Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is Cindy Sheehan Safe- Are Any of Us?

Is Cindy Sheehan in danger? I can’t shake this feeling I’ve been getting over the last several days. It’s been growing as I read accounts of mad dogs in pickup trucks mowing down crosses, shotgun blasts in neighboring fields and see the vicious comments by trolling freepers. When those in harsh denial about their wrongheaded leaders feel themselves pressed up against an indefensible wall, anything is possible.

You see the signs of domestic unrest everywhere. Lunatic fringe organizations from the far right, lobby for warm bodies of the unemployed to march on Crawford and shout across the highway at Camp Casey residents; biker clubs roar by, secret service vehicles speed dangerously past with guns pointing from the windows. Some several somebodies are pushing for an event.

Meanwhile, geriatric demagogue Pat Robertson pushes for the assassination of Hugo Chavez; Fox News commentators seethe with infectious bile and Bush, the bloodstained ‘boy emperor’, implies that the protestors hurt American soldiers in the field and dishonor their country. You can feel it in the air. You can cut it with a knife. Did somebody say, “Knife”? The air crackles with ozone. When those who are wrong and defiant are pushed they find ways to make their points the hard way.

Further up the country in Salt Lake City, a legal concert is attacked by storm troopers; people are beaten and injured, cameras are confiscated (all save one), security personnel hired to confiscate drugs are arrested for possession, permits are ripped from people’s hands and attack dogs are loosed. Nearby a tractor trailer with nearly 40 tons of explosives goes up and 19 people are injured and there is NO NEWS reportage. Except for certain, brave web sites no mention is made. You can’t find this news!!! But it happened. What the Hell is going on?

So I ask you, is Cindy Sheehan in danger? Think about the mindless gun nuts roaming the country and remember, we’re talking about Texas, land of two-legged Gila Monsters and rattlesnakes waiting for The Rapture. We’re talking about the state that has the ‘sumbitch needed killing’ law.

In strange counterpoint the unstable Mountain-biker in Chief lumbers by on the horizon- in sight of Camp Casey, oblivious to everything but keeping his unsound mind in a sound body. It’s something out of Fellini. It’s a real life movie that rivals “Freaks” in its deranged and enclosed sound-lot fantasy, cut off from the outside world, where the outside world cannot intrude; and no, Fellini did not make “Freaks”. In this inner world anything can happen as long as it is strange and unreal and pain intensive for the outer world.

Every time these Visigoths in mufti get in a bind they orchestrate a terror attack, ratchet up a terror threat, create a straw-man to bayonet or slander at will. They point outward at some dark and powerful enemy who exists only in their imagination and finally in yours as well. They ARE the enemy. We have seen too many times already that there is nothing they will not do to maintain their grip on power. No contracts, or charters or institutions are safe. No lie is too vile. No act is impermissible.

You may think they have too much to lose in not protecting Cindy but they don’t care about possible fallout. They can spin anything and… it might just scare the rest of the punks. Look what it did to the journalists and artists and any and everyone who has gone counter to the propaganda of the engines of darkness. Look at the blatant and disgusting demagoguery of Fox News and right wing radio. Look at the omnipresent blanket of Clear Channel Broadcasting. Look at the ubiquitous and suppressive editorial control of every major news organ, be it broadcast or print.

Even with an acknowledged two thirds of the country in disagreement with administration policies, the meaning and weight of opposition is nigh on invisible. Even Salt Lake City was filled with protestors; or… was it? The pressure upon the cabal is intense. And it isn’t just Cindy Sheehan; it’s the soon to surface indictments of the Plame affair, it’s the civil war in Iraq, it’s the gas prices and Euro conversion and man, you name it. I see a Bad Moon Rising.

So what will they do? They will do anything but… ‘What’ will they do?

Let’s face it, if we didn’t have a society based on endless, obscene consumption, this sort of insanity would never have happened in the first place. Your demand for bigger cars and more immediate gratifications of every possible appetite have made you a victim of your desires. Venezuela’s oil isn’t their oil, it’s OUR FUCKING OIL! We needs it precious. It’s our precious; hiss, hiss, slither, slither.

The collective ass of America spreads like mozzarella cheese over a couch with broken springs that threatens to crush the world. At the top of the garbage heap are the architects of the factories that pump out the candy coated, plastic companions of decadent excess. Mindless nabobs chatter on about freedom and democracy. My friend, the two of them left town a long time ago. You got no freedom and you got no choice. What you get is an ever diluted and more artificially flavored version of something that no longer remembers what it was based on.

Cindy Sheehan is a dangerous anomaly in an environment that hypocritically holds her up as an example of what we are all about while tearing apart her right to be what she is an example of. She has the right to remain silent and her son has the right to remain dead. So I ask, once again, is Cindy Sheehan safe?

I’m not an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist. I don’t have to be. Evidence of reason for alarm is everywhere and the conspiracy plots in plain sight. The degree of stupidity and denial that it takes not to see this is mind blowing.

