Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Do We Have Any Rights Left? Well then, NOW IS THE TIME!

Here is what you do, Americans everywhere. Get together in groups of a dozen or more and go to the office of your Senator, your Congressperson and any and all local and state representatives and camp there until they will meet with you. Do a Cindy Sheehan. We want you to “do the wave” across the country just like they do at ball stadiums. When they do show up, which they will, tell them you are demanding the impeachment of this entire administration or THEY will be voted out of office, be they Republican, Democrat or whatever they are calling themselves.

Did you ever think that your world would become as twisted as it is today? It has been twisted even worse in the past. The unfortunate truth though is that the same weaponry did not exist at the time. Now you could all be gone at the push of a button. Still, you have to ask yourself; were you here in the first place? Because if you are I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! And if you are not here enough to say something in your own behalf and on behalf of the human race then I have to tell you, I don’t much care what happens to you and neither do you.

Do we have any rights left? If we do then, correct me if I’m wrong, can’t a few people- or a whole lot of people- in every state, go to their representatives in Congress and The Senate and tell them, “We will do everything in our power to see that you never hold office in this state again; be you Republican or Democrat or whatever you may style yourself to be… unless,” I am certain, unequivocally certain, that there is a large body of conservatives and liberals and God knows what else out there who can see that, whatever is actually happening, what is happening is wrong. It is wrong; poorly executed, venal, insane, poorly planned, ill-considered and pretty much darker than dark implying the complete absence of light.

George W. Bush is a moronic and psychopathically indifferent robot of satanic parentage. He is robot controlled by the greediest most draconian pack of scoundrels this world has seen in quite some time. He is aided and abetted by the most morally bankrupt collection of businessmen and public figures in every area of pursuit. Somehow, the very worst of us have control of the destiny of the rest of us.

I’m going to ask you a favor America. I am going to ask it in your behalf. I am going to ask you to organize and go to your representatives in every area of government and tell them that they are toast if they do not immediately call for the impeachment of George W. Bush and his associates. I am not asking you to demand redress from an illegal war, or that they pressure him to be fairer or anything like that. I am talking about impeachment, enduring censure and ignominy and criminal prosecution. And I am expecting you to follow through.

I want you and the rest of you and every organization that gives a damn about justice and fair play and ethical behavior to demand, to insist, that those who represent you step forth and call for immediate impeachment of this vile crew of pedestrian thugs. For everyone who reads this and does nothing, you deserve what you get. For everyone who does not reach out to everyone else in our collective moment of need, let them get the cowards reward.

It is time to make those who represent you pay if they do not represent you. This nation is on the verge of some very bad shit. If we cannot speak at the national balloting level; if the media is leaning into the window of the fascist’s limousine in white thigh high boots and a red micro-mini; if corporations treat you like sheep to be sheared and if all sincere opposition is slandered and painted red then it is time to take it to them on a local level. Believe me they will listen. You are dealing with whores. They have to be made to behave. You cannot appeal to their sense of fair play and they have no honesty. You must use noise and reaction at the local level and they will come wagging their tails and smiling like John Wayne Gacy at a Boy Scout camp. They’ll be frightened as hell inside however and they should be.

You still own the local level. You can pressure these swine to support Impeachment. NOTHING LESS THAN impeachment and criminal trial will do. This we must insist on. No deals, period. People have been murdered and their lives destroyed. Justice must be done. In the meantime talk to everyone you know about this.

Many of you do not know how bad these people are. They are very, very bad indeed. To compare them to the architects of the Reich is not an exaggeration. These people must be brought down and publicly accused and punished. The key point is that your local politicians and the ones who go to Washington are more concerned with their own survival than that of the fascists. You may think of them as rats aboard a sinking ship. Remember too that this gives them an opportunity to be bombastic and self-righteous. There is nothing that they like more except for arcane and illegal sexual opportunities.

Do not consider appealing to their sense of honor or humanity. These men and women with rare exception have none. You must use pressure and the promise of their defeat at the polls. You must let them know direct. They are already feeling the heat believe me. The nation is also watching how bush continued to stay in Crawford for two days after the hurricane struck. Now this perverted shit-head of a dysfunctional leader is cutting his vacation a full two days short to go ‘monitor’ the New Orleans situation.

Make your representatives do your bidding. Get together in groups of a dozen or more and go camp out at his office until he/she will see you. Take a page from Cindy Sheehan and say you are not leaving until he/she talks to you. All over the country people, pull a Cindy Sheehan.

Try to visualize that Bush is attempting to do to the country what Katrina did to New Orleans. This is not a joke. You can see it happening right in front of you. Can’t you see the steep decline, the loss of freedoms and the increase in the gulf between the rich and the poor and the elimination of the Middle Class? Wake up you dumb sleeping cattle. Get back up on two legs. Is it too much to ask that you make the effort to recover your dignity and pride? Do you want to follow the Judas Goat through the gate on to the killing floor. At that point it is too late my friends.

You must bring these people down now. If it takes revolution, whatever it takes, they must come down or YOU are going down. I should not have to tell you this. You should have some intelligence and objective reasoning capacity left. Drop the fork and take your hand off your dick and make this happen. Turn off the videos and the TV and go down the street to your nearest government office and ask for papers to file for impeachment proceedings. If they say they don’t have them then make a scene. Call the newspapers and the TV and tell them what you are doing. You want attention? Go get some.

The moment is at hand to rise up and go after these reprehensible pig-fuckers. It is time to bring them down. If someone came up and spit in your face, did your wife and then took your children and sold them to a porn merchant what would you do? Well, it’s happening. Get on the stick, pronto. Do it NOW!

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Friday, August 26, 2005

Matt Sludge Calls for Cindy Sheehan Assassination

Is that strictly true? No. Is it true in implication and impetus; is it true in emotions generated to that effect? Yes. Matt Sludge put this headline up for two days at


What is the purpose of a target? This Goebbel’s like propaganda is manufactured by CNS, an extremist right wing news organization. Are they extremist? Yes. Go therefore and read and ye shall see. And always remember, the story isn't important, it's the headline that counts.

In the article, Code Pink Women for Peace is ‘targeted’ as the power behind the protests at Walter Reed Army Hospital and makes special note that they are one of the groups supporting Cindy Sheehan. In reverse this tells you that Cindy Sheehan is one of the forces protesting at Walter Reed Hospital. She’s connected somehow. The article goes on to mention that the co-founder supported the Viet Cong and Nicaraguan Sandinistas and is Castro’s girlfriend. Words like ‘reportedly’ are used.

Matt Sludge gets 240 million hits a day. When Matt Sludge puts up a headline such as “Anti-War Protesters Target Wounded at Army Hospital” he’s telling you that Cindy Sheehan who is the most visible face of the anti-war effort is dancing around outside the hospital taunting the troops. Is this strictly true? No. Is it the impact he is angling for? Yes.

Cindy is going to be taking a bus tour/trip to Washington soon and the bus tour will be going through 'Indian Country' on the way. If you want to support the troops; if you want to show your outrage at what is happening to the injured soldiers at Walter Reed, maybe you should do something about Cindy and Code Pink. This is what Matt Sludge is saying. Is this strictly true? No. Is it true in its implications and the energy being whipped up? Yes, it most certainly is.

What is Matt Sludge’s function in this world? Matt’s function is to press for neo-con interests and to print the gossip of the day as it relates to celebrities and to link to bizarre events like, “Girl Electrocutes Pet Hamster with Fathers Stun Gun”; that sort of thing. Is the neo-con Goebbel’s-de-Gook that Sludge prints true? No, it isn’t. Is the celebrity gossip true? Who knows or cares? Look up ‘gossip’ in the dictionary. Is the bizarre “News of the World”, “Man Bites Dog then Marries Housecat.” news true? This is more likely than either of the former.

Who is Matt Sludge’s audience? It would appear it would be, generally, a not very bright group of people; people who want their opinions processed and digested for them, people who are interested in whether Mariah Carey has a pustulent boil on her ass and what she feeds it, people who want photos of the housecat marriage. It’s called appealing to the lowest common denominator. Demagogues do this. Fascists rely on it. Dumbing down the public you want to control and move through the paddocks is job one for fascists and their mouthpieces. The specter of Communism and dancing Al Qaeda Halloween window figures is de rigueur. Whipping up suspicion and fear is important if your intentions and interests are not for the greatest good of the greatest number of people. Creating ‘targets’ by suggesting that someone ‘is targeting’ someone, whether they are or not, is a fundamental of the fascists and their mouthpieces.

Lately it looks like Mellon-Sciafe and others are leaning on Matt a bit. Matt’s not his own man you know. Things aren’t going well for the fascists. Public opinion, even with the immense machine of disinfo and ‘all lies all the time’ hasn’t been working lately. It’s time to get shriller; it’s time to ‘target’ the enemy. Who is the visible face of the enemy in the moment? Why, that would be Cindy Sheehan. "Gee, it sure would be a shame if anything happened to Cindy Sheehan." said The Walrus to The Carpenter.

