Tuesday, August 29, 2023

"God... as God Truly Exists... Cannot Be Seen, but... He Can Assume any Shape He Wishes for The Exercise of His Will."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Who is behind the people that appear to be running The World? Who is behind Klaus Schwab... Larry Fink... and the rest of the interconnected vampire clan? Perhaps something from The Realm of Physics might answer it best. All power comes from one source; the power to think... to feel... to act... it all comes from one place. The Divine is the source of all power, independent of the uses to which it is put.

The various uses to which the power is put are something else. God is a lot like a kid. He will do something to see what happens. Sometimes he hides things from himself so he can find them out all over again. The principles of religion, by which people presume to gain an idea of how God operates... where God comes from, and what God wants... are... all... wrong, as far as accurately defining the one they are based on.

Who is behind Xi? Who is behind Trudeau? Who is behind the Nodwells at The UN and The EU? Even more important... who awaits them all at the end of the road?

God empowers the good among us and... God empowers the evil. He does this for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... to make a point. He does it to entertain himself in the dreaming state where all life is a thought-form in his mind. He seems unreachable. For many... especially those we have mentioned... he is non-existent, but he is reachable, and he does exist.

Everywhere you go on the internet, there are people arguing about one thing or another. When it comes to God... God is an anthropomorphic projection of their minds. That is not God. They are... in fact... a projection in The Mind of God. This is how one should view the matter... and fall back into utter reliance upon that which has thought them into being.

Whenever I read some involved or convoluted text about God... God tells me none of it is necessary information. One either is in contact with God or one is not. Nothing else is relevant what-so-ever. I was told that once God has made contact, nothing else has any meaning at all. For those still in search of the elusive entity... all sorts of things seem important... this system... that system... this ritual... that ritual... this book... that book.

Once God is present... NOTHING ELSE IS IMPORTANT. From that point... God puts the final touches on you. He's been shaping you all along; those of you who have not been resistant to his ministrations. Everyone else is at some point in the process of The Purpose of Demonstration.

That is where Schwab... and Fink... The Rothschilds... and all the other movers and shakers, who imagine that The World trembles when they walk upon it are to be found. They are somewhere in the process of The Purpose of Demonstration. Trust me on this. They operate on borrowed power. Their existence... like the existence of everything and anything that ever was or will be... is dependent on The Divine... PERIOD.

If they can make you fear them... they will. It's what they do. They imagine that they are The Shapers. God has PERMITTED them to become convinced of their power to compel others. God has his reasons and I am not about to speculate on where it's headed... specifically. I only relay what I've been told, and I've been told that he is going to show up right in the midst of them and strip them naked. He is going to take everything they have... or think they have, and he's going to do it in person.

Stripping them naked is meant to refer to Inside and Outside. All their appearances of concealment are to be removed, and... all their power to conceal as well. It will not be a flattering pose they are left with.

God... as God truly exists... cannot be seen, but... he can assume any shape he wishes for the exercise of his will. This is exactly what he does in the working out of THE LAW of Cause and Effect. He shows up as whatever you encounter... according to whatever you have summoned up through actions and intentions.

This is accomplished through The Divine Mother, who is the active principle of Nature, which operates by force of immutable law... having to do with endless change... which is the nature of Nature. You'll want to be especially nice to her. She is also a thing apart from the forces that express through her rulership. She is personalized, and she can be reached.

I know a lot of people who are present in this world... operate under the illusion that they are adults and what we talk about here is nonsense; it's not Real World stuff. It doesn't put food on the table... or... on your family... if you happened to be George Segway Bush.

It doesn't manage your well-being. It's just something people sometimes get into... like video games... or sex, drugs, and rock and roll, or eating as a recreational sport... or whatever it is that distracts them from thinking about God... and The Divine Mother... and all those things that go on outside the bandwidth of their perceptions, that... control... The World... they... live... in. Because.......

....... they are not adults. This is not nonsense... not even a little bit. It is Real World stuff... even if you are not living in The Real World, which is not the one on MTV. It does put food on your table. It does manage your well-being. It is a living thing... on both sides of the equation, with a life span far... far... exceeding the paltry moments of your most recent appearance here. You're just a blip on their radar.

The idea is for you to become like them. Everything taking place here is about The Evolution of The Soul... and nothing else. All the else of it is window dressing and backdrops. You are permitted to be endlessly distracted by side issues and magic mirrors for as long as it takes for you to wake up and experience the divinity within. That is your destiny. God's in no hurry. God has all eternity to move the pieces around on the gameboard.

Until you realize that it is God who is playing on both sides of the table... on as many sides as there are players playing... You will continue to live in a world of... this is good and that is bad. Most times... the players on the board cannot see how batshit crazy the whole thing is. These days you can see that better than it has ever been possible to see it before... unless you happen to be one of those human NFTs on TikTok.

Unless you know that the whole of existence is ABSOLUTELY under control at all times... You are going to start having trouble navigating the trends and patterns upcoming.

Have you ever seen centrifugal force manifesting in a lab setting? A certain separation is achieved. This is going to be taking place in life... on all sides... everywhere. The real is going to be separating from the unreal. Those living unreal lives are going to be the ones to really notice, especially when they can get no further purchase on the things they have been holding on to, and defining themselves according to.

