Tuesday, August 8, 2023

"I Know What Occurs When You Break His Commandments or don't Follow His Rules and I Know What Happens When You Do."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Ah... the immeasurable delight of the solitary soul... transported on invisible wings through the inner kingdoms of The Mind of God. It is the miracle of Faith that lifts the true believer on waves of palpable light, which radiates love... joy... hope... and bliss without cease... and all of it... transcendent upon a plane of inviolable peace. Such is the destiny of The Lover of God. The soul is no longer solitary in its union with The Divine.

Now... where was I? Yes... I was wondering what my invisible friends would have me compose today. Please remember the images the last paragraph invokes in your thoughts as you read it... because we go now into The Valley of Darkness where... we see the truth about the governments and religions of this world. We see the true agenda.

It is not that they are restrained from it or refused it. They have all the children... and more... than they can consume and defile. They want to do it in public. They want to staple your eyelids to your forehead if you decline to watch. They want the absolute despoliation of innocence. Here is an example from The Groves of Academe... a member in good standing of the ones you are not permitted to criticize.

Here is the monster in his own words.

He says at one point... in an article he wrote... that there may not be anything wrong... engaging in sex with a one-year-old toddler.

It is at this point that I must counsel you to contain your rage because... these demons in human form are being revealed to the eyes of The World for the purpose of a Judgment that is soon to be visited upon them.

Presently... the high and mighty... consider themselves untouchable. They are a protected feces... protected by The Bankers... who use The UN and The WEF... as vehicles for unspeakable evil. Men like this are in governments and religions around The World. They don't get into those positions without a rite of passage. They do not rise through the ranks... without the various initiations... that accompany their progress toward The Citadel of Darkness.

We are in a spiritual war. The conflict is everywhere... between those who have given themselves over to their vices, those who cheerlead before the masses crying, please join us! AND... those stalwart souls still fighting the good fight within.

Yes... it is within where the battle is to be fought and won. When you have achieved victory over yourself, there is no one left who can contend with you.

Fighting the armies of confusion that are external to you... puts them in the driver's seat. The 7th Trump shows the posture. The 8th Trump shows the process. The 9th Trump shows the outcome.

What is the greatest weapon? The greatest weapon is Light. It is a materialized form of Love that is generated by The Sun that shines through The Sun. What is the weapon of The Enemy? It is darkness. Let there be no darkness IN YOU, and there is no way they can enter you.

If you are lit with the presence of The Spirit, The Darkness will flee from everywhere around you. Light causes Darkness to no longer exist. There is only darkness where there is no light. Where there is light there is no darkness. It's a simple thing.

At no time... EVER... is Heaven at a disadvantage to the shadow worlds below;

"The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

That is truth.

The tools... the weapons of The Enemy are... confusion... doubt... despair... lust and anger, and there are more. These are all vulnerabilities and liabilities WITHIN you. They are counterpointed by The Qualities of God. Ask for these qualities. It is the deep... and great... and lasting pleasure of The Lord God to give them to you... once you have been purified to receive them.

Here is where the great difficulty lies... we are impatient... we do not suffer and endure for the sake of The Kingdom. We seek an easier... softer way. There is no such way to be found.

It is Materialism that attracts... traps... and weakens us. The doubt about what exists unseen... is what feeds the fear... that rises in us... when presented with The Seen. Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World. You must possess The Blessed Assurance, and only the trials and temptations of The World can make you strong and worthy enough to possess it by refining you in the fires of desires that are transformed into higher aspirations.

There are many who seek to contend against the darkness of this world. Few of them enjoy any real success... and then it is fleeting... because Evil merely moves on and assumes another shape. This was wonderfully illustrated with the nature of Sauron in The Trilogy. Just as God is with us... even to the ending of The World, so is Evil. Evil is the raw material that true artists use to make beauty sing in the hearts of those who experience it.

The inspiration of true art has been taken from us in this time of trial. The soundtrack is vile. The graphics are ugly. The pastimes are profane, but... our hope is not in vain. The purpose of The World is to tempt and seduce you. No one escapes the loss of innocence. It must be lost for the value to be known. Then it is regenerated by The Angel... where that is permitted to occur.

The Bad Guys have a job to do. The Good Guys have a job to do. There is a powerful mystery... a deep secret here. God is all-powerful... PERIOD. Any argument to the contrary is... bullshit! Align your heart with God. Keep his commandments and follow his rules and you will be master of all... through the master in you. I know what happens when you don't keep his commandments or follow his rules, and I know what happens when you do.