Matt’s gay, which I suppose isn’t important, unless, like Matt, your job is exposing things like this. I haven’t seen a headline to this effect on SludgeReport. But isn’t this news? Isn’t this Matt’s kind of news? Matt Sludge is Walter Winchell Lite. Matt’s a muckraker and a bottom feeder and he’s got a following among the bacteria that feeds at the landfill.

Rupert Murdoch, Matt’s Big Brother, is certainly interested in this kind of news. Who are all these people and why are they saying the things they are saying? Why does a major news organization refuse to run a Cindy Sheehan commercial because there is no proof that there were no weapons of mass destruction? Say what? That’s one of the funniest and saddest and most telling things I’ve heard lately:

Nope, not under here

Did the soldiers in Walter Reed hospital get maimed and injured for a lie? Why they most certainly did. Is it in poor taste to point this out on location? Maybe. Does the Mattster do things like this every day, does Rupert Murdoch? You bet your sweet patootie they do. Is it okay for them and not for others? How far does absurdity have to go before it becomes reality?

Some of you read Doug Thompson’s excellent piece in Capital Hill Blue about bush’s meltdown (in progress). Here’s a follow-up from someone else that you may find enlightening;

Meltdown in Progress

bushligula the alcoholic is finally coming up against the sort of pressure that he cannot defense against within. When things are going smoothly for an alcoholic sociopath, the grandiosity and denial sail serenely over Moonlight Bay. When they are up against a fierce challenge, the tenuous fabric of manufactured reality begins to whip and tear from the winds. Where’s Matt? Dude, Matt’s not here anymore.

What’s gonna happen first do you reckon? Will bush, who may well be drinking again, have a grand moment of public insanity? Or will the war; the problems with the economy, the grand juries, the mean things people are saying, the bullshit protector earpieces go away first? Why do you think he’s going on all those white-knuckled bike rides? Why do you think there is this relentless push for physical exercise? Think about it. If, like me, you’re interested in the truth of the matter, no matter what it is and no matter how it may impact on you personally, you don’t have a problem recognizing certain things. Think about it.

If I were a mathematical theorist I would have no problem showing you where this whole thing is headed. You might have a problem understanding how I came to my conclusions though. Thankfully we don’t need abstruse or exotic theory to divine and compute. All we need is a freakin’ brain and a certain amount of integrity. bush hasn’t got either but he’s expendable and the odds are that 'the boys in the back' are planning a scenario at this very moment. Don't be surprised if bush doesn't finish his term for, oh, 'some reason or another'.

Will Matt and his handlers succeed in getting people killed? They’ve done a fine job so far. I feel like the little kid in The Sixth Sense.

In the end, it’s the inability of a large segment of the public to see, or even want to see, the truth. It’s the little denials that feed the big denials. And denial itself has a destiny wherever it may live. Denial does not change what is. The sun didn’t suddenly make an adjustment after they tortured Galileo. What should we do about Matt’s call for Cindy’s assassination? What are you thinking America? What are you going to do?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is Cindy Sheehan Safe- Are Any of Us?

Is Cindy Sheehan in danger? I can’t shake this feeling I’ve been getting over the last several days. It’s been growing as I read accounts of mad dogs in pickup trucks mowing down crosses, shotgun blasts in neighboring fields and see the vicious comments by trolling freepers. When those in harsh denial about their wrongheaded leaders feel themselves pressed up against an indefensible wall, anything is possible.

You see the signs of domestic unrest everywhere. Lunatic fringe organizations from the far right, lobby for warm bodies of the unemployed to march on Crawford and shout across the highway at Camp Casey residents; biker clubs roar by, secret service vehicles speed dangerously past with guns pointing from the windows. Some several somebodies are pushing for an event.

Meanwhile, geriatric demagogue Pat Robertson pushes for the assassination of Hugo Chavez; Fox News commentators seethe with infectious bile and Bush, the bloodstained ‘boy emperor’, implies that the protestors hurt American soldiers in the field and dishonor their country. You can feel it in the air. You can cut it with a knife. Did somebody say, “Knife”? The air crackles with ozone. When those who are wrong and defiant are pushed they find ways to make their points the hard way.

Further up the country in Salt Lake City, a legal concert is attacked by storm troopers; people are beaten and injured, cameras are confiscated (all save one), security personnel hired to confiscate drugs are arrested for possession, permits are ripped from people’s hands and attack dogs are loosed. Nearby a tractor trailer with nearly 40 tons of explosives goes up and 19 people are injured and there is NO NEWS reportage. Except for certain, brave web sites no mention is made. You can’t find this news!!! But it happened. What the Hell is going on?

So I ask you, is Cindy Sheehan in danger? Think about the mindless gun nuts roaming the country and remember, we’re talking about Texas, land of two-legged Gila Monsters and rattlesnakes waiting for The Rapture. We’re talking about the state that has the ‘sumbitch needed killing’ law.

In strange counterpoint the unstable Mountain-biker in Chief lumbers by on the horizon- in sight of Camp Casey, oblivious to everything but keeping his unsound mind in a sound body. It’s something out of Fellini. It’s a real life movie that rivals “Freaks” in its deranged and enclosed sound-lot fantasy, cut off from the outside world, where the outside world cannot intrude; and no, Fellini did not make “Freaks”. In this inner world anything can happen as long as it is strange and unreal and pain intensive for the outer world.

Every time these Visigoths in mufti get in a bind they orchestrate a terror attack, ratchet up a terror threat, create a straw-man to bayonet or slander at will. They point outward at some dark and powerful enemy who exists only in their imagination and finally in yours as well. They ARE the enemy. We have seen too many times already that there is nothing they will not do to maintain their grip on power. No contracts, or charters or institutions are safe. No lie is too vile. No act is impermissible.

You may think they have too much to lose in not protecting Cindy but they don’t care about possible fallout. They can spin anything and… it might just scare the rest of the punks. Look what it did to the journalists and artists and any and everyone who has gone counter to the propaganda of the engines of darkness. Look at the blatant and disgusting demagoguery of Fox News and right wing radio. Look at the omnipresent blanket of Clear Channel Broadcasting. Look at the ubiquitous and suppressive editorial control of every major news organ, be it broadcast or print.

Even with an acknowledged two thirds of the country in disagreement with administration policies, the meaning and weight of opposition is nigh on invisible. Even Salt Lake City was filled with protestors; or… was it? The pressure upon the cabal is intense. And it isn’t just Cindy Sheehan; it’s the soon to surface indictments of the Plame affair, it’s the civil war in Iraq, it’s the gas prices and Euro conversion and man, you name it. I see a Bad Moon Rising.

So what will they do? They will do anything but… ‘What’ will they do?

Let’s face it, if we didn’t have a society based on endless, obscene consumption, this sort of insanity would never have happened in the first place. Your demand for bigger cars and more immediate gratifications of every possible appetite have made you a victim of your desires. Venezuela’s oil isn’t their oil, it’s OUR FUCKING OIL! We needs it precious. It’s our precious; hiss, hiss, slither, slither.

The collective ass of America spreads like mozzarella cheese over a couch with broken springs that threatens to crush the world. At the top of the garbage heap are the architects of the factories that pump out the candy coated, plastic companions of decadent excess. Mindless nabobs chatter on about freedom and democracy. My friend, the two of them left town a long time ago. You got no freedom and you got no choice. What you get is an ever diluted and more artificially flavored version of something that no longer remembers what it was based on.

Cindy Sheehan is a dangerous anomaly in an environment that hypocritically holds her up as an example of what we are all about while tearing apart her right to be what she is an example of. She has the right to remain silent and her son has the right to remain dead. So I ask, once again, is Cindy Sheehan safe?

I’m not an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist. I don’t have to be. Evidence of reason for alarm is everywhere and the conspiracy plots in plain sight. The degree of stupidity and denial that it takes not to see this is mind blowing.

Mark my words. ‘They’ are going to blow some shit up soon. The storm clouds of terrible event are like a mile high black anvil in the sky. First they turned us against the Islamic world and now they are going to turn us on each other. They aren’t concerned about how it looks; they shape the way it looks. They don’t care who gets hurt. They are on a mission from God. And this God looks an awful lot like Hannibal Lecter in the hockey mask. This God has Pat Robertson for a spokesman. This God is insane and it’s axiomatic that his followers are too. It’s the power of The Ring.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong about Cindy and the people at that camp. But when you factor in the cast and the plot development it doesn’t look good. Everything else is just as I have described it. So, if you were a theoretical mathematician; if you were Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park what would your calculations be?

There’s always the possibility that the hand of Heaven will intrude. There is always the possibility that the false God of the bloody usurpers will be trashed to the winds by divine fiat. However, it has been history’s evidence to us that we are meant to find our course by the terrible repercussions of having gone for too long in the wrong direction.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Madness of Boy George and Me and You

Oh yes, President Mountain Bike, which is not such a far cry from President Mountebank, is going to hit the dirt harder than he ever did with his Clarabelle the Clown bike mishaps. He says that the Iraq War is going to make America safe while today on one of his crack whore media outlets,, there is a big picture of masked men goose-stepping in cammies; lockstep marching to the new Pretoria, wherever the Hell that is. The following article explains how militias now run the country of Iraq. It’s sort of like if Idaho suddenly became America’s police force. The war is over. America lost.

