Wednesday, August 16, 2023

"It's Doubtful; Kinda Like Dead Gender-Fluid Prepubescent Children... Riding Minotaurs and Looking for Mermaids."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Remember how we were saying that at any moment... The Big Screw-up might happen, and that there were all these budding O'Keefe's Fitton's, and Carlson's with cellphones running about? It's a slow process; slower than I thought it would be, but... people are waking up. The more the Keystone Elites torment and try to herd them... the more it becomes clear that they are tormenting and herding them.

It's funny-ironic how so many people that I used to know in da ilans are upset with me in Hawaii Land because they think I'm a Trump supporter, and now... look what The Democrats did to Lahaina. I don't support any of the latest crop of clowns. I've gotten too smart for their own good... or whatever their real ambitions are.

Maui has always been one of the most politically corrupt places I have ever seen. Their police department is a security arm of the democratic government payoff wing; in service to The Land Barons, and if you get out of line... which I have been known to do on occasion... they come after you... as they did me. It's a nepotist's dreamland is what it is.

I'm not a fan of either of those private clubs. I'm not a member either. I don't have a secret decoder ring, and... I'm outside The Ring of Power; pun intended. Actually, there are several puns. Let's see how many unicorns you can find concealed in the banker's Armani suit. All some people can find are the dead children. Yes... they are concealed there too, and they are not riding the unicorns. The dead don't ride anything.

Of course... there are no dead, but... we'll let that be our little secret.

It seems that... maybe... most of the dead on Maui are children... who stayed home because school was canceled.

These children... hundreds of them... no one was looking after them? Don't you think 'maybe' is over by now? Where did those children go?

It turns out... and word is filtering... through the usual bullshit... from The Usual Suspects... that Lahaina and Paradise CA. have something in common. They are saying that The UN wanted the area where Paradise WAS located to be some kind of Off Limits Zone. Now we are hearing all kinds of things about Lahaina. I'm not going to go into that. You either already know or don't care to.

Obviously, The Plan that the Kalergi-UN-WEF-Chabad House; a global vampire squid... locally-franchised... crime syndicate... is moving... confidently and deliberately... through its phases toward 2030, when those of us who are left... will be ambulatory cellphone robots... picking up litter on the margins... left there for that purpose. We'll be owning nothing and happy... outside the private compounds of The Rich and Connected.

It turns out that Maui Police Chief John Pelletier... was one of the head-muzzlers of the evidence... at the mass shooting in Las Vegas... a few years ago. That scene stunk to the very high Heaven. It came with an IMPOSSIBLE story that only people who think everyone else is stupid could have come up with. He recently graduated from some facet of The FBI Crime School and Bill Barr and Chris Wray were in attendance.

Interesting that he would then show up on Maui and this would happen. He looks like a leg-breaker for The Vegas Mob. He's not much liked at The Maui Police Department, but... that can mean you're honest. They don't do honest there. However... It's doubtful; kinda like dead gender-fluid prepubescent children... riding Minotaurs and looking for mermaids.

Hey! Guess what? The governor of Maui is a Tribe Member! What are the odds? I wonder if he goes to the same bathhouse as Governor Pritzker? Does Governor Pritzker make potato chips or... does he just eat them, and... everything else that can't run faster than he does? Most lifeforms would be safe in that case. He probably has to use lures and traps.

Hey! Chris Christie! We found Tweedledum!!!

I was told that these freaks (I don't know what else to call them) have been given great latitude to expose themselves to The Public Eye; that they were meant to develop a sense of personal impunity that would then fuel a colossal arrogance... that would then place them in a wide open space... with no cover to run to when... The... Winds... of... Fortune... shift.

I was also told that just as THEY have advanced into a more intense phase of assorted rape and pillage... SO ALSO... has Heaven initiated the next phase of countermoves designed to trap them in their own flaming excrement; ♫ rape and pillage... rape and pillage. Let's go out and burn a native village. You can't have one! You can't have one! You can have one without the other! ♫

It's gotten comical, folks. It's become a scream, and would be funny... if there were not so many people screaming. The obviousness of it all is... I don't quite know how to put it; you would have to be so stupid that your existence would be in defiance of all known scientific and medical parameters. You would be a kind of freak of Nature to be that stupid and still be alive... if you were yet unable to see how obvious it has all become.

OBVIOUSLY, the rich... powerful... and connected... have joined together in some kind of dastardly plot to end life as we know it... to transform it beyond all recognition... to... to... to; it will come to me at some point.

The idea here is that THEY are so powerful that there is nothing you can do about it. They'll round you up in a hurry if they get any kind of a whiff of organized rebellion on your part. The whole theft of the election thing... the orchestrated January 6th be-in... the hounding of the former president... the election theft in Brazil and other places... the ruination of Europe... the war in the ancient homeland of the main vampire clan (while they party hard in Kiev)... all this and so much more is.......

….... so that you can see how very powerful they are. You can just about stick a fork in the whole Global Warming Scam now... given the amount of informed scientific minds coming forth, BUT... They won't even stop to take a breath. This is the whore they rode in on and they hope to be riding out on you afterward... and not into the sunset. These are some serious sick fucks from Hell.

Well... they're not that powerful. As I said... I've been told that every move they make is being guided... initiated... choreographed... and maintained by the one bringing them to justice. They only look like Thulsa Doom and The Hammer Twins for the sake of the drama. They are the hapless pawns of their own weakness and ignorance. They are ALLOWED to look like real bad guys to see who gets swept up in their nets.

