Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Friends of Schadenfreude are Defenseless and Alone.

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Whatever it was that we were concerned about, or indifferent to, has finally shown up in the Event Horizon. It's no one thing in particular. I don't see the reason for links, it is everywhere from Flint to the methane fields of California and all over the world and these are only the things you are hearing about. It is a host of associated ills, marching arm in arm, riding side by side. It's as if the Light Brigade has formed up behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and there's a guy in the front that looks a lot like General George Armstrong Custer with a saber in his teeth, like he's about to turn into Errol Flynn doing Captain Kidd, storming a merchant ship, somewhere in The Doldrums or the Horse Latitudes. They often have a problem of no wind in these locations, due to heated air, given their location in the hot bands of the Earth.

The Horse Latitudes are so named because the Spanish, well known for their less than tender treatment of animals, generally, used to get stuck there and had to toss their horses overboard, so that they could conserve the water, for all those conquistadors who were running around on their humanitarian missions in the Americas. I know there are people who think that the name came from the horses being lowered into the water and then being used to swim the boat out of that wind stagnant location; just as there are people who believe all kinds of things that aren't true, like what most people believe to be real but which is decidedly not. I'm not saying someone might not have thought about this or even tried to do it but... well let's not go there.

As calm as these locations often are, they are also the scene of furious storms that occur when certain weather conditions come about that generate them. The same can be said for economic storms and political storms, as well as storms that ignite the passions that lead to wars and which are often generated by economic weather as a precursor. We got all of that right here, front and center.

We've not going to argue today about how the oil markets influence the economic markets and then impact on the political situation, anywhere there is an effect, and that would probably be everywhere. Experts in the field are the ones we will leave the argument to and they are very good at arguing with each other, which means that a great many of them don't know what they are talking about. The reason for that is that most of them are paid to say what they say. They are not paid to tell the truth because the truth is not a desired feature of their employment agreements, cause the truth fucks everything up and makes business as usual a great deal more difficult for the liars and predators.

I'm not an expert so I really shouldn't stick my oar in. I don't have to because the Doldrums and Horse Latitudes, metaphorically speaking, are not acting according to their basic nature at this time. They are in the storm mode. Ah... but that is a portion of their basic nature.

We have a glaring curiosity sitting on the TV screen of the moment and uh huh... it's looking right back at us like Nietzsche's abyss, or the lidless eye of Sauron, if you prefer. That curiosity is; how come with all these highly educated experts in all their fields, in all their theaters of operation, like the economic sector and the banking sector and the political sector and whatever other sectors would be relevant; how come after all their education and on the job training and sophisticated acumen, developed over time, they literally don't know Shit from Shinola? How come that is? The answer is simple.

You cannot perform according to the laws of fair and able dealing if you are completely corrupt. Even though it is altogether possible for the world to be on an even keel, with enough for everyone, this is impossible to achieve if a few psychopaths decide they not only want far more than everyone else, including more than they could ever spend, or ever need. This throws the whole system out of balance and it ceases to be a system anymore. These monsters in human form are indifferent to the wider costs and pandemic suffering caused by their rapacious, soul sucking greed. Their tactic is to stay around just long enough to suck every fragment of worth from every area in which it may be sucked from and then to scamper away, moments before the raging mob comes tearing after them. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't ...because sometimes they stay around longer than they meant to. Sometimes they just think they will get away with it forever and sometimes they think judgment will come once they are gone and that's okay.

I can't say for sure how it all went down in lighter and more decent times. The whole of the history of those times is lost, or known only to a few. I can say that in these times and for some time, here in Kali Yuga, the agendas of those at the top of the game has been, 'every man for himself'. Cooperation only comes up when two or more are ganging up on another, or when nothing would get accomplished if they didn't come to some agreement but... every step of the way they are looking for a chance to screw one another. It is the essence of 'dog eat dog' at all times and at any point where one of them has gotten over on the other or destroyed another, all the fair weather friends come out of the closet and pat them on the back and tell them what a prescient and savvy player they were. All of them belong to The Friends of Schadenfreude, which is only one of the clubs they are members of.

Their reasoning may have been viable in other times. It seems like in Kali Yuga that a lot of bad people get away with a lot of bad things. The truth is that no one gets away with anything. The pimp of yesterday is the whore of tomorrow. The banker of yesterday is the homeless of tomorrow. The vicious prison guard transforms into the cowering prisoner. The oppressor is changed into the oppressed. Life is a bank and all investments result in payouts at some point. Most people don't want to hear this. Their minds resist accepting this. They cannot see how what they see came about from those who fomented the very conditions they are now experiencing. This had nothing to do with helping people in need, with having compassion and feeling empathy. Lao Tzu and Buddha have both said variations on, “only pursue a bad man to show him the way.”

I'm not here to argue with people about what just got said here. I'm convinced of the truth of it and some of that via means that are as conclusive as it is possible to experience. Everyone has to figure these things out for themselves. As Lao Tzu said, “people can come to their wits end arguing about it but had better meet it at the marrow.”

As we said, “their reasoning may have been viable in other times.” This, however, is an apocalypse. This is the time of judgment and summation. It is a time of exposure, revealing and uncovering. It is the harvesting. It is a time of signs and wonders. It is a time of the unexpected. It is a time of sweeping transformation, of the departure of one age and the entrance of another and it is not just the end of one age and the beginning of another but the end of an entire cycle and the beginning of another and possibly, so I have been informed, the ending of an even greater cycle and the beginning of another. These are truly significant times and it explains why it is so hard to stay on course and why so many are caught up in a fascination and worship of the instruments and avenues of their own destruction.

The decisions we make in these times and the directions we take, will resound in our passage for a very long time, will both lead and follow us through a great many wardrobe changes, if that proves to have been our inclination. Portals are opening that have not been open for a long while. Dimensional shifts are at hand, quantum leaps are a definite possibility for some. Whatever it is will come suddenly and if one is not prepared there will be no possibility of preparation then. One must have been at it all along and for those who have not been... in these final days, or weeks or months or years... remember what the maha-avatar, Krishna said; “success is speedy for the energetic.” It's something along the lines of, “make haste while the sun shines”

You have a wealth of books and teachings at your disposal. You have the benefit of your own experiences, which should have taught you many things and you have the memory of all those other people, who gave you proof that they went the wrong way and that some other one might have gone the right way. It seems to me that the critical things in all of this is... does one want to know the truth? Is one truly and intensely seeking after the right thing? Is one really sincere in both their efforts and their pursuits?

