Thursday, June 16, 2011

A World of Delusion on a Ball of Confusion

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“I respect him more than anything. We’re still going to be really close.” As Kurtz said, “the horror, the horror”. Is this not a perfect expression of the state of the culture? As I have said a number of times, the cosmos is going to be ‘pushing out’ a number of individuals, who need to be exposed for what they stand for and what they are doing. Let’s try a little explanation; good is stabilizing based on planetary force expressed through human personality. This is how you get conditions and why certain positive and negative types get together for purposes of demonstration, because everything down here is about demonstration. This is a rehearsal zone and a learning center for one’s next state of existence and for understanding the meaning of acts.

The cosmos wants the motivations and conditions of our times expressed in dramas that showcase them, because the cosmos brought The Apocalypse. Both sides of human consciousness; self interest and ‘enlightened’ self interest are presented in acts that reveal what initiates and carries them out. In former times these things could be muddy to ordinary perception. What a person did could be seen in many lights according to surface interpretation and what one is told concerning the meaning of intent. Propaganda is the method by which events are made to seem other than what they are and it wouldn’t be employed if it didn’t work. It works just fine and in our time the means for dissemination are greater than at any time previous.

The twist on all of that, in The Apocalypse, is that a dual perception is coming into being globally. We are seeing what they are saying and also what is being revealed. I know I’ve said all of this before and that is the reason you are not seeing so much of me at the moment because I’ve said my piece. I will try to find dimensions of interest, because you like coming here but please understand that it is increasingly difficult for me to find things to say, in the area of geo-political hurdy gurdy; other areas of interest are much easier. This would have been a Visible Origami but the Origami meant for publication is on my other computer in the shop (grin). We’ll have it in a few days. Please forgive this digression. I needed to say it and... back to whatever this is.

The Apocalypse has different periods of action, demarcated by the degree of intensity. Self Realization comes about in this way and some of us are in a position to achieve this. This is very important to know, for those who find this sort of thing important. It is not uppermost in the minds of those who are predators upon their fellows but... The Apocalypse is acting in the same way on them, with different results. This is why it’s a serious matter to be a good guy, especially at this time.

Most people think along the lines of some kind of unpredictable, random features in the events of this world; regardless of what they may profess. It’s all uncertain, ominous and fickle. I say fickle because people can change on you with no warning, due to any number of factors. One has to observe their reactive mind and not take things personally because often they do not apply to you but merely to the circumstances of the moment and there are reasons for everything, which we don’t often investigate with a more complete awareness. If we did, the meaning of things would reveal themselves over a particular period of time, as the subconscious analyses it and then brings them to the surface. The subconscious is very good at this and however honest one can be with themselves, to that degree an even greater understanding is possible.

The Apocalypse is operating on ‘every’ level. Comprehending this is of significant value to those for whom a fuller understanding is desirable. That’s available now. A lot of things are available now but if we are not actively engaged in seeking them out they may not present themselves. Not everything is advertised or makes an appearance on its own. Some things are hidden, just because they must be looked for or earned. In this time, the treasure chest of human potential is not only open but much closer to the surface. Look deeper into yourself and you may get some interesting surprises.

As I said, people generally think the state of the world exists in a condition of random and unpredictable juxtaposition and interaction of certain large forces on the move. One needs only look at the symmetry of nature and the cosmos in the larger sense to see that there is a system and a balance to everything, though we may not understand it. One needs only look into the human body and see that it is mirrored in the cosmic body and that atoms rotate around what could be called a central sun. Hermes Trismegistus states, “as above so below for the perfection of the miracles of the one thing”. He could have also said, ‘as within, so without’.

Our inside, just like the outside, is veiled by flawed perception on the one hand and ‘appearances’ on the other. This is because most people do not take as gospel that “the proper study of mankind is man”. This is because the world shouts at us concerning its importance as primary consideration. Primary consideration should be one’s state of awareness, because everything we do and interact with is affected by how we understand ourselves. We’re not under control in a positive way because we are taking our lead from a negative source. We are being ‘driven’. If you look carefully you can actually see people being driven. Ironically, this is demonstrated most convincingly when on the highway.

We are at war within ourselves, in most moments, when we must consider the benefits to others in relation to the benefits for ourselves. Our skewered thinking tells us that we have to look out for number one but actually, looking out for everyone else is looking out for number one. As Lao Tzu said, “a man who realizes that his fate is the same as all men is a capable man for leading them”.

