Monday, July 31, 2023

"They Have Been Doing it Through a Hydra-Headed Act of... Replicating Serpent Heads... with TV Screens for Faces."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Supplements are being made illegal in The Crown Colonies... while athletes drop dead by the container load. They don't want anything interfering with the genocidal timeline. Bad things are in The Pipeline.

The Pipeline is that continuum... running from the visible to the invisible... that brings events and conditions into view on the conveyor belt of time... for you linear thinkers that is.

I got links like Filipinos have extended families, but I'm only going to include a few more than I have previously forbidden myself to include at all.

The multi-pronged effort to subdue Humanity is a dark wonder to behold. The thoroughly criminal DOJ is trying to lock up Devon Archer before he can testify on Monday about The Biden Crime Family; madness and panic on The Edge of Desperation.

Then... there's that dead paddle-boarding... ex-president's chef who could swim... and who drowned in a pond. Then a former president showed up with a black eye and band-aids on various fingers.

It's going crazy here by baker's dozens to the nth power... exponential needs a new word to cover what exponential only suggests at now. I could say, going Nova but only I know what I mean when I say, going Nova. The language is no longer sufficient to describe the injuries visited upon us; who live in these remarkable times.

That said, we should have no fear for the malice of The Evildoers... except to be watchful. God will direct them down the road to self-destruction... if they can't find the way on their own, and if it needs to happen sooner... he will find them a quicker route. I'm not concerned, BUT... it has really gotten weird.

Yesterday... I got one of my occasional mass mailers from one James Perloff. He has just released an article (written by one Patrick O’Carroll) with hardly a single attendant fact.

It's anecdote... piled upon hearsay... in a group grope with speculation... and an entire animal cracker family of innuendos... and spitballs born from brain farts... launched into hyperspace... where no one with a mind capable of reason could exist for any longer than they can hold their breath.

How come the article didn't mention all the more likely candidates... like The Rolling Stones... AC DC... Ozzie Osborne and a whole bunch of other much more obviously Satanic candidates? Did he even listen to the songs? How does the Tavistock program profit from so many songs of obvious angelic inspiration that only made people feel better about themselves and each other?

The closest The Beatles could get to “Midnight Rambler” or “Highway to Hell” was “Maxwell's Silver Hammer.” The arguments presented in the article are the most desperate form of reaching that I have seen in some time. Certainly, the music of the 90s and the garbage of this next century are far more representative.

Of course, intelligence services... like kitchen vermin... go wherever there is sustenance for them. This does not mean they are in control of everything good and bad. God is in control of everything good and bad, but atheists who do not have a spiritual system of applied metaphysics... to explain how The World works inside their heads... inevitably turn to lunacy... by getting further and further away from the truth.

Communism... Fascism... Satanism, and assorted offenses against all that is good... decent... and divinely inspired... are the logical outcomes for those left with nothing more than what a mind devoid of higher inspiration winds up with. Without spiritual input from The Higher Self... life... inevitably devolves into a flaming dumpster. It is what happens when Materialism and The Carnal Mind get a room.

There are arguments in the article like; Any songwriter knows that the general creative process means songs never get completed in such a short interval, and that, at best, probably at least half of their efforts would remain semi-finished over 30 days.” I can give several... and more than several... notable exceptions otherwise, but... the amount of absurdities in this article, with hardly a single smoking gun of any kind, prohibits me from grabbing just one example.

I personally recorded 5 albums in five weeks, with at least 12 songs on each one... that I wrote just before I recorded almost every one of them, and I played or programmed all the instruments myself... and did all the recording and engineering too. At another time, I wrote and recorded an entire album with my band over a single weekend called “Not Politically Correct.” It went from The Mental Plane to complete material form in 48 hours.

Major artists... name artists... have also written and recorded their work in short periods of time. When inspiration takes you, time is irrelevant.

Some might argue that many of my pieces do not sound like Mincey Jones did the arrangements, but... with few exceptions, I am not unhappy with the results, nor have I gotten much criticism in this area either over all of the succeeding years, AND... furthermore, I am not a professional at any of the technical aspects that were necessary to get the music and vocals done. It should have taken me much longer, but... it didn't.

