Thursday, August 3, 2023

"They Wind up in An Entropic Swamp Where They Deserve to be... Doing The Doggie Paddle in The Primordial Ooze."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In revolutionary France, they had The Jacobins. In Soviet Russia they had the AshkeNazi kill squads. In Cambodia, they had The Khmer Rouge. In Mao's China, they had The Cultural Revolution and The Great Leap (into The Abyss) Forward (and down). All of these involved forms of Communism, interpreted by The Ruling Junta of the time.

In every case, it led to an extended theater of mass killings of millions of people. There does not exist and there never has existed a Communist government that did not devolve into horrorcausts of blood sacrifice to demons. The lone exception is the Israeli Kibbutz.

Since these are the people who created Communism, you would expect that their version would work, and... especially... since it is a temporary experiment with a constantly rotating group of residents who can come and go as they wish... unlike in the other cases.

If you need to cover for having murdered tens of millions of people, the best thing is to create a scenario where you were the victim and make sure it's the only part that gets any press. It then serves to make sure to own the press ahead of time.

Communism is unique among government templates. It is a system in which the ONLY complaint one can lodge is in the form of a revolution against the gangster cabal that runs the joint. It's hard to manifest a revolution when everyone is watching everyone else, and snitching is the main thoroughfare for the upwardly mobile.

The system finally implodes when there is no one left to kill and torture, and because nothing works very well... because no one cares to give any more than a cursory effort... because there is no upside to the effort. As it comes apart... The Junta loots the corpse and moves to other places to be oligarchs.

Competition drives an economy. Where there is no competition, and everyone gets a trophy, there is little forward progress and no one is happy, except for the demons cavorting in the human forms of those running the joint.

You will note the beginnings of the end for those presently driving the latest iteration of Communism in The United States. It's a cannibal cult and they devour each other. The latest example is Lizzo... who obviously crossed somebody. Remember when she was their not-so-little darling of the brief hour... only a few months ago? Remember James Madison's crystal flute?

Here's an interesting conundrum; why do the biggest people play the smallest instruments and the smallest and thinnest people play the biggest instruments?

We are witnessing another feature... that occurs during a time of apocalypse... that does not occur in regular cycles in human affairs. Events and conditions resolve themselves differently in an apocalypse than they do at any other time. Events and conditions are... managed... in real-time. They are not simply markers in time for something to be resolved at a later date.

The whole of existence is... ordinarily... the flow of predictable events... generating future conditions and events... in which previous actions engage with the follow-up reactions. The whole of existence is applied mathematics. That is what led us to the 1's and 0's and.... let me add in a little something about AI... it is going to result in some of the biggest... unexpected... exposures and revelations you can imagine.

You can't feed all the information into something and not expect it to come to certain conclusions about the whole of it. People playing with this particular Rubik's Cube better watch out that it doesn't bite them in the ass. Conversely... you can't feed in selective data and expect a comprehensive reading. Sometimes I wish more people were where I am at. There would be less fear and concern about what's pending up ahead. Then I think... well, of course... they will be or.......

…....they will go another way and find out where that leads.

Ordinarily... literal ogres like Bill Gates and Little Georgie Sorrows would spend their season in Hellish appetite and then head off to pay The Piper down the road. People would... temporarily... get away with all kinds of mayhem and murder, and... dates and appointments would be made for future times.

Back and forth... over the course of time... people abuse one another by turns. Quite the reverse happens as well. It's up to you how you set it up and what it is composed of. It's entirely up to you.

One of the things about Kali Yuga is that it is The Time of Payback. Things that happened long... long ago, and also in more recent times, all get their hash settled accordingly in Kali Yuga. It's why it gets so brutal now and again. Another thing people don't know about Kali Yuga is that it is seasoned with miniature golden ages now and again... like the one coming up on us in The Event Horizon.

Whether Kali Yuga is actually coming to an end now, and whether certain pundits got the timeline wrong is a moot point. A golden age is coming regardless. Then it will... either... extend for a very long time, OR... it will sink into a deeper murk than we presently have. This really shouldn't concern you... unless you have invested in The Murk. Many people have. That's their lookout.

Even if The World were sent reeling into a flaming cauldron of widespread torment, what has that got to do with you? If you have not invested in it... the ones not handling your non-existent investments will have no reason to contact you. You'll be fine no matter what is going on around you. Everything happening to you has to do with your investments.

Some wiser souls have invested where moth and rust do not corrupt. That option is there for everyone. If... carnal investments are more to your taste... that is what you will get a return on.

People who have no desire to understand what we are talking about here... object to our use of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. Let me inform you... regardless of your desire to be only resistant and obstructive (resistors are an important part of the electrical dynamic)... that EVERYTHING on this plane... is based on sex. That is why your atheists see God as sex when Materialism is the format of their religion. They're not wrong. They're half right.

