is eternal. That part which is ethical and moral. That part which knows freedom is essential for harmony to exist. That part which knows that creation cannot be bound and tied by the shortsighted and blind who wish to extend control over that which is not theirs for their own personal selfish desires.

That part of us that knows we are autonomous beings who bow only to our loving creator.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Power and Glory of Ineffable Love.

Anonymous said...

The top so called conspiracy sites are controlled by Zio. To Test a Site go on it, join a conversation. Create a new Top and say 6 million Jews never Died in the Holocaust(you will get an instant ban every where!)

piety piet said...

been a long time ... nice to see some vets pass review ... talking of which, is Bob Dobbs anybody you ever listened to?
he's got a giant aud archive .. making very clear the dangers of such a thing ... his new sidekick .. since 09 is 'ion' with whom he began a Pat Flanagan type deal with overblown cure all claims.
he's on for his weekly 15 hour marathon with hangers on (first 2 hours music). It would be great to see you engage ion/bob ... we coulde all use hilarity and cheer .. at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Couple things weren't mentioned that may have some bearing here.

G. tailors the search results it displays as a function of the person making the search. Has been doing this since '11 I believe. I have seen some highly personalized search results and leave it at that.

The blogger you mentioned from GLP in the selection of his pseudonym reveals his compromise. To say nothing of the absurdity of his attack on you re:Satanism.

The 3rd Elf said...


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