Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Further Elucidation of The Smoking Mirrors Philosophy

Well good morning one and all, no matter what time you may actually be reading this. It’s a beautiful morning here. The Sun is shining, the air is fresh and I’m where I usually am; in a good mood and thinking about what I may or may not do. I may do something and, then again, I may do nothing at all- my choice really; of course I defer to the prevailing will that interpenetrates my life and whose authority is absolute. This may be why I don’t have any respect or fear for wooden puppets who sit on infernal thrones above the marketplaces and battlefields of this world. There is a certain irony about wood and fire but I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

My last piece here stirred up a bit of attention, not just in comments at the site but in emails and a variety of things from well wishers and not-so-well wishers. There was this choirmaster from that Calcutta of American culture- Birmingham, Ala. He’s got something to do with one of those ‘all white’ choirs that Birmingham is famous for. He got upset about my writing and my hit counter. He made some petulant sort of mincing toss-offs that you would expect from a closet case with mean-eyed triplets set to a time-delayed switch due to suicide bomb at puberty and I responded in a… hmmm, would that be sardonic or sarcastic manner? Well, one of them.

Then, it seems one of my readers at the other blog went over there on a quasi-peace mission and this Victor Buono by way of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? -attempted to bury a tart response in my archives. He got the person’s name completely wrong and has made similar errors leading me to believe he’s got some kind of dysfunction similar to that of our Thief in Chief. I am starting to wonder if there are certain pathologies that are common to the neo-con; I mean besides the ones we are already familiar with like deep denial, talking in ALL CAPS, sending other people to war, killing indiscriminately, stealing wholesale, lying, pursuing young boys and thanking Jesus for making it all possible.

Well, I hear from all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. Sometimes I get large influxes of viruses from angry little men whose minds are dressed in camouflage and whose testicles have retracted into their abdomen. I walked down a lot of dark streets in my life and I know there’s a Robert Ford or two in the alley over yonder and I know there are some idle, menacing folk, lounging at the corner of this and that in Somewhere, USA and most parts of the world. If you tread in fear you have put down the shield of faith. Besides, how can you die if you are immortal?

None of us know how our end is to come except for a few realized yogis’ and sundry and of course, God. It’s more like a file divider than it is an end or a death anyway. We’ve had a number of deaths in this life. They are all chapters in our progress from time into eternity. The file dividers are only for the realm of time.

So, if you know the truth you must speak it, especially if lies surround you on all sides. This brings me to the point of this missive. It also means I have to talk about myself just a little. I don’t actually like doing this but it has to be done. Many of you are aware that I write on metaphysical subjects and that I am sort of a free range individual with many interests and several fields of expression. Many of you are aware that I love God more than anything else, regardless of how poorly I may show it or express it. That is a fact and my inconsistent speech and behavior have zip to do with it. I have a personality that has certain tendencies. Some of these tendencies and pre-dispositions are; a strong inclination toward remarking upon, and fighting against, injustice, an aversion to mass media bullshit, a sense of outrage against venal behavior and the murder of people in foreign lands for the profit of corporate and individual coffers and… lots of things like that. My personality also contains weaknesses against which I have warred my whole life. At this time I can say that most of them are history; some do remain. I can say that I am not always circumspect and that I do not weigh my every word as carefully as I might. I do not keep quiet when I could just as well do so. I am sometimes rash and impulsive and that sort of thing; but not so much any more. I’m not a coward and I’m not a rat. I think it is safe to say that we are ALL hypocrites to a greater or lesser degree. I think that is something very few of us can say we are free of.

This particular blog is for me to say those things about which I feel passionately. I believe it is my duty as a human being to work for the forces of light and the greatest good for the most people. I know that Bush and Co had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. I know that Bin Laden and Al Zarqawi are boogeymen created to instill fear in the ‘problem-reaction-solution' motif of present day, not-so-incipient fascism- and that they most likely do not exist in any sense of implementing terrorist policies against the so-called free world… any longer. I know that Bush and those who work for him and Tony Blair, wide boy Ariel Sharon and every weasel and jackal that are in bed with them lie every time they open their mouths and are merciless sociopaths who feed on children and drink human blood.

