Monday, August 21, 2023

"The Living God is Resident Within Them. Religion is for People Who are Still Wanting That to Happen on Their Terms."

God Poet Transmitting.......

A long time ago I decided I would not consider money a motivator, no matter how many people might yell at me in my private life. I'm talking about monetizing the message. If money is a factor... then money shapes the message. To succeed in your life... the important people in your life must support what you do... or else it is stalemate for you.

So... you get a lot of lean times until God opens the floodgates, and even then... the blessings need not be material. However... for certain... nothing material will ever be a concern.

Elon Musk hired Linda Yaccarino. She's a pro-vaccine cheerleader and held high positions at a lot of mass media operations like Turner... NBC, and... she's hooked into The WEF. She shilled for Biden's vaccine program and... was supposed to network with Pope shit-for-brains Francis on the matter. She's connected. She's got a permanent position... like a Herpes sore... on the mouth of the cloaca of material perversity, and... I'm being kind.

She's a concubine in the seraglio of The Prince of Darkness.

Her genetic origins... other than the fact that she is Italian is a close-to-the-chest mystery, which means it's probably no mystery at all. Her pictures are all from 30 years ago... or she might have a large Adrenachrome stash. Maybe she's a Bride of Dracula. We know what puts those roses in her cheeks; vampires only blush while feeding.

I don't think Musk picked her cause he liked the cut of her jib. I think she was forced on him, BUT... that's just my take. No matter how rich you are, YOU... STILL... ANSWER... TO... SOMEONE.

Now Twitter-X is removing the blocking mechanism from the forum. This is making a lot of people angry. When they complain... he says... “well... just go somewhere else.” I'm paraphrasing but... that's what it amounts to. He has said it one way or another several times so far. Then he went and blocked James Woods... heh heh.

This comes on top of a lot of Twitter-X members being happy with the monetizing factor. The monetizing factor is what drives all the people... who jockey against each other in the mosh-pit of competition... for a place in the pecking order. It's how they nail you. It's how they shape you. It's how they suck you in... THE MONEY!

I don't operate on Twitter-X. The tractor-beam attractor ray does not work on me.

I don't care who you are... there is someone who has power over what you can say or do. In my case, that is God... and no one else. Unless it is God, there is someone else who you answer to. Even The Rothschilds have to answer to Satan... and his generals. There is a pecking order on both ends of The Ladder; like I said about the Musk-Yaccarino syndrome. He talks free speech out of one side of his mouth...

Meanwhile... this is going on.

Meanwhile... orders coming from The Dark Side have loosed a professional arson assault on Planet Earth... to push the Climate Change Agenda. They're setting it all on fire. Somewhere someone said, “It's the fire next time.” Meanwhile... a unique weather front called Hillary is coming for Southern Kalifornia. (I am writing this on Sunday morning)

There have been no new headlines anywhere I have been... since.

One of the things that I KNOW... viscerally... is that money does not account for my state or station in life. It just doesn't. If ye are of little faith, I can see why you might think otherwise, but I make no apologies for not living by bread alone. God is the centerpiece of my life... PERIOD. My monaural receiver is tuned to WGOD 24/7.

I was not always so solidly convinced as I am now, but even then... I was searching for God... sometimes with reckless abandon, and... sometimes with measured approach. My methods... at times... could be considered both dangerous and questionable. I consider any other alternative to have been more dangerous, and more questionable.

There is a collective of psychopathic lunatics who imagine themselves to be sane. They are not all in the same club. You can think of it like competing soccer-yob clubs... with vicious rivalries... who will stop at nothing to gain advantage over each other. One of the reasons evil can NEVER gain the upper hand... over those who are not evil, and... not afraid of them... is that there is no unity among the evil intending. Each of them plots against the other.

I am not a Muslim, but I must say that I am glad they are around. Here is one reason why.

I am not a Christian, but I am glad they are around. I simply have no use for the indirect... moderated... and controlled atmosphere that religion creates... with its paid intermediaries. Money... once again... is at the heart of the matter.

