Saturday, June 11, 2011

Madness at the Break of Dawn; keep on keeping on.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The madness is incredible. I see on the news where in two separate incidents, the police beat up mentally retarded people. One of them was severely retarded. They just went looking for them. They accused them of being terrorists. What can this possibly mean? It defies understanding. It is beyond comprehension in a time that is already bizarre and absurd; “those whom the gods would destroy”. One of them had a toy hammer and the police said it was a terror weapon.

Now we find that the e-coli thing is a government tactic. Which government would that be? Well, it can only be one of them, because the other countries are already controlled by that one. Israel is going after Germany. Wow. You may feel I am making an assumption here. I tend to think there is no other possibility. It’s not the terrorists; they don’t have access to Bubonic Plague. We should be seeing something major coming down the pike any day.

Then there was mention of the president mentioning Hillary Clinton for head of the World Bank. We get notice that Hillary is into this. Then we hear from the State Department that she won’t be getting the appointment. It’s all going bananas. It also appears there are at least two major power operations, in opposition with each other right within the administration.

This Apocalypse thing is incredible! I’ve been in this town for ten years and now everyone is smiling at me. Everyone is helpful. Before this, many looked at me with suspicion and were surly. I can’t get over it. Meanwhile the world is beyond unreal. We are on Looney Tunes planet.

After years of persistent bad luck, my books are all being published by this wonderful woman who put a publishing company together. Someone redid all of my blogs. Another fine lady with the help of a few other people has set up a commercial website for me at and I don’t know what to think. I feel better than I have felt in a long time also. Many moments are filled with the most bizarre serendipity. Things are so strange that I can’t compute. I just have to go through it. It is such a pleasure to be with all of you at this time, even though we are separated by distance. Thank you all for your tremendous support and all that attends it.

I can see the power of the malefactors diminishing by the moment. I can see Israel moving toward deserving trouble and loss. I see Israelis leaving Israel in droves and I have prayed that the location would be increasingly distasteful to them and so it is. It’s as if some force is doing exactly this.

The madness, oh the madness; things like this are routine. Congressman Weiner was sending pictures to a porn actress. When she was asked why she was involved in this she said, “I felt like I was slumming”. Now, that says it all.

I haven’t made a post in a week because I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say. You know and I know as much as we need to know about how batshit crazy it all is. I go to write something and I say, “I said that already”. I go to link something and I think, “I linked this same kind of thing already”. You deserve better. You’ve supported me through these years, through my occasional bouts of strange highway. You’ve said so many nice things to me that I don’t see a reason for. You deserve better and I’m going to try to find some way to give you something better. This was supposed to be Origami’s turn and there I could have said something different but here I am at Mirrors. Obviously, I’m confused (grin). I collapsed from exhaustion the other night; just crumpled due to not sleeping for several days and doing hard manual labor. I must have really been tired, because since it happened I am sleeping at 12 hour stretches AND taking naps and I’m starving, even though I’ve been eating.

I mention this for a reason. I think all of us are receiving downloads of new and not seen before, energy and intelligence. Those of us working for positive change in the world and in ourselves are getting things directly related to this. I can’t even begin to list some of the things that have been happening to me, because they are so far out. For those of us working for increased negative change in the world and in ourselves, we also are getting amplification juice to that end. We’re all getting juiced in respect of what we are up to.

In Japan they are burning nuclear waste. Doesn’t that go right into the air? Newt Ging-Grinch; his entire campaign staff quit. Have we EVER seen that happen before? Word had it that Hilarious Clinton was being slotted for the IMF and had Obama’s backing. That would be a slam dunk. Next thing you know she’s not going there. Pelosi is demanding Weiner’s resignation, while her career has been mostly about amping up her husband’s bank account through the powers of her office.

Consider this, when a person is in a serious disconnect with themselves as a large portion of the world’s leadership is, without any pretense of concealing it; which is how it used to go and continuing on as if what had been happening wasn’t a warning but a cheer of encouragement, you may be aware that this seriously mirrors certain states of mental imbalance that eventually lead to a break in one’s mental state. The American leadership is approaching public meltdowns as Weiner’s case shows, along with others mentioned and unmentioned. Look for much more of this same thing and even more outrageous examples. This is truly The Apocalypse. Those who are mad are being pressed out of themselves into demonstration, while the curtains are being raised. Those on the opposite end are feeling the thrill of cohesion entering into their being.

