Thursday, August 24, 2023

"When You Go to Hawaii, You Get a Lei Put Around Your Neck. When You Mess With Children... You Get a Millstone."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... if you ever get kidnapped by a psycho using duct tape and zip ties, this is what you do.

I like to pass on helpful household tips when the opportunity comes around. It's that Boy Scout motto. A little knowledge... besides being potentially dangerous... can be a wonderful thing.

Via the same source, one Dr. Kek from The Kek Society... of which I made myself an honorary member, we get this strange bit of news.

What is real anymore? We hear about children being ritually murdered by members of strange covens of kindred demonic spirits... seeking in return to gain favor with The Dark Side; hoping to be invited where The Sun don't shine.... drifting along on a sunless sea.

We hear about Adrenochrome. Perhaps it's a multi-conglomerate that also makes the web browser I use and parts of the detailed finish on cars... Red Bull and coffee candies. I'm sure they're widely diversified. They are certainly sexually divergent, but I guess they're just keeping up with the times... living the modern life... buggering one another in a celebration of their own truth. Ah! To be young and really fucking stupid.

However... most of these fools are not young. Their degeneracy spans lifetimes. You don't develop a taste for killing children in a single lifetime. You have to go through stages to get there. Other collateral abuses have to be engaged in for periods of time first. It's how one goes from torturing insects... to torturing pets... to torturing people. I'm sure there's a Chicken Soup book that covers it.

So... I've heard about this Adrenochrome-fix. Hollywood dropped a dime on itself with the animated film, Monsters Inc. I've never seen Adrenochrome though. I've never seen a picture of an empty vial. I heard about Pizzagate but all the pizzas disappeared. I heard about Issac Kappy and the Tom Hanks connection. The lady that got shot by Alex Baldwin was going to make a movie about kiddie diddling.

Sound of Freedom go locked up tighter than Scooter Braun's sphincter, fronting for The Soros Consortium, buying up that airhead's musical catalog. I've heard this and that... far more than I can record here, and I haven't heard or seen nearly as much as some people... but I've never seen empty Adrenochrome ampules...

I've never seen any hard evidence. I've got an overwhelming amount of hearsay and circumstantial evidence, but... nothing solid... no smoking guns... just a lot of connected coincidence. I am DEFINITELY not saying these things don't happen. I have History to confirm the sub-human potential for acts more brutal than your imagination can handle. Like The Old Man said... “Nothing is real, everything is permitted.”

You'd think... I mean... you'd think there would be a trail of bread crumbs somewhere and a few Hansel und Gretel's hanging from hooks. There's Marc Dutroux, and I studied his history in forensic detail as a source for my first novel, but... the cupboard was mostly bare of any larger volume of actual bodies. There are those Houston serial killers and John Wayne Gacy, but all their victims were lads past puberty.

Please forgive me for straying into territory like this today. I don't spend time in this neighborhood very often. I leave that to people with their own dharma for the subject. I've heard about Weiner in New York, and Wiener in San Francisco. I guess one of them handles each coast and they had to switch the i and the e to tell them apart. Of course, Genetic code is certainly relevant... but... but...

Where are the bodies of the murdered and tormented children? There has to be some evidence somewhere besides the rolling pages of The Recording Angel. Where are the whistle-blowers? We hear all kinds of things, but... where is the evidence?

I don't like talking out of my ass. That's what I call it when people cherry pick invisible fruit. I suspect a lot of the woo-woo that we hear is dreamed up by the press agents of the people who actually get up to these things, and... serve as red herrings and distractions AWAY from what's really happening, and... that would be, Visible? Well... I don't know, do I?

So... there's this flambe... dark offering... to the demons who usually help that country in The Middle East fight their wars, only this time it's on the island of Maui and not Palestine. David Copperfield never made a whole country disappear, so... that's something. Multiple sources who can't all be from Real Raw Story, Hal Turner, or Natural News are all talking about hundreds of missing children.

