Saturday, January 30, 2016

Zikas, Trumps, Migrants and other Mosquitoes.

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It is somewhat difficult to to find something to talk about. The news is filled with Trump de Dump or the usual goings on, at a distance, as people in the Mideast kill each other to fulfill the Ersatz Israel Agenda, or are transformed into refugee migrants who have been told the promised land is Northwest and they have the coordinates. That last hasn't gone so well for everyone except Israel but... things usually don't when it is a choice between Banker Crime Syndicate Nation and everyone else. They have received a little alarming news. Apparently there is a Tribe of Black Jews from Nigeria, called the Igbo or something like that and I think, since they live in Nigeria that they are thinking about that right of return. We have seen how well Israel treats their black fellows of the faith, like the Ethiopians.

We don't really want to talk about Israel today and any bad thing we do talk about are somehow connected to Israel.

We should mention Trump a Dump and his Rope a Dope. People are emailing me about my perceived (grin) lack of support for the Trumpster Dumpster. People are sending in comments and doing what looks like guilt tripping me into liking, or at least tolerating the Trumpster because, after all, I like Putin and Trump likes Putin.

Let me set the record clear here on Putin. I never came right out and said, “Oh golly, Cheez Wiz, I just love manly Mr. Putin. What I said was that I admire what I see him doing and that he seems a lot more capable and honest than the other politicians and we are both on the same side of the argument about many things. I also said that he could be a total Satanist for all I know and that I only know what I have seen and heard. I have had a couple of unusual encounters with Putin, one supernatural and one having to do with the blogs. The first I experienced so I know it did happen, if only in my imagination and the other I was told happened, so I don't know that at all. I applaud what Putin does because they are what I would do in his position. That doesn't make him right and it doesn't make me prescient. It could make him wrong and me delusional. Certainly, most in the West don't agree with me because they accept what the Zionist-Jewish owned media tells them. The truth is that I don't know enough about Putin to give him my unqualified support but I do know that I support what I know about him, far more than I support anyone else. The rest are obviously corrupt and I really support his law about not propagandizing to the youth about gay lifestyles, especially where we see that it has led, in the US, to sex change operations for prepubescent children. By any moral standards, that is sick AND... when we investigate who is behind this issue and all gay issues in the West, we see that it is almost entirely atheistic, Zionist Jews and there can be no counter argument because this is easily discovered, on the financial end AND on the propaganda end and it is a testimony to their effectiveness, financially and otherwise... and to the fear they generate that can ruin your material ambitions if you open your mind and worse, open your mouth.

Thankfully, speaking only for myself... we here are not afraid of them because they can neither take from, nor deny me, that which is far more valuable, priceless by comparison, than anything they can deny me and which... they have effectively done but... so what. I'm not here for that.

As for Trump, let me be blunt. I have never seen a raging megalomaniac, who was also a billionaire and whose fortunes depended, at those times he went bankrupt, upon the good graces of bankers, who has profited country he came to lead. I have never seen one that was both a bombastic demagogue and a ravening Xenophobe and-the aforementioned- who plays on the misinformed fears of a nation, that went on to be a good thing for that nation.

I have given up on expecting the populations to possess, either the intelligence or objective awareness required, to create an environment where honest and capable people could be elected to public office.

Today I see mobs of previously sane and even informed people who have turned on the Muslim world simply because they have become convinced that it is Muslims that are doing all of these things instead of seeing that they are done by Israel and their bankers and the politicians of the West who use the Muslim people as stooges and scapegoats. It is they who arranged for the migration of testosterone fueled and sexually repressed youth from specific countries into Europe, so that the atrocities performed and which they were set into place to perform, could be performed. Of course they did this. They set in motion the wars and want ...and they set in motion the migrations and their catamite politicians effected it ...and their catamite media trumpeted it.

What is that cognitive disconnect that exists in the minds of those who can put aside all they know about men like Trump and simply throw their hat in the ring in support of him? What is that selective memory which makes it possible for them to put out of their minds the behavior of all of their politicians over the last decades? It is hope is what it is. They hope it will be better. They can ill afford it not getting better, so it must... but it does not and it will not until the whole atmosphere which tolerates all the corruptions that led to this state, where they suspend what they know in hope of hope, is done away with and transforms into something better.

Trump is hope in the form of a used car salesman. People think he'll pull some kind of a Reagan out of a hat because; look at all the money he made for himself. Surely he can make some for us. They think success breeds success. It might do, if your father was rich, like Trump's father was. They even think that success can transform across platforms, like from the economic platform to the political platform. They think because a man is rich, or seems to be rich, that he is free of the influence of bankers; forgetting that Trump has gone bankrupt and was at the mercy of bankers and forgetting to inquire after how much Trump owns that is actually Trumps. Also... look back at his life of privilege. How does this speak to the interests of the commoners?

They see him skipping a debate and going off and raising money for veterans. Things haven't changed for veterans in decades and this is because of the cost of the program, like health-care and social security. I suspect that there is also the awareness that anyone stupid enough to fight and die in and for a banker war, is too stupid to organize against the ugly and unfair policies effected against them and any country in which enough people see how unfair it all is and don't react, deserve what happens to them. I'll admit it is a difficult thing in these times. Look at what happened to the occupiers in that wild life refuge. The government sent operatives into the public and activated types they knew would respond, to launching a media blitz against the occupiers. Telling them to get out of their county and go home, among all kinds of other things. Anyone who doesn't think this and other things of the kind weren't going on is a fool.

Anyone who thinks the Zika modified, previously dengue, mosquito happened by some natural evolution is a fool. The number one priority of those who run the governments of the world is population shrinkage and while they are at it, creating a permanent servant underclass.