It is as plain as day to me. Everything is so evident that it is stunning. The comical nature of it all- outside of the tragedy resulting from heinous action- is turning the world’s stage into a sitcom. The last gasp of an oppressive government is ridicule. Fear precedes it. As the power to deceive diminishes, the power to create fear diminishes. Following general ridicule comes breakdown.

The housing crises continue. Predictions are being made for another 6% drop in value, which means it will be more than this. The dollar is increasingly more threatened and the stock market is falling. Nothing is or has been done about the criminals in the financial realm, so the previous policies go on unhindered. One of the reasons certain things are against the law is that they upset the balance of the process that operates the system. If you don’t address the conditions with the power of the law they just continue to degenerate; accent on ‘degenerate’.

China and Russia, who are experiencing economic losses and increasing indirect threat, are working sotto voce against American interests, so it is just a matter of time before the whole thing comes down, with America extended around the world in expensive wars that cannot be won, in conditions that must be maintained, in order to justify the original intent that was all manifested by Israel. Nothing is done. This is like having an injury or illness that demands treatment but is not receiving any. What is the guaranteed outcome of this?

Meanwhile, all over the place, Nature is stirring the mix; massive flooding from record snows, wild fires beyond that experienced by certain areas before, animals are exhibiting signs of madness, as domestic dogs form in packs and go on killing sprees, birds attack people and much more than I can put down here is either going on or starting to.

You might say this is all just a logical progression of the way things have come about and that there is no invisible mystery to all of it. To me it is greater and greater confirmation that the cosmos is standing above the orchestra, with a baton in movement. This is good news because it means there is a conscious intent and direction to all of it and implies a dual outcome, based on one of two main mindsets in operation. Those of you who are working for the greater good are going to be experiencing quantum leaps in consciousness and otherwise ...good luck. If you’re not engaged in synchronicity with the movement of the baton then, change or be changed. Transform with some degree of ease or a powerful progression of dis-ease.

You can’t have it both ways and one way is coming through, gathering in the positive expressions that have led up to this arrival and destroying what no longer has a place in the scheme of things. I hope, with having nothing to say that I haven’t said before that I managed to occupy your attention in a way other than redundancy. So many of you have written me about, “where are you”, that this is my way of saying, “here I am”, hoping for inspiration and feeling a great deal of gratitude from such a devoted readership. Aloha in the deeper meaning of the word.

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There will be a radio show Sunday night at 7:30 Central time or download it the next day. Comments would be nice following the radio show. Emails arrive but very few comments at the radio blog. I’m not sure why that is but let me know because I can’t adjust or improve if I don’t.


Neko Kinoshita said...

I haven't had much to say either.

Right with you Visible.

The Divine is showing me where to change, and making sure there is no doubt. Material is unimportant because I'm looking at the wrong things, and much is occuring here.

Perhaps I will have a more relevant comment later, but we will see. As no doubt we are already beginnning to.


DaveS said...

Sweeeeet, Captain, keep the juice flowin'. Even when you're repeating yourself, it's worth reading... never know when a new inspiration will come from an old idea.

One thing the bad guys who think they're gonna take over the world have never felt before is the wrath of the entire planet focused and concentrated on making them go away. Before it's only been a region here or there that was facing this sort of angst... now the whole planet is in turmoil because the leaches have their suckers into everything.

I pray that it's not too much longer before the dam breaks completely and even the most ignorant can't help but see the results of following on the same old tired path.

Keep it up and keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

From Abe-
Hey cousin Les, like the parrot picture. I don't that one was here last time.

Yep, that whole Newt thing was hilarious. If only obama could get caught in public actually sucking off one of the bankers he's metaphorically sucking off every day.

Wish i knew some way to inspire you, but for what its worth I think calling for another group focused meditation - on israel, fukushima Japan, or whatever else would be a good way using some free time between banana peels. Might even grease the floor a bit. That was awesome when we did it way back when.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for your good fortune and wish you more!