Is that what they intended all along? Is this really a ‘wheels within wheels’ sort of thing where it looks like America loses but actually the bankers and merchants who run America won because somewhere, somehow they now have more power and more money than they did before? Arguably you have less money and freedom so someone won, but it wasn’t you. You lost. You lost big time. Since this ‘should be’, by default, some sort of pyrrhic solstice celebration; since you lost!!! I think it’s only fair that you should at least make their front men pay a terrible price. I think it’s time for the American Gothic heartland of this benighted coast to coast Wal-Mart to grab their pitch forks and shovels and go get the monster… but don’t forget Dr. Frankenstein this time. I think it’s time to storm the castle and take them out into the street and take off their clothes and paint their asses red and make them sing show tunes.

I’d also, tangentially, like to speak to the nut jobs and lone gunmen for a moment; the serial killers- I know you’re out there- the renegade members of Elohim City and anybody that got out of Waco, along with the generally frustrated- with a double-wide gun cabinet in their home. As nasty a piece of shit as George Bush is, it’s the men behind him that are your enemy. I want you to think of David Rockefeller and homeboy Mellon Sciafe; the man who squats behind the man who squats behind Rupert Murdoch, the faceless, pin-striped motherfuckers who pull the levers and gears that regulate your stress and make you stop taking your medication. In your waking day Manchurian Candidate dreams I want you to picture a face replacing the face of the men they told you to kill. I want the dark angel of your unpredictable- we didn’t program this shit- nature to turn upon these men.

I want you to imagine that it was Paul Wolfowitz and crew; that it was any and every one of the top oilmen and cattle ranchers and investment bankers; every one of the Slim Shady boys playing poker in the backroom where the chips are your family, your home, your country and your life. You know the guys; the guys that grab your elbow when they shake your hand. The guys who pat your back and fuck your wife; you know the guys. You don’t get to talk to them much and you can’t ask them for anything but you know the guys. These are the guys who made that great shit sandwich you ate that time you wound up with your pants down around your ankles and things happened that you don’t want to remember; except that you know you’re angry about it- whatever it was.

I want you to think about the smirking fucks that shouted you down and made fun of you that time you got caught torturing the neighbor’s cat, or when the fire inspector hauled you in for burning down the abandoned house next door. Hell, you’d have been living there if it wasn’t for the fact that the house you are in had an icebox that still worked; doesn’t anymore but… that was a long time ago.

I don’t want you to think about the guy who was mean to you at McDonalds or the postal clerk or even the municipal offices where the voices in your head (that got put there from the time you were at Tavistock and that Major Ramirez from MKUltra; some military cat who talked to you about Satan) tells you they are saying bad things about you. I want you to upgrade your capacity for retribution and actually stop the voices in your head from talking. I know you know that the people on TV are talking to you. I know you know that these are bad people but they are not ‘the’ bad people. You’ve been deceived for centuries and you keep having to come back and make the same mistakes. I’m offering you a sort of Nirvana. I’m offering you the annihilation of the memory of your worthless self that they convinced you of and the opportunity to actually gain a memorable end. I want you to thimk. I want you to really, really thimk.

I want you to somehow read what I’m saying without my ever having to say it and I want you to penetrate every insecurity system that protects your darkest dreams in human form and I want you to, I want you to… sneak into their rooms where they are sleeping and I want you to creep, creep, creep up so soft and bend down and kiss them on the cheek.

But hey… I know and you know that it’s really the collateral folk, the kids in the kindergarten and the people on the sidewalk that you’re programmed to… programmed to…something…something…I can’t… remember…tick, tick, tick…

Ah never mind. There’s that impotence that an entire jar of Viagra is never going to fix. And even though you and I are the lowest of the low; outsiders, crap on the bottom of societies shoes, walking jokes with buttons missing and holes in our socks; what are we ever really going to do except strike out at our peers or a few good, decent people with bad karma who worked hard but didn’t know enough to get out of the way?

No, forget I ever said any of this because, as low and disenfranchised as we are, we’re not as low as the people who made us the way we are. Oh, it’s a little bit our fault, cause we’re stupid and we’re angry and we can’t do anything about the former so what could we possibly do about the latter? So maybe it isn’t our fault really. Our train is always going to be late for our trip to the end of the line where we live by the highway underpass with the plastic bag full of disposable diapers for a pillow. You remember how those guys paid us to star in Bumfights? It’s the guys that those guys work for that I’m talking about but, like I said, never mind now. It’s not important.

You see how it works people? Yeah you, not the guys I’ve been talking to over the last several hundred words, you… the other people who are reading and forming a variety of opinions about the things I was saying. Maybe you thought I was serious or something. Maybe you thought; “heh heh, what the Hell is he up to? I know he can’t be saying what I think he’s saying.” Hey, I’m not saying anything. It’s the voices in my head that are talking.

But seriously, Bush in his way… and the people behind Bush and the people that programmed Bush, are talking to you this way. They are talking to you through your TV and in your newspapers. They convinced you it was okay to go blow up a whole lot of people who didn’t have a fucking thing to do with anything. They were just standing there. Sure, they’ve got bad karma, that’s obvious. Maybe they did bad things to somebody once. But as true as that may be, I don’t like to think that way.

What’s the worst thing in this life? It isn’t that someone might kill you. Except for whatever period the pain may last, it’s over after that. The worst thing is when someone kills your hope; when they kill your faith in yourself and your fellows, when they tarnish the institutions you believe in, when they gang-rape the Statue of Liberty and then pimp her out to a bunch of paunchy smelly old men; when they wipe their ass with The Constitution and use the Bill of Rights for a hanky; when they make you hate your neighbor because they convinced him to believe that fascism was democracy and he calls you a liberal asshole because you think maybe we ought to be a little nicer to everybody else but he thinks, “Fuck them, I got mine and it’s gonna stay mine until they pry it from my cold dead fingers.”

The worst of it is to have to live your life in a world where Rush Limbaugh is allowed to pitch his demagogic hatred and get paid for and applauded for it; where color is set against color, religion against religion, where up is made to appear down, where powerful men actually argue that there is no reason their sons should have to go to war because they are too important on the home front; where convincing arguments are made that the rich ‘should’ get richer and the poor ‘should’ get poorer… where it’s every man for himself and depending on how much money and power he has he can do any goddamned thing he pleases, where Michael Jackson is a bigger criminal than Dick Cheney.

The worst thing is to have to live looking over your shoulder and to be intentionally confined at a pass-not-beyond this level by a system designed to favor the few, created by the few in defiance of every promise the system was designed to facilitate. It’s no wonder so many of you drink yourselves to death in empty living rooms in front of loud TV’s. It’s no wonder you fight with your family and friends or work yourself to death to provide colorful junk for the people closest to you that you find yourself unable to love. Fear… doubt… despair… and your daily bread.

Bush is going down. He is going to find Washington a different place next month. He is going to find the nation a different place. It is right that he should go down in dishonor for he is a dishonorable man. It is right for this bastard child of The Contract with America to live in ignominy and the enduring contempt of his nation. But when bush goes down that doesn’t fix your problem. He’ll go down because the shit-heels behind him need a face lift and a new manikin in order to do business as usual; the tables are turned and the same men are still sitting there.

As I reflect back I think to myself just what a terrific president Al Gore would have been. It would take me pages to list all the connections between his abilities, his dreams and the needs of the country. Al Gore is a decent and honorable man. I didn’t care much for Kerry cause I knew he was a stalking horse, but Al Gore? Al Gore would have been one of our greatest presidents.

I’m going on here. Usually my essays are within a few dozen words of each other in length. But today I just want to go on and on. I want to say everything I can’t say. I want to reach out and twist the dial. I want to say I love you, even though I don’t know you and I want to heal you but I can’t even fix myself.

I know that God has the answers and that it will all work out somehow because it always does; maybe after a whole lot of people are dead- but they’ll die sooner or later anyway, won’t they? Yes, even after this huge terrorist attack which is imminent and unavoidable unless they serendipitously get caught, it will work out. Even if America becomes the new Nazi-Germany it will work out somewhere down the line and there will be the usual heroics and books will be written and movies made. Hogan’s Heroes will come on again with a uniform switch. It will work out.

I don’t know what to tell you people. I wish I knew what to say. Cindy Sheehan has made me feel better about things than I have in a long time. I love the way that woman carries herself. I know there are a lot of Cindy Sheehan’s out there and I admire and respect the Hell out of you. You make me weep for the beauty that is inside you. I wish you would let it come out.

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫
'God Bless You Cindy Sheehan' is track no. 1 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
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Songwriter by Les Visible

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Hope I didn't Leave Anyone Out.

My Cindy Sheehan song got hundreds of plays yesterday thanks to the good folks at WRH so I’ll put it in again at the beginning of today’s piece:

Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫

Thanks for all the great comments and emails, they make this whole effort worthwhile.

