Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fear Displaces Love and... Love Displaces Fear. This is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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The hands of time move the seconds and the minutes and the hours and each form of measurement is vastly different than the others. One is pressure. One is annoyance and one is tedium. One has the nature of a fly. One has the nature of the hare and one of the tortoise. These are all another kind of time zone and there are people who live in each of them. Pain is a great indicator of time. Insanity has no sense of time because Insanity thinks a watch is a Geiger Counter, which might well be true, since time becomes more radioactive with every passing moment

And now... AND NOW??? bwhahahahahahahahah!!! I knew the time would come when BAT SHIT CRAZY no longer indicated a seashell beyond the kiss of the common sea but was now just business as usual. Feast your tired and weary eyes upon this!!! Bwhahahahahah!!! Visible runs down the boulevard, tearing at his hair which, thank God, is no longer there.

You NEVER go full retard!

Birds turn into snakes. Cartoon characters crawl out of the sewer system and play tiddly winks with manhole covers, where there were previously no manhole covers (oops 'personhole' covers) Your punishment for having read that article and wondering if what you read is what you read ...is... to read this article! Oh... Lord God in Heaven... I know it's Canada but really? REALLY??? No! You have to read the whole thing. It gets better!!! Yes it does. Well... better is not the word. There is no word.

Meanwhile... someone who writes on Kulcha. Someone who went to Colittche wrote this. I am guessing they wrote it with a straight face. Let's go find a video of one of those tunes. Nah... here are the lyrics. Yeah... that's some poetry right there. And here I was, composing things like this.

What was I thinking? That's not poetry. Are they talking about me on Billboard? “You got a record deal punk? Well... do you? That's not poetry you whining cretin.” “THIS IS POETRY!!!!”

See all those young kids they got dancing in this? You know what that's about don't you? Uh huh. If you don't like this. If you don't see Michelangelo smiling at you through the vibrating butt cheeks, if you don't like this, you know what that makes you? Racist! You racist...

Yes... Kalifornia is going into the ocean. How it has not done so already, both amazes and mystifies me. The Lord God is patient. The almighty is compassionate beyond the reach of mortal understanding.

One thing sustains me, that AND the logical progression of associations that follow thinking about it. Although we cannot know WHAT God is, we can know that God Is, because physicists have already mathematically proven that the universe is 'thought-born' and that EVERYTHING is made out of the same thing (which is mindstuff), vibrating at a different rate. If this is so... then it stands to reason that ALL POWER comes from a single source and that source, by definition must be God, even though we do not know WHAT that is and never shall.

Ergo... and by example--- there is NO LIFE on Earth without The Sun. Everything is made out of sunlight; frozen sunlight... sunlight in extension. If we accept that The Sun is the source of ALL manifest life, we must assume that there is another sun, a spiritual sun which is the source of everything manifest. This world of gross manifestation is based on finer and finer manifestations, until you come to 'aether' which is the source of all matter and Prana, which is the source of all force and both of these blend back into something that cannot be defined or even talked about except indirectly because (drumroll!) the truth is at a right angle to everything else!

The world in which we live is a continuous interplay of opposites that dance on the stage of a theater. It is all a moral play, in which the same lessons are demonstrated over and over again. Some get this early and some do not get this until much later! This is why it goes on and on. That which is God (but which will forever be, incomprehensible and indefinable) emerges out of the sleeping unknown and divides itself into ALL of the manifestations seen... seeing or ever to be seen. Once it has shattered itself into countless shards of being, each of which are unique, It proceeds to go through existence gathering all the pieces back together again. Basically God is playing hide and seek and the whole of existence is a process of self discovery.

God is looking for each of us from within. Occasionally and rarely, one of the shards will become partially self aware and will set off in search of that which is searching for it. On the way 'the world' shimmies and shimmers back and forth between the looker and the looked for and that is the ever enticing illusion that works upon the desire body to distract us from THE SEARCH. The whole of existence is a dream of God. This God strives to awakening within all of us and some of us, the partially aware, engage in a symbiosis that eventually results in God Realization. The God force within each of us can be drawn out in the sexual dance OR it can be consciously drawn inward and run up the column, where it ultimately expands into conscious light which, can also be called, divine luminous wisdom. This is when the knower and the known, experience total awareness... an unbroken stream of knowledge, concerning the known and knower.