Just so you know, I have mcafee antivirus on my computer and when I clicked onto your new link, a box popped up telling me it was an unsafe site!!! I clicked onto it anyway with no problems.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Vis, you know we miss you when you're absent for any significant length of time. So good to hear that things are going well for you personally. I do believe you have earned it since, as I am reminded over and over again, all phenomena result from causes and conditions...nothing arises independently. If only all of humanity could be aware of this truth and thus act accordingly...what a sweet and wonderful world this would be! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

mlbs said...

We each have the power to make this progression more powerful and to operate more smoothly. If each one of us continues to resonate with ideas such as this, we will each have power that dwarfs those working against us.

Sometimes you just need another person to say what you are already thinking in order to solidify it. I just recently found your blog and I want to thank you for your words.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Les, like reading pretty music. 9 months in on my all out attack of love against all my neighborhood animals its finally paying off. Robin lands beside me when I go out for a cig. Chickadee and Nuthatch appear the second they hear my window slide open. Squirrel jumps up on my lap. Raccoon shakes my hand. Crow waits grinning as I exit the market. Hummingbird follows me chipping from the trees on my walks. I'd never dreamed it would come to this. The snoots peek from behind their curtains as if I am crazy. Wow just wow.

Terrance said...

Hello Les.....your output of work has been prolific and when you don't post for a while, your energy is missed....however we keep on keeping on while something wicked and something wonderful comes our way....Weir and Lesh are coming to the Monterey fairgrounds Octorber 6th and 7th , first time since the Pop festival.....Love and Gratitude

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les :)


just me, Laurel A. said...

i am pretty much convinced that i am breathing crazy psych drugs, because every morning, i read the "news", and i can tell you - it is getting so crazy, i dont think it can even be compared to any other crazy time. its beyond all imagination. and i have been frantically making blankets, and caps and sacques for babies and children who were victims of the tornadoes down south here. but i dont get the feeling that this will be the last time. the events are becoming much bigger, and way more frequent. it numbs the human spirit. how much more are we to bear? and how are we to bear it? a community could not happen fast enough. i and my daughters are alone here, and its a long hike to the next like-minded soul. how do the many like me find our way through, when even a group of us will have a tremendous struggle to maintain our souls? we really are living through very interesting times. we are blooming where we are planted, but it is a bit tough to be the only plant in the crack on the sidewalk at this end of the invisible town :))

amarynth said...

@anonymous Karen

That is completely dependent on how you have set mcafee on your local machine. Suggestion is to set it to warn you if sites want to download something to your computer, and not for general scripts that are there to make a website functional.

Please report all website things to the webmaster - there is 'contact us' on every page.

(this may be duplicate as the comments functionality is completely squirely today)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Les, how beautiful you are. You are a magnificent flower, my brother. And this--this is your spring! God loves you, I pray.

God loves all his little children!

I love you, bro,


Ben said...

I missed you, Vis, and I'm joyful at your return.

So many extreme events occurring in shotgun fashion, it's amazing. It's the Apocalypse; the veil being lifted.

I think Father Creator is opening more eyes to this, at least to those within my realm. Out of the blue I have had acquaintances ask me "What on earth is going on; it's never been like this before?"

I have to ask in return "Do you mean politically, economically or in relation to the weather or other 'natural' events?"

I will always at some point explain that we are entering the Apocalypse, the Unveiling, the Revelation... and inevitably I'm asked "The Unveiling of what?" My response to this is "Many things, but primarily the Truth, but only for those whom Father has granted the eyes and ears to see and hear."

Sometimes I'm asked, "What can I do?" I always reply "Rejoice; revel in the Revelation and seek Father Creator."

Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Light" and the Apocalypse is ultimately all about Him and His manifestation in Father's true children.

What form does this manifestation take? It takes the form of Love.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Apocalypse thus far... as you pointed out on one occasion, regarding the Creator and what is in store - "Just watch how creative I can be."

Josey said...


I discovered something that helped solve a puzzle for me.

I've always been amazed at how Germany has been so different from their long and proud history.

This seems to answer the questions:

From "Veterans Today", search German Constitution...