Money is the corrupter... because of The Monkey Mind, and... The Dog of Desire.

Religions are also growth industries. They are proselytizing operations that are obsessed with sustaining a membership... the same as the sexual organizations... the political parties... the media outlets... the internet portals. They are all chasing money and membership. Because everyone needs an army to defend themselves, and membership provides this.... until the unity breaks down and it turns into Libya post-Qaddafi.

The objective for everything that is not a religion is to become a religion. Surely... you can see this.

Religions are what occur AFTER God has come and gone in human form. The wise and committed soul continues in the footsteps of the departing divinity... even if they remain behind. They do not need rituals and routines of remembrance because... The Living God is resident within them. Religion is for people who are still wanting that to happen... on their terms.

God never arrives and never leaves. God is ALWAYS present or... you would not be present. It's as simple as that. I understand that you suffer from a sense of separation. You have endless questions. You are insecure about appearances because they are unpredictable and they lie to you... because your faith in God is not great... because you can't see him, and because your faith in The World is great... because you can see... and hear... and taste... and touch... and smell it.

The actors on The World Stage... and we are all actors... are in the roles assigned to us according to our Karma... paid ahead... or paid later. Regardless... that role ENDS at death. It does not continue as it was unless you were a good steward. It is the Nature of the superficial hearts and minds... of trivial intent... to eat-drink-and-be-merry, and take no thought for the morrow. You can see it in real-time action far and wide these days.

Tragic fools... play desperate games... seeking to seize control of The World. They are all in competition with each other. They form temporary unions to achieve their objectives, but... as soon as they turn their back... the knife goes in. It is why they never succeed. When experiments go on for a while... such as in Soviet Russia... it is because a great many people were on punishment detail.

Rwanda... Cambodia... Burma/Myanmar... North Korea... Xinjiang. These are all locations where specific and collective destinies... karmically congregate for The Purpose of Demonstration. Some languish in Sabaneta Prison... that most people have never heard of. Some take Afternoon Tea with those who have a temporary pass. The meter is running. They'll be back in the kitchen next time around.

Everyone gets their shot at trying to run The World. Nearly all of them cannot even run themselves, and will... sooner or later have to run for their life, BUT... that outcome is settled at an earlier time. Some dig the coal and some sit by the fire. Oil Lords become galley slaves, and scullery maids become The Queen of The May, which is probably great... until June comes round.

The latter part of the post connects to the former parts of the post. There are fixed and rigid laws. You may or may not be aware of them. Break them and you will be made aware of them. However you wound up anywhere... in a Turkish prison... or at your estate in Tuscany... you got there by a certain route of intentions and actions. There's no getting around it, but... many people try. They do try. Sometimes they argue and sometimes they plead. Sometimes they beg. Sometimes they pray. It is what it is.

They're partying in Kiev. YouTube is full of their drunken meat-rack antics... while the unlucky are cannon fodder for the AshkeNAZI overlords. Different realities? Cosmic disconnects? Karmic Imperatives and The Emperor of Ice Cream.

One orders events and conditions from The Invisible Planes, and the other watches his kingdom melt beneath the disinfecting sun.

You cannot tell people anything. They are already hearing voices in their dreams. These voices guide them... to a better dream or to nightmare. You cannot shake them into wakefulness. It is the job of Destiny to accomplish that... attended by Karma... Dharma... and Epiphany. The best you can do is be watchful and lead by example. Maybe others will notice, and maybe they will not. God will notice. God misses nothing.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!


M - said...

I've never been religious at ANY time in my life, but I've always considered myself spiritual.