In Times of Material Darkness, when runaway materialism has generated a near all pervasive false light, everything is seen as something other than what it is. The self aware should be self aware enough to know when and when not to comment on such things and who to comment on them to -BECAUSE the agents and emissaries of darkness are aware of the Lightbringers.

The battle is already won. There is no pending Armageddon where the outcome is in doubt. Christ came to demonstrate the truth of it all to the hearts and minds capable of understanding. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. Others have, since he was here, come to that state of awareness and they walk among us at this very time, dressed as everyone, indistinguishable from the rest, save when they choose to reveal it. One must always be attentive to the possibility of 'treating with angels unaware'.

Though God is incomprehensible and indefinable, God can be known through two perpetually extant things... Love and the qualities of God. If you act with Love as your intention, your guide and your direction, the qualities of God will be conferred upon you. It is a simple thing. This is how seemingly simple types have achieved to the highest states of awareness. God confounded the so called wise by choosing those who appear crazy and simple minded. It should be noted that you can't find God without going mad because you must, walk in all ways contrary to the world. At the same time, the sincere and true, the self realized, will often have a veil placed over them so that they cannot be seen, unless they are meant to be.

The insanity of the links shared with you here today should alert you to how close it all is to the great summing up. You saw the link about the blessing of the abortion center? Here it is again, should you have just bypassed it on your way to this paragraph. Look at what is taking place in India where female births are undesirable. And FINALLY, once again, you saw the depraved Satanist pedophile in Vancouver, petitioning the city council for a swim party with topless 12+ year olds, where parents are not permitted to attend, less they interfere with this monsters plans? He is also bankrupting beauty salons; suing them for not waxing his privates. In case you by passed it, here is the link once again.

Canada (like all of the Crown Colonies) has been overtaken by the sleaze merchants who now command the governments. The sleaze merchants are employed by the money lenders and those who print the currencies. This is provable fact!

Should I be concerned that the world is going to Hell without even employing a hand basket? I am not. God almighty, the ineffable, is in firm control of everything. Not a sparrow or a leaf falls that the Lord of all Things is unaware of. You may think otherwise, not having the necessary Faith. You might think otherwise because you would do it another way. You might think otherwise because you are deluded and bound up in a Halloween dream of darkness but God Almighty is IN CONTROL of Everything and ALWAYS has been. Rest upon that unshakable truth, both here... and in the Valley of the Shadow.

Fear displaces Love. Where there is Fear, Love cannot be resident. Love displaces Fear. Where there is Love, Fear cannot be resident. If you know this, you do not need to know anything more.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Thumb-Humping Cellphone Zombies, Line Dancing to the July 17 Tango.

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Maybe it is just a phase that I am passing through but something is coming. Every day it is the main thought passing through my mind. On the one hand, the depravity has bored through the sub-basement and is headed off to points unknown (and you thought they were already as perverted as they could get?). Without question, there is some kind of subliminal broadcasting going on across the nation. It is happening behind the awareness of the people being affected and it is coming down through the ranks of control. Police and others are being told to 'stand down' and allow modern day brown shirts to pummel all and sundry behind masks. It seems unreal. How could it be happening? Once again, I will include that trenchant scripture from the New Testament;

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

All of what we have been presently witnessing has been coming for a long time. Here is what Albert Pike had to say in the 19th Century-

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion...We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in public view.

This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

The timeline on this quote, in a letter from 1871, seems to be questionable, with the mention of Zionism that, as far as I know was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. Regardless; we have seen The Protocols of Zion that arrived in the 1920's and we have seen the claims of 6 million of them dead from the First World War. My point is that specific subterfuges have been underway for a long time. What is surfacing now is the result of careful planning by long established Satanic cabals.

Here is what you need to remember. If there are forces of darkness then there are surely forces of light. The polarities of existence demand this. The laws of physics demand this. The force of light, the power of the avatar, is ALWAYS greater than the force(s) of darkness, who not only oppose the light but each other as well. The powers of darkness have no sway in any mind unless Fear of them is permitted to gain a foothold in the consciousness. Scripture says; “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Evil... always... destroys itself/

For about a month now I have had real trouble meditating. I was told to just tough it out because it was going to end shortly. Also, for about a month now, the number 17 has been coming into my head and my friend's head. Today I see this web address at the Visible Origami comments- &and in the rather exhausting and convoluted commentary by the lady at that site, July 17 is prominently mentioned.