It's a good question; “Well... if not Trump then who?” There will be nothing of what you want, or strive after, or hope after, until the people at the top of the pyramid are gone and the one who influences and controls them has been sent back to Hell where he belongs. My suggestion is that one should think less of Trump and the other miscreants, than they do about where they are what they are up to. Sudden and swift changes are on the horizon and they can render where you are much more difficult to translate out of or... you might be fine. I couldn't say.

Perhaps Paul Allen should run for president. He's got eighteen billion dollars and a 300 foot yacht named Vulcan that he sends out to vacation spots to look into charity concerns that he really, deeply, truly gives a shit about and not just cause it pays for his yacht upkeep. He's run a successful spy operation that vacuumed information up about competitors and turned into a gold mine. Surely he could make you and me some money. He has some kind of Cayman Islands op that looks into reef concerns, while at the same time, his boat damages a reef section right about the same size as his boat. I wonder if that is a kind of zero sum game? Does anyone think that Allen addresses the corporate causes of reef disintegration or is it all part of the Global Warming thing?

I would consider if what Trump proposes would actually benefit the country at all, since neither the Mexicans or the Muslims are behind the things they are accused of. That is Israel and her Satanic associates world wide. Has he said anything about taxes on corporations and the wealthy? Has he said anything about off shore money? Has he said anything about the manufacturing base? Has he said anything about vast gulfs of separation in wealth? Has he said anything about the stock exchange and Goldman Sachs and the bailouts? Has he said anything about all the gratuitous wars? Has he said anything about how banking and corporations are behind this; not to mention Israel? Has he said anything about how Israel did 9/11? Since he is all so honest I would think he would have addressed all kinds of things like these AND if he did say anything about them; what did he say? Has he talked about anything that is actually the cause of anything that he associates it with? Is he just as cynical as I think he is and did he just pick the issues that he picked because he knew they would resonate with the put upon zombie population, far and wide?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good Morning, Good Evening... Good Night.

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Good morning! Good morning! Good Morning! … or afternoon or evening, as the case might be. “Say goodnight Gracie!” We've been thinking about long skewered and revised historical events (so called). Principally we have been thinking about The Old Testament and the bloodthirsty god it celebrates who ALWAYS comes down, scripturally, on the side of a certain band of blood-soaked revers. Oh... there's plenty about unfortunate circumstances that always make these people out as victims... here's the odd thing; these people got thrown out of, pretty much, every country in the world but... when you go to read about the reasons given, you never find much. What is interesting about this is that... if you are a focused and painstaking researcher, the reasons always turn out to be the same reasons. They got tossed by well over a hundred countries that they migrated into, sometimes more than once. The reason was always about MONEY and the control of it, supply side-wise and the siphoning off of a nation's riches. This is not in dispute and present day evidence of this is so overwhelming as to be inarguable.

Recent revelations (cue Mr. Apocalypse) show that the people in the Old Testament were not the people who presently claim to be those people chosen by this bloodthirsty god; the people who delighted in burnt offerings and... well, what kind of a legitimate god appreciates and revels in the incense of burning flesh? What kind of god appreciates decapitated chickens spraying blood all over the place as a protection against what?

It seems now that all of this history was actually the history of other people and that this history was stolen from these other people to put forth undeserved claims of bona-perfidity about things that never happened; at least to them. Now... your persistent researcher at this location, has discovered the source of the powers and legacy of this particular band of illegitimate usurpers of true historical record, of which, at the moment, no further evidence is necessary. Cast your eyes back some thousands of years to Chaldea and Sumeria... back even before that. Cast your eyes back to the burning of the library of Alexandria (which was actually after this). There was a time when Chaldea was the remaining reservoir of what was left of the magic and starborn technologies of Atlantis and Lemuria. You can't get this information unless you have the opportunity to read the works of occult historians and mystical writers in general.

What is called the Kabala, is the distillation of Atlantean and Lemurian processes that were in the possession of these cultures, back before they sank into the ocean. These came from visitors from the Arcturian sector and the Sirius Cluster, as well as The Pleiades and even yet more locations. If you are a truly intrepid researcher, then you have found associations between Scientology and the Mormon religions... however far afield from the truth they may be, if you have an allegorical bent and you know the difference between green and red lions, alchemically speaking; what dragons actually stand for and a host of curious mythical symbols that are not what you get told they are, you know what is being said here.

So... back in the time of Chaldea's decline, a contingent of Sneaky Pete types, managed to steal certain secrets that had to do with angelic languages; personified in the Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage and other curious texts and which had to do with Gematria and the transposition of words and numbers to reveal what is otherwise concealed. Ageless wisdom is one thing. Ageless Evil is another. The more materialized the world becomes, the more all the residents of that time are susceptible to the blandishments of compromised magnetic and electrics it has to do with the basic drive which is the sexual urge... or should I say demi-urge? Never mind... moving right along. Keep in mind a little graphic I will give you now, by way of illustration. Consider the sexual zone of men and women and the mental area, we're supposing from the neck up but... these days it would be a presumption to assume where the seat of anyone's mind might be (Visible! I've got Tinder on the phone. They want your bio and profile.) Anyway... that was a mere digression. The fact is that men and women are electrical in the one zone and magnetic at the other and... opposite at either, complementary end. This accounts for just about all romantic love, no matter how you dress it up. Back then- as it is right now, packaging is the key. The contents may or may not contain the capacity to light up your world, or... maybe you should just cut a hole in your mattress and fuck that, while she lays sleeping and dead to the world of your imagination's interplay, right beside you. Can you wake Sleeping Beauty? That remains to be seen. “Oh pardonez moi, I thought she was an American.”

