Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just the Facts Ma'am.

You can see it happening in the way it has happened before, that certain interests jump the ship; run down the cruise line ropes for the next staging ground, even though they are on the ultimate staging ground. What happens next is anybodies guess but history shows the record of the past. So be my guest on this sailing ship. I’m not on that ship anyway.

This is The Apocalypse and the dirty deeds about war and money; the shape of culture, the assault on the mysteries of existence, the darkness of material fire, the question of what did and did not happen and the evidence that is emerging in a forensic, internet fashion is coming out because the conditions are on the ground and the people doing it are talking about it and wild tales are being told and laws are being made to suppress the right to question something that cannot possibly be what has been said. Brute force won’t work. Ignorance is no defense. They tell the truth themselves and then deny the evidence and it doesn’t mater anyway because... the law says that you cannot deny something regardless of the evidence and that is the problem.

So you have huge populations trembling under time bombs that keep going off, juxtaposed by a small minority of people who claim to be something they are not while they are genociding the very people who are the descendents of the books they base their religions on. What are you going to do? In their own words you have the evidence and it continues into present day problems.

A group of people forced themselves upon a land, with people already there, who were looking to take that land. They fabricated historical records to create pressure and lay guilt upon a nation of people, who actually surpassed them in the numbers of counted dead. They reduced the amount of victims at Auschwitz from 4.5 million to 1.5 million.

What does that make them? It makes them holocaust deniers. The very people pushing the production, deny the production because how could they lose 3 million victims and still have six million?

Does this make any sense? There are laws against this. People go to jail for this and have their careers ruined because of it, yet... they are doing it themselves. You have to love The Apocalypse and then you have to factor in that the Bolshevik Revolution was sponsored by these same people who then went on a massive campaign about pogroms when they were two thirds of the Cheka that applied it. Does this make any kind of sense?

It wouldn’t be a big deal in any case because people lie all the time but people are dying because of this. People were thrown off of their land in Palestine on the premise that these things happened but in the writings of President Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, President De Gaulle, there is no mention of crematoriums or am I crazy? I am not saying this is true or not true because I don’t know. The fundamental reality of my being is that I do not know so I can’t say but this doesn’t make any sense and they deny what they claim in their own records. What’s going on?

Huge amounts of reparations are handed out because of this. Money that is supposed to go to survivors of some holocaust, who don’t even get the money, is going on for decades.

The fourth largest military has been built on this. Blockbuster movies are made out of this. Children are forced to learn things in schools that can’t possibly have happened because, according to the links in this posting, in their own words, there weren’t even that many people around to have suffered this.

9/11 was done by these people. How much more proof does one need?

That’s the thing about the apocalypse. It is opening eyes and this cuts to the heart of religious and political control of the world. It’s all a pack of lies. You have these memorials built all over the world to a myth that they tell you in their own words did not happen, while they demand that it did happen and a lot of what goes on in world affairs is based on this.

I personally do not declare anything. They do. How does it come about that this could happen and that life would be so intricately involved with it? Why are these same people now trying to attack Iran on their way to Russia and China? It is a muddy road and I do not know what to say. They say it themselves and then make it illegal to question it. The obvious thing is that things are going to happen one way or another.

What are we supposed to do when the people telling us something, are also telling us something else at the same time? Then comes congressman wiener and a crotch shot. Who knows, whose package that could be? I know it’s not me, because I don’t wear underwear. I prefer to use toilet paper. Why would such a thing be an issue without a face? There is only one possibility and that is that there are other pictures. Otherwise why not deny it outright. They are being pushed out. As I keep saying. The Apocalypse is pushing these guys out. The cosmos is in town and the cosmos is going to start butt kicking.

Men of honor stand together but the bad guys rat on each other and that is what is happening because the system is corrupted and the heat is on. That can only mean war and incredible fuckups because... the cosmos is on the stage.

I don’t understand how damming forensics can be dismissed. Of course I failed to comprehend what the Supreme Court was thinking when Segway Bush came into power. Those vultures do not work for the common good and pervert the law that they dress up in robes to define. They work for the banks and not The Constitution of the United States.

For some reason, people want to be emperors. They want to move the world into disorder to make a buck. But a buck isn’t worth anything. It’s just a piece of paper, like George Bush said about The Constitution. Trust is what counts. I know what I trust in. I hold truth to be self evident. It is the only currency I know. If you don’t have integrity, then you have nothing. Integrity should be written into your jeans. Because it is what you give your life for. The measure of your integrity is what you are. I have struggled all of my life against demons and bankers, trying to live a life, like Jacque Fresco. I am not a tool and die man. I am a dreamer and a mystical poet but I keep believing something can come true, not just for me but for the rest of you.

You are what you are as a human being. Your religions are just the clothing you put on the gods you believe in. You can have a better world. You do not have to crumble under the force of a fool. There is a better world coming if you can work for the greater good. Live your life trying to be a better human being because it is upon you.

I have no quarrel with the faith of people. I take everyone as I find them and know them by what they do. No member of any order is out of order, unless they are out of order. We are people. We are not religions, or political entities. Those are simply clothing. Those are the mufti and uniform of obvious agenda.

Truth is truth or else it is a lie, by degrees according to intention. I don’t know what else to say except that we are all human beings. Is something true or is it a lie for the purpose of advantage? The glaring contradictions are self evident and the very people saying it deny it in their own words. What is truth? I think somebody said that. That is what it comes down to. What are laws? What do we base our lives on and live in fear of?

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God in Country by Les Visible

Radio show 1930 Central Time.


Anonymous said...

I fear the People of Wal-Mart are doomed.

For a hundred years and more we have bought the jews lies. We gotta pay the price sooner or later.

Will the world miss the People of Wal-Mart? Nah, our fashion sense sucked big time.

Anonymous said...

There's no business like Shoah business.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you Mr. Les Visible for your fine post.

"And they're off and running!"

Where and who will be the unlucky recipient of their presence next? South America? China? Antartica? Perhaps the penguins wouldn't protest.

Meanwhile back on the sinking ship, aka the Western world, two more facta non grata need to leave the world stage: usury and fractional reserve banking.

Without the total removal of these two private 'mafia' tactics, the civilised world is utterly destined to go down, and go down hard.

