Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waiting in the Moment before the Coming of the Unknown.

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

The world is bathed in toxic moonlight, all day and all night long. The nightmare dream weaver is at the spinning wheel and the carpet of illusion rolls out and over us. People are hiding under that carpet; hoping daylight won’t find them for any number of reasons. We are wherever we are because of whatever we have been and continue to be. We are mostly blockheads. We don’t want to change.

Early in life one is engaged in learning and being impressed and imprinted on, which is why I think most of the problems in the world are caused by bad parenting. A lot of bad parenting comes about due to the environment people live in. Parents want one thing. The governments and society want another and the child doesn’t know what it wants, as many possibilities of expression cross its mind as it evolves. Some of us pursue what we want to do and some of us are forced to pursue what others want. Some of us find that what we pursue is not what we want. Ultimately, none of these things are, but everything is a gateway or a rest stop.

We idealize life and don’t recognize the inflexible realities that wait for us all. Hearts are made to be broken. It frees up the potential to express a deeper love. Everything is meant to teach us surrender and eventually we do, when death comes into the room. Sometimes it happens before that and that is fortunate.

Look at the world of the moment. For nothing more than profit, based on particular taste buds, people are being made sick in ways they can’t recover from; until they come up with a pill that seems to work and is attended by any number of dangerous complications. Absurd lies are fabricated to maintain a state of fear and to justify never ending aggression, murder and mayhem, against anyone that the bankers tell the politicians to go after. These lies are crafted to impact on the minds of the stupidest among us. What this tells us is that it’s a pretty large demographic, because otherwise they would tailor the lies differently and with more finesse.

Understandably, people are confused, frightened and despairing of liberation from the conditions they find themselves in. A much larger portion of the world than the living standards of the reader here represents; color, creed and culture wise, is in a more amplified state of these negative emotions, with more reason; so far. I see the peace and freedom flotilla, bound for the land of demons, as a great significator of the times. The Middle East has been a trouble zone for a long time. It is the focus of a great deal of global activity. It is seldom out of the headlines. It depends on how you look at it. As long as they are killing people in Gaza they will be killing them in America. The same people are behind both activities

A Vice Admiral of the Israeli Navy says the flotilla is going to be stopped. We know how vicious and immoral these people can be. They enjoy it. It’s their way of letting you know they are going to do whatever they want to, whenever they want to. People have a lot of views about Gaza and the rest of the dispossessed Palestinian nation. My view is that it exists as it does for Israel to practice blood sacrifices to the entity they serve. It’s a perpetual killing ground that is watered with blood, to feed a force with specific power in the passing age. As the denouement approaches, this entity becomes more frenzied for survival and those who serve it become more determined to fulfill their agenda, as the time of their termination comes.

As per schedule, heroes are rising up among us and will continue to. You can see a selection of the bad guys in the right hand menu of the link. There’s no telling where it all goes but we know that. The thing is... to remember that you don’t know and not to limit the hand of the cosmos, in your favor, with negative projections.

Two mornings ago I had an amazing experience. A window opened in my mind and I started having a conversation that went on all morning. I discovered that I had a personal concept about the power of the cosmos; how the cosmos might act, what the cosmos could and could not do and how long it would take and what was involved. It occurred to me that this was true of everyone. As much as we recognize that there are things beyond our measurement and understanding, somehow we do it anyway. I discovered that I was limiting the power of the universe in terms of what it could do to and through me and that any numbers of us were in that boat. This was not coming to me in terms of intellectual awareness. It was visceral.

I realized that I could ask for anything and that I could be absolutely confident of anything I asked for, keeping in mind that if it was actually something else that I wanted; not knowing what I wanted, that that would be substituted in its place. I recognized the power of absolute confidence in the cosmos, now that I was no longer limiting its ability to perform.

It reminded me of a story I once heard. I can no longer remember where it came from or the totality of the details, but I can remember it enough to transmit the essence of it. If you are sincerely in search of something, you can begin looking for it wherever you are, both within and without and even if the only person who had that information was living in a cave in the Andes, you would be led there or he would come to you. There is a power in the universe that operates according to the law of attraction that sets up a vibratory connection between anyone and the object of their desire. Certain things affect the connection and the delivery; intensity, consistency of focus, sincerity of purpose. There’s more but you can add in those details through consideration of what’s been said.

