Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Nameless Villains in the Shadows

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Yes, out of the blue comes a strange and virulent, never seen before, e-coli bacteria, showing up in diverse locations far afield from one another. The larger assault is taking place in Germany. Now, which nation would want to attack Germany? Which nation would want to sabotage the helicopter of Germany’s prime minister? Meanwhile, Germany is taking all of her older nuclear power plants off line. The background chatter behind the scenes, where the governmental and corporate shit flies buzz around the cosmic toilet, where police states and casual death are birthed, must be humming with the poisoned conversations of those whose sole purpose for existence is the end of existence for everyone else.

I’d like to know the names of these people. I’d like their affiliations, agencies and laboratories named. I’d like the names of those specifically responsible for things like this; by what authority and under whose orders, do things like this come into public policy? Who decided that Obama should give Egypt a billion dollars to keep Israel’s gas prices low? Hasn’t Israel already stolen everyone else’s money? Don’t they have more money than they will ever need?

Not a day passes that we do not see the march of incipient evil, continue to accelerate and move at a breakneck pace down the devolutionary slope. It is astounding. The events and conditions mentioned in that last link are mind-blowing. Who are the specific individuals who have brought such behavior into public policy? I want to know who they are. We all want to know who they are.

Yesterday I heard about the Weiner waver Zio Con, who can’t deny his own photo, nor give any acceptable explanation for the possession and passage of an underwear blowup of his aroused genitalia. Was he viewing graphic photos of dead Palestinian children? Is that what got him into such a state of excitement? Here’s yet more news connected to Zio-Banker, Strauss-Kahn. The hits just keep on coming. Another French politician was bragging about orgies with young boys that took place a few years ago. It was in a book. He assures us they were all of age. Consider the age of consent in these places before you breathe a sigh of relief concerning penetration and consent.

Kevin Annett was arrested in England a few days ago to prevent him from publicly speaking about Child Abuse in London; sexual child abuse, which runs the gamut from forcible rape to murder for sexual pleasure, on the part of those performing it. Why would the British government arrest and deport someone who was speaking out against what is considered a crime just about everywhere? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together and given the phallic implications of rockets maybe that’s just as well.

You are, or should be familiar with, the sexual scandal that erupted in Belgium over the Dutroux kidnapping, rape and murder case. The investigation was stymied for years by politicians in high places. Word of child sexual abuse has repeatedly surfaced, implicating government officials in the UK, Portugal, Spain and France. We are familiar with the Franklin Scandal, that pointed its finger at George H. Bush in the Regan White House and we’ve seen where Jeff Gannon went in and out of the White House hundreds of times and routinely did not sign in or out. The hideous face of Karl Rove is staring up into that room from a toilet bowl between the legs of Larry Craig.

Why is child abuse epidemic in the governments of much of the west? Why are children disappeared and murdered in sexual acts? Where are the thousands of children that go missing each year? All of this revolves around satanic practice. The religion of Satanism is the driving force in the banking, corporate and political world. It’s all part of the initiation and something that exists to enforce silence and corrupt the hearts and minds of those participating, so that they will support any outrage against the public on command.

This is why so much is permitted without censure or comment. This is how and why Israel controls the governments of the world. Israel was created by the first family of Satanism, The Rothschilds, who set an extra chair at their dining table for Old Scratch. Israel is founded on and run by Satanism and Satanists. This is the point of the genociding of the Palestinians. These are all blood offerings to the infernal master as I have said before. There is nothing whimsical or imagined concerning this. It’s true based on the evidence of history and the enormous weight of circumstantial evidence that exists everywhere. It’s right there in front of your faces. If you can’t see it, you are not looking. The state religion of Israel is the operation of the Synagogue of Satan.

Most of this is obvious to me, having spent decades studying the occult. The good news is that the devil is employed by the cosmos to gather evidence against those who serve him and that time is coming now. You see the serendipitous exposures of Weiner boy and all those French politicians. You see it in the powerful cover-ups in the governments of the west. The police cannot investigate. The police are involved. The police provide the victims in many cases and guard the ceremonies, but that power is now fading away and those who have wallowed in blood and torment are being exposed by the day.

These men and women are monsters and they have willing hands working out of fear and the hope of promotion in every field of endeavor. All those activities described in the first link of this post are engineered and carried out by those serving the dark throne of the satanic elite. The Apocalypse is pressing them out before the eyes of the public. Watch and see.