"Two days prior to the enactment of the German constitution on 23 May 1949, a Secret Treaty (Geheimer Staatsvertrag) was signed, which gave complete Allied control over electronic and print media, film, culture and education until the year 2099. As a result thereof, there are still 100,000 occupation troops in Germany; after 66 years there still has been no peace treaty concluded between Germany and the Victorious Allied Powers; and all of Germany’s gold reserves are held in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in which the Rothschilds have a 57% shareholding. This treaty has been
confirmed by Major-General Gerd-Helmut Komossa, former head of German Military Intelligence in his book “Die Deutsche Karte” (The German Card).

(ii) There appear to be two constitutions."


Since "Allied Control" is now headed by Jews/Israel, this is the reason Germany is now under Zionist Control. And the German people probably do not even know this sneaky, secret deal is still in effect until 2099.

This is worse than the Treaty of Versailles which lead to WW 2.

What A Fucking Travesty

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:27 -- love it. Nature is showing us how life will be through the critters and the birds. The doves that I am raising this season are more animated and definitely at a higher consciousness level than ever before. I had a sibling pair that would dance in the water when I would clean out their flight cage. The little girl would role on her side and lift her wing, wanting me to sprinkle her. She always responded to me when I spoke to her as if she knew english (which she did). She would follow me inside my house and when I would tell her she had to stay outside, she would turn around and go back outside. I have another dove who taps on my bedroom window at 6:30 am wanting me to come outside and fill the dish with seed. She also loves to fly out of the tree and land on my shoulder and snuggle in my neck for a moment or two. I had another sibling pair who were having a tough time acclimating with the wild group in the neighborhood. They would leave during the day and come back at night to sleep inside the flight cage. They seemed a little stressed some days, and the male would want to snuggle in my neck for a bit before bedtime. I, too, find myself longing for the day when we can all intermingle with nature this way and that will be the norm.

Energy shifting in me these days feels like I'm not in my body one day, then grounded the next. Some days I feel like I could crazy if I wanted to. I meditated one day on releasing some old worn out energy patterns. My body released for days - lots of aches and pains and then some.

Thanks for the repeats and reminders, Les. It is sweet nectar that I never tire of during these crazy times we're in.


Masher1 said...

Good day Les!

Our days are OURS not some greedy bank drone. Our times are OUR times not some government troll's

The common man has nothing to fear in working for a return to civility and righteousness.

Life is and will be again in ratios far in excess of the power and money set's desires and will for it to be.

They earn there lot just as we all do without any doubts what so ever.

Our time of recovery is not going to be buried in lusts and greed just as our time is not going to be avoided. Work for good or not... Choice is yours alone to make without influence of the evil among us. Fear is not as effective as it once was, You all must see this manifest all around you.

My day, Our day is as good as I/We want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 8:26 I've been trying to get some video of all my little animal friends.
Nuhatch and Chickadee;
Crows n Seagulls after a blizzard;
Warms my heart when I point left or right and Squirrel knows which way to go...Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Weinergate Follies

There's a member of Congress, named Weiner,
Whose morals couldn't be leaner.
He decided to pose
While wearing no clothes
And sent the pictures to an unsuspecting teener.

Erin Parsley said...

I loved your song "Light up Ahead". Funky, groovy, and inspiring all at once. Awesome!

neal said...

Laurel, great migrations are coming, and we will be refugees from those cracks that don't offer the security.

Save what you can, and let the devil take the hindmost, or not.

The place we were from is already gone, almost literally, and having the high ground doesn't feel so good when the air is so full of smoke from everything burning down.

We are breathing when we can, and time is not really after us, the cards know it, and my heart breaks for you, and yours. I wish I could tell you, or anyone for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 9:28 for the videos of the birds, raccoons and squirrel. You are a gift to nature.

My grandmother used to hand feed the squirrels in her yard. She would open her back door and put her hand out with peanuts or pecan sandy cookies, and they would come up to the door and take them out of her hand. My father did the same thing when I was a child. He's now 85, and when he's working outside, he keeps peanuts in his pant's pockets to feed the squirrels that come into the yard. He got attached to a momma one spring. One day while he was up on a ladder painting the windows, momma squirrel climbed up the ladder and went into his pocket to get the peanuts. They all almost fell down to the ground.

I love to watch the squirrels in my neighborhood climb the tree to get to the flight cage area to eat seed I put out for the doves. They have to stop and lay on the railing or chair arm to rest for a bit. The bigger squirrel waits for me at night now to put some pecans in the flower basket she likes to lay in to cool herself off in during the day. I've started to add some berries to the water bowls to help them keep hydrated in the drought that we're in.

