Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waiting in the Moment before the Coming of the Unknown.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

The world is bathed in toxic moonlight, all day and all night long. The nightmare dream weaver is at the spinning wheel and the carpet of illusion rolls out and over us. People are hiding under that carpet; hoping daylight won’t find them for any number of reasons. We are wherever we are because of whatever we have been and continue to be. We are mostly blockheads. We don’t want to change.

Early in life one is engaged in learning and being impressed and imprinted on, which is why I think most of the problems in the world are caused by bad parenting. A lot of bad parenting comes about due to the environment people live in. Parents want one thing. The governments and society want another and the child doesn’t know what it wants, as many possibilities of expression cross its mind as it evolves. Some of us pursue what we want to do and some of us are forced to pursue what others want. Some of us find that what we pursue is not what we want. Ultimately, none of these things are, but everything is a gateway or a rest stop.

We idealize life and don’t recognize the inflexible realities that wait for us all. Hearts are made to be broken. It frees up the potential to express a deeper love. Everything is meant to teach us surrender and eventually we do, when death comes into the room. Sometimes it happens before that and that is fortunate.

Look at the world of the moment. For nothing more than profit, based on particular taste buds, people are being made sick in ways they can’t recover from; until they come up with a pill that seems to work and is attended by any number of dangerous complications. Absurd lies are fabricated to maintain a state of fear and to justify never ending aggression, murder and mayhem, against anyone that the bankers tell the politicians to go after. These lies are crafted to impact on the minds of the stupidest among us. What this tells us is that it’s a pretty large demographic, because otherwise they would tailor the lies differently and with more finesse.

Understandably, people are confused, frightened and despairing of liberation from the conditions they find themselves in. A much larger portion of the world than the living standards of the reader here represents; color, creed and culture wise, is in a more amplified state of these negative emotions, with more reason; so far. I see the peace and freedom flotilla, bound for the land of demons, as a great significator of the times. The Middle East has been a trouble zone for a long time. It is the focus of a great deal of global activity. It is seldom out of the headlines. It depends on how you look at it. As long as they are killing people in Gaza they will be killing them in America. The same people are behind both activities

A Vice Admiral of the Israeli Navy says the flotilla is going to be stopped. We know how vicious and immoral these people can be. They enjoy it. It’s their way of letting you know they are going to do whatever they want to, whenever they want to. People have a lot of views about Gaza and the rest of the dispossessed Palestinian nation. My view is that it exists as it does for Israel to practice blood sacrifices to the entity they serve. It’s a perpetual killing ground that is watered with blood, to feed a force with specific power in the passing age. As the denouement approaches, this entity becomes more frenzied for survival and those who serve it become more determined to fulfill their agenda, as the time of their termination comes.

As per schedule, heroes are rising up among us and will continue to. You can see a selection of the bad guys in the right hand menu of the link. There’s no telling where it all goes but we know that. The thing is... to remember that you don’t know and not to limit the hand of the cosmos, in your favor, with negative projections.

Two mornings ago I had an amazing experience. A window opened in my mind and I started having a conversation that went on all morning. I discovered that I had a personal concept about the power of the cosmos; how the cosmos might act, what the cosmos could and could not do and how long it would take and what was involved. It occurred to me that this was true of everyone. As much as we recognize that there are things beyond our measurement and understanding, somehow we do it anyway. I discovered that I was limiting the power of the universe in terms of what it could do to and through me and that any numbers of us were in that boat. This was not coming to me in terms of intellectual awareness. It was visceral.

I realized that I could ask for anything and that I could be absolutely confident of anything I asked for, keeping in mind that if it was actually something else that I wanted; not knowing what I wanted, that that would be substituted in its place. I recognized the power of absolute confidence in the cosmos, now that I was no longer limiting its ability to perform.

It reminded me of a story I once heard. I can no longer remember where it came from or the totality of the details, but I can remember it enough to transmit the essence of it. If you are sincerely in search of something, you can begin looking for it wherever you are, both within and without and even if the only person who had that information was living in a cave in the Andes, you would be led there or he would come to you. There is a power in the universe that operates according to the law of attraction that sets up a vibratory connection between anyone and the object of their desire. Certain things affect the connection and the delivery; intensity, consistency of focus, sincerity of purpose. There’s more but you can add in those details through consideration of what’s been said.

We don’t know what’s going to happen with all this bankster greed and depravity. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the Flotilla. We don’t know what’s going to happen with anything. We can reasonably predict certain things in the routine of our personal existence but, outside of that, we can only speculate. We’re better off working to make ourselves into better people because character is fate and nothing leads like example.

We’re going to get tired and depressed, such is the nature of the times but we don’t have to remain that way. If we get tired and depressed we are looking at it wrong. We’re resisting the irresistible, instead of letting it fill our sails. People get old that way. I’m not old and neither are you, no matter what the calendar says. We need to be filled with confidence based on a correct view of ourselves and our place in the scheme of things. We have to have perspective on how truly small we are and what greatness we are in the presence of. We have to do that in this moment and in every following moment because the time is always now and never later.

