Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the Swift Boat Mothers for Bush.

God bless you Cindy Sheehan. God bless you for the courage to stand and with your righteous determination stare into the jackals den. For too long America has stood in silence while murder was conducted in their names; for too long journalists and people in the public light have shied away from the fury of the neo-con slander that might have made them pay a price for telling the truth. Shame on you all, you people without convictions; you people in your safe harbor, you privileged elite without the sand or the honor to standup to liars and cowards. In small enclaves, here and there, voices have spoken out but could not be heard above the screaming wind of flatulent freepers, belching, scratching and strutting about in celebration of a war they have no intention of fighting except from the sidelines.

Every day, another American soldier’s blood is sucked away into the trackless sands of Iraq. This is a war brought to you by Israeli neo-cons who took over the defense department and made the U.S. military an arm of Israeli hegemony. Any and all criticisms of Israel bring the snarling teeth that hiss, “anti-Semite”. That phrase has been used so often and for so many things that it no longer has any meaning. Arabs are Semites too; this effectively makes Israel anti-Semitic in their war against the Palestinians. Let us not forget that it was Sharon who instigated the last Intifada. Let us not forget, the Lavon affair, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the AIPAC spying and the dancing Israeli’s in New York. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

While those who were too comfortable to risk censure hid in the shadows; while so many refused to speak out, while so many of us wandered like lost children through an enchanted land of Big Mac’s and reality TV, comes this lonely woman with the courage and conviction to beard the coward in the lion’s suit.

Readers of this blog know that I have been calling for all sorts of things; public exorcisms, drums across the Potomac, national sit down strikes… well, like serendipity swinging in on a rainbow, here’s our chance. Every man jack and woman of honor get yourself to Crawford posthaste. In memory of those who died in an illegal war; on BOTH SIDES of the fence, in memory of all the grieving families, in memory of those who died on 9/11 in an attack orchestrated by the very government whose job was to prevent it, in memory of your lost integrity as you sat by and closed your eyes… let us get down there and get it done.

This is the moment my friends- Carpe Diem! The power of this woman’s iconic image is sufficient to legitimize the course. Let freedom ring!

Few of you know that Matt Sludge of the Sludge Report originally started out as an actor in films. His first role, as the fly in “Meet the Feebles” augured well for a career in front of the camera. But it was not to be; Mellon-Sciafe and a few other well-heeled fascist bankers took him aside, introduced him to the sweet corrupt taste of Satan’s hind end and initiated him into the spiritual rimming process that made him a Mouth of Sauron. Now he has created a fictitious family for Cindy Sheehan. They gather in the shadows my friends and they plot to dishonor this woman’s noble cause. But they cannot come into the light for it will burn them as surely as holy water scalds a vampire. The truth is stronger and physics will tell you that shadows must retreat before light. This was the secret power of Gandhi and King. Let us all exercise our inner Mahatma and bring this impotent circle-jerk to its knees. There is nothing more pornographic than the tidal wave of lies and slander that pour from this evil administration. And they have no foundation. Their house is built on sand. The formerly lickspittle, supportive media is now on site to record every doing at Crawford, they swarm like flies and ticks. The cameras are running. Bloggers are on site. Men and women of good will are coming from all over. If you think you should have said or done something before then, NOW is the time.

A wave of righteous determination is waking up in the former land of the free and it will not be denied. One woman has become the rallying point for a tsunami of national outrage. If you cannot go to Crawford then go to Crawford in your hearts and your minds. Support this woman from that place of faith within. Lend your encouragement to these brave souls who stand on the front line of judgment. We are more powerful than they. They have only the intimidating shadow thrown upon a wall and magnified many times greater than its actual size. Pull back the curtain and expose the wizard!

Believe me when I tell you this is much bigger than you know. There is a possibility here to arouse the entire country in support. Believe me when I say that that number is in excess of 70%. Vox Populi will win the day. When I get done here I’m going to go write The Ballad of Cindy Sheehan and put it online. All of you artists and creative souls do likewise. Flood the internet with you support. Rise up and be counted. Let us lash these sad, sick fools out of the White House and right into jail where they belong.

Surely many of you feel ashamed that you have obliged the foul efforts of these despicable men and women. You can redeem yourself now. You have nothing to lose that you need and everything meaningful to gain.