Some days I feel like snow white in the forest. I'll start to feel guilty I may be over imprinting the dove babies snuggling in my neck for comfort, and then I get visions of wildlife adopting humans and I'll hear "enjoy it". And so I do.


wv: fetiocac --- hmmm, this might be Xrated

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone caught the recent youtube video of the young american jewish lad protesting in isreal. He was bravely professing his total opposition to zionism, when attacked and arrested by the zombies in uniform. Theres been literally hundreds of comments condemning this, all in a very short space of time. People are starting see through the land grab fraud of zionism, and that it has nothing to do with religion.
As ever visible your post resonates with the undercurrent of change and awakening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les Visible!
You produce a very good read for someone who doesn't know what to say.

(@amarynth -i do not use mcafee "anti-virus" on my computer, but a a relatively unknown av; it doesn't now, nor has it ever blocked any of Les Visible sites, however, it is now blocking a number of other websites i frequent - which would be considered very "politically incorrect" -and never ever blocks any approved as "PC". IMHO this is a "back door" censorship move; i would send this via email, but i don't do email; peace and respects)

Tom Lowe said...

If the chorus likes your singing, then sing to the chorus.

Miriam said...

Vis, it is good hear your 'voice' again, there is always something to be gained by being in your company.

Love the animal stories here!

I have been feeling more energized than usual. The sun comes up earlier and is brighter; my part of the world is especially cloudy in winter, so this is very welcome and nourishing.

I feel a peacefulness as energies are cleansed and cleared and I await further inspiration from the Love of the Divine.
Right now I am on 'cruise', and I feel fine.
It might be because I am spending more time There than in the crazy world, having withdrawn a bit more from the news and the melt downs. I figure
I get just enough to stay informed but not too much to drag me down.

Can't miss the Apocalypse anyway.

Feelin' the Love....

Miriam said...

A concerted effort from Europe against Israeli produce exporter Agrexco

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

I dont complain when the sun comes up again, just like yesterday (but tomorrow?). OTOH, Ive been myself coy/anally retentive/doubting/ anti internet AHDH lately in mood. It's capacity for change, seeking and goin' with the flowin' that's healthy, with balance (and adventure).
All things are connected, but some are more personal and physical. For mine, I just got a diagnosis of moderate obstructive sleep apnea. that might explain a lot and a CPAP machine (though a dependency) might improve my lot a lot.(But what causes that and was it not a good thing in the end, which is nigh).

miriam, your hyperlink doesnt work.(null)

Vis if you don't post for a year, many thoughts from many (no doubt) are still with you.(and from you).

best wishes

wv glammen. you know, Gore, Assange, Vis persona #104 (historical?).

Tom Lowe said...

We await your next post!

Anonymous said...

Aloha Les,

You nailed it with the definition of Apocalypse as unveiling. As I view the collapse of this rotten system, I'm aware that in fact things are dying and being born at the same time. So the actual scenario might look quite unlike the standard Doomsday image we've been fed.

This is not to say that tragedy won't touch us just because we choose light and life. A few days ago my best friend (for 32 years) died suddenly, one of the most painful shocks of my life, and a wake-up call. Every day of life is a gift. Carpe diem, baby!

Mucho mahalos,

Rabbit said...

I'm feeling much the same, it is as if all that can be said has been said and anyone who still doesn't get it, is screwed anyway, so who cares? Things are closing in too fast for me to want to waste time with trying to awaken a last few dozy morons from their slumber. It is all I can do to consolidate my business and finances and to get my loved ones safe and our tomorrow survival happening. I've ignored my own for too long but no longer feel obligated to chase after the rest, now it's time to put what I know to work for myself.
Time is very short.

Anonymous said...

Damn just messed up my original posting..

suffice it to say, be patient with our beloved Vis.....tis' truly Kali Yuga, and I'm no expert btw.

When he takes a few days off it's okay. We know he always comes back to us doesn't he.

Love Peaches

Sook said...

Everything of value is repetitive. The sun, moon, seasons, heartbeat, breathing, all manner of cycles; the list is infinite.

Your posts have repetitive elements (by necessity) but you seem to not realize how gratifying the repetition is.