If one were to read the Witter Bynner translation of The Way of Life and imprint it on their consciousness; (I used to read it for long periods of time while on acid trips), one would find that the understandings contained in the book would vibrate through their thoughts and actions. In my own case it took a long time for certain elements of this to become a reality but as I’ve stated any number of times, if you head for Kansas City, you shouldn’t be surprised to find you arrived there. We’re all headed somewhere, according to the demands of our personal will and our desires. This is something everyone should closely look at and there’s never a better time than the present and there’s never a time when it isn’t the present. We project into the future but it doesn’t arrive as a starting point.

In these times of The Apocalypse, one should pay careful attention to the things being revealed. Everyone is not experiencing the same revelations. What you are experiencing is relevant to you personally. These revelations can be seen as steps that lead one to another. Comprehend and add it to yourself and it continues into another revelation. “From wonder into wonder, existence opens”.

The hindrance to seeing certain things, in all of their tremendous import and beauty is that we are not the one who sees these things. You have to become the one who possesses that consciousness. Human destiny has a common result that is personally expressed in respect of the one experiencing it. We are all unique as well as common.

What I mean when I say that certain individuals are being ‘pushed out’ is my trying to say that one cannot resist the imperative of that which is greater and more powerful than one’s self. So you should be very focused on what you are and what is going to be pushed out. There is an aspect of comedy to all of this, some of it is tragic in tandem. Those who are doing the bad things have arrived at the ridiculous and that is what you are going to see in ever greater degrees. Just as time is speeding up, so is the force of The Apocalypse intensifying in its expression upon and through us.

A quantum leap for humanity is on the horizon and brimming in every moment. Because it is all under control you must take the reins knowing who stands behind you in the chariot. Something is standing behind every one of us and we need to know what that is so that we can leave fear and uncertainty behind. Well, look at that, I seem to have written a Visible Origami after all. May good fortune shine upon you in your quest to discover who it is that fortune shines upon.

End Transmission.......

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Pond Owl said...

Nice post Mr. Visible. As usual it kinda feels like parts of it were written just for me and that never ceases to amaze me as well as make me uncomfortable at times. I have never experienced a telepathic mind-reading remote viewing guy like you just lay out all my thoughts in front of me like this.(grin) Then again like you say it's just the Divine working through you so maybe that's where it's coming from. If so I give a wink and a hat tip to your muse because they couldn't be more spot on. I don't always agree with everything you say but I reckon that's just part of the journey. Ah, well, constant thought-provoking writing here at your blogs. Entertaining as well. You have a real talent for that sort of thing and it always brings me back in the hopes of digging deeper within myself and learning something from The Dog Poet.

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Kieron said...

And to you as well. Thank you for acting as a catapult to get some of us further along the path. Or maybe the word is catalyst. Or both.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

as you ended was my thoughts throughout "I thought he said he had nothing much to say". suuuurrrre!

Ive gopher'ed a free copy
Witter Bynner -

The way of life.

I'm considering (on a personal level) my sleep apnea causing metabolic acidosis/joint pains etc. so I might be said to be tripping on acid reading Witter the Writer.


wv: looso - cannons (canons?) like this Mirrors post that make a lot of sense, but only to the sane. Fire Away!

SoupDragon said...

As ever, a pleasure to read your insights Vis. I've spoken to a few folks recently about the whole 2012 / Apocalypse thing to try to gauge what people understand by it. Most view the Apocalype in terms of mushroom clouds, fire and brimstone. But of course, as you've pointed out, the word is in current use in the Greek Language and means 'to unveil' or 'to reveal'. I've been thinking for some time how this can physically come about. What can actually happen in this physical world that will facilitate a global paradigm shift? A few months ago I was talking to my wife about what would happen if huge numbers of people became undeniably & demonstrably telepathic. How would things change ? There would be no secrets, only universal empathy. Then, as happens on a regular basis now, I came across this recent lecture by Michael Persinger. So many pieces coming together. Schumann Resonance, brain activity, holographic universe ideas ( Icke et al. ), biophotonics ( ref Fritz-Albert Popp ) slowly forming a coherent picture. Should this research indeed indicate our collective future I can think of certain groups that would be frantic about the possibility of having their innermost secrets globally 'unveiled' with nowhere to hide. Best wishes to you and all of the enlightened folks that visit this neck of the woods.

su said...

think i hear the light shining.....