False-jew Khazarian Ashkenazi zionism has run its course in the same way the "country" of "israel" has. The Rothschilds and their oligarch 'mafia' cronies need to be off as well. If they do not go peacefully John Q. Public, who has been believing their MSM propaganda thus far, is going to wake up and string them up. It will cetainly be a flash event.

Advice to Jacob and company: Step away from the masses, put your hands in the air and ask for clemency.


WV: charryo
Future imperfect derivative of "cheerio" - what we will say as we wave goodbye while we are thinking deep down 'good riddance'.

Anonymous said...

This is really sick - old news, but still sick:

'UN to teach Gaza children about the Holocaust(C).'

Because there's only ever been one, hasn't there?

Any search engine will bring up links.

What's the word that springs to mind - cynicism? hypocrisy? psychopathy? ignorance? It might be 'stupidity' if it weren't so heartbreaking.

What about the Palestinian Holocaust?

Richard said...

Another Beauty, Thank you!
Was it Saint Benedictine who said that for his work of tracking down demons and beating on them with his staff, Our Father would give him the honour of crushing the Lying One under his sandal?
Snakes have forked tongues, no wonder the Native Americans would accuse the white virus-carrying menace that they spoke with a forked tongue.
After all the blankets were for the cold, or colds as the case may be. So beware of Trojans and their gifts, look the gift -horse in the mouth, and of Englishmen in service to their Crown promising to help you in your hour of need. History lessons.
Maybe Trojans and Englishmen with a different vow maybe trusted, watch out for the fork in the road.
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in bloom, Long live Geronimo.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent piece, Les. Personally, I feel pity for the Jewish people around the world, because what's coming is going to be a global pogrom. The Internet Reformation has been exposing the lies and the greed fueling the lies. Just as in Germany after the Weimar Republic crumbled, the people will remember who crashed the economy and who was buying property and businesses at pennies on the dollar. People will remember who was running the banks, who was running the media and controlling the message. The control that has been in place is quickly, rapidly eroding around them, and if AIPAC really fulfills that pledge to get Israeli "settlers" money for establishing themselves in America, that's when it's going to hit the fan. No amount of spin is going to sell that turd.

When I was younger, I worked at a Jewish boys camp for a couple of summers. There were a lot of good people, and I truly feel for them because of what's coming. But it has to come.

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

From Abe:

Like the shoah biz comment, gotta be fast around here! Lost a good comment i wanted to make due to ziogoogle's insistence on blogger updates. Ah well, either way, this says it better:

Anonymous said...

Video of Adam Kokesh dance flash mob at Jefferson Memorial, June 4, 2011

"In Washington DC, hundreds of people have been dancing at the Jefferson Memorial claiming they are exercising their first amendment rights. It comes after last week RT America host Adam Kokesh and four others were arrested by the police for dancing at the same spot."

Anonymous said...

Many I have talked to give the definition of apocalypse as human annihilation. That is religious dogma. And it is wrong. The word actually means (From the Greek: apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception" Sounds like right about now doesn't it?

Miriam said...

XxoXxz86 beat me to the Flash Dancing vid~ lol
Let me try this one instead~
There *are* awake Jews in Israel, those who leave Palestine seeing the lie that is Zionist Israel, those who go to jail rather than serve in the army, and those who protest the Zionists occupation:

"The Israeli and Palestinian activists are to stage a protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to welcome the establishment of a Palestinian state. "

Visible said...

People (grin) if you would learn to hotlink it is much more likely that people will click on it. It's not hard and no, I'm not going to explain it because that might be the source of the problem. I don't click on links that aren't wired because I don't have the time. Just thought I would say this and hope I didn't step on a frog (croak) and of course a grin or smile if you prefer.

Tom Lowe said...

"Men of honor stand together ...."

... anchored by principle ...

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I've now read several articles/postings on the vermin acquiring passports so they can desert the sinking ratcshild ship before it sinks.

Both Old and New Testament prophecies seem to indicate that when that time comes, there won't be enough time for the rats to clamber down the ropes.

I suspect only the vermin "elite" might/might be able to get out, and I apologize to all actual vermin for linking them to the khazar zionazi filth.

Jesus prophesied that the end of the age would be similar to the "days of Noah"... people living their normal lives and then the "end" came upon them. One thing that bears reflection is that in the days of Noah it was the righteous that were delivered and the wicked that perished. I believe we shall see a similar event unfold at the end of this age (which we are now entering).

So while the vermin might attempt to flee or might in fact flee I don't think they'll avoid their fates. Those that make it to the U.S. might very well end up in the FEMA camps they built for us goyim, awaiting trial and being required to recompense the myriad people they have preyed upon. Sharing the FEMA camps with them will be such cankers as Michael "Son of Satan" Chertoff, Benjamin Shlomo Bernanke, Alan Dershowitz, Abraham "Shocked and Dismayed" Foxman... perhaps our old friend Binnie the Rat Nitwityahoo will be the first to enter the camp as he is welcomed into the U.S.

I love the Apocalypse as well; we are going to witness some truly mind-boggling and eye-opening events. And genuine Justice is coming, not man's justice.

Tom Lowe said...

"America was once a great nation, but came down with terminal nuclear cancer at the end of WW2 when a second head named Israel began to grow out the side of its neck, with fatal consequences."

Anonymous said...

What is Law?

'Law' belongs in the same class as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Religion.

Law is the holy scripture of the Godless.

Magic squiggles on a piece of paper.

Costumes, rituals, clothing and elaborate temples.

High Priest and Minions.

I stopped believing in 'The Law' when I was 5 years old.

Tom Lowe said...

"All hail Saint Bono, Patron Saint of Zionist Deception and Greed!"

Tom Lowe said...

Oh yeah, today I was reminded that part of my private parts were cut off without permission by some racist zionist pig whom I have yet to track down and punish.

Instead of a yellow star, maybe they should have to go through life missing one ear, just as I am having to go through life missing part of my private parts.

ChewyBees said...

