Tuesday, July 18, 2023

"Life is Self-Corrective... Following The Effects of The Storm... Generated by The Explosive Passions... of a Low Order."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We have been rather rapidly progressing into The Age of The Fanatics for some time. The Climate Change Scam has created quite a backdraft... for the arson taking place... someone dropped a match into the compressed bullshit of hijacked minds ... ignited by the pressure of shit... pressed against itself... until combustion is achieved.

Just Stop Oil... no doubt financed by The Usual Suspects... is determined to stop human progress by any means necessary; much in the same way The Khmer Rouge rid Cambodia of everyone who could read and write... by the same methods employed by The Hutu's in their real life... Grand Guignol musical of “Tut Tut Tutsi Goodbye.”

If the only cure for Stupid is death, and... considering reincarnation... that would only be a temporary solution... it stands to reason that at some point... they will either kill themselves or force others to do it. At the moment they are only mixing epoxy and concrete to glue themselves to airport runways, which is yet another kind of Stupid because they may soon no longer have hands to continue this effort with.

Materialism is again the cause of it... because Stupid people are seeking material solutions to problems that don't exist except in the minds of those seeking to profit from them. Materialism dumbs you down so that you believe what liars tell you. It also cancels out the metaphysical aspect... so you become easy prey for The Mindjackers who convince you to become the latest... cutting-edge canon fodder... for the psychopaths looking to make a buck.

Meanwhile, the electric cars that no one wants... pile up in storage lots. Someone must be paying them to still keep making them, and only the government has enough money to do that; your money... which keeps shrinking in value as they print more and more of it to cover the absence of a return on the investment.

In New York City they are now paying out almost two billion dollars to illiterates who failed the teacher's exam 30 years ago because... it was a racist test!!!

We have been mentioning for years that the crazy would just keep getting more pervasive and more intense. Surely... you can see this? Have you seen the present level of the intelligence of the teachers... bed-bugging it... in the Corinthian Pleather of Retardo Mentalblock's Eddie Bauer fantasies?

Yes... I did write that last paragraph and I should probably apologize for that exhalation of brain gas. I'm likely distracted or something.

The Satanists... the psychopaths... who are behind all the vile plots to end life as we know it... have spread themselves too thin. It's another way to say that their grasp exceeds their reach. They can't make global war AND subdue the population at the same time. You can only stir so many pots simultaneously.

Furthermore... The Evil workers are forever manipulated to the ends of their own destruction by The Good Shepherds of Humanity... who go by a variety of names... depending on the times and the cultures they are operating in... outside of the sight-line of the people they are doing it for.

Evil operates under a double whammy. On the one hand... they are guided to their demise. On the other hand... the course of their movements also... inevitably... leads them to their demise. So why does The Great Mind guide them at all... since they will get there anyway? Because The Great Mind accomplishes Good from everything it sets its hand to, and it has its hand in everything.... if only due to The Laws of Nature... if only due to The Order of The Universe. You can violate them, and... they WILL violate you in return.

Evil exists as a borderline for the testing... forging... and tempering of The Human Soul in the cauldrons of experience. Evil is a necessity on this particular plane of operation. Life would stagnate without it.

One must put one's hand in the fire to learn it is hot. One must go wrong to see the value in going right. There must be suffering and torment or there would be no inspired music... there would be no inspired art... there would be only mindless Teletubbies. There would be nothing to press against. There would be no dynamic tension.

Just because Evil is a necessity does... not... mean... you... have... to... engage... in... it. Life is self-corrective... following the effects of the storm... generated by explosive passions of a low order.

So... The Age of The Fanatics is upon us because Materialism is an emptiness devoid of the things that make life meaningful. This causes more and more anger in the hearts of those who can't understand why they are not getting any joy out of lifeless objects.

Why does using each other as human trampolines only inflame the desire that such activities are supposed to satiate? Then it leads to more and more perverse demonstrations... because it needs to get further and further out... to generate any enjoyment... and eventually people are bound in leather restraints, and beaten or... hanging by hooks from metallic structures or... killed in the act.

Life is now measured by the level of one's influence on social media... which means ever more dangerous selfies... bear baiting in all its forms... and every kind of dangerous activity in the hope that any of it will go viral. Then... that is so yesterday, and what... about... tomorrow?

Of course, it is all going to crash and burn. The best idea is not to be close to it when it happens... unless you consider looting... raping... and killing to have some entertainment value.

It does not have to be like this, and there have been times when civilization reached some pretty high standards of life. How come we have no records... evidence... or memory of them? Life is an experiment. A stage is set for specific events to take place. Once that has happened, the stage is broken down and moves on to the next location. Everything is about the evolution of The Soul.

What you see happening here is relevant to here. It is not relevant to locations below this one... where things are much worse or... locations above this one... where conditions are much better. Here... where you are... is a bus station... an airport... a shipping terminal. So... to get to any of these other places, you print your ticket out of the blood... sweat... and tears you expended.... while you were figuring out what mattered to you, and... what... lengths... you... would... go... to... to... obtain... it.

Here you encounter challenges and opportunities... the aggregate of which determines your next port of call. If you send yourself to a punishment zone, you are there until the meter stops running... then you are returned here into conditions appropriate to what you've gotten up to in the past.

If you are sent to higher lodgings... you are there until the meter stops running, and... at that time... whatever residual desire remains present in you... draws you back down here for another round... into conditions appropriate to what you got up to before.

