Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Should We Just All Give up.... or what?

I wonder sometimes about the things I say and whether I should be saying them. The world is the world is the world. It is always filled with the plots of old hatred. It is an endless stew of treacheries and injustices and selfish agendas. That's the world. Actual selfless heroics and service are far, far down the list of easily observable behavior.

In this moment the tendency for the larger body of humanity is to wallow in material excess or to dream about accumulating it. The cellphone is the new confessional and rosary bead. The sound track that accompanies the mix is as banal as the interests of the crowd. The governments with few exceptions are draconian and corrupt. The religions are Luddite and dogmatic and rife with sexual insinuation through the weakest link in the chain. The entertainments are; don’t get me started. The ordinary diet is on a par with the music and the entertainment. Few people eat real food and few people live real lives. You get a feel for where the superficially educated are at by observing the interaction on forums all over the internet. Mindless twits go on and on about their hair and their desultory love life. They seem to compete for who can make the most vacuous comments and they revel in it. It’s the internet version of air guitar.

On the other hand are the various political viewpoints that take on the appearance of fat cheerleaders in tight clothes two sizes two small, lumbering up and down the field with bedraggled pompoms. Everything genuine is made mock of and treated as if it were an embarrassment for the rest. What can one say in respect of this? Various powerful, high octane groups have massive PR machines going 24/7 justifying anything and everything they do. Criticism is treated with slander and redundant reinforcement of labels that define the critic as a shunned outsider; one who won’t just stand aside as the juggernaut chews up the landscape.

Our greatest peril in this world today, besides indifference and ubiquitous ignorance are as follows; the fundamentalist Christian movement, the Zionist movement and those areas of Islamic extremism that have something to do with or are similar to the Wahabi philosophy and... the general pervasion of blinding glamour and materialism. Each of them views themselves as a reaction and a defense against one of the others and forms coalitions with one another against the other, the way the whites and the blacks and the browns do in the prison system; “If you’re black, get back. If you’re brown, stick around.”

The fundamental Christians and the Zionists have got world control as their elitist agenda. They are insane. The Wahabis want to return their culture to the Middle Ages in a way similar the Khmer Rouge; they are insane. The materialists and mindless hedonists want to fall back to all fours but they don’t keep in mind that they can’t open the icebox with their paws; they couldn’t do much of any of the things they want to do once they revert back to the persona that is propelling the appetites. They are very definitely insane. Insanity is the state of the moment. The thing about being nuts is that it makes perfect sense to the mind in its madness. So it is with each of them. All of these insanities come out of a state of overpowering self-interest.

It looks grim if you see it only within the narrow bandwidth of sensory perception. What is, in fact, happening is that the whole world is on the verge of a tremendous transformation. A whole lot of templates and schematics and philosophies and lifestyles are up against inexorable change and change is going to win. I don’t care how many guns you have; how much media you control, how much money and influence you possess, you are going to lose.

In a sense, evil is resistance to change as much as it is the exercise of an overweening self-interest. The desire to remain in a constipated state, the effort to crystallize guidelines of behavior into dogma to suit an agenda that has nothing to do with the original intentions of the guidelines, the forceful suppression of new ideas, and the effort to retard progress toward the greatest good for the greatest number of people can be defined as evil. Evil always destroys itself. Why is that? There is a basic order to the universe. Nature has laws. Religion, inasmuch as it seeks to awaken us to a wider vision of our interdependence, gives a hint that something within the universe and in our natures is regent. We may argue about the existence of a higher power; an overriding force that shapes our ends. We may dispute over just what it is, how it does its business and what its intentions are but even a casual study of nature and the affairs of humans as recorded in history tell us that more than our own folly is at work.

The Middle East situation can be solved immediately by restoring the 1967 borders in Israel/Palestine and declaring a Palestinian state. The arguments about Israel’s security are bullshit. They have the fourth most powerful military in the world. The fact is that they want all that land and that’s it. Observing the insane faces of the protesters in Gaza says it all. The return of a few pitiful settlements is nothing. They can’t police that area anyway. There is no altruism at work here. There is zero altruism in the agenda of the Likud government. The only Al Qaeda cell so far exposed proved to be an Israeli construct. These are devious people. These are the people who helped the South Africans apply their apartheid tactics. They are spying on governments all over the world, including their allies and they have such a power in so many areas that any criticism is labeled as anti-Semitism which is some kind of quarantining leprosy I guess. Let me see if I understand what Anti-Semitism is. I believe it is when you hate a Jew just because he is a Jew and for no other reason. Well, I don’t qualify then and neither do many who do not use that as the basis for their reasoning in this area.