We don’t know what’s going to happen with all this bankster greed and depravity. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the Flotilla. We don’t know what’s going to happen with anything. We can reasonably predict certain things in the routine of our personal existence but, outside of that, we can only speculate. We’re better off working to make ourselves into better people because character is fate and nothing leads like example.

We’re going to get tired and depressed, such is the nature of the times but we don’t have to remain that way. If we get tired and depressed we are looking at it wrong. We’re resisting the irresistible, instead of letting it fill our sails. People get old that way. I’m not old and neither are you, no matter what the calendar says. We need to be filled with confidence based on a correct view of ourselves and our place in the scheme of things. We have to have perspective on how truly small we are and what greatness we are in the presence of. We have to do that in this moment and in every following moment because the time is always now and never later.

Study yourself and learn what motivates you. Direct your attention to understanding the meaning of what happens to you and around you. Don’t block out the truth of what is presented by hanging on to personal interpretations of the meaning of things. Our personal interpretations of people and things are what confine us within the reality of those interpretations. Once we recognize the extent of what we don’t know and can’t do we will be in a position to more easily fulfill all of the duties and dreams of our being. Good fortune to you all.

I’ll be away somewhere else for the next couple of weeks (leaving in a couple of days) and I don’t know with what consistency I will be able to post or whether I won’t miss another radio show on the way. I’ll do my best but I can’t guarantee anything. The components I am taking with me are working at the moment but they weren’t working before and there is no guarantee they will keep working. We’ll see. I’ll keep working on the projects that await my attention, if that’s possible. Otherwise, I will see you after I am done with some things I have to take care of.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A World of Delusion on a Ball of Confusion

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“I respect him more than anything. We’re still going to be really close.” As Kurtz said, “the horror, the horror”. Is this not a perfect expression of the state of the culture? As I have said a number of times, the cosmos is going to be ‘pushing out’ a number of individuals, who need to be exposed for what they stand for and what they are doing. Let’s try a little explanation; good is stabilizing based on planetary force expressed through human personality. This is how you get conditions and why certain positive and negative types get together for purposes of demonstration, because everything down here is about demonstration. This is a rehearsal zone and a learning center for one’s next state of existence and for understanding the meaning of acts.

The cosmos wants the motivations and conditions of our times expressed in dramas that showcase them, because the cosmos brought The Apocalypse. Both sides of human consciousness; self interest and ‘enlightened’ self interest are presented in acts that reveal what initiates and carries them out. In former times these things could be muddy to ordinary perception. What a person did could be seen in many lights according to surface interpretation and what one is told concerning the meaning of intent. Propaganda is the method by which events are made to seem other than what they are and it wouldn’t be employed if it didn’t work. It works just fine and in our time the means for dissemination are greater than at any time previous.

The twist on all of that, in The Apocalypse, is that a dual perception is coming into being globally. We are seeing what they are saying and also what is being revealed. I know I’ve said all of this before and that is the reason you are not seeing so much of me at the moment because I’ve said my piece. I will try to find dimensions of interest, because you like coming here but please understand that it is increasingly difficult for me to find things to say, in the area of geo-political hurdy gurdy; other areas of interest are much easier. This would have been a Visible Origami but the Origami meant for publication is on my other computer in the shop (grin). We’ll have it in a few days. Please forgive this digression. I needed to say it and... back to whatever this is.

The Apocalypse has different periods of action, demarcated by the degree of intensity. Self Realization comes about in this way and some of us are in a position to achieve this. This is very important to know, for those who find this sort of thing important. It is not uppermost in the minds of those who are predators upon their fellows but... The Apocalypse is acting in the same way on them, with different results. This is why it’s a serious matter to be a good guy, especially at this time.

Most people think along the lines of some kind of unpredictable, random features in the events of this world; regardless of what they may profess. It’s all uncertain, ominous and fickle. I say fickle because people can change on you with no warning, due to any number of factors. One has to observe their reactive mind and not take things personally because often they do not apply to you but merely to the circumstances of the moment and there are reasons for everything, which we don’t often investigate with a more complete awareness. If we did, the meaning of things would reveal themselves over a particular period of time, as the subconscious analyses it and then brings them to the surface. The subconscious is very good at this and however honest one can be with themselves, to that degree an even greater understanding is possible.