This brings me to the Biblical plagues which from what I have gathered, did not happen to the Egyptians but rather the people who changed the story afterwards and we are about to see some measure of these returning soon. See... that bloodthirsty god is not a god but a demon and there is a real god (sorry I didn't capitalize that... the 'one' gets a little miffed when I get too laudatory. The 'one' hates vanity.)

It is possible that there is an amount of readers who come around here and think that I am smart and well informed and I would say, “compared to what and whom?” The truth is that I am borderline stupid, or I would have gotten a lot of this earlier. So it goes. In my own life I have had a number of accidents that made no sense to me. Sure... it seems they happened. They didn't happen as they were reported to happen but then... injured parties tend to amplify the extent of their injuries. When you go back and assess what actually did and did not happen, you find that the principal concern of the offended parties was WHAT DIDN'T HAPPEN... only the fear of it. In my idle moments, I have pondered what happened to me in Mexico and India. It made no sense, either time and I have not had this type of occurrence take place all the rest of the time, as many who have visited me will attest to.

It was the strange affair of Hawaii that finally made me pay attention, where I have not done so before. The truth is that I have a self-image problem and I never associate myself with being valuable, important or necessary. See... I was there in the early forging of my character. I know how I was treated so... I can't put any bells or whistles on myself. It is not in my nature. I am your humble servant and that is why the shit that happened, happened, so that... some things that afflict many others was not allowed to take root in me.

Before I left for Mexico, I felt this very uncomfortable burning sensation. It discombobulated me so much that I lost my baggage and a hard drive that I was bringing for those I had come to see. On two distinct occasions I remember the same white van parked near me and how I remember is that the sign painting on the van was washed out and almost unreadable but... they didn't put as much attention into the big calligraphy S toward the back of the van. In India, this fellow showed up who was my lorry driver. I trusted him and many times I left him at the table and went to piss or something and noted how strange I felt later on and how he insisted on staying with me at my apartment. I remember him bringing me drinks and smiling at me and getting all animated and excited at points, which didn't really register at the time because... I am an ingenue. I am one of those Pollyanna types that always thinks what I see is what is. I have adjusted my framework of understanding since and the last thing this fellow said to me, after we drove to the Chennai airport the morning of my departure was him saying, “I am sorry. I am so sorry. I had no choice.” It never occurred to me to consider that afterwards., until recently.

Fast forward to Hawaii, early July, right around the 4th as I remember now. For at least a couple of weeks I remember being woken up in the middle of the night by this low bass hum and I remember going outside to piss and physically feeling this force coming at me from the house about a hundred yards away. It hit me in such a singular fashion that I went over to this house no less than three times and found the house abandoned but... it had lights in it on the nights when I had these experiences. This puzzled me but I always tell myself I must have imagined it... or whatever the arguments are that one gives themselves. I come across this link yesterday and it has bedeviled me since. True... this could be, again, only my imagination, which is extremely powerful ...and I am kind of used to that. I am not saying that I am right or wrong about this. The truth is that I don't know but... on the morning just before shit went wrong in India, I awoke to hear the cows mooing and the chickens and even other voices suddenly morphing into saying, “visible. Visible... over and over.” It can be cause for wondering.

I got hit very badly in Hawaii. I got hit so hard that my memory of events to this day is murky. I see a shadow now that is approaching from my right and as I turn... it all goes blank. I'm not saying that this is what happened because I don't know but... so many similar events are strange indeed. There is also the feature of my mind where, if something doesn't make sense, I worry at it like a dog at a bone. I've had a few girlfriends who have told me that I should have been a district attorney. I have problems with letting things go until I understand them.

Now... my take on everything is that the ineffable is in charge. Even when the shadow engages events that occur, I KNOW the ineffable is behind it. By this time, my read... is automatic. I really do trust the divine that much so... sometimes I am less that comprehensive. Trust is good but knowing why you trust is better.

Well, you can make up your own minds... you will, of course... but... for me it has been mind-blowing of late. So many parts of the puzzle seem to come together recently. Probably the worst influence is my poor self image. I just can't seem to get my head around being important enough to fuck with but... apparently I am... as it seems to be at the moment.

One thing I can take away from all of this is that when I am told certain things and then, according to the dictates of reason and logic, juxtaposed with intuition... it all comes together, well... that is something to think about.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Friends of Schadenfreude are Defenseless and Alone.

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Whatever it was that we were concerned about, or indifferent to, has finally shown up in the Event Horizon. It's no one thing in particular. I don't see the reason for links, it is everywhere from Flint to the methane fields of California and all over the world and these are only the things you are hearing about. It is a host of associated ills, marching arm in arm, riding side by side. It's as if the Light Brigade has formed up behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and there's a guy in the front that looks a lot like General George Armstrong Custer with a saber in his teeth, like he's about to turn into Errol Flynn doing Captain Kidd, storming a merchant ship, somewhere in The Doldrums or the Horse Latitudes. They often have a problem of no wind in these locations, due to heated air, given their location in the hot bands of the Earth.

The Horse Latitudes are so named because the Spanish, well known for their less than tender treatment of animals, generally, used to get stuck there and had to toss their horses overboard, so that they could conserve the water, for all those conquistadors who were running around on their humanitarian missions in the Americas. I know there are people who think that the name came from the horses being lowered into the water and then being used to swim the boat out of that wind stagnant location; just as there are people who believe all kinds of things that aren't true, like what most people believe to be real but which is decidedly not. I'm not saying someone might not have thought about this or even tried to do it but... well let's not go there.

As calm as these locations often are, they are also the scene of furious storms that occur when certain weather conditions come about that generate them. The same can be said for economic storms and political storms, as well as storms that ignite the passions that lead to wars and which are often generated by economic weather as a precursor. We got all of that right here, front and center.

