Tuesday, August 29, 2023

"God... as God Truly Exists... Cannot Be Seen, but... He Can Assume any Shape He Wishes for The Exercise of His Will."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Who is behind the people that appear to be running The World? Who is behind Klaus Schwab... Larry Fink... and the rest of the interconnected vampire clan? Perhaps something from The Realm of Physics might answer it best. All power comes from one source; the power to think... to feel... to act... it all comes from one place. The Divine is the source of all power, independent of the uses to which it is put.

The various uses to which the power is put are something else. God is a lot like a kid. He will do something to see what happens. Sometimes he hides things from himself so he can find them out all over again. The principles of religion, by which people presume to gain an idea of how God operates... where God comes from, and what God wants... are... all... wrong, as far as accurately defining the one they are based on.

Who is behind Xi? Who is behind Trudeau? Who is behind the Nodwells at The UN and The EU? Even more important... who awaits them all at the end of the road?

God empowers the good among us and... God empowers the evil. He does this for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... to make a point. He does it to entertain himself in the dreaming state where all life is a thought-form in his mind. He seems unreachable. For many... especially those we have mentioned... he is non-existent, but he is reachable, and he does exist.

Everywhere you go on the internet, there are people arguing about one thing or another. When it comes to God... God is an anthropomorphic projection of their minds. That is not God. They are... in fact... a projection in The Mind of God. This is how one should view the matter... and fall back into utter reliance upon that which has thought them into being.

Whenever I read some involved or convoluted text about God... God tells me none of it is necessary information. One either is in contact with God or one is not. Nothing else is relevant what-so-ever. I was told that once God has made contact, nothing else has any meaning at all. For those still in search of the elusive entity... all sorts of things seem important... this system... that system... this ritual... that ritual... this book... that book.

Once God is present... NOTHING ELSE IS IMPORTANT. From that point... God puts the final touches on you. He's been shaping you all along; those of you who have not been resistant to his ministrations. Everyone else is at some point in the process of The Purpose of Demonstration.

That is where Schwab... and Fink... The Rothschilds... and all the other movers and shakers, who imagine that The World trembles when they walk upon it are to be found. They are somewhere in the process of The Purpose of Demonstration. Trust me on this. They operate on borrowed power. Their existence... like the existence of everything and anything that ever was or will be... is dependent on The Divine... PERIOD.

If they can make you fear them... they will. It's what they do. They imagine that they are The Shapers. God has PERMITTED them to become convinced of their power to compel others. God has his reasons and I am not about to speculate on where it's headed... specifically. I only relay what I've been told, and I've been told that he is going to show up right in the midst of them and strip them naked. He is going to take everything they have... or think they have, and he's going to do it in person.

Stripping them naked is meant to refer to Inside and Outside. All their appearances of concealment are to be removed, and... all their power to conceal as well. It will not be a flattering pose they are left with.

God... as God truly exists... cannot be seen, but... he can assume any shape he wishes for the exercise of his will. This is exactly what he does in the working out of THE LAW of Cause and Effect. He shows up as whatever you encounter... according to whatever you have summoned up through actions and intentions.

This is accomplished through The Divine Mother, who is the active principle of Nature, which operates by force of immutable law... having to do with endless change... which is the nature of Nature. You'll want to be especially nice to her. She is also a thing apart from the forces that express through her rulership. She is personalized, and she can be reached.

I know a lot of people who are present in this world... operate under the illusion that they are adults and what we talk about here is nonsense; it's not Real World stuff. It doesn't put food on the table... or... on your family... if you happened to be George Segway Bush.

It doesn't manage your well-being. It's just something people sometimes get into... like video games... or sex, drugs, and rock and roll, or eating as a recreational sport... or whatever it is that distracts them from thinking about God... and The Divine Mother... and all those things that go on outside the bandwidth of their perceptions, that... control... The World... they... live... in. Because.......

....... they are not adults. This is not nonsense... not even a little bit. It is Real World stuff... even if you are not living in The Real World, which is not the one on MTV. It does put food on your table. It does manage your well-being. It is a living thing... on both sides of the equation, with a life span far... far... exceeding the paltry moments of your most recent appearance here. You're just a blip on their radar.

The idea is for you to become like them. Everything taking place here is about The Evolution of The Soul... and nothing else. All the else of it is window dressing and backdrops. You are permitted to be endlessly distracted by side issues and magic mirrors for as long as it takes for you to wake up and experience the divinity within. That is your destiny. God's in no hurry. God has all eternity to move the pieces around on the gameboard.

Until you realize that it is God who is playing on both sides of the table... on as many sides as there are players playing... You will continue to live in a world of... this is good and that is bad. Most times... the players on the board cannot see how batshit crazy the whole thing is. These days you can see that better than it has ever been possible to see it before... unless you happen to be one of those human NFTs on TikTok.

Unless you know that the whole of existence is ABSOLUTELY under control at all times... You are going to start having trouble navigating the trends and patterns upcoming.

Have you ever seen centrifugal force manifesting in a lab setting? A certain separation is achieved. This is going to be taking place in life... on all sides... everywhere. The real is going to be separating from the unreal. Those living unreal lives are going to be the ones to really notice, especially when they can get no further purchase on the things they have been holding on to, and defining themselves according to.

Everyone is going to get their own personal revolution. Antifa will be getting one. Hollywood will be getting one. Governments and religions of The World will be getting one. Many revolutions will be celebrated (that might not be the best word for it), in groups of varying size. Some will have a revolution all on their lonesome. None of them will be anything like any revolutions they ever imagined previously.

This revolution will be no respecter of person. Klaus (empire strikes back) Schwab and Little Georgie Sorrows will get one, and so will the people living on the sidewalks and in the subway tunnels. So will Joe Sixpack and Susie Creamcheese. Revolutions will vary depending on whatever you are revolving around.

Does this sound farcical... far-out... not something you have Post-it noted on your tablet? I don't know what to tell you, and... truer words have never been spoken on that account. If you are connected to The Real... it's going to be very real. If you are connected to The Unreal, it's going to get very unreal. When God turns on the centrifuge it's not like it is over at Pfizer.

