Thursday, January 7, 2016

It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To.

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In times of material darkness, when the cancer of Materialism is in Stage 4, one has only to look at the mechanism of gain to see the why of anything we know to be wrong. Take the recent activities of the BLM. Consider that back when Bush the Stupid was running for Moron in Chief, mining consortiums were some of his most serious donors. The BLM land grabs are all efforts being made on behalf of mining interests that own the Department of the Interior. They’re not the only ones, just the main one. Here’s a small amount of insight into the scheme.

All sorts of madnesses are afoot. Look at Koln (Cologne) Germany at New Years. Yes, this is really happening. Cologne is a major center of the arts in Germany. It is a young and vital metropolis. There is a bridge there where the whole span of it has combination and other kinds of locks attached to the bridge railing. I believe it has to do with unions and marriages but… I could be wrong. Sooner or later a reaction of rage is going to set in. Already, in the east of the country they are torching locations housing migrants. Meanwhile… the work of disinfo agents continues apace.

We are in uncharted waters, where large movements are being generated by the insane. These movements are of many different kinds. Some are literal and some are not. For all of the cleverness, intelligence and acumen we attribute to the evil ones in this world, they are truly mad and marching and sometimes running to their inevitable destruction. Blame it on hubris but that is not the only thing. There are strange and powerful intoxicants that attend the practitioners of evil and this is all as it should be.

Many people bemoan what is taking place in the world. They can find no justification for the horrors that daily occur around the world. Moral people, spiritual people, people with a conscience, cannot get their minds around what is taking place. Perhaps the reason is that they cannot figure it out. In order to figure it out you need to comprehend cause and this is nigh on impossible, unless you can see across the course of lifetimes and very few of us have this ability and of those, without exception, they have nothing to say. If we collectively don’t know the specifics of why things are the way they are, there is a very good reason for it.

I consider my own state to be very fortunate. I don’t have any questions about why the events that take place in our time are taking place. I accept the reality of dwelling in a cloud of unknowing. As the reader probably knows, I have come across some terrible things. Before I wrote “The Dark Splendor” (Later called The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World), I researched serial killers for something between one and two years. I studied volumes of information about Dutroux and all manner of arcane horrors that sadly, occurred in actual life. Yet none of this leaves me asking, “Why?” I trust the ineffable in all things. I have come to this state through a great deal of personal suffering and deep existential confusion about meaning as it applies to existence. It came in stages. One can make no great leap to such an understanding. Apparently it has to be hammered into you, until you can stand it no more and you just let go. At least that is how it was for me. The scale of suffering in these times is incomprehensible.  It beggars the human imagination. What it does for me though is to fill me with gratitude. My situation is not so bad at all when put into perspective.

We are dreaming and we need to wake up. Here in this space we occupy, all of our thoughts eventually trace back to the ineffable. Here is what I believe one must do because every other alternative is unbearable. Sure, you can escape for a time in that direction, or this direction. You can stun the mind with intoxicants. You can fling yourself into the midst of the cauldron of experience; walk through the fire or burn. You can eschew the whole business entirely and follow what Lao Tzu said, “Why go outside for better seeing, better to abide at the center of your being. The way to do is to be.” You can middle of the road it. There are so many options for means of living and expressing. I have not found it possible to do any of them with any consistency. Surrender and devotion are the only things I understand and have been able to do with some regularity. I find it easy to love and trust the divine. It isn’t something that one does unceasingly, until the living and conscious presence is rooted within but… that will come. All you have to do is want it more than anything else and that is not so hard when everything else has either broken your heart or left you wanting something more than all the things that came before. The door of one’s heart must be broken from its hinges so that it can never be closed again. Until this has happened, it can always be shut on the behalf of personal pursuits.

One must be as crazy in their own way as are the evil ones spoken of earlier and this means that there are going to be people that don’t get it. It is certainly going to frighten some people and there is no surer way to get people to hate you than when they fear you, even if nothing ever happens, the fear that something might happen is enough. Following that, when nothing untoward does happen, then resentment is generated because nothing did happen along the lines of anything they were concerned about… meaning their own potential for it, should it have happened to be them and now they are ashamed of their fear and the predictable result comes to pass. It is one of those no win situations.

I just saw that psychopath, Obama, visibly weeping over his gun grab agenda. The crocodile tears ran down his cheeks. It was a horror movie moment for me. They are pulling out all stops. These are surely uncharted waters. Literally anything could happen at any time. I have to remind myself all day long that Mr. Apocalypse is here.