It's sort of like observing your breathing until you ultimately reach oneness. Once you reach oneness you no longer need to observe the breathing.

In the same vein, you hound the Zionists for their crimes. It can stop once they go. But until then it is a healing thing for people to read. It is as calming (and exciting) as watching the breath or repeating a mantra. Most of all it is NOT BORING!!!

I read a post last week by an individual who felt that he got more out of your articles when they were infrequent. We all affect each other and I want this to be the antidote to his comment.

Your work is a play by play announcement of the shift. We all see it and feel it but it is way more enjoyable with a play by play announcer. You bring together all fans of this sport into a common experience.

So please say whatever you have to say even if it's nothing, over and over and over again.

Gratitude and love to you.

Anonymous said...

As a bit of comic relief to the current crack-up, a news story from my local area: Google "Supreme Commander Deng." Most of the results will be relevant.

Steve Rist said...

Ok Les, how long now before YOU start dressing all in black and wearing expensive shades! Heh Heh! Love your writing; keep it coming!

Kray Z8 said...

'The way than can be spoken is not the constant way.'-Tao Te Ching

Since Love energy is the only truly positive force in existence, it does its good work no matter how or by whom it is channeled. When it is manifesting in massive doses from the higher planes to this one, it's only natural that we have difficulty expressing anything about it in the narrow, limited terms of this 3D construct we call "reality". Fortunately, what is important is not how we describe or discuss it, but that we all keep on experiencing and directing it. You see, it cannot be wasted or mis-applied; it will go where it is needed. We are humble conduits (most of us!), and by surfing these awesome energy forms are doing what most needs to be done. IMO, as we continue to do this, clarity and understanding will come as a natural consequence of staying in touch with the energy. Those who aren't in touch are already starting to be consumed by chaos, confusion, and fear. The first path is by choice, the second by default.

Thank you (again) LV, for being a catalyst. Your exact words are not as important as the path that you elucidate. May we all continue to resonate.


siamsam said...

Must share a strange story......

I was sitting in a coffee shop recently when a desheviled looking young lady walked in and took a table opposite. We exchanged smiles and as she sat down I noticed she was pregnant.

Within a minute or two an American guy took a seat at her table and they struck up a conversation. By what I overheard from their conversation I guessed they did not know each other. I heard him say it was his birthday. I heard her say she had no money.

After a few moments the American guy got up to leave and folded some money in to her hand saying ' get yourself a coffee'.

So whats strange: well it was also my birthday.

As i left the coffee shop i went over to her table and explained that i had overheard her conversation and told her it was my birthday. I folded some money in to her hand and wished her luck.

I can't help wondering what she thought - she looked blown away!

Just thought I would share that :)

Nice to see you back Vis

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

I believe we all have found a place where we can come and express ourselves and feel the energy radiating from within each and every one of us...

I too like many of your readers feel connected with our animals...(we lost communication between the species after the evil takeover of this dimension)...the primal being of animal is coming back and it is all about energy...we are energy...

What I see is these demons of darkness are not confident...hiding behind tinted glass...slouched in their car seats...hiding behind folded newspapers...hiding behind hired mercenaries protecting these scum...lately, their every move backfires...I believe the infighting has begun...

the Apocalypse is best reality show I can think of...

I am grateful I found the circle of friends you have here Les...the energy is awesome...

we will ALL be together soon living, loving and spiritually rejoicing...our animal and mineral kingdoms are also receiving this same message...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

It's the End of the Beginning of the End.

Anonymous said...


The madness has become so widespread so quickly that one is overwhelmed, making it difficult to respond. Where do you start? In fact, it is far past responding. As you suggest, the most productive thing now is to just take it in and look for a shift in one's consciousness. There is always balance - yin and yang. As some descend into lower levels of consciousness, others ascend. Maybe it's karmic. If so, we must be thankful for those willing to sacrifice their own consciousness for others...

Namaste, John M.

Kieron said...

Thank you, Sook, for expressing perfectly how I feel about the "repetition." And doesn't the title say it all? Keep on keepin' on!

Ouzel said...

Thank you, LV. Missed you.

Sook expresses my thoughts as well. Please keep being connected, repeating your reflections, quoting poetry, or whatever you are moved to do; the voice and spirit you embody matter and hold together all who come to your sites.