I do not recommend listening to this whole broadcast. It goes round and round nowhere and began to annoy me greatly toward the end. This does not mean there is not a method here and what I am hearing from other places, dovetails. You will see in the right side menu a comment about how it gets hard after June 3rd and ends on July 17th. This matches my personal experiences... so far.

We have an eclipse tomorrow/today on the 16th. On the 17th, Mueller appears before Congress. Whatever is coming soon looms like a specter in my mind. I've no fear or apprehension, I just keep watching the trends and polarization of political and cultural factions in the country. I observe the seething anger of those who want every kind of crazy legitimized, who want something far worse than the French Revolution to come about, who are building their own army of anarchists and want madness unleashed from coast to coast. It will probably only materialize on the coasts (at least initially) and there's a chance one of the coasts won't even be here much longer.

Lady Nature is percolating under the the radar. Mr. Apocalypse is pressing on the minds of those whose minds have been captured by false narratives. Now they are acting out in a destiny play, a life lesson that is one of a myriad of sequencing teaching moments, all with some variation on “don't go there!” We are coming into the time of instantaneous Karma, where the moral arbiters are invisible angels on site to facilitate the levels of necessary awakening. We are in the time of 'awaken or else'. There can be no golden age until the darkness is swept away and there can be no grand awakening, without some consummate tragedy, that finally stuns human consciousness into the common awareness that, presently... universal selfishness fights against with every breath, in every body, that insists on the right to do whatever they please.

Yes... something is champing at the bit, in the entry chute to manifest existence. It's going to scramble a whole lot of circuits shortly. The possibilities are complex to be sure. The chances of a perfect storm are nearly greater than any single event, given that there are so many potential events, which may or may not surface from Yellowstone to Epstein, from the Zombie Commie Squad in Congress to the Kalifornia Quake; Antifa guerrilla warfare... face eating urban plagues, the sure and certain 5G orchestrated mass madness coming in the cities... stay away from the cities. That's where it's going to hit (whatever it is) first.

Wonderfully, despite all of the dangers from Shortbus Drag Queens, to lone gunmen, stressing out in their preliminary stages... there is the ineffable, almighty benevolent one, both within and without, who is the ultimate sure guidance system, for anyone capable of putting aside their personal will and taking direction from a higher mind, with a far wider perspective on what awaits in the Event Horizon. I keep hoping for a visit from super aware aliens, that have some kind of a spiritual Geiger counter, which can tell the good guys from the bad guys and is willing to give us good guys a lift, to some new and desirable port of call. That fantasy doesn't spend a lot of time in my mind. I am very secure these days in the certainty of an indwelling master of ceremonies, with cane and top hat, endlessly patient in waiting for anyone willing to step out of the way ...and let him do all the things we have proven less than able to do. I'm getting pretty good at getting out of the way.

The culture has gone as far as it can go- from what I see, in its steep slide down the moral shelf, right up to the edge of a 90 degree drop off, into some bottomless space. I am flat out amazed at the de-evolution in human consciousness that has resulted in the marriage of social media tech and once present (now gone missing) human potential. I used to be amused at all the people thumb-humping their cellphones... seemingly without pause. Now it has become more of them in participation than not. I look into the cars that pass us on the highway and that we pass and it seems that more than half of them are cellphone engaged. This does not look like something that would naturally happen, no matter what the collective of possible scenarios can indicate or predict.

Meanwhile there is Bluetooth and no reason for drivers to be holding these things against their ears, much less engaged in one handed texting. I remind myself that at least they are not eating while they are driving so... for the moment, passenger seats are still relevant. Sooner or later, I am guessing there will be a noticeable physical expansion taking place and passenger seats will be only a memory like so many things in the past, some of which no longer have a memory attached.

Well... let's see how it feels, once there is a certain distance of time, following the eclipse. Let's see if July 17th turns out to be like the Dance of the Harmonica Virgins, Y2K and 2012, or if it actually contains some world changing event, where prophecy becomes real with a Sodom and Gomorrah redux on the Left Coast or the Rapture comes, or the aliens, or The Christ returns into every heart that's waiting; how can anything happening outside matter, if that is happening inside?