There’s nothing for us to do but to speak out about it and draw the connecting lines. We don’t need to storm their gates, though that will come at times. They are being betrayed by the one they serve and all of the conditions of the time are being orchestrated to their detriment. It’s a relentless course of cosmic justice and it’s escalating by the day. Governments and systems are failing and there is nothing they can do with all their connections and evil genius to retard or prevent it.

Day by day, the conditions of our existence appear more hopeless. There seems to be no help coming but help is on the way. It’s creeping through the cracks in the dams of darkness that have held us in thrall for centuries. Every act they commit is turning against them and their own organs of information are forced to report on their behaviors, which are to be seen for what they are, no longer spun into protective disinfo but now revealed to the eyes of the world.

Yes, the people of the world are up against a satanic empire of privileged psychopaths, whose rein of terror is coming to an end. In their madness and panic, they seek to plunge the world into flaming disorder, to shut down the industries of fuel and food, to poison the world in which we live, to spread epidemics and war throughout the land. They will fail. They are failing and you should be filled with optimism. Turn your eyes away from the lies that pour forth on all sides. These lies have lost their power and the light is going to consume them.

There’s no other explanation for all of this. If you have one I’m glad to listen but the evidence is overwhelming from where I stand and their doom is upon them.

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Richard said...

That is the blood sacrifice, the children, and all, ALL, those who are involved in this process are about to face the 'piper'.
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in bloom
Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...

Personally, I see this all as the culmination of a bunch of delusional people who thought they were smarter than the rest of us, and their hubris is their undoing. There's an infinite number of variables in the equation of world domination, and as they're human minds, incapable of calculating correctly all the interactions of the system, even one they "created." They've been applying bailing wire and duct tape for awhile to the bars they erected, but their stop-gap measures and repairs are falling apart as quickly as they apply the fix.

Like you've kept pointing out, Les, the only thing I expect at this point is the unexpected. Whatever their nasty schemes, they're going to unravel and won't come off as planned. Shoot, the Universe is already in on the game and is actively changing decay rates of radioactive materials! (Which, in my mind, shows that Fukushima was pre-meditated, but the Universe is saying, "not so fast.") We're headed into light and love time, and the methods of darkness are quickly being reassigned. And not a thing the dark ones can do about it!!! ;)

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

I feel this is true and sometimes I'm very optimistic.Other times I feel I'm
just not bright enough to learn what I should be learning or the things I study are the things I should be studying.
Ah well,soldier on.


Anonymous said...

I just read your post on Petri Dish for
Tuesday.I'm all fired up again.Thank you.


just me, Laurel A. said...

thank you way so much, les :))

su said...

yes, gazing at the sun
taking in the light.
perfect trust prevails.
peace too.

Dory McLaughlin said...

Wise words, Dog Poet.....please keep up the good work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les...
Didn't you just describe the last
scene to jew Stephen King's "The Stand"?

Yeah, that one.
Where the enveloping light was
a nuclear Las Vegas.

btw...Zion National Park is just
up the road from Vegas.

Visible said...

Stephen King is Methodist.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Amerika,
Even India seems to have it's demons. All of which I hope will be purged with the same motion.
So (wv)ingurode and cleaned house:-)
Mo Visable

Anonymous said...

Who needs a nuke false flag op when there are biiological false flag ops? Bugs are cheaper, cleaner, easier to pull off and, most importantly, easier to attribute culpability. Just say that Osama[or Khadadfi or Iran or Pakistan...fill in the blank with the villian-of-the-month] instructed his minions to do it in the event of his demise.

Perhaps what we're seeing is just a pilot test for something larger.


Anonymous said...

IT's amazing Visible.
I was just doing allot of reading on occult and witchcraft in certain music and demon possession in different music artists, politicians and some of the hierachy in these practices.
It's is everywhere now.
I read a book called "Spirit Releasement Therapy" and it has a clinical approach to satanic/spirit possession.
These cults summon up demons and they want demonic influences pretty much on everyone or most.
I don't know the science, but it is so sick and so sad that the use of the most innocent is abused and violated by this.
I want to to be hopeful but why can't I see that things are changing for the better. I just see them continue their evil and they're just more blunt about it.
I want to feel more hopeful that it's coming to an end but I also see it happening at faster speed and almost as if there is no end to it.
I'm praying for all this to stop.
Will prayer help? can we pray for this to stop or does it fall on deaf ears since it's all free will anyway.
This can't be right. how can it this be right. I don't know much so I can't tell the difference.
I do love you Vis and everyone here and the human spirit can't ever be killed.
Love is what drives me to anything real anyway and I adore my children and I would die for them and I would kill if anyone ever hurt them. Why can't something just make them disappear. I'm so tired of them.
Love, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

Although things aren't working out as the manipulators of humanity have planned. It won't stop them going to evermore extremes, causing increased chaos and misery. Maybe even the somnanbulate will awaken when more and more of these degenerates are exposed for what they are.