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les,

May good fortune shine upon you also and may you be wise enough to see value amongst all the many distractions of imaginary values being projected out by the minds of the weak and misled.

Take care,

Neko Kinoshita said...

Sort of Origami perhaps.

It's always good Visible.

Write if there is something to say, I will always read it.

I do not fret when you don't post something new, for I can feel the flow of these changes in myself and in the patterns of the world around me.

There is more I wish to say, but the words are not coming out of me yet, so you are not alone in this.

For now, I will send this out from halfway up the tower, and hope I can say more from the cul-de-sac, later in the present.

Wv: rater - too funny. Ruh Roh!


Zoner said...

Well said, as always. Thank you for the reminder about the reactive mind.
Its ceaseless drive to get me in trouble is recognized fully, and yet.....

Nice "Smoking Origami" effort. It all works, no labels needed.


kikz said...

vo has always been my fav of your , les :)

inre the perfect expression of the state of the culture...

i had to giggle at the link's unattributed author and editor's 'fail' on the misspelling of 'altar' .

..a minor detail, but quite accurately conveys the profanes' black sabbath audacity in attempting to imitate the divinely sacred.

alter indeed.....

Anonymous said...

You said a whole lot to me. Message recieved. Onward and upward fellow travelers. Thank you again Les. From Minnesota

Anonymous said...

What is today
Is it another tomorrow or a reflection of yesterday
Was it some place on the way
Did it loose it's place in time
Who made the design of mine
The tree says it was me, but that surely could not bee
When did the way start, or was it just a wave fart
I am not me, neither are we the you and thee
Confusion is it part of the delusion or is it a rude intrusion
Reflect on the mind as it shines from the divine

I am Phil.

Anonymous said...

As Lao Tzu said, “a man who realizes that his fate is the same as all men is a capable man for leading them”.
As I look at some folks here in North Idaho I am reminded of another folksy truism:
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
It seems to me that things are becoming clearer, and I wonder that the intensity of delusion and clinging to old paradigms seems stronger in many.
Amazing times.
mo visable

Anonymous said...

oh how funny (prescient as always) your post for today is to me Mr Visible. lol

I was just in the flow and talking to the designer and asking it to tell me-let me know "if there is a better place for me to be then let me know".

I realized a few months back when it popped out of my mouth while diatribing with a particularly soiled sould one in court... he had 'won a judgment' against me in yet another rigged courthouse event. hahahahha and out of my own mouth came this:

"I seem to be a catalyst for everyone to show what and who they really are right now in these times"

I have seen so many true colors by so many-the soulless tools are more numerous but their weight is very hollow-thus light... just their endless capacity for deviant and perverted actions in a gang environment gives them any weight at all whilst the normal good souled ones are fewer but so heavy and powerful is their good that I've realized it is about a 1:20 ratio with the personalities out and about right now.

I've learned to 'not take it personal' an attribute I fought and struggled with as the actions against me are

but they are programmed drones, worker bees worked by the hum of the hive and the queen's moanings for more! more! more!

The flow is heavy right now after this full moon eclipse. Very powerful times.

now is the time to show everyone and yourself who and what you really are. Shine with that one.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

"...Everything we do and interact with is affected by how we understand ourselves...."

"...there’s never a better time than the present and there’s never a time when it isn’t the present. We project into the future but it doesn’t arrive as a starting point..."

This is more a 'Visible Mirrors'.

I feel energized of late. I'm sure I'm not alone if this. I feel it when I ignore the flow of nonsense and crap that inundates us 24/7 . I feel it all around and through me. There's a clarity and a warmth and a serenity and an illumination. And an acceptance and an absence of fear of what lies ahead.

Strum said...

A good song never ages and will always stand another singing.

it might be an old song Les, but it's a good one, and every time it's sung again something new is revealed in it.

Keep howling dog poet


Lukiftian said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Another very beautiful posting, Les.
It's ALWAYS a pleasure to come and visit.

neal said...

I thought mules hooked to the ride would be okay, but now that they are really seahorses, considering the smoke and waves coming in, they may just show how interesting surfing can be.

That's a bumpy ride, but how else can the slightly good, and the ridiculously bad, fly off in the process? I could ask the extremely ugly, but they seem to be as busy as they are being what they are.

Maybe intentions don't always become politics, just the thing itself. We would hope.

Anonymous said...