The Apocalypse is operating on ‘every’ level. Comprehending this is of significant value to those for whom a fuller understanding is desirable. That’s available now. A lot of things are available now but if we are not actively engaged in seeking them out they may not present themselves. Not everything is advertised or makes an appearance on its own. Some things are hidden, just because they must be looked for or earned. In this time, the treasure chest of human potential is not only open but much closer to the surface. Look deeper into yourself and you may get some interesting surprises.

As I said, people generally think the state of the world exists in a condition of random and unpredictable juxtaposition and interaction of certain large forces on the move. One needs only look at the symmetry of nature and the cosmos in the larger sense to see that there is a system and a balance to everything, though we may not understand it. One needs only look into the human body and see that it is mirrored in the cosmic body and that atoms rotate around what could be called a central sun. Hermes Trismegistus states, “as above so below for the perfection of the miracles of the one thing”. He could have also said, ‘as within, so without’.

Our inside, just like the outside, is veiled by flawed perception on the one hand and ‘appearances’ on the other. This is because most people do not take as gospel that “the proper study of mankind is man”. This is because the world shouts at us concerning its importance as primary consideration. Primary consideration should be one’s state of awareness, because everything we do and interact with is affected by how we understand ourselves. We’re not under control in a positive way because we are taking our lead from a negative source. We are being ‘driven’. If you look carefully you can actually see people being driven. Ironically, this is demonstrated most convincingly when on the highway.

We are at war within ourselves, in most moments, when we must consider the benefits to others in relation to the benefits for ourselves. Our skewered thinking tells us that we have to look out for number one but actually, looking out for everyone else is looking out for number one. As Lao Tzu said, “a man who realizes that his fate is the same as all men is a capable man for leading them”.

If one were to read the Witter Bynner translation of The Way of Life and imprint it on their consciousness; (I used to read it for long periods of time while on acid trips), one would find that the understandings contained in the book would vibrate through their thoughts and actions. In my own case it took a long time for certain elements of this to become a reality but as I’ve stated any number of times, if you head for Kansas City, you shouldn’t be surprised to find you arrived there. We’re all headed somewhere, according to the demands of our personal will and our desires. This is something everyone should closely look at and there’s never a better time than the present and there’s never a time when it isn’t the present. We project into the future but it doesn’t arrive as a starting point.

In these times of The Apocalypse, one should pay careful attention to the things being revealed. Everyone is not experiencing the same revelations. What you are experiencing is relevant to you personally. These revelations can be seen as steps that lead one to another. Comprehend and add it to yourself and it continues into another revelation. “From wonder into wonder, existence opens”.

The hindrance to seeing certain things, in all of their tremendous import and beauty is that we are not the one who sees these things. You have to become the one who possesses that consciousness. Human destiny has a common result that is personally expressed in respect of the one experiencing it. We are all unique as well as common.

What I mean when I say that certain individuals are being ‘pushed out’ is my trying to say that one cannot resist the imperative of that which is greater and more powerful than one’s self. So you should be very focused on what you are and what is going to be pushed out. There is an aspect of comedy to all of this, some of it is tragic in tandem. Those who are doing the bad things have arrived at the ridiculous and that is what you are going to see in ever greater degrees. Just as time is speeding up, so is the force of The Apocalypse intensifying in its expression upon and through us.

A quantum leap for humanity is on the horizon and brimming in every moment. Because it is all under control you must take the reins knowing who stands behind you in the chariot. Something is standing behind every one of us and we need to know what that is so that we can leave fear and uncertainty behind. Well, look at that, I seem to have written a Visible Origami after all. May good fortune shine upon you in your quest to discover who it is that fortune shines upon.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Madness at the Break of Dawn; keep on keeping on.

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The madness is incredible. I see on the news where in two separate incidents, the police beat up mentally retarded people. One of them was severely retarded. They just went looking for them. They accused them of being terrorists. What can this possibly mean? It defies understanding. It is beyond comprehension in a time that is already bizarre and absurd; “those whom the gods would destroy”. One of them had a toy hammer and the police said it was a terror weapon.

Now we find that the e-coli thing is a government tactic. Which government would that be? Well, it can only be one of them, because the other countries are already controlled by that one. Israel is going after Germany. Wow. You may feel I am making an assumption here. I tend to think there is no other possibility. It’s not the terrorists; they don’t have access to Bubonic Plague. We should be seeing something major coming down the pike any day.