You cannot hope to gain the assistance of the luminous ones if these statements are not true of you and if these are true of you, you cannot fail in acquiring the assistance of the luminous ones. Many of us believe that what we perform in private is not seen at a wider reach. I beg to differ on that account. Many of us believe that there is nothing out there or in there. They believe that life is some random accident and that you are only here once and that makes no kind of sense at all but people have a habit of adjusting what they believe to put it in line with getting what they want.

I am not alone in possessing incontrovertible evidence that we are not here only once and that life is NOT a random accident. If I pity anyone... and I do... I pity those who have gone out of their way to convince themselves that what is... is not; who have used the argument of the shortcomings of religion, as proof that there is no God. This kind of apples and oranges ignorance is not only stupid but incredibly costly. I especially pity those who willfully deceive others for the purpose of their own gain and who willingly do evil when they know they should not.

May you be blessed with revelation and may conviction, determination and clarity grow in you like mighty trees and may all those wide spread and over shadowing branches become the testimony of your unshakable faith.

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Kazz said...

Awesome post Vis.

This brings to mind the 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom (Jesus Christ).


Notice how it says at the end of the above link, 'And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’”'

'The Antichrist is given the title “man of lawlessness” because he will oppose in every way the biblical God and His law. He will be completely lawless. Daniel 7 speaks of this man as a “boastful” king who will “try to change the set times and the laws” (verses 11 and 25). He will come offering a false peace to the world and will with his charismatic personality, incredible promises, and breathtaking miracles unite all nations politically, economically, and religiously under his leadership.' http://www.gotquestions.org/man-of-lawlessness.html

Sounds like the Pope and the ROMAN Catholic Church to me, because it is the spiritual head of this global monstrosity that is being unleashed upon humanity. It should not come as a surprise to anyone who really knows Jesus just how offensive it is to associate this monstrosity with Christianity.

(I know I posted what is below in another post recently but I believe it is important and relevant to this post so I am putting it up again) -

'What does the worship of Tammuz have to do with the sign of the cross? According to historian Alexander Hislop, Tammuz was intimately associated with the Babylonian mystery religions begun by the worship of Nimrod, Semiramis and her illegitimate son, Horus. The original form of the Babylonian letter T was †, identical to the crosses used today in this world's Christianity. This was the initial of Tammuz. Referring to this sign of Tammuz, Hislop writes:

That mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated into the Mysteries. . . . The Vestal virgins of Pagan Rome wore it suspended from their necklaces, as the nuns do now. . . . There is hardly a Pagan tribe where the cross has not been found. . . . [T]he X which in itself was not an unnatural symbol of Christ, the true Messiah, and which had once been regarded as such, was allowed to go entirely into disuse, and the Tau, "†", the sign of the cross, the indisputable sign of Tammuz, the false Messiah, was everywheresubstituted in its stead. (The Two Babylons, 1959, p. 198-199, 204-205)

Nothing has changed in thousands of years!

Please God give me the strength to go the distance so my lamp will be full of oil when our bridegroom returns?

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

PS. And I AM not referring to the false return of Christ that is being created through Project 'Blue Beam'!!!

You will know when Jesus Christ really does take over because THERE WILL BE NO WORLDLY AUTHORITY ANYMORE. God in Heaven will be our only authority. Jesus has told us this because he refers to his church as his brothers and sisters, NOT HIS SUBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those people who think this can never be because of the corrupt state of Man are projecting who they are on to everyone else! I see lots of good in people, especially when they are not forced to endure inhuman living conditions! It is so easy to pass judgement on people when you have never had to walk a mile in their shoes!!

Luv Kazz

Lori said...

This is profoundly true. I'm not going to bother commenting -
everyone just read it again.

Love, Lori

Ray B. said...

Hey, Grega! Good to meet another SF fan. I am putting my response here rather than at VO, so you might be more likely to see it.

I am glad you finally saw the original "Star Trek" series. It was a 'light in the darkness' for 60s TV viewers. You (probably) have no idea how sterile and programmed TV of that era was. Roddenberry used the SF 'cover' to whisk all sorts of verboten ideas onto the screen. The censors finally caught-on to this. They moved the show into a Friday night slot that guaranteed a low TV audience. That gave them the excuse to kill it. (It was replaced by "Lost in Space", God help us all...)

"Babylon 5" is simply the best SF series that television has produced to date - bar none. That includes all the "Star Trek" variations. It has it all - from vast cosmic sweep to engaging personal stories. Even esp and spirituality were embedded. In a TPTB-less universe, people would be discussing it on the street...

Yes, "Farscape" was good. It went over-the-top weird at times, but almost every character was a strong personality with their own truth. (Loved the Zhaan character.) Somehow, they meshed. As they got drawn into the middle of the Peacekeeper vs Scarren conflict (via Crichton's wormhole knowledge), the series took-on more life and meaning. The series was also prone to dabble in psychic and spiritual areas, incorporating them into a living (if almost hallucinogenic) universe. Recommended.

I am still awaiting a "Lord of the Rings", Peter Jackson-movie-scale making of E.E. "Doc" Smith's famous "Lensman" series of SF books. A true telling of that tale would make "Star Wars" look like a kindergarden dust-up. And "Star Trek" incredibly limited. The "Lensman" saga is even based-around psychic and spiritual capabilities, rather than as plot add-ons. Couldn't be better in it's 'bones'...

Of course, the "Lensman" saga will probably never be made. It's very fabric incorporates hidden bad-guys (physical and higher-dimensional) who wish to crush humanity's potential for growth and leave them a virtual slave-race. A bit too-close-to-home for TPTB. This, of course, is why such a money-maker of a 'universe' has not been snapped-up and run-with.

In a world with justice, the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" universes would be distant third-fiddles to a "Lensman" universe. In fact, done well, I would put it almost EVEN with "Lord of the Rings". For those who know my preferences, that is high praise...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...