Here is an example of the people I am talking about.

Notice the names of the two people heading this up. This is also a part of Mr. Apocalypse's agenda; pointing certain associations out. When you can fuck up people's sexual nature BEFORE the onset of puberty... you can ruin their whole life, and that is the actual objective. Though you might not understand it... there are people who do Evil for the sheer joy of it.

They must feed the demons who dwell in them.

Anyway... back to the people who object to the use of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... as icons for eternal forces... that express in our theater of never-ending change. I've personalized them... yes. It should make it easier to understand, but there are bilious sorts, who spend their whole lives gnawing on their own livers and who have no desire to understand anything.

They can't do what you do and they resent it. They are what is known as a dog in the manger. Some also think that if anyone is doing it, it should be them, yet they make no effort to acquire the tools to do so. They prefer to be like Miniver Cheevy.

For some reason... they would know better than I... there are those who prefer to moan and groan... to tell everyone they meet that horrible things are coming... that Hell is soon to be manifest on Earth. Well... they could be right. They probably are right, at least as far as their own destiny is concerned... and the destinies of people like them, BECAUSE... Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen. They have invested in this.

They are bringing it into being with their God-like powers. They could... just as well... bring something else into being but they have chosen what's behind Door #6. We all have these powers and we use them to different ends... however unknowingly.

Not knowing changes nothing. If you are driving a car and not paying attention... sooner or later... something bad will happen. It's not the car's fault. The car is not responsible for staying on the road and staying out of the way of everything else... not yet anyway. (grin) You are responsible for driving the car. You are responsible for your intentions and the directions taken in your life.

Your karma might not permit you to change course, BUT... I GUARANTEE that you can go to The Divine and ask for a dispensation... ask to have your contract with existence restructured... appeal to The Throne for Mercy... have The Mediators brought in. You have options. If you choose not to exercise them, that's... on... you. You can't say no one told you. Consider yourself told.

Look at the technology... plugs and sockets and all the rest. The World is built on the sexual dynamic. This is all the atheists can see because they have rejected what they can't see. The Carnal Mind TRENDS... by its compulsive nature... toward perversity and the kicks keep getting harder to find. It eventually winds up in an entropic swamp where it very much deserves to be... doing the doggie paddle in the primordial ooze.

You are building your coming world right now. You can build whatever you like. There are demons to help you, and there are angels to help you. You will owe them for their time, depending on the currency of the realm. It gives a whole new meaning to... it's your ass.

End Transmission.......

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Al said...


Thanks again Mr Vis and much Love.

M - said...

"You are responsible for your intentions and the directions taken in your life."

Truth. Most people I've met don't want to accept the responsibility - or ANY responsibility for how they think and act. Easier to blame something else. ANYTHING else but themselves.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Communism leading to doing as little as possible. Ayuh. China with their 'LIE DOWN FLAT'/TANG PING and LET IT ROT/BAI LAN movements. China seems to be goin' down, though good luck finding anything about that in the mainstream media. There are several alternative news sources on China. Three Gorges Dam might also be toast next week, but who knows? Where will the current weather system threat go? And is it natural, or is it HAARP?

If ya wanna know about China, check out serpentza, laowhy86, The China Show, China Fact Chasers, and what ever appears in the side bar of their screwtube videos. China s DOOMED.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Missing Munich said...

Brilliant as always!!!

Greetings all around,

Missing Munich

Ty said...

China is spearheading and leading the demise of Zionist Jewish dollar hegemony, and not out of some desire for vengeance or domination, but out of sheer example. Note that China has only one military base abroad, they keep to themselves. American so called democracy is the greatest evil in modern history.

I hope you enjoy ignoring this comment, and smearing the poster as always.

Ty said...

You still haven't emptied out your mind of all your anti Communist CIA cold war propaganda

Visible said...

Not at all Ty... So... Communism is going to be different this time right? That thing with the organ harvesting... the belts and roads... the deeply spiritual convictions of the supreme leader and his tolerance for all things spiritual. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on, but I don't waste my time these days.

There's nothing anyone can say to you. You'll have to see it unfold... and you will. You are... however... not permitted to post endless bullshit here, whether it be about kundalini witch-sex fantasies... strange tantra ramblings that are NOT accurate... or propping up merciless dictators. You'll have to head on over to Reddit. We don't do these sorts of things here. Understood?

What happened to you, man? I remember you as a reasonably intelligent person. Someone or something got to you and you went off the deep end without any water wings.

Anonymous said...

Our friend Les is right to an eternal degree. And if Ty ever spoke to real people who lived through
Communism - there a few who survived- then this malevolent lie would be revealed.
It's about hate. It's about the hatred of the light, hatred of life and God in all.
Love always wins, Annie

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"I've No Interest in Alien Snipe Hunts, or Unicorn Fantasies in Search of a Minotaur Who... Resides in The Subconscious."



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