Then there was mention of the president mentioning Hillary Clinton for head of the World Bank. We get notice that Hillary is into this. Then we hear from the State Department that she won’t be getting the appointment. It’s all going bananas. It also appears there are at least two major power operations, in opposition with each other right within the administration.

This Apocalypse thing is incredible! I’ve been in this town for ten years and now everyone is smiling at me. Everyone is helpful. Before this, many looked at me with suspicion and were surly. I can’t get over it. Meanwhile the world is beyond unreal. We are on Looney Tunes planet.

After years of persistent bad luck, my books are all being published by this wonderful woman who put a publishing company together. Someone redid all of my blogs. Another fine lady with the help of a few other people has set up a commercial website for me at and I don’t know what to think. I feel better than I have felt in a long time also. Many moments are filled with the most bizarre serendipity. Things are so strange that I can’t compute. I just have to go through it. It is such a pleasure to be with all of you at this time, even though we are separated by distance. Thank you all for your tremendous support and all that attends it.

I can see the power of the malefactors diminishing by the moment. I can see Israel moving toward deserving trouble and loss. I see Israelis leaving Israel in droves and I have prayed that the location would be increasingly distasteful to them and so it is. It’s as if some force is doing exactly this.

The madness, oh the madness; things like this are routine. Congressman Weiner was sending pictures to a porn actress. When she was asked why she was involved in this she said, “I felt like I was slumming”. Now, that says it all.

I haven’t made a post in a week because I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say. You know and I know as much as we need to know about how batshit crazy it all is. I go to write something and I say, “I said that already”. I go to link something and I think, “I linked this same kind of thing already”. You deserve better. You’ve supported me through these years, through my occasional bouts of strange highway. You’ve said so many nice things to me that I don’t see a reason for. You deserve better and I’m going to try to find some way to give you something better. This was supposed to be Origami’s turn and there I could have said something different but here I am at Mirrors. Obviously, I’m confused (grin). I collapsed from exhaustion the other night; just crumpled due to not sleeping for several days and doing hard manual labor. I must have really been tired, because since it happened I am sleeping at 12 hour stretches AND taking naps and I’m starving, even though I’ve been eating.

I mention this for a reason. I think all of us are receiving downloads of new and not seen before, energy and intelligence. Those of us working for positive change in the world and in ourselves are getting things directly related to this. I can’t even begin to list some of the things that have been happening to me, because they are so far out. For those of us working for increased negative change in the world and in ourselves, we also are getting amplification juice to that end. We’re all getting juiced in respect of what we are up to.

In Japan they are burning nuclear waste. Doesn’t that go right into the air? Newt Ging-Grinch; his entire campaign staff quit. Have we EVER seen that happen before? Word had it that Hilarious Clinton was being slotted for the IMF and had Obama’s backing. That would be a slam dunk. Next thing you know she’s not going there. Pelosi is demanding Weiner’s resignation, while her career has been mostly about amping up her husband’s bank account through the powers of her office.

Consider this, when a person is in a serious disconnect with themselves as a large portion of the world’s leadership is, without any pretense of concealing it; which is how it used to go and continuing on as if what had been happening wasn’t a warning but a cheer of encouragement, you may be aware that this seriously mirrors certain states of mental imbalance that eventually lead to a break in one’s mental state. The American leadership is approaching public meltdowns as Weiner’s case shows, along with others mentioned and unmentioned. Look for much more of this same thing and even more outrageous examples. This is truly The Apocalypse. Those who are mad are being pressed out of themselves into demonstration, while the curtains are being raised. Those on the opposite end are feeling the thrill of cohesion entering into their being.

It is as plain as day to me. Everything is so evident that it is stunning. The comical nature of it all- outside of the tragedy resulting from heinous action- is turning the world’s stage into a sitcom. The last gasp of an oppressive government is ridicule. Fear precedes it. As the power to deceive diminishes, the power to create fear diminishes. Following general ridicule comes breakdown.

The housing crises continue. Predictions are being made for another 6% drop in value, which means it will be more than this. The dollar is increasingly more threatened and the stock market is falling. Nothing is or has been done about the criminals in the financial realm, so the previous policies go on unhindered. One of the reasons certain things are against the law is that they upset the balance of the process that operates the system. If you don’t address the conditions with the power of the law they just continue to degenerate; accent on ‘degenerate’.