Study yourself and learn what motivates you. Direct your attention to understanding the meaning of what happens to you and around you. Don’t block out the truth of what is presented by hanging on to personal interpretations of the meaning of things. Our personal interpretations of people and things are what confine us within the reality of those interpretations. Once we recognize the extent of what we don’t know and can’t do we will be in a position to more easily fulfill all of the duties and dreams of our being. Good fortune to you all.

I’ll be away somewhere else for the next couple of weeks (leaving in a couple of days) and I don’t know with what consistency I will be able to post or whether I won’t miss another radio show on the way. I’ll do my best but I can’t guarantee anything. The components I am taking with me are working at the moment but they weren’t working before and there is no guarantee they will keep working. We’ll see. I’ll keep working on the projects that await my attention, if that’s possible. Otherwise, I will see you after I am done with some things I have to take care of.

End Transmission.......

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Erik said...

Heh Vis,

This is a repetition of 'verities' i just read elsewhere ...

So probably originating from the same 'Source' Oh, those synchronicities ;)

Bon Voyage ...(grin)

mlbs said...

Some good words to leave us with before you go. Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

My heart wants to bid you Godspeed.

But, we know it's the journey that matters.


Bill Nye said...


Have a safe voyage. Look forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

wow (mind blowing) wow
incredabley beautiful words, you have a great soul Visible and it is an honor to read what you have wrote.
have an enlightening trip
from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

You'll be in our thoughts over these next few days, Vis. May your journey lead you to your goals.

Anonymous said...

Go with God Les. And, as always, thanks for lending your voice. -mike

Anonymous said...

"Study yourself ..... that should keep us busy until you return.

Thank you for this post. I've been rereading your Origami post on Higher Love and the Mastery of the World in bits and pieces and taking it with me for the day. Adding today's Smoking Mirrors to the mix will be icing on the cake.

Good Fortune to you too, Les.


amarynth said...

Fair Winds and Following Seas!
and thank-you.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Ahh, and he puts up my favorite song again….And yes, the nose is cold and wet.

Solstice is now past, and we begin the downhill run to the autumnal equinox. The Beginning has ended and events begin to accelerate.

“Sit and listen,
all the cuttin’ up is easy
and this isn’t for the queasy
or the weak of heart,
you had better start
for home while there’s still time.”

Yeah, I’m just another Blockhead, I bash my head against the wall because it feels so good when I stop.

Trying to let go of the incorrect perceptions, and you know how hard that can be.

I have heard that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. So now we have no bad children, only bad parents? Ok, I can accept that. I will say that the children will ultimately pursue what they want to, and think it is what they want even when it is what others want them to want. You can show them, but they have to open their own eyes.

So, now I have to decide whether I’m in a gateway or a rest stop. Perhaps both at once.

I have been repeatedly reminded that everything that happens to the body is caused by what goes into it, and there you are saying that too.

It is interesting, that the less I care about the things I’m told I should care about, the fewer problems the divine beats me up with. Letting go of them seems to cause the problems to evaporate like the morning fog. (See: I’m using this month’s word.)

Since I never seem to know what it is I really want, I try not to ask for much. That way the rewards are both unexpected, and better than I could wish for. I am trying to maintain consistency in pursuit of understanding what is required of me, I stumble along and singe my tail a lot, but it’s all good and occasionally you can truly see how under control it is.

“Character is fate, and nothing leads like example.” I love that. (I also have nothing more to add to it.)

No rest for the wicked and the righteous don’t need any. Divine tells me when I’m going the wrong way, usually by draining the energy to the point where I must rest or die. Once I’m back “in tune” there is no shortage to do what must be done. So, what does that mean?

You are never gone, and I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. You will no doubt be “working” on whatever you should, so let others tell you to hurry back, I just allow myself the luxury of wishing I could be there.


SouthernHungary said...

Take care,come back soon !!!

Visible said...

All I said was that my equipment might not work. It might work. There's no telling. We'll have to see. So we'll see.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Location change, journey, voyage, trip, everyone thinks you are going to disappear.

With all that pulling for you, it’s not surprising that you get more than you bargained for.
Hey, equipment can be fickle, or you may not be “gone” at all.

I’m enjoying the misconceptions as well as the perceptions, makes me feel les alone.
(Hmm, now there’s a telling typo…)

Still in the tower, cul-de-sac later,


Wv: porses: a collection of porcelain equines. Try hooking that up to your plow.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the "new way of seeing". Seems that Mirrors & Origami are meshing. Love that. Take good care.
WV: Very funny...embarf...hope that you don't...barf, that is.

Emmanuel said...

Hi Visible,

Your post today has touched upon what I've been thinking about lately.

"I realized that I could ask for anything and that I could be absolutely confident of anything I asked for, keeping in mind that if it was actually something else that I wanted; not knowing what I wanted, that that would be substituted in its place. I recognized the power of absolute confidence in the cosmos, now that I was no longer limiting its ability to perform."

I, too, have been accepting this notion albeit slowly. It's a matter of trusting in the Universe/Infinite Spirit. I have realized that whatever it is that I desire or want, the Universe will deliver it to me in ways beyond my imagination or expectations. A very important thing is to not try to will it myself, or be specific about the details on how something is to manifest. In other words, don't micromanage the Universe.