Anonymous said...

child abuse,,,sick sick sickness ,murdering children during child rape even sicker,their are some pretty henious crimes out their but this sort of stuff,for me,has got to be the worst it shows the sort of vibration that these so called people are working off of,definately satanic or whatever other word you prefer.....

people how long do we have to put up with this stuff,

nice post today and yesterday mr visibles

respects neil

Kieron said...

This brought tears to my eyes for a multitude of reasons, hopeful tears and sad ones and angry ones.

I'm with Debbie @10:54. I'm trying, honestly I am, but I am so tired of all this muck, filth and shit. I tell myself it all has to break down into compost in order for new life to sprout. I remind myself it's always darkest before dawn.

Sorry to be negative... it was another hard day at work, of trying to heal what's broken in a broken world.

WV: revipe: revile the vipers.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Man, does this resonate!

This in particular: "The good news is that the devil is employed by the cosmos to gather evidence against those who serve him and that time is coming now."

This is what so many people have a hard time understanding. They think of the devil, sometimes called Satan, as an autonomous independent agent. Satan is the instrument of the Father Creator and can be many different entities in a myriad different times.

I sometimes think of Satan as Father Creator's "Attorney General", and like many modern Attorney Generals, Satan is not above tempting people for the express purpose of legal entrapment. And it has to be legal, because Father Creator closely adheres to His own laws.

Strauss-Khan is a perfect metaphor for this... so is Elliot Spitzer (hmmm... both of them jews, in some strange coincidence). Both SK and Spitzer were behaving according to type; Satan made sure their unholy appetites were always satiated until the door closed on them. What makes it even sweeter is that by all appearances it was seems that Goldman Sachs played a discrete role in their arrests. Both Spitzer and SK were talking about "changing the behavior" of the big banks.

Why is this sweet? As Vis pointed out "they are being betrayed by the one they serve". Both Spitzer and SK "served" Goldman Sachs... Goldman Sachs turned against them and what goes around comes around.

The sweet day is coming when we will see Goldman Sachs and its subsidiaries and minions eat the dish they have prepared... or drink the wine they've poured into the cup (and it will be a very bitter and poisonous draught, for they mixed it themselves).

I personally am loving the Apocalypse, the Unveiling, the Revealing... and the upcoming manifestation of the sons of Father Creator!

Anonymous said...

Im starting to get into these blogs, all of them... great work Les, a new cyber destination for seekers like myself...

To follow up on my last post, these guys want "revenge" for being born

like their supposed master, the ignorant one Samael Satan Lucifer etc they want to remain ignorant of their true origin... or plain want revenge at the all-encompassing consciousness that dictates the order of reality... they would organize a war on the heavens if they could... and maybe they think there is a way to do so... as long as they have control of this planet, they may be able to stave off interference to gain mastery of matter through nanotechnology, which would, in theory, allow them to infuse all matter within reach with consciousness, their consciousness... read Ray Kurzweil and imagine if his singularity hypothesis was attempted by an insidious group of minds like our deranged leadership

maybe then they could stop creation from going according to a plan not in their control

One thing is for sure they are working harder than ever to keep humanity on its heels to avoid any obstacle to their plans...

keep up the good work

fioan said...

words cannot cover how i feel about what is happening to children all over this world...i feel like i went to sleep one night and woke up in a parallel hell dimension. I cannot fathom the depth of depravity here now - i know it is the kaliyuga but still..and yet in the garden today i watched a honey bee pollenating one of the flowers and a spider's web as it glistened in the sunlight...the end of the bestial empire of the dammed cannot come sooner for me.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Not to dispair Debbie. There are many people working on this problem and it will be solved. Some are called the ground crew..... see George Green's E-books at and for instruction on how to activate your latent brain band width powers in your pituitary gland see:

Anaughty Mouser said...

For the Western masses "waking up is hard to do" - I quote another.

I wish the Devine would hurry back and clean house of the money changers once and for all. Revenge is God's alone. His children have been raped and murdered.

To this piece of solar driftwood
I hear a horse a commin'...

Let it Be.


Miriam said...