I’ve been thinking about the contrast between those who lie; cheat, steal, murder and generally work in all things contrary to the best interests of the greater good. Into that camp fall the neocons; their apologists- lying scum newscasters, columnists, talk show hosts on radio and TV and the collective aggregate of red-faced, sweating, porcine, corporate types pickled in martinis and their lesser brethren, the troglodytes with guns in their pickups and their waistbands who have offspring with their relatives and mow down the crosses of dead soldiers. I left out the support cast of lawyers and bureaucrats who sew up the details below the line of sight but you are all familiar with their tracks due to the excrescence you have to clean off the bottoms of your shoes.

I’ve mentioned this group on a regular basis because they are the usual suspects in that huge production of the Broadway hit, “Fascism, The Musical”. Readers might think I’ve been one sided in my view of the world and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I am blind to other contributors; I’m not. Let me address these fine groups and individuals today. The first group has to have some counterpoint that gives meaning to their putsch. A lot of the reason that the Luddites have taken over is because of certain elements in society that threaten us all and who, if they were in power would turn the world into their own culinary wonder of mystery shit stew which, although it might be seasoned differently, would still have shit as its basic ingredient.

The primary reason Bushco won the election, besides outright electoral fraud, was the issue of gay marriage. Now, I’m not anti-gay. I think ‘gay’ like being Catholic or Jewish; like being alcoholic or drug saturated; like being callow or fixated on food; or a great artist, spiritual leader, hermit, soldier, housewife or sad-eyed poet are stages that we all go through. You see, I believe in reincarnation; no, let me take that further- I KNOW that reincarnation is a fact. I’ve got direct personal evidence in that respect and I’ve got a large collection of data that supports it. So, at some time or another, we will all be, for varying periods of time; gay, protestant, rich, poor, smart, stupid, conservative, liberal, white, black, red, yellow and some combination of all of them and everything else I left out. Our personal passages are one thing, its impact upon society and the wider theatre of human operations is another.

Gay marriage is not going to EVER be mainstream, gut level, okay. It’s not in the order of things except to say that dead leaves in the fall are part of the process of approaching winter. Things like gay marriage and studded faces; orgies, defacatoriums, branding parlors, dungeons with six foot dominatrixes with whips, fast food, epidemic obesity, mindless television and sundry entertainments, collective devolution into animal stupidity and many, many other phenomena are all signs of a cultural decline. Although Rome didn’t have our technology, everything else is in place.

Most people are prepared to allow for gay lifestyles in their midst. It’s a big world and every larger community has its areas of eclectic pursuit. Most communities have some variant on the hippies and bikers and unusual religious expressions; witches jumping over fires and dancing naked in the moonlight (and I can tell you that I personally would rather be doing that than trying to stay awake in an ordinary church service), doomsday cults, techno-freak Star Wars ‘the ships are coming’ adherents and, well, you name it, it’s probably out there. But mainline humanity is the arbiter of what is generally acceptable. If you fall outside that spectrum then, word to the wise, keep it below the radar. Be private, don’t walk into the town square and start demanding the rights to strange rites.

Gay marriage greased (no pun intended) the chute for the neocon's coup. If you're serious about that kind of thing, go where it’s tolerated. Don’t ask for a universal imprimatur. You’re NOT going to get it. Tolerance is not acceptance. That is also something worth remembering.

Groups like PETA also come to mind. Most of us are squarely in agreement with them about the ethical treatment of animals. I’m a ‘more or less’ vegetarian myself. However I eat fish and I intend to continue. When you make stupid, national campaigns about sushi bars serving fish where the fish in the tanks can see it, as being comparative to some kind of death camp situation, you’ve gone round the bend. When Vegans get up on their orange crates about how we shouldn’t eat honey because it is stealing from the bees, you have gone round the bend. When entire states make smoking in any establishment in the state taboo, you’ve gone round the bend; people should be allowed to have smoking only businesses of any sort if there are customers for it. Probably smoking is bad for you. Alcohol is just as bad and kills even more people. Prescription pharmaceuticals are even worse and kill even more people. Fast food is worse yet and god only knows how many people that kills and, even worse, condemns you to go on living in a rut of poor health. Commercial soft drinks are total poison, destroying the teeth on the way in and wreaking major havoc down below. Get some fucking sense of proportion.

Telling people how to raise their children while subjecting them to the brainwashing conformity of poor school systems and letting corporate hyenas control what they eat there is madness. Get your priorities in order. The fundies and the conservative wing of our society have got good points. They are not wrong in their perception of total decline. People don’t want “Heather has two Mommies”. Basic tolerance is one thing, force-feeding politically correct, gorge inducing claptrap is another. PC taken to its logical conclusion results in Mao’s grand experiment. It brings you the Khmer Rouge; Fascism at one end and the Red Guard at the other.

There is a wide center of the greater body of humanity that should be the normal flow of life as we know it. It’s the same conformity that results in ordinary, decent behavior. It’s got the Ten Commandments down. Its rules may be a little constricting for some of us but we can get by just fine by not making a big noise about our rights to do our thing in their faces. Learn some finesse and discretion. Don’t be a grandstanding idiot. I am into things that would scare a lot of people. These have to do with my journeys into other worlds of consciousness; frolicking with the Devic Realm and generally liking to be in the woods or empty deserts at night; communicating with my invisible and not-so-invisible friends. Nobody is stopping me (but I stay out of the headlights). They might stop me if I were making a point of it on Main Street.

You, who want us to accept everything as being okay and who, with your insane pop psychologists and teary eyed Oprah sob fests about acceptance are the main reason that the Huns have taken over. Shut up and stop with the over-sentimentalized BS. We are not all equal. We may all be entitled to equal rights and I don’t have to explain what that means. Hey people, freedom is not license. You don't have a right to expect people to accept you. All the PC in the world won't stop fat jokes in high school.

Puritanical repression and outrageous exhibiters of singular pathologies feed off of each other. Puritanical repression will generally win and now you got Homeland Security. You are insane; recognize it. Conservatives have a right to be angry; of course their excesses are now clearly visible; crystal. This is how you get Wahabi fundamentalism, by trying to shove Big Mac’s down people’s throats. Live and let live. Our present leaders reflect just how much we have slipped into the banal and treacly land of materialism. It may be okay for ‘the haves’, until they die at any rate. But your chances of being one of ‘the haves’ isn’t good and the price you pay to be one isn’t worth it. Did I digress here? Yeah, I did, but if you still have an objective reasoning capacity you know what I mean.

If you’re like me, you need to find a safe harbor until this madness settles down again. It isn’t going to settle down though until tragedy forces their hand.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, what a pleasure it is. There’s Cindy Sheehan splashed across the front page of Sludge Report. Closet queen Matt is in a J. Edgar Hoover post menopausal; “no, not the red one, it makes me look fat” tizzy. My first impression was that she had just said all of this yesterday. I thought it was all part of a speech at a University; glad I checked back. Clever Matt, work that disinfo with your bad self! Here’s what Sludge cherry picks for your entertainment and edification; these things Cindy said at different times (and which I agree with at ALL times),

"We are not waging a war on terror in this country. We’re waging a war of terror. The biggest terrorist in the world is George W. Bush!"

So declared Cindy Sheehan earlier this year during a rally at San Francisco State University.

Sheehan, who is demanding a second meeting with Bush, stated:

"We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now."

Sheehan unleashed a foul-mouth tirade on April 27, 2005:

"They’re a bunch of fucking hypocrites! And we need to, we just need to rise up..." Sheehan said of the Bush administration.

"If George Bush believes his rhetoric and his bullshit, that this is a war for freedom and democracy, that he is spreading freedom and democracy, does he think every person he kills makes Iraq more free?"

"The whole world is damaged. Our humanity is damaged. If he thinks that it’s so important for Iraq to have a U.S. imposed sense of freedom and democracy, then he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls. They need to go to this war."

"We want our country back and, if we have to impeach everybody from George Bush down to the person who picks up dog shit in Washington, we will impeach all those people."

Cindy, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come one mother out of the obscure blue of her uncelebrated life can come forth and have more balls that the entire Democratic Congress? This looks like a good point to insert the song I wrote about her:

Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫

Mrs. Pacman has come to life and boy is she chewing up the Meanies. Hah!!! I see the fall of the cartoon empire on the horizon. However, there’s good news and bad news. As I’ve stated, the absolutely necessary terror assault is imminent. Bushco has no other options. Even when they do have other options this is their fav. And guess what? An Israeli security company is now in charge of America’s nuclear installations. Isn’t that way cool? I know that some of you will find it neither ironic nor coincidental that the Israeli security firm of ICTS was in charge of all the 9/11 airports, the Madrid train station AND the London tube during the attacks at those locations. However it is true. Now either they are really, really bad at the job or… uh, gee, I dunno.