It is the intent of one's thought in proportion to one's sincerity of their desire that will bring about and attract what is wished. Call it forth and allow the Universe to manage the logistics of the path to the object of your desire and intent. I think you're right, Vis. Sometimes and oftentimes, that which you desire may be substituted for something you didn't realize. In the past I have heard some self help type speakers talk about being very specific to the exact detail of what you want. I have always felt that that advice was off the mark somehow. It is another way to micromanage Spirit and that limits Her ability to work well for you. The main thing I have found is to have the idea and intent of bringing about the RIGHT thing for yourself and in a RIGHT way for the highest good of all concerned.

Another very important thing that I have realized is that what you ask for does not necessarily come about in the time that you ordered it to come into being. Spirit operates in a state of timelessness as in the Big Now where past, present, and future are simultaneous. I remember desiring a certain specific vehicle that I liked and imagined myself driving. That car never manifested for me. I ended up buying an old used car that I drove for several years. But, one day, virtually out of the blue, the perfect vehicle manifested. I traded my old clunker in for it and have had it to this day for eleven years. All I can say is that it is way beyond better than the original desire for the other vehicle in terms of looks and practicality for my needs in every area of business, family, and leisure. It took several years to arrive but the best possible outcome of my original intent for a vehicle came to fruition.

Perhaps it's a stretch to say there is a connection between what I asked for several years ago, and what I got later down the road. I believe now there is a connection that supercedes my concept of the physical 3D time. I realize that the Universe/Infinite Spirit operates on its own time and not mine per se. I always call forth that whatever I want or embark upon happen in a perfect way for the highest good of all concerned. That is always my intent and I say that mantra everyday when I wake up, and everytime I do something like go into a business meeting, or play a gig, or even before I embark on spending a day bike riding with my kids.

There are other examples in my life where what I wished for was substituted with something greater than what I originally thought, and via a timeline beyond my decree of immediacy. In fact, this has always been the case. In spite of such personal evidence of the workings of Spirit, I have doubts. And that's my left brain talking. But, I am coming around and I am trusting slowly but surely that whatever it is that I truly want will come to me in a perfect way, in a perfect time, and for the highest good of all concerned. And sometimes, what I truly want (or thought I wanted) will not happen but instead something else will or won't, and it is the best possible outcome either way.

Anonymous said...

I got a flash of the Forest Gump character when he was running. Running all over the place for no particular reason, and had all these followers following/running behind him. And then one day Forest stopped running and went on to do something else. All his followers just stood there, dumb founded and wondering what to do next .....

Anonymous said...

Hey brother,

Travel well and cloak yourself in our Love as a friend and companion.



kikz said...

godspeed :)

Ouzel said...

Thank you, LV, for this beautiful meditation.

" We need to be filled with confidence based on a correct view of ourselves and our place in the scheme of things. We have to have perspective on how truly small we are and what greatness we are in the presence of."

At the same time, we must be aware of "how amazingly unlikely is (y)our birth" in the vastness of the Cosmos, as Eric Idle sings here

" Don’t block out the truth of what is presented by hanging on to personal interpretations of the meaning of things."

"Hanging on to" is the crucial phrase. As our horizons widen and the mists clear, our understanding and interpretation have to change. We must shed earlier ones as snakes shed their skins.

I give you my favourite blessing.

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
The sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand

Unknown said...

Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

you are promoting Venus Project? Fresco was a guest speaker at an event hosted by Queen Beatrix. Do you have any comment on this?

Visible said...


What did he do there? I've been in prison where there were some people who did horrible things. Other people have eaten in restaurants at the same time as serial killers. Until you have concrete evidence of malfeasance about Jacques I suggest you just go on hating everyone and everything you can draw a negative connection to but you're not going to draw me into it or to accept superficial circumstantial evidence of nothing.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I don't know what equipment you are relying on but "I told you to get a laptop. I told you to get a laptop" grumble grumble gruhmphfff grumhmpffff!

maybe a trite pedantic, but an earlier post's commenter mentioned you terming these diabolical practices blood offerings, rather than blood sacrifices, a better term they said because these creatures don't sacrifice. they steal and kill. that's a distinction that has stuck in my mind.

bon voyage

wv nizinser . if I were an alien this is the piece equipment I would use to probe the non-humans that have been a pestillence on Earth for too long.

B. Bombay said...

Very good post Les and I would like to send out sincere thanks to Neko and Emmanuel. The two of you have helped me today in ways I can't explain.

And Les. Thank you for this blog.

Anonymous said...


This one most especially resonanted with me. Vaya con Dios. Be safe.


Anonymous said...

And then one day Forest stopped running and went on to do something else.All his followers just stood there, dumb founded and wondering what to do next .....

Ah, but that's only because they made the mistake of not having their own reason to run, no?

wv: blessoc

Jo said...

Hey Les,

Been a while since my last post but I'm still here drinking from your well of inspiration. Have I told you how grateful I am to have found you and the oasis of love you have created with all your splendid offerings; SM, VO, PD? If not then let me take a moment now to say THANK YOU!!!

But also I'd like to give gratitude and blessings to all your faithful friends/commenters who also contribute; for their insights, musings, observations, etc. I love this community of gypsy soul wanderers and warriors. You help me me feel less alone and not so freaky!!!

Such a balm to my weary soul...