We've not going to argue today about how the oil markets influence the economic markets and then impact on the political situation, anywhere there is an effect, and that would probably be everywhere. Experts in the field are the ones we will leave the argument to and they are very good at arguing with each other, which means that a great many of them don't know what they are talking about. The reason for that is that most of them are paid to say what they say. They are not paid to tell the truth because the truth is not a desired feature of their employment agreements, cause the truth fucks everything up and makes business as usual a great deal more difficult for the liars and predators.

I'm not an expert so I really shouldn't stick my oar in. I don't have to because the Doldrums and Horse Latitudes, metaphorically speaking, are not acting according to their basic nature at this time. They are in the storm mode. Ah... but that is a portion of their basic nature.

We have a glaring curiosity sitting on the TV screen of the moment and uh huh... it's looking right back at us like Nietzsche's abyss, or the lidless eye of Sauron, if you prefer. That curiosity is; how come with all these highly educated experts in all their fields, in all their theaters of operation, like the economic sector and the banking sector and the political sector and whatever other sectors would be relevant; how come after all their education and on the job training and sophisticated acumen, developed over time, they literally don't know Shit from Shinola? How come that is? The answer is simple.

You cannot perform according to the laws of fair and able dealing if you are completely corrupt. Even though it is altogether possible for the world to be on an even keel, with enough for everyone, this is impossible to achieve if a few psychopaths decide they not only want far more than everyone else, including more than they could ever spend, or ever need. This throws the whole system out of balance and it ceases to be a system anymore. These monsters in human form are indifferent to the wider costs and pandemic suffering caused by their rapacious, soul sucking greed. Their tactic is to stay around just long enough to suck every fragment of worth from every area in which it may be sucked from and then to scamper away, moments before the raging mob comes tearing after them. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't ...because sometimes they stay around longer than they meant to. Sometimes they just think they will get away with it forever and sometimes they think judgment will come once they are gone and that's okay.

I can't say for sure how it all went down in lighter and more decent times. The whole of the history of those times is lost, or known only to a few. I can say that in these times and for some time, here in Kali Yuga, the agendas of those at the top of the game has been, 'every man for himself'. Cooperation only comes up when two or more are ganging up on another, or when nothing would get accomplished if they didn't come to some agreement but... every step of the way they are looking for a chance to screw one another. It is the essence of 'dog eat dog' at all times and at any point where one of them has gotten over on the other or destroyed another, all the fair weather friends come out of the closet and pat them on the back and tell them what a prescient and savvy player they were. All of them belong to The Friends of Schadenfreude, which is only one of the clubs they are members of.

Their reasoning may have been viable in other times. It seems like in Kali Yuga that a lot of bad people get away with a lot of bad things. The truth is that no one gets away with anything. The pimp of yesterday is the whore of tomorrow. The banker of yesterday is the homeless of tomorrow. The vicious prison guard transforms into the cowering prisoner. The oppressor is changed into the oppressed. Life is a bank and all investments result in payouts at some point. Most people don't want to hear this. Their minds resist accepting this. They cannot see how what they see came about from those who fomented the very conditions they are now experiencing. This had nothing to do with helping people in need, with having compassion and feeling empathy. Lao Tzu and Buddha have both said variations on, “only pursue a bad man to show him the way.”

I'm not here to argue with people about what just got said here. I'm convinced of the truth of it and some of that via means that are as conclusive as it is possible to experience. Everyone has to figure these things out for themselves. As Lao Tzu said, “people can come to their wits end arguing about it but had better meet it at the marrow.”

As we said, “their reasoning may have been viable in other times.” This, however, is an apocalypse. This is the time of judgment and summation. It is a time of exposure, revealing and uncovering. It is the harvesting. It is a time of signs and wonders. It is a time of the unexpected. It is a time of sweeping transformation, of the departure of one age and the entrance of another and it is not just the end of one age and the beginning of another but the end of an entire cycle and the beginning of another and possibly, so I have been informed, the ending of an even greater cycle and the beginning of another. These are truly significant times and it explains why it is so hard to stay on course and why so many are caught up in a fascination and worship of the instruments and avenues of their own destruction.

The decisions we make in these times and the directions we take, will resound in our passage for a very long time, will both lead and follow us through a great many wardrobe changes, if that proves to have been our inclination. Portals are opening that have not been open for a long while. Dimensional shifts are at hand, quantum leaps are a definite possibility for some. Whatever it is will come suddenly and if one is not prepared there will be no possibility of preparation then. One must have been at it all along and for those who have not been... in these final days, or weeks or months or years... remember what the maha-avatar, Krishna said; “success is speedy for the energetic.” It's something along the lines of, “make haste while the sun shines”

You have a wealth of books and teachings at your disposal. You have the benefit of your own experiences, which should have taught you many things and you have the memory of all those other people, who gave you proof that they went the wrong way and that some other one might have gone the right way. It seems to me that the critical things in all of this is... does one want to know the truth? Is one truly and intensely seeking after the right thing? Is one really sincere in both their efforts and their pursuits?

You cannot hope to gain the assistance of the luminous ones if these statements are not true of you and if these are true of you, you cannot fail in acquiring the assistance of the luminous ones. Many of us believe that what we perform in private is not seen at a wider reach. I beg to differ on that account. Many of us believe that there is nothing out there or in there. They believe that life is some random accident and that you are only here once and that makes no kind of sense at all but people have a habit of adjusting what they believe to put it in line with getting what they want.