As much as one feels mostly serene these days, there is a deep undercurrent of restlessness. You can’t call it uncertainty. It has to do with a change in the power and quality of the energy. We are moving into another dimension of being. Someone recently sent me an email about this but it’s been uppermost in my thoughts for some time. I believe portals are about to open to all of the destination points of every collective of individuals who share a common theme. In times of cosmic change, it is near impossible to be immune to this sense of restlessness because it is CHANGE. It is dramatic change and it is going to manifest in every permutation one can imagine and several that one cannot.

The new age is slipping in under the cover of all of the strange and curious events taking place in these times. One day it will be completely here and few will remember how that came to happen because it came to happen like a thief in the night, or an expression of classic misdirection like a stage magician’s techniques. One day, like Spring, it’s just here. One must embrace inevitability. Nothing stays the same. Everything is subject to change except the ineffable and no doubt the ineffable changes and does not change simultaneously all the time. I think if you consider Shiva/Shakti that should be self-explanatory.

It is better to seek the ineffable with all the intensity and intention that you can muster. If only because everything else you could possibly want comes along with it. It seems pointless to me to pursue anything prior to becoming unified with the divine. Certainly I have been in many other states where I was pursuing other things but the ineffable was compassionate and made sure that it either did not work out or I was left in a state of disappointment when it did. For this I am unspeakably grateful. See… sometimes it is the things we failed at and the things we didn’t get but which we were able to observe others acquiring that turned into the most positive experiences that we had because they led us beyond the trite and pedestrian into a wonderland of spirit.

Kahlil Gibran once said something about movie actors; “they have not laughed all their laughter or cried all their tears.” Learn to live passionately or completely dispassionately, according to your Nature. Don’t do any of it halfway. Learn to feel deeply. Let your spirit soar. This is not so hard when you are focused on the grand prize and the grand prize does not exist because it is unobtainable. It exists because it is obtainable. Heaven and all the countless rooms of the many mansions are there for you. Aspire and live as if you were already there. Go about your life as if you were already in Heaven and Heaven will form in the air around you.

It doesn’t matter… this brief period of painful birth. When the agony ends the ecstasy will enter in. It seems to go on and on and on but in the life of this world it is an immeasurable blip. The key is to move beyond the torment and turmoil and this is all accomplished within and it is all about whom you host within that determines the experiences you will have. This is one of the great secrets of life and the telling reality that determines your state of being and your fate. Identify with the highest and you will rise to the heights. That may not mean the mountain tops of this world… nor should that matter at all. It all rests on who and what you dedicate your life to and there is nothing more that can be said following that.

End Transmission…….


robert said...

(part one of two)

Dear Visible:

The door of one’s heart must be broken from its hinges so that it can never be closed again. Until this has happened, it can always be shut on the behalf of personal pursuits.
One must be as crazy in their own way as are the evil ones spoken of earlier and this means that there are going to be people that don’t get it.
It is better to seek the ineffable with all the intensity and intension that you can muster. If only because everything else you could possibly want comes along with it. It seems pointless to me to pursue anything prior to becoming unified with the divine. Certainly I have been in many other states where I was pursuing other things but the ineffable was compassionate and made sure that it either did not work out or I was left in a state of disappointment when it did. For this I am unspeakably grateful.

An amazing and amusing (in the sense of the Muse) post!

Wherever you are, physically and psychically, it is clearly agreeing with you and brings the rest of us immense relief during this long dark night dragging its feet on its way out, knowing that you are well and well looked after by the Ineffable!

“If a fool persists in his folly, he becomes wise” William Blake

Though there can be a horror-flick interpretation of this excerpt from “Proverbs of Hell” (from the larger work: “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”) where the “wisdom” comes in irony at the end only at a terrible cost to the soul, I prefer the perspective from my own foolish life.

Like a true horse whisperer can open up a horse’s spirit to a graceful collaboration WITHOUT breaking the animal’s spirit by sheer imposed force of will, but by the gentle persistent power of compassion, so does the Ineffable gracefully work around our stubborn, broken natures, creating lessons with a plan that allows us to continue life in the wrong direction temporarily, with certain mastery that, when all is perfectly aligned, a turn will be taken, a repentance embraced which will warp time and space to restore the flow of Life to strong currents heading for the Source of all style, just in time!

Time and time again, I wander off into abstraction, away from my heart’s true desires, always seeking to minimize the suffering required to learn lessons, not as a naïve shortcut, but in sincere desire to emulate the Universal Creator, in seeking to learn wisdom well, through minimal waste and maximum elegant efficiency.

From our limited perspective, Nature can be rendered as immensely profligate, casting trillions of seeds to obtain one living being but I see that as simply looking with a materialistic mind’s eye. Every seed created has its own story, whether or not it dies successfully to be reborn in greater form. The joy is in the being, the casting of seed can be its own reward (males understand!), the sheer ferocious love of life needs no particular outcome to be fulfilled, that is for the Divine Artist to decide and for us esthetic co-creators to learn by example.


robert said...