Celebrities from the confetti storm in Glitter Land are going to have real problems because what they are connected to doesn't exist at all. The same applies to everyone temporally involved to a greater or lesser degree. Those attached to false power are going to encounter real power. Those scamming anywhere are going to meet The Scammer in Chief. Everything will be perfectly scripted depending on the movie you thought you were in.

The people who canceled Trump... in order to shoehorn in Biden... for the purpose of shoehorning Trump back in, via The Conquering Hero... Savior of The Country role... intend to follow up with Tonka Toy Ramaswamy... for the cherry on top of the 2030 Agenda... like it's supposed to be some kind of big surprise.

Well... actually... everyone's in for a big surprise. I'll be watching from the cheap seats on Cold Mountain... with the internal warmer on. Remember to tip the concession workers or your waitress if you have one.

They think the masks will be going on but the masks are actually coming off.

So... who is behind the people behind the people operating The Brave New World Machine? The same as is behind the one tossing the spanner in for The Purpose of Demonstration; one hand moves the curtain, and one hand rings the bell.

End Transmission.......

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For those who enjoyed The Lord of The Rings, here is a real surprise in animated form= The Dragon Prince.

And here is a seriously well-done dramatization of a terrible crime that took place in India. This happened right around the time I was there; Delhi Crime.

It's brilliantly captivating and pulls you in. Apparently, there are 3 seasons. I am only halfway through the first.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

"When You Go to Hawaii, You Get a Lei Put Around Your Neck. When You Mess With Children... You Get a Millstone."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... if you ever get kidnapped by a psycho using duct tape and zip ties, this is what you do.

I like to pass on helpful household tips when the opportunity comes around. It's that Boy Scout motto. A little knowledge... besides being potentially dangerous... can be a wonderful thing.

Via the same source, one Dr. Kek from The Kek Society... of which I made myself an honorary member, we get this strange bit of news.

What is real anymore? We hear about children being ritually murdered by members of strange covens of kindred demonic spirits... seeking in return to gain favor with The Dark Side; hoping to be invited where The Sun don't shine.... drifting along on a sunless sea.

We hear about Adrenochrome. Perhaps it's a multi-conglomerate that also makes the web browser I use and parts of the detailed finish on cars... Red Bull and coffee candies. I'm sure they're widely diversified. They are certainly sexually divergent, but I guess they're just keeping up with the times... living the modern life... buggering one another in a celebration of their own truth. Ah! To be young and really fucking stupid.

However... most of these fools are not young. Their degeneracy spans lifetimes. You don't develop a taste for killing children in a single lifetime. You have to go through stages to get there. Other collateral abuses have to be engaged in for periods of time first. It's how one goes from torturing insects... to torturing pets... to torturing people. I'm sure there's a Chicken Soup book that covers it.

So... I've heard about this Adrenochrome-fix. Hollywood dropped a dime on itself with the animated film, Monsters Inc. I've never seen Adrenochrome though. I've never seen a picture of an empty vial. I heard about Pizzagate but all the pizzas disappeared. I heard about Issac Kappy and the Tom Hanks connection. The lady that got shot by Alex Baldwin was going to make a movie about kiddie diddling.

Sound of Freedom go locked up tighter than Scooter Braun's sphincter, fronting for The Soros Consortium, buying up that airhead's musical catalog. I've heard this and that... far more than I can record here, and I haven't heard or seen nearly as much as some people... but I've never seen empty Adrenochrome ampules...

I've never seen any hard evidence. I've got an overwhelming amount of hearsay and circumstantial evidence, but... nothing solid... no smoking guns... just a lot of connected coincidence. I am DEFINITELY not saying these things don't happen. I have History to confirm the sub-human potential for acts more brutal than your imagination can handle. Like The Old Man said... “Nothing is real, everything is permitted.”

You'd think... I mean... you'd think there would be a trail of bread crumbs somewhere and a few Hansel und Gretel's hanging from hooks. There's Marc Dutroux, and I studied his history in forensic detail as a source for my first novel, but... the cupboard was mostly bare of any larger volume of actual bodies. There are those Houston serial killers and John Wayne Gacy, but all their victims were lads past puberty.

Please forgive me for straying into territory like this today. I don't spend time in this neighborhood very often. I leave that to people with their own dharma for the subject. I've heard about Weiner in New York, and Wiener in San Francisco. I guess one of them handles each coast and they had to switch the i and the e to tell them apart. Of course, Genetic code is certainly relevant... but... but...

Where are the bodies of the murdered and tormented children? There has to be some evidence somewhere besides the rolling pages of The Recording Angel. Where are the whistle-blowers? We hear all kinds of things, but... where is the evidence?

I don't like talking out of my ass. That's what I call it when people cherry pick invisible fruit. I suspect a lot of the woo-woo that we hear is dreamed up by the press agents of the people who actually get up to these things, and... serve as red herrings and distractions AWAY from what's really happening, and... that would be, Visible? Well... I don't know, do I?

So... there's this flambe... dark offering... to the demons who usually help that country in The Middle East fight their wars, only this time it's on the island of Maui and not Palestine. David Copperfield never made a whole country disappear, so... that's something. Multiple sources who can't all be from Real Raw Story, Hal Turner, or Natural News are all talking about hundreds of missing children.

Some sources... probably looking for funding say that millions of children go missing each year. A more sober estimate puts it at half a million. That's still a lot of kids. I know they get trafficked... some of them; most of them? I don't know. I know that everyone even tangentially involved at the widest reaches is going to Hell. That I do know. When you go to Hawaii, you get a lei put around your neck. When you mess with children... you get a millstone.

Everything that happens here... exists in a dynamic of cause and effect. Some is more immediate than others... due to complexity or... setting the plate. Sometimes you have to wait a lifetime or more to get your just desert on a specific plate. Sometimes, your body count was so high you got season tickets in a steamer trunk... like Segway Bush, Dickhead Cheney and their crew. Henry Lee Lucas ain't got nothing on them.

I suspect those delightful fellows will be coming back until the yuga ends... and beyond. They were prolific killers of children; Madeleine Albright... Donald Rumsfeld... and a larger cast of armchair neo-cons like the Kristols and sundry... all killed tens of thousands of children... inspired by The Frankfurt School and all those sideline coaches in the Ivy League that went there too... for their part of the package deal. We ALL have our gurus.