Sure... once Lennon met Yoko he got swirled into a crazy socialistic mindset of Working Man's Heroes and other strange things I never listened to more than once... or at all... if Yoko was on it, BUT... Let it Be... All You Need is Love... Here Comes The Sun... Golden Slumbers... Within You and Without You... Till There Was You... I Will... AND MANY... MANY MORE; these were Tavistock creations? Bullshit!!!

I am so tired of people with zero spiritual insight... into what is real and what is not real... that have to make shit up to fit into their paranoid imaginings. Were bad people around The Beatles now and again? Probably. Were they human beings who screwed up now and then? Likely. Were they robot-controlled flunkies... whose entire song catalog was written for them by Mind Control Demons? Bullshit!!!

Everyone famous is not a creation of The Deep State Satanic Empire. This is what happens to people when God is not factored into existence. The Crazy is getting more, and more, and more pronounced.

There's no point in my arguing (I don't argue) with these people. They are incapable of listening. They are Yeah but... junkies. I am amazed... continuously... and for many years now... at how completely people are able to deceive themselves, and each other Let me tell you what happens when you create a paranoid view of existence in your mind... you eventually wind up living there in some variation of a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Did the people at Tavistock do terrible things? Absolutely. Did they have the carte-blanche of the bankers who run the governments? Without question. Is everything you hear in the news and via opinion true? Not even half of it. Are certain groups of sexually twisted... Satanically motivated... Creepshow villains trying to control The World entire? Yes. Will they manage it? No.

How can anyone have so little romance, and/or poetry in their soul as to believe some of these things? CHECK... THIS... OUT!=

Oh... and there's a part one too.

The world of social media is awash in this kind of wild-eyed speculation about everything. Notice the last paragraph of Part 2.

Is it any wonder that a Flat Earth cult and all the rest of the Real-Raw-News Guantanamo private tribunal... hanging judges hallucinations... have an audience?

Now you see... as we predicted years ago... The Deep State UFO caper is coming into bloom... as they run out of things to distract The Awakening with. Soon there will be real aliens in rubber masks and fake humans with real faces.

They are going to generate your reality before your eyes, which they have been doing through a hydra-headed act of replicating serpent heads with TV screens for faces... for a while now. Humanity has turned into a mesmerized dove rocking to and fro before the snake that eats it.

I'm sorry to hit you with all these links. It's not something I do, BUT... this time it was necessary because they are in deep shit... those who think they are running things. They are in panic mode and likely to attempt ANYTHING now. Push and Shove are two humongous Sumo wrestlers surrounded by a flaming moat. It's Reality and Fabrication in a steel-cage match.

God alone is real. Materialism inevitably results in insanity, and The World goes bughouse... as you presently see taking place before your eyes. Fortunately, it is still at some distance for many, BUT... the pressure builds... and builds... and builds.

It's all very confusing... isn't it? It's getting more and more confusing by the day... isn't it? THAT... IS... THE... POINT!!! To paraphrase a rock lyric; what's confusing you is the way they control The Game. Just as with Alex Jones... Ben Shapiro... and all the rest of them, they include a certain amount of provable truth that they can point to when you question the rest of it.

The World is separating away from portions of itself... The people in The World are separating away from parts of themselves... from the crazy and the sane. Some are going one way. Some are going another. Some are seeing This... appear before them, and others are seeing... That... appear before them.

Like a dysfunctional prestidigitator... turning the sound and light-generating kaleidoscope machine... distractions are being manifested in a bewildering display to distract you from what is REALLY going on.

Love God. Love The Indwelling Self that is The Life in you. Hold to the center of your being. Let the mind reject each mirage as it appears... neti-neti... neti-neti; not this... not that... not this... not that.

They get you to believe in them by waving desirable attractions before your eyes... by herding you with reasonable fears, by whispering, Hell-o Sailor... by inviting you to, come downstairs and see me sometime. Sanctuary is the permanence of love in residence; “greater is that which is in you, than that which is in the world.”

End Transmission.......