It is all very precise. The residents in the common mind... lost in a wilderness of distractions... never takes the time to reflect... until they are beaten into submission... by the laws they violated... leaving them frozen... perplexed at the end... in a negative wonderment of... what happened? Then... it's back into the rotation.

We have entered the next phase. Each phase comes closer yet... to the edge of the spinning plate. I used to think of the shared delusions of humanity... as being akin to the progressions of substance abuse. I likened it to a flushing toilet.

The water spins around the top of the bowl and you see what is routine in the cycle... and a few examples of things you've never seen before. Then the water drops a notch and the few examples become the routine, and... again you start to see things you never saw before. Then it drops another notch and they become routine... and so on. Then... it's down the drain.

The World as we know it... through The Culture that represents the phase we are in... keeps descending to those places that the absence of God makes possible... until God... restores... the... balance.

It's understandable that you have no memory of this. It's been a while since the last time it happened, and... little remains as evidence of the last time humanity was going down The Drain. The records we have are of the few survivors, and the stages they proceeded through... to the moment we presently find ourselves in... but nothing of what existed prior to; only legends and myths.

This time it will be different. There are a lot more of us here this time. They came from everywhere in The Universe to be here for the epic resolve, and none of them can remember what it was that convinced them to be here. They are about to find out, and it will be radically divergent on... a case-by-case basis.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Those that glued themselves to the ground. No one write about what happens when they have to go to the loo. Same with all the others who kill all chances at mobility.

How true on the inspired art stuff. I did my best when I was most miserable. Now that I'm less miserable, I've retired from creating anything but obnoxious snark. I don't consider the world worth my efforts artistically, or in any other way, really. OK, except for cross posting relevant links to wake the world up, but I often include obnoxious snark with my posts. Uber obnoxious snark, in fact. Some times it's so bad, I dare not post on the forums, and just send it to my desert dwelling psychic twin who generally feels the same way.

Damn, do I GROK this NOSTRILS TO THE SKY post! Another one outta the ball park. You do that all the time, though.

0 said...

Light it up huh.

The spinning plate is a good analogy. One could look at what one loads ones mind with as the measure of increased weight pulling one from a place in the middle between the center axis of the spinning plate and the outter edge, increasing ones mass and decreasing ones freedom of motion. Doing the opposite makes one lighter and one is more free to move about between the axis and periphery, tho if one makes it to the Axis, one presumably has the ability to pick Other plates to show up on. Larger, Smaller, Metallic, Rareified, etc...

Given the effort expended in this iteration of form, I hope theres an iteration of form that goes where rest can be accumulated. Or perhaps such sticks with ones form and not with oneself, having left the context.

Hopefully accountability shows up, tho prolly ww3 will at the same time.

It was nice to hear that you are the god on the beach, or at least such was inferred. Its to bad your future self is more cryptic than your current self eh?

And yeah it was to bad what they did to the Boy Scouts. Can't have capable men running around knowing how to fix this and that huh. Plus it started the focus on paedo aspects in a group they wanted removed for what it taught the boys who actually learned the skills.

If there was one wish that would/could be granted, I wish all the colluders drop dead.

Course I suppose if I stop paying attention to it all, perhaps that has the same effect, at least till they come knocking huh. Watch or not Watch. Maybe age and health will dictate my continued attention.

Take care Viz! Arms up! (like the old rollercoasters where you'd ride with your arms in the air to show you weren't Scared of the whole experience huh.)


Visible said...

Everything is... absolutely... fundamentally... to the smallest particle... to the biggest galaxy... under control. I believe this. I know it to be true. It is a scary thing to surrender into a complete trust in that perspective, BUT... as The Controller said to me not long ago, "Visible... after all the things you have experienced by this time... seen... witnessed... heard and heard of... how can you not believe this to be so? Besides the fact that I am also talking to you at this very moment"

Missing Munich said...


another great post!! Thanks for your daily writings, it keeps me grounded and hopefully aimed in the right direction.

Greetings all around,

Missing Munich

Candalf Garlin said...

LV! A Ricardo Montalban Chrysler Cordoba reference with the genuine Corinthian (p)leather!
Read about 600 fires raging in Canada and the bad air rating is almost everyday on local teevee which family still watches.
The climate cultists are predictable and only dullards fall for that scam.
I enjoy the mental gymnastics caused by zero attention span with a mocking running commentary along with the "newz" that I learned from grampaw as a lil' shaver.
Local agitprop uses the disrupter term in the intro that CPUSA Nancy P busted out with a few years back at college commencements and people wonder why a generation raised to burn it all down is glued to the road.
Anything goes, why don't we glue ourselves to the road as the lame 1960's LARP continues, they seek meaning beyond selfies and social media hive.
Why don't you go influence yourself would be a great South Park, if they haven't sold out.
The influencer girl taking a selfie while Jaws consumes her is a photochop but a case out of FLA in 2014 had an actual photo before being devoured.
Evil always consumes itself is something a wise old sage (wink) said just like the Ouroborus snake that doesn't know when to quit or the country folktale hungry hippo comes to mind as it consumes everything including itself.

Visible said...

I knew somebody would get that.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...



Visible said...

Thanks for that! I completely forgot to do the rest of my ritual. That would have left me out of the attention zone in several locations. Nothing really happened that I can remember. I just got distracted somehow. (grin). Thanks again;

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Even Now... The Pieces are All Coming Together- For a Wide and Far-Reaching Justice- That Will Touch Every One of Us."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No prob. My psychic twin sorta alerted me to the issue.



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