Once again, so well said Visible!
So many more atrocities can be added to those you listed. Holly Grieg in Scotland comes to mind. It goes on and on.

My son wasn't in the news for drawing an anime gun, but the school was put into 'lockdown' as the school police went nuts and searched him and his locker for 'evidence'~
"If we had found anything, this would have gone very differently."
We as his parents were not informed of this assault and it is 'school policy' to carry the search out.
There was nothing we could do.

I look at the news of the world going to hell and try to connect dots, and I realize that it is much simpler than I am making it.
All these circumstances and events have one cause. And even the so called 'faction fighting' a la DSK and the others, where you might think one side is 'good' and the other 'bad', each attempting to take the other down, is just part of the one game played by the One Eye.

It is actually very freeing to know this.

"...There seems to be no help coming but help is on the way. It’s creeping through the cracks in the dams of darkness that have held us in thrall for centuries...
They will fail. They are failing and you should be filled with optimism. Turn your eyes away from the lies that pour forth on all sides. These lies have lost their power and the light is going to consume them."

And when I do that, I feel free. I don't have to figure it out. It is clear that these ones are devouring each other, and all we have to do is watch. Who cares which 'faction' it is...they all wish the same outcome~ to control events for their own sick purposes.

Those who tirelessly continue to report and expose these disgusting crimes against humanity, those who boldly demonstrate sometimes with their lives are doing an incredible service and deserve our continuing support and admiration.

gemmell said...

I just watched a talk called 'Thunderbollts of Truth', it is in 2 parts and is about 4 3/4 hours long. I would like to recommend to vis' readers. It is a Canadians view of what is going on in the universe.

John C (UK)

Neko Kinoshita said...

It would appear hopeless if I wasn’t being guided. The help I require is being provided from every direction I don’t look, so I no longer look for it. I take what steps I can, and if they are wrong, I get corrected. I’m finally beginning to appreciate the humor of my limited actions.

I have no better explanation Visible, since you explain far better than I.

The very structures of their “civilization” are only illusions. Just like their “money.”
What do you expect to happen to those who place their faith in someone who is known as “the deceiver?”

I mean seriously, I would feel sorry for what they will suffer…if they had not worked so hard to EARN it.

None of the things being revealed were ever that well hidden. Many of us have seen many of these things almost from the very time we began to LOOK.

What is different now seems to be the way it is getting shoved into the faces of the sleeping.
How these “sheeple” react is interesting as well. Some withdraw and deny, some seem to slightly waken. The latter ones give me some hope.

Maybe there are opportunities to explain rainbows to (at least some of) the blind, if they will just open their minds to see.

Stuck in the tower for while, and I’ll only make it back to the cul-de-sac, for sack time before I climb up here again tomorrow. Forms must be obeyed for a while yet, it will not come down too soon for me.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"DOZENS of victims of a child-sex scandal in the Belgian Catholic Church are launching legal action against the Holy See, the first such suit in Europe."
Read the rest in the Sydney Morning Herald article Belgian abuse victims sue Holy See.
'Twere better that a millstone were tied around their necks and they were drowned in the depths of the sea. -- Jesus Christ

bholanath said...

New film 6 years in the making:
The War on Kids

wv - pedless WTF?

Anonymous said...

These abominations committed against children are heard loudly in the other Realms as children have a clearer connection.

They are not silent victims.

Have pity upon those who commit these most heinous of acts.

The toll they will pay is beyond our comprehension.

The screams of their victims will be magnified by many fold coming from there own mouth for a very long time.

Justice is upon you

Karma is a bitch!

Christopher James

Thank you Les for all you do!


dublinmick said...

Righty on!

Like Eric said the new magnetic field the solar system is going through is exciting the sun and changing not only the earth but the very DNA of people.

Anonymous said...

As yes, the kiddie fetish.
I have certianly read about that one.It only makes perfect sense such power obsessed sadists would get off on destroying the purest kind of innocence.

There was an old Pasolini movie that spelled this out in plain words, right before he was savagely murdered.

Definately one the most unsavory aspects of 'conspiracy theory' research to come across, like something out of Marquis De Sade, whom I'm sure these people take as a role model.

To think all the children that go missing each year & being able to keep that under the radar.....our present world is like some hideous di$ney cartoon covering the shadow underworld its become.

Anonymous said...

For all the shit these evil motherfuckers do, what really burns my ass is that these cockroaches couldn’t get away with any of it without the vile media spewing propaganda for the brainwashed and brain-dead.