This ride's gettin' wild - but no fears, thanks to Les Visible providin' seat belts for the chariots.

by the way - no need to whip the horses - they know where to go

from nowhere and everywhere on the cosmic route

CorvidKnows said...

I wouldn't shackle you to your desk, exactly, but my reactive mind would have me do something to keep you writing.
Amen to the aforementioned 20:1 ratio. Salt in the blood will do that. Talk about a liquid salt battery!
Les, your language-ways lead me to the salt within my reach that I very badly need, and bring me to question my sweet tooth that has been emptily satisfied by the MSM and even talk radio for so long.
These blogs and your radio show are pearls that I am eager to share, though veils urge discretion.
Write, and I'll read. Try me.
(Writing from the most altared State of the Union. Seriously.)

whatever said...

Always a great read, Les. But PLEASE stop beating yourself up, and/or apologizing for potentially repeating yourself. You have neophytes constantly visiting and your disciples are all sponges who always need more water. Your water, specifically. Or we wouldn't be here at your watering hole. I will admit, though, that there is something very refreshing about your exposing your human frailties and insecurities. I'll bet everyone of your experienced readers knows what I mean.

You are a brilliant writer, Les. And a breath of fresh inspiration to a rapidly dying race of humankind. Whether you are dead right or dead wrong, the hope that you inspire is dead on. Thanks and please stop worrying about repeating yourself. Say it again and again and again with all of your might.


walter washco said...

Hi Lis,
Good post, thanks.

Anonymous said...

SoupDragon -

I recently mused on the advent of humanity as a whole, finally becoming conscious of the universal/collective mind and the movie Avatar seemed appropriate. I've had many serendipitous events these last few years, the cinema has also been a conduit for that.

Avatar's incredible cinematography left the biggest impression on me; I remember leaving the theater thinking,"That's the world that's waiting to be born." Living in harmony with nature, as opposed to what most of humanity is doing right now. Balance and harmony always win in the end.

Am also waiting to see Tree of Life


Anonymous said...

And Visible;

Don't worry about repeating yourself. I find myself doing that all the time!! Just flow with whatever's there.

What is it that Rilke said?:

Love the questions. Don't search for the answers. Live the questions now and you'll eventually live into the answers.

S' true.

Ah, life.


Anonymous said...

I've gone so far beyond the ability for people in my daytime world to even comprehend, where every attempt I make at a "real" conversation is met with ridicule, derision, contempt, and the occasion "we should have you committed" from family.

For years now, I'd spend hours online at night, scouring the web for some way to connect with something, anything. I knew that there MUST be people out there who could see past the "smoke and mirrors" (lol) but I couldn't find any, and yet again, I'd give up and go to bed, alone, and lonely.

Then not too long ago, I followed a link from WRH, and found a light shining from across the Earth, and connected to that, another few dozen lights spreading out, all over the globe. I call it the web of light.

I know it can get hard to write under pressure. I have 2 novels that will forever sit unfinished. And here, we start getting antsy, feeling lost if you don't write for a week! The constant pressure to preform must be wearing sometimes. :(

Perhaps think of us as all hanging out in your living room. (ack!) This is just a place we gather so we don't have to be so terribly alone. We don't really worry about what you come up with to "say" because whatever it happens to be, you've always given us something to think/talk about. Then we can talk about it in the comments. (I mentioned the living room? :D ) Really, anything that pops into your head is perfectly fine! People will either agree or disagree (and I suspect mostly agree, just because you don't find this place unless you're ready for it) but the most important thing for me, is just being able to connect onto the light web, and your posts do exactly that...

Thank you for keeping going, even when you don't really want to. You may never know how exactly how very much it's appreciated.

/hugs to all the others shaking the dust off the lightweb

Anonymous said...

Well put, LV. Yet again (still) in tune with the vibe. Reading your thoughts is becoming more and more confirmation rather than revelation. Guess a lot of us are feeling that vibe.

Concerning your "slowdown":

"The sage does not hoard.
Having bestowed all he has on
others, he has yet more;
Having given all he has to
others, he is richer still.
The way of heaven benefits and does not harm;
The way of the sage is bountiful and does not contend."
Tao Te Ching

Write as the spirit moves you; we
respectfully await.


Kray Z8 said...

err-Kray Z8, that is!

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Cognitive Dissonance on Revolution Road.

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought, "the meek shall inherit the Earth".