(part two of two)

Regardless of good intentions, the moment I trade off being in the moment for holding my breath long enough to get through a stinky, sticky situation, I lose the all-important connection and the baby goes out with the bath water.

The Ineffable always meets me wherever I am and demands nothing more than all I AM, focusing my attention where it has the most powerful and positive increase. However crazy it appears from the outside (from which perspective NONE are qualified to judge), with the bees in our bonnet being the irresistible call of the Creator making us do the crazy pants dance, it MUST be the case that our persistence, the choice of our wills over time, pays dividends in expanded Universal ecstasy.

Any deviation from sleep walking will be perceived as crazy by the walking dead, whether that deviation is in the deep demonic rut of selfish, short-sighted accumulation OR if it takes the path least taken, to learn to walk like a Christ-ed being walks, carrying as much of the Presence as we can possibly sustain.

That is the key word: sustain

I have tried many times to rip off the doors to my heart by tilting at impossible but inspiring dreams. In the morning after reflections, trying to heal the broken will to go on, I realized that this human form cannot handle the high energies, until mastery of balance is near perfect! Until we know how to instantly say NO to detours where we waste energy going toward chimeras and YES always YES to the Presence, we are all sons and daughters of Icarus!

We get burned because, instead of unreservedly carrying the high current through us, like good stewards of the energy, a single instant of doubt, looking down or back, which creates even the slightest resistance, dissipates the power as heat instead of light, burning us out in arc explosions before we reach the frequency of harmony with the One.

So, we grow by having sterner stuff hammered into us by lessons from the Ineffable, rewiring us over time to handle more wattage through our limited wicks.

We cannot keep our heart’s doors from growing shut again, nor can we, by our will power, keep them open. What we can do is allow ourselves the freedom and forgiveness to continue flying toward the light, not getting burned because the light is farther way than it appears and is a flame alive, rippling itself to avoid unnecessary burns. Only we can cause the crash and burn, when we lose faith and try to regress to operating from our limited self, learning by resistance, the slow and painful way to grow.

Your work and play inspired this response, but all evident limitations are my own.
May we meet in victory when the birthing of the age is complete!

Visible said...

Well said, my friend.

missingarib said...

Vis, are we at the end of the age of innocence,are the events of our time the smoke of a distant fire that threatens to burn any semblance of truth in our lives?
Can we still believe that safety in numbers has any meaning? or safety in location .

When instead what Nietzsche described as "God is dead" is rather more that art is dead when the quest to express love as the reflection of our world is attacked as dangerous and inconsistent with "our values". Wherein as Shaw wrote: "Love is a simple thing and a deep thing: it is an act of life and not an illusion." is twisted and deconstructed to suit the suits in power.

"Art is the magic mirror you make to reflect your invisible dreams in visible pictures. You use a glass mirror to see your face: you use works of art to see your soul."
Back to Methuselah, Part 5, George Bernard Shaw

Today what Nietzsche described as "God is dead in the hearts and minds of his own generation of modern men - killed by an indifference that was itself directly related to a pronounced cultural shift away from faith and towards rationalism and science." that what is revered as rationalism and science is but a fraud foisted on innocent minds as the answer to love and faith but has shown itself to be the distant fire that burns away love, life, and liberty.
The confusion of when things are right and wrong at the same instant-what Nietzsche saw but didn't understand. The phrase "If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not have had sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin."John 15:22

live long

Visible said...

I understand your points and examples but the simple truth is that intellectual arguments are useless as are definitive quotes. One must become as a little child. It is always the death of innocence. This cannot be avoided. It is the regeneration of innocence that counts. We fall but we rise or we do not rise at all. One can argue and set to for a thousand years and it will be only words. The ineffable knows and we do not and the sooner we get to the latter, the sooner we can bask in the sun of the former.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Is it OK for me to write this? I dunno, and I dunno what it even means, or if it's for me, or the world, or what. I had a lucid dream where I was told to remember who I'm really working for, and I was shown a calendar with the first four months of this year highlighted. Also, tons of weird things involving synchronicity have been happening, and sometimes it actually gets disorienting when I think about it. Kinda like bein' in the Twilight Zone, but in a good way.

Everything that is now must be destroyed. It's wrong, and it has to go away for a new, just way to exist where we don't have to deal with stuff like this:

or this:


Pardon my not hot linking. To much trouble, with me being under the gun time wise. I'm on a work gig with my old job, and an old friend hired me for a new job I can barely handle, having become the plum, outta shape internet potato (web-spud) I am. Dishwasher at a rather large, very successful Chinese restaurant. It's kinda cool. Most of my fellow dishwashers speak no English. My limited, sucky Spanish is gonna improve fast. I'm even thinking in Spanish over there.