Jesus: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

God: “Fuck that. They know exactly what they’re doing.”


Rich Waid said...

I am not young. I am not heroic. I have 2 teenage daughters. Altho not in immediate danger I was in NYC midtown on 9-11. I breathed the air that day. I had long known in general terms of the corruption of society; figuring out the truth oif 9-11 brought me near to despair. I have become your avid reader and am in agreement with by far the greater part of what you say. When reading, in today's piece, "help is on the way," my eyes welled up with tears. I want to live long enough to see the Evil One dethroned; even more do I want my daughters to live in a better world than surrounds us now. I am apprehensive for the near term; there is so much denial, so much torpor, so little comprehsnion even among people I have long liked, loved even, and admired. We should pray for courage, and to be worthy in the time of trial. Thanks as always.

dueycrim said...

As the times become more and more desperate for the real bad guys...the not so bad ones begin to jump ship.

siamsam said...

These perverts do not discriminate.

It is obviously the case that those in positions of authority have been carefully selected!

TRUTH! said...

It is your average white jane and joe who have and are causing hell allllllll over the planet for centuries!! Look in the mirror!

Anonymous said...

If the world would believe, it is they whose father is the murderer from the beginning, and Sanhedrin is revived, and their Nasi and six of the murderers rotten sperm who are in control for their god of their flesh world.....see the Noahide News.

Anonymous said...


Is it as hard for you as it is for me to stop yourself from going and just making this sick child abusers go the way of the dodo? I know that is not how one is suppose to walk in the path of service to other-self but sometimes there is this voice from deep within me that just screams out in such a rage over it all.

May they not escape the proper karma they are storing up for themselves.

In the love and the light.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

apart from the usual blackmail effects, I cannot see what purpose there would be in these occults' inner circles to hurt kids, except to excise that child archetype within the perp. kill what is good and human and call that freedom from nature? self circumcision of sorts? give up your first born or someone elses like the Nazis made their SS kill their adopted dogs they had trained?
its back to Lauren Morets recent vid, they are psycopaths and do not think like normal people.
we will see! we will see, indeed!

I am a child.

wv sovey. about to watch the latest pirates of carribean movie tonight. savvy with love. sovey?

katz said...

yes, I was thinking the same thing about this German food poison, never seen before.....yes.

the same men are on the boards of directors of the uranium, platonium, and other assorted ..iums, all owned by the queen of england, the rothechild banking cartel, and other traders/traitors as the case may be. it's the same men. I say men, bc we all know the glass ceiling, and that they can't allow women into their club, bc they can't buy special ho's to service their needs at sales conferences, if the women are watching.

there are a few ho's that attend to them, though.

yes, I want to know who is responsible.

you don't need an army to bring down a crowd, bc STUXNET makes it easy to use a nation's own nuclear power plants as a bomb, like Fugishima.

that's why I don't understand why any nation is interested in the queen's munitions, including her uranium products. better she should sit on them, herself.

thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...


You rock up and down equally well and I look forward to every utterance, because you have convinced us that you have your finger on the pulse. But for those of us who read between the lines, you also have acknowledged your HUMAN failings.

It is refreshing.


Exhale... and so with all of my heart and soul I will give you this: there IS change coming, and there IS an awakening on the horizon. I DO wish it could be as you so often speak. It will not and, of course, it can not, for ALL THAT IS, is ALL THAT IS.

Equal parts good (such as you have noted) and evil (such as you have noted,)

GOD, is. And GOD, does. There is NO reward for being GOOD or EVIL. BOTH are the works of GOD. THERE, and THAT, is the balance on THIS planet. And they BOTH are totally in the eye of the beholder.

ALL, believe they are doing the RIGHT THING. And therefore, they ARE.


whatever said...

We are told again and again by a certain sector of our leadership how "man" is destroying the earth. How "man" is responsible for all and every sort of reprehensible fouling of the planet and how we must change if we are to survive. These warnings seem to come from someone or something that assumes that "man" is not a "part" of the earth. As if we don't know and feel the responsibility because we are somehow "alien" to this planet. Well...

Man IS this planet. And as alive as we are, so is she. We share everything. We co-exist. Are we so naive to think that we are smarter and more able than her? Or she more than us? That might be a fatal mistake. We are one and the same.