Can anyone tell me why Israel is providing security at all of these places? Look, I don’t want to harp on Israel but; is it just me, or isn’t there some explanation due for all these mysterious things? And then there’s all the things they are up to in Africa on a general basis, interfering in the governments and their conflict diamond business, not to mention their long time, ultra nasty, assistance to the apartheid South African government which they broke right off when Mandela came in; not to mention their helping the Sri Lankan government while arming and advising the Tamil Tigers at the same time. All of this is true, you can look it up. It’s like what the Hell is going on? We know now for sure that Israeli interests in the defense department phonied up all the Iraq intel. We know they’re pushing and lobbying for the destruction of Iran. We know they got caught creating a phony Al Qaeda cell; the only Al Qaeda cell anyone has uncovered yet.

I could go on and on about all the strange doings of this small little country but I don’t have the time. You do the research. What I want to know is why this sort of thing isn’t big news? Look at the AIPAC thing. Go ahead, look. And then there’s Ariel Sharon actually saying, “Don’t worry about America, we control America.” I mean, he said that.

So when Cindy Sheehan says that her son didn’t go off to fight for Israel and we see than Israeli influence caused the Iraq War and we hear Sharon saying what he is saying; why is she being criticized? Why? It’s true isn’t it? If it isn’t true tell me how that is, I’d love to change my mind.

It’s no plus for me to have to say these things considering the heat they draw. But these things are true. Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith and others in the Defense Dept orchestrated this war. Please, if you know something else, something plausible that denies the truth of what is in front of us, tell me. I only know what I know. This is what I am left with. I don’t want to have an adversarial attitude with Israel or anyone else. If the Sudan was doing this I’d have to go after Sudan. Of course no one cares about Sudan or Rwanda because it’s just a bunch of black people right?

Cindy Sheehan is saying what many, many people think and can’t say because of the hornet’s nest that gets stirred up every time you say anything about Israel. Are we supposed to just let them do whatever they want because bad things happened to some of them 60 years ago? What about Cambodia? What about Rwanda? What about the Congo? What about Armenia? The Turks say that the Armenian thing never even happened. Are they getting deported into prisons for denial? Not hardly. Turkish drug dealers are making regular payments to Dennis Hastert. Real intelligence sources have reported this but, even though it’s happening it isn’t happening is it? And you can be sure that passport or no passport, Tom Delay’s good buddy, lobbyist-maestro will be in Israel before there ever is any trial.

I realize I have referred to some of the same business in the last two posts but let’s face it, is there any bigger or more critical news than the FACT that Israel is meddling in, seemingly controlling American governmental decisions? Add in Sharon’s statements again. What am I to make of this?

Right now Cindy Sheehan is like Joan of Arc and Athena rolled into one. She is speaking the plain truth and it is scary as Hell; for the liars that is. America, get off your cottage-cheese TV watching ass and pitch in. Do you want your country back or not? I know there is a hardcore contingent of sub-normals that can’t go to the bathroom without an instruction manual but ‘most’ of you have got some sense.

Things are out of wack; way out of wack and certain countries need to get back inside their own fucking borders and stop with the Armageddon shit. Sooner or later the whole nation of America is either going to rise up in an enormous backlash against this or they are just going to go full on narcoleptic.

Is it me? Is the provable reality of what I see and the enormous amount of supporting evidence not real even though it’s real? I’m not on anyone’s side and I’m not against anyone with these exceptions; I naturally oppose fascism and racism and I support everyone and everything that works toward the greater good of all. That is the total book on me. It pains me to have to be one of the few to point certain things out but it’s for your own good.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Should We Just All Give up.... or what?

I wonder sometimes about the things I say and whether I should be saying them. The world is the world is the world. It is always filled with the plots of old hatred. It is an endless stew of treacheries and injustices and selfish agendas. That's the world. Actual selfless heroics and service are far, far down the list of easily observable behavior.

In this moment the tendency for the larger body of humanity is to wallow in material excess or to dream about accumulating it. The cellphone is the new confessional and rosary bead. The sound track that accompanies the mix is as banal as the interests of the crowd. The governments with few exceptions are draconian and corrupt. The religions are Luddite and dogmatic and rife with sexual insinuation through the weakest link in the chain. The entertainments are; don’t get me started. The ordinary diet is on a par with the music and the entertainment. Few people eat real food and few people live real lives. You get a feel for where the superficially educated are at by observing the interaction on forums all over the internet. Mindless twits go on and on about their hair and their desultory love life. They seem to compete for who can make the most vacuous comments and they revel in it. It’s the internet version of air guitar.

On the other hand are the various political viewpoints that take on the appearance of fat cheerleaders in tight clothes two sizes two small, lumbering up and down the field with bedraggled pompoms. Everything genuine is made mock of and treated as if it were an embarrassment for the rest. What can one say in respect of this? Various powerful, high octane groups have massive PR machines going 24/7 justifying anything and everything they do. Criticism is treated with slander and redundant reinforcement of labels that define the critic as a shunned outsider; one who won’t just stand aside as the juggernaut chews up the landscape.

Our greatest peril in this world today, besides indifference and ubiquitous ignorance are as follows; the fundamentalist Christian movement, the Zionist movement and those areas of Islamic extremism that have something to do with or are similar to the Wahabi philosophy and... the general pervasion of blinding glamour and materialism. Each of them views themselves as a reaction and a defense against one of the others and forms coalitions with one another against the other, the way the whites and the blacks and the browns do in the prison system; “If you’re black, get back. If you’re brown, stick around.”

The fundamental Christians and the Zionists have got world control as their elitist agenda. They are insane. The Wahabis want to return their culture to the Middle Ages in a way similar the Khmer Rouge; they are insane. The materialists and mindless hedonists want to fall back to all fours but they don’t keep in mind that they can’t open the icebox with their paws; they couldn’t do much of any of the things they want to do once they revert back to the persona that is propelling the appetites. They are very definitely insane. Insanity is the state of the moment. The thing about being nuts is that it makes perfect sense to the mind in its madness. So it is with each of them. All of these insanities come out of a state of overpowering self-interest.

It looks grim if you see it only within the narrow bandwidth of sensory perception. What is, in fact, happening is that the whole world is on the verge of a tremendous transformation. A whole lot of templates and schematics and philosophies and lifestyles are up against inexorable change and change is going to win. I don’t care how many guns you have; how much media you control, how much money and influence you possess, you are going to lose.

In a sense, evil is resistance to change as much as it is the exercise of an overweening self-interest. The desire to remain in a constipated state, the effort to crystallize guidelines of behavior into dogma to suit an agenda that has nothing to do with the original intentions of the guidelines, the forceful suppression of new ideas, and the effort to retard progress toward the greatest good for the greatest number of people can be defined as evil. Evil always destroys itself. Why is that? There is a basic order to the universe. Nature has laws. Religion, inasmuch as it seeks to awaken us to a wider vision of our interdependence, gives a hint that something within the universe and in our natures is regent. We may argue about the existence of a higher power; an overriding force that shapes our ends. We may dispute over just what it is, how it does its business and what its intentions are but even a casual study of nature and the affairs of humans as recorded in history tell us that more than our own folly is at work.

The Middle East situation can be solved immediately by restoring the 1967 borders in Israel/Palestine and declaring a Palestinian state. The arguments about Israel’s security are bullshit. They have the fourth most powerful military in the world. The fact is that they want all that land and that’s it. Observing the insane faces of the protesters in Gaza says it all. The return of a few pitiful settlements is nothing. They can’t police that area anyway. There is no altruism at work here. There is zero altruism in the agenda of the Likud government. The only Al Qaeda cell so far exposed proved to be an Israeli construct. These are devious people. These are the people who helped the South Africans apply their apartheid tactics. They are spying on governments all over the world, including their allies and they have such a power in so many areas that any criticism is labeled as anti-Semitism which is some kind of quarantining leprosy I guess. Let me see if I understand what Anti-Semitism is. I believe it is when you hate a Jew just because he is a Jew and for no other reason. Well, I don’t qualify then and neither do many who do not use that as the basis for their reasoning in this area.

Bush is losing it by the day. Insiders talk of paranoid rants and screaming matches; wild mood swings and invective laden tirades. Doug Thompson over at Capital Hill Blues (a man I much admire) has a nice piece on it. Bush, of course, is not in charge of anything. He is losing it though. Israel has turned whatever good will they may once have had to naught. The majority of world opinion has slowly turned against them and they have only their own vicious behavior to blame for it. The Wahabis are crazy but far less of a danger to the world than the fundies and the Zionists; most of their organizations are penetrated and in some cases run by Mossad anyway.

Right now these powerful groups who oppose change, who have only their own agenda in mind and who do not care who gets hurt in the process are up against an opponent they can neither see nor comprehend. They cannot defense against it. That opponent is change and the natural order. It is necessary in the Shakespearean drama of the times that they push to the last millimeter so that they can be exposed and exhausted in an open field. A large scale “terrorist’ attack is imminent. This attack will most likely take place in a number of locations simultaneously. It will be blamed on Muslims and it will provoke terrible air attacks and possible nuclear response. It will be on a grand scale and the perpetrators hope that it will give them the total control they dream of. They hope it will sweep aside the huge difficulties that are also on the horizon; the massive inflation that is coming when petrodollars go Euro, the collapse of the American housing bubble, the terrible disparity between the rich and the poor, nature rising in reaction to poisonous lifestyles and the polluting greed of the few, out of control health care costs and a general indifference to preventive health maintenance to name only a portion.