Some sources... probably looking for funding say that millions of children go missing each year. A more sober estimate puts it at half a million. That's still a lot of kids. I know they get trafficked... some of them; most of them? I don't know. I know that everyone even tangentially involved at the widest reaches is going to Hell. That I do know. When you go to Hawaii, you get a lei put around your neck. When you mess with children... you get a millstone.

Everything that happens here... exists in a dynamic of cause and effect. Some is more immediate than others... due to complexity or... setting the plate. Sometimes you have to wait a lifetime or more to get your just desert on a specific plate. Sometimes, your body count was so high you got season tickets in a steamer trunk... like Segway Bush, Dickhead Cheney and their crew. Henry Lee Lucas ain't got nothing on them.

I suspect those delightful fellows will be coming back until the yuga ends... and beyond. They were prolific killers of children; Madeleine Albright... Donald Rumsfeld... and a larger cast of armchair neo-cons like the Kristols and sundry... all killed tens of thousands of children... inspired by The Frankfurt School and all those sideline coaches in the Ivy League that went there too... for their part of the package deal. We ALL have our gurus.

I don't hate these people; like Podesta the Molesta. (nice one, Vis) I don't hate anyone... not anymore. I feel sorry for them. I KNOW what awaits them. Imagine the jack-o-lantern face that looks down on a child it intends to harm. Imagine the face of nightmare that will greet the perpetrators thereof. You don't have a real gauge of wrathful deities until you come right up upon them... and then... there's The Divine Mother when you make her angry... like Smashin Tara.

It's The World of Personalities on the plane of contention... Driven by hunger... greed and need... the endless wanting, and... they are welcome to it. I've had my share, and... I guess it's an acquired taste and I just never acquired it. Everyone is looking in the mirror. I would rather be the mirror, cause... I'm not looking anymore. I'd like to polish the glass so that people can see themselves in a better light.

Ukraine used to be, and... it probably still is... the pornography capital of The World. They got underground tunnels that run all the way to The Vatican. It's been in business for a long time. They're on the business end of giving people the business; snakes... snake charmers... and pigeons. They turn children into candleholders and ashtrays over there.

I knew Lahaina well. Many times I dined at Longhi's. I knew Bob and he wasn't my uncle. I dined at Kimo's and Avalon. I used to go to Pacific'o at 505 Front St. to hear Brian Cuomo do magical things to a piano. He died a couple of years ago. He was younger than me. Most people are these days. I used to sit in The Pioneer Inn with the Banyan tree across the street.

I used to never dress up for Halloween in Lahaina. Whatever girlfriend I had would insist on attending. Everyone was in costume. Not me, cause the locals liked to walk down the street punching people out in costumes. I preferred to be ready. People asked me what I was supposed to be in my black leather jacket... t-shirt and jeans. I told them I was a serial killer; we look like everyone else. It's a different mirror.

Lahaina is gone now, along with a few hundred children, conveniently not in school. One of them died holding his dog. I don't know what to think. There are bad people in this world. They kill children to feed demons who like to inhale the torment and blood. That's a real thing, by the way. I don't need any discarded ampules to prove it to me. This is something I know to be true.

There are many recorded tales of things seen on battlefields in the aftermath. Along the way to finding mostly light-filled rooms in my head, I peeked into some very dark places just to see what was what. I have seen how dark some people can get... surrounded by hundreds of people like them... playing sex and death games without a helmet.