Everyone is going to get their own personal revolution. Antifa will be getting one. Hollywood will be getting one. Governments and religions of The World will be getting one. Many revolutions will be celebrated (that might not be the best word for it), in groups of varying size. Some will have a revolution all on their lonesome. None of them will be anything like any revolutions they ever imagined previously.

This revolution will be no respecter of person. Klaus (empire strikes back) Schwab and Little Georgie Sorrows will get one, and so will the people living on the sidewalks and in the subway tunnels. So will Joe Sixpack and Susie Creamcheese. Revolutions will vary depending on whatever you are revolving around.

Does this sound farcical... far-out... not something you have Post-it noted on your tablet? I don't know what to tell you, and... truer words have never been spoken on that account. If you are connected to The Real... it's going to be very real. If you are connected to The Unreal, it's going to get very unreal. When God turns on the centrifuge it's not like it is over at Pfizer.

Celebrities from the confetti storm in Glitter Land are going to have real problems because what they are connected to doesn't exist at all. The same applies to everyone temporally involved to a greater or lesser degree. Those attached to false power are going to encounter real power. Those scamming anywhere are going to meet The Scammer in Chief. Everything will be perfectly scripted depending on the movie you thought you were in.

The people who canceled Trump... in order to shoehorn in Biden... for the purpose of shoehorning Trump back in, via The Conquering Hero... Savior of The Country role... intend to follow up with Tonka Toy Ramaswamy... for the cherry on top of the 2030 Agenda... like it's supposed to be some kind of big surprise.

Well... actually... everyone's in for a big surprise. I'll be watching from the cheap seats on Cold Mountain... with the internal warmer on. Remember to tip the concession workers or your waitress if you have one.

They think the masks will be going on but the masks are actually coming off.

So... who is behind the people behind the people operating The Brave New World Machine? The same as is behind the one tossing the spanner in for The Purpose of Demonstration; one hand moves the curtain, and one hand rings the bell.

End Transmission.......

A Twitter Blizzard... more or less... awaits at GAB=

For those who enjoyed The Lord of The Rings, here is a real surprise in animated form= The Dragon Prince.

And here is a seriously well-done dramatization of a terrible crime that took place in India. This happened right around the time I was there; Delhi Crime.

It's brilliantly captivating and pulls you in. Apparently, there are 3 seasons. I am only halfway through the first.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Various Vedic astrologers all saying the same thing, say the latter part of September through December are gonna be real interesting, not in a good way. One says 2025 will be the make it or break it year. 2025. Some think that will be the arrival of Kalki, but opinions do vary. We shall see. I know nothing, but am going on vids, podcasts and posts I've seen.

I personally am living in a different world from the collective, along with my nosey-poo. It's so weird, not that I'm complaining. Going against all trends has so many advantages.

Nostrils to the sky.

Visible said...

LTPTB; I would appreciate it- and I'm sure the readers would too- if you would post links to those Vedic Astrologers and other sources you reference.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Silvia Suryodaya/Grupp is one, Jeff Harman is another, and I'm not gonna post the third because not only can I not remember her name since I only listened to her once, she said exactly what Sylvia said. Sylvia and this other chick are very annoying by not getting to the point and talking about star and planetary placements so much that 90% of the time is a waste. They draw out 4 minutes into 20 minutes and that's as irritating as HELL.

Harman podcast:

Sylvia vid:

Al said...

"Well... actually... everyone's in for a big surprise."

My own personal surprises have included things like noticing my Granddaughters playing Barbie's with their Grandmother and never noticing the Barbie's fighting with each other, They do family things together, have tea parties and they share, well most of the time, no gay Barbies, no trannies either.

The other day I had a dream I remembered, I was discussing Barbie stuff, which I never do in life, and I mentioned to someone "If you point this little Barbie window east out the real window you can hear the horrifying sounds coming from New York city."

With time speeding up so much it's no surprise agenda 2030 came to begin in 2020 and many more things will occur that many speak of in decades will be in years, months and days. I fully believe it's God's way of throwing a wrench in everyone's plans that don't include God.

As for me I'm living like a Keith Secola song "Riding in My Indian Car" You don't get old you just get younger.

Cheers and blessings brotha!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot the Kalki in 2025 link.


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

i am seriously (and Siriusly)exploring the idea, intellectually, -the opposite of my program for decades (thanks for the frase, much thanks), of being- in-full-authentic -function-at -Armageddon-Junction.....
Still only an intellectual exploration, by the time it reaches my Heart-based one, also, i plead, by ALL THAT IS REAL, that a conjugate harmony is present...
Cheerful Love, Grizzly-bear hug
Nostrils to the eight directions.... rhino-encephalic activation of the pa-kuas

Visible said...

Thank you, LTPTB. It's always helpful when the reader includes items that others may not have encountered. Sometimes it is useful and sometimes not, but it is always welcome... depending, of course on the intention of the source. In this case, all is well. (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Will remember to put URL in future, if I can. Sometimes I post stuff I read weeks or months ago, and that's a bit more difficult.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Destinies are Tailored Like Bespoke Suits... From Fig Leaves to Cloaks of Invisibility. You Broke It... You Fix It."



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