Every thing that she does is a result of what we tell her, whether through abuse, respect, indifference or love. She is as we are, no better or worse. But to think that "man" is doing anything other than acting naturally is to suppose that "man" is not of this earth. And this is the problem, (presuming that we are not supplanted aliens). We are the planet earth and the planet earth is us. We are not perfect and neither is she. We haven't learned to love one another, and neither has she. We are not at peace, and nether is she. We get sick and so does she. We get diarhea and the vomits. So does she. We get depressed... so does she. We cry and hurt and get better and so does she. We get poisoned from toxic waste, chemicals in our air and food, and we survive. So does she. Our entire organism is amazing, what it can do, what it feels and heals and learns day to day, and so is hers. She is amazing. And so are we.

If our species can begin to realize the living, breathing, nature of this girl that allows us to thrive and survive on her epidermis, we still have a chance to learn the nature of our existence, If we continue to project the greed and superiority complex of the last two centuries, I wouldn't be surprised if the human species is wiped clean by a galactic maxi-pad of sorts. Humans are rodents, fungus, pimples, pests, on the face of beauty and nature. It is within us all to be all. And it is clear that this is what our mother wishes for us... all.

Most are not ready for the cleanse, and some that are ready, will not survive the first rinse. But the maxi-pad is approaching and it's gonna be a crap shoot to a great degree. She is no more perfect than you and I. But she wants to be and she is about to begin the great purge.

This, she told me and thus,

I wrote.

siamsam said...

Only in the USSR - or is that Amerika!

Anonymous said...

Wow this has got to be one of your best posts yet. I was impressed, it is all so true, we live in a criminal run world. There is a spiritual battle being waged on earth right now. But in the end good always wins and conquers evil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great words!
Somewhat in the same vein:

Anonymous said...


“That’s it, I’m spent!” - click!-click!-click!
‘Now, choke it...’ - click!-click!
‘Snuff it out…’- click! - ”’S’nuff for me!”

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

We must never forget that 666 Million of the Chosen Ones got gassed to death by the evil German Goyim...And we must always remember that the evil Serbian Goyim simply massacred 6 000 of the most innocent Bin Laden's Mujahedeen-jihad-shaheeds in Srebrenica; which is by far the worst Genocide against humanity... Everything else is just Anti-Semitic Racialism; designed to discredit God...

John said...

My hunch is that the latest e coli poison-the-vegetables outbreak in Germany is a plant by the usual suspects and payback to Merkel for refusing to buy Izzie's drones and also deciding that nuclear power is a no no. Didn't the usual suspects poison wells back in medieval times ?

Greg Bacon said...

The export of fresh agricultural produce from Israel to west Europe has promoted the transfer the country's agriculture into an intensive and innovative enterprise.

As for that WIENER photo, maybe it wasn't a pic of Wienie's crotch, but a photo of Wiene's undies that he placed on his head:)

SoupDragon said...

Coincidently I watched this documentary yesterday about Kevin Annett and his exposure of the genocide of the native Canadian children by "The Church". Harrowing ...

To return to a crystal clear harmonious state we have to be patient, ALL of the filth and scum has to float to the top of the 'Samsaran' vat, drawn up by the lust for riches, sex, power and control. Only then will the Cosmic Ladle appear, carefully scoop the thick layer of crud off the top and deposit it in the Pit of Hell.

Anonymous said...

"Hey this is just a ride"
I could weep when i remember
what Bill Hicks said all those years ago, and I would if he had not been so FUNNY.

This world is full of fantastic things. Do not judge others. You are wasting your time. Hold those you love tight. Let them know you care and smile at all those you forgot you know.

We were sent here with purpose.
There are no wrongs or rights. This all runs to a PERFECT plan.

Hold your head high, you child of the light.

Peace and love

Barney said...

Thank you Les for referring to the continuing mass murder as a blood OFFERING, and NOT as a blood "sacrifice".

A sacrifice involves giving up something we own, and we can never own the life of another.

Now that Emmanuel Goldstein, alias Osama, is dead again (how many times so far?), we can be certain there's a major false flag on the way, but this time a lot more people will recognise it for what it is.

Someone mentioned Fukushima. Could that be code for "f**k you" Shima (whatever Shima might mean)? The devil's own don't seem to like Japan very much, do they?

These creatures of the hexagram, taken collectively, fulfil the function of "the devil", so as far as I'm concerned, they ARE the devil.

As you say though Les, their own arrogance and stupidity is what's bringing them down.

Anonymous said...

Les, I don't think this is widely understood and is worth repeating,
'...the devil is employed by the cosmos to gather evidence against those who serve him...'