I don't hate these people; like Podesta the Molesta. (nice one, Vis) I don't hate anyone... not anymore. I feel sorry for them. I KNOW what awaits them. Imagine the jack-o-lantern face that looks down on a child it intends to harm. Imagine the face of nightmare that will greet the perpetrators thereof. You don't have a real gauge of wrathful deities until you come right up upon them... and then... there's The Divine Mother when you make her angry... like Smashin Tara.

It's The World of Personalities on the plane of contention... Driven by hunger... greed and need... the endless wanting, and... they are welcome to it. I've had my share, and... I guess it's an acquired taste and I just never acquired it. Everyone is looking in the mirror. I would rather be the mirror, cause... I'm not looking anymore. I'd like to polish the glass so that people can see themselves in a better light.

Ukraine used to be, and... it probably still is... the pornography capital of The World. They got underground tunnels that run all the way to The Vatican. It's been in business for a long time. They're on the business end of giving people the business; snakes... snake charmers... and pigeons. They turn children into candleholders and ashtrays over there.

I knew Lahaina well. Many times I dined at Longhi's. I knew Bob and he wasn't my uncle. I dined at Kimo's and Avalon. I used to go to Pacific'o at 505 Front St. to hear Brian Cuomo do magical things to a piano. He died a couple of years ago. He was younger than me. Most people are these days. I used to sit in The Pioneer Inn with the Banyan tree across the street.

I used to never dress up for Halloween in Lahaina. Whatever girlfriend I had would insist on attending. Everyone was in costume. Not me, cause the locals liked to walk down the street punching people out in costumes. I preferred to be ready. People asked me what I was supposed to be in my black leather jacket... t-shirt and jeans. I told them I was a serial killer; we look like everyone else. It's a different mirror.

Lahaina is gone now, along with a few hundred children, conveniently not in school. One of them died holding his dog. I don't know what to think. There are bad people in this world. They kill children to feed demons who like to inhale the torment and blood. That's a real thing, by the way. I don't need any discarded ampules to prove it to me. This is something I know to be true.

There are many recorded tales of things seen on battlefields in the aftermath. Along the way to finding mostly light-filled rooms in my head, I peeked into some very dark places just to see what was what. I have seen how dark some people can get... surrounded by hundreds of people like them... playing sex and death games without a helmet.

It's only a matter of time... a short reach of time... before this whole state of confusion sorts itself out in dramatic fashion. I'll be here, but... I won't be there.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 21, 2023

"The Living God is Resident Within Them. Religion is for People Who are Still Wanting That to Happen on Their Terms."

God Poet Transmitting.......

A long time ago I decided I would not consider money a motivator, no matter how many people might yell at me in my private life. I'm talking about monetizing the message. If money is a factor... then money shapes the message. To succeed in your life... the important people in your life must support what you do... or else it is stalemate for you.

So... you get a lot of lean times until God opens the floodgates, and even then... the blessings need not be material. However... for certain... nothing material will ever be a concern.

Elon Musk hired Linda Yaccarino. She's a pro-vaccine cheerleader and held high positions at a lot of mass media operations like Turner... NBC, and... she's hooked into The WEF. She shilled for Biden's vaccine program and... was supposed to network with Pope shit-for-brains Francis on the matter. She's connected. She's got a permanent position... like a Herpes sore... on the mouth of the cloaca of material perversity, and... I'm being kind.

She's a concubine in the seraglio of The Prince of Darkness.

Her genetic origins... other than the fact that she is Italian is a close-to-the-chest mystery, which means it's probably no mystery at all. Her pictures are all from 30 years ago... or she might have a large Adrenachrome stash. Maybe she's a Bride of Dracula. We know what puts those roses in her cheeks; vampires only blush while feeding.

I don't think Musk picked her cause he liked the cut of her jib. I think she was forced on him, BUT... that's just my take. No matter how rich you are, YOU... STILL... ANSWER... TO... SOMEONE.

Now Twitter-X is removing the blocking mechanism from the forum. This is making a lot of people angry. When they complain... he says... “well... just go somewhere else.” I'm paraphrasing but... that's what it amounts to. He has said it one way or another several times so far. Then he went and blocked James Woods... heh heh.

This comes on top of a lot of Twitter-X members being happy with the monetizing factor. The monetizing factor is what drives all the people... who jockey against each other in the mosh-pit of competition... for a place in the pecking order. It's how they nail you. It's how they shape you. It's how they suck you in... THE MONEY!

I don't operate on Twitter-X. The tractor-beam attractor ray does not work on me.

I don't care who you are... there is someone who has power over what you can say or do. In my case, that is God... and no one else. Unless it is God, there is someone else who you answer to. Even The Rothschilds have to answer to Satan... and his generals. There is a pecking order on both ends of The Ladder; like I said about the Musk-Yaccarino syndrome. He talks free speech out of one side of his mouth...

Meanwhile... this is going on.

Meanwhile... orders coming from The Dark Side have loosed a professional arson assault on Planet Earth... to push the Climate Change Agenda. They're setting it all on fire. Somewhere someone said, “It's the fire next time.” Meanwhile... a unique weather front called Hillary is coming for Southern Kalifornia. (I am writing this on Sunday morning)

There have been no new headlines anywhere I have been... since.

One of the things that I KNOW... viscerally... is that money does not account for my state or station in life. It just doesn't. If ye are of little faith, I can see why you might think otherwise, but I make no apologies for not living by bread alone. God is the centerpiece of my life... PERIOD. My monaural receiver is tuned to WGOD 24/7.

I was not always so solidly convinced as I am now, but even then... I was searching for God... sometimes with reckless abandon, and... sometimes with measured approach. My methods... at times... could be considered both dangerous and questionable. I consider any other alternative to have been more dangerous, and more questionable.

There is a collective of psychopathic lunatics who imagine themselves to be sane. They are not all in the same club. You can think of it like competing soccer-yob clubs... with vicious rivalries... who will stop at nothing to gain advantage over each other. One of the reasons evil can NEVER gain the upper hand... over those who are not evil, and... not afraid of them... is that there is no unity among the evil intending. Each of them plots against the other.