I am not alone in possessing incontrovertible evidence that we are not here only once and that life is NOT a random accident. If I pity anyone... and I do... I pity those who have gone out of their way to convince themselves that what is... is not; who have used the argument of the shortcomings of religion, as proof that there is no God. This kind of apples and oranges ignorance is not only stupid but incredibly costly. I especially pity those who willfully deceive others for the purpose of their own gain and who willingly do evil when they know they should not.

May you be blessed with revelation and may conviction, determination and clarity grow in you like mighty trees and may all those wide spread and over shadowing branches become the testimony of your unshakable faith.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Armies of Zombie Chipmunks Marching on the Hamster Wheel of Darkness.

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The right wing liars convention took place last night. I missed it but I didn't miss anything. Millions of chittrering chipmunks saw it however and probably didn't think very much at all about those wounded chipmunks, homeless chipmunks, drug addled, alcoholic chipmunks and especially all the dead chipmunks that got shot and blasted and blown to pieces in Banker Wars and... that's a good thing, as far as the bankers are concerned ...because more war is on the menu. A hundred years ago when the bankers took over the Federal Reserve, they immediately got to work on World War One where such wonderful battles like the ones at Somme, Passchendaele, Gallipoli and the Serbian Campaign took place; beautiful exercises in terror, torment and butchery. Twenty years later they orchestrated World War Two, which started when Tribe Satanists declared war on Germany and then brought it about through their banker offspring who controlled the US economy. They made a bundle off of both of those and then, twenty years or so later they were in Vietnam. Next thing you knew there were a lot more dead and wounded chipmunks. By this time, the bankers had figured out that they could make enormous amounts of money from dead chipmunks. Actually they figured that out much earlier but all this time they were working their way up to permanent war and permanent profits so... they got together and arranged a horrific attack on the American mainland from their Mafia crime nation of Israel.

Once they had accomplished the 9/11 attacks and blamed it on some Muslims, who were in no position to do something like this, they were able to declare war on every Muslim nation in the Middle East that Israel wanted to destroy and then loot. So... instead of a Banker War every twenty years, they were now able to have war all the time.

At the same time, they were able to create Homeland Security, which was manufactured and run by Israeli double agents and which included the constant humiliations of the TSA. This all served to reduce the American citizenry into lockstep marching, zombie chipmunks who didn't mind being groped by Neanderthal perverts and didn't mind having their children groped at the same time because they were such incredibly stupid chipmunks that they had no problem believing the government lies being told to them about all these perpetual terror attacks that their government was really behind and all the school shootings that the government was behind because the nation of Israel now controlled the United States government because they controlled the Federal Reserve, which printed the money that got used by the government and which was also used to buy compliance from all of the government officials, when it wasn't being used to threaten the non compliant in all kinds of ways.

Yeah,,, by the time this posting is getting written they had sewn up the whole thing. They controlled the votes that got counted and there was no longer a democracy of any kind. It had been turned into a fascist banker and corporation controlled, concentration camp, filled with mindless chipmunks who no longer paid attention to much of anything other than porn and thunb-fucking their cellphones. Otherwise they sit around in the flickering blue light of television dream land, eating radioactive and cancerous fast foods, in an attempt to get their asses to merge with the Pleather of their couches. It's a strange kind of poetic, manifest destiny.

What they are up to, what they intend, is far worse than anything that has been said so far but the chipmunks will keep right on dying in pointless wars and killing themselves in all kinds of ways because that's how they are. Of course, in this house of cards there is a Joker in the deck and that is about all the possibility of hope that we have left. The good news is that this Joker is the source of all power, all the power that there is, whether it is expressed in good or in evil and though the agenda of evil seems to be in total control of this world as we think we know it... everything that happens is for the purpose of demonstration and all of it is designed to fulfill a cosmic agenda that is meant to assist in the elevation of human consciousness.

So... here we are, in an election year and those of us who know anything, know that this means that major bad shit is going to rain down at some point because the demons who control, or think they control who wins the elections, need to have the stage set for their investiture as a remote controlled chipmunk in charge of implementing banker policy.

This is the upfront appearance of things as they seem. It is not the way things really are. It is only the way that things look and that is for the purpose of demonstration to see who is paying attention and who has their eyes open and who possesses the qualities of the ineffable because the whole production is all about providing the opportunity to see what you are made of... to see what you believe in, to see what your priorities and values are composed of or... whatever the truth is otherwise.

We realize that some larger portion of this posting, so far, might seem sardonic, even negative; use whatever adjectives your imagination brings to mind. What it is, is unvarnished truth. I would rather it were otherwise. God knows, none of us wish to live in times like these but further truth indicates that we do and there are, of course, truths beyond this. One of the singly most important truths is that things are not what they appear. However it may seem that much of what has been said so far is more or less accurately stated, it is not what it appears to be. What it is, is what it has been made to appear as. We have often stated here that a great and incomprehensible light resides behind appearances, It is to the understanding and perception of this toward which our hearts and minds must be inclined. Powerful forces of the darkness seek to convince us that we are subject to appearances. We are not.

We are not chipmunks, mindlessly blithering on about inane stupidities, whose importance is relative to the values we place upon them. Everything has the importance we place upon it. Our ignorance is as powerful as the power we place upon the contents of it. Few experiences are as disheartening as the view of such a large portion of humanity who refuse to awaken and who refuse to see. One of the most important understandings that anyone can come into the possession of is to comprehend the difference between what it is possible for them to influence; that it is possible for them to change and what it is not possible for them to influence or change. Many times it has been said here that if you want to change the world you have only to change yourself so... in some manner it may well be possible to change and influence everything, depending on how you approach the effort.