All of these troubles have their source in the appetite to consume and to control. It is the madness of appetite and the fear of losing convenience and enjoyment that fuels much of the madness. Enemies of the state, created by the state and supported and manipulated by the state are paraded across the media. They don’t actually exist. Take a good look at the present situation. Can you see how desperately this illegal government needs another Trifecta? It’s their only hope. They are incapable of being fair, honest or intelligent; forget competence because their agenda makes this impossible. They have no other capacities. There is nothing they will not do to survive; change and what is best for us all stands in their way as do the results of the lesson to follow.

It may be hard to hold on to your hope at this time, especially after what is coming happens. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Things can only swing so far out of balance before they are jerked back. It’s the law. Our little laws have no meaning unless they mirror the higher laws. They move only toward a doomed conclusion otherwise. Help actually is on the way. And once again, God Bless and thank you Cindy Sheehan; that is a brilliant commercial you just did.

As promised I have written and recorded "God Bless You Cindy Sheehan".

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫
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Songwriter by Les Visible

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the Swift Boat Mothers for Bush.

God bless you Cindy Sheehan. God bless you for the courage to stand and with your righteous determination stare into the jackals den. For too long America has stood in silence while murder was conducted in their names; for too long journalists and people in the public light have shied away from the fury of the neo-con slander that might have made them pay a price for telling the truth. Shame on you all, you people without convictions; you people in your safe harbor, you privileged elite without the sand or the honor to standup to liars and cowards. In small enclaves, here and there, voices have spoken out but could not be heard above the screaming wind of flatulent freepers, belching, scratching and strutting about in celebration of a war they have no intention of fighting except from the sidelines.

Every day, another American soldier’s blood is sucked away into the trackless sands of Iraq. This is a war brought to you by Israeli neo-cons who took over the defense department and made the U.S. military an arm of Israeli hegemony. Any and all criticisms of Israel bring the snarling teeth that hiss, “anti-Semite”. That phrase has been used so often and for so many things that it no longer has any meaning. Arabs are Semites too; this effectively makes Israel anti-Semitic in their war against the Palestinians. Let us not forget that it was Sharon who instigated the last Intifada. Let us not forget, the Lavon affair, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the AIPAC spying and the dancing Israeli’s in New York. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

While those who were too comfortable to risk censure hid in the shadows; while so many refused to speak out, while so many of us wandered like lost children through an enchanted land of Big Mac’s and reality TV, comes this lonely woman with the courage and conviction to beard the coward in the lion’s suit.

Readers of this blog know that I have been calling for all sorts of things; public exorcisms, drums across the Potomac, national sit down strikes… well, like serendipity swinging in on a rainbow, here’s our chance. Every man jack and woman of honor get yourself to Crawford posthaste. In memory of those who died in an illegal war; on BOTH SIDES of the fence, in memory of all the grieving families, in memory of those who died on 9/11 in an attack orchestrated by the very government whose job was to prevent it, in memory of your lost integrity as you sat by and closed your eyes… let us get down there and get it done.

This is the moment my friends- Carpe Diem! The power of this woman’s iconic image is sufficient to legitimize the course. Let freedom ring!

Few of you know that Matt Sludge of the Sludge Report originally started out as an actor in films. His first role, as the fly in “Meet the Feebles” augured well for a career in front of the camera. But it was not to be; Mellon-Sciafe and a few other well-heeled fascist bankers took him aside, introduced him to the sweet corrupt taste of Satan’s hind end and initiated him into the spiritual rimming process that made him a Mouth of Sauron. Now he has created a fictitious family for Cindy Sheehan. They gather in the shadows my friends and they plot to dishonor this woman’s noble cause. But they cannot come into the light for it will burn them as surely as holy water scalds a vampire. The truth is stronger and physics will tell you that shadows must retreat before light. This was the secret power of Gandhi and King. Let us all exercise our inner Mahatma and bring this impotent circle-jerk to its knees. There is nothing more pornographic than the tidal wave of lies and slander that pour from this evil administration. And they have no foundation. Their house is built on sand. The formerly lickspittle, supportive media is now on site to record every doing at Crawford, they swarm like flies and ticks. The cameras are running. Bloggers are on site. Men and women of good will are coming from all over. If you think you should have said or done something before then, NOW is the time.

A wave of righteous determination is waking up in the former land of the free and it will not be denied. One woman has become the rallying point for a tsunami of national outrage. If you cannot go to Crawford then go to Crawford in your hearts and your minds. Support this woman from that place of faith within. Lend your encouragement to these brave souls who stand on the front line of judgment. We are more powerful than they. They have only the intimidating shadow thrown upon a wall and magnified many times greater than its actual size. Pull back the curtain and expose the wizard!

Believe me when I tell you this is much bigger than you know. There is a possibility here to arouse the entire country in support. Believe me when I say that that number is in excess of 70%. Vox Populi will win the day. When I get done here I’m going to go write The Ballad of Cindy Sheehan and put it online. All of you artists and creative souls do likewise. Flood the internet with you support. Rise up and be counted. Let us lash these sad, sick fools out of the White House and right into jail where they belong.

Surely many of you feel ashamed that you have obliged the foul efforts of these despicable men and women. You can redeem yourself now. You have nothing to lose that you need and everything meaningful to gain.

You will hear that Cindy Sheehan has an agenda, which she is pressing for her own celebrity. You will hear that she is being manipulated by others. You will hear all manner of lies and slander. Yes, she has an agenda. Think about it. I have looked into her eyes and I know that she is not after money or fame. Are others working with her to the same end? Thank God Yes!!!!

The power of your words and thoughts can be amazing at this time. Think well of Cindy. Send her your determined support across the telepathic airwaves. Talk her up. Speak up for her. Say her name!!! Say her name!!!

What honor, integrity and courage we possess comes not of ourselves but is the gift of the divine within us. As you move in that direction you will find yourself empowered and overshadowed by angels. All the agents of good will will rush to your side. Wherever you are you can help in some way. The collective positive intent of our majority will fill the sails of her mission and power her through every negative and opposing wind. The Swift Boat Motherfuckers for Bush will be drowned in the wake.

Even now they gnaw on their fingers in fear of this phenomenon that they dare not engage. They want it to go away. They seek to diminish and discredit but they have no veracity, she’s got it all.

Every now and again destiny calls one or more of us to a challenge in which we see the power of the true and living God made manifest in our collective struggle against the forces of deceit and disingenuous knavery. That moment has come round. Let us all do what we can to bring the thing entire to center stage where the whole world can see the obvious truth, not only does the emperor have no clothes but somebody needs to cover him up right now for the sake of our stomachs and our eyes. Let’s roll!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Further Elucidation of The Smoking Mirrors Philosophy

Well good morning one and all, no matter what time you may actually be reading this. It’s a beautiful morning here. The Sun is shining, the air is fresh and I’m where I usually am; in a good mood and thinking about what I may or may not do. I may do something and, then again, I may do nothing at all- my choice really; of course I defer to the prevailing will that interpenetrates my life and whose authority is absolute. This may be why I don’t have any respect or fear for wooden puppets who sit on infernal thrones above the marketplaces and battlefields of this world. There is a certain irony about wood and fire but I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

My last piece here stirred up a bit of attention, not just in comments at the site but in emails and a variety of things from well wishers and not-so-well wishers. There was this choirmaster from that Calcutta of American culture- Birmingham, Ala. He’s got something to do with one of those ‘all white’ choirs that Birmingham is famous for. He got upset about my writing and my hit counter. He made some petulant sort of mincing toss-offs that you would expect from a closet case with mean-eyed triplets set to a time-delayed switch due to suicide bomb at puberty and I responded in a… hmmm, would that be sardonic or sarcastic manner? Well, one of them.

Then, it seems one of my readers at the other blog went over there on a quasi-peace mission and this Victor Buono by way of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? -attempted to bury a tart response in my archives. He got the person’s name completely wrong and has made similar errors leading me to believe he’s got some kind of dysfunction similar to that of our Thief in Chief. I am starting to wonder if there are certain pathologies that are common to the neo-con; I mean besides the ones we are already familiar with like deep denial, talking in ALL CAPS, sending other people to war, killing indiscriminately, stealing wholesale, lying, pursuing young boys and thanking Jesus for making it all possible.

Well, I hear from all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. Sometimes I get large influxes of viruses from angry little men whose minds are dressed in camouflage and whose testicles have retracted into their abdomen. I walked down a lot of dark streets in my life and I know there’s a Robert Ford or two in the alley over yonder and I know there are some idle, menacing folk, lounging at the corner of this and that in Somewhere, USA and most parts of the world. If you tread in fear you have put down the shield of faith. Besides, how can you die if you are immortal?

None of us know how our end is to come except for a few realized yogis’ and sundry and of course, God. It’s more like a file divider than it is an end or a death anyway. We’ve had a number of deaths in this life. They are all chapters in our progress from time into eternity. The file dividers are only for the realm of time.