I am not a Muslim, but I must say that I am glad they are around. Here is one reason why.

I am not a Christian, but I am glad they are around. I simply have no use for the indirect... moderated... and controlled atmosphere that religion creates... with its paid intermediaries. Money... once again... is at the heart of the matter.

Money is the corrupter... because of The Monkey Mind, and... The Dog of Desire.

Religions are also growth industries. They are proselytizing operations that are obsessed with sustaining a membership... the same as the sexual organizations... the political parties... the media outlets... the internet portals. They are all chasing money and membership. Because everyone needs an army to defend themselves, and membership provides this.... until the unity breaks down and it turns into Libya post-Qaddafi.

The objective for everything that is not a religion is to become a religion. Surely... you can see this.

Religions are what occur AFTER God has come and gone in human form. The wise and committed soul continues in the footsteps of the departing divinity... even if they remain behind. They do not need rituals and routines of remembrance because... The Living God is resident within them. Religion is for people who are still wanting that to happen... on their terms.

God never arrives and never leaves. God is ALWAYS present or... you would not be present. It's as simple as that. I understand that you suffer from a sense of separation. You have endless questions. You are insecure about appearances because they are unpredictable and they lie to you... because your faith in God is not great... because you can't see him, and because your faith in The World is great... because you can see... and hear... and taste... and touch... and smell it.

The actors on The World Stage... and we are all actors... are in the roles assigned to us according to our Karma... paid ahead... or paid later. Regardless... that role ENDS at death. It does not continue as it was unless you were a good steward. It is the Nature of the superficial hearts and minds... of trivial intent... to eat-drink-and-be-merry, and take no thought for the morrow. You can see it in real-time action far and wide these days.

Tragic fools... play desperate games... seeking to seize control of The World. They are all in competition with each other. They form temporary unions to achieve their objectives, but... as soon as they turn their back... the knife goes in. It is why they never succeed. When experiments go on for a while... such as in Soviet Russia... it is because a great many people were on punishment detail.

Rwanda... Cambodia... Burma/Myanmar... North Korea... Xinjiang. These are all locations where specific and collective destinies... karmically congregate for The Purpose of Demonstration. Some languish in Sabaneta Prison... that most people have never heard of. Some take Afternoon Tea with those who have a temporary pass. The meter is running. They'll be back in the kitchen next time around.

Everyone gets their shot at trying to run The World. Nearly all of them cannot even run themselves, and will... sooner or later have to run for their life, BUT... that outcome is settled at an earlier time. Some dig the coal and some sit by the fire. Oil Lords become galley slaves, and scullery maids become The Queen of The May, which is probably great... until June comes round.

The latter part of the post connects to the former parts of the post. There are fixed and rigid laws. You may or may not be aware of them. Break them and you will be made aware of them. However you wound up anywhere... in a Turkish prison... or at your estate in Tuscany... you got there by a certain route of intentions and actions. There's no getting around it, but... many people try. They do try. Sometimes they argue and sometimes they plead. Sometimes they beg. Sometimes they pray. It is what it is.

They're partying in Kiev. YouTube is full of their drunken meat-rack antics... while the unlucky are cannon fodder for the AshkeNAZI overlords. Different realities? Cosmic disconnects? Karmic Imperatives and The Emperor of Ice Cream.

One orders events and conditions from The Invisible Planes, and the other watches his kingdom melt beneath the disinfecting sun.

You cannot tell people anything. They are already hearing voices in their dreams. These voices guide them... to a better dream or to nightmare. You cannot shake them into wakefulness. It is the job of Destiny to accomplish that... attended by Karma... Dharma... and Epiphany. The best you can do is be watchful and lead by example. Maybe others will notice, and maybe they will not. God will notice. God misses nothing.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

"It's Doubtful; Kinda Like Dead Gender-Fluid Prepubescent Children... Riding Minotaurs and Looking for Mermaids."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Remember how we were saying that at any moment... The Big Screw-up might happen, and that there were all these budding O'Keefe's Fitton's, and Carlson's with cellphones running about? It's a slow process; slower than I thought it would be, but... people are waking up. The more the Keystone Elites torment and try to herd them... the more it becomes clear that they are tormenting and herding them.

It's funny-ironic how so many people that I used to know in da ilans are upset with me in Hawaii Land because they think I'm a Trump supporter, and now... look what The Democrats did to Lahaina. I don't support any of the latest crop of clowns. I've gotten too smart for their own good... or whatever their real ambitions are.

Maui has always been one of the most politically corrupt places I have ever seen. Their police department is a security arm of the democratic government payoff wing; in service to The Land Barons, and if you get out of line... which I have been known to do on occasion... they come after you... as they did me. It's a nepotist's dreamland is what it is.

I'm not a fan of either of those private clubs. I'm not a member either. I don't have a secret decoder ring, and... I'm outside The Ring of Power; pun intended. Actually, there are several puns. Let's see how many unicorns you can find concealed in the banker's Armani suit. All some people can find are the dead children. Yes... they are concealed there too, and they are not riding the unicorns. The dead don't ride anything.

Of course... there are no dead, but... we'll let that be our little secret.

It seems that... maybe... most of the dead on Maui are children... who stayed home because school was canceled.

These children... hundreds of them... no one was looking after them? Don't you think 'maybe' is over by now? Where did those children go?

It turns out... and word is filtering... through the usual bullshit... from The Usual Suspects... that Lahaina and Paradise CA. have something in common. They are saying that The UN wanted the area where Paradise WAS located to be some kind of Off Limits Zone. Now we are hearing all kinds of things about Lahaina. I'm not going to go into that. You either already know or don't care to.

Obviously, The Plan that the Kalergi-UN-WEF-Chabad House; a global vampire squid... locally-franchised... crime syndicate... is moving... confidently and deliberately... through its phases toward 2030, when those of us who are left... will be ambulatory cellphone robots... picking up litter on the margins... left there for that purpose. We'll be owning nothing and happy... outside the private compounds of The Rich and Connected.