You will hear that Cindy Sheehan has an agenda, which she is pressing for her own celebrity. You will hear that she is being manipulated by others. You will hear all manner of lies and slander. Yes, she has an agenda. Think about it. I have looked into her eyes and I know that she is not after money or fame. Are others working with her to the same end? Thank God Yes!!!!

The power of your words and thoughts can be amazing at this time. Think well of Cindy. Send her your determined support across the telepathic airwaves. Talk her up. Speak up for her. Say her name!!! Say her name!!!

What honor, integrity and courage we possess comes not of ourselves but is the gift of the divine within us. As you move in that direction you will find yourself empowered and overshadowed by angels. All the agents of good will will rush to your side. Wherever you are you can help in some way. The collective positive intent of our majority will fill the sails of her mission and power her through every negative and opposing wind. The Swift Boat Motherfuckers for Bush will be drowned in the wake.

Even now they gnaw on their fingers in fear of this phenomenon that they dare not engage. They want it to go away. They seek to diminish and discredit but they have no veracity, she’s got it all.

Every now and again destiny calls one or more of us to a challenge in which we see the power of the true and living God made manifest in our collective struggle against the forces of deceit and disingenuous knavery. That moment has come round. Let us all do what we can to bring the thing entire to center stage where the whole world can see the obvious truth, not only does the emperor have no clothes but somebody needs to cover him up right now for the sake of our stomachs and our eyes. Let’s roll!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Moments after I posted this my computer was hacked by the free republic website. I've sent the computer logs and info to my friends in Holland and I'll soon know just who is behind it and appropriate action will be taken. In the meantime if I get arrrested for kiddie porn or sedition, snuff films whatever, you'll know why.

I'm not logging in as myself right now for obvious reasons.

Les Visible

Anonymous said...

This is a great piece of writing Les. I've sent out copies of it to everyone I know. Sorry about your misfortune. There are a lot of nasty neo-con's out there. Make sure you password protect everything in your computer and thanks for a fantastic read.

George Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hacking your computer is evil and direct proof that these 'hoodlums' are wrong and controlled by malevolent forces. Hurray, for Cindy who has the guts to tell it like it is. We are NOT free in America, how can we give 'freedom' to anyone. We can't "remove the boulder from our own eye", yet we are so arrogant as to think we can remove the splinter from someone else's. America is bellicose and insecure and will pay dearly for its blindness and hubris. Amen.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad we have to share our oxygen with these cretins. Les,I have just discovered your blog, it's great! Please continue the good work despite the attempts of small-minded bigots to defame you. I am headed to Crawford this weekend. It has become a flash point for many anti-Bush themes, and I myself oppose him for many other reasons,but I am going there only to oppose the War and support Ms. Sheehan. Anyone who can go, should.
I must also ask a small favor: Please tell your amis that many Americans, such as myself, love French culture and people- you don't often hear too much support for France from the States these days. I love my country, what's left of it, but I wish I could live in France for a while, myself.
Bon journee!

Anonymous said...

You've nailed it pardner. We've all got to come together and drive these swine into the sea. Unfortunately I know they are arranging a massive terror attack at this very moment to take our attention away from their misdeeds being exposed.

They can't afford to ever go out of office because of what the records will say after. As everything gets worse and worse they get more and more dangerous. Desperate men will risk everything to save their asses.

Keep on telling the truth. You have the gift.

Richard Hinchey
New York

Daithí said...

Cindy answers the yahoos:

Texas Melt-Down!

Casey’s Mom for President!:


Anonymous said...

Down with the Shrub! Down with the Shrub!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Les, heartfelt a piece of journalism as I've read in some time. I will get this on my website (Be one person today), and I will write my many friends to let them know of your Loving and living efforts. And to you Cindy, just give it all you've got girl. Now is the time...

Anonymous said...

Now she is calling for impeachment and jail and refusing to pay her taxes which she says will put the war on trial again if they come after her. Hah hah. She's doing the right things.

Anonymous said...

I haven't wanted to admit it but the case is clear. The American people are stupider than my dog. Sooner or later something bad will happen to Bush and I will have a very good day.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Sheehan is a parasite on the body of America.



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