So, if you know the truth you must speak it, especially if lies surround you on all sides. This brings me to the point of this missive. It also means I have to talk about myself just a little. I don’t actually like doing this but it has to be done. Many of you are aware that I write on metaphysical subjects and that I am sort of a free range individual with many interests and several fields of expression. Many of you are aware that I love God more than anything else, regardless of how poorly I may show it or express it. That is a fact and my inconsistent speech and behavior have zip to do with it. I have a personality that has certain tendencies. Some of these tendencies and pre-dispositions are; a strong inclination toward remarking upon, and fighting against, injustice, an aversion to mass media bullshit, a sense of outrage against venal behavior and the murder of people in foreign lands for the profit of corporate and individual coffers and… lots of things like that. My personality also contains weaknesses against which I have warred my whole life. At this time I can say that most of them are history; some do remain. I can say that I am not always circumspect and that I do not weigh my every word as carefully as I might. I do not keep quiet when I could just as well do so. I am sometimes rash and impulsive and that sort of thing; but not so much any more. I’m not a coward and I’m not a rat. I think it is safe to say that we are ALL hypocrites to a greater or lesser degree. I think that is something very few of us can say we are free of.

This particular blog is for me to say those things about which I feel passionately. I believe it is my duty as a human being to work for the forces of light and the greatest good for the most people. I know that Bush and Co had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. I know that Bin Laden and Al Zarqawi are boogeymen created to instill fear in the ‘problem-reaction-solution' motif of present day, not-so-incipient fascism- and that they most likely do not exist in any sense of implementing terrorist policies against the so-called free world… any longer. I know that Bush and those who work for him and Tony Blair, wide boy Ariel Sharon and every weasel and jackal that are in bed with them lie every time they open their mouths and are merciless sociopaths who feed on children and drink human blood.

It’s all good and well for me to discourse on pristine subjects and walk with you in my mental gardens where there is neither gunfire nor screams of pain. However, in this relative world of suffering spirits there is gunfire and screams and I want it to stop. I believe joining my voice to the voices of others crying out for it to stop will eventually have some effect; the fact is; God will end it when he chooses to and people could end it by opening their eyes and waking up. Maybe it’s a windmill tilt on my part but this is just a place to be passionate about things. I will say whatever I feel like saying and you can do the same. I don’t agree with all of the comments I get here but that’s how it is here. This is Dodge City internet style. I feel like I got to put on this badge because there just ain’t no law around here.

You may disagree with me. If you do I hope you have done the research I have done and can counter certain disagreeable ‘facts’, which, so far, none of you have been able to do. I hope you can explain to me how Muslims can bend the laws of physics; what happened to the billions of dollars in Iraq, to the WMD’s, to the cameras in the London tube and how come ICTS, an Israeli security firm was in charge of security at all the 9/11 airports, the Madrid train station and the London Tube during each of the attacks. I hope you can explain to me about Odigo software and also why Cheney was heading up a terrorist attack simulation on the day of 9/11 and how come the London police were doing the very same thing on 7/7?

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is making noises about pulling their investments out of the US and various countries are talking about shifting from petrodollars to petroeuros. This I still believe was what got Saddam invaded. Meanwhile Bush’s polls and image are where they belong, in the toilet with his natural kinfolk in their unflushed state. So, be aware that a really big and bad event is coming up in the windshield. It can’t be very far away. The wall of bullshit and fear that this administration has built up as a security curtain around their behavior is beginning to leak in a thousand places. They need a big distraction and so… look out.

I should add that the timed charges that brought down the WTC were in there some time before the event and that similar charges are already placed in many locations. The whole idea of trying to stop someone from doing something… that is only waiting for the push of a button… is ludicrous. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson prances and Desperate Housewives do things with vacuum cleaner handles and Bush and Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove are doing a daisy chain in the Lincoln Bedroom. However; Cave Dei Videt.

Much bigger things are happening than the world being on the verge of blowing up. The world is mass insanity it is ALWAYS on the verge. Other more important things are happening and these distractions exist to divert your attention from what is really important. Unfortunately that scares people even more than this gaggle of lunatic neo-cons. If you can’t stand up for yourself in the street; and I understand, they’ve got bigger guns… then stand up for yourself inside. Stand up for yourself in your mind and in your heart. You don’t need a bullhorn on the sidewalk to make yourself get heard. We speak volumes in the way we carry ourselves.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

An America Tragedy, in the Restaurant at the End of the World

The enormous, steep slide of American culture and intelligence is beautifully counter-pointed by the bone deep corruption of its government. Like two drunken elephants, doing the tango on a cliff's edge it is a fascinating thing to watch at a distance. It’s like watching Ebola at work in the face of someone you know.

Corruption has always been a handmaiden to the art of politics. It’s sausage-making at its finest ...But now? Now corruption is the process itself. Watching the government and the media do Alphonse and Gaston is like watching your Brady bunch parents kill each other at the breakfast table because someone forgot to turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time. It doesn’t make sense that banality can turn into horror faster than you can say, “huh?”

I was never a flag waver, even before I knew what I know now; I didn’t get the ‘fife and drum’ act. At first I thought it was me that was out of step. It seemed like everything I did as a kid was wrong. Even when I tried to fit in all I managed was to call attention to myself. Now I realize that I had a basic honesty that couldn’t adjust to the programming. Today I’m grateful for it. At the time it was Hell.

Then I learned about the Native Americans and Slavery; the Chinese railroad workers, the Japanese internment, United Fruit and all the other sad, unfortunate tales of realpolitik dressed up in the ball-gown of patriotism and nationalism. It’s not hard to see how, eventually, fascism showed up drunk, half-naked and belligerent on Main Street; smashing store windows and urinating on parked cars.

Reagan came to town and I ran as far as the American borders would allow. I ran all the way to Hawaii. Finally even that wasn’t far enough. When it got to where I couldn’t turn around without running into the fat, red-faced, martini drinking relatives of the Republican mob that attacked the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections Office I left altogether. No more ‘purple mountain’s travesties above the looted plain’ for me. Even so, I could scarcely imagine what was to follow.

Now Lady Liberty is a crack whore, blowing drunken lobbyists in Lafayette Park. God is a fire-breathing, six hundred foot rat with a chainsaw and life has become a Meth-freak’s paranoid fantasy of faceless pursuers. I’m sorry folks; this movie cannot have a happy ending. Maybe it mighta, coulda, even shoulda worked out okay in the end but here’s the deal. You let it happen. True, a pack of nasty reptiles took over the magic show but... you just stepped back and let them through.

Okay, let’s be fair. There are millions (I hope anyway) who could see what an unprincipled whore george w. bush was/is. I expect if I was Lot and God gave me the opportunity, I could find more than a handful of righteous people there. However, when you factor in the unbelievably stupid; the viciously supportive, the pathologically indifferent, the religious lemmings and the hand-wringing whiners, well, there’s a solid majority there. How did you get like that? ...materialism, straight up, no chaser; ‘me first, you later, maybe’, says all anyone needs to say about why you are in the mess you are in. Your common purpose is not a better, saner world. Your common purpose is consumption. Your common purpose is more security with more freedom and you can’t have both. You can’t have open parks and woodlands, along with safe neighborhoods and 24 hour armed response teams at the same time. You can't stretch the line between the 'haves' and the 'have nots' beyond endurance.

You can’t have honor and dishonor wearing the same team jacket. These two factions play on opposite sides. Putting them on the same team guarantees one thing; you lose. Life is a team sport. You can’t win if your neighbor, your government and the boogeyman are all against you.

Do you think it’s bad now? How do you think it looks when it carries out to its inevitable conclusion? I’d be here for the next several weeks itemizing and categorizing the whole lame, embarrassing, frightening and unbelievable mess. Let’s just take it on faith that you know what I’m talking about and that you have plenty of evidence of your own. Let’s say that this and more is a given and let me get on to the worst part of the whole affair.

The saddest and most shameful fact of all is that all of this is taking place because you are goddamn well going to keep your lifestyle no matter what it costs or who it hurts. At the bottom of the Iraq war is America’s alcoholic need for oil. Has Iraq got oil? Why, let me see... why, I believe it has got a shitload of oil. Yes indeedy. There are a few things Iraq didn’t have. It didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. As george ‘the killer clown’ bush pointed out, while looking under his sofa; “no, no WMD’s here.” It didn’t have any Al Qaeda 9/11 ties and whatever else it didn’t have to justify this stupid, stupid adventure; but it does have oil.

So you America, a country that has had the lowest gas prices of any country in the so-called free world for a long, long time, you couldn’t see the need for energy efficiency, or conservation, or alternative energy; no, not you. You want your top of the fucking heap, cheap fossil fuel; department stores bursting with junk, TV’s vomiting, opening night, window seat for fine dining, illegal immigrants swabbing the deck and picking the fruit and fuck anybody that gets in my way. You want it without sacrifice and you want it with speed. You got it. You got it to the strains of “America the Beautiful” and “Bring it on!” and “support the troops” and “screw the French” and you can go tie a yellow ribbon around Tony Orlando’s dick as far as I’m concerned.