As some others have said, there is no fear. Just compassion for those who are suffering, as in Japan, central and west Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and elsewhere.

May the Apocalypse cleanse and the awakening ripple out.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to say anything different, Les. As you've said before, you say the same thing over and over in different ways. Your message is a beacon. The different expressions resonate with different readers. Why do you now doubt the Purpose you serve? Isn't it the unrelenting service itself that benefits you, by fostering a vibratory state conducive to your Quest, your search for the direct experience of the One Truth?

The closer one comes to the goal, the more tempting the distractions that arise. It is only the pure heart that cannot entertain temptation. And it is only the pure heart that can abide the direct experience of the One Truth.

Miriam said...

Thanks pierre~
trying again to hyperlink:

A concerted effort from Europe against Israeli produce exporter Agrexco

Anonymous said...


Before it came to be used as a name, the word "christ" was a title meaning anointed or enlightened.

In that context the "antichrist" would mean the unenlightened. In that sense, the antichrist is not an individual but rather a state of unconsciousness. The antichrist has then always been with us, but with today's madness, is now coming out into the light and may be more plainly seen as the great darkness.

Namaste, John M.

Visible said...

a great many times I have mentioned here that Christ is a station and Jesus was a man.

ChewyBees said...

To Laurel, but also to everyone, what is 'news'? It is corporate advertisements generated to change your psyche to one of fear and reaction. 'News' 'stories' have a purpose that is paid for with billions of fiat dollars to create a reaction based on the emotions that benefit the ego.
There is nothing wrong with reading the 'news' reports (stories). There is a detri-mental effect of reacting to the 'news' with anything but casual regard.
All of this is manufactured to create what Les called de-generation. Remember, that you are the creator of your existence, you generate that which is your reality. If you allow the advertisements of things, known as corporations (corpus, dead) then you will succumb to those things, and this is hell.
If you wish for positive change in your life, then stop wishing and generate it. Not having a mansion and a sports car and a 70 inch flat screen is not hell. Hell is the dis-satisfaction with your life because of a purpose bent on obtaining things. I don't want to go too far with that because I know there are people lacking essentials that are truly suffering and in need. There is a line we all need to draw within ourselves that divides where we want to be and what keeps us spiritually alive. Wants are tricky things. Is the man living in a hut in some land so bad off before he sees the life of the 'American dream'? This is not to say that everyone should be living in a hut, but the mountains of wealth of a very few are built on mountains of destitute and hope-less and harmed people.
Having a bunch of things and a corporate office and the painted pic of the Western life may be a nice vision, but is it any more real than anything less than that?
And WHEN those things collapse, and the paper pushing jobs are gone, and the self proclaimed high and mighty suddenly disappear from public view, who will each of us turn to?
Those not too far plugged in will turn to the entity they had all along, themselves, as God over themselves. Those that surrounded themselves with false gods to keep them satisfied moment to moment will be searching for 'news' of a recovery.
Do not despair, for you are the one the Prophet proclaimed when he said, "That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." How can you do that any better than by doing it through yourself, by believing in yourself? "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." I am not a religious man, but I am a man that sees the truth when it is written.

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me see the salt leave the salt shaker anymore. No cryptic hidden messages intended, I just thought I'd check if anyone else here has the same problem. We've pretty much discussed all that needs discussing around the serious issues, I thought I would take this opportunity to use the great brains we have on this forum for something completely off topic.As usual, great work Les. Oh, my eyes have been tested and I have 20/20 vision.

Kieron said...

Just noticed more evidence of cosmic wordplay:

Consider the word "shekel." What is it? Since 1980, the shekel has been the currency of the modern state of Israel, first the Israeli shekel, then (since 1985) the Israeli new shekel.

- 4 dictionary results
shek·el   [shek-uhl] –noun
Also, sheqel. a paper money, cupronickel or silver coin, and monetary unit of Israel equal to 100 agorot: replaced the pound in 1980.
an ancient, orig. Babylonian, unit of weight, of varying value, taken as equal to the fiftieth or the sixtieth part of a mina or to about a quarter to half an ounce.
a coin of this weight, especially the chief silver coin of the ancient Hebrews.