Bush is losing it by the day. Insiders talk of paranoid rants and screaming matches; wild mood swings and invective laden tirades. Doug Thompson over at Capital Hill Blues (a man I much admire) has a nice piece on it. Bush, of course, is not in charge of anything. He is losing it though. Israel has turned whatever good will they may once have had to naught. The majority of world opinion has slowly turned against them and they have only their own vicious behavior to blame for it. The Wahabis are crazy but far less of a danger to the world than the fundies and the Zionists; most of their organizations are penetrated and in some cases run by Mossad anyway.

Right now these powerful groups who oppose change, who have only their own agenda in mind and who do not care who gets hurt in the process are up against an opponent they can neither see nor comprehend. They cannot defense against it. That opponent is change and the natural order. It is necessary in the Shakespearean drama of the times that they push to the last millimeter so that they can be exposed and exhausted in an open field. A large scale “terrorist’ attack is imminent. This attack will most likely take place in a number of locations simultaneously. It will be blamed on Muslims and it will provoke terrible air attacks and possible nuclear response. It will be on a grand scale and the perpetrators hope that it will give them the total control they dream of. They hope it will sweep aside the huge difficulties that are also on the horizon; the massive inflation that is coming when petrodollars go Euro, the collapse of the American housing bubble, the terrible disparity between the rich and the poor, nature rising in reaction to poisonous lifestyles and the polluting greed of the few, out of control health care costs and a general indifference to preventive health maintenance to name only a portion.

All of these troubles have their source in the appetite to consume and to control. It is the madness of appetite and the fear of losing convenience and enjoyment that fuels much of the madness. Enemies of the state, created by the state and supported and manipulated by the state are paraded across the media. They don’t actually exist. Take a good look at the present situation. Can you see how desperately this illegal government needs another Trifecta? It’s their only hope. They are incapable of being fair, honest or intelligent; forget competence because their agenda makes this impossible. They have no other capacities. There is nothing they will not do to survive; change and what is best for us all stands in their way as do the results of the lesson to follow.

It may be hard to hold on to your hope at this time, especially after what is coming happens. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Things can only swing so far out of balance before they are jerked back. It’s the law. Our little laws have no meaning unless they mirror the higher laws. They move only toward a doomed conclusion otherwise. Help actually is on the way. And once again, God Bless and thank you Cindy Sheehan; that is a brilliant commercial you just did.

As promised I have written and recorded "God Bless You Cindy Sheehan".

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ♫
'God Bless You Cindy Sheehan' is track no. 1 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
Lyrics (pops up)

Songwriter by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

Found your blog off technorati while doing a search for Sheehan and Israel. Felt like I needed to point something out after reading this entry.

"The Middle East situation can be solved immediately by restoring the 1967 borders in Israel/Palestine and declaring a Palestinian state"

That WILL NOT solve the problem. The original mandate for Israel called for seperate states. The arabs/palestinians rejected it. They do not want their own state, they want the destruction of Israel.

The PLO's charter stated that their purpose was the complete destruction of Israel, not the establishment of their own state. Part of the olso agreement was that the PLO remove their statement of intent from their charter.

Visible said...

That's old news and does not reflect the present. There were reasons for that; not that that is a justification- just as I suppose there were reasons for The Lavon Affair, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the spying by AIPAC and the dancing Israeli's and dozens of other events.

Visible said...

That's old news and does not reflect the present. There were reasons for that; not that that is a justification- just as I suppose there were reasons for The Lavon Affair, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the spying by AIPAC and the dancing Israeli's and dozens of other events.

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic song you wrote. The whole world should hear it. I am just listening to it over and over and your other songs are all just so beautiful. I am truly impressed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent song.

Deadman said...

I thought about posting a comment on your statements about Israel, but really, what's the point? If you think that the CURRENT call for the destruction of Israel by the PLO and Hamas is "old news" that "does not reflect the present", no amount of facts is likely to change your mind.



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