Greetings! I have nothing good to say about the current "Star Wars" except that it ended. Harrison Ford is a lousy actor at best and he certainly wasn't the best man at this inbred shotgun wedding. In fact, the artistic merit of the film is inversely proportionate to Ford's exorbitant salary. Emo droids and their predictable script displayed more talent than Ford, Fisher, and their Emo-Vader son. He's the worst villian I've ever seen. The only thing that could have augmented his tragedy more and perhaps have provided some comic relief would have been Emo-Vader strumming some kind of guitar while singing Soft Cell's "Tainted Love".
"Take my tears and that's not nearly aaaalllll.
Tainted Love."
Why did I pay money for this tripe? They had a decent film with The Empire Strikes Back but that's about it.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Life is a bank and all investments result in payouts at some point."

One of the most unique 'descriptions' of Karma that I have ever heard. If the Buddha had grown-up in the banking profession, He would be chuckling. That entire paragraph has many truths. Sigh.
Vis: "You cannot hope to gain the assistance of the luminous ones if these statements are not true of you and if these are true of you, you cannot fail in acquiring the assistance of the luminous ones."

I think that a lot of people don't get it [grok it] that, the higher you go, the more easy it is to be telepathic. On a slightly different 'pathway', the higher you go, the more easy it is to read the Soul. I take it as a 'given' that I will be 'read'...

The little stuff doesn't matter (much); it is the broader 'intent' that is looked-for. In a certain manner of speaking, higher-types are deciding whether it is worth their investing their time-and-effort in you. There is no hellfire-and-damnation about it; just whether you are a 'good prospect' at this time.

(Other, above SpaceTime, entities may 'invest' in you for different reasons - because it alters future timelines in favor of some 'goal'. All-God is the ultimate arbiter, of course.)
Vis: "I am not alone in possessing incontrovertible evidence that we are not here only once and that life is NOT a random accident."

The problem is the "pearls before swine" issue; no offense intended. If you are of a certain consciousness-level, you know these things to be true (deep intuition). Below this level, all kinds of incidents and 'data' are explained-away by the intellect. Kind of like the physician who has just seen something truly 'impossible' happen, and grasps at straws to give it a mundane, physical basis.

For the latter types, if the universe has said "it's time to move on" and you are not listening, the universe will do whatever-is-needed to break the consciousness-jam. All the way to heavy, conscious-recall, near-death experiences. It is easier on the body and emotions to 'get the message' as early as possible...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

DAD said...

Thanks Sir Visable Well written words from a man of great spirit.

Visible said...

Indeed Ray... indeed.

Torus... I couldn't watch more than 15 minutes of that abortion. But... once again I said to myself... as with "The Hateful 8"... give it a chance... so... I slipstreamed and my final analysis is that it reminded me of a 70's TV shit com. It looked like it was shot there. It was written like it happened there and it was a big stinking smoking mass of disorganized shit. I back peddled and looked again... no... less patient now... it was a big steaming smoking piece of shit. There is a rule one should follow in the arts and I have worked in all of them and the rule is that you must be up to date. It should look like it is new. Dare I say... even innovative and I don't mean things like Back Swan or Birdman which is nothing more than pretentious homosexuals jerking off in tandem through paper thin walls and the reason they cannot reach each other has nothing to do with the walls being made of paper. Some things don't float. Some things do but one thing I do know is that everything grows old. the test of artistry is how long it takes to get there. Some creations are dated before they are released. Some creations are timeless but they are rare.

torus said...

Dear Les,
"Some creations are timeless but they are rare." I'm not versed in film but I am an artist. Your brief improvised deconstruction is bang on. 70's "shit-com" is quite apt. An almost vulgar borrowing from the past with an absolute dearth of true nostalgia.
Tarantino? He's a no go. Weinsten has big teats and Question hath found succor. If gory, gritty, double-crosing, scenes of torture, torment, and depravity of the past is actually worth exploring, why are the Communists always ignored. The carte blanche reign of terror part two afforded to the most murderous ideology in history pre and post WWII. Stalin's work camps, in effect, death camps. Have at 'er Quentin.
Act 1. Scene 1. An unknown character attempts suicide after reading Winston Churchill's tome on WWII. His gun blast leaves his face permanently disfigured but he's still alive. His obviously German housekeeper discovers him. She is abruptly assassinated and becomes corpus delecti for the fine host of characters to be introduced in scene two.

On and on the depravity could continue. Contrasting the "violent, inhumane" actions of the Nazis (past) with epic struggle of "the brotherhood". And despite all the murderous depravity a sense of horrible grandeur is conveyed. Murdering anyone who gets in their way. Including Churchill for not mentioning "gas chambers", not even once, in his tome.
You get the idea.

missingarib said...

Vis, folks continue to suffer from the shock and awe of the day light assassination of a president, the death of children at the Murrow building ,the media dust of 9/11 in their eyes, but the rain of the continuation of 9/11 covering lies and a disappointing economy and leadership choices will sooner than later turn to despair and culminate in what Charles Dickens describes as:“There are strings in the human heart that had better not be vibrated.”

" Time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate, But for those who love, time is eternal."William Shakespeare

Thank you for such a wonderful invocation:
"May you be blessed with revelation and may conviction, determination and clarity grow in you like mighty trees and may all those wide spread and over shadowing branches become the testimony of your unshakable faith."

live long

Sock monkey said...

The antichrist isn't a person it's humanity as a whole, we are anti-Christ ie not christ like. it's like Atlantis you can't find it because it was everywhere on the planet.

BCii said...

Thanks for keeping the lights shining, brother Visible. Your clarity and focused orientation are a godsend in these troublesome times.

Many of the points you make from post to post regarding karma make more sense now that I've been reading Harold Percival's bright gem of a book, "Thinking and Destiny". It goes into some advanced metaphysics that goes over my head, but I can easily pick out the gist concerning the decisive power of one's everyday choices. I recommend this read to anyone interested in the subject of karma, fate, or destiny. It has certainly been a shaky-wakey eye-opener for me. Thanks go out to Clif High for his video distillation of some of the book's points, "triune humans and the vortex of time".

Thanks, Ray B., for your recommendation of SyFy's excellent show The Expanse. Interesting viewing in light of Corey Goode's testimony on the breakaway civilization and secret space programs.... (Interested folks can either subscribe to Gaia to watch his show Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, or search Youtube for a playlist of machine-read transcriptions.)

robert, thank you for sharing your poem on the last VO. For one who struggles with many of the same sort of experiences, it was touching to read such a closely-mirroring confession from a fellow traveler.