It was hinted towards but not outright stated in the comments to date: if you want to see a real holocaust, just look at the indigenous peoples of this continent we call North America. All of it was (is) conveniently funded by certain banks, and conveniently organized by certain political ilk, and conveniently the few that survived were further decimated by a certain cult of missionaries (in the name of what could be the most anti-organized-government-and-religion man in all of history). I can't begin to fathom the number of curses cast upon the invading people of this land, but I have a feeling these are going to come home to roost in time with the rest of what's in store for the peter-tweeters.
I think the only truly free people to ever live on this land were the indigenous tribes. Every single man accepted full liability for their existence, and had the intention of as little liability on anyone else. Need a welfare check and food stamps so your kids can play xbox and have $400 shoes? You'll be in the forest freezing in your underwear wondering where you enablers disappeared to.

Miriam said...

well I haven't figured it out yet, but what I did read is that hot linking could slow the entire site down, and yes I am seeing it here, Vis, when posts shows up above the last one; I am almost missing a number of good ones so I have compensated by checking up the line a bit to be sure.
Just sayin'....

Can you imagine if all of us started doing that?(grin)
I DO check out links from you guys a lot especially if I know what it contains and I am interested. That is why I c/p the title of my link to give a 'heads up' if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

diamonds pearls and genoside
poisoned misplaced minds
in pursuance of more victims
wars and natures crimes
with misplaced living virtues
outcomes cant be bought
a consequence of inevitability
in deception seems are caught
but binding living unity
intensifying everywhere
brushing lifting vibrance
emanating loving care
sharing calming instantly
permeating waves
resonates within
a warming fires blaze


amarynth said...

Its Mess with Les day

Hotlinking is BAD

What you want, is a tag called the a tag. This one is not bad and these tags are the only ones allowed with Blogger.

Blogger sucks!

neil said...

collaspsing inwards
twisting seams
of broken shards
conflicted streams
of splintered outcomes
disturbing quest
of round in circles
in disconnect
systems collapsing
falling down
death of death cult
livings found
crowning earth
hold of sky
fusing life
lifting high


Anonymous said...

"What's the word that springs to mind - cynicism? hypocrisy? psychopathy? ignorance? It might be 'stupidity' if it weren't so heartbreaking."

The word you are looking for is 'chutzpah'.

bholanath said...

FYI: A while back I linked "Black 9/11", a series on financial shenanigans leading up to 9/11.
This adds another possible dimension on the financial side, likely linked to all the rest, though this involves naval intel, which got hit by the pentagon missile, conveniently.
The 9/11 Attacks and the Black Eagle Trust

Miriam said...

The Rafah Border which was declared by Egypt to be opened permanently is CLOSED!

Witnesses speak about the real circumstances at Rafah crossing 4-6-2011

amarynth said...

Interesting. Live Mass Exorcism being planned. Looks like it is getting closer to 'out demons out!'

Peter of Lone Tree said...

The Coding Hack's Corner, Issue #1 By Dark Wraith

The Coding Hack's Corner, Issue #2 By Dark Wraith

Anonymous said...

The cunning little creatures,
always on a mission,and well
camouflaged.They only prey on the weak and vulnerable,all bite no sting.Trickery is what this creature is all about.

Yep, I encounter this kind of creature in the wild sometimes.

Ignore him and he should go away.

But a spiritual defence is a must for the cement jungle dweller species.

Lee said...

Response to ChewyBees comment regarding indigenous people holocaust..

"On January 3, 2006, Jack Abramoff pled guilty to three felony counts — conspiracy, fraud, and tax evasion — involving charges stemming principally from his lobbying activities in Washington on behalf of Native American tribes".

The tribe that was ripped off were The Tiwa or Tigua from Texas. They are related to the Apache nation of which my family is affiliated. They are a dirt poor people like many other tribes and opened casinos to generate income.

Here in California there are casinos on tribal land and they are quite successful, namely, Jackson Rancheria. The CEO is Rich Hoffman. Notice the pattern?

Ever since he took over, look what happened. "It was reported that 113 employees – most in middle management positions – lost their jobs due to a 10 percent loss in profits over the past year. Jackson Rancheria CEO Rich Hoffman declined to speak with the Enterprise News."

Never ends, does it?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I was not aware of this difference Amarynth. Apparently, when you hotlink something you're stealing the bandwidth of the website whose link you're using. Interweb crimes Learnin's good.

And yes, Blogger fucking sucks because Google fucking sucks and I hope they go fuck each other somewhere... actually, I know they will. ;)

wv: iminente- the phonetic spelling, myep. Bye bye demons, you will not be missed. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Mass quantum thought exorcism.

Notice how bird flocks, animal herds and fish schools can turn simultaneously on a dime? They are in tune with each others' thoughts - a kind of collective consciousness.

"Out Demons Out" performed by Les Visible and his caravan of truth after Cast Lead is having positive results for the Palestinians - the false-jews are beginning to abandon Palestine.

It is high nigh that the same simultaneous prayer power is brought to bear on the demon-like possessed rulers of our temporal world.

"NOT ANOTHER BEE, BIRD, DOLPHIN OR HUMAN SHOULD BE HARMED under the guise of politics, war, money, justice, terrorism and safety or by 'ROYAL KINGS & QUEENS'"

A wise man once said: If you want something done, do it yourself.

The peaceful activist Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world.

I suggest we do this ourselves. Choose a month, a day, and a time that we can simultaneously pray for the demons controlling the rulers of this planet to to GET OUT. Thereby the evil power the present 'mafia' oligarchs and their minions exercise against the world will be ended.

I don't mind if these demons go to Venus, Mars or Alfa Centura so long as they LEAVE the earth to us peace-loving earthlings.

Would someone please write the prayer we can all pray at the appointed time? Would you Visible suggest a suitable day and world time for all of us to join our collective souls in prayer to end this evil madness which is needlessly destroying our world?



Gypsy Scholar said...

Why are Libyan rebels seeking cooperation with israel if they come to power?

BECAUSE the Libyan 'rebels' are a Rothschild construction against the african non-NWO gold Dinar, in the same way as israel is a Rothschild construction against the arab non-NWO muslims.

Both are seeds of the same evil false-jew 'mafia' oligarch power.


neil said...

good link bho...,it would be nice if those born into privilage within the financial sectors that arent really psychopaths,those who just went along because they were friends or just happened to be situated in that community at this particular time,would start to get the evidence ready....

nice post mr visible as usual...

Miriam said...