China and Russia, who are experiencing economic losses and increasing indirect threat, are working sotto voce against American interests, so it is just a matter of time before the whole thing comes down, with America extended around the world in expensive wars that cannot be won, in conditions that must be maintained, in order to justify the original intent that was all manifested by Israel. Nothing is done. This is like having an injury or illness that demands treatment but is not receiving any. What is the guaranteed outcome of this?

Meanwhile, all over the place, Nature is stirring the mix; massive flooding from record snows, wild fires beyond that experienced by certain areas before, animals are exhibiting signs of madness, as domestic dogs form in packs and go on killing sprees, birds attack people and much more than I can put down here is either going on or starting to.

You might say this is all just a logical progression of the way things have come about and that there is no invisible mystery to all of it. To me it is greater and greater confirmation that the cosmos is standing above the orchestra, with a baton in movement. This is good news because it means there is a conscious intent and direction to all of it and implies a dual outcome, based on one of two main mindsets in operation. Those of you who are working for the greater good are going to be experiencing quantum leaps in consciousness and otherwise ...good luck. If you’re not engaged in synchronicity with the movement of the baton then, change or be changed. Transform with some degree of ease or a powerful progression of dis-ease.

You can’t have it both ways and one way is coming through, gathering in the positive expressions that have led up to this arrival and destroying what no longer has a place in the scheme of things. I hope, with having nothing to say that I haven’t said before that I managed to occupy your attention in a way other than redundancy. So many of you have written me about, “where are you”, that this is my way of saying, “here I am”, hoping for inspiration and feeling a great deal of gratitude from such a devoted readership. Aloha in the deeper meaning of the word.

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There will be a radio show Sunday night at 7:30 Central time or download it the next day. Comments would be nice following the radio show. Emails arrive but very few comments at the radio blog. I’m not sure why that is but let me know because I can’t adjust or improve if I don’t.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just the Facts Ma'am.

You can see it happening in the way it has happened before, that certain interests jump the ship; run down the cruise line ropes for the next staging ground, even though they are on the ultimate staging ground. What happens next is anybodies guess but history shows the record of the past. So be my guest on this sailing ship. I’m not on that ship anyway.

This is The Apocalypse and the dirty deeds about war and money; the shape of culture, the assault on the mysteries of existence, the darkness of material fire, the question of what did and did not happen and the evidence that is emerging in a forensic, internet fashion is coming out because the conditions are on the ground and the people doing it are talking about it and wild tales are being told and laws are being made to suppress the right to question something that cannot possibly be what has been said. Brute force won’t work. Ignorance is no defense. They tell the truth themselves and then deny the evidence and it doesn’t mater anyway because... the law says that you cannot deny something regardless of the evidence and that is the problem.

So you have huge populations trembling under time bombs that keep going off, juxtaposed by a small minority of people who claim to be something they are not while they are genociding the very people who are the descendents of the books they base their religions on. What are you going to do? In their own words you have the evidence and it continues into present day problems.

A group of people forced themselves upon a land, with people already there, who were looking to take that land. They fabricated historical records to create pressure and lay guilt upon a nation of people, who actually surpassed them in the numbers of counted dead. They reduced the amount of victims at Auschwitz from 4.5 million to 1.5 million.

What does that make them? It makes them holocaust deniers. The very people pushing the production, deny the production because how could they lose 3 million victims and still have six million?

Does this make any sense? There are laws against this. People go to jail for this and have their careers ruined because of it, yet... they are doing it themselves. You have to love The Apocalypse and then you have to factor in that the Bolshevik Revolution was sponsored by these same people who then went on a massive campaign about pogroms when they were two thirds of the Cheka that applied it. Does this make any kind of sense?

It wouldn’t be a big deal in any case because people lie all the time but people are dying because of this. People were thrown off of their land in Palestine on the premise that these things happened but in the writings of President Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, President De Gaulle, there is no mention of crematoriums or am I crazy? I am not saying this is true or not true because I don’t know. The fundamental reality of my being is that I do not know so I can’t say but this doesn’t make any sense and they deny what they claim in their own records. What’s going on?

Huge amounts of reparations are handed out because of this. Money that is supposed to go to survivors of some holocaust, who don’t even get the money, is going on for decades.

The fourth largest military has been built on this. Blockbuster movies are made out of this. Children are forced to learn things in schools that can’t possibly have happened because, according to the links in this posting, in their own words, there weren’t even that many people around to have suffered this.