Courage, beloved sisters and brothers! Let us hold to the Light that we are in these perilous times. Godspeed.

Love, William

messianicdruid said...

It is very good to find ( and read ) others who hate nicolaitanism.

Grega said...

Hey Ray! Thanks for the reply! I pretty much agree with everything you said.
Farscape had great characters but like you say sometimes it tried to be too weird and I feel that the ending miniseries did not do the series justice.
I have watched Babylon 5 many times since I was a kid and consider it like you the best scifi series with the exception of the last and uneven season.

Lord of the Rings has also been a source of light and wisdom since I was a kid and it remains my favorite work of art since.
Thanks for the Lensman recommendation - will read it.

That's interesting to hear about the 60s TV. My experience of tv was very different. I grew up in the nineties in a small village and one of my favorite things ( apart from discovering the mysteries of our forests ( pretty much 90 % of the land is filled with them ), playing outside with my siblings and practicing guitar ) was watching the television in the evening. It was completely different back then than it is now - diverse shows, very little nihilism, a sense of adventure which showed the world as a thing of wonder. And there was actual humor (!) - well meaning humor laughing at our mistakes and follies but with a gentle heart. And human interaction was presented in a cooperative way with actual problem-solving. Now everything on television is presented as a problem which cannot be solved and it dulls people into apathy. It was interesting to see how deeply society changed in the 20 years since then.

In better news - today I found out that the biggest market-chain in my country accepted the BDS movement and removed Israeli products from their shelves. I was really surprised and ( for the first time in many years ) proud of my country.

Here's the "Times of Israel" spin on it

Best wishes,

Ray B. said...

Hi again, Grega! Thanks for the description of your country and current politics. I love it when unlooked-for people show up and open a broader view of the world. Thanks!

"Babylon 5" had a problem with their last couple years of production. Higher-ups informed them that funding could only guaranteed for one more year. (Financial sabotage. The series was wildly popular at the time.)

As the carefully-planned-out 'arc' of the series (unique at the time) had two years to go to 'natural' completion, drastic changes had to be implemented. Two years of the 'arc' were compressed into one year, and produced. That included the main Vorlon-Shadow confrontation. (Think of Peter Jackson being told he had to condense the last two LotR movies into one movie, after the first one was released.)

Then, the higher-ups stepped back in and allowed another year of funding. What were the writers supposed to do? All the main 'resolvements' of their show were shoehorned into the previous year. So, they kind of 'postscripted' another year on, with varied results.

In my fantasy life, I dream of B5 writers/producers/actors getting together and 'recasting' the last two years of B5 in the way that they were originally meant to be shown. Kind of like taking the last two years apart, reshuffling, and adding-back what was deleted due to time-issues. With today's CGI, it should not be hard to introduce the additional footage to fill gaps...

Producer J. Michael Straczynski, if you ever read this, please please consider this 'option'. "Babylon 5: Creator's Edition". At the very least, it will make plenty of money for all in the reissuing. And, massive good Karma for you... (grin)

On the "Lensman" SF book series, I would recommend reading them in the order originally 'popular'. "Galactic Patrol" established the readership, despite being third in the ultimate series-timeline. Then, "Grey Lensman" took it into readers' hearts, although ultimately being book four. After that, if you are still interested, read "Second Stage Lensmen" and "Children of the Lens" to take the series to its climax. Books one and two, "Triplanetary" and "First Lensman", are good but were published as what we would now call 'prequel' books to flesh-out the beginnings of that 'universe'.

One warning: Those books have been 'ripped off' (unacknowledged) by several well-known series, including B5 and Star Wars. So, you may say as you read, "I've heard this before; old stuff." Try to put your mind into the period they were published (c.1938-48) and view it with 'new eyes'. Temporarily-forget later rip-offs. You will be astounded...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Mr. Automatic and Mrs. Habitual Patterns on Location.

Anonymous said...

So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.” –Luke 14:33

He is saying none of you can be a true Christian, None of you can be in My Kingdom, None of you can be in right relationship with Me or the Father, None of you can be My disciple Who does not give up all His own possessions.

What is our Lord saying? He is not backing off.

He is increasing the commitment that He is calling for with every line of this section. Well He is not saying that you have to buy your way into the Kingdom of Heaven for none of us have enough gold and none of us have enough silver to ever remove the stain of sin that has defiled our inner soul.
Steve Lawson

Anonymous said...

and this is only the beginning of what is waiting for you. It was enough to believe in the Scriptures and God who was warned in the Bible. It says the punishment for the sins falls on 3 and 4 generation. This is why even written down on you the plague homosexuals. Atlandyta lost civilization fell under the ground in one night. It is described in the Bible. He who has ears, let him hear.
United States pending same. Below you is the largest reservoir of water. Day wanes with his 45cm of water. Oil production is greater. Before disappearing Atlandyty followed the earthquake, the tsunami, the finale was a volcanic eruption on the earth caved in. After the US is the largest on earth hole. So you know where you are. Congratulations. United Kingdom in the event of a disaster there will be another Easter Island. Nothing will be on the island. It is overpopulated and there is no option to survive. think without drastic measures will not last long earth. You know what's pray? To you all, the earth swallowed. Father of us all will not be offended by my words. You destroyed everything, destroyed the lands and people. You are an abomination to God. And as an abomination should be punished. Maybe you legalize pedophilia? You have no idea what power, wisdom, and knowledge is located in the Bible and how it works. Happiness is such that in life after death you will not.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

Part 1

Your Lord may be telling you to hand all your belongings over to the the satanists but my God in Heaven tells me the 10 commandments were given to his people to protect them from the thievery of the Babylonian slavery system! As far as I know your Lord serves my God by leading astray all those who will be led astray. Jesus, like Moses, shows us the way home.

If we look at the 10 commandments, God's Law, we are told the most important law is NOT TO BOW TO ANYTHING BEFORE GOD!!

Who, therefore, should I give all my possessions to, the Babylonian's who wish to steal my life's energy, so they can use it to enslave the world and rape our children????

The Apostles gave everything they had to Jesus so they could provide for their selves while they were undertaking their mission from God. What I have is God's and will be used for this same purpose!!