This was a great Smoking Mirrors Les. Me thinks I should be allocating more time at Origami.

Nearly there Les. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

What is occurring at this time is unprecedented...we will never tire of all evil being exposed (they are exposing themselves) and will soon destroyed forever...including the source of evil...a permanent solution to evil is under way...

evil plays no part in the support of life...evil conciousness must and will be transmuted for many reason but these are some of the more potent reasons...

......instead of peace, freedom, goodness, joy, and love...we have a world of war, addiction, conflict, hate, lust, and relentless exploitation in all ways possible...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

......instead of a loving, nurturing Divine order...we have a world order of evil, corruption, exploitation, oppression, and suffering.

......instead of direct spiritual communication with a nurturing True Source, Beings of Light have been cut off and fed lies, distortions, and fairy tales that purport to be "the Words of God".

......instead of a realm of Light, this is a world in darkness, approaching a total eclipse of the Light.

......instead of spiritual freedom and progress, we have technological enslavement and devolution.

We are living in the evil Kingdom of Zion...they are the heads and prime movers of governments...religions... media...and science...of all these...the masters of international finance...they control money...

their lives are for the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo of oppression of the good and reward of the evil...suppressing the truth and elevating the lie... lowering the standards of morality and goodness and turning this world into a living hell.

I can't thank you enough Les, for this web site where one can come and feel home even energized...and to be able to share amongst ourselves this unprecedented event...

Keep writing and we will keep sharing with you...

Best Wishes Always

Miriam said...

Profound to the Heart. Always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. I needed this today.

the BCth said...

The truth stands forever unmoved, moving all to its proper destiny. The unveiling proceeds and quickens its pace, elevating truth even while ignorance steels itself for the last futile stand.

It is a privilege very much unearned by me, to be present in the hearing of these words of love, beauty, and truth, which are so abundantly given through the kindred souls here. Thank you all for being exactly what you are, (perfect) as you are, and for your sharing. This communion is holy indeed, and a sacrament most refreshing. Thank you.

The Realist Report said...

whatever said:
You are a brilliant writer, Les. And a breath of fresh inspiration to a rapidly dying race of humankind. Whether you are dead right or dead wrong, the hope that you inspire is dead on. Thanks and please stop worrying about repeating yourself. Say it again and again and again with all of your might.

Amen brother, Les keep on saying it and saying it. You are prophetic my friend, I get chills reading your blogs and listening your radio segments at Feet to the Fire.

A close friend wrote the following poem:

Who are we?

Led to believe, regardless of what we see
Evident to few and ignored by many
Residents of a world deconstructed; a state of mind replaced
While those who exploit save face
The true leaders of our era patiently wait

The time will come when no man can deny
When he will finally see what has been long disguised
Nourishing our generation
Slaves to our wallets on a frivolous plantation

How can God let this go on?
What you fail to understand is that was the plan all along
So on, and so on
War, famine and disease
May I have some more please?

If it’s me or them… Them, they I say
How far will we get if we all think this way?
Oblivion for the powerful and the earth to the meek
What about me?
I am not wolf, nor sheep

Rest O’ masses your day will come
When every decision you ever made,
Comes down to ONE

-P.R. Parks

Anonymous said...

old misdirection
intefering unkind
systematic abuse
lies are just blind
minds like mountains
winter is cold
golden hearts reach
on sunlights behold
resolving regenerating
tides of the wind
patterns of wingtips
old mother spring
spinning and turning
wondering stars
drumming the rythms
of lifting true hearts


DaveS said...

Nodding my head in agreement while lurking deep in the background.


wv:aweello... Hi ho, merry'o, aweello we shall go ;)

Anonymous said...

Soup Dragon you have it down as far as I'm concerned - and, ta, for the BBC5 Telepathic link.

Les, You might as well be inside my head - are you my head? Loved your line on the last blog post:

'Those on the opposite end are feeling the thrill of cohesion entering into their being.'

Cor - it's something else aint it - I'm integrating SO much and even my 'synaesthesia' is more alert. New colours with new sounds. Who knew.

WV hostr

Parasite and Host eye each other up - chicken and egg - who can outstare the moment.

Ann Anon

Anonymous said...

the BCth-

That was beautifully heartfelt sentiment and I'm sure I speak for everyone who comes here when I say that the feeling's too mutual.

to the family of God.

Anonymous said...