It turns out that Maui Police Chief John Pelletier... was one of the head-muzzlers of the evidence... at the mass shooting in Las Vegas... a few years ago. That scene stunk to the very high Heaven. It came with an IMPOSSIBLE story that only people who think everyone else is stupid could have come up with. He recently graduated from some facet of The FBI Crime School and Bill Barr and Chris Wray were in attendance.

Interesting that he would then show up on Maui and this would happen. He looks like a leg-breaker for The Vegas Mob. He's not much liked at The Maui Police Department, but... that can mean you're honest. They don't do honest there. However... It's doubtful; kinda like dead gender-fluid prepubescent children... riding Minotaurs and looking for mermaids.

Hey! Guess what? The governor of Maui is a Tribe Member! What are the odds? I wonder if he goes to the same bathhouse as Governor Pritzker? Does Governor Pritzker make potato chips or... does he just eat them, and... everything else that can't run faster than he does? Most lifeforms would be safe in that case. He probably has to use lures and traps.

Hey! Chris Christie! We found Tweedledum!!!

I was told that these freaks (I don't know what else to call them) have been given great latitude to expose themselves to The Public Eye; that they were meant to develop a sense of personal impunity that would then fuel a colossal arrogance... that would then place them in a wide open space... with no cover to run to when... The... Winds... of... Fortune... shift.

I was also told that just as THEY have advanced into a more intense phase of assorted rape and pillage... SO ALSO... has Heaven initiated the next phase of countermoves designed to trap them in their own flaming excrement; ♫ rape and pillage... rape and pillage. Let's go out and burn a native village. You can't have one! You can't have one! You can have one without the other! ♫

It's gotten comical, folks. It's become a scream, and would be funny... if there were not so many people screaming. The obviousness of it all is... I don't quite know how to put it; you would have to be so stupid that your existence would be in defiance of all known scientific and medical parameters. You would be a kind of freak of Nature to be that stupid and still be alive... if you were yet unable to see how obvious it has all become.

OBVIOUSLY, the rich... powerful... and connected... have joined together in some kind of dastardly plot to end life as we know it... to transform it beyond all recognition... to... to... to; it will come to me at some point.

The idea here is that THEY are so powerful that there is nothing you can do about it. They'll round you up in a hurry if they get any kind of a whiff of organized rebellion on your part. The whole theft of the election thing... the orchestrated January 6th be-in... the hounding of the former president... the election theft in Brazil and other places... the ruination of Europe... the war in the ancient homeland of the main vampire clan (while they party hard in Kiev)... all this and so much more is.......

….... so that you can see how very powerful they are. You can just about stick a fork in the whole Global Warming Scam now... given the amount of informed scientific minds coming forth, BUT... They won't even stop to take a breath. This is the whore they rode in on and they hope to be riding out on you afterward... and not into the sunset. These are some serious sick fucks from Hell.

Well... they're not that powerful. As I said... I've been told that every move they make is being guided... initiated... choreographed... and maintained by the one bringing them to justice. They only look like Thulsa Doom and The Hammer Twins for the sake of the drama. They are the hapless pawns of their own weakness and ignorance. They are ALLOWED to look like real bad guys to see who gets swept up in their nets.

Anytime Materialism gets to a certain point... certain groups of interested parties collaborate on world conquest. There's always more than one of them... like jackals... buzzards... and other creatures... fighting over a carcass. This is not some new phenomenon. All those tales about The Ark... The Tower of Babel... the SCAT-tering of the tribes... are allegorical remnants of previous engagements... where the same kind of bottom feeders... started fighting over the control... of what is more than enough for everyone.

The stories are purposely vague and badly remembered. Every new editor has an agenda... and some weird fantasy... that they were empowered to rewrite History... that was already a lie in the first draft. The Truth never got its pants on at all. Still... The Truth doesn't have to worry about competing with anything. It's The Truth and... that's it. EVERYTHING comes up against it at some point, and... that's the real history.

Offal Windbag actually showed up at a Maui shelter with a film crew, and... they wouldn't let her in; the film crew that is. She made a lot of noise about contributing... now that she's spotted a new money laundry and PR op. The Scamming Scumbags of The Apocalypse have not come up with any new moves. You'd think they would have some original angles to keep up with The Awakening, but... nooo!

I've been told many things in recent days about what is and is not. For The They... now called Them; for grammatical purposes... it all seems to be going according to plan, and for The Real Architects behind the scenes... it is going according to plan. If you're overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the powers of They/Them and fixated to the spot... maybe someone will see you next time when you show up here again.

If you know in your heart that God is REAL, and... simply a good director of engrossing films in dream form... you know it's all going to work out, but... not for everyone. Oh! In the long run, sure... but... in every live filming that happens in The Dreamscape... not that many... USUALLY... make it to the other side of The Movie. These are not usual times, so... who knows? Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Religion is what happens when people try to define God... put him in a box with all his identifiers... that those who identified him... identified him with.

Friday, August 11, 2023

"In Too Many Cases, People Hung The Vacancy Sign in Their Eyes and Someone Moved In and Brought Their Friends..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'm sure the reader is well aware of the behind-the-scenes... and behind those scenes too... manipulation and shaping of the culture.

Why is a 3rd rate entertainer... bubble gum commercial jingle writer... perpetual arrested-development high school girl... AKA town pump... sweetheart of the rodeo clown car circuit... drawing all kinds of name entertainers far and wide like Costner and sundry... to sing her praises of bringing people together... to watch her in her drum majorette outfit... dance around the stage like someone who failed ballerina school?

This is a carefully scripted and orchestrated... traveling bimbo circus... with specific programming intentions behind it. It's not the first time they've done this sort of thing.

Why do I mention her as often as I do lately? It is because she is a main icon in the Deep State-Disney World-Distraction Game, along with a handful of others that come and go before your eyes... while agents of the darkness steal you blind. Well... you would already be blind... wouldn't you?

Now she's a real-life Disney princess... a human trampoline of continuously failed romances...a porcelain figurine with all the passionate moves of the calliope dancer on a music box.

Factor that in with the Barbie wave that is trying to take us back to the Spice Girls-Brittany Spears-NSYNC-Backdoor Boys Land of mindless saccharine pop... while at the same time... the relentless push for all things sexually abnormal is going on... AND... behind those scenes...