9/11 was done by these people. How much more proof does one need?

That’s the thing about the apocalypse. It is opening eyes and this cuts to the heart of religious and political control of the world. It’s all a pack of lies. You have these memorials built all over the world to a myth that they tell you in their own words did not happen, while they demand that it did happen and a lot of what goes on in world affairs is based on this.

I personally do not declare anything. They do. How does it come about that this could happen and that life would be so intricately involved with it? Why are these same people now trying to attack Iran on their way to Russia and China? It is a muddy road and I do not know what to say. They say it themselves and then make it illegal to question it. The obvious thing is that things are going to happen one way or another.

What are we supposed to do when the people telling us something, are also telling us something else at the same time? Then comes congressman wiener and a crotch shot. Who knows, whose package that could be? I know it’s not me, because I don’t wear underwear. I prefer to use toilet paper. Why would such a thing be an issue without a face? There is only one possibility and that is that there are other pictures. Otherwise why not deny it outright. They are being pushed out. As I keep saying. The Apocalypse is pushing these guys out. The cosmos is in town and the cosmos is going to start butt kicking.

Men of honor stand together but the bad guys rat on each other and that is what is happening because the system is corrupted and the heat is on. That can only mean war and incredible fuckups because... the cosmos is on the stage.

I don’t understand how damming forensics can be dismissed. Of course I failed to comprehend what the Supreme Court was thinking when Segway Bush came into power. Those vultures do not work for the common good and pervert the law that they dress up in robes to define. They work for the banks and not The Constitution of the United States.

For some reason, people want to be emperors. They want to move the world into disorder to make a buck. But a buck isn’t worth anything. It’s just a piece of paper, like George Bush said about The Constitution. Trust is what counts. I know what I trust in. I hold truth to be self evident. It is the only currency I know. If you don’t have integrity, then you have nothing. Integrity should be written into your jeans. Because it is what you give your life for. The measure of your integrity is what you are. I have struggled all of my life against demons and bankers, trying to live a life, like Jacque Fresco. I am not a tool and die man. I am a dreamer and a mystical poet but I keep believing something can come true, not just for me but for the rest of you.

You are what you are as a human being. Your religions are just the clothing you put on the gods you believe in. You can have a better world. You do not have to crumble under the force of a fool. There is a better world coming if you can work for the greater good. Live your life trying to be a better human being because it is upon you.

I have no quarrel with the faith of people. I take everyone as I find them and know them by what they do. No member of any order is out of order, unless they are out of order. We are people. We are not religions, or political entities. Those are simply clothing. Those are the mufti and uniform of obvious agenda.

Truth is truth or else it is a lie, by degrees according to intention. I don’t know what else to say except that we are all human beings. Is something true or is it a lie for the purpose of advantage? The glaring contradictions are self evident and the very people saying it deny it in their own words. What is truth? I think somebody said that. That is what it comes down to. What are laws? What do we base our lives on and live in fear of?

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Nameless Villains in the Shadows

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Yes, out of the blue comes a strange and virulent, never seen before, e-coli bacteria, showing up in diverse locations far afield from one another. The larger assault is taking place in Germany. Now, which nation would want to attack Germany? Which nation would want to sabotage the helicopter of Germany’s prime minister? Meanwhile, Germany is taking all of her older nuclear power plants off line. The background chatter behind the scenes, where the governmental and corporate shit flies buzz around the cosmic toilet, where police states and casual death are birthed, must be humming with the poisoned conversations of those whose sole purpose for existence is the end of existence for everyone else.

I’d like to know the names of these people. I’d like their affiliations, agencies and laboratories named. I’d like the names of those specifically responsible for things like this; by what authority and under whose orders, do things like this come into public policy? Who decided that Obama should give Egypt a billion dollars to keep Israel’s gas prices low? Hasn’t Israel already stolen everyone else’s money? Don’t they have more money than they will ever need?

Not a day passes that we do not see the march of incipient evil, continue to accelerate and move at a breakneck pace down the devolutionary slope. It is astounding. The events and conditions mentioned in that last link are mind-blowing. Who are the specific individuals who have brought such behavior into public policy? I want to know who they are. We all want to know who they are.