What I mean when I say that certain individuals are being ‘pushed out’ is my trying to say that one cannot resist the imperative of that which is greater and more powerful than one’s self.

Mhm. You got it, Dog Poet. I liek yew 'cos ya gimme stuff ta chew on. *chewz*

I've seen that there is nothing greater or more powerful than a deep love on the soul level.

A few days ago I was thinking about someone the soul desires (whom God has ordained) and this complicated spritual tug of war we have going on and my premonitions from years ago and now, and I thought, "I know we're 'supposed' to be together but he still has free will to do whatever he wants, he could always choose to reject this love." Then I heard, "This force is greater than he is so he will not be able to resist it."

Something about, the fulfillment of the soul's desire...

Erin Parsley said...

"One needs only look at the symmetry of nature and the cosmos in the larger sense to see that there is a system and a balance to everything, though we may not understand it."

Today on my walk through the forest, I looked very closely at the bright yellow stigma of a daisy, and was amazed by the perfect symmetrical overlapping mandala patterns I saw. Just beautiful. Just perfect. Nature. Our greatest way-show-er.

Erin Parsley said...

Night Song


by LifeinCreation

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

To Know the End from the Beginning.

Anonymous said...

Could this "Apocalypse" you write about have something to do with The Revelation of the Method? Could it be that these psychos are revealing themselves on purpose, so that when there is no signifcant reaction, no resistance from the masses, they will only have strengthened their psychological-sorcerous hold over them?

The good news is people could try using "black magic" on them. (Is it "black" if it's in the service of Good?) In "The Occult", Colin Wilson writes that John Cowper Powys had to steel himself to think positive thoughts about everyone, because so often when he didn't, the person in question would have an accident and an unexpected demise. Wilson says he himself seems to have killed two people simply through a subconscious "effort" by being mad at them over an extended period of time.

I would use photographs of famous people who obviously serve the dark ends of the Rothschilds, summon up intense negative feelings and "send" them their way, or say outloud over and over again something like "I curse X and may he die soon." Replace X with the name of the person in question. Combine with intense emotion, and try doing it both when very well slept and when not having slept much.

I don't think just thinking happy thoughts and trying to become enlightened will have much if any effect on the world at large. If you want to make a difference, you will have to actually fight. I propose the means outlined above.

P.S. It might be a good idea to target lesser servants, instead of people like Obama. Because then it might actually succeed and have some effect. (The higher they are the more likely they have good psychic defenses.) Imagine if everyone here and on similar blogs was doing it, and succeeding in it to some extent. There would soon be rumours that anyone with some fame who is working for the bastards is in mortal danger. But also remember that your souls are immortal and that even if there is a lethal psychic or other backlash, you need not fear death if your conscience is more or less clear. Plus you have the protection of anonymity (I don't so much recommend this method to Les as to the others here.)

Anonymous said...

Just reading some of teachings from Milarepa's one hundred thousand songs and came across this quote " The ultimate guru is one's mind." How true! Thank you for sharing yours with us, Vis.

kapoore said...

Maybe this feeling of anticipation has to with reaching a critical mass in understanding the truthful narrative of such events as 9 11 and even holocaust revisionism. The MSM senses that the critical mass has been reached and they have to tiptoe more carefully with the propaganda. I say this because recently my 20 something daughter has been telling me that she has been hearing more and more about 9 11--even at an embassy banquet of all places. Plus there was an article on the Huffington Post, which previously had a no 9 11 post policy. Also, once it was very unusual to read articles on Holocaust revisionism even in the alternative press and now it's commonplace. Notice there haven't been any new Holocaust movies. Could the culture finally be waking up? And the question if it is, now what??

kapoore said...

Maybe this still before the storm sensation you are describing has to do with more people becoming aware of previously submerged narratives such as 9 11 and Holocaust revisionism. Maybe a critical mass has been reached--finally. I say this because my 20 something daughter tells me that more and more she is running into people talking about 9 11--even at an embassy banquet. There was even an article on the Huffington Post on 9 11, and I recall that as recent as last year it was taboo to post 9 11 comments. Also, I am seeing more articles on Holocaust revisionism out in the open light of mainstream blogs--what??? Even six ago one could barely admit to ever having read an article on the other side of WWII history (the German side), and now it's not like child porn but just news?? Has the MSM finally lost control of the mass filters? I'm not saying this for sure but I do thing some sort of change in consciousness has occurred.



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