… it's now almost certain that Maui was attacked by DEW... Direct Energy Weapons... buildings gone... melted cars... while the trees are still standing, just... like... Paradise... Kalifornia. The trees are still standing because certain of the elite plan to move there and they need the ambiance. They also need to push that Climate Change thing. Their continued control is riding on it. They... will... fail.

Meanwhile... it turns out that bodies are floating in the ocean all up and down the coast and bodies are lying here and there in the smoking ruins.... and on the side of the highway. Cars film them as they drive by and do not stop to render aid.

People on site say there are hundreds of casualties.

It's getting more and more out of control as The Avatar sets the stage for his midnight roundup of The Dark Side Players.... like the pedo-monster Podesta Brothers... Bill Gates and assorted swamp creatures from the dark murk of times long ago... when every particle of The Earth was suffused with their evil (see The Way to The Kingdom). Judgment may be long in coming, but... come it does.

Here's how I would handle Bill Gates and all those birds of a feather. I would make it impossible for him to speak or write anything but confessions of his crimes, and every time he starts to speak or write anything down he can ONLY speak or write his confessions. It would be a stalemate situation.

Then I would increase the pressure on him to confess... in tiny increments of irresistible force. He would have to do it publicly... where it could be recorded; no going away into some inner sanctum to beat the arrangement. The same penalties would apply to all known associates... fellow travelers... and kindred spirits. There would be bonus relief points for turning on their fellows.

And then we have this sort of thing...

...and there is going to be more... and more... and more... and more... and more of it... tumbling like dominoes set in motion by an invisible hand.

I know what kind of force is being brought to bear on these characters by agents from The Realms of Light, so... any day... The Big Screw-Up might happen. People are watching everywhere. There are thousands of wannabe James O'Keefe's... Tom Fitton's... and Tucker Carlson's... lurking and tracking with cellphone cameras. They don't know who is watching. It's only a matter of time.

The pressure builds and builds. An insane recklessness begins to possess them. They are invaded by a hubris they cannot contain. They are driven by the unshakable conviction that they are unstoppable. They are committing treasonable acts every day, and have appointed their minions to rule upon and enforce the laws they have created to protect themselves, while they use the same mechanisms to attack and hinder all who oppose them.

This comi-tragic shadow play of failed actors cannot long endure... nor can we long endure it. All of the mealy-mouthed... small-time... big-city mayors and governors... shoehorned into their Peter Principle roles are being bagged... tagged... and recorded for posterity. Witness Golden Corral regular, J.B. Pritzker as he destroys Illinois like Mothra born of Lizzo... swallowing everything in the fashion of The World's biggest front-loader... emulating The Beast Who Ate Chicago.

♫ Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Make everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It's easy to see without looking too far
That not much
Is really sacred ♫

Your world is what is happening on the other side of the windshield of your self-conscious projection, which is representative of the direction your intentions are taking you in. Your world is the material projection of what you tell yourself is true... thereby everything conforms to and illustrates this. Meanwhile, you are surrounded by people who confirm and oppose your viewpoint. You lean to the one and away from the other, and... eventually... the tension of the dynamic wears you away.

Everything you see is changing into what you are about to see and given its meaning by your desire to see it in the form most appealing, but... something goes wrong now and again... because your tiny fragment of a separated will is no match for The Great Will that creates... maintains... and destroys all temporary forms and temporary perspectives in The World of Time and Space.

In too many cases, people hung the vacancy sign in their eyes and someone moved in and brought their friends... who are not friends at all.

As a fan of movies and their minutiae... like plots and sub-plots... pacing... continuity... consistency and coherency... structure and dialogue... denouement and resolution, and all the features present, and lacking, that determine the watchability of what is moving on the screen... I can tell you we are getting to the point being made. We are getting to the point where The Director appears and tells you what you've been watching.

Oh! That doesn't usually happen. It does in this movie. There is one thing you have to keep in mind. Life is not a series of accidents happening in random sequences. Life is not something the powerful can both hijack and maintain beyond the point permitted to them... in their role as the object of a life lesson... dramatized for The Purpose of Demonstration.

It doesn't matter if you believe or do not believe in a Supreme Being. The existence of a Supreme Being is not dependent on your belief or lack of belief in a Supreme Being. The Supreme Being either is or is not. If you do not believe... it is because you have superimposed yourself over that construct... whether real or imaginary.

You either serve God or you play God... and the whole of existence is to demonstrate how that belief or lack of belief worked out for you.

I can tell you... without hesitation or the slightest shred of uncertainty... a Supreme Being absolutely and unequivocally exists. I can't define or describe this being any better than the multiplicity of religions... that are also not up to the task... or there wouldn't be a multiplicity of religions. God exists in a cloud of unknowing. Is known only to itself. Ishvara as he is named in The East, and Christ as he is named in The West.

Now... depending on what you are after or trying to hold on to... you can dismiss this as it pleases you. You are only a temporary cartoon in search of a validation that is never given to cartoons. You will come and go here until you get this. The cartoon always ends with A-ba-dee aba-dee a-ba-dee, that's all folks! Only it's not Porky Pig that you see. It's the Tandava dancing God in whatever appearance your subconscious... racial memory... holds for it.

You always have the option to change... up until the point at which you are changed.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

"I Know What Occurs When You Break His Commandments or don't Follow His Rules and I Know What Happens When You Do."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Ah... the immeasurable delight of the solitary soul... transported on invisible wings through the inner kingdoms of The Mind of God. It is the miracle of Faith that lifts the true believer on waves of palpable light, which radiates love... joy... hope... and bliss without cease... and all of it... transcendent upon a plane of inviolable peace. Such is the destiny of The Lover of God. The soul is no longer solitary in its union with The Divine.

Now... where was I? Yes... I was wondering what my invisible friends would have me compose today. Please remember the images the last paragraph invokes in your thoughts as you read it... because we go now into The Valley of Darkness where... we see the truth about the governments and religions of this world. We see the true agenda.

