Monday, March 9, 2015

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your paws hammer on the hard strata of this world and bring music to your passionate passing by, in all your ways coming and going. Let the joy of the music in your heart ignite the world around and make your animated dust a living example to everyone near you. Give it your best and you will get it back MANY times over. Oh yeah! Let it be said. It NEEDS to be said. Every moment is another golden opportunity to profoundly change the world by changing yourself.

Mr. Apocalypse is just amazing. He blows my mind every day and I see him at work all over the place in the good the bad and the ugly. Mr. Apocalypse is making it possible for us to see things as they are, to the extent that we see ourselves as we truly are and conversely, everyone else in the best possible way. Mr. Apocalypse rocks and I can feel the positive joy of cosmic consciousness; affirming and unaffirming... nailing it... nailing it everywhere and listen up folks, he's bringing his A game every day now. He's intensifying and scary as he can be sometimes; especially when you falsely represent yourself as so many of these clumsy, drunken clowns do every day on the big stage. I want to tell you people... it's just going to get hotter, harder and and more precisely right on. I laugh out loud these days when I see some of the shit people are up to and the way they try to bring out the unique stupid in everyone they happen to. Numba One is Binnie the Rats sustained, in your face blowjob, by the American congress. I swear... the slavish whoring, totally free of any sense of self restraint, totally free of embarrassment is riveting entertainment. The difference between them, literally, if they were on their knees with their mouths open, so eager as to make the aware observer cringe, or doing what they actually did; what would the difference be? There wouldn't be any.

Let it not be said that I have anything against particular sexual acts, I don't. It's more a matter of who is doing them and WHY; measuring in the cost to everyone else at the same time. Then Binnie goes and waves Elie the Weasel around at everyone. Elie is one of the most persistent and outrageous liars ever to waltz about on the world's state in the last hundred years. He's been exposed over and over again, he's even been exposed by other frauds.

You're wondering why it is taking so long for all of this to get done; for the world to change or sink under the weight of collective crimes... it is, so it can all be seen and seen and seen, so that even the densest among us can finally have their eyes opened.

These same players, those named and unnamed and from every place in the international elite, are pushing for World War 3 and it is the international bankers who are beating the drums outside of the view of the lumpen proles who will die in this conflict. Only a very stupid or deluded person allows themselves to be seduced into waging war for bankers. There is no upside to that but GMO carrots get waved all over the place, counterpointed by the lash of fear being generated by banker games with the various economies.

The truth continues to appear by the day and what this particular item tells us is that the powerful behind the scenes Satanists have permeated nearly every seat of temporal power on the planet. You can't see them. For the most part their names are unknown to us but they are the movers and shakers making policy through their proxies world wide. In some cases we do know who they are but they are not so identified in their capacity as Satanist. They certainly qualify by their actions however.

What are you supposed to do about it? That is a serious question that people get, by turns, confused and intimidated over. My take is that you do what you are capable of; you do what you are trained for or possess the talent for. In many cases that means you work on yourself because the wider playing field is out of your reach. If you can manage to keep yourself outside the sway of this influence, you have achieved a great deal. I say this because those rubbing planets that we have spoken of here before are going to be changing their tune; are already changing their tune and you will be in a position to have the positive side of that tune play through you and you will have some protection against the negative side of these applied forces impacting on you.

We are all either warriors for the truth or soldiers of the dark side. We wage, or do not wage, our portion of the interplay, wherever we are, every moment of every day. A lot of us fall into that lukewarm category. I don't guess I have to explain what that amounts to.

If there is any one thing that comes across the wires here with any consistency, it is that people are troubled. They don't know what to do. Maybe there is nothing to do, in the wide angle, external way. Maybe we should only attend to our own business and if enough of us do that it will play into the greater scheme in the most effective way possible. Besides recognizing the extent of our, so far unused potential, we need to know what our limits are as well and operate accordingly.

We are in that 'any moment matrix'. We are caught up in the interaction between the vile activities of the corrupt elite and the collective hopes and aspirations of everyone else. In the meantime, there is the powerful effect of what we cannot see, which is operating through the corrupt elite and the collective of the rest of us. We are swayed or guided by whom and what we listen to. Accordingly we are led into whatever we arrive at. You can see the ins and outs of all of this as an intricate complexity, or you can see it as remarkably simple. It depends on how complex or simple you are and we do not mean simple as it more generally defines a lack of intellect and depth. Such is not the case... except when it is; I'm thinking that means, 'present company excepted'.