'...for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light..'; the original and ultimate whistle-blower.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

I'm not so sure the Germans are doing such a noble deed with there move towards closing down Nuclear Power Plants. At the same time Sweden is planning to build ten new ones and the State owned company doing this is doing business in Germany. I believe that they will be selling power to Germany as they raise prices in Sweden and ask Swedes to sacrifice while they go after the money. Helliburton is behind the building of these plants. One of the Ministers here is probably (I'll play it safe here with a probably)on their payroll. I call her the Helliburton Whore.

As far as all forms of perversion on the rise, here are some older news to show the pattern in the far north country:

Sorry, can't find the info on the high police chef who was moonlighting as a pip. He especially liked teenage girls and B&D. He was arrested after raping and beating up a young girl. He liked it rough. The police found various sex toys and a whip in his car. He was connected to many politicians and rich folks and royals, but this never really was covered in the media.

Evil is busy in these parts also. No place on Earth is immune from the madness afoot.

Take care Les,

Anonymous said...

Before I read any further, you ask:

"Who are the specific individuals who have brought such behavior into public policy? I want to know who they are. We all want to know who they are."

Is this meant to be rhetorical, Les? The latest, and most succinct list to date is still freely accessible here:-

Not sure for how long, though.

Oh, I think you just might want to spend an hour with this, too:-


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Blood Drinking, Zombie Cannibals are Imploding.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Another great blog...again, more goose bumps and stomach butterflies..

whats been happening under our noses is a very sick and evil world...the sicker it gets the sicker it gets...pure evil...we are trapped by the spiritually dead...

the list goes on and on the attrocities these demons plan and execute within their dark lairs of deceit...

the veil is broken...the fabric holding back the light is now in tatters...this exposure is a last ditch effort to awaken the many true beings that have forgotten who, what, and where they are due to eons of exploitation and energy theft...awaken to the inner truth that they are divine spirits trapped in a evil dimension...

Best Wishes Always

Unknown said...

Seems like Israel is the ultimate tester of humanity in all of history. Where do you stand? With the 'pleasures' of the Physical Realm, or the spiritual? The temporary, or the eternal, since we were born to die, so get over it. Also, there is no mention of an Afterlife in Judaism, though there are different factions, and comparing the Ashkenazis to the Mizrahi might as well be like comparin' a kidney pie or blood puddin' to a mango mousse pie.

(And to be quite honest in my opinion, me thinks the Ashkenazi should quit labling themselves Jews. They are a corrupted hybrid.)

Anonymous said...

Just to add some three cents to the heap : "people" who have staged wars and revolutions, leaving a billion dead in their wake, cannot be human in the ordinary sense. Nor even in any sense at all. They are not monsters, they are either alien entities or possessed by such. It is correctly stated in the Bhagavad Gita that during the lowest times of Kali Yuga, owing to human degradation within this downward cycle the possibility arises that daemons, rakshasas, nagas, inhuman entities devoid of any virtue, can incarnate in human form. This was said and noted over 5000 years ago, at the outset of Kali Yuga. Only from then on do we find widespread strife and war, the machinations of Babylonian Banksters, and their continuance until this day. By use of high physics, carefully kept from us remnants of unspoiled humanity. Let me add that people who swear 'allegiance' and put their hands on their heart cannot be counted upon to be human, as well; nor those professing some 'Jesusity' and 'Christian' nonsense.........
Wish you could all add up to make great changes possible....!
Lapin Sauvage

Anonymous said...

This is Kali Yuga.

This is our world of Kali Yuga.

This is the essence of tama-guna.

This is the karma which must be realized by Nature's laws.

Is it really any wonder that why humanity suffers, or why?

The 2009 figures for animal slaughter, from the National Geographic May 2011 edition:

1.7 million camels
24 million water buffalo
293 million cows
398 million goats
518 million sheep
633 million turkeys
1.1 billion rabbits
1.3 billion pigs
2.3 billion ducks
52 billion chickens

“Oh, my fellow men, do not defile your bodies with sinful foods. We have corn, we have apples bending down the branches with their weight, and grapes swelling on the vines. There are sweet-flavored herbs, and vegetables which can be cooked and softened over the fire, nor are you denied milk or thyme-scented honey. The earth affords a lavish supply of riches, of innocent foods, and offers you banquets that involve no bloodshed or slaughter.

As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”


Anonymous said...

What an excellent article. It has cheered me up immensely. Thank you Les. I am a fan.

European American said...

LV fulfilling his...

dhar·ma (därm, dûr-)n.
1. Hinduism & Buddhism
a. The principle or law that orders the universe.
b. Individual conduct in conformity with this principle.
c. The essential function or nature of a thing.