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Friday, July 5, 2019

The Crack in the Liberty Bell is Where the Truth Leaked Out.

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Today is the 4th of July (I originally and unconsciously typed $th of July- which is what you get when you capitalize '4'... grin)

Usually what I say about the 4th of July is that it is amateur night on the highways. The 4th and New Year's Eve are non traffic days for me. The 4th is the day when people combine too much sun with too much booze; many of them are rookies and so... I stay off the highways. You can add St. Patrick's Day as well. Several times I was in New York City on St. Paddy's Day. All the bars were open at 7:00AM and some earlier and the green beer would flow and by late afternoon it was evident on the streets- yadda yadda.

Today I celebrate my independence; my spiritual independence from attachment to the magnetized particles of the material plane. I celebrate my freedom from the illusion and delusion of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. I celebrate being rendered deaf to the mindless chatter of nonsensical conversations and the hammering clatter of hundreds of millions of poor souls, thumb-humping their cellphones in pursuit of an epiphany of some sort.

I celebrate the absolute certainty of my pending self realization; the inevitable moment when I will see myself as I truly am, independent of all the vain imaginings of previous, false identifications of myself and freedom from those selves I once projected upon others, that diminished the splendor of the divine shining forth out of them.

I am not a religious person. I agree with the atheists that the god they do not believe in does not exist. However... god- the incomprehensible and indefinable light, the protection and salvation of the Atman, through his ceaseless meditation upon it... is certainly real. I have ample evidence of this; more evidence than I can even remember. It is an automatic certitude for me now.

My chosen word for God is- the ineffable. It is both a term and a description. When the love of any person for their creator, is greater than their love for anything manifest, regardless of the fineness of its material being, then the creator will reveal himself to that creation.

As with anything in this or any other life, there is one true and enduring law. You can have anything you want, if you want it more than anything else. All the suffering in this world, is caused by the disappointments of finding that whatever you wanted, other than the ineffable, is not what you really wanted. Life is a relentless and unflinching exercise in the proof of that. The greatest pleasure experienced by the materially wealthy, is the thought that they have what others do not. It is a hollow triumph and not worth much at all.

Hell... is simply the absence of the divine. Hatred is love suppressed. Fear is the absence of Love. When the divine is awakened within anyone, life is an uninterrupted progression of joy and bliss. When the supreme enjoyer is in residence, enjoyment continues with an inflexible consistency and anyone who wants it bad enough can have it, or... as we have said already, anything else.

We wander this thirsty desert of unrequited desire, amnesic and alone, while those created to serve us, spill our wine and laugh at the confusion that has blinded our sight from the beauty of ourselves. They mock us from the throne we have abandoned in the pursuit of chimera and now we have forgotten its location, even though it travels with us everywhere we go.

I remind myself on each 4th of July that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. This country, ostensibly founded on the principle of liberty, trembles on the cliff edge of uncertainty, over looking the fields of tyranny. This is what all that sexual degeneracy is about ...because liberty never was and never will be license. It is sure and certain bondage. This is what the incipient creep of socialism is about, where those whose ancestors murdered tens of millions in the Soviet Socialist Republics; ten million in the Holodomor in The Ukraine ...and in nearby environs, now seek to do here. Like Coca Cola, “it's the same thing only different.” This is what the Jacobin facsimiles of Antifa and similar were formed to bring about. It's the same sad and tired song of the Hegelian Dialectic.

This is what the gender bending insanities are created for, to confuse us about our identity, till we have no idea of who we are, which most of us were unaware of in the first place. This and similar venues are an attack on the family unit because the family unit is the basic building block of society and 'they' want disorder.

There is nothing new in any of these chaos magic antics. The same thing has happened in many another land. It has happened in lands beyond the reach of memory, or any evidence and which are now composed of anonymous grains of sand on the ocean's floor. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master! When you do not know who you are, there are those waiting in the wings for the opportunity to define you to yourself.

Who are these sophist professors that are teaching the Young and Restless and Stupid, about the necessities of violent revolution, on campuses across the country? Their fellow travelers sit on the boards of every organization for the support and proliferation of the varieties of dysfunctional sexual expression. They own the mass media and the entertainment industries. They own the publishing houses. They own the central banks that print the money. They orchestrate periodic boom and bust for personal profit.