This recent segue is all for the purpose of indicating that all is not lost. All is not dark and trepidatious. It is not ever going to be consistently, 'a dark and stormy night'. If the sun is shining within then it cannot fail to shine without. This is always our recommendation to anyone who cares to hear it and even those who do not; emulate and imitate the sun. All that is necessary to accomplish this is to allow the inner sun to shine through the stained glass window of the personality. This it is ever desirous of achieving and the only thing that stands in its way is us.

Is it ever possible that the armies of darkness could successfully attack or subjugate the sun? I think not. Others, of course, may think as they like. In fact, everyone can and does think as they like, even when their thoughts are not their own, they were the ones who granted the necessary permissions for this. Consider the matter of impulse. From where do these originate? Where does fear come from? From whence comes Love and Hate? Are they co-existing opposites? No... Hate is Love suppressed. How many of us realize that when two poles interact they create a third pole which automatically manifests its counterpart? Isn't that what happened in the allegory of The Garden of Eden?

It always amuses me when someone proclaims that they are an atheist. It amuses me even more to observe that they simply intend to have no other gods before them. Some of them claim to be scientists or scientifically minded. They're empirical fascists who fancy themselves clear thinkers. Though they may not believe in the ineffable, you may be sure they believe in evil and evil, like good, has an origin. Can it be possible that evil can exist without its counterpart? It is science of the highest kind that recognizes the invisible hierarchy of the luminous realms. How can the entire phenomenal world be filled with the interplay of opposites but this one area is an exception? Bullshit. Some of us have been fortunate enough to experience direct contact with the ineffable. I have had these experiences more times than I can count or remember and expect with certainty to have many more in coming times, despite time being an illusion. I am well aware that such experiences can only be had in the present and that there is only the present in which to have them.

Stupid seems to have no limits.

Don't be a pinheaded chipmunk. This is not as difficult as it may seem (grin). The problem is that a chipmunk does not know that it is a chipmunk and never will, until it turns into something else. Of course, a chipmunk is not a butterfly but there are many kinds of chrysalis and many possibilities of change, given that change is the cornerstone of eternity. Even when death is required, it only leads to more life. So the problem is not in being cannon fodder. I imagine all of us have been at some time a footsoldier in some ignorant army of darkness. Since we cannot die but only change, it is no great matter at any particular time, if one is seduced by ignorance into giving their lives for something other than what fatuous patriotism tells them is so and which it is not. There will be ample opportunities to avoid this in the future. The good news is that one can. The bad news is that so many are so often inclined to repeat the mistake over and over and will continue to, until they are no longer compelled to be chipmunks dressed in imaginary armor, marching on a hamster wheel of darkness.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To.

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In times of material darkness, when the cancer of Materialism is in Stage 4, one has only to look at the mechanism of gain to see the why of anything we know to be wrong. Take the recent activities of the BLM. Consider that back when Bush the Stupid was running for Moron in Chief, mining consortiums were some of his most serious donors. The BLM land grabs are all efforts being made on behalf of mining interests that own the Department of the Interior. They’re not the only ones, just the main one. Here’s a small amount of insight into the scheme.

All sorts of madnesses are afoot. Look at Koln (Cologne) Germany at New Years. Yes, this is really happening. Cologne is a major center of the arts in Germany. It is a young and vital metropolis. There is a bridge there where the whole span of it has combination and other kinds of locks attached to the bridge railing. I believe it has to do with unions and marriages but… I could be wrong. Sooner or later a reaction of rage is going to set in. Already, in the east of the country they are torching locations housing migrants. Meanwhile… the work of disinfo agents continues apace.

We are in uncharted waters, where large movements are being generated by the insane. These movements are of many different kinds. Some are literal and some are not. For all of the cleverness, intelligence and acumen we attribute to the evil ones in this world, they are truly mad and marching and sometimes running to their inevitable destruction. Blame it on hubris but that is not the only thing. There are strange and powerful intoxicants that attend the practitioners of evil and this is all as it should be.

Many people bemoan what is taking place in the world. They can find no justification for the horrors that daily occur around the world. Moral people, spiritual people, people with a conscience, cannot get their minds around what is taking place. Perhaps the reason is that they cannot figure it out. In order to figure it out you need to comprehend cause and this is nigh on impossible, unless you can see across the course of lifetimes and very few of us have this ability and of those, without exception, they have nothing to say. If we collectively don’t know the specifics of why things are the way they are, there is a very good reason for it.

I consider my own state to be very fortunate. I don’t have any questions about why the events that take place in our time are taking place. I accept the reality of dwelling in a cloud of unknowing. As the reader probably knows, I have come across some terrible things. Before I wrote “The Dark Splendor” (Later called The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World), I researched serial killers for something between one and two years. I studied volumes of information about Dutroux and all manner of arcane horrors that sadly, occurred in actual life. Yet none of this leaves me asking, “Why?” I trust the ineffable in all things. I have come to this state through a great deal of personal suffering and deep existential confusion about meaning as it applies to existence. It came in stages. One can make no great leap to such an understanding. Apparently it has to be hammered into you, until you can stand it no more and you just let go. At least that is how it was for me. The scale of suffering in these times is incomprehensible.  It beggars the human imagination. What it does for me though is to fill me with gratitude. My situation is not so bad at all when put into perspective.

We are dreaming and we need to wake up. Here in this space we occupy, all of our thoughts eventually trace back to the ineffable. Here is what I believe one must do because every other alternative is unbearable. Sure, you can escape for a time in that direction, or this direction. You can stun the mind with intoxicants. You can fling yourself into the midst of the cauldron of experience; walk through the fire or burn. You can eschew the whole business entirely and follow what Lao Tzu said, “Why go outside for better seeing, better to abide at the center of your being. The way to do is to be.” You can middle of the road it. There are so many options for means of living and expressing. I have not found it possible to do any of them with any consistency. Surrender and devotion are the only things I understand and have been able to do with some regularity. I find it easy to love and trust the divine. It isn’t something that one does unceasingly, until the living and conscious presence is rooted within but… that will come. All you have to do is want it more than anything else and that is not so hard when everything else has either broken your heart or left you wanting something more than all the things that came before. The door of one’s heart must be broken from its hinges so that it can never be closed again. Until this has happened, it can always be shut on the behalf of personal pursuits.