...when writing articles such as this.

Anonymous said...

Visible, did you know that this blog is linked on the David Icke "headlines" page for June 3rd?
I think that's great!

Visible said...

Yeah, every blue moon I get noticed over at the David Icke site. I wrote them once and when they were posting me more regular and said, do you want me to send you my stuff.. no answer from them. Similar things with Before it's News. They come to me and say send me your work, so I send it and then I don't see it. I interact with a fellow there and zen gardener comments here and he is over there but I never see my work appear. It's a mystery to me. Is it because I believe in God. Nah... can't figure it out so I'm just not going to trouble myself with it. I have to do the work and I get nothing for it and nothing happens. I don't know. It's distracting. I'll just work with the engines I have and the ones who do post me and someday I will be on American Idol.

Visible said...

European American, you sound like a real guru, thank you for that. I appreciate it and it keeps me going. That is precisely what I am all about, except for being high when I can so I can catch the resonance.

lissyloo said...

Les! Another great, brave, rational, no-hold's barred post. You're right, all we have to do is expose what they try to hide... eg : Hollie Greig, The franklin Cover-up, etc, and we can get to the bottom of who is hiding at the top!
Thanks for the words and the music I love it!

whatever said...

"The hideous face of Karl Rove is staring up into that room from a toilet bowl between the legs of Larry Craig."

OMGawd! Hammer meets nail head on! What a bunch of creeps they are.

Am I the only one who's noticed that it seems all pedophiles have this shiny, skin? It seems prevalent to me and a dead giveaway when I meet a christian or especially Catholic person who is a youth minister or minister of music. I know, I'm profiling, but I'm also just saying. And has anyone considered that the very REASON the Catholic Jerks, I mean Church, prohibits birth control is so they will have MORE opportunities? Especially with un-wanted children? It is SO apparent to me, Sorry, but it is. That's how brainwashing works, by the way.

Cognitive dissonance is US!

Thank you Les, for so much MORE!

Peace on you, all!

Terrance said...

....many many paths...may we all choose with good intent!

Thank you Mr.Visible

Visible said...

Visible Origami is here-

The Shortcoming, Long Time Going.

seandavidbarr said...

I am impressed by your words les
I am actually praying for things to come to a head ASAP and to do so with the utmost violence and catastrophe because I want 9 out of 10 to perish as quickly and painlessly as possible (I firmly am convinced in what awaits those who are evil and I truly believe that we are not meant to hand out justice--GOD is) and for the rest to inherit a wonderfully empty, yet easily liveable environment, which manages this time around to maintain its' technology somehow and to remember its past and understand things spiritually and ethically right away! We need to have our house cleaned ASAP and so I have no fear only prayers and hope and faith that the SHIT will hit the fan for me to see it! I will look at your writings again if I can remember how to find them!

Anonymous said...

Words fail to adequately convey the waves of blazing indignation and sorrow that stirred the first time I read this a few years ago:

Tranquility Bay

Apparently they're no longer doing business after doing damage for over a decade. How many institutions like this one are in operation now?

The most accurate barometer for a civilization is how it treats the most vulnerable, this includes all species; the way I see it, this is what's at the heart of every problem we experience in this structure. If there's any global problem that ever deserved all our attention and dialogue, it's this one.

Many impatiently await the cessation of these various atrocities. The possibility of a Deus ex machina might seem improbable fiction (the truth's far stranger), but know that everything comes in its proper time. God's time is not our time... that time is coming and you'd benefit by treating every day like it's the last; take only what you need and leave the rest, be aware that your needs are truly few and simple, narrow and straight. Listen carefully to the harmonies of the heart for the voice of God speaks directly to and from this place.

The full potential of the light is nothing short of illimitable; the immensity of it is beyond words and closer than anyone could fathom. Out of the blue, unexpected, like a thief in the night. Words are inadequate...

False Knight on the Road


dublinmick said...

"'...the devil is employed by the cosmos to gather evidence against those who serve him...'

'...for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light..'; the original and ultimate whistle-blower.?"

Good ole Lucifer/beelzabub when you get past all the killing, blood drinking and sacrifice, he is really working with us then. Who would have thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Jesus said it This is Satan's world but the Apocalypse has begun. Is 2012 just a coincidence ?

MAC said...

It is satisfying to see them betrayed. They should use this opportunity to come forward and tell the truth even though they will probably be killed for it.



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