"Mess with Les day" ~ lol!
Thanks amarynth and Peter of Lone Tree for the tips!
I almost missed your posts, but FATE made sure I got to them!
Watch out Vis, we are on to you, (grin)

Miriam said...

amarynth~ love to have an exorcism performed!
Piles of white sage burning to the sky, and whatever else True Shamans do on the other side of this reality.
They must be very powerful and protected to perform this cleansing.
Bless them!

amarynth said...

Miriam, when are you coming to join us at the community? Its time, you know (grins)

Miriam said...

Great radio show Vis...speaking of Chicago, and the Dark Lord Rahm Emmanuel, here is something to beware about.
With all the in-your-face threats of the next terrorist attack in America there is this set up going on:

'Lucky' Larry's Chicago's Sears/Willis Tower Tenants are Moving out and it has an Asbestos Problem

Miriam said...

amarynth, Well as you say this, I was just thinking it this weekend...
Thanks for the invite and
the welcome...
See you there, dears!

wv:plawe~ we play, yes we do!

Anonymous said...

When i was young ther was in sight a space of white and a space of black, the black was what we knew to understand, the white was the boundrie against the black, its number was more vast. it was a peaceful space with no matter, yet was a white space.
When ones esscence of charactor ends, how many protons are you and how many neutrons, thats to say, or how is your energies, are you positive or negative, which way will your enegy go, which space will it be scenterd to.
The white space, the black space, or both.
Ld Elon

Anonymous said...

There are some very ominously eerie pictures that were taken of the Puyehue volcano eruption near Osorno in Southern Chile. It is only about 700 miles from the zio-enclave at the southern tip of Patagonia.

The Gods are righteously angry.


Anonymous said...

A bit off-topic and a btw - Jacque Fresco is extremely interesting to watch and listen to. Well worth it. I feel like his brain is traveling in a Lear jet and mine has been traveling in a rickety, broken down bus (grinding gears and all- grin). But, at least I’m on the same path! Also noted the guy seems to be in good condition (mentally and physically) for his age (mid nineties). Impressive.


Dublinmick said...

Les I stumbled into something I think would interest you. Apparently some of them in NASA are finally agreeing with this also.

Solar energy which some of us know as life force is picking up. It has a direct effect on the pineal gland. Oleg Shumilov of the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia has also done some research on this. Solar energy affects melatonin manufactured by the pineal gland and circadian rhythm. This rhythm is how birds stay in alignment with each other.

Interestingly when solar energy peaks more humans go into depression. My theory is their perception heightens and their false construct of reality crumbles and they are disoriented. It is a bit like McKenna's time wave zero and the ayahusca as he was propelled through the clatter to concentrate on just what the I-ching and Mayan calendar were all about.

But the increased life force/solar energy means is a shift is going on not just with the earth but in the human mind. Great purification as the Hopi say and it relates to other passages like the Christian verse, little children and old men shall prophesy. They are about to go on a solar trip so to speak.

I can't make a hotlink on google because I use apple. It never works. If anybody knows how to do this I am listening. Anyway here is the link.

Visible said...

Thank you Mick. I am grooving on the very thing at the very moment. Life is wonderful. There's nothing like feeling really good for all kinds of reasons so it must be the season. I hope it continues to sail this way and that way for you too.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Les...
I Hope you're not prejudiced against receiving
some Musical Magic. I recommend for you, and All
the bunch of great posting contributors after this piece today. Here Goes...Felix Mendelssohn,
Elijah Oratorio, Atlanta Symphony, Robert Shaw director. If you can find it. Somebody told me part
of it is online video available.
Everybody has their musical mood-appropriate menu.
I was fortunate to sing Choral tenor on this Elijah.
It is a Powerful thing to have in your repertoire.
I went up to our water-tower above town yesterday,
as the first rain clouds in months approached,
and warmed-up, and let loose with
"Thanks Be to God, He Reviveth the Thirsty Land".
Thank You Yahshua for allowing this here ridiculous sinner to be able to audition and fill a
loud high-tenor part on a Heart-moving bunch of
music like this.
Les, The whole thing is Rich, and I apologize for
the lyrics sounding unclear, on the Grandest parts.
But for your temperament, you will flat-ass Love:
"Is His Word Not Like a Fire?"
...Like a Hammer that Breaketh the Rock?
I hope you get a moment to Breathe,
Crank it up
and Groove. Elijah was a Tough Cat, like yerself.
WV: glytte....Sort of New Amsterdam shiny stuff?

neil said...

mountain tempest
oceans sweep
gust of union
rolling deep
fire rising
rivers flow
growing sound
of living glow
lantern lifting
shining bright
crumble lies
reach through night
mighty living
eternal source
of livings flow
natures course


Anonymous said...

Just once I wish these postings would make even a tiny bit of sense...

Anonymous said...

I'd say, beat them at their own game. Internet regulation? Let's call for massive all-inclusive MEDIA regulation. Discrimination? Let's call for quotas (ethnic and religious) for all TV stations, newspapers, publishing houses hollywood studios, etc. and institute laws regulating the ratio of any single ethnic/religions group) should not exceed the group's prevalence in the general popupation. Regulate banking, the FED. What about academics? Congress? The ratio in any industry or business must reflect the ratio of any given ethhic group in the general population (i.e. 1.5 % for jews). How about law, medicine? Regulate the ratio. Stiff penalties should apply for DISCRIMINATION violating quotas of existing general population ratios.

Anonymous said...

what really makes no sense to me is the part about the urns near the bottom of this link, perhaps i'm wrong but 'sending out' urns to family? this one really brought a lot of questions

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Anaughty Mouser's suggestion about forming a consciousness congruent intent is a marvellous idea but something like this has to be done from the correct cosmological perspective or it will simply backfire on the intenders. The first backfire trip wire involves the “The Law of Allowing”, a cosmological manifesting safety mechanism that protects all creation. Violate the cosmological law of allowing by making another divine (misguided or otherwise) wrong, from place of judgment, righteous perspective and all we will have accomplished is, acknowledging their power over us, and even amplifying their power over us.
I hope with this brief explanation you start to see some of the tricky subtleties of intentional manifestation and the potential to only exacerbate the situation, when what is wanted is a relief from.
The organizers of something like this require some mastery in manifestation creation process. It might be better to just stay in a collective knowing place, that they in their hubris blindness will be their own undoing, and rather make a statement to creation of what is wrong with the world…. Make a declaration statement of what we desire in a new equitable world, and do this from a place of divine right of choosing, rather than an empirical decision.
The Abraham- Hicks website has the poop on being an allower, and will show you how to achieve a personal sovereignty and kick up your brain bandwidth and significantly increase your manifesting power.

neil said...

windy circles
skyward feathers
sunshine lifts
flowers senses
color essence
summers breeze
warmth of fire
living beams
evers motions
opened trust
calming skys
of loving touch
brushing patterns
of in communion
the loving force
of living union


Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis, I love your honesty!