It’s all good and well for me to discourse on pristine subjects and walk with you in my mental gardens where there is neither gunfire nor screams of pain. However, in this relative world of suffering spirits there is gunfire and screams and I want it to stop. I believe joining my voice to the voices of others crying out for it to stop will eventually have some effect; the fact is; God will end it when he chooses to and people could end it by opening their eyes and waking up. Maybe it’s a windmill tilt on my part but this is just a place to be passionate about things. I will say whatever I feel like saying and you can do the same. I don’t agree with all of the comments I get here but that’s how it is here. This is Dodge City internet style. I feel like I got to put on this badge because there just ain’t no law around here.

You may disagree with me. If you do I hope you have done the research I have done and can counter certain disagreeable ‘facts’, which, so far, none of you have been able to do. I hope you can explain to me how Muslims can bend the laws of physics; what happened to the billions of dollars in Iraq, to the WMD’s, to the cameras in the London tube and how come ICTS, an Israeli security firm was in charge of security at all the 9/11 airports, the Madrid train station and the London Tube during each of the attacks. I hope you can explain to me about Odigo software and also why Cheney was heading up a terrorist attack simulation on the day of 9/11 and how come the London police were doing the very same thing on 7/7?

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is making noises about pulling their investments out of the US and various countries are talking about shifting from petrodollars to petroeuros. This I still believe was what got Saddam invaded. Meanwhile Bush’s polls and image are where they belong, in the toilet with his natural kinfolk in their unflushed state. So, be aware that a really big and bad event is coming up in the windshield. It can’t be very far away. The wall of bullshit and fear that this administration has built up as a security curtain around their behavior is beginning to leak in a thousand places. They need a big distraction and so… look out.

I should add that the timed charges that brought down the WTC were in there some time before the event and that similar charges are already placed in many locations. The whole idea of trying to stop someone from doing something… that is only waiting for the push of a button… is ludicrous. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson prances and Desperate Housewives do things with vacuum cleaner handles and Bush and Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove are doing a daisy chain in the Lincoln Bedroom. However; Cave Dei Videt.

Much bigger things are happening than the world being on the verge of blowing up. The world is mass insanity it is ALWAYS on the verge. Other more important things are happening and these distractions exist to divert your attention from what is really important. Unfortunately that scares people even more than this gaggle of lunatic neo-cons. If you can’t stand up for yourself in the street; and I understand, they’ve got bigger guns… then stand up for yourself inside. Stand up for yourself in your mind and in your heart. You don’t need a bullhorn on the sidewalk to make yourself get heard. We speak volumes in the way we carry ourselves.


Visible said...

I'm going to mention again that I do not let negative comments with dubious or no authorship remain. If you want to say it you should have the sand to put your name beside it. Positive comments can be anonymous for obvious reasons.

That having been said I should have left up the post I just deleted. It was a facetious poke at my domain name as referencing coin operated car washes; which it doesn't and it included a link for a numismatists site. It looked like spam so I tossed it. If it was a satirical statement I apologize and I won't delete such things again; for all I know I could be stifling a budding Jonathan Swift.

Anonymous said...

No fear Les Visible, that's the way to do it. I come here every day for a dose of courage and a shot of truth. You always deliver.


Anonymous said...

All Archimedes wanted was a lever and all you need is a keyboard. Keep it going.

Luke P.

Anonymous said...

Struggle is the nature of the thing. The worst part is that most people do not struggle or struggle for the wrong things. You just keep walking that road and the world will build itself around you.

Anonymous said...

re: walking the road
nice thought mate ...
but the world always intrudes
t - gg

Anonymous said...

Write something on Cindy Sheehan. I'd love to hear your take.



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