Wherever your travels take you Les, go well knowing that there is an abundance of love surrounding you and your tribe-mates await the gifts of experience that your singular ability to translate such things will confer wisdom upon us.

Not sure that made any grammatical sense at all but hopefully you'll grok my meaning!!!

Big Hugs and Kisses Everybody!!!


wv: geeze: geeze I am such a sap!

Ray B said...


Good postings as usual. They are really appreciated. I wish you the best/highest on your journey...

On the child/parenting portion of your article, the best book I have ever read on this subject was "Magical Child" by Joseph Chilton Pearce. Condensed (it's been thirty years since I read it), he noticed that each child unfolded to a new perception of reality/being every few years. The great part of this realization was that each stage could be recognized by what the child instinctively 'craved'. Provide what the child 'needed' at that stage and success was assured. Either force the child early or don't give the needed stimulus, and the whole unfoldment was derailed (including, down the line, into our advanced abilities). Where humanity (or at least Western society) got in trouble, according to Pearce, was because each parent had stopped their own unfoldment at whatever stage they were derailed. They could not instinctively 'lead' past that stage (or in Pearce's words, "model the process"). The damage was self-perpetuating. This is why 'outside' intervention (in one system: gurus) is needed to take individuals to their next unfoldment stage.

(On a side note, I suspect this is also why 'trips' turn out so differently. Both the stage of derailment and whether some teacher/shaman/guru is involved "who has been there" are probably important.)

In our society, damaged folks fight to justify the stage where they were derailed, rather than face the enormity of the derailment. Hence, the emphasis on 'early' abilities...

(Of course, God can do/correct anything, but this was way outside the scope of this book. Or, as you say, it may just be learning.)

On the attraction/manifestation portion of your article, Pearce also wrote on this in, I believe, "Crack in the Cosmic Egg." I still use this excellent technique. Summarized, it is to pick some area you are interested in (whether trivial or profound), throw yourself into it totally (build up a 'charge' on it), and - when you have taken it as far as you can - release it to God saying "it is up to you now." Then, drop the pursuit. Manifestation will occur, focused on your original choice of area. It really works.

Again, good 'manifestations' on your trip.


steve said...

Yes we must never forget the sovereign power we each have to create.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to love Les Visible. I mean LOVE him. He is another Christed manifesto. Another Great Master, and it takes one to know [one] there are many. Long story short, read this one at least three times and call me in the morning. I see it all now, coming down in four part harmony. The shit has hit the fan and good times are here again. Gotta love it.

Rob in WI said...

Why is there so much fear re Jacque Fresco? He reminds me so much of Paulo Soleri. A visionary with real ideas. The Arcosanti project is still alive, and maybe, it will someday grow to the visions of its founder. Fun hearing from y'all. Have a good trip Vis. Best always, Rob

Sliver said...

That was an especially good posting, Les. I've read a lot of what you have written and this is the first time I have ever commented. I consider a lot of your commenters to be my friends in a way. (Mouser, etc) Your words have given me a lot to think about. Thanks and have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the documentary on the Venus Project right through a few times, and I can't really see where people have a problem. Just speaking to people doesn't mean you're in the "club." Jacques seems open and honest about what he believes, and I think he has some great ideas (except all the round buildings - they creep me out :D ) A resource based economy where people govern themselves would go completely against what the bankers are trying to create in this world, and though he talks about a new world, that wasn't such a bad word before the Bilderburgs et al got hold of it.

Vis. Sending light and love. I'd say "be safe" but it seems counter intuitive, so I'll just say "be strong."

Visible said...

It is a laptop.

Kray Z8 said...

Thanks LV, and thanks to your worthy respondents. The synergy here is remarkable!

"The thing is... to remember that you don't know and not to limit the hand of the cosmos, in your favor, with negative projections." Important advice- unless we know what the cosmos knows, we run a risk of mis-applying or mis-targeting the energy. Some of your commentators expounded very lucidly on this. Best to visualize and desire our target state or condition, then leave the details up to the higher power, since it has way more experience than we do at this (grin).

The same applies to our perceptions of danger from people, things, or situations; "know your enemy" is sound. It allows us to be ready for trouble. To hate or personify our attacker is to limit our perception to mere opinion, and thus limit our understanding of what actions and options are available, especially help from a power larger than ourself. A closed mind can be our worst enemy.

May the light shine on your path, where ever you roam. Share your thoughts when you can.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Oh my, two weeks, is this a test...(grin)...

my awakening began long before I was aware I was awakening...

many years ago...when the masses were still upsizing...we were looking to downsize and escape from the immediate gratification ratrace lifestyle...after an intense year of research we are now living the outcome...a place back in the mountains where we co-exist with wildlife and peace of mind...

so much has changed since then...that move has been the best thing that could have ever happened...even though it was against the move of the masses at the time...

this peace opened the doors to my inner truth...and that flow hasn't stop since...the awakening journey has been painful especailly upon realizing how alone one can be...

I am so thankful for your blogs and the wonderful friends that surround you Les...awaiting your safe return...

Best Wishes Always

Thomas said...

What a wonderful post, Les!
And so timely... I'm going soon to find the girl I've given my Love, with only my heart as my compass...

Thanks :)

Have a good trip!

Much Love to Everyone

Miriam said...