Anonymous said...

You need to consider putting Links in your Blog that open a new window when clicked on.

As it is, if you click on them you lose the article you've posted, and then have to use the back button to go back to your article,
AT the beginning, which requires scrolling back down to where the Link is. (some Links will take you back to the place you left, where the Link was when you clicked the Link button, when using the back button, another better option than how you do it now)

It'd be better, IMO, to have the Link open a new window instead.

Anonymous said...

Yessir, All we have is our integrity and the 'truth' is hard to define, but, we will know that when we find it, we are free!
Thanks, Dog

Miriam said...

Speaking of integrity or the lack thereof:


wv:domefs~ dumb and dumber fkrs

Anonymous said...


The whole “Jew” scam would actually be funny if it wasn’t so deadly.

I watch TV and see a bunch of “white” people bobbing their heads back and forth against the remaining wall of Fort Antonia (An old Roman garrison).

I next shutter at the thought of Christian Zionist who actually think these are “Israelites” praying at the remaining “Temple Wall”. Are these people serious I ask myself.

So I’m like Hmmm! A bunch of Europeans claiming they are returning to their rightful land and kicking out actual brown skinned people who actually look like they are from there all the while praying day and night against an old military fort. WTF!

As a “real Christian” I can’t come to grips with the brainwashing these crypto Jews aka Christian Zionists have undergone. You could point out every obvious fact regarding these posers known as “Jews” and they just refuse to get it.


Rabbit said...

Re the rats and gheir preparations for leaving their sinking ship, I have suggested the following for some time.

"Mars a planet without a people, for a people without a planet"

In fact I'm thinkling of having T-shirts printed.

Anonymous said...

You had asked earlier for explanations of what is happening today. Considering the immensity of what we are facing, any simple explanation would not do-it must be one as immense as the time we are in, so here goes...
Mother Earth can no longer abide the abuses heaped upon her by rapacious and self serving humanity. She must heal herself from the hate, the evil, the destruction. No longer will humanity be spared from her convulsions. All of us must pay for the sins of our kind.
We must expect for the worst element of humanity to step up their evil, for they truly believe that the power is theirs and theirs alone. They truly think nothing can stand in their way-breathless they wage greater and more sophisticated atrocities, and gasp that they get away with them all. But they are blind, and stupid, they do not know reality or what is really happening.
Humanity has reached a new and unprecedented point in its existence. The Heavens make this clear. Events make this clear. The unseen makes this clear. We will either reach for the new heights, take the big leap required of us-or humanity will go the way of the dinosaurs. It is adapt or die.
This adaptation cannot come from human leadership, the answer as to why is all too evident, but to make it clear, it is purely because human leadership has transformed from guidance into parasitic looting and power grabbing. The human leadership does not understand how to adapt to anything, they are too busy gasping at the magnificent breadth of their latest atrocities.
Soon, the structures of government and business that support them will disappear. With it will disappear their power, and finally, greater humanity will be free to choose to adapt or die.
You have pointed out, on numerous occasions, that much of what was hidden about the leaders of humanity is being revealed. It must be so, for if this is not the case, then people would not be free to make their choice.
It has not been decided if humanity is to adapt-or to die, this is for humanity to decide, but what has been decided is that the current methods, application, actions, and direction of humanity will no longer be tolerated.
Through revealing the leaders of humanity, humanity itself must ask if it will continue to follow them. I am heartened by the answer, which is increasingly a resounding NO!
Through saying no, humanity is choosing to adapt-and to live.
The times ahead will not be easy, because humanity has so many wrongs to pay for. However, we are fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to move into an entirely new existence-what an exciting possibility!
So here you go, Les, another explanation as to what is going on-and why.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

the truth IS
and 'aint that the truth?


wv: nardshir .. sounds like a new Isreali Prime Minister who is finding it too hard, too far, too late. and then there's Brutus standing behind him. and another and another. mirrors upon mirrors. end of the high times. laying down of the low.

gemmell said...

Anon 2.02 re links

Right click on the link and choose open in new tab or window

as for links that are not hyperlinked, double click on the link to highlight it, right click and choose open in new tab/window

John C (UK)

Anonymous said...

Good post Les,

Good comments and good people here.

Please allow me to participate in the Exercism should you all decide to have one or more.I do practice this on a small scale dailey anyway on a personal level.
I believe the connections I have would be of great help.(smile)

Mouser,Eric,Miriam,amarynth and others,I resonate with you all.

Neil, Kick Ass poems man.

Thanks Les.

Seeker of Truth, Walking Hawk

Anonymous said...

4.2 magnitude earthquake on the New Madrid fault. Soon it will unload like it did in 1812.


Jody Paulson said...

Using HTML tags in comments

It wasn't that long ago when you needed to know HTML before you could make a web page. They're still useful in comments for doing things like making words bold, italic or hyperlinked.

I always think of them like bookends. When you type in your comment, <b>word</b> makes your word bold, <i>word</i> makes your word italic, and <a href="">word</a> sends whoever clicks on that word to my blog. Don't forget the forward slash on the right "bookend!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Jody P,

you forgot to mention what is the greatest tag ever invented...the blink tag ;o)

PS- my team is working on a tag. Everyone will know once it's perfected.

Peace to all and thanks to Les for all he does. I always feel optimistic after visiting here.

wv: glici - hey Mario, I a found a glici ina the a softaware you developed

Miriam said...

Walking Hawk, It is my honor to share this space with you...

dublinmick said...

I doubt this link will work but here goes.

est said...

what can one man do
to sort this shit out ?

i wonder sometimes
am i that fucked-up ?

will they get the best
of me ?

or i'll skinny out
abso-fucking-lutely free

dublinmick said...