Sooner, probably than later my friends. Not much more to say on this end. Hang in there.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Start rant:
I just saw an "ABC News" special commentary on the one-year anniversary of MH370 'disappearance'. I noted that they said that MH370 disappeared from radar NE of Malaysia flying toward Vietnam, and showed a nice flightpath-diagram terminating there. (Actually, the transponder was turned off.) NO reference to Malaysian military radar tracking the flight through a 180-degree turn-around and flight SW until it got beyond their range. Pretty soon, the sheeple will be 'programmed' to where that never happened...
End rant.
Vis: "You're wondering why it is taking so long for all of this to get done; for the world to change or sink under the weight of collective crimes..."

I am still monitoring what I call the 'Turning'. It still exists, and is 'moving' (whatever that means). I am still stonewalled on any additional information...
Vis: "My take is that you do what you are capable of; you do what you are trained for or possess the talent for."

Yep, every person is unique. The way I 'judge' myself in this is simply whether I am doing the best I can in that moment.
Vis: "Besides recognizing the extent of our, so far unused potential, we need to know what our limits are as well and operate accordingly."

I 'push' the woo-woo side in these pages because TPTB have sooo marginalized and fear-factored all reports of our Higher Nature. Most people exist within a Materialist worldview as a result, whether they acknowledge it or not. There is cunning in that, as - once we have limited our playing field to that of our visible (sorry, Vis) 'opponent'- we are basically 'done'.

That said, except in emergencies, it is probably best to 'train up' before depending solely on woo-woo. If you walk off a cliff and have not done extensive training in levitation abilities (which we all latently have), chances are we will see you at the bottom.

Outside forces (good guys) DO note when a person is expending sincere effort to 'wake up'. There is the old phrase that Teachers appear when the Student is ready. I have found that to be true. If you keep the "Second Level of Forgetting" in mind and repeat that you would like to remember what you have forgotten, very interesting things can happen...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Hi Vis,

I am back and invigorated :o). How amazing, I just made a comment in the VO section, addressing comments made by McCob and Galen, and then I bring up this SM post and you are saying the same thing.

I know what I AM here for :o). My place is to fight FOR THE LAW, because it has copped such a hiding.

It is no mistake that my star sign is Libra, the scales of justice.

The first time I had to go to court was for possession and cultivation of marijuana, I arrived early due to boat time tables, so my friend and I decided to have a cuppa at a little cafe around the corner from the courthouse. The night before I was very troubled as to the Divine's position on pot, so I prayed to the Divine to give me a sign so I would know whether I had transgressed. When we arrived at the cafe I was instantly drawn to an array of little cards that were sitting on the counter, they were free, so I grabbed the one sitting on the top. It said, 'Onward Christian soldiers your Lord your God is with you', I am more than sure the quote was from Ephesians, but I am not sure of the exact passage because the card faded long ago. The message, however, was engraved in my heart and has only gotten deeper over the years. The last time I went to court I had my spiritual armour on and was victorious, or should I say the Holy Spirit was victorious, because it was truth that set me free :o).

It turns out that the little cafe we decided on going to, because there were many to choose from, had only been taken over by Christians a fortnight earlier. When I told the owners of the cafe of my plight and how much the little card meant to me they started crying, we all hugged, and they wished me every success in my trial.

The funny thing is Vis I don't go to church, because I always knew my body was my temple. I am no easy convert because I think for myself. I went to the Vatican in 1985 and I was clearly told from within, 'do not even touch one toe to the other side (referring to the other side of the yellow line that marks Vatican city territory) or you will be tainted'. At that point in time I had never even picked a Bible up, and I had no idea what the ROMAN Catholic Church was, I found that out some 15 years later whilst researching. I tested the voice within 3 times in all, by reaching my foot across the yellow line, and to be honest the voice was really much more of a desperate roar, much louder than I had ever heard it before. As a seasoned traveller I relied on that voice implicitly because it save my sorry arse more times than I can remember.