The tenth commandment also tells us NOT TO COVET what belongs to others!! None of us really owns anything, because it belongs to God, so if God gives something to one man how is it the right of another man to take it away???

Moses/Akhenaten led the people out of Egypt, AWAY from the Babylonian slavery system, and when he died his son, Tutankhamun, appears to have been murdered, then Moses' brother and his priests took over and led the people back into slavery. This is done so they can live like kings from the labours of others, and use this money to lead others astray, so they cannot access the light (higher energy)!!

The truth is only those who are righteous can access the higher energies, so there is no need to fear those who evolve.

Your masters are getting you to do things that deliberately lower your vibration so you cannot see the light/truth!!!!

The only way to freedom is to be led by the Holy Spirit and that is what Jesus was telling us. He showed us how to walk in such a way that we could increase our energy field enough to access the higher levels of energy, truth. Christ told us THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!! The global elite are doing everything to shut this process down! BY BOWING TO ANYONE/ANYTHING you instantly negate your chances to access this higher energy level. If those you serve have your best interest at heart why are they encouraging their followers to do things that negate this process???????

Once one accesses the highest level of energy one can see how God's creation works! Where I am shows me that creation is a teaching aid for beginner co-creators :o).

Kazz said...

Part 2

The elite are very big on symbols. I find it very interesting that the Knight's Templar Cross of Lorraine is a double-cross, and so is the symbol of Freemasonry, with the compass and rule. The satanists are clearly telling us with their symbols that these groups are double-crossing humanity, but in accordance with the golden rule, 'as you do unto others so it shall be done unto you', this also tells me that the elite are also double-crossing those who bow to them. I would like to once again note that the cross that represents the true Messiah is an 'X' not a 't'.

THE ELITE HAVE ALWAYS CONNED EVERYONE WITH THEIR CONtracts, CONstitutions, and other human CONstructs, to remove our life's energy for their personal benefits, WHICH IS WHY THEY HAVE THE WORLD'S WEALTH - DOH - STUDY HISTORY! These people are your teacher's, they are teaching you NOT TO BOW TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING!!

The elite are not really that brilliant, the lower energy force they work for is. The lower dimensional force keeps them living like kings (note Christ refused satan's offer to rule the world) and in return they provide food for the lower dimensional entities. They do this by keeping the world in a constant state of scarcity, so war and unrest abound, this provides enough misery, fear, hatred, lust, and other lower emotions to feed the dark. This process destroys the human soul whilst at the same time it allows the dark to flourish and grow. Lower dimensional entities feed off the souls of the lost, which is why the elite lead everyone astray!! The elite's agenda 21 is supposed to be about protecting the planet and bringing peace to earth, but really it is an agenda to remove God's law so they can exterminate humanity.

I am not telling people this to judge them but to help them. I can only throw out the life preserver, if you choose to flounder and go under that is your choice to make. I love you all very much. I don't want to see the dark one's get any of my brothers or sisters. Please consider what I am telling you. If you kill humanity you kill yourself because we are one organism. The elite remove your feelings because your humanity is provided through your ability to feel, and your humanity is your connection with the highest energy source.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...


I forgot to add. When you interact with the higher levels of energy it revitalises, nourishes, and evolves your consciousness, but when you interact with the lower levels of energy it feeds off you, diminishes your ability to thrive/breaks down your Will, and devolves you. From what I have experienced this lower energy process can be very pleasurable, even tantalising, because it meets your physical desires, but it differs from the experience the higher energy provides, because the higher energy is felt as Grace in the heart chakra. From what I can see the higher energy is heart based while the lower energy is based in the groin :o).

Please know that nothing I write is meant to denigrate or judge others. The satanic energy can be very alluring, charming, suave, and enticing, not at all what most people would expect. My only intention is to share the truth I have been shown. I do so without malice, and with the sole agenda of serving the best interests of humanity, which is ALL of us.
God Bless.

Luv Kazz

torus said...

@Steve Lawson.
Pretty cut and dried. No real room for subjective interpretation. Basically, the majority of Christians are fried. Throw your freakin' Bible away allegro con brio!! Just another miserable possession with that overbearing font and self-righteous odour. All the cathedrals are nothing but hymns to Satan! Burn the organs, the Bibles, and the wafers too!
Strange semitic gods...

Kazz said...

I don't know why my first (part 1) turned up as anonymous, but it was me. :o).

I can't even see Steve's post anymore. Strange stuff.


No one knows how the sorting is worked out. All I know is I see Christianity way different to what a lot of others appear to see it. This does not make anyone right or wrong it simply makes us all unique. I see it as beneficial to look at things from all possible perspectives, mine is just one them, which comes as the result of a very long concerted effort to uncover what I have discerned as truth. I am not trying to convince anyone, it is my truth and it is what I live in accordance with, or try to. When someone shares something relevant to me I know immediately whether it is pertinent, and I presume this is the way it is for a lot of us, so I am just putting it out there :o).


It is funny how people suggest being 'self-righteous' is something bad. To me being self-righteous is about doing what you feel is right in accordance to what your Self tells you. If you are uninformed this can be disastrous, but if you are well informed it can be a life saver. Since I have to answer for what I do and for the decisions I make it only makes sense to me that I should do what is in my Self's best interest. I do not believe people are all on the same path, so there will be great deviation in what each Self sees as being righteous for them. How true we are to our selves, meaning whether we serve our higher or lower self is completely up to us, which is what free will is about. This does mean that we cannot share our insights with each other though.

Cathedrals are buildings that provide a meeting place for people, and are a creation of Man. Your body is the temple that houses your soul, which is a creation of God. Which one do you think God is most concerned with?

I don't think there is anything strange about greed, it has been a foe to Man for a very long time, and I find it no coincidence at all that those who worship these semitic gods are the one's who have stored up the most riches in this world.

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;(Matthew 6:19-20)

Cheers Kazz

torus said...