One must be as crazy in their own way as are the evil ones spoken of earlier and this means that there are going to be people that don’t get it. It is certainly going to frighten some people and there is no surer way to get people to hate you than when they fear you, even if nothing ever happens, the fear that something might happen is enough. Following that, when nothing untoward does happen, then resentment is generated because nothing did happen along the lines of anything they were concerned about… meaning their own potential for it, should it have happened to be them and now they are ashamed of their fear and the predictable result comes to pass. It is one of those no win situations.

I just saw that psychopath, Obama, visibly weeping over his gun grab agenda. The crocodile tears ran down his cheeks. It was a horror movie moment for me. They are pulling out all stops. These are surely uncharted waters. Literally anything could happen at any time. I have to remind myself all day long that Mr. Apocalypse is here.

As much as one feels mostly serene these days, there is a deep undercurrent of restlessness. You can’t call it uncertainty. It has to do with a change in the power and quality of the energy. We are moving into another dimension of being. Someone recently sent me an email about this but it’s been uppermost in my thoughts for some time. I believe portals are about to open to all of the destination points of every collective of individuals who share a common theme. In times of cosmic change, it is near impossible to be immune to this sense of restlessness because it is CHANGE. It is dramatic change and it is going to manifest in every permutation one can imagine and several that one cannot.

The new age is slipping in under the cover of all of the strange and curious events taking place in these times. One day it will be completely here and few will remember how that came to happen because it came to happen like a thief in the night, or an expression of classic misdirection like a stage magician’s techniques. One day, like Spring, it’s just here. One must embrace inevitability. Nothing stays the same. Everything is subject to change except the ineffable and no doubt the ineffable changes and does not change simultaneously all the time. I think if you consider Shiva/Shakti that should be self-explanatory.

It is better to seek the ineffable with all the intensity and intention that you can muster. If only because everything else you could possibly want comes along with it. It seems pointless to me to pursue anything prior to becoming unified with the divine. Certainly I have been in many other states where I was pursuing other things but the ineffable was compassionate and made sure that it either did not work out or I was left in a state of disappointment when it did. For this I am unspeakably grateful. See… sometimes it is the things we failed at and the things we didn’t get but which we were able to observe others acquiring that turned into the most positive experiences that we had because they led us beyond the trite and pedestrian into a wonderland of spirit.

Kahlil Gibran once said something about movie actors; “they have not laughed all their laughter or cried all their tears.” Learn to live passionately or completely dispassionately, according to your Nature. Don’t do any of it halfway. Learn to feel deeply. Let your spirit soar. This is not so hard when you are focused on the grand prize and the grand prize does not exist because it is unobtainable. It exists because it is obtainable. Heaven and all the countless rooms of the many mansions are there for you. Aspire and live as if you were already there. Go about your life as if you were already in Heaven and Heaven will form in the air around you.

It doesn’t matter… this brief period of painful birth. When the agony ends the ecstasy will enter in. It seems to go on and on and on but in the life of this world it is an immeasurable blip. The key is to move beyond the torment and turmoil and this is all accomplished within and it is all about whom you host within that determines the experiences you will have. This is one of the great secrets of life and the telling reality that determines your state of being and your fate. Identify with the highest and you will rise to the heights. That may not mean the mountain tops of this world… nor should that matter at all. It all rests on who and what you dedicate your life to and there is nothing more that can be said following that.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Sinuous, Half Snake, Half Weasel and Half Mongoose, Sidewinder Sleaze.

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Well… we are mystified… Yes and no. We are and we are not. It’s kind of like Zen and they are even using Zen, as we mentioned recently but we are not going to mention what I am talking about because that just plays into the whole back and forth of perversion ping pong. We don’t have to talk about it specifically though. We can talk around it. Obviously there is money being spent and a great deal of effort being put into the arguments being provided. The arguments are constructed two major ways. One of them is to use junk science, dressed up as real science… like hockey stick global warming. This is counterpointed by a dismissive superiority of perspective that appeals to a basic demand that you research something before you reject it. This serves to suck you into something that is so bogus it doesn’t deserve the time of day, which… in respect of this subject is right twice a day like any busted clock.

A lot of attention is being put into the attempt to make a person feel bad for not taking something patently absurd seriously. There is this sinuous, half snake, half weasel and half mongoose, sidewinder sleaze, not unlike the breast cancer awareness appeal and you should feel terrible for not buying into something that has nothing to do with what it claims to have to do with but is only about making money in the most cynical fashion and the only money that does get shared out or invested, is into research to find new ways to create more breast cancer. That’s what it is like.

So this new madness that is lurching through the internet like a gigantic, behind two quarts (at least) of Thunderbird, Tiger Rose or the white port of your choice, alkie… is most certainly a well funded, George Soros type of NGO. It could as well be a CIA/NSA corruption of all things natural. I don’t know who is doing it. What I do know is that it is one of the usual suspects and it’s paying well or they wouldn’t have the kind of talent they have operating from their side of the fence.