Anytime Materialism gets to a certain point... certain groups of interested parties collaborate on world conquest. There's always more than one of them... like jackals... buzzards... and other creatures... fighting over a carcass. This is not some new phenomenon. All those tales about The Ark... The Tower of Babel... the SCAT-tering of the tribes... are allegorical remnants of previous engagements... where the same kind of bottom feeders... started fighting over the control... of what is more than enough for everyone.

The stories are purposely vague and badly remembered. Every new editor has an agenda... and some weird fantasy... that they were empowered to rewrite History... that was already a lie in the first draft. The Truth never got its pants on at all. Still... The Truth doesn't have to worry about competing with anything. It's The Truth and... that's it. EVERYTHING comes up against it at some point, and... that's the real history.

Offal Windbag actually showed up at a Maui shelter with a film crew, and... they wouldn't let her in; the film crew that is. She made a lot of noise about contributing... now that she's spotted a new money laundry and PR op. The Scamming Scumbags of The Apocalypse have not come up with any new moves. You'd think they would have some original angles to keep up with The Awakening, but... nooo!

I've been told many things in recent days about what is and is not. For The They... now called Them; for grammatical purposes... it all seems to be going according to plan, and for The Real Architects behind the scenes... it is going according to plan. If you're overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the powers of They/Them and fixated to the spot... maybe someone will see you next time when you show up here again.

If you know in your heart that God is REAL, and... simply a good director of engrossing films in dream form... you know it's all going to work out, but... not for everyone. Oh! In the long run, sure... but... in every live filming that happens in The Dreamscape... not that many... USUALLY... make it to the other side of The Movie. These are not usual times, so... who knows? Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Religion is what happens when people try to define God... put him in a box with all his identifiers... that those who identified him... identified him with.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hope no one sells out in Hawaii. Then I wake up. Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting thing about the vaccine is that a few monks and priests who took it and then claimed that they couldn't pray anymore, that they felt their connection to God had been cut.

The same person had reported that if a vaxxed person will spend 40 days trying really hard to repent to God, after that, a slow healing process can begin.

Visible said...

I had heard that. People were saying it cut their connection to God. Some people get up to some serious evil. I can't imagine stepping on an ant on the sidewalk, much less anything like this.

I know I've hurt people in my days of ignorance, but... most of the time it was due to not staying around and meeting their expectations.

Anonymous said...

The video of the man escaping the fire on foot and then being interviewed by another man sometime later was a heartbreaker.
According to the escaping man, he passed rows of vehicles trying to drive out of harms way and they were met with a police barrier and the cop would not let the cars go through. The guy escaping on foot asked the cop if he was serious, that the fire would engulf those cars momentarily (I am paraphrasing here of course but its what actually happened according to the video)the cop said he was just following orders , the man continued on his way on foot and shortly thereafter heard explosions and people screaming.
Trapped in these cars. What demon could follow those kinds of orders. How does that cop sleep at night???
What the Fu#K…. Another way to look at it ….people are sheep…they listen to this mad “authority”. They should have run the cop and his blinken baracade down and they would have escaped a horrible death. But alas no, he demanded they stop and stay put and by God they did just that. God Help Us please. This is probably the worst thing I have seen or read about even in these horrific times .

0 said...

Did you see this book published on 8-10 before the wildfires were even fully put out, or at least the ones in hawaii, evidently new wildfires started on the canary islands.

What caught my eye was the authors name, Dr. Miles Stones. As if the beginning of these fire events is a MILESTONE in their agenda. Anyways that was about all the credence I gave it. More like it was a signal to players than a book for the masses.

An on we go.


0 said...

Did you see the video here of what they're calling a power line failure on maui?

If you watch the video at the top of the article, just before the flash of light with radiant spray you see the video go slightly darker, as if something passed over head. Then the flash with radiant sparks seen leaving the flash towards the camera. Power goes out and then comes back on and the camera reinitializes and shows the fire.

From my electrical experimentation on the bench the only kind of short that I've seen produce the radiant spray is a high current short between two turns of a thick soft copper pipe, shorted by a screwdriver bridging the turns.

Thats me using a telephone magneto to charge caps and discharge thru a 2 turn coil which I short with the screwdriver. You see the arcs Radiate from the point of shorting in straight lines.

So I guess it could be a sudden short but nothing was really moving in the woods which would have caused such to happen without something Else perhaps being triggered to bridge the gap and short it out producing the electrical explosion.

Wish people would stop lying to realize agendas.


Visible said...

Gene... you are a very useful fellow.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Only Finding God has Any Lasting Importance. Everything Else is Peripheral Nonsense and Collateral Damage."

Strider said...

LV! The Sun burst out after raining all day when I got down to the comments section.
The cosmic firewalls prevent any one cabal from taking it all as you said years ago.
The Diamonds Are Forever weapon is known now but they are just that arrogant to use it again.
Billionaires on the beach want that prime real estate and look up who has bought land around there the past few years Orcah, Barry Soetoro, Zuckerborg and the usuals.
They aren't too worried about rising ocean levels are they.
Hopefully the Native Spirits of Hawaii rise up against the slimy pungent forces of evil.
In prayer I always ask for help against these forces and give thanks and love to God while praying for others.
Found some new circle of scavengers people at the late nite dumpster dive!
An actual cool Texan, I couldn't believe it. (sarc)
Bartered a found pack of Marlboros for some foodstuffs since they did all the work of fishing it out, quit that smoking back when it was a just over a buck a pack and my fellow Mad Max World traveler said they are ten bucks now!
The demonstration is very purposeful and the arrogance/hubris are put there for a reason regarding the FEW who think that will rule over the many in perpetuity.
As philosopher George Carlin said, more for them and less for us is their simple plan.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said.. Miles Mathis did a couple on Maui.



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