Visible said...

Bilious or choleric, you have no equal around here.

missingarib said...

Vis, of course you are right to emphasize that inner and outer are inherent in the mind,and
begin with personal awareness,.
As the Buddha reveled :
"I possess the true Dharma eye, the marvelous mind of Nirvana, the true form of the formless, the subtle dharma gate that does not rest on words or letters but is a special transmission outside of the scriptures. This I entrust to Mahākāśyapa.

Thank you vis for sharing the your thoughts pointing out the infinite as dimensions of "Heaven and all the countless rooms of the many mansions are there for you. Aspire and live as if you were already there. Go about your life as if you were already in Heaven and Heaven will form in the air around you.

The sages are not indifferent to the world, they effort to differentiate the real from the illusion by pointing the proverbial finger point at the moon .

live long

Ray B. said...

A most-deep column. Three-quarters VO. Thanks. Some thoughts generated, as I read it:

Vis: "For all of the cleverness, intelligence and acumen we attribute to the evil ones in this world..."

I am not so concerned about the evil ones in this world. They are the low-hanging fruit. I worry about the ones who are effectively immortal, and so have a really-long-term 'plan' for humanity. Also, I worry about the ones who can, absent defenses, truly 'take over' the mind of another. Neil Freer wrote a book, "God Games: What Do You Do Forever," whose title summarizes my fears. Fortunately, we now have some 'help' in that regard...
Vis: "...unless you can see across the course of lifetimes and very few of us have this ability and of those, without exception, they have nothing to say."

When I was visited by that anthropocentric (real) elf, who was curious about me, 'he' allowed me to 'ride' upon his viewing of my Soul. That was when I learned about the enormity of our past lifetimes. (Not in detail; more like 'skimming'. There were far too many.) This was both awe-inspiring and enraging.

The curious thing was: When we got close to my 'stay' on this planet, I was 'blanked out'. I have no memory of those lifetimes. Either I 'chose' not to remember for some important reason, or some higher power said 'verboten'. Either way, I have lots of memory of way-distant times, but none of where they might be 'useful'. (I have had lots of recall of place-specific recent-past lives, but these are like tiny spotlights in a vast room.)
Vis: "If we collectively don’t know the specifics of why things are the way they are, there is a very good reason for it."

Aarrgghh. Gnashing of teeth. Throwing of furniture. Pouting. Shaking of fist. Single finger salute. (Not at you, Vis.)
Vis: "I accept the reality of dwelling in a cloud of unknowing."

I don't. There is something important about The Big Picture; I can feel it. I will be pounding upon that door until I am no longer here, one way or another...
Vis: "I trust the ineffable in all things."

Frankly, I don't. In my travels around woo-woo land, I have found each 'level' of existence to be - at least partially - 'level-centered'. By that, I mean with their day-to-day (ha!) existence mostly occupied by 'nearby' consciousness-levels. Truly, how often have you worried about the daily life of ants, earthworms, etc.? (Except for us gardener-types... *grin*)

Perhaps because I am a natural 'agitator', I find it is sometimes necessary to 'rock the boat'. I ask embarrassing questions of unseen, self-centered types. Sometimes, a simple snowball will start a landslide, if put in exactly the right place (grin).

I think of it as giving 'feedback' to the ineffable... (And yes, I am impertinent.)
Vis: "I believe portals are about to open to all of the destination points of every collective of individuals who share a common theme."

I do believe that portals exist, because I am aware of several of them - active and not. I suspect that any movement of 'collectives' will be done on a vibration or frequency basis. If you are of 'this' vibration-range, you go 'there'. If you are of 'that' vibration-range, you go 'over there'. Etc. It is actually a 'happy-making' sorting, as it were. Vibration A types would not be happy where Vibration B types are going, and vice versa. So, good for all concerned. We shall see...

Again, magnificent (VO) column!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...

Greetings! NAMAHA!!
Technical avatar and all round amazing guitarist John Mclaughlin said that when he was young the "muse" appeared to him in a dream and said, "I love you." I believe John.
John and his wife Ina are sponsoring a fund drive to aid a NGO in Ramallah who work with traumatized children of the "occupation". John has stated, "having a normal childhood is virtually impossible. Please help." Amazing. Amazing that he and his bandmates have took it upon themselves to play Ramallah...TWICE and at their own expense to aid the Palestinians. As fate would have it, I read some comments from Howard Stern who was berating Roger Waters' stance on the Israeli "occupation".
"I don't know, Palestine doesn't even exist" said Stern regarding Waters, "he comes across as an anti-semite..." I then opened my copy of Paramahansa Yogananda's autobiography where he speaks fondly of walking around in Palestine. Either Stern or Yogananda is wrong. I'm with the Paramahansa on this one!

