Friday, August 19, 2005

I Hope I didn't Leave Anyone Out.

My Cindy Sheehan song got hundreds of plays yesterday thanks to the good folks at WRH so I’ll put it in again at the beginning of today’s piece:

Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫

Thanks for all the great comments and emails, they make this whole effort worthwhile.

I’ve been thinking about the contrast between those who lie; cheat, steal, murder and generally work in all things contrary to the best interests of the greater good. Into that camp fall the neocons; their apologists- lying scum newscasters, columnists, talk show hosts on radio and TV and the collective aggregate of red-faced, sweating, porcine, corporate types pickled in martinis and their lesser brethren, the troglodytes with guns in their pickups and their waistbands who have offspring with their relatives and mow down the crosses of dead soldiers. I left out the support cast of lawyers and bureaucrats who sew up the details below the line of sight but you are all familiar with their tracks due to the excrescence you have to clean off the bottoms of your shoes.

I’ve mentioned this group on a regular basis because they are the usual suspects in that huge production of the Broadway hit, “Fascism, The Musical”. Readers might think I’ve been one sided in my view of the world and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I am blind to other contributors; I’m not. Let me address these fine groups and individuals today. The first group has to have some counterpoint that gives meaning to their putsch. A lot of the reason that the Luddites have taken over is because of certain elements in society that threaten us all and who, if they were in power would turn the world into their own culinary wonder of mystery shit stew which, although it might be seasoned differently, would still have shit as its basic ingredient.

The primary reason Bushco won the election, besides outright electoral fraud, was the issue of gay marriage. Now, I’m not anti-gay. I think ‘gay’ like being Catholic or Jewish; like being alcoholic or drug saturated; like being callow or fixated on food; or a great artist, spiritual leader, hermit, soldier, housewife or sad-eyed poet are stages that we all go through. You see, I believe in reincarnation; no, let me take that further- I KNOW that reincarnation is a fact. I’ve got direct personal evidence in that respect and I’ve got a large collection of data that supports it. So, at some time or another, we will all be, for varying periods of time; gay, protestant, rich, poor, smart, stupid, conservative, liberal, white, black, red, yellow and some combination of all of them and everything else I left out. Our personal passages are one thing, its impact upon society and the wider theatre of human operations is another.

Gay marriage is not going to EVER be mainstream, gut level, okay. It’s not in the order of things except to say that dead leaves in the fall are part of the process of approaching winter. Things like gay marriage and studded faces; orgies, defacatoriums, branding parlors, dungeons with six foot dominatrixes with whips, fast food, epidemic obesity, mindless television and sundry entertainments, collective devolution into animal stupidity and many, many other phenomena are all signs of a cultural decline. Although Rome didn’t have our technology, everything else is in place.

Most people are prepared to allow for gay lifestyles in their midst. It’s a big world and every larger community has its areas of eclectic pursuit. Most communities have some variant on the hippies and bikers and unusual religious expressions; witches jumping over fires and dancing naked in the moonlight (and I can tell you that I personally would rather be doing that than trying to stay awake in an ordinary church service), doomsday cults, techno-freak Star Wars ‘the ships are coming’ adherents and, well, you name it, it’s probably out there. But mainline humanity is the arbiter of what is generally acceptable. If you fall outside that spectrum then, word to the wise, keep it below the radar. Be private, don’t walk into the town square and start demanding the rights to strange rites.

Gay marriage greased (no pun intended) the chute for the neocon's coup. If you're serious about that kind of thing, go where it’s tolerated. Don’t ask for a universal imprimatur. You’re NOT going to get it. Tolerance is not acceptance. That is also something worth remembering.

Groups like PETA also come to mind. Most of us are squarely in agreement with them about the ethical treatment of animals. I’m a ‘more or less’ vegetarian myself. However I eat fish and I intend to continue. When you make stupid, national campaigns about sushi bars serving fish where the fish in the tanks can see it, as being comparative to some kind of death camp situation, you’ve gone round the bend. When Vegans get up on their orange crates about how we shouldn’t eat honey because it is stealing from the bees, you have gone round the bend. When entire states make smoking in any establishment in the state taboo, you’ve gone round the bend; people should be allowed to have smoking only businesses of any sort if there are customers for it. Probably smoking is bad for you. Alcohol is just as bad and kills even more people. Prescription pharmaceuticals are even worse and kill even more people. Fast food is worse yet and god only knows how many people that kills and, even worse, condemns you to go on living in a rut of poor health. Commercial soft drinks are total poison, destroying the teeth on the way in and wreaking major havoc down below. Get some fucking sense of proportion.