If you run into that new E-coli germ, don't worry a fabulously expensive drug is on the way!

According to Forbes magazine, Soliris, at $409,500 a year, is the world's single most expensive drug.[2]

You have to take a lot of "vaccinations" before and after it though as it can lead to meningococcal infections. Yeah I want some of this!
One of these links should open.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Mike: You said, "All of us must pay for the sins of our kind."

No doubt there is a big ass wave coming our way and there will be a lot of so called victims; but you will not find my name on that list. Victims apply and register for this list whether consciously or unconsciously….

The time calls for us to be present, be clear about what you are, who you are, being clear about what you have chosen and are manifesting as your future. Abandon your petty fears and false moralities.

The same tsunami wave can hit two people on the same street corner and the energy encoded field of the latter will carry him or her to safety, while the victim’s encoded energy field takes him to his doom.


Anonymous said...


I will happily wear a skull cap and curly sideburns when someone can show me God's IPod with only Hava Nagila and Neil Diamond in random shuffle. Until then, I will continue speed walking passed the kiosks of fabulous "Dead Sea Salt" miracle scrub and Styrofoam helicopters.

If Pulitzer for integrity in general non-fiction blogging existed and then; meant something, it would be hard not to hang that medal around your neck, my dear friend.

Glory be to God and men and women with integrity. I pray the tsunami of greed will return to the ripple in the vast ocean of humanities possibilities. I pray that the smoothness of self contemplation returns as the thermocline between the material world and the real world. The awakening has arrived and it is about damn time!
Love to you all,




My cousin by Bubba; by marriage, wants to know if you know, "Wuz tit alive beefur theyez got therez? Man o live, therez a patch'a deeth wherez ever thems roost or flee from... WTF?" He was asking about the Dead Sea, I couldn't stop laughing to answer him.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Well whether it's the first tsunami wave or the fifty first tsunami wave, one thing is for 100% sure...

We ALL got it coming.

Whether it is the tiniest ant or Lord Brahma.

However, it is a personal individual matter as to where we ARE GOING after that tsunami wave, in what ever form it takes, runs us over.

But run is over it will.

Frog said...


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Ben said: "In the days of Noah it was the righteous that were delivered and the wicked that perished. I believe we shall see a similar event unfold at the end of this age (which we are now entering)."

Sorry Ben.... the so called righteous are going to be in for one big surprise as their righteous assess go down with the vermin. This is not about whether you were a good boy or a bad boy this past five years….

This cross over of the ages frequency shift gig is about: Do your have the right hardware / software combinations for the App at hand?

Good intentions will not be enough to carry you through this shit storm .... It will come fast, you will need to be out of the cities, away from sloshing water, you will need access to pure artesian water, planning, provisions, grounding, brain bandwidth up grades, capacities for eternal now, fearlessness, survival skills with self-reliance fortitude. Your preparations will likely see you underground for solar flares and power plant radiation. Count on “No Technologies”

Whiners and those not prepared to do the consciousness upgrade work on themselves and put up the survival food shelter preps for their family need not apply.

They have made some doozy horror pics this past century but Hollywood has not come anywhere close to the horror movie that will ensue on the streets of the major cities when you put 2-5 million dumb shits in small crowded space (the bad assed will be packin) and then turn off the water, power, watch the supermarket shelves empty in 3 hours, gas stations in less time while the police and firemen go home to protect their own families. Most cities have bridge or other transportation pinch point bottlenecks and you will simply be stuck in traffic jams until your car runs out of gas and then your fun begins.

Anonymous said...

Where's Mr. Vis?

His absence is keenly noted.


Erik said...

Vis mentioned having guests over this week, i believe ...;)

Lee said...

Integrity should be written into your jeans.

Les, did you mean, "genes"?

Were you being cryptic, again?

I am lost. Again.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Weiner,

Basically, this guy was Rahm Emmanual in-the-making. He was planning on running for mayor of New York. Probabably was being slotted-out as a future vice-president. He was an ambitious little piece of work, not dissimilar in temperament and character from prototype Rahm.

He's married to a Indian-Pakistani muslim who is a total Clinton lackey. Something about this guy's bio just reeks of 'political zio-construct', much in the way Obama is a zio-construct.


Anonymous said...

It will come fast, you will need to be out of the cities, away from sloshing water, you will need access to pure artesian water, planning, provisions, grounding, brain bandwidth up grades, capacities for eternal now, fearlessness, survival skills with self-reliance fortitude. Your preparations will likely see you underground for solar flares and power plant radiation. Whiners and those not prepared to do the consciousness upgrade work on themselves and put up the survival food shelter preps for their family need not apply.

Sovereignty - I could be misreading here but it sounds like you have it all predicted and planned out?

My thoughts on this situation are thus: NO ONE knows exactly what's going to happen. All we can do is heed our internal compass. I'm not paying much attention to what other folks are doing because I only do as my Creator asks of me and I think everyone should do the same. I only go by the plans that are made for me by the One who made me because everything is in His control.

I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know that the Good Lord will give me whatever I need to handle whatever happens because that's what He's always done, without fail, and I love Him for that.

What I am trying to do now, to prepare, is strengthen my connection with Divine both within and without.

God bless.


Anonymous said...

XxoXxz86- thanks for that link!

Dance, Dance, Revolution

That was coo'; I needed a good laugh. I especially liked the man dressed as Lincoln. XD

Now, if all those people would just stop paying their taxes!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to thank Anthony Weiner for what he's done because were it not for him, my recent days would not be filled with so many dick jokes; like, I'm literally up to my knees in dick jokes now. Thanks Weiner!

I love this film, one of the best comedies ever made imo:

Bloopers - with a smattering of dick jokes

wv: powdept - Oh Shi! The Powdept. is nigh, batten down the hatches!

Anonymous said...

Erik said...

Vis mentioned having guests over this week, i believe ...;)


Tell us what hapeeeeeeeeened....

please. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me while I take a moment to put this whole Weiner thing into perspective.

When I think about it, big fucking deal that he sent fairly tame (by todays standards anyway) pics of himself to an ADULT who was reciprocating. It was consensual. Outside of that I don't care, it's not my business.