Have a safe and productive trip Vis!
Know that all our love goes with you and hope to hear from you along the way(sending creative support to the laptop~grin).

This is an amazing blog today, and I thank you for it so much. Opened some more windows for me and the fresh air blew in.

So much love to you Vis.

Emmanuel , you said a lot of what I would say...there are things that are manifesting in my life now that I put in my order for years ago. And now i don't care that they are here! They are nice and i appreciate them, but I don't need them; no attachment.
Lesson...LET GO after asking so that there is space to accept.
And it is the Ocean Wave we are on that will take us where we need to go; it is the Driver of the Chariot that will steer us to our best end once we let go and surrender.

Vis, the words to your song are such a lesson in themselves, Thank you for writing this song.

wv~ gratedl~ grateful from the cradle all life long.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jacque Fresco, many can’t think outside the box. Obviously, Mr. Fresco has given much thought and attention to what he proposes. He’s spent some 70 odd years researching. Some people seem to frightened that what he proposes is another form of communistic style gov’t or are afraid the computers in his proposal will “take over” and dictate. One needs to listen carefully to his proposal. Further, he is willing to explain his ideas thoroughly. He appears quite sincere and in my opinion, honest and truly caring. Citizen of the usa stands up to corrupt judge and loses his life.


Anonymous said...

in contemplation of a songbird
a tide of mighty wind
the reach of scented flowers
a brush of living spring
the wings of true integrity
a rivers quickened flow
opening the motions
of divine is inner glow
growing in all outcomes
sublime is in essence
projection of a moment
divine in effect
lifes hidden treasures
greatness of the small
dynamic spark of life
all is in us all


Miriam said...

Ming, the Teacher in your book says about bad parenting~
"Our only true parent is within."
This is most true and it all comes down to surrender to the Divine and Love. That is what it always comes down to for me. Every time I read really good inspiring pieces meant to explain life and break thru to the truth, to unwind the ego and attachment to the material, it always comes down to Divine Love and my surrender to that.

And that is what I hear within all your writing, Vis; that is what I take from just about everything I read these days. The reading helps me to keep breaking thru and holding it for as long as I can as I go about my business and to keep stripping away that which is not authentic, a great work and a necessary one.

What I believe about how the Universe works is never more important than that I surrender to this Love...all else follows.

Thanks to all the great posters here today; very thoughtful comments.

Denny said...

The plane that crashed in Russia had five nuclear scientists onboard who were helping Iran with its nuclear power program...

Sounds kinda like the Polish presidential plane crash that occurred earlier.

Les, when it's time for India, I'd suggest that you all go separately.

Meanwhile, I hope you have a SAFE journey.

Anonymous said...

There is a power in the universe that operates according to the law of attraction that sets up a vibratory connection between anyone and the object of their desire.

Study yourself and learn what motivates you.

I've seen how this very real connection's manifested some extraordinarily (but delightfully) bizarre moments in my life...

Ultimately, we live the intentions and motivations of the heart and soul.

I think what I hear you saying essentially, is that we need to become something of a blank slate that the Divine can easily etch its purposes and intentions upon; it would seem this ties in to being like a child?

I was reminded recently that in these times of severity it's easy to look at all of what appears to us like unprecedented loss and forget how great God is. Despite the unparalleled tragedies taking place right now the miracles we can experience, are beyond our imagining. When one door closes another always opens. Why do we place limits on the Divine? There are times of short sightedness when I realize I'm simply not giving God, the Almighty, the Ineffable, enough credit. Anything and everything is possible right now. Despite what we may perceive, despite appearances, we are never ever left stranded and without hope; we're loved too much. We forget this when we're caught up in (and weighed down by) our material amusements and concerns.

A change of scenery can be very refreshing; may you receive greater renewal and inspiration from it... and don't forget to enjoy those big white fluffy clouds in the sky... Safe Travels

I admit it man, I'm not as sharp as you.


Anonymous said...

"Crack in the Cosmic Egg." Summarized, it is to pick some area you are interested in (whether trivial or profound), throw yourself into it totally (build up a 'charge' on it), and - when you have taken it as far as you can - release it to God saying "it is up to you now." Then, drop the pursuit. Manifestation will occur, focused on your original choice of area.

@Ray- I've tried that Cosmic Egg technique (never had a name for it) and it really does work. Collective intention/charging is an even more interesting 'egg'... the universe is a fascinating place.

The same applies to our perceptions of danger from people, things, or situations; "know your enemy" is sound. It allows us to be ready for trouble. To hate or personify our attacker is to limit our perception to mere opinion, and thus limit our understanding of what actions and options are available, especially help from a power larger than ourself. A closed mind can be our worst enemy.

@Kray Z8 - yes, the importance of an open mind cannot be overstated. We must keep our preconceived notions in the box where they belong and remember there is One who is greater than anything that would try to harm us.

@Thomas- Congratulations dude!!

Visible said...

There's a new Petri Dish up-

They're not Crazy,they're Stark Raving Mad.

Anonymous said...