Telling people how to raise their children while subjecting them to the brainwashing conformity of poor school systems and letting corporate hyenas control what they eat there is madness. Get your priorities in order. The fundies and the conservative wing of our society have got good points. They are not wrong in their perception of total decline. People don’t want “Heather has two Mommies”. Basic tolerance is one thing, force-feeding politically correct, gorge inducing claptrap is another. PC taken to its logical conclusion results in Mao’s grand experiment. It brings you the Khmer Rouge; Fascism at one end and the Red Guard at the other.

There is a wide center of the greater body of humanity that should be the normal flow of life as we know it. It’s the same conformity that results in ordinary, decent behavior. It’s got the Ten Commandments down. Its rules may be a little constricting for some of us but we can get by just fine by not making a big noise about our rights to do our thing in their faces. Learn some finesse and discretion. Don’t be a grandstanding idiot. I am into things that would scare a lot of people. These have to do with my journeys into other worlds of consciousness; frolicking with the Devic Realm and generally liking to be in the woods or empty deserts at night; communicating with my invisible and not-so-invisible friends. Nobody is stopping me (but I stay out of the headlights). They might stop me if I were making a point of it on Main Street.

You, who want us to accept everything as being okay and who, with your insane pop psychologists and teary eyed Oprah sob fests about acceptance are the main reason that the Huns have taken over. Shut up and stop with the over-sentimentalized BS. We are not all equal. We may all be entitled to equal rights and I don’t have to explain what that means. Hey people, freedom is not license. You don't have a right to expect people to accept you. All the PC in the world won't stop fat jokes in high school.

Puritanical repression and outrageous exhibiters of singular pathologies feed off of each other. Puritanical repression will generally win and now you got Homeland Security. You are insane; recognize it. Conservatives have a right to be angry; of course their excesses are now clearly visible; crystal. This is how you get Wahabi fundamentalism, by trying to shove Big Mac’s down people’s throats. Live and let live. Our present leaders reflect just how much we have slipped into the banal and treacly land of materialism. It may be okay for ‘the haves’, until they die at any rate. But your chances of being one of ‘the haves’ isn’t good and the price you pay to be one isn’t worth it. Did I digress here? Yeah, I did, but if you still have an objective reasoning capacity you know what I mean.

If you’re like me, you need to find a safe harbor until this madness settles down again. It isn’t going to settle down though until tragedy forces their hand.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that. You just went a huge distance in convincing me you are legitimate. I'm not convinced you are right but at least you see something most lefties refuse to admit.

Conservative Guy

Anonymous said...

Good song.

Anonymous said...

Quote: Don’t be a grandstanding idiot.

The irony of this statement gave me more than a few chuckles.

erlenda said...

You are absolutely right in that force-feeding people sexual liberalism is going over the top.
I see in it just another feature of the rampaging materialism which is trying to bury human decency and solidarity.
I love your Cindy Sheehan song, and I pray it´s going to be a hit, together with "9/11 was an inside job"

Anonymous said...

Les You ROCK!
todays diatribe/rant is just so right
-political correctness and fascist politics are both equally anti-human,anti-societal manifestations of insanity

Anonymous said...

Very good song Visible.

And I'm with you pretty much all the way in your views about the way things have gone.

Just a few hours ago I was talking to someone about how bizarre it is that - here in South Australia - we now can't smoke within two metres of a bar in a pub (soon we won't be allowed to smoke at all, except in designated outside areas.) Hey and smoking got banned in airports a few years back, well except for the smoke from aircraft and cars of course.

And I was talking about dogs which, when I was young, could be taken on busses and trains - and even into shops ... nobody had a problem with that, any more than with smoking in restaurants and cinemas, for instance.

And so it goes: anal retentives fiddling with inconsequentials - some of which actually had to do with the quality of life - whilst "Rome burns", such as during what is arguably the most outrageous war ever waged ... oh yeah slaughter thousands, but don't expose a breast on TV and please do go into minute detail about some scandal, like Clinton getting a head job.

Well that's impeachable, of course, whereas genocide is not.

Rant over.



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