Under the radar, the food producing areas of the country are experiencing catastrophic events. Every day I awake and expect to find that Kalifornia is mostly gone. I am not hoping for it; it just keeps coming into my mind. When you are curious of the future, it pays to study the present. I do not concern myself with what might happen. I concern myself with my relationship to the ineffable. When Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed there were areas that were untouched, along with the people in them. In occult history, there are all kinds of marvels that have taken place in times of turmoil and revolution, in the streets and on the battlefields. They generally go unremarked upon in fabricated history. It assuredly helps to be in association with the source of all love (and power).

Nothing is what it seems and that which cannot be described or defined, is certainly not what it seems. In that space which precedes what the senses report, there is a finer and more enduring reality than is to be found in the pedestrian ...and the fate of anyone, is mostly the offspring of their character, as well as it being definitively true that ...it depends on who you know, even more than what you think you know.

Regardless of what the skeptics and materialists may believe, there is most certainly justice on this plane, as there is on all others. One might say that it is a matter of balance and that is why scales figure so prominently in the symbolic presentations of justice. Of course, it may well be that certain debts are factored into future appearances. It is said that 'the good' can often be gone for hundreds of years and more- between lives, in between their coming and going here ...but that 'the evil' ...return relatively quickly.

People have all kinds of ideas about what angels do, despite never having 'knowingly' met one; though they might have 'treated with them unaware'. One thing prevails throughout creation and that is that all the members of The Devic Realm have occupations of one kind or another. The senses in use by all sentient beings are the province of a particular angel and its helpers. One is engaged with sight, another with hearing and so on. There is one angel that is called 'the recording angel' and angels galore for all manner of doings. Seeing an angel, or anything that is generally outside the general bandwidth, has to do with the range of vibrations one can access. Those immersed in appetites, brute entertainments and who are spiritually dull, do not see much beyond the very ordinary. There are those who move among us who vibrate at a rate beyond what the ordinary senses can register and remain unseen. Yogis and other spiritually evolved souls, live in a world much different than what is taken to be 'the world' by the masses; very little of which is real.

What is that line from Hamlet? “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Oh... that is so very, very true.

So many of us spend our time worrying about tomorrow and all the fears that are attendant in mortal life, sometimes leading to what they fear, coming upon them. There are far more Don Quixote's running about than many thousands of folk can shake a stick at. Somewhere in The Bible it says; “fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” People argue about whether Hell exists or not, when it is plainly in evidence in many places in this world at any time. It is good to note that it all happens in the mind and if it can be imagined, it is surely possible and probable that it might exist.

For those of us who have put some time into the comparative study of religions, we note that there is a marked similarity between all of them, concerning the lower and upper realms of being. All of these religions have rather graphic art concerning them. This is not to say they are precisely accurate but you can get the idea, from Bosch, or any number of inspired artists... East or West.

Being concerned about what anyone here can do to us, can lead to all kinds of unfortunate behavior. I am concerned with only one thing and that one thing controls everything else and always has. Surely it can look like it's all out of control here, or there, but I tend to think it's all in hand right down to the last jot and tittle and scripture informs me of this as well, as does my intuition. Anyway, I am today celebrating my liberation from all of the fears and concerns that plague so many of our kind.

I am celebrating how truly fortunate I am that I am so completely in love with the source of all love, whose primary nature and vehicle of expression is love... ...and saddened now and again that it seems unimportant to so many. I have briefly glimpsed the landscapes of rarefied and shining worlds; worlds that no tongue has ever adequately described and KNOW that it is the destiny of anyone, whose love is directed at the source of all love, to sooner or later reside there, perhaps forever, depending on the degree and...................... intensity of that love.

For the one whose power is limitless and ...as... it is so effectively demonstrated, by the obvious evidence of this vast universe and its endless reaches; its brilliant, glittering stars... /for the one whose power is limitless, anything is possible and for those who are friends and companions of that one, that ineffable one... my goodness; how fortunate are they?!

So... I am celebrating, as I do most every day ...because every day is another literal and metaphorical 4th of July for me. Truly... I hope and wish for this to be true for so many others and it well may be true, if they should want it more than anything else.

Visible leans down to the alley surface, shaking the dice in his hands and saying... “C'mon baby, Betsy Ross needs a new pair of shoes!”

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