Les -
I keep a copy of Henry Miller's Big Sur and The Oranges of Heironymus Bosch nearby, reading it frequently. The morning you posted this piece (unfortunately I wasn’t able to respond right away), I’d read this passage:
From a conversation with Reverand Greenwell, while getting his shoes shined –
“You can shout and threaten and punish all you like,” he observed, “but the truth is that each and every one of us is unique, has a nature all his own. It’s no use saying ‘Don’t do this,’ or ‘Don’t do that!’ Find out why it is he chooses to do this instead of that, or that instead of this. You can’t push people around, especially not little people. You can only guide them. And that’s an art! Yes sir!’ He looked at me with a gleam in his eye.

“No, my friend, man is full of pride and conceit. Full of arrogance. Always wanting it his way, not God’s way. Look at the world! Look at these young people milling about – they’re all at sea. No one to tell them which way to go, which road to take. It’s all wrong from the start – I mean our system of education. We fill their minds with a lot of things that are of no use to them and we tell them nothing about the things they ought to know. We stuff them with false knowledge. We try to bend them and twist them to our way of thinking. We never teach them to think for themselves. We’re on their backs all the time. ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that! Not that way, this way!’ It’s no good, it won’t work. It’s not Nature’s way, or God’s.
“Every child that’s born into this world has the power to open our eyes, to give us a new vision of life. And what do we do? Try to make him over, make him into our own image. And who are we? What are we? Are we models of wisdom and understanding? Because a man has wealth or fame, because he commands an army or has invented a new weapon of destruction, does that make him a better man than you or I? Does that make him a better father, better teacher?
“Most of us know little more than we were told. That isn’t very much, is it? Nothing to brag about, anyway. Now a child is born innocent. A child brings with it light and love… and a hunger to learn. The adult is looking toward the grave, or else toward the past. But the child lives in the present, in the spirit of the eternal. No, we’re not educating our children: we’re driving them, pushing them, shoving them around. We’re teaching them to make the same foolish mistakes we made – and then we punish them for imitating us. That’s not Nature’s way. That’s man’s way… the human way. And it leads to sin and death.”

Thanks -

Visible said...

Eric, I just finished the July 9th radio show talking about exactly that.

Anonymous said...

Les -
Very cool - I'll make sure to check it out.
As I've said many times before, you and Henry Miller really seem to be on a very similar wave length, and what a wonderful wave length it is!
Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Read this:

Also, as you can read from Wikipedia, this isn't really Kali Yuga. Instead, we are now in a rising part of the cycle:

"Sri Yukteswar Giri, along with other authorities such as Sri Aurobindo, maintains that we are currently in Dwapara Yuga and that the astronomers and astrologers who calculated the almanacs were guided by the false annotations of certain Sanskrit scholars such as Kullu Bhatta. As a result, they falsely maintained that the length of Kali Yuga is 432,000 years, of which 4994 would have elapsed as of 1894, leaving 427,006 years remaining. Yukteswar Giri declares this "A dark prospect! And fortunately one not true." He offers astronomical evidence that Kali Yuga lasts 2,400 years (1,200 x 2 = one descending Kali Yuga cycle + one ascending cycle) and that Dwapara Yuga is exemplified by the introduction of atomic energy and electricity."

The mistakes originate in the period of Kali Yuga, amusingly enough.

DaveR said...

"I am here to tell you that a lot of people are going to be experiencing mind boggling brainwave alteration in the coming months and years. We've been locked into one, extremely misleading mental frequency for much too long. Very large numbers of us are imminently going to tune all up and down the mental dial, in full waking consciousness, and you know what? A lot of people are going to be having all sorts of mind-and-reality-bending experiences that will make my humble little excursions look like the awkward, fumbling, kindergarten exercises that they are.I am here to tell you that a lot of people are going to be experiencing mind boggling brainwave alteration in the coming months and years. We've been locked into one, extremely misleading mental frequency for much too long. Very large numbers of us are imminently going to tune all up and down the mental dial, in full waking consciousness, and you know what? A lot of people are going to be having all sorts of mind-and-reality-bending experiences that will make my humble little excursions look like the awkward, fumbling, kindergarten exercises that they are."

Anonymous said...

Les, have you heard of orgone generators? They are veritable weapons against darkness that convert bad frequencies into frequencies beneficial to life, harmony and growth. They even purify your aura, as shown in certain types of before-after photographs.

A good introduction to them, here:

Anonymous said...

P.S. I've just ordered some from:

I asked the guy, and he doesn't limit shipping to the UK. Cheap to try. I'll report back after testing them personally. (If they remove my addiction to porn, I'll consider them the biggest secret in alternative medicine.)

billbo said...

"It's been said that the pain we experience carves us out, like the carving of a pumpkin. Those of us who survive being carved out are left with these deep wells inside and we go to this place when we're troubled to seek the wealth of answers always ready to be gleaned; a gift for our fortitude." ~ Emily

"What doesn't kill you, defines you." - 'Zero Effect'

thanx emily - I had a longer post that kept getting refused (in the blog u wrote the above in) - & I gave up after awhile.

The short of it was: I had a major trauma happen some 18 years ago - that rumbled through everything I thought I knew ... A deep personal betrayal at the moment it seemed everything I had worked so hard for were about to fruit (I could taste it, it was so sweet) - and then, it was gone (the virtual rug yanked unceremoniously from under one's feet).
Was there really a rhyme or reason to it?!