On the one hand they want to flood your head (should you be stupid enough to pay attention) with all kinds of charts, pie and line graphs, measured National Geographic voice overs. It’s pretty professional. I’m flattered that they have picked our sites as several of the sites being selected for their attention but I am also pissed off that I have not been offered any money to lie and help promote this thing. Obviously they have deep pockets. Well… let me tell you right here. You get no space at all unless you intend to offer me some serious cash. Why should I let you come in here and attempt to create chaos and dissension and you don’t proffer dime one? Now… of course, you could offer me any amount of money and it would get you nowhere but… that is besides the point. I deserve at least the attempt at bribery and coercion. I deserve some small modicum of respect.

So… here’s the deal. Anyone is free to come here and mock and denigrate this ridiculous BS whenever they wish but no one is allowed to come here and argue in support of, or declaim that there is any truth in this stupid and fatuous concept, period.

There is some new TV show out called, “Angel from Hell” and I know I am missing all kinds of things that are running alongside of this though I see connections between all of what I have seen. Wait! There is also a TV show called, "Lucifer".Recently we had the truly unpleasant experience of seeing Tarrantino’s latest abortion and if you thought, as I did, that “Django” was a vile piece of race baiting shit, I am here to tell you that, “The Hateful Eight” is worse on all counts. This is serious Satanism in action and it’s all about providing an opportunity for white people to say, “nigger” over and over. It is so bad, it looks like a high school film project and of course, the paid whores in the media are drooling over it. It’s offensive in so many ways that we can’t be motivated to address it. It’s so bad that shit smells like haute cuisine next to it. If you put out a plate of pig shit and then put “The Hateful Eight” on a plate next to it, all the flies will leave the pig shit and go and feed on this film. There is quite a collection of damned souls who hate the human race and having abandoned their own humanity and being left in simmering rage as a result, they are pulling out all stops to make every effort possible to drag the unwary down into Hell with them on their way there.

All of these dark and depraved actions, whether they be in the realm of ridiculous science, bad entertainment, or forced immigrations, whether they be cultural, or academic, or political or social, these are all connected and they collectively stink of desperation and the fear of fast approaching end times and all of the demonically hijacked, former human entities, are feeling the hot breath of their infernal master on the backs of their necks, as he wheedles and cajoles and threatens in their minds about their unfulfilled quotas of souls. The lashes are coming down like it was orcs marching Frodo and Samwise toward the Black Gate but… they did get away and you can too, if you can avoid getting sucked into this garbage. You should draw a tremendous sense of confidence from your observations, when you see how truly desperate these deluded ones are and remember what the great sage said. I’ll paraphrase. He said something along the lines that many times someone has sought to take over the world but they have NEVER succeeded because the Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes. Believe it.

If you are not in servitude to the dark side, possibly you have no idea what it is like to be always aware of what awaits you. I imagine you see them waltzing through the corridors of power, on the red carpet, moving from first class to the VIP section and living the high life in those rarified high rise locations but that is all just another Hollywood production. They know something is wrong and as time marches on, their awareness of that pending state increases. The flesh begins to betray them and those appearances that they relied on begin to fade like dying flowers. More and more effort goes into maintaining the illusion. Then you need that low special lighting and lots of cartoon clown makeup and day by day, inexorably… time marches on to the compost heap and there is fire in the heart of it, what heart there is.

You need to develop that confidence in the object of your faith, which is based on true science and backed up by the will of the ever present cosmic consciousness that interpenetrates all things. You have to KNOW that whether you can see it, or perceive it, that it is there always, the silent witness that marks every footstep, every falling leaf and swallow. You have to believe that despite all of the suffocating concealments that the true light is shining at all times. What should you care about the confusion and seeming uncertainty? This is not your concern. You are not a part of this. You do not serve this. Within your heart is a mighty bellows that fans the flames of your ardor and love and you know that beneath every concealment and every disturbing apparition, the light of the angel is always present. It is the corona of light that outlines the shape of every dreadful appearance. It is hidden behind every nightmare shape and shines in the visible face of each benevolent aspect; faith… certitude and determination.

Yes, we are not going to get into specifics about the campaign of disinfo that has ramped up beyond anything we have formerly seen. What’s the point? Why get into any situation where you find yourself having to refute or deny what is patently absurd? This is all part of their game plan, to get you involved in some fatuous dialectic that doesn’t deserve any attention at all. Just turn around and walk away. Go do something useful. They seem unable to but that doesn’t have to apply to you.

This is the time of Mr. Apocalypse and everything and everyone is being exposed in that particular light of revelation. Formerly respectable bloggers, writers, commentators and sundry are being outed before the eyes of everyone who once knew them, as something that they have now proven themselves to be. If that isn’t you then that isn’t your problem, having avoided the filthy lucre end of the equation. Whatever is within us, whatever we have hidden from ourselves… is coming out. Better go to the headmaster and get that squared away before it gives you away. Grace is what must be sought and gratitude is one of the rays it descends upon.

Let’s face it folks, without help you are going to get nowhere. It’s the other guys who think they pull it off on their own steam but that is an illusion too because no one gets anywhere, at any time, under their own steam. There is no such thing as personal steam. It is all borrowed or channeled, whether one is conscious of this or not. If you were ignorant enough to believe that the sun rotated around the Earth, that did not influence the truth of the matter. A lie has power only in the mind that believes it but… when times are as strange and uneasy as they presently are, it is much easier for people to believe in comfortable or distracting lies. Sometimes distraction seems to be the only way to process the fear and confusion of the moment. Get lost in something and maybe by the time you come out of it, whatever was troubling you will be gone. Uh huh.

If you are not standing guard at the gateway of your mind, that which is untrue can find its way in. Before you know it, you have lodgers that did not sign in at the front desk. You find yourself presuming that whatever it is, it must have a right to be there because it is there, via some perversion of eminent domain. Spring is coming. Time to clear house. These insidious propaganda agendas understand about programming. Do not let your heart be troubled, Mr. Apocalypse is here.

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