Yes Karen, churchianity DOES KNOW how the sorting is worked out. They've told me so in their "houses of worship". You're either a CHRISTIAN or you're not. Case-CLOSED. I've heard it spoken with self-righteous authority far too often for it to be a coincidence or a conspiracy. Perhaps that's why Christian Europe is being flooded with the swarthy herds and their strange semitic gods. PAYBACK TIME for the Europeans and their obeisance to strange semitic gods and disobeying their fanaticism. What "possession" was Luke using to record his story of Jesus? What good has the possession of the King James Bible brought Europe? Reason, mercy, higher aspirations, and the manufacturing of possessions? It brought the Germans the fire-storms of Dresden etc. We all know what happened to the Jews for not following Jesus at all...right?
Just as you have your long-standing love affair with the semitic gods; I have my long-standing grievances with the messengers of those gods. Turns out I was right, those messengers are all hell-bound miscreants. "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so." The longer I allow my mind to fantasize about all this conjecture, of truly Biblical proportions. The sooner I start to think that we're already in God's special "bad place". As an ancient German, I would remove all synagogues, mosques, and cathedrals from German soil were it in my power.
Carry on!! The story isn't over.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kazz:

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal" (Matthew 6:19-20)

This is true. Wish we'd got the message sooner.


Grega said...

Hi Ray.
I have read about the problems the crew had to deal with in the last season so my comment was not meant as a critique of them as like you say the studio put them in a bad situation. And even so there are still plenty of brilliant episodes in the last season ( especially everything with Londo and Gkar ! ). I wish Straczynski does get the good karma from fulfilling your ( and mine! ) wish - hehe.

As for the Lensman. I will read as you suggested! And don't worry - I never judge things based on their supposed originality ( or lack of it ). If the ideas the author tries to represent are true and if they are aimed towards light - I find nothing wrong with hearing them a thousand times ( provided that the author is good at his craft and actually puts the time and effort into it ). I can never get tired of that like I can never get tired of prayer. And a good tradition is worth keeping ( until it destroys itself with losing its essence ).

Have a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

43:17 The noise of the thunder maketh the earth to tremble: so doth the northern storm and the whirlwind: as birds flying he scattereth the snow, and the falling down thereof is as the lighting of grasshoppers:

still you think of do not know what I say and do.

torus said...

Take the easy route and blame the Germans. Perhaps Guttenberg should have left well enough alone. He could have let the Bible remain in the hands of the priestly class, but no; he had to turn it into a mere 'possession' and thereby "illuminate" the masses. Damn Germans. And then along came Luther and his "protests". This has got the overtones of a Clive Barker novel.
Why aren't the Great Pyramids mentioned in the old testament?

Kazz said...

Dear torus,

I went to the Vatican in 1985. I was young, fresh, still rather innocent, and had not so much as picked up a Bible. I knew nothing about anything then, I was just a young hippy (now I am an older one :o)) who was backpacking around Europe. When I went to step across the yellow line, that designated Vatican city property, the largest voice I have ever heard boomed within me, 'DO NOT EVEN TOUCH ONE TOE TO THE OTHER SIDE OR YOU WILL BE TAINTED!'. To be honest I was a bit thrown back and partly amused. You see in my travels I came to depend upon my inner guidance a great deal, because it had saved my butt too many times for me to remember, so I decided to test the situation again. I did this by attempting to step across the yellow designating line twice more, and both more times I heard this incredibly frantic voice SCREAM at me the same message. At the time I was a bit unsure as to whether I had stayed too long in Amsterdam, sampling the wares :o), but as the years have passed and I look back I now know something very special was transpiring that day. I know that voice was not of me, because to the best of my knowledge, at that time, it was my understanding that the Vatican was the real godhead of Christianity!

It was not until roughly 10 years later that I was urged, commanded, driven, to start reading the Bible. It took me 7 years to read it from front to back, but to be honest much did not resonate, and it left more questions than it unanswered. Since then just about all the questions I had have been answered :o).

I have always had trepidation about churches and rituals. My family and I have never been church goers. although mum did have me do my Holy Communion where I took the eucharist at a very young age. The priests I met over my younger years all had one thing in common, I felt, in an overwhelming fashion, that they were not God's people. I am not saying that all priests fall into this category, but definitely the ones I have come across were not. If I had to explain it I would say it is something about their energy that led me to this conclusion. Now when I hear about the mountain of pedophilia charges against priests, and the fact that the last Pope resigned because he got caught laundering money for the Italian Mafia, I know what was conveyed to me was correct. Years of research has also brought me to the same conclusion. One merely needs to look at the riches, and the lavish life style of those who serve the church, to see it is a money making venture that is used to control people, not one of the spirit.

Christianity, for me, is a labour of LOVE. It is about finding your way back home. It is about learning why God asks us to do the things he does. I don't know how God is going to deal with all the people, but I know it is God who is running the show. I have faith that God will deal justly with each soul in accordance to who that soul is. This brings me great comfort because I try very hard to walk the narrow path my Father sets before me. I love the journey I am undertaking. I really do feel as if God is my Father and he has my hand as I walk through this world. Do you think I would be brazen enough to speak as I do if this were not my truth?

The possession of a Bible means nothing if you do not immerse yourself in it. Many people use Jesus, God, church, and the Bible like lucky charms, in the hope that if they appear to do what they consider is the right thing they will go to Heaven. It simply does not work like this. As I have said before, a saint will interpret the Bible very differently to a tyrant. We not only need to educate ourselves to what the truth is, but we also need to live it, and I don't see much of that going on. This is not a judgement but merely an observation! You can't be a materialist and a child of God, because they are opposites. This is not to say that you don't need the necessities in life, but I have found on my journey God provides for his children.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Point of view depends on the point of sitting. Why the Old Testament. To know the future you need to know the true past. If a theory is misleading in the beginning the result would be hypocritical etc. You do not know what I do not understand why. Time to punish or to find out. I tell the truth, I know, and our Father is my witness. I know that if I published the whole truth saw you real chaos. The world can be beautiful. People are spoiled. Wise in its assessment. Instead of saving what was left on Earth, our only home. They again pumped money into the stock market. For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit

Do you think it is easy to open your eyes and see how the world really looks like and should look like.

15That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

8All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

9The thing that hath been, it is thatwhich shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

10Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

11There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.

This is not about our generation, our ancestors who came up with this plan they made us sick hell on earth. As for those who are not yet born.

1So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter.

How would you feel if you read their lives recorded 2,000 years ago. In this world, if the prophet does not take money that is false. It is your choice. Nothing by force

Blessings you Karen

Visible said...