I know my contribution is to help people understand who they really are, and how the law should be correctly applied, because currently it is being misused by the elite to trap the ignorant. I don't question that this entire process was provided by the Divine to teach the innocent about evil, otherwise how would good people ever learn what evil is capable of?

As I have said before, we are here to learn, and how resistant we are to that learning process decides how much pain we must undergo.

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Glad you returned, Kazz. Your posts are quite interesting.

From what I saw in the news today, things are falling apart at an exponentially increased rate. The way it's going, I wonder if the u.s. even has a year left.

galen said...

lumpen, adjective: boorish and stupid

in Marxist contexts: uninterested in revolutionary advancement

plural noun (the lumpen) the lumpenproletariat

origin mid 20th century: back-formation

Vis, I love this word!! I'd never heard it before. Thank you for making me aware of it. I will save it with my list of exceedingly special words that I will one day most certainly need. It's not my word yet. In fourth grade I was told that in order to make a word one's own, one would have to look it up in the dictionary and then find a way in every-day conversation to use it. This would have to happen three times. Then one could claim the word as one's own.

I hope I don't run into any lumpen tonight. No, that's wrong. 

I wonder if there's a lumpenproletariat in my neighborhood. Hey, now I'm thirty three and a third percent there. I should master it by Friday.



Eudoxia said...

It was the most joyous occassion I've had all year, watching Nitwityahoo commit political suicide in Washington - I think it's even more significant than that seeing he's a front man for those bastard fucking Roths - seems the world is not taking their bullshit anymore. We appear to have reached the tipping point. Hilly's emails are yet another added boon, another head goon headed under a bus in the immediate future, Bibi just hit a home run on that score - brilliant! High time I say, and while it might be a case of total despondency for many of us traveling along this path over the years it finally appears that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train!

What ever they do, wherever they turn to inflict more of their monstrous barbarity, they will be seen, they are being seen! Evil always destroys itself, these assholes have just cornered each other and it's now a case of rats in a sack. Can't wait for the US to supply lethal aid to Ukraine, that will be a real eye opener for even the most steadfast lumpen prol - Go Mr A! Galen - I think the US has zero time left and that will finish it these psychos just can't find any sort of self restraint. They are following the first lemming. Now they can't stop.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Damn Vis and readers/commenters: you have your finger on the pulse.

The lumpenproles are not going along witj the fuckin' Roths or Bibi and the Troublemakers or Elies Weasel or Howdy Doody. The jig is most definately up.

Do not accept any war against anyone - they're all by and for the bankers.

Fuck this shit, NO World War III!

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

We are all either warriors for the truth or soldiers of the dark side.

Yes, it's true, There are no innocents in a revolution.

I guess Israelis suffer what the Diebold Machines select just as us here.

Walked dogs with neighbor. Smart guy. I asked. "Is the president the leader of the free world?"

He responds, "Well no, but he is my leader."

And therein lay the problem, presidents, the CSPAN crooners and kiddie fondler, Nutty-Mahu, those farks ain't ours or Israel's leaders, They're OUR F*CKING EMPLOYEES.

The commons pays them, owns every public building and every wire bridge and road, all the guns and bombs and rockets and ships. Every civil and uniformed services worker is our employee.


Four words: This is our land.

Kazz said...

Love to Push those Buttons,

Thanks for the moral support :o). I prefer interesting over boring any day :o).


I really think you captured my essence when you described me as unhinged in one of your earlier posts.

As I said when I first arrived on the boards here, 'if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room'.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, people are 'troubled.'
BTW, as usual LV and synchronicity....checked SM site
some hours ago, and yr old piece was up... just went to WRH and saw the thing about Elie... as usual, knew it had to be a 'link to Les.' Indeed....the new one was up.
Read the 3/10 Club Orlov thing on chaos the the Kunstler thing from clusterfuck nation Mar 9 on the yuckonomy... yes the people should be troubled...

Anonymous said...

70th anniv. of 'Auschwitz Liberation' whatever that is....and the
american media violins a wheezing, dont come up for air....
70th anniv. of Tokyo Firebombing, 100k dead with napalm clusterbombs... amerikan media preoccupied with obama, selma march, obama pandering to the blacks, gays,immigrants in his divide and conquer mode, etc... lead story on jtube is some frat group using the n word on a bus and getting kicked out of school or something... a little covg. of tokyo firebombing in euro papers...nothing much in ussa if it doesnt pertain to israel or minorities or i-watches on kim kardasian...