Yesterday I heard about the Weiner waver Zio Con, who can’t deny his own photo, nor give any acceptable explanation for the possession and passage of an underwear blowup of his aroused genitalia. Was he viewing graphic photos of dead Palestinian children? Is that what got him into such a state of excitement? Here’s yet more news connected to Zio-Banker, Strauss-Kahn. The hits just keep on coming. Another French politician was bragging about orgies with young boys that took place a few years ago. It was in a book. He assures us they were all of age. Consider the age of consent in these places before you breathe a sigh of relief concerning penetration and consent.

Kevin Annett was arrested in England a few days ago to prevent him from publicly speaking about Child Abuse in London; sexual child abuse, which runs the gamut from forcible rape to murder for sexual pleasure, on the part of those performing it. Why would the British government arrest and deport someone who was speaking out against what is considered a crime just about everywhere? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together and given the phallic implications of rockets maybe that’s just as well.

You are, or should be familiar with, the sexual scandal that erupted in Belgium over the Dutroux kidnapping, rape and murder case. The investigation was stymied for years by politicians in high places. Word of child sexual abuse has repeatedly surfaced, implicating government officials in the UK, Portugal, Spain and France. We are familiar with the Franklin Scandal, that pointed its finger at George H. Bush in the Regan White House and we’ve seen where Jeff Gannon went in and out of the White House hundreds of times and routinely did not sign in or out. The hideous face of Karl Rove is staring up into that room from a toilet bowl between the legs of Larry Craig.

Why is child abuse epidemic in the governments of much of the west? Why are children disappeared and murdered in sexual acts? Where are the thousands of children that go missing each year? All of this revolves around satanic practice. The religion of Satanism is the driving force in the banking, corporate and political world. It’s all part of the initiation and something that exists to enforce silence and corrupt the hearts and minds of those participating, so that they will support any outrage against the public on command.

This is why so much is permitted without censure or comment. This is how and why Israel controls the governments of the world. Israel was created by the first family of Satanism, The Rothschilds, who set an extra chair at their dining table for Old Scratch. Israel is founded on and run by Satanism and Satanists. This is the point of the genociding of the Palestinians. These are all blood offerings to the infernal master as I have said before. There is nothing whimsical or imagined concerning this. It’s true based on the evidence of history and the enormous weight of circumstantial evidence that exists everywhere. It’s right there in front of your faces. If you can’t see it, you are not looking. The state religion of Israel is the operation of the Synagogue of Satan.

Most of this is obvious to me, having spent decades studying the occult. The good news is that the devil is employed by the cosmos to gather evidence against those who serve him and that time is coming now. You see the serendipitous exposures of Weiner boy and all those French politicians. You see it in the powerful cover-ups in the governments of the west. The police cannot investigate. The police are involved. The police provide the victims in many cases and guard the ceremonies, but that power is now fading away and those who have wallowed in blood and torment are being exposed by the day.

These men and women are monsters and they have willing hands working out of fear and the hope of promotion in every field of endeavor. All those activities described in the first link of this post are engineered and carried out by those serving the dark throne of the satanic elite. The Apocalypse is pressing them out before the eyes of the public. Watch and see.

There’s nothing for us to do but to speak out about it and draw the connecting lines. We don’t need to storm their gates, though that will come at times. They are being betrayed by the one they serve and all of the conditions of the time are being orchestrated to their detriment. It’s a relentless course of cosmic justice and it’s escalating by the day. Governments and systems are failing and there is nothing they can do with all their connections and evil genius to retard or prevent it.

Day by day, the conditions of our existence appear more hopeless. There seems to be no help coming but help is on the way. It’s creeping through the cracks in the dams of darkness that have held us in thrall for centuries. Every act they commit is turning against them and their own organs of information are forced to report on their behaviors, which are to be seen for what they are, no longer spun into protective disinfo but now revealed to the eyes of the world.

Yes, the people of the world are up against a satanic empire of privileged psychopaths, whose rein of terror is coming to an end. In their madness and panic, they seek to plunge the world into flaming disorder, to shut down the industries of fuel and food, to poison the world in which we live, to spread epidemics and war throughout the land. They will fail. They are failing and you should be filled with optimism. Turn your eyes away from the lies that pour forth on all sides. These lies have lost their power and the light is going to consume them.

There’s no other explanation for all of this. If you have one I’m glad to listen but the evidence is overwhelming from where I stand and their doom is upon them.

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