Anonh 2:54 AM POV; You've been sending me this broken English, incomprehensible dodderal for years and it is annoying but only slightly as I usually just delete it. I'm not sure if you are one of the hardly walking wounded; obvious signs of mental derangement are apparent, or whether you think this is just some form of amusement on your part and it is all just a construct of some sort. If it were entertaining I might not mind but it is not. Just to let you know you will probably have to send a hundred more of these before I post one again.

Kazz said...


My understanding of the pyramids is that they were built by advanced humanity before our fall from 5th dimensional reality. Prior to the fall communications were telepathic, and we had the power to move objects and travel without the use of technology. We had a light body that did not depend upon food for its survival. I believe we are heading back to this reality as we evolve and move back into 5th dimensional reality, at least that is where my journey appears to be taking me. After the fall we had to resort to the use of babble to communicate, which precipitated our free fall into the destructive third dimensional reality of materialism, where Man departed from God's Will to pursue his own.

This world goes through periods of light and dark, just as we experience night and day, only the light and dark I speak of are of a spiritual nature. It is referred to as the dark because humanity is blinded to the true nature of reality, so they wander in the dark, unaware of that which exists out of the sphere of their physical senses. The challenge for us is to find our way back to the light, guided only by our inner spirit, strength, and fortitude. This is what is meant by 'trial by fire', at least that is my understanding. Undergoing this process develops our creative skills, I believe, so we can move on to bigger and better things. The nature of creation is very complex, and until one sees clearly how this system works we are like babies playing with a lighter in a room full of explosives.

The pyramids, I believe, were telepathically constructed by elders, while humanity was still in 5th dimensional reality, to hold the higher frequency on this plane in order to extend the light for a further 1,000 years. This was done to hold back the dark and impede it to give humanity a better chance this time round of evolving as a collective organism, instead of just a handful of us getting through. Christ was sent to show us the way. I still have not given up hope for humanity :o). There is still a lot of good in people!

My backpacking adventure around Europe also took me to Egypt, and I had the honour of visiting the Sphinx and Pyramids, along with many other truly amazing places and sites. The pyramids at Giza are truly majestic and a living example of Man's advanced creative prowess, before the Fall. I feel very strongly that we are heading back into the light. This is why there is such a concerted effort to lower each of our vibration, because the elite are trying to hold the dark/our ignorance in place, but their effort is akin to trying to hold back the ocean with sandbags; a waste of time and an exercise that is almost comical in its futility.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear anonymous,

Why the Old Testament? Because this is what God moved me towards. After all, it is the foundation of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I have studied Tibetan Buddhism, among other forms of Buddhism, and looked into the Hindu system of belief. I also find indigenous cultures fascinating, and have found much wisdom abounding there, especially in the Native American culture. There are pearls of wisdom to be found in every culture and belief, one must learn to keep the pearl and discard the shell. All of these beliefs are part of a greater whole. God loves humanity, and his people will come from right around the globe. There is no particular recipe that I can give, all I can do is share my journey and hope others will find some pearl among what I share.

I see the evil in this world anonymous, but it does not frighten me because I AM of the light, and no darkness can exist where there is light. Even the tiniest light can help illuminate the path ahead for those whose lamps have run out of oil :o).

Much Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

torus, January 22, 2016 11:24:00 PM : "Why aren't the Great Pyramids mentioned in the old testament?"

Author Ralph Ellis brings up the same question, especially as his investigations identify the proto-Hebrews as the Hyksos "Shepard King" peoples. Being that they LIVED almost next to the Pyramids, why no mention of them? Ellis puts it down to a chain of events:

Over time, the 'Egyptian' culture became anathema to the Hyksos. First, the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt in a great religious schism concerning the changing of an Age - Taurus (Bull) to Aries (Ram). They settled into the area from the eastern Nile Delta to Lebanon. There, unfortunately for them, they were between two great empires - Egyptian and Babylonian/Persian. When, inevitably, some Persian king decided to 'go South' to tweak Egypt, the Hyksos were right in the crosshairs. The Hyksos pleaded for help from their ex-countrymen, but were 'given the finger' because of the rapacious-way they departed Egypt. So, the Hyksos culture was decimated and the gentry-class shipped-off to Babylon. They never forgot this 'betrayal'. So, they re-cast what would become the OT to 'disguise' any Egyptian heritage in their past. Hence:

Ellis does a very good 'proof', using several OT references, that Mount Sinai is 'code' for the Great Pyramid. This is covered in detail in his book, "Tempest and Exodus" (2001). I found it very plausible.


Karen Norman / Kazz, January 23, 2016 3:50:00 AM : "My understanding of the pyramids is that they were built by advanced humanity before our fall from 5th dimensional reality. Prior to the fall communications were telepathic, and we had the power to move objects and travel without the use of technology. We had a light body that did not depend upon food for its survival. I believe we are heading back to this reality as we evolve and move back into 5th dimensional reality, at least that is where my journey appears to be taking me. After the fall we had to resort to the use of babble to communicate, which precipitated our free fall into the destructive third dimensional reality of materialism, where Man departed from God's Will to pursue his own."

I enjoyed your reasoning in the above. I believe it to be pretty-much the way it really-occurred. My main research right-now is to determine how much it was 'our choice' to Fall and how much we were Pushed (physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually) by a Being or Beings to which we were 'vulnerable'. This is a 'parsing-out' from all-God or the ineffable wanting it. Were there any 'middle-men'? Are they still 'messing'? For instance, in my contacts with (real) elves, they were recently-told that not only were humans Pushed but that (real) elves also were manipulated. Unprovable, but an interesting 'second source'...

You might be interested in this 'supporting evidence' for ancient Pyramid age: Pyramid Repairs by Ralph Ellis. Much to ponder upon.

"The pyramids, I believe, were telepathically constructed by elders, while humanity was still in 5th dimensional reality, to hold the higher frequency on this plane in order to extend the light for a further 1,000 years."

I have wondered on that purpose for the Pyramids, myself. A grand design, not just pumping water or being a tomb (hahahahaha). Ancient Egypt seems to have been a 'holdout' in the general Fall, and I have wondered if the Pyramids themselves were 'space holders' for higher consciousness. It would make sense that only when their influence was 'overcome' by deepening darkness - or they were physically compromised - would the general Egyptian 'consciousness' fall to levels around the planet. Much to ponder. Good thinking!