Kristine Lavender Love said...

Awesome post, Visible, thanks for the nudge to get over my drummer - guitar player spat and just get on with it.

You nail it again man. Blessings!

galen said...

How about some Jack with your morning Joe?

"A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog."
-- Jack London

"He who steals my purse steals my right to live... ... For he steals my bread and meat and bed, and in doing so imperils my life.”
-- Jack London

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
-- Jack London

“I was jealous; therefore I loved.”
-- Jack London

“I do not live for what the world thinks of me, but for what I think of myself.”
-- Jack London

“Let beauty be your end."
-- Jack London

-- Jack London

“And, dying, he declined to die.”
-- Jack London


torus said...

The irony of the link you provided to fatso Cyril Smith. "Click to enlarge"
: /

Kazz said...

Four words: this is our land.

Right on friend. At least it is our land to caretake while we are alive, it most definitely does not belong to a corpse (corporate person, government, church, corporation etc), so the elite can use that front to steal everything that is not nailed down, and destroy the planet and everything on it in the process. War is one of the main causes of environmental destruction, so isn't it strange that the elite's Agenda 21, which is supposed to save the planet, is being implemented by the same people who are destroying the planet with their raping, pillaging, and killing through constant wars and environmental vandalism, for personal profit!

The only ruler I have is the one that dictates from within, it is called my conscience/witness.

'We are all warriors of the truth or soldiers of the dark'. No truer words have ever been spoken. There is only one blasphemy that God will not forgive, which is the suppression of the truth. Holding back the truth is stifling the Holy Spirit, which is why it is said that if you are neither hot nor cold God will spit you out of his mouth. A child of God has no need for secrets because we don't wish to deceive others!

You are so right anonymous about 'Every civil and uniformed services worker is our employee', included are Kings, Queens, Popes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, police, etc. They are all referred to under 'TITLES', and that which has a title is subordinate to Man/Woman because we created their organisations and their titles, and the legal maxim states, 'THAT WHICH IS CREATED CAN NEVER BE GREATER THAN THAT WHICH CREATED IT'. Man/Woman will always be subordinate to our creator and those that serve us will ALWAYS be subordinate to us. Any one who does not support this is an idiot because removing the rights and liberties of others removes your own rights and liberties, and only an idiot would do that! Any one who is not on this page is not adhering to the LAW, and NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Great post whoever you are!

Congratulations Kazz

long john said...

Buffalo Springfield

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Pema Siddhi Hum

Thomas said...

Karen, my dear. Please STOP IT! So Galen has chosen the way of the ninja, and you have chosen the way of the samurai. Your mentalities are separated by a wide gulf, and as long as you only have the stark "reality" of words on a flickering electronic screen, you are not going to agree. Your symbolikal signifiers, "words", are different. Galen is more circumspect than you, and she is working in a different way. That does not mean that she is being dishonest. Quite the contrary, she is respecting herself. Were you to meet in Life, your hearts would sing out in sisterly Love and joy and mutual respect. But you are NOT respecting Galen here, and this is something that Christ does not take kindly to. Love you kin. That includes respect. I'm not saying you have to respect unhealthy mentalities and unholy agression, but Galen is your kin, and in your hearts you are in near perfect alignment, whether you see it or not. Your cat-fight is like listening to a conversation between a Horse and a Lion on how to Live. Thank you.

p.s. Utterly BRILLIANT post - like a singing, powerful, modulated, haunting, harmonious wind one knows not whence -, my dear Vis. Thank you.

Katy said...

Some great simple truths in this post.
The simplicity of truth. So easy. ( hard for some)
Reading this in the morning, a picture comes to mind of those who do not think about evil, nor do they need to; they move calmly through the days, providing care and grace, taking the smaller portion, anticipating needs, always sincerely interested...beautiful souls who probably, if we had eyes to see, provide a great sublime weight of goodness that balances the unseen malignancy.
Small children and a grandmother or two...

Katy said...

Oh yeah.. I love quotes, and thanks for the nice bouquets here, there, and over there, galen:-}

isnt it true that at least one always hits the spot...

Here are a couple from the cool God Calling book
(Free and complete online

Absorb Beauty. As soon as the beauty of a flower or a tree is impressed upon your soul it leaves an image there which reflects through your actions.