People die all over the world so that you can get it faster and cheaper. Until the last drop of oil burns in the last fuel inefficient car you are going to make sure that it is an American car when it happens. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt. It doesn’t matter how many homeless families sleep under highway bridge abutments outside of town. It doesn’t matter what crimes are committed. It doesn’t matter how many rock throwing 11 year old girls you indict with felony crimes. It really doesn’t matter how absurd it gets. It doesn’t matter how much of a cartoon you turn into. You aren’t going to change until it’s too late. Woe unto you, you generation of vipers.

Go ahead, stick your chest out. I wouldn’t advise trying to suck your gut in at the same time. Strike up the band. What the Hell, have a parade, you’ve earned it. When you get up shit’s creek without a paddle it’s going to be a real comfort that Rush Limbaugh is at the tiller. Of course that tiller hasn’t got a paddle either. Give Ann Coulter a call, or David Horowitz, Sean Hannity; maybe Thomas Friedman or Brit Hume. They’ve got the answer. They were cheering you on. Surely they knew where they were going. The thing is America; you don’t have an ‘undisclosed location’ to go to. You don’t have a Republican Guard. You don’t live behind guarded security gates like your cheerleaders; you certainly don’t have the security of your most famous cheerleader. Don’t worry, just stay the course; “Shit Creek dead up ahead.”

I’d like to think you’re going to wake up; hope springs eternal. I would honestly, sincerely, like to believe and do hope that you will wake up. I don’t hate you and there is no ounce of satisfied, “I told you so.” in my heart. The bridge is out. I am waving from the side of the road. I am screaming, “The Bridge is out!” and I see a sneering, angry face. I am dodging beer bottles and I can hear the curses flow from the window as you speed on by. I can only shake my head and set off for the lights of home.

I still don’t fit in and I still don’t get it. Am I an alarmist? Am I an extremist? Am I just a disenfranchised loser who missed out on the good life and who, in defense of my own short-comings, hates the country of my birth? You know, I honestly would rather that were true than the alternative. I could live with that and hope for some epiphany down the road; if I found out I was wrong and that it really was all for the best and I just couldn’t see it. I will cry with gratitude should I find that this was all just the hallucinations of a derelict, misinformed mind. I’m trying to get my head around it. I’m trying to see the error of my ways; should that be the case. I can’t see it though, so maybe my denial is just that deep. I keep wanting to say, “Wake the fuck up!” but my voice isn’t even as loud as the ice clinking against the sides of the cocktail glasses in the restaurant at the end of the world.

This essay is dedicated to Michael Stewart whose kind support and great faith always makes me want to be a better person.

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Monday, August 1, 2005

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I've got different readers at different blogs and they don't always get from one to the other so, sometimes something fits both places and this is one of those times. I'll have something new here in a day or two.

All of us go through the same things. Some of us may experience them more intensely and some of us may get a stronger version but the events are ubiquitous, even if they differ in circumstance. I like to think of it as a horse going down the road. Some horses anticipate well. Some horses are trained better. Some horses don’t want to go down the road. Some are in a hurry and some are more casual by temperament. They are all horses however. They all have to go down the road. There are question about why that is. A lot of people have stayed up all night thinking about that.

Well, you have heard me give analogy after analogy. It may be by this time that I am talking in circles. How many times can I say the same thing a different way? …Quite a lot apparently. It is not hard to understand why such a complexity of views exists on a single, indefinable point. You take the essential thing itself and outward from that stretches infinity. The same infinity trails away within it as well. One might say that everything outside of it is held inside of it. Such statements confuse the mind.

The mind spends its time thinking and extrapolating. The mind is sometimes defined as quicksilver; that’s an apt comparison. It can also be compared to running water; a stream, a faucet. It can be thought of a pot of boiling water in its extremes and as a still pond in its final resolution. We’ve been told that it is all mind and that everything is made out of mind stuff, that it is ‘thought born’. It is the mind also that is shaping these words in explanation of itself.

It seems to me, if we can put aside ultimate goals for a moment, that there is only one thing that should concern anyone and that is stilling the mind. Perhaps that is the ultimate goal as well. It is strange to see such a powerful, collective focus on the opposite in our culture. One might say, “Well, that’s life, isn’t it?” My reason for saying that stilling the mind is all that should concern us is because, when the mind is not still, we suffer. Our suffering is in our minds as well. We may localize it to parts of our body; to conditions, to states of want but that becomes known to us only in our minds.

I do not deny that we have hearts and that we feel but that is in our minds too. It is interpreted in the limbic region of the brain. The physical seat of the mind is the brain. The brain isn’t the mind but it is the horse, the car that the mind rides when it sees itself as the resident of a particular envelope. That is a funny thing that the mind does. It defines things based on its knowledge and experience. The definitions may not be correct in any absolute or even relative sense but they seem quite real in the personal realm. Large mirages are viewed daily by large collections of people.

If the state of natural and enduring happiness is achieved by stilling the mind then it is perfectly true to say that a very large portion of the human race is insane. The human race is insane at most times. Sometimes it is more insane than at others. Presently it is more insane than at other times. Modern medicine is less efficient that older healing techniques. It’s invasive and deals with symptomatic suppression. It’s hard and cold and cutting and ignores the source of the problem. It’s devoted to finance and the promotion of dangerous pharmaceuticals. The best that can be said is that it isn’t as insane as it was a hundred years ago. Reliance on allopathic medicine is a sure indication of insanity.

It appears that God, the ineffable and the incomprehensible, can be understood according to certain rituals of behavior. It seems that God has a dress code and not a very good impression of women. It seems that God encourages all sorts of abominable behavior and takes no mind of those who pronounce these things and behave otherwise. That sounds insane.

There is a high level of respect given to certain people who live in LA where breathing the air is the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes a day. These people are in the business of creating fantasies based upon fantasies that exist in the minds of people who are insane. They celebrate worlds in which people eat bad food and drink poisonous beverages; people who scream and cry and use guns and bombs and drive cars very, very fast. These people leap out of airplanes on snowboards and then surf over tables in an outdoor restaurant, picking up a Campari on the way, while being chased by killers on snow mobiles with machine guns. They destroy the killers and then ski into the arms of a woman who uses a bicycle pump on her breasts, which may, or may not be why the nipples are there. That’s insane.

Millions of people support a leader who bankrupts them; sends their children off to gratuitous wars, kills in their name at a distance, whose favored associates plunder the landscape, poison the water, fouls the air and generally reduces the quality of life at great speed and they applaud that. That’s insane.

Huge factories pump out billions of strange plastic articles to jarring soundtracks of abusive, screaming incoherence so that these objects can be placed on the shelves of huge shopping complexes so that people can spend hours of each day studying them, buying them and then forgetting that they have them. Hours are spent chatting on portable phones about nothing. The rest of the hours are spent punching buttons on the phone to make video figures move about. Life entire appears to be composed of pretending to be someone else, eating wide varieties of chemically enhanced foods, watching television, driving to the aforementioned places, trying to have sexual contact with each other under false pretenses and then trying to get out of having sexual contact with them afterwards. Then ugly wars are fought to protect the right to have cheap fuel to do all of these things at the great expense of anyone who stands in their way. That really is insane but-

To the mind it all seems logical. As soon as you want anything the engine of the mind rationalizes the legitimacy of the acquisition. Thousands and thousands of men and women spend their days in offices devoted to the production of nonsense or dangerous goods. Thousands more work to protect their right to do it. Thousands more argue their legal right to continue. Along the way they all get sick and die. I’m sorry I am laughing but it is insane.

I haven’t listed even a small part of the insanities. I haven’t sketched more than a brief outline of the environment. It’s more insane than I make it out to be and it goes on and on and on. It’s always another permutation of the same insanity and it is always, ‘new and improved!’ Most people are sick and getting sicker and are more and more angry and unhappy about it. The only thing that makes them more angry and unhappy is you pointing it out. The worse it gets the harder they press. The more it hurts, the more they want. What am I to make of that?

Within the mind is a consciousness that is not separated as is the consciousness of the self-conscious mind. As the self-conscious mind is embroiled in sensation it is unable to connect with this consciousness. It can have no peace without this connection. This is one reason that death is a good thing; it forces surrender. It makes you give up; rather late though.

Right in this very moment, everyone has the capacity to turn their attention away from everything that their surface mind keeps pointing out to them, dangling in front of them, enticing them with, threatening them with, arguing about- setting up the condition for a self-contained argument about nothing- distracting, always distracting. Right now, one can gently lead the attention away and lead it away until the mind becomes a deep and still pool. It’s not going to happen over the weekend. No one else is going to do it for you. You cannot pay someone to do this in your place. People may start wondering if you are crazy. You may no longer be fun. You may drop out of sight entirely because you’re not part of the things they are paying attention to. If you don’t put your attention on something, your attention will unfailing be put upon something. If you don’t go in one direction you are automatically headed in the other. You can’t stand still. It’s a continuum.

Oh whatever, don’t listen to me. I’m probably insane.

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