It is not that they are restrained from it or refused it. They have all the children... and more... than they can consume and defile. They want to do it in public. They want to staple your eyelids to your forehead if you decline to watch. They want the absolute despoliation of innocence. Here is an example from The Groves of Academe... a member in good standing of the ones you are not permitted to criticize.

Here is the monster in his own words.

He says at one point... in an article he wrote... that there may not be anything wrong... engaging in sex with a one-year-old toddler.

It is at this point that I must counsel you to contain your rage because... these demons in human form are being revealed to the eyes of The World for the purpose of a Judgment that is soon to be visited upon them.

Presently... the high and mighty... consider themselves untouchable. They are a protected feces... protected by The Bankers... who use The UN and The WEF... as vehicles for unspeakable evil. Men like this are in governments and religions around The World. They don't get into those positions without a rite of passage. They do not rise through the ranks... without the various initiations... that accompany their progress toward The Citadel of Darkness.

We are in a spiritual war. The conflict is everywhere... between those who have given themselves over to their vices, those who cheerlead before the masses crying, please join us! AND... those stalwart souls still fighting the good fight within.

Yes... it is within where the battle is to be fought and won. When you have achieved victory over yourself, there is no one left who can contend with you.

Fighting the armies of confusion that are external to you... puts them in the driver's seat. The 7th Trump shows the posture. The 8th Trump shows the process. The 9th Trump shows the outcome.

What is the greatest weapon? The greatest weapon is Light. It is a materialized form of Love that is generated by The Sun that shines through The Sun. What is the weapon of The Enemy? It is darkness. Let there be no darkness IN YOU, and there is no way they can enter you.

If you are lit with the presence of The Spirit, The Darkness will flee from everywhere around you. Light causes Darkness to no longer exist. There is only darkness where there is no light. Where there is light there is no darkness. It's a simple thing.

At no time... EVER... is Heaven at a disadvantage to the shadow worlds below;

"The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

That is truth.

The tools... the weapons of The Enemy are... confusion... doubt... despair... lust and anger, and there are more. These are all vulnerabilities and liabilities WITHIN you. They are counterpointed by The Qualities of God. Ask for these qualities. It is the deep... and great... and lasting pleasure of The Lord God to give them to you... once you have been purified to receive them.

Here is where the great difficulty lies... we are impatient... we do not suffer and endure for the sake of The Kingdom. We seek an easier... softer way. There is no such way to be found.

It is Materialism that attracts... traps... and weakens us. The doubt about what exists unseen... is what feeds the fear... that rises in us... when presented with The Seen. Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World. You must possess The Blessed Assurance, and only the trials and temptations of The World can make you strong and worthy enough to possess it by refining you in the fires of desires that are transformed into higher aspirations.

There are many who seek to contend against the darkness of this world. Few of them enjoy any real success... and then it is fleeting... because Evil merely moves on and assumes another shape. This was wonderfully illustrated with the nature of Sauron in The Trilogy. Just as God is with us... even to the ending of The World, so is Evil. Evil is the raw material that true artists use to make beauty sing in the hearts of those who experience it.

The inspiration of true art has been taken from us in this time of trial. The soundtrack is vile. The graphics are ugly. The pastimes are profane, but... our hope is not in vain. The purpose of The World is to tempt and seduce you. No one escapes the loss of innocence. It must be lost for the value to be known. Then it is regenerated by The Angel... where that is permitted to occur.

The Bad Guys have a job to do. The Good Guys have a job to do. There is a powerful mystery... a deep secret here. God is all-powerful... PERIOD. Any argument to the contrary is... bullshit! Align your heart with God. Keep his commandments and follow his rules and you will be master of all... through the master in you. I know what happens when you don't keep his commandments or follow his rules, and I know what happens when you do.

I don't care what disorder and terrible threats you see in The World around you. These appearances are generated by the disorder and danger that is in you, and the fear and panic they cause. Everything you see is being resolved. Give it a moment.

I know what it is like to be Don Quixote. I know what it is like to be Ichabod Crane. I know the roles that passion and fear can generate, and I know the one who can truly channel the former and neutralize the latter. We are living inside our heads and projecting it into The World as it appears before us. There is no danger that you do not carry within you.

Existence is a simple affair. If it does not seem so to you, you must investigate how that came about. You LITERALLY have The Power of God resident within. Certitude comes about through your continued reliance upon it. Of course... there is Difficulty at The Beginning. That goes away.

The harm that Stephen Kershnar and Sam Smith... and all their kindred spirits do.. is For The Purpose of Demonstration on the way to Divine Judgment. These deluded fools... and those in the highest ranks of temporal power... are intoxicated with their freedom to do evil and evade consequences. This is a temporary situation... the clock is ticking... their time will surely come.

The International Banking Syndicates... Bill Gates... Obama and The Biden Crime Family... Klaus Schwab and George Soros... the bobbleheads in The Media... the entertainment mavens... and the religious hypocrites... have ceased to believe in anything greater than their right to do what they please. With no warning at all... at the appointed time... a profound and lasting transformation WILL occur.

As Lao Tzu said, “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” Yes... it is all about to come down around their ears. While they have been building a cage for humanity... someone has been building a cage for them.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 3, 2023

"They Wind up in An Entropic Swamp Where They Deserve to be... Doing The Doggie Paddle in The Primordial Ooze."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In revolutionary France, they had The Jacobins. In Soviet Russia they had the AshkeNazi kill squads. In Cambodia, they had The Khmer Rouge. In Mao's China, they had The Cultural Revolution and The Great Leap (into The Abyss) Forward (and down). All of these involved forms of Communism, interpreted by The Ruling Junta of the time.

In every case, it led to an extended theater of mass killings of millions of people. There does not exist and there never has existed a Communist government that did not devolve into horrorcausts of blood sacrifice to demons. The lone exception is the Israeli Kibbutz.

Since these are the people who created Communism, you would expect that their version would work, and... especially... since it is a temporary experiment with a constantly rotating group of residents who can come and go as they wish... unlike in the other cases.

If you need to cover for having murdered tens of millions of people, the best thing is to create a scenario where you were the victim and make sure it's the only part that gets any press. It then serves to make sure to own the press ahead of time.