(Would love to hear of any 'unusual' things you encountered on your travels... *grin*)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Dear Kazz,

Thank you for your testimony!

I just came from watching Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, his deep meditation on the human condition as seen from an angel's perspective or rather from his artistic perspective.

It was my second viewing (first seen when much younger) and I could only handle about half of it, as I was getting overloaded by the weight of humanity's burden and essential loneliness.

I came "here" and found you witnessing from a clear place of the power of rediscovered innocence. (no offense intended; this is the highest compliment I can make!) Reminding me that there really are others here! (grin)

Thank you for the transmission of your faith and for reminding me what it is to believe in your Self, despite the appearances.

My perception of you has shifted; either you have changed frequency and/or I have lightened up somehow, as my ego is no longer triggered by the expression from your ego. (grin)

Again, thank you for being here now...

Stay clear and strong, my sister!

Lori said...

Kazz AND Robert!!

You guys rock!

Peace, Lori

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami id up now-

Finding our Way Out of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous Woods

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

There are actual artifacts in various museums, many in Egypt, Arabia, etc., of so-called 'prehistoric' people and events.

Here are a few..

Hindu architect of the pyramids

Hindu Egyptian monarch with tilok markings

pre-Islamic Arabia

pre-Islamic Arabia - Saraswati

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., I am still trying to sort-out the 'precedence' of the Hindu 'gods' and the Anunnaki 'gods'. They may be the same thing.

The second-tier Anunnaki goddess, Inanna, supposedly went into the Mohenjo-Daro area and established a thriving, Goddess-based culture in that greater area. Then, she got caught-up in the Anunnaki civil war. She chose the side opposite Marduk, who 'won' what was left after the Anunnaki arsenals were depleted. Marduk then supposedly killed her.

Krisna fought in similar wars, with weapons that could be interpreted as high-tech. They have just found shallow-water remains of one city Krisna supposedly 'nuked' off of NW India. Then, there is the matter of the radioactive Mohenjo-Daro skeletons. Plus, an area in Rajasthan, India is still radioactive to this day.

Mysteries abound of this, possibly worldwide, 'culture'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Thank you for your kind and flattering words Robert, I may not always get it right but it is not through any lack of trying or lack of honesty. Also, thank you for your kind comments Ray and Lori.

I find it very heart warming that people of your calibre find something to take away from my contribution. Communicating my truth clearly is always a hurdle to overcome, because placing the information I have accumulated into its correct context can be very tricky. Knowing that well informed people such as yourselves, and many of the others who frequent here, resonate with some of my truth is awesome.

Thanks guys. I really enjoy reading all of your contributions as well.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...


It goes without saying, but I thought I would anyway; I come here to read what Vis has to say, because it is always an enjoyable experience, but I also look forward to reading all the comments, and the opportunity of interacting with such a switched on crowd. It is a unique opportunity that has been made available to all of us by Vis, lots of hard work on his part, and his creative prowess. Also appreciated is the effort other people provide in helping Vis put Smoking Mirrors together. Thank you VERY much Vis for being so magnanimous as to share your space so liberally. The fact that so many of us are regulars here is a testament to how much we love your work and enjoy YOUR CREATION :o).

Much Luv
From your No 1 Fan

Kazz said...

I would just like to say that my 9.55 comment January 24, 2016 where I stated 'Knowing that well informed people such as yourselves, and many of the others who frequent here...' was not intended to imply that 'the others' were not well informed people!

Now you know what I mean about it is always a hurdle for me to communicate clearly. lol


Grega said...

When it comes to these outlandish claims about ancient technology, grand civilizations ( like "bosnian pyramids" ) I am always extremely skeptical.
Usually I find that people claiming such things are nationalists who are trying to legitimize the superiority of their own culture - or they are cynical persons who are trying to control people ( usually just for the sake of merchandising their ideas ) who have an inferiority complex and are therefore eager to accept these grand narratives. This is especially typical in countries with very high corruption and therefore without the stability which a well-ordered community can bring.
I know myself that these narratives can be very attractive and that is precisely why I like to approach them with an emotional distance - to see if I am blinding myself with the eagerness to believe - which might come from a lack of something in me.
Though as always I hold that some of these things might be true - just like I don't necessarily believe in a historical Jesus Christ as presented in the writings. Yet there is great value in these writings and in trying to represent in my own self the examples of such a great being.

Ranchpig said...

"...people have a habit of adjusting what they believe to put it in line with getting what they want."

This may be one of the greatest comments I've ever read. Spot on and pithy.

I come from a evangelical bent and have been re-aligning my values based on what Christ actually taught instead of what a preacher told me he taught. Had an argument w/ my mom who is a die hard typical right wing Christian about the current political theater/show going on and asked her why a Christian should even care?

What business is it of ours as supposed Kingdom followers to be concerned about a world system in which we have absolutely no control over? She started to raise her voice in ever so predictable a fashion with the litany of fodder we were raised on in that evangelical/right wing realm. Her biggest shock was hearing me question the dogma of the sacred peddlers of truth. We continued.

Further in I said, I don't beg my slave masters for scraps (don't vote) but if I did i'd pick the socialist.
She became unhinged. "Capitalism is godly economics." sounding like a novice Rush Limbaugh.

I said what about Acts 2:35... not to be confused with TWO corinthians... (hehe) where first Christian community sold all they had and shared it with each other? Pretty much a form of socialism isn't it?

Well, sure.. but they were Godly people. Problem with modern socialism is that unGodly people have abused it.

So Capitalism is exempt from that? As it stands now, it's immune from the unGodly manipulators, etc?

No response.

Which when I read your comment an hour later, it was like the light finally came on. She adjusts her belief to get what she wants... even though in many ways what she wants has been manipulated. The combination of mind control techniques (propaganda, public relations, etc) and culture (consumption, materialism) dictate that the only way to get what you want (freedom, goodies, self-rule, peace, security) is to participate in this theater/circus.

I've started to stop having beliefs lately... not that i'm not open to having them, just wondering, what if everything i thought i knew was wrong? What then? i'd have to start all over and question everything. Paying careful attention to wanting to believe because it gets me what I want.

Truly truly remarkable Mr. Visible



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