BTW, although I live in the Bay Area we are seeing some peripheral effects of tropical storm Hilary. It's warm and muggy - even the wind is warm. We may see some drizzle later this morning and it will remain partially cloudy throughout the day. Although it appears that the storm wreaked havoc on So CA (as one would expect of a tropical storm), it won't be the "catastrophic" end-of-the-world event that the MSM expectedly pushed. I'm looking at a headline from this morning saying that LA schools are expected to reopen tomorrow ("Los Angeles "avoided a potentially catastrophic set of conditions" from Hilary") Their attempts at keeping us all in a constant 24/7 state of FEAR has become tediously boring. B-O-R-I-N-G.

At least, I'M bored with it all...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! Wonder if we're gonna get any more kalipornia fires kinda local?

Visible said...

Mandocello! Thank you my seldom seen friend. I expect you will go west one of these days and drop in on us here. I kinda thought this might slip under the radar, but not in these times... I guess.

Anonymous said...

I have a cousin who lives in Huntington Beach CA. I saw a film clip on the devastation in that area from this Hilary Storm.
I called, she said they had a rain shower AND she has a friend in northern CA. He said the same thing. A nothing burger .So tell me someone please WHAT IS REAL? There was clip from CNN shown on some ‘conservative” site showing DeSantis calling Trump supporters Listless Vessels or something like that. Then the ‘real’ quote was shown a few days latter elsewhere and the former was a fake. The quote taken out of context. What happened on Maui ,was it really that bad.,Was it worse, was it deliberate are there really land grabs going on , did thousands die or just 60. I”m questioning everything…are people dropping dead from the vax? Was covid real? Are pilots dropping dead in mid flight or is all that BS too.
My point you may ask? Nothing can be believed anymore and the stuff we do believe is because we want it to be true.
At the risk of sounding like LTPTB. I’m done. I don't know if God is going change anything because I don't know how God thinks and maybe if He does think maybe He has no interest in saving this hell hole. Poor Earth, poor animals, poor everything except the stupid people that occupy this place. I wish all your readers PEACE. Peace of mind . I think your mind is the only sanctuary if you can tame it.

robert said...

Thanks Visible!

Just firing truth torpedoes damns the deceived deceivers

Plus provides the comfort of certainty coming from the still center of all being
By refreshing the real order of things before our minds clouded by after-images of the false spectacle we think as sensible

Everyone gets their shot at trying to run The World. Nearly all of them cannot even run themselves, and will... sooner or later have to run for their life, BUT... that outcome is settled at an earlier time. Some dig the coal and some sit by the fire. Oil Lords become galley slaves, and scullery maids become The Queen of The May, which is probably great... until June comes round.

Zing the false reality of the would-be slavers

Even before the intensity of the inner light show courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Nature began its accelerated enlightening, notice how poor is the simple self-control of those over-darkened ones?

If anyone procedes to listen only to their benighted intellect, trafficked by forces studiously ignored, than their strings are pulled and they must jerk

So jerking around becomes their usual way of being and instant blindspots are triggered to pretend that their controllers did not just moon demonic asses through them!

Poise, composure, courage in the face of fear?

The endarkened minions have NONE!

Yet another aspect of why women and the Divine feminine is under assault:

Most people prefer that those wielding emotional power around them show the capacity to control that power.

Women of power are prized, not for pitching fits over trivial matters but reserving that power for truly important occasions!

Trot out screaming furies and banal banshees on the media massage to make gentlemen and ladies seem like fantasies

None of the dark pole dancers and false pride fluffers hold any appeal for those based in the Real, not suckling media teat all day long

Thanks again for presenting vision unlimited by servile sensibility!
We all get to see through better eyes by modelling crystalline clarity!

Akram said...

Happy birthday 🎂 Vis


TotoFromOz said...

Anonymous...yep, what the heck is real?!
By default, I now like to just slip into a neutral, gear & just simply declare, with an open-minded, yet surrendered soul..."I don't know". It opens up one's intuition...real brain, with real connection, to what one needs to know. I learnt that from the birthday boy:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Les

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"They are Forming Endless Ranks of Michelin Men and Pillsbury Dough Girls... to Lurch Sideways into The Cannon Fire."



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