If the media wants to focus on anyone's sexual activity it should be some of Weiners pedophile constituents; what about THOSE horrible scumbags? I don't give a goddamn about some guy sending a woman pictures of his underwear when there are other men doing things that are far WORSE and far more serious.

Eat dicks MSM, and may the two men that own you choke on them forever & ever, Amen.

Anonymous said...

This is fucked:

Bailouts for bankers and swat teams for the people

'Education' in this country is nothing but a fucking racket.

It's obvious that the American government is in its death throes. Until the imminent demise, I wonder who those brain dead slobbering plebeians will target next.

All I know is, I'm gonna be wearing the biggest grin when these fascist shit smears are wiped clean from the ass crack of this beautiful Mother Earth. Cosmic butt wiping at its finest! Oh I'm smiling already... <8)


Anonymous said...

The naysayers can say what they like about the nuclear disaster in Japan, but the fact is that you cannot fake the increase in various radioactive particles being detected by the various instruments being used, not to mention the many independant scientists who're closely observing this very real problem.

"high levels of contamination were detected in soil..."

Anonymous said...

These images are eerily identical to what I saw from some of Japan's volcanoes a few months prior to the Tsunami:

Chilean volcano erupts for the first time in 50 years

It certainly seems that the wrath of 'something' approaches ever swiftly...

Trev said...

Les you said: "Truth is truth or else it is a lie, by degrees according to intention. I don’t know what else to say except that we are all human beings. Is something true or is it a lie for the purpose of advantage?"

Well from my point of view: "behind the truth hides a lie and every lie hides a grain of truth."

Kieron said...


"Mars a planet without a people, for a people without a planet"

I've often thought the same. Where will the zios go after they piss off every single other country, nation and people on this planet? Mars is fitting, then, since they're so warlike and aggressive. Surely the god of war will welcome them to his home.

Either there or Pluto. Send 'em to Hades for eternity.

wv: autedm = outed 'em

Anonymous said...

There was a colossal mass coronal ejection observed erupting from the sun a couple of days ago. The Earth was not in the path of this one. These ejections are capable of knocking out communications and even power grids, bringing an advanced technologically-dependent civilization to its knees in a matter of hours.


amarynth said...

Search on GAIBO 'global insurrection against bankster occupation' and check out Max Keiser
(this does not want to accept my hypertext markup)

Anonymous said...

Amarynth –
Meant to post this sooner, but wasn’t able. Falls in line with what you’ve just posted, though (hopefully the hyperlink works): Here
In case my encoding didn’t work, here’s the link:

Thanks -

bholanath said...

Israhelli flag draped over largest mosque in Misurata, Libya, from start of NATO atrocities, including massive 'rape-and-slaughter parties' by NATO-supplied 'rebels', welding families shut in homes to starve, as well as drone attacks on fishermen. (
Seems clear what tribe NATO works for and receives orders from.

Following the E. coli caper, it's pretty clear it's a bio-weapon, immune to 8 categories of antibiotics and with added bonus bubonic 'black death' DNA. Could only be done in a lab.
Flu thingy didn't work out too well, so this must be Plan B.
In the middle ages 'black death' time we had Neptune-Chiron conjunct, just as we do now, and currently being triggered by inner planets Mars and Venus right about now. Just above, so below.

I'm convinced there are now only two types of humans: those that see that all actions by all institutions and their minions are insane, and that total war has been declared by the insane on all Life and the planet; and those that don't give a shit 'cause they're focused on their little fantasies in their private scheming worlds, and everything else outside of that is just more "new normal" events requiring only slight adjustment to carry on with biz as usual.
Les could probably articulate it better....

wv- comment

amarynth said...

A comment closer to home. My thanks to all those that are contributing to the New Shangri-La by buying The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World. It is an exciting tale. Don't forget to leave us some comments after reading.

Anonymous said...

Vis: Thanks for another thought-provoking and totally relevant essay. Hope you'll excuse me answering a couple of fellow posters'

anon 8:55 5/6 'What is the law?' (paraphrasing here!)

This is only my opinion, you understand, but I think that the only law that is worth worrying about is the Law of Truth; the cosmic and metaphysical Law, but most definitely not what passes for temporal law in this reality. Even if temporal law has made most of us feel (intentionally) fearful and untrusting. Feel free to disagree, but as I see(?) it, intuit (?) it, at the bitter end which is fast approaching, nothing can or will stand against the Universal Law of Truth. Especially not the corrupted Law Courts of Britain, the USA and the rest of Europe. Especially not them. Isn't this what Les is always writing about? Like other posters here, I feel happy and priviledged to be living in these Apocalyptic times. (Whether I'll still feel happy and priviledged afterwards is another matter (grin)). Anyway, the good news about the Cosmic and Metaphysical Laws of Truth is that lawyers are superfluous (heh heh!) (Sorry, Les, couldn't resist!). The possible bad news is that, as Les writes, we will be judged by our own integrity and personal honour.

anon: 1:33 6/6 'The word you're looking for is 'chutzpah'.

That's a good suggestion, and thanks for it. You're probably right in this context, but I prefer to describe them as an ignorant bunch of hypocritical bought-and-paid-for self-serving politicians!

Yeah, 'chutzpah' just about covers it!

Thanks, Vis.

wv: exeder - We surely have, and now the Reckoning is due!

Anonymous said...


I have a quarrel with the propagators of faith in things which are patently untrue, and with those who, as their livelihood, foster and nurture these lies, knowing full well they are untrue. Why? Because my brothers and sisters are being poisoned by these lies and myths. They are accepting them out of fear; an unwarranted fear of an unknown, which is deliberately and maliciously being distorted, twisted and ridiculed. They are being stunted; inhibited from seeing and realizing their full potential as sparks of the Divine.

I have a quarrel with those who would poison the well of humanity for personal gain.

When the 'book of bunk' is laid to rest and humanity comes out of its slumber, we can embrace the one-ness; realize it and grown into it. When all are one, THAT is the second coming. But the lies must be dispelled and laid bare.

I normally do not quarrel unless someone insists I am cold when I'm sweating. I understand heat and I understand cold. A fancy outfit does not entitle anyone to define temperature to me. I experience it. I would not define it to them. Thus I quarrel. I'm human. Just me I guess.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's time for another blog entry, or two perhaps.

Five days without the unfailing and leading wisdom of Les is at least four days too many, IMO.