Kazz said...

It occurs to me Vis that if the world is only an illusion than trying to change it is a waste of time. My focus is directed to what I need to change and what I need to overcome, to bring my actions into alignment with Divine Will. The easiest way to understand what this journey entails is set out in Tibetan Buddhism. It is all about balance, balancing our energy/chakras, and not what is happening in the world arena. My research brings me to the conclusion that the only thing I have been empowered by God to do is change my self, while the lower energies on this plane focus us on blaming that which is not in our control. The old saying, 'God, please give me the strength to change that which I need to and the wisdom to know that which I cannot.'

Quantum physics reveals that this world is nothing more than a holographic reality made up of photons and sound waves, so I have concluded that I am the observer, and therefore I am the co-creator creating what is before me, all that is left now is for me to be mindful of what I create.

I can believe I AM nothing more than a corporate entity who serves the global elite, or I can believe I AM a child of God serving God. WE CAN ONLY SERVE ONE MASTER! I still have a long, long way to go, but I know in my heart I am on the right path. My journey now is about slowly removing myself from the corporate fiction, which is no easy task, and one that takes some time to accomplish, as I am finding out, but it took me many lives to get to where I am now, so I pray God will be patient with me as I tediously remove my self from this demonic system that has ensnared Man. I do not believe what is happening on this plane is malicious but simply a training aid used in our evolution. If we stay on the path God will take our hand and lead us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, all we have to do is believe!!

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

As has oft been stated here, you only change the world by changing yourself. To say that the world is an illusion is not overall incorrect but it would be better to say that it is a 'projection'. If you change the film in the projector, you change the movie. This is only one of the reasons why Love is promoted by every bonafide oracle of truth. Love illuminates and also transforms. No one who says anything can have any impact unless it impacts upon the mind of the one being informed and causes them to alter their approach to existence. Change the film in the projector.

torus said...

The film/projector metaphor was also used by Ramada Maharshi. He encourages one to try and realize that you are the light of the "projector". Be not attached to the shifting scenes on the screen but realize that you ARE the light. Realizing such will change what you project. Jean Klein speaks of it like this, "There is no past, present or future. The future is a projected past and the present is past the moment you think of it. All happens in your presence, which is timeless. Fatalism is a passive attitude where you are given over to the situation, identified with it. But you are not the situation, the film, but the light which illuminates and gives life to it. What you call an accident, fate, etc. is in the film but you, the light, are not.
Determinism is linear but there is no one creation of world history. The world (the whirled) is created every moment out of all possibilities. All possibilities are in you - why identify with one expression? All relativity only has meaning in your wholeness.
When there is only simultaneity then everything happens at every moment. Past, present, and future come together in presence. Only from consciousness, globality, can the film be seen in its entirety. Otherwise you remain bound to fractions, to the different images, and you go into the picture. The content of your life is more than you know. When there is clarity and discernment your attention and energy will no longer be lived and dispersed in images."

torus said...

I said, "Ramada Maharshi". Forgive me for that Ramada.
One can only imagine the fly-by-night tactics of a 'Ramada' Maharshi.
"Yes, for only $500 I offer health, strength, longevity, sweetness of speech, and the psychic healing of ailments!!"

Then there are days when I regard God as the ultimate blogger. Before you joined his blog he offered this caveat; "The content herein may be disturbing to some.

!□I understand and wish to continue"

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz, January 08, 2016 3:26:00 AM :

Excellent piece! (And Robert, too!)

One of the slickest 'ploys' - whether originating from within 'our' projector or inserted from another level - is that of limitation. This is drummed-in from the earliest age, via parents and society (sleepwalking through life, courtesy of TPTB). It has a seat in our subconscious, limiting what we expect from the universe. And so, as the sages noted, "What We Believe Becomes Who We Are" or "As You Think So Shall You Become." It really is that simple - although complex in the undoing. (Along that line, any long-term readers remember the "Second Level of Forgetting"?)

Each time that I have 'felt past' one of my limiting (but embedded) assumptions, I am clearer and clearer that the universe can meet my (even subconscious) needs - sometimes in the most outrageous ways. No need to play within the limited 'system' which is dangled before us from birth. There is even more joy when something that could-not-happen happens anyway!

Sometimes, even unlooked-for assumptions are cleared-out: One time, within a sensitivity class, we were asked to say "I am" and feel whether we felt congruent with that. I tried it several times, and something just wasn't right. Finally, it came out 'just right'. No calls or pulls or limitations on it. Very grounding.