It's only a matter of time... a short reach of time... before this whole state of confusion sorts itself out in dramatic fashion. I'll be here, but... I won't be there.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
i am under the impression that i 'get' the drift of today's smoking mirrors... especially the reference on hansel and Gretel, a children's story that was quite impactful in the area of my childhood... practically 'drilled' into our psyches, as the Gypsy0s were still , literally abducting children, who were used for whatever nefarious things, but most obviously , as 'compassion' stimulants in begging activities, as their eyes, hands, feet would no longer serve them.....
Mostly the focus was , in the moral of the story, on the enormous creative efforts by Hansel to convince Gretel, his younger sister, that the woman in the forest, who gave them 'shelter' and food , was in fact a cannibal, and they were the next meal.... She also needed proof, beyond Hansel capacity to produce, to become an accomplice in his/their escape....Hansel could NOT abandon her to an obvious , to him, nightmare fate, not his own sister !!!!
Kind of harbinger to the age of Aquarius....
Unless we succumb to the 'deja voodoo', to borrow a Robert Phoenix frase...
Cheerful Love , GrizzlyBear Hug...

Anonymous said...

Shining His light into the darkness...

Thanks again, Visible.


dogger said...

Nice Read, I also lived in Lahaina around 78 & 79 I made the Pasta for Longhi's. I agree if They did such a thing They will Regret it.
Sad to see Front st Destroyed, but it Lives in Memory.

Akram said...

Peace Love and light
I would like to buy you air ticket for your birthday present. I still have your silver ware that my mother in law nicked from your stuff. I am going to get a visa for the U.S next month. And I would like to deliver it to you personally. My mission is to visit Hawaii that was the last golden timeline vision I had. So just give me the dates and airports and I'll book it and send it to you by email. It's open offer so you can avail it whenever you want. Would love to speak to you if you want to.

Visible said...

Akram. It's a kind offer but I won't be going anywhere on a plane and certainly not to Hawaii where the invisible Astralians do not hold me in high regard.

You can email me and we can take it from there.

word bird said...

"When you mess with children… you get a millstone."

Correction Vis... "When you mess with children, you will WISH you had a millstone".

The severity of the punishment that will be meted will make the punished beg for a millstone tied around their neck and thrown in the ocean.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Our Heads aren't Screwed on Properly and Our Heart is a Selfish Place Where The Walls are Closing in on Our Loneliness."

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Having read your post and the following comments, especially the last comment about the the millstone, a thought came to me that in our inverted idea of the world, where death is to be avoided at all costs and this ‘individual’ life is the most precious thing in the world, that maybe, just maybe, this little beautiful planet of ours has in reality become a recruitment-prison camp for workers in HELL, instead of being a place from which souls can be collected for god, or where life can be enjoyed but is not because of our ‘sinful’ past, which is my usual thinking.
In this scenario, all the rich and famous of our inverted society such as the likes of gates and swab and all their payed goons are in reality heading for many many lifetimes of serving the negative side of existence in ‘individualized’ form away from god and all that is, he does seem to have a need for someone to be the bad guy after all, while the good people on this planet that avoid the traps of materialism and don’t succumb to becoming rich and famous, are instead joined at death to god who recognizes them as pure enough to let them back to him. So in reality these monsters running our world and trying to avoid death at all costs are going to get what they were after! For after all what is HELL other than only life and never death in an environment full of negativity? And we all get a good lesson about existence, hopefully! I am really starting to enjoy the show after all, even thought there seem to be some really really bad people around as you point out some times yourself. Much much love to you from a friend in Greece.

Visible said...

As I understand it. Everyone goes where they are in relation to the degree of impersonal love resident in their soul and then channeled through their heart. That is the central core of existence; a measureless reservoir of love pouring into and through eternity. All around it are The Worlds of Time and appetite reached through a portal of flaming desire. The distance between the central core and the specific life forms in The Worlds of Time and Appetite/Desire is measured in the lifetimes required to realize the truth of The Central Core. The further from The Central Core the greater the weight of time... a form of gravity.

The quantity and quality of evil present in the specific life form is measured according to the changes required to transmute it and that is also in lifetimes measured by the degree of resistance. At any time... anyone could let go and resolve the whole matter, but the intention to do so is not present. Eventually... it comes into being through directed aspiration. There's more, but that's all I've got the space to present it in at the moment.

Tell you what. I'll take this comment and continue it in Monday's Origami.



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