Mark my words. ‘They’ are going to blow some shit up soon. The storm clouds of terrible event are like a mile high black anvil in the sky. First they turned us against the Islamic world and now they are going to turn us on each other. They aren’t concerned about how it looks; they shape the way it looks. They don’t care who gets hurt. They are on a mission from God. And this God looks an awful lot like Hannibal Lecter in the hockey mask. This God has Pat Robertson for a spokesman. This God is insane and it’s axiomatic that his followers are too. It’s the power of The Ring.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong about Cindy and the people at that camp. But when you factor in the cast and the plot development it doesn’t look good. Everything else is just as I have described it. So, if you were a theoretical mathematician; if you were Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park what would your calculations be?

There’s always the possibility that the hand of Heaven will intrude. There is always the possibility that the false God of the bloody usurpers will be trashed to the winds by divine fiat. However, it has been history’s evidence to us that we are meant to find our course by the terrible repercussions of having gone for too long in the wrong direction.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's why I come here. Great and trenchant writing Les Visible! I too have wondered about Cindy's safety.


Anonymous said...

Super writing. As I was about to ask what happened in Salt Lake City it dawned on me that you had made your point. What did happen in Salt Lake City? People got beat up at a concert?

Anonymous said...


"The collective ass of America spreads like mozzarella cheese over a couch with broken springs that threatens to crush the world."

This is a classic unforgetable line. The visual is unforgetable. You wail!


Anonymous said...

Whoever defies is in danger.

I think you summed it up best when you stated…

“Evidence of reason for alarm is everywhere and the conspiracy plots in plain sight. The degree of stupidity and denial that it takes not to see this is mind blowing.”

Maybe people are too afraid to see because of the danger that comes from defying the world rule?

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Visible said...

I made a textural adjustment to the essay since some freepers couldn't get my connection to Cindy and Crawford as a collected name. I had thought the name 'Sheehan' being at the beginning and end of the piece would have indicated intent and shown my meaning. I suspect I was too artsy so I changed it to a more remedial understanding.

Hopefully this isn't also too confusing because I'm doing funny stuff here as well; no sense in trying to break new syntactical ground at this time. I guess the country just isn't ready for it.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons I come here so often. You're one of the best writers on the internet. Your mix of the serious with humor and your own version of gonzo-journalism is nonpareil. Of course, now my head is filled with the image of melting mozzarella cheese.

On a more serious note, things are getting very unpredictable. It's as if they could spin wildly out of control at any moment. You've pinpointed that here.


Anonymous said...

A riveting commentary. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

shit could very well happen. Cindy is just arrivng back at the camp now.

milad said...

They wouldn't dare touch a hair on her head...if something happened to her, the blowback would be too huge for even them to handle.

Cindy is just one person. As a symbol though, she wold be a juggernaut. They won't hurt her. Not until they can smear her out of existence first.

Anonymous said...

I love the song! You have a powerful voice, so full of feeling.

Sharon Essex
from the Texas you so accuretly described.

Anonymous said...

A link to this essay has been placed in DU's "Editorials and Articles" forum - and a link and some of your home webpage information in DU's "General" forum -

Beautiful work, Les.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I see what you mean Les. These guys see Cindy as a danger to their illustrious leader, and with all the hate spewing out of reicht-wing radio, I can imagine that some nutjob might think he is doing his "God-given Duty" and make sure the next shotgun blast isn't overhead. This would make Cindy a martyr though, and just fuel the flames of the anti-war/fascist/corporate movement.

What these bastards are likely to do is utilize those CIA "Assets" that currently have smuggled suitcase nukes into cities like Chicago (where Mr. Fitzgerald has a lot of evidence I believe), Cincinnati (where the green and libertarian parties have a case for voter fraud that is gaining speed), New York (Cuz, hey, its New York), and other cities like LA, San Francisco or Miami. I have heard on several sites that the only thing that could save shrubby now is another 9/11 and I for one wouldn't put it past them.

Like you said, there is no conspiracy theory; The conspiracy is no theory, it's right out in the open. Be afraid, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! You rock!!!!!! And the song is a work of art. Congrats from Mendocino.

Anonymous said...

I must say, that song "God Bless You, Cindy Sheehan" is absolutely beautiful. It starts out great and just gets better. A work of art.

Catnapping said...

I expect that GW will have her commit suicide. It's a win-win for the Bush Reich.

The press certainly won't investigate...they've let several "suicides" go, including Hatfield's.

So there's a good chance suicide will shut her up, once and for all, and GW can then blame her criticisms on pathological grief. see? we told you she wasn't well; she offed herself!


Anonymous said...

We've gotta start speaking up loud and clear for everyone to hear before it's too late. If there is another terror attack I can almost guarantee that Web sites that try to sift through the administration bullshit will be silenced permanently. Our way of life is being destroyed as we speak and if we don't speak out against it then we're most surely fucked. If we speak out now there's at least some hope that someone who really can make a difference will act. Maybe a General who has suspected the truth and can intervene to stop the next attack. A politician who has had his or her blinders on but can effect some real change. The true patriots are loyal to the constitution and the bill of rights, not whoever happens to be in the White House. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW BECAUSE TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE!



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