When I looked at where that "I am" came from, it was from my base chakra. Simple existence. No reason for having to justify my existence; I was Complete. Startled the heck out of me that that 'assertion' came from there. Very positive. (No outside comparisons: There was nothing about whether you existed or not.)

Some people deride the lower chakras. I have found that each has a very positive 'core'. Perhaps, this 'knowing' is one-thing TPTB is trying to distract us from...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

I stand corrected, projection is a better term than illusion, even though the world appears to be controlled through the use of illusion. What we manifest becomes a projection of who we are, which is why we are told, ' will know them by their fruits. "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.…' (Matthew 7:20-21). With this in mind it only makes sense to me that the most important thing to do is to work hard purifying myself so I can remove any static, to provide better clarity so I can see what the Divine's Will is for me. Making my self familiar with God's word has been instrumental in this process, but at the end of the day I know my reception is limited in accordance to the level of corruption that still resides within me. This process is difficult enough without me deliberately creating static between us, but frustratingly enough I do, create static through my own stupidity that is ;O). I am so grateful the option of being forgiving so I can be forgiven is on the table otherwise my butt would be toast!

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

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"Malcolm Bowden + Geocentric Universe"

"Dr. Robert Sungenis + Geocentric Universe"

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From : Salvatore

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is uo now-

Your Inside is Out and your Outside is... Uh... I Forget.

Anonymous said...

To robert and visible,

Da'am, that was good.


Anonymous said...

Bill C. Jr. states,
A most excellent article, outstanding comments by the R&R duo, Robert and Ray and magnificent take on our birthing new age of compassion.
Your comment Visible "I understand your points and examples but the simple truth is that intellectual arguments are useless as are definitive quotes. One must become as a little child. It is always the death of innocence. This cannot be avoided. It is the regeneration of innocence that counts." was sounded in a 12 step meeting on Wednesday night where the speaker spoke of a child like innocence and the total surrender to our Higher Power from the time we awake till we fall back to sleep. Being in ever and constant communion with our HP's will from the time we express our gratitude for another day upon awakening to our deep appreciation for being allowed to perform HP's works throughout the day. My eyes fill with joy penning these words knowing I fall short yet know to the deepest recesses of my heart all the aforementioned is true. I aspire to continue to be me and a instrument for peace.
God bless one and all on these websites of truth.

Eudoxia said...

I second that and add Kazz as well jimminychristmas! As usual the timing of this post is impeccable touche Viz! I've had some seriously unruly house guests of late. They cleaned out my furniture and broke all my windows.

My son ended up back in hospital his shunt was blocked this was before Christmas, then they discharged him (admin debacle) he was readmitted shortly after in an emergency he was in one hospital 180 kilometers from my mother admitted into another one in chronic heart failure. They replaced the valve in his shunt and let him out on day release to see mum. While there he went into decline and was in the next room to her in a small district hospital. He's screaming in agony (the shunt wasn't working properly) in one room and she's calling out for help and her mother in another room. I was running between rooms and finally had to jump into the ambulance with Zack to get transported back to the hospital he should have been in. I had to make a choice and went with Zack and Mum passed away that night. Then to top it all off like icing on a cake, my sister had my mother cremated without asking if I was okay with that. I was okay with it it's just the timing was wrong. Didn't that bring up some SERIOUS SHIT! FUCK ME.................

I yelled at God, I raged and sat in misery and self pitty until I recovered myself in order to see through the broken windows! Low and behold there was a new view and my I discovered my unruly house guests were really cleaners! I snapped the fuck out of it. Anger and rage have no place in my house and they were actually squatters, the cleaners disguised as unruly house guests fixed that. They even got the cobwebs out from under the chairs.

I stopped yelling at God and when I broke the news to my son that Mum had passed away (and they were really close) I said Great Spirit blessed you, he made you well enough to see your grandma for the last time and she needed to see you in order to go and now he needs to fix your head.

To response to Bill C - yea it's the loss of innocence that invites the unruly house guests. We feel abandoned disguised as okay but the cleaners show us we aren't. Then they return what we lost. The cleaners are very efficient.

Anonymous said...

Sacrafice Love
The Spirit of God alone can orginate revival!
We must remember that sanctions against usury were put there by wiser men than us. It has been the concept of usury utilized in a lawless fashion that has brought the world to the brink of destruction.

Fear of death has produced this sorry situation. Instead of denying death, we must accept it, we must learn that we have only one chance to make this universe a beautiful place. You won’t be coming back as some repetition of yourself, and you won’t be going anywhere else to permanently vacation with the legendary teachers. Where you go and what you become after you die depends wholly on what you do right here, right now.