I don't care what disorder and terrible threats you see in The World around you. These appearances are generated by the disorder and danger that is in you, and the fear and panic they cause. Everything you see is being resolved. Give it a moment.

I know what it is like to be Don Quixote. I know what it is like to be Ichabod Crane. I know the roles that passion and fear can generate, and I know the one who can truly channel the former and neutralize the latter. We are living inside our heads and projecting it into The World as it appears before us. There is no danger that you do not carry within you.

Existence is a simple affair. If it does not seem so to you, you must investigate how that came about. You LITERALLY have The Power of God resident within. Certitude comes about through your continued reliance upon it. Of course... there is Difficulty at The Beginning. That goes away.

The harm that Stephen Kershnar and Sam Smith... and all their kindred spirits do.. is For The Purpose of Demonstration on the way to Divine Judgment. These deluded fools... and those in the highest ranks of temporal power... are intoxicated with their freedom to do evil and evade consequences. This is a temporary situation... the clock is ticking... their time will surely come.

The International Banking Syndicates... Bill Gates... Obama and The Biden Crime Family... Klaus Schwab and George Soros... the bobbleheads in The Media... the entertainment mavens... and the religious hypocrites... have ceased to believe in anything greater than their right to do what they please. With no warning at all... at the appointed time... a profound and lasting transformation WILL occur.

As Lao Tzu said, “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” Yes... it is all about to come down around their ears. While they have been building a cage for humanity... someone has been building a cage for them.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Was t the Emerald Tablets or the Kybalion that said the biggest reasons we came here was food and sex? Well, with hormones bein' dead, I consider sex just another mess to clean up, so I gave it up almost a couple of decades ago. Food. . .not as important to me as it was, and I need a Hell of a lot less of it now, thank the gods; with inflation bein' what it is. Stuff can kiss my arse, but TIME is another matter. I blow several gaskets anytime anyone inconveniences me and interferes with what I'm doin'.

No, the world doesn't owe me anything. I don't owe it anything, either; and it can kiss my arse. I am become SCHRODINGER'S NOSE, and do as little as possible, bein' as dead to the world as I can be.

And ifn ya read the real news, you can see the wrong side of history has already started to go down.


M - said...

"They are a protected feces."

LOL - I love this and may have to use it myself...

Irish said...

A great man once said-“Free me from darkness and lead me into the light”. Losing love, direction and family is hard. However losing HOPE is the worst. It is like being on death row. Thanks!

Asil said...

Dear Visible, the 23rd psalm has been my comfort, those words soothe my soul. It was all actually so simple,they kingdom come Thy Will be Done, and so we could have heaven on earth - the will of God --- he gave us the greatest gift one could ever receive and it was a free will - FREE - free to choose - so simple and never understood or accepted. So now we have the consequences of the stupidity of humanity.

Visible said...

Only in an individual sense... expressed collectively when those of similar sensitivity (or lack of sensitivity)... gather together... in a common fallacy... or group illusion in search of inescapable epiphany. In other words... if the bullet don't have your name on it... it won't find you... PERIOD! This is where Faith has to be the Styrofoam cooler on an unruly ocean. Faith... Certitude... and Determination; don't leave home without them. (grin)

Really... it's all going to be fine where fine is called for and something other than fine when it calls for something else, BUT IN EVERY CASE... it calls for its likeness. It calls its likeness forth.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Buddha is The Mind in Pristine Self-Reflection. Christ is The Heart When it Comes into Resonance With The Soul."

Chinese Sneakers said...

Got around here late, and a new posting is up already; but, if you've got a second, parse the following just a wee bit for me, because it really stumped me: "Evil is the raw material that true artists use to make beauty sing in the hearts of those who experience it."

Maybe it'll come up again in another post.


Visible said...

Heh heh. My friend asked me about that every line yesterday. Actually... that point has been approached a number of times in these postings. Good is what is in our nature and Evil is what goes against our intrinsic nature. It's the stuff we have to work with and refine. It's everywhere and composes the challenges we come up against. It's better that I address it in a coming post because I want to get it right and I've not the time... at the moment... to get into it.

I will surely do so. Anyway... you're a couple of posts back (grin) cause Origami is going up now.

Chinese Sneakers said...

That helps. Am getting clearer.

Thanks for coming back.

Best I move forward now.


BlackBelt Yogi said...

To read the psalm brings calm. A simple act of reading words that have been put forth to praise our creator. In this sludge of depravity impersonating as society, the basic exercise of reading these words, produces a feeling a well being. The best apocalypse ever. Thank you for being a light.



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