Friday, August 11, 2023

"In Too Many Cases, People Hung The Vacancy Sign in Their Eyes and Someone Moved In and Brought Their Friends..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'm sure the reader is well aware of the behind-the-scenes... and behind those scenes too... manipulation and shaping of the culture.

Why is a 3rd rate entertainer... bubble gum commercial jingle writer... perpetual arrested-development high school girl... AKA town pump... sweetheart of the rodeo clown car circuit... drawing all kinds of name entertainers far and wide like Costner and sundry... to sing her praises of bringing people together... to watch her in her drum majorette outfit... dance around the stage like someone who failed ballerina school?

This is a carefully scripted and orchestrated... traveling bimbo circus... with specific programming intentions behind it. It's not the first time they've done this sort of thing.

Why do I mention her as often as I do lately? It is because she is a main icon in the Deep State-Disney World-Distraction Game, along with a handful of others that come and go before your eyes... while agents of the darkness steal you blind. Well... you would already be blind... wouldn't you?

Now she's a real-life Disney princess... a human trampoline of continuously failed romances...a porcelain figurine with all the passionate moves of the calliope dancer on a music box.

Factor that in with the Barbie wave that is trying to take us back to the Spice Girls-Brittany Spears-NSYNC-Backdoor Boys Land of mindless saccharine pop... while at the same time... the relentless push for all things sexually abnormal is going on... AND... behind those scenes...

… it's now almost certain that Maui was attacked by DEW... Direct Energy Weapons... buildings gone... melted cars... while the trees are still standing, just... like... Paradise... Kalifornia. The trees are still standing because certain of the elite plan to move there and they need the ambiance. They also need to push that Climate Change thing. Their continued control is riding on it. They... will... fail.

Meanwhile... it turns out that bodies are floating in the ocean all up and down the coast and bodies are lying here and there in the smoking ruins.... and on the side of the highway. Cars film them as they drive by and do not stop to render aid.

People on site say there are hundreds of casualties.

It's getting more and more out of control as The Avatar sets the stage for his midnight roundup of The Dark Side Players.... like the pedo-monster Podesta Brothers... Bill Gates and assorted swamp creatures from the dark murk of times long ago... when every particle of The Earth was suffused with their evil (see The Way to The Kingdom). Judgment may be long in coming, but... come it does.

Here's how I would handle Bill Gates and all those birds of a feather. I would make it impossible for him to speak or write anything but confessions of his crimes, and every time he starts to speak or write anything down he can ONLY speak or write his confessions. It would be a stalemate situation.

Then I would increase the pressure on him to confess... in tiny increments of irresistible force. He would have to do it publicly... where it could be recorded; no going away into some inner sanctum to beat the arrangement. The same penalties would apply to all known associates... fellow travelers... and kindred spirits. There would be bonus relief points for turning on their fellows.

And then we have this sort of thing...

...and there is going to be more... and more... and more... and more... and more of it... tumbling like dominoes set in motion by an invisible hand.

I know what kind of force is being brought to bear on these characters by agents from The Realms of Light, so... any day... The Big Screw-Up might happen. People are watching everywhere. There are thousands of wannabe James O'Keefe's... Tom Fitton's... and Tucker Carlson's... lurking and tracking with cellphone cameras. They don't know who is watching. It's only a matter of time.

The pressure builds and builds. An insane recklessness begins to possess them. They are invaded by a hubris they cannot contain. They are driven by the unshakable conviction that they are unstoppable. They are committing treasonable acts every day, and have appointed their minions to rule upon and enforce the laws they have created to protect themselves, while they use the same mechanisms to attack and hinder all who oppose them.

This comi-tragic shadow play of failed actors cannot long endure... nor can we long endure it. All of the mealy-mouthed... small-time... big-city mayors and governors... shoehorned into their Peter Principle roles are being bagged... tagged... and recorded for posterity. Witness Golden Corral regular, J.B. Pritzker as he destroys Illinois like Mothra born of Lizzo... swallowing everything in the fashion of The World's biggest front-loader... emulating The Beast Who Ate Chicago.

♫ Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Make everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It's easy to see without looking too far
That not much
Is really sacred ♫

Your world is what is happening on the other side of the windshield of your self-conscious projection, which is representative of the direction your intentions are taking you in. Your world is the material projection of what you tell yourself is true... thereby everything conforms to and illustrates this. Meanwhile, you are surrounded by people who confirm and oppose your viewpoint. You lean to the one and away from the other, and... eventually... the tension of the dynamic wears you away.

Everything you see is changing into what you are about to see and given its meaning by your desire to see it in the form most appealing, but... something goes wrong now and again... because your tiny fragment of a separated will is no match for The Great Will that creates... maintains... and destroys all temporary forms and temporary perspectives in The World of Time and Space.

In too many cases, people hung the vacancy sign in their eyes and someone moved in and brought their friends... who are not friends at all.

As a fan of movies and their minutiae... like plots and sub-plots... pacing... continuity... consistency and coherency... structure and dialogue... denouement and resolution, and all the features present, and lacking, that determine the watchability of what is moving on the screen... I can tell you we are getting to the point being made. We are getting to the point where The Director appears and tells you what you've been watching.

Oh! That doesn't usually happen. It does in this movie. There is one thing you have to keep in mind. Life is not a series of accidents happening in random sequences. Life is not something the powerful can both hijack and maintain beyond the point permitted to them... in their role as the object of a life lesson... dramatized for The Purpose of Demonstration.

It doesn't matter if you believe or do not believe in a Supreme Being. The existence of a Supreme Being is not dependent on your belief or lack of belief in a Supreme Being. The Supreme Being either is or is not. If you do not believe... it is because you have superimposed yourself over that construct... whether real or imaginary.

You either serve God or you play God... and the whole of existence is to demonstrate how that belief or lack of belief worked out for you.

I can tell you... without hesitation or the slightest shred of uncertainty... a Supreme Being absolutely and unequivocally exists. I can't define or describe this being any better than the multiplicity of religions... that are also not up to the task... or there wouldn't be a multiplicity of religions. God exists in a cloud of unknowing. Is known only to itself. Ishvara as he is named in The East, and Christ as he is named in The West.

Now... depending on what you are after or trying to hold on to... you can dismiss this as it pleases you. You are only a temporary cartoon in search of a validation that is never given to cartoons. You will come and go here until you get this. The cartoon always ends with A-ba-dee aba-dee a-ba-dee, that's all folks! Only it's not Porky Pig that you see. It's the Tandava dancing God in whatever appearance your subconscious... racial memory... holds for it.

You always have the option to change... up until the point at which you are changed.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Guy said...

This all reminds me of an ode to Bill Hicks by a band named Tool I used to listen to. Specially the next to last stanza.

Remember liking this one also

Really grateful for your writing, both the comfort and discomfort you instill in me.

Visible said...

Well... kinda dark here and there; pertinent to the time frames of their creation however, and some very good writing summing up and trenchant and inspired by a particular source I know very well... having had access to it on more than an occasion. Good catch!!!

Reminds me of this one; no longer in video form at youtube or Vimeo due to the you know whos=

and this one=

Strangely enough this one is still up though age-restricted=

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It's Like The Logical Progressions of Stupidity and Appetite... Circle-Jerking The Matrix... in A Waltz to The Death."



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