Shekel sound a lot like shackle. Behold, money has become our invisible shackles. Will we throw them off?

wv dityroxf. Zios get their "dirty rocks off." Wish these dirties would get off our rock and leave us in peace.

est said...

brings to mind
a parable :

man was searching
for his keys outside

another passes by
'what'd you lose ?'

'my keys'

'where'd you lose them ?'

'inside the house'

'well, why you
looking out here ?'

'lights better'

i can still see the salt -
only with great difficulty

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous, Tuesday, June 14, 2011 9:42:00 AM

I can't see the salt leave the shaker any more either but I can see where it has landed so that suits me fine.

I must say though the openings in a salt shaker are far too small for the amount of salt that I require to fall onto my food over a given time so I have a salt shaker with about a dozen, extra large, holes - much better. As well the shaker has a cap for the holes so the salt stays dry.
The salt grains lately seem to be larger than I have been used to (I use designated 'table salt' not 'cooking salt') so that may be the reason for my needing larger holes in the shaker.

You may think using a salt grinders will change things; a salt grinder is a dead loss as normally your fist is in the way of the falling salt so as far as seeing the salt leave the grinder – forget about it.

I could go on but I'm happy enough to see there is someone else out there in the world today worried by trivia and it's not just me.


ps great article Les

est said...

when the salt
and the shaker
have become one

nowhere left to go

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking lately that I'm living in an alternate universe where right is wrong and wrong is right. It sure seems like an upside down world lately.

Anonymous said...

Kieron said –

"Just noticed more evidence of cosmic wordplay"

have we already done –

'Programs' that
'occupy your mind'
paying your dues (pronounced 'dj')
taxes are a 'Levy' on the people (Levi, as in Lord Levy)

etc etc ad nauseum.


ps It's kicking off in Greece and Spain. Has that 100th monkey finally seen the light?

Anonymous said...

If the sun were the same size as a small grain of salt, the earth would be invisible, the solar system would be about 6-foot across – and the closest star would be over 4-miles away


Anonymous said...

Only one 1 out of 4 in Canada had voted for for the Conservative Communist Party (probably even a much lower number than that) so there's no way the Conservatives can calmly try to con us that the neo conservatives are loved by most Canadians. Not just another U.S. installed dic, Stephen Harpers neo colon's are slowly moving in American style puppet dictatorships.

But, we here in Canada still beleive in freedom, truth, and most of all, Justice.

The BS is hitting many of us it seems from every side. But we are still around, and getting wiser.

Organized criminals & politicians continue thinking that we dumb sheeps will blindly run the circles on the hillside and will remain fearful of the evil ghost wolf.
Same goes for the media sluts they hire to keep telling us that Canadians who go on strike and hold up the process of big business are "unpatriotic .. and are destroying the economy." Those clowns in Parliament may have control of the shit making factory, but we the public still hold the key. An amazing and wonderful thing happened. A young government page held up a sign that Harper pretended not to notice. She painted the words "STOP HARPER". (note; Just to let you know, Harper loves pissing people off, he really does!)
I like to think gravity is the politicans greatest enemy.
Even the inner-circle politician working in the tallest building in the world couldn't stand being locked up with their own filth for very long. So when you will think you're hearing sounds of gas being released, it's the sound of fat cats jumping out of the windows.

William G. Ellipser

est said...

nothing is impossible
except the impossibility

of there being
nothing impossible

est said...

although i personally
would not rule it out

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with reading the 'news' reports (stories). There is a detri-mental effect of reacting to the 'news' with anything but casual regard.

Remember, that you are the creator of your existence, you generate that which is your reality.

the mountains of wealth of a very few are built on mountains of destitute and hope-less and harmed people.

ChewyBees; agreed and very well said.

We are all divine.

We are living in the time prophecied when, "The last shall be first and the first shall be LAST." We're seeing it all around us now.

Anonymous said...

I am an uptight, left brained, right justified, type A engineer. Funny thing: reading your posts makes me relax. I kinda understand what you're saying. I guess that's what poets do.
Keep on doing what ever it is you do, and keep on thinking whatever it is you're thinking. I like it. Don't ask me to explain why. I can't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anthony,
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 8:27:00 AM

Sorry didn't get back to you sooner, been lazing about unplugged.



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