Ye me, you do not have to be afraid. Peace can not be built on death. God himself should fear. He will be planted. I'll tell you that now you bring your plan in a hurry, trust me wrong it finish. I myself am full of sin. Satan tempts my soul. How would you know you would understand my conclusions. While exploring the new world. Catholic Church Pope to convert the Maya to the Roman Catholic faith. They killed the true religion, they burned many unique knowledge and hypocritical religions introduced by destroying the culture and knowledge of the Mayans.

All we can fix enough not to panic.

Just that Browse through the eyes. How many more you stand it. Depart from evil. Enough with carry the cross of my sins, I have still a lot of yours.

Anonymous said...

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.
In the Book of Job it is written in stone diamond that scraped to save the law of God. They knew the properties of diamond. Giants lived on earth. It is described how they were destroyed. In the Book of Isaiah it is written. From the elite he learned the truth and ceased to do evil, and there was peace on earth. You do not have time for bullshit. Time is running out. You have to get rid of everything that nuclear weapons on earth. One must consider what to do. He can not stay on the ground the consequences will be enormous. Solar energy far enough. What is needed is the energy of the wind. The sun will be obscured. The only wind. You wanted to know Zion? The earth is born will be unrecognizable. You can help her. You wanted to see God? Its beauty surrounds you. Did you see him every day, you tripped over him. Beautiful is the world seen through his eyes.

Kazz said...


Thanks for your kind words Eudoxia, and you too (from another thread) for your kind words Ray. B.

I am sad to hear your mum has passed, but considering her latest living situation it could be more of a case of God's kindness and humanity stepping in. I hope Zack is recovering, and am glad your recent troubles have served you, in that it has helped light your path ahead. I know you would have coped with this tidal wave of challenge, because that is who you are. I am glad to see your strength gave way to surrender, which is the only way one can come back into the loving arms of their cosmic creator. You know that I am there for you if you need a friend's ear or a shoulder to lean upon :o). I have not been in touch lately because we have been dealing with our own demons. It appears challenges are being waged to make us all step further into the light. I will give you a call today, my brave little spiritual warrior :o).

Lots of luv
Your mate

Anonymous said...

pierre said

a fine line between rationalisation (of circumstances and results) and calibration (to the ineffable's will).

"The old saying, 'God, please give me the strength to change that which I need to and the wisdom to know that which I cannot.'" a favourite of mine, though in my head it is loosely weaved as the AA's Lord grant me the ability to change the things I can change, accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference .

CHANGE a foot, let's hope it is what was supposed to (and did so to a limited degree) happen in those 60's... before the tribe hijacked it (laced the LSD, not promoting it though, MKULTRA was into that in the 50's with unsuspecting guinea pigs, courtesy of Project Paperclip and Nazi/Ashkenazi style social programming).

funny scene came to mind re Whisperer's Australian Comedy series rake (couldn't find it on yt)... Guy pressed the button at the pedestrian crossing lights, a suited gent comes up behind him and presses three times again, Guy comments, what is it with you, do you have some touch to it I don't, are you some kind of Traffic Light Whisperer or something? [ Guy starts getting close and personal to said lights, licks the bar, actually he was a lawyer, so make that Bar, actually it's all Jewish cabal law, so make that Ba'] they got into a bit of a biff... only TV though, though people really are that reactive and humorless these days.

seriously, a lot less chemtrails here in Eastern Australia this year and, in this mid lattitude, a lot cooler too.... lovely puffy poetic clouds. know them by their absence. (though Brother Nanthaniel, being a Greek Orthodox convert from Judaism, would say know them by their Incense).

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia, sorry to hear about your loss(es). A wild time, emotionally. (I have seen cases where a person will just not go into some deep feelings. Sometimes, quite strong people. As a consequence, the universe sends something to absolutely breach their dam. Hard in the short-term; necessary in the long-term. Not necessarily you; just a thought that came up...)

Also, I cannot tell you how many instances that I have heard about dying people not letting-go until they had a final meeting with loved ones. I am glad that Zack and you were able to have that final meeting. The universe strikes again...

One thing that I should mention (sigh): When a parent dies, all sorts of feelings come up afterwards - from regret to anger to relief. It would serve you best if you did not 'censor' any of those feelings - especially, ethically or religiously unacceptable ones. That will just drive them downwards, to reappear at a later date. (Inadvisable.) Instead, just be with them, as non-judgmentally as possible. They will 'move-through' you and be 'done'. In addition, I have found that simply saying, "What is at the core of this?" can lead into unexpected areas and even release old, held material. There is much 'baggage' with parental figures; use this 'opportunity' (sorry) for your long-term growth...