Communism is unique among government templates. It is a system in which the ONLY complaint one can lodge is in the form of a revolution against the gangster cabal that runs the joint. It's hard to manifest a revolution when everyone is watching everyone else, and snitching is the main thoroughfare for the upwardly mobile.

The system finally implodes when there is no one left to kill and torture, and because nothing works very well... because no one cares to give any more than a cursory effort... because there is no upside to the effort. As it comes apart... The Junta loots the corpse and moves to other places to be oligarchs.

Competition drives an economy. Where there is no competition, and everyone gets a trophy, there is little forward progress and no one is happy, except for the demons cavorting in the human forms of those running the joint.

You will note the beginnings of the end for those presently driving the latest iteration of Communism in The United States. It's a cannibal cult and they devour each other. The latest example is Lizzo... who obviously crossed somebody. Remember when she was their not-so-little darling of the brief hour... only a few months ago? Remember James Madison's crystal flute?

Here's an interesting conundrum; why do the biggest people play the smallest instruments and the smallest and thinnest people play the biggest instruments?

We are witnessing another feature... that occurs during a time of apocalypse... that does not occur in regular cycles in human affairs. Events and conditions resolve themselves differently in an apocalypse than they do at any other time. Events and conditions are... managed... in real-time. They are not simply markers in time for something to be resolved at a later date.

The whole of existence is... ordinarily... the flow of predictable events... generating future conditions and events... in which previous actions engage with the follow-up reactions. The whole of existence is applied mathematics. That is what led us to the 1's and 0's and.... let me add in a little something about AI... it is going to result in some of the biggest... unexpected... exposures and revelations you can imagine.

You can't feed all the information into something and not expect it to come to certain conclusions about the whole of it. People playing with this particular Rubik's Cube better watch out that it doesn't bite them in the ass. Conversely... you can't feed in selective data and expect a comprehensive reading. Sometimes I wish more people were where I am at. There would be less fear and concern about what's pending up ahead. Then I think... well, of course... they will be or.......

…....they will go another way and find out where that leads.

Ordinarily... literal ogres like Bill Gates and Little Georgie Sorrows would spend their season in Hellish appetite and then head off to pay The Piper down the road. People would... temporarily... get away with all kinds of mayhem and murder, and... dates and appointments would be made for future times.

Back and forth... over the course of time... people abuse one another by turns. Quite the reverse happens as well. It's up to you how you set it up and what it is composed of. It's entirely up to you.

One of the things about Kali Yuga is that it is The Time of Payback. Things that happened long... long ago, and also in more recent times, all get their hash settled accordingly in Kali Yuga. It's why it gets so brutal now and again. Another thing people don't know about Kali Yuga is that it is seasoned with miniature golden ages now and again... like the one coming up on us in The Event Horizon.

Whether Kali Yuga is actually coming to an end now, and whether certain pundits got the timeline wrong is a moot point. A golden age is coming regardless. Then it will... either... extend for a very long time, OR... it will sink into a deeper murk than we presently have. This really shouldn't concern you... unless you have invested in The Murk. Many people have. That's their lookout.

Even if The World were sent reeling into a flaming cauldron of widespread torment, what has that got to do with you? If you have not invested in it... the ones not handling your non-existent investments will have no reason to contact you. You'll be fine no matter what is going on around you. Everything happening to you has to do with your investments.

Some wiser souls have invested where moth and rust do not corrupt. That option is there for everyone. If... carnal investments are more to your taste... that is what you will get a return on.

People who have no desire to understand what we are talking about here... object to our use of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. Let me inform you... regardless of your desire to be only resistant and obstructive (resistors are an important part of the electrical dynamic)... that EVERYTHING on this plane... is based on sex. That is why your atheists see God as sex when Materialism is the format of their religion. They're not wrong. They're half right.

Here is an example of the people I am talking about.

Notice the names of the two people heading this up. This is also a part of Mr. Apocalypse's agenda; pointing certain associations out. When you can fuck up people's sexual nature BEFORE the onset of puberty... you can ruin their whole life, and that is the actual objective. Though you might not understand it... there are people who do Evil for the sheer joy of it.

They must feed the demons who dwell in them.

Anyway... back to the people who object to the use of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... as icons for eternal forces... that express in our theater of never-ending change. I've personalized them... yes. It should make it easier to understand, but there are bilious sorts, who spend their whole lives gnawing on their own livers and who have no desire to understand anything.

They can't do what you do and they resent it. They are what is known as a dog in the manger. Some also think that if anyone is doing it, it should be them, yet they make no effort to acquire the tools to do so. They prefer to be like Miniver Cheevy.

For some reason... they would know better than I... there are those who prefer to moan and groan... to tell everyone they meet that horrible things are coming... that Hell is soon to be manifest on Earth. Well... they could be right. They probably are right, at least as far as their own destiny is concerned... and the destinies of people like them, BECAUSE... Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen. They have invested in this.

They are bringing it into being with their God-like powers. They could... just as well... bring something else into being but they have chosen what's behind Door #6. We all have these powers and we use them to different ends... however unknowingly.

Not knowing changes nothing. If you are driving a car and not paying attention... sooner or later... something bad will happen. It's not the car's fault. The car is not responsible for staying on the road and staying out of the way of everything else... not yet anyway. (grin) You are responsible for driving the car. You are responsible for your intentions and the directions taken in your life.

Your karma might not permit you to change course, BUT... I GUARANTEE that you can go to The Divine and ask for a dispensation... ask to have your contract with existence restructured... appeal to The Throne for Mercy... have The Mediators brought in. You have options. If you choose not to exercise them, that's... on... you. You can't say no one told you. Consider yourself told.

Look at the technology... plugs and sockets and all the rest. The World is built on the sexual dynamic. This is all the atheists can see because they have rejected what they can't see. The Carnal Mind TRENDS... by its compulsive nature... toward perversity and the kicks keep getting harder to find. It eventually winds up in an entropic swamp where it very much deserves to be... doing the doggie paddle in the primordial ooze.

You are building your coming world right now. You can build whatever you like. There are demons to help you, and there are angels to help you. You will owe them for their time, depending on the currency of the realm. It gives a whole new meaning to... it's your ass.

End Transmission.......

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