I know I'm supposed to be equanimous. I'm supposed to love all people equally. I'm supposed to be above it all, but... here I am working on it; 'working it here, Boss.” Some things piss me off and I want to smack a person upside the head; metaphorically speaking, of course. It gets to me when people say shit that they don't know, and whose motives are even worse than that much of the time.

I ask the reader to please bear with me should I go off-the-rails now and again. I have little patience with those who deceive others, and though there be some who imagine it to be the contrary, I ONLY tell you what I know or... what I have been told by an unimpeachable authority.

Time will tell and we shall see.

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Al said...

"I know I'm supposed to be equanimous. I'm supposed to love all people equally. I'm supposed to be above it all, but... here I am working on it; 'working it here, Boss.”

You're supposed to be who you are at any given moment no matter how that may seem and if that seems to be wrong tell the critic to fark off, God makes me\you perfectly all the time.

This school we find ourselves in is truly all encompassing and what would we do without the class clowns showing us what not to be.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


M - said...

"I know I'm supposed to be equanimous. I'm supposed to love all people equally. I'm supposed to be above it all, but... here I am working on it; 'working it here, Boss.” Some things piss me off and I want to smack a person upside the head; metaphorically speaking, of course. It gets to me when people say shit that they don't know, and whose motives are even worse than that much of the time."

Right on, Vis!

robert said...

Thank you Visible for the sizzle!

Snap crackle and pop the pimple heads of the endarkened doo-doo followers!

God is in control of everything good and bad, but atheists who do not have a spiritual system of applied metaphysics... to explain how The World works inside their heads... inevitably turn to lunacy... by getting further and further away from the truth.

Amusing to observe those who arrogantly maintain that they are the intellectual vanguard, fail with driveling demented doggerel to make any rational case for their fawning support for the totalitarian dystopians!

Painfully ignorant that the mythical "State" and the rhetorical "Science" have replaced all other religions in the death cult, the intellectual-but-useful-idiot cultists are not merely corrupt anymore but mentally addled with watery scrambled eggs for brains!

We the based in reality MUST take seriously every lame brain utterance parroted by the industrial media massage!

Or else risk being LABELED! Called names! Samed by the shameless!

Bon chance avec ca!

Hilariously, we are rocketing into the dramatic moment where anti-life condemns itself to irrelevance and endless derision.

The minions are putting the mindless into full view, so that the mindful can help recover the minds of the masses lost minds!

Feel the glee club NOT owned/clowned by the inverted perverted, begin to raise a chorus of joyful noise?

We may only hear it after the damned have broken and their media Matrix handler shattered

Sanity, balance and compassion are our arsenal.

To sort through the waste, the degraded information intended to boost the pandemic of demoralized confusion is a super power now

To excrete the shit being sprayed into the intermind before it can lodge in our mind's eye is a mandatory daily function of ablution and ablation

To hold the liars accountable by laughing at every hypocritical assertion is it exits orifices in pseudo-random sequence is our solemn duty (see what I did there?)

To balance before the breaking point, by permitting our souls to be held in loving hands from a comfortable place/peace of mind is the way to surf the tsunami

We exercise our power to create a new reality, freed from the crepuscular corruption or primordial provenance, by first making space in our minds for light to overwhelm:

From the brilliant ball of effulgence, we send out flares of freedom, giving love the way to express radiating right through all the wrong places where human contraction made a mess of things

Enjoy the show as the Creator moves through us our mountains!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It's The Endless Lures of The Promise of Future Returns that Lead People into Those Compromising Situations."

Gandalf Carlin said...

Wernher von Braun predicted the alien psyop and the war on "terraism" under Shrubya after the Cold War went kaputski.
This current crop of mental midgets wants it to go hot so they can keep their pot(s) of gold.
I'd be more concerned with the Fabian Socialists than Tavistock which was just cultural.
Saw a dank meme of the working class hero waiting for the maid to finish up so the sleep in could continue with some caption about millionaires.
Aliester the Beast would go see the Three Stooges or my favorite Marxists Groucho and the boys while his enemies were fuming and chanting.
All of these doom or be doomed pods and pundits act as if God has no vote when he drew up the blueprint for the universe and everything in it.
How I love the book of Job!

Visible said...

Heh heh. Good one!!!



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