I am sure that we all wish you (and Zack) well in this time. Know that you are loved. 'Support' is there. (Sometimes, the good guys wait for a verbal declaration of allowance. A boundary issue. Make sure to let 'them' know it is okay to help.)

Much Love,
Ray B.

P.S. I am sure you know this, but be half-on-the-lookout for motherly 'visitations' - whether a presence in your room or in the dream state. More may need to happen...

Anonymous said...

To Eudoxia and Ray,

Ray is so right on about parental baggage. I myself am a parent, and i am sincerely inclined to an outcome of bringing as little baggage as possible to bear for my progeny as i can muster as we go along.

I am currently in the throes of caring for one parent who has churned up such a mixed (bag) of emotions, i can hardly describe the levels of difficulty in sorting them out when they arise in the midst of our mundane existence. The factors involved are a jumble of a prevailing and consistent accumulation of material, psychological, spiritual, and long-declining physical health, poorly packaged and loosely tied together with a shiny bow of denial and pride. It ain't all in one bag, either. There's LOTS of bags! In LOTS of places! This is a mess that only faith in the will of the cosmos and our forebears in service can determine, along with the will of the living (us).

I meditate and grip onto my values even tighter as time goes on, knowing that there's nothing else to do except go on and see it thru, and continue to expediently expunge our excesses until we're lighter and freer. That's the goal, anyway. I'm sure my progeny will appreciate it when i eventually meet my end. To achieve a lightness of being whether in the material or spiritual world or both congruently is a goal that i aspire most abiding.


Anonymous said...

And during this time of heavy responsibility, i ask for that help you can't get from immediately visible sources, while chastising myself for some of the strong feelings that crash against my cliff wall and pray these requests are getting to the good guys out there. I really try not to worry too much about it, and let a lot of things go, like Ray recommends and it does help.

Often, i ask not only for myself but ask as equally for my yung'un, my parent(s) and for other members of significance in my life, living or passed, and i find it continues rippling out toward other parts of the world and out and beyond it, which can uncover certain knowledge of why things are as they are, adding new twists to the ongoing saga. Sometimes i'll be specific and other times it'll be just a general thought of something worthwhile or equable. Conversely, i tend to become perturbed by needling energies, which lower my composure, and i've learned to be dispassionate about it (most of the time) as there's not much i can do about material reality and physics, or meta-physics for that matter; except to accept it all with as much grace as i can gather from the divine. And it ain't easy, i tell ya. Other times, i have no idea, and there's no reason to dwell on it.

So, going forward, dear Eudoxia, you are one who deals with what's in front of you and you'll give yourself something to grow on and so with the others who surround you. Keep going, and wishing you all well moving forward


Ray B. said...

jimminychristmas, your last paragraph is almost my 'mantra'. Well said!

Good luck in your "caring for one parent." I had to take care of my mother in her waning time, and it was a handful - physically and emotionally. (She had smoked since an early age, and had fatally-damaged her lungs.) That was when I 'honed' the practice of "What's at the core of this?" It helped me in dealing with my own, brought-up 'stuff'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eudoxia said...

Hello beautiful people, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words, you are all shining stars and ships of hope for the future. Zack is recovering and so am I and the family. It was HUGE but out of it a calm and and an acceptance set in. All will be well in the world and my mother is at peace. About the house guests, many of you would be familiar with Rumi, but for those who are not here it is. Blessings to all you and many thanks.

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

PS A new delight has already entered.

Anonymous said...


Czeslaw Milosz said of Camus that "if he rejected God it was out of love for God because he was not able to justify Him".

"Why". (As you say, 'you just let go' as said here also in Psalm 131 -

O Lord, my heart is not lifted up,
my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
too great and too marvelous for me.
but I have calmed and quieted my soul,
like a weaned child with its mother;
my soul is like the weaned child that is with me.
O Israel, hope is in the Lord
from this time on and forevermore.

Identifying with the highest here, boss!

-ye olde and shaky beggar

Questioning said...

Yes, the 70 years of "innocence" and the much longer cycle of "innocence" is coming to an end. "This time is different" is a phrase I usually deride, yet...who knows? bad...very,very,very BAD. And it isn't just Cologne, it's cities all over Europe and goes back as far as the 1980s when Algerians would rape frwnchwomen and like Rotherham, it's all been.and continues to be covered up.

Henretta Reker is the Cunt of Cologne. She actually said to the white women of Germany. "Hold at Arms length, dress modestly, be sensitive to their culture, avoid large crowds and festivals"

In other words, the fuckin' evil, shit-trsting, ugly, bitter, spinster feminazis are BLAMING THE VICTIMS!!! And they are STILL pretending it is all the White Man's fault!

Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

The pope, there we go



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