The shock of it rumbled through my being, I questioned everything. It emptied me of most all expectations and what I supposedly knew. 'How little we know' seemed the primary lesson.
These painful moments are opportunities.
"It's been said that the pain we experience carves us out, like the carving of a pumpkin."

"How can you fill a cup that is already full."

Like a good psychedelic, these moments can disconnect your old-patterns (empty your cup), give you an opportunity to create new ones. How can you not question your reality, it only makes sense after such moments.
We must be emptied of all preconceptions, arrogance, ego, grudges, debts & debtors in order to be filled by the ineffable's love and wisdom (or so I hear).

About 6 years in, & just before I gave up entirely on this idea of making a new go in this materialistic world; An enlightened soul, a professor I elected to take classes from since I had heard great things about him, introduced me to Carl Yung and Han Shan's 'Cold Mountain' poems (part of his enlightened-course readings).
Han Shan reminded me of the "The Way Of Life", Paramahansa Yogananda, some Zen & Sufi stuff that stood out from my youthful avid reading of philosophy, that set me so firmly on a spiritual path ... living & looking for meaning.

I find it impossible anymore to do much that doesn't have personal meaning to me (I have a visceral reaction against them, I've learned to say no). An opportunity to pay off my land & my few debts has given me room to breath, think, study, become politically astute, & write (not published). My sons (& grandchildren), my good neighbors and close friends, my cats, land, garden, & little flock of chickens are my world. I shepard my neighbor's sheep, & repair a few computers to pay my 2 bills and for food. My life is simple, I don't even own a car. I only leave the mountain when I absolutely have to.

(continued next post)

billbo said...

Sometimes I think I am just whacked ... Other times I know that hole in my life is being filled with meaningful things. There was one constant throughout my life - I was deeply truthful, spiritual, honest, rarely asked for anyone's help (unless it was a last resort), yet always willing to help others. I always listened to my heart - and it always kept me from making bad decisions. If I made a mistake I would learn from it and not repeat them.
There was nothing wrong with the path I chose - there was something wrong with a world where good behavior is returned with such betrayal.

There has been though, a deep weariness that has come along with this simple life ... I have struggled with that - Until I read "The Wall" by by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (thanx MR for posting the link in another discussion) ... I've never heard of "tiredness-of-the-soul" before, it fit me like a glove.
This world, no matter how good you are, how many good people you surround yourself with, is a shark tank. In a split second you or a loved-one or your life's work can be taken away from you because of someone's greed or fancy or weakness. It is madness - on so many levels. You can't be an angel in an animal world; the odds are u will be betrayed & nailed to a cross.
"Listening for the secret, searching for the sound;
But I could only hear the preacher and the baying of his hounds"

I have given up on this world - even though I make the best of it and love building forts for my cats, laughing, working and playing with my friends (there are many good things). But, I am weary. I am not bored (all my life the grand movie of life was always there to watch if nothing else to do; I have never been bored a day in my life) - I am just weary ... I have often thought, 'there is a piece of me that has just wanted to die,' to move on. Even if it was just the big nothing, it was a better alternative than this frustrating madness. I have faced death, & I saw how warm and peaceful it is. If I was the suicidal type, I'd probably be there by now.

I am done ... this was my last hurrah ... there is nothing in this world so beautiful or so enticing that it is worth the madness ... I am done. When I pass, I do not want to come back. please lord please, free me from these karmic cycles.

I hope Les & others are right ... that this is the moment we've all been waiting for, we are the people we have been waiting to meet. It has gotten my hope up - though still tempered by life & a personality that has never 'counted his chickens before they hatch.'
I am overwhelmed with tears when I watch "2012 - A Message of Hope" on you-tube; like something I've been searching for all my life, may be close at hand. Or is this just another proverbial rug that will just be pulled out from under me. Material life & the blindness that pervades it creates a world where good will always be trumped.

Thank-you Emily, Les and to all the posters here ... it is important to dig deep and share our feelings & experiences at this time ... cause it is hard to tell if I'm just insane or enlightened ... seems a fine-line sometimes. To share our experiences is important, especially as these hopeful yet dire times move forward. We need reinforcement, resonance ... meaning.

If you need reason to post Les ... it's as simple as that.

may all your paths be blessed - billbo

billbo said...

"Unbroken Chain"

Blue light rain, whoa, unbroken chain
Looking for familiar faces in an empty window pain
Listening for the secret, searching for the sound
But I could only hear the preacher and the baying of his hounds

Willow sky, whoa, I walk and wonder why
They say love your brother but you will catch it when you try
Roll you down the line boy, drop you for a loss
Ride you out on a cold railroad and nail you to a cross

November and more as I wait for the score
They're telling me forgiveness is the key to every door
A slow winter day, a night like forever
Sink like a stone, float like a feather

Lilac rain, unbroken chain
Song of the Saw-Whet owl
Out on the mountain it'll drive you insane
Listening to the winds howl

Unbroken chain of sorrow and pearls
Unbroken chain of sky and sea
Unbroken chain of the western wind
Unbroken chain of you and me

<*{{{>< <*{{{>< <*{{{><

Words by Robert M. Petersen; music by Phil Lesh

Miriam said...

A beautiful and insoiring compilation of Truth Seekers for give words of encouragement as we are "Waiting in the Moment before the Coming of the Unknown."