You have to hush the heart and bid all your senses be still before you can be attuned to receive Heaven's music.

Your five senses are your means of communication with the material world, the links between your real Spirit-Life and the material manifestations around you, but you must sever all connection with them, when you wish to hold Spirit-communication. They will hinder, not help.

Love, laugh, make the world, your little world, happy.

As the ripples caused by a flung stone stir the surface of a whole pond, so your joy-making shall spread in ever-widening circles, beyond all your knowledge, all anticipation. Joy in Me. Such Joy is eternal.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Cyril Smith and his "Knighthood"...
Just saw the film about Stephen Hawking, the 'Theory of Everything'.
The film disclosed he was offered a Knighthood by the Queen.
Mr. Hawking turned it down. Good for him.
I look forward to the day the people of England retire the so-called "royals" to a trailer park somewhere and take their money and property back.
Your friend and mine,
- the dang beggar

galen said...

Katy, I know what you mean about quotes (the B-12 of books); they are power-packed little nuggets that say so much with so little.

And thank you, Thomas for your observations and support. These conflicts, I really don't mind them. In fact, a teacher once told me that those who give us the hardest time are our best teachers and that they bear gifts. In fact, sometimes the folks we're conflicting with seem like they came out of no where but actually they are right on time; they were, in fact, called. I think that's why, though from different centuries, ninjas and samurais were they to meet, would likely bow to each other. They'd recognize the necessity of the other showing up, getting the job done. I like to take these conflicts to their natural closure/fruition but it doesn't always happen. Yet, the trying is the learning. And being human, they will have their rough edges from time-to-time, not the least because they are frequently born of pain or frustration. But they can be worked through going forward as we are. Perhaps the satanist overlords delight when they see us go at each other, but they do not understand hearts of passion that must go the distance, even when it requires much time, thinking, and typing. -- grin -- Conviction is a relentless motivator. Yes, cats do fight. They are defining themselves, protecting what is important to them, continuing their kind. The fight is as sacred as the harmony and transcendence is not without growth periods. Thomas, I see that you have, in a sense, chosen to be the middle-man today; I honor you for that. So many avoid that place choosing rather to 'not get involved.' I've often thought the middle-man is very under-appreciated/under-valued. So, much gratitude for that. Wednesday finds me harboring no ill will towards anyone. Some advance the win/win dynamic and I tend to agree. To me that would mean all involved coming out with their self-respect in tact. May Wednesday deliver.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

This Thought Born Universe.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ultimately we're all on the same page. . .the right side of history. Though.. .ahem.. .some of us do have a funny way of showing it.

Now let me check to see if that 'bun in the oven' needs some more basting. Oooooh, garlic better and Merlot makes a great sauce for long pigle. . .

Oh, never mind!

Kazz said...

Thomas and Galen,

I have posted my response on VO 'You...are the manifest Expression of What You Live According to'.

For some reason I can't copy and paste in the post box so I am responding here to let you know that I was not ignoring you.

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

My apologies to all who may be encumbered by the processing of late. I'm sure it will play out soon. That it has not yet is not for lack of trying.



Kazz said...

Time will tell :o).


Visible said...

Indeed.hang in there. It's just stages of a dream. IF you don't like a particular period, it will change.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and very timely for my current work. There are no coincidences....that is a fact. LOL!


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, though I'm passing curious rather than envious, I imagine some folks are a wee bit envious of Sir 'Terry' Pratchett's moving on, this fine day..

est said...

i turned around, and it was march
and the birds started singing, again

i sit out front and look at the world go by
i listen > and watch, everything > b d a

Anonymous said...

Karen: Thank You for checking out the link I provided. I tried the link you sent me but I couldn't get it to work.

Hope all is well where you are. Regards to the family.


Anonymous said...

You could knock me over with a feather! Last night I got a call and it looks like I am going to be doing some gigs with a Beatles tribute band.


galen said...

McCob, congratulation on the gig. What a fun thing to do!

They wouldn't have asked you if you weren't good enough.



Anonymous said...

Hot dog! Been listening to Mr. Apocalypse is Coming. Loving it. Fine, fine piece, Vis. Bravo. Waiting for the inter-island tour dates to be released.



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