Josey said...

Hey Les,

Hope you are O.K. , please let us know.


Anonymous said...

Even though most politicians are totally corrupt, if many millions of Americans poured into the streets of D.C., a critical mass would be reached, and the politicians would start changing things in a hurry.

... gotta love that critical mass...

Total peaceful non-compliance seems the only sure way to go.

ages in which the dominant weapon is expensive or difficult to make will tend to be ages of despotism, whereas when the dominant weapon is cheap and simple, the common people have a chance. Thus, for example, tanks, battleships and bombing planes are inherently tyrannical weapons, while rifles, muskets, long-bows and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon--so long as there is no answer to it--gives claws to the weak.

The one thing that might reverse it is the discovery of a weapon--or, to put it more broadly, of a method of fighting--not dependent on huge concentrations of industrial plant.

This simple method, dear family, is where the Divine comes in. I know because I myself have borrowed and used it with wonderfully surprising results...

I would urge you, for your own wellbeing, to seek and invite - ask/call - Divine Light/Cosmic Energy at every opportunity. The wars leading into the Daylight Age will be won by stalwart peace and humility. I have a feeling that the Sun will help greatly with this. Remember Divine in all things; there is yet much for us to remember - the law of E pluribus unum, for one.

What is truth? They say that truth is eternal and unchanging. If the truth is eternal then, is there only one truth to all things?

Ecclesiastes 3


Nayon said...

It looks like the german E-coli was a bio engineered weapon. Bad bad Germans for not going into Libya...

Barney said...

Here in the UK we have a talmudvision programme called "question time" in which carefully-selected "members of the public" ask a panel of politicians certain pre-approved questions, but if you watch this show with your "They Live" sunglasses on, you'll see that the majority of "people" in the invited audience are not human at all.

Also, for most of my life I did not believe in "the devil". Why would a loving Creator allow a seemingly (almost) equal, but opposite version of Himself? I still don't have the answer to that one, unless the evil one exists to collect evidence against his followers, but it does seem that there IS an evil entity, and that it currently possesses those compulsive anti-life creatures that falsely identify themselves as jews.

To the person who said humanity needs to get it's act together or go the way of the dodo, it's not HUMANITY that's at fault. You don't really think the devil's creatures are human, do you? No compassion, no empathy, no creativity, no love, no conscience. They lack everything that makes a person human, and they, not us, are the ones responsible for the destruction. They want to destroy the world to "prove" to their sick little mind (singular - it's a hive mentality) that they really are "superior" to God.

I strongly suspect God - or the force for good in the universe if you prefer that term - will have something to say about that. Any idiot can knock something down, but to create a work of art takes genius, and much more so when that artwork is an entire living world.

cee said...

Well, I just hope you're enjoying yourself - you deserve whatever breaks you're always worth the wait.

Vajrasattva said...

The truth is:

The truth is not spoken because to have an audience implies there is division of knowledge. The same implication applies to truth being seen. Further, the truth being found in a past time or time to come requires a divided concentration. In truth it seems any thought of division is a movement away from truth. This then implies the movement itself is not true.

Truth cannot lose itself in an illusion; it would imply that truth is changeable, and that, in effect, it was not truth. The perceiver of illusion is not the illusion. This illusion, not being true, will end; the one will view nothing and in that instant nothing is visible to distract from truth. Clearly, the perceiver is not truth, but neither is it false, therefore this view is appropriate for recognizing knowledge.

The illusion is recognized as such by the observation of a pattern. The perceiver’s view is that it has split itself in a space, thereby destroying the unity of truth. This splitting is not all-directions at-once, as in truth, but inward or outward – each ending continuing as its’ inverse. Each split is split to fill a space of graded time. The repetition is forgetting the previous movement was an illusion.

The law of truth even governs the illusion; this perception of division of truth is always true. The illusion ends because the perceiver is not in reality separate from truth. There is one truth and so its law must be singular: what is desired is what is real. Therefore the perceiver of division must perceive an illusion, and the perceiver is neither real nor false; nothing is filled with everything.

The perceiver is truly the source of two directions; one to know all movement as itself, the other to attempt one of two movements. The viewer is not separate from truth but is truly the one viewpoint that need not be chosen in truth. That is, there is no difference between not choosing and knowledge, and this reality implies it was truly desired. Every point is the movement of the one perceiver.

est said...

i god didn't want me to take
that two hits of four-way

he would not have
put them in my hand

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Wow! Is it any wonder the average person is not so easily attracted to such confusing and complicated truth?

How amazing it is that even as the truth, (small t), is much too lofty and inaccessible via my simple minded intentions and needs, the attraction of the Absolute Truth, (large T), Who is so undemanding and merciful, is infinitely available just for the asking.

Anonymous said...

Barney, Barney, Barney, Friday, June 10, 2011 8:04:00 PM

'Here in the UK'... well that's it then isn't it, read no further.

Barn, I can call you Barn can't I, every one calls me Anon so I suppose I can call you Barn.
Barn, what makes you think the majority of Joe (Western World) Citizen isn't as you describe, 'No compassion, no empathy, no creativity, no love, no conscience' and that only the Jew is as such?
Those very same world citizens have allowed USA and Israel to do as they please in the world – murder, rape, pillage, bully; you know, terrorise the world - they are the 'No compassion, no empathy, no creativity, no love, no conscience' lot.

It's not the fabricated 'Jew' that's the problem it's USA, Israel and the NATO countries; the wealthy western countries.

Wake up!


Vajrasattva said...


How is the power of the world undone but to understand the movement of its body? What is the movement but the making of its meaning? And what requires meaning but the deluded statement “God is not one”?

The truth is not at all complicated because it’s not a word. The complexity of mind, the perceiver, can be understood because it is merely complex. And yet despite this convolution, mind cannot but follow this one pattern: mind sees itself as incapable because it thinks its limit is a body.

I simply describe the complexity of the mind body to highlight the pattern.

Dinar said...

I've taken a strong position in this investment and have studied Iraq's economy for a couple of years. Any insight you might share on your feelings about the initial valuation and long term projections would be appreciated. I'm having a difficult time putting together the pieces for how the CBI will determine a fair value for the IQD. I'm certain the information on the dinar sites is pure crap.



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