We Are Just Beginning to Find Out Who We Are!

Miriam said...

OOPs try this:
We Are Just Beginning to Find Out Who We Are!

Just for the Record said...

Netanyahu's big fat Greek Wedding:

Netanyahu has invested in his relationship with Greece over the course of the past year-and-a-half, and his gamble has finally paid off as Greece blocks Gaza-flotilla-bound departures from its ports.

European American said...

Man, am I ready for a trip to Italy, or what?

Ask the girlfriend if she wouldn't mind taking care of the dogs and cats for a few months (hmm, I wonder if she'd mind?). Pack a single bag along with a few PM coins and my bicycle. Head to some secluded beach town and find a small rental off the beaten path. Buy an older Vespa (for extended trips), some nice, comfortable Italian clothes and disappear into another "time" zone and culture/lifestyle for a spell. (I wonder if Italy has lost its innocence?)

13th generation American and to this day, never felt connected to this country, culture, chaos. I better do it in this Moment before the Coming of the Unknown.


V. Ais said...

Icke would be more convincing if he didn't misquote in his books. In "The Biggest Secret", he misquotes Aleisteir Crowley, subtly but in a significant way, not to mention out-of-context. He also claims Crowley murdered thousands of people as part of rituals. Evidence? None. And this is the same Crowley who complained about Jewish ritual murder.

Icke also evades important questions. I remember him using a single sentence to skip a topic that I thought of central importance to determining whether the stuff he had been writing about for dozens of pages had any validity whatever.

He also uses historical atrocities to support the idea of the existence of reptilian demons, but if you know your history, you will know these atrocities are, in all likelihood, either hugely exaggerated or some sort of black propaganda (like "the Holocaust"). (Or the work of a certain highly collectivist tribe of paranoid lunatics, who started selling their souls to the devil a long time ago as an appealing survival strategy.)

Similarly, he relies on what I believe to be exaggerated accounts of ritual murder among the elites today. For example, he claims that millions of children go missing every year, and implies that most of them are ritually murdered. Does he try to substantiate that claim? Not really. (I know the apparent elite are mostly sadistic pedophiles, but I suspect it's primarily an indication that they are front men that some group wants to be able to blackmail. It's hard to say how common secret murders are, but the point is Icke doesn't even try to treat the subject in an even-handed way.)

He also makes the argument that the reptilians need Aryan blood to keep their human form, and therefore they are against race mixing. But if they control the media, or the government, or anything much, why is race mixing so much promoted by the media, the government, and pretty much everyone in power?!?

It could be Icke's efforts to spread the truth have simply been sabotaged in the most ingenious of ways. I don't mean that as sarcasm. I mean, who knows? But at the same time, I doubt it.

It's also good to remember that most people will think the reptilian hypothesis utterly ridiculous. I don't personally think it's ridiculous (some sort of alien invasion is likely, somewhere, some time, why not here? thousands of years ago? why not in secrecy? — you would only think it unlikely here if you believed interstellar travel was as difficult and snail-like as the apparently incompetent NASA make it seem like), but the point is, Icke could be used by the establishment to defuse many open-minded people who would be a threat to it if they weren't thought of as crazy by most people because they believe in "reptilians" (Icke's term for reptile demons).

I think he is being used, through whatever method (and there are a few), with his conscious cooperation or not, to sow confusion, associate "conspiracy theories" and "theorists" with apparently ridiculous ideas, and possibly even to turn parts of the potential resistance into apathetic believers in a demonic force that can't be resisted (because, according to Icke, it has controlled humanity for thousands of years, is behind every major event and institution, and so on, so there's no hope, whatever he may pretend on the page).

V. Ais said...

I've noticed that the reptilian hypothesis is promoted by a literal handful of original researchers. I can think of only one eye witness (who claims to have seen reptilians shapeshift) who seems legitimate. That's Cathy O'Brien. But I don't think it far-fetched to say it might be that she's a CIA asset or tool or dupe. I'm sure I've been a dupe, many times, on a lesser scale. (But I haven't investigated the reptilian theory nearly as thoroughly as I should have, given how many people seem to take it seriously. I may have missed a dozen convincing witnesses, if not more. I'm open to correction by more knowledgeable visitors.)

All that being said, I think figuring out the truth about anything is so difficult that one should, perhaps, discard the quest for truth and instead do something that has an effect. Substitute pragmatism. It's hard enough to find out what works. For example, if you think that the Khazars are the main source of evil in this world, would it be more effective to expose their identity, or to keep pretending you think they're just Jews, or what? More to the point, does it matter what they are? Shouldn't we rather focus on creating the kind of culture that is opposite to what we perceive as evil? Of course, the latter is already what Les is doing.

Spadge said...

Hi Dimitri,
I see the term Creator when naming the All Encompassing Divine as being limited, it doesn't include the Maintenance and Destructive aspects.
Just saying.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

Can you help get this info out:


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks, Les.

Kindest regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello again Les,

I've got an update on the Swedish Blogger censor. Part 2:

Thanks again,

William Freeman said...

Les, where are you?
For fuck sake, come back


William Freeman

Visible said...